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Demon's Angel
06-07-2011, 07:38 PM
(I really like RP's but all the active ones seem to be so far in the story line so I'm going to create a new one. Feel free to jump in and twist things up. Keep it interesting. :D)

*It's a new day in the town of Zion. Birds could be heard all throughout the village singing their songs of good morning. Children are seen holding their parents hands as they walk off to school. Store owners are sweeping their front porches and opening their doors to let everyone know they're open for business. Another day in Zion and everything seems to be going fairly normal......*

*Far at the main entrance a figure could be seen walking into the village. From far the character looks to be like any regular person so he draws no attention*

*As he walks closer to the general population things began to appear not as normal as one thought. Instead of a casual walk this man seemed to be forcing each step ahead of him. As each foot moved forward a shock of pain ran straight through his body*

*A little girl runs outside and stops with her mouth wide open. Never has she seen a man in so much pain*

*A trail of blood followed behind this man. His body covered with deep wounds and it was apparent that he lost much blood. He did not look like a survivor of a normal battle for there were more than just slash wounds on his body. He looked like he was being eaten alive for his body had many areas that seem to be chewed on*

*Deeper and deeper he got into the village and more heads turned into his direction. This was a small village and they weren't used to seeing strangers. Especially ones in this bad of condition.*

*By now he attracted the attention of many others. No one said anything to him for fear of the story behind this traveler. He could walk no further. Deep inside he knew he had reached his destination. He also knew that this was the place where he did not want to be. He stood in place and held a blank stare in his eyes*

*He found his last ounce of strength to say two words, "Help me"

*Darkness then engulfed his vision and his body lost all its remaining strength. He now laid face down in the dirt as blood contiued to leak out his wounded body*


(if you havent caught on that guy is me lol. i jus like writing intros in 3rd person. if you find this interesting let me know and jump in)`:oops:

Demon's Angel
06-16-2011, 08:51 PM
so i guess i get no joiners....yall suck!!!!