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It had officially been eight month since Haruna had been away. If she was gone for another month, people could officially start making jokes about her. 'Well, sadly for them, they'll never have the chance to say such things about me.'

Haruna looked to her captive. "I'll let you out of your bonds for just a minute. It's time to toy with some minds..."


Kyou was the first to notice the two people entering the village. "Guys, look! Haru-chan is back!"

The chunin around him all looked up. Isamu voiced the question on everyone's mind.

"But...Which one is her?"

They looked from one girl to the other. Both had turquoise hair in pigtails held with silver fasteners. The females covered their eyes with their bangs. Their outfits were similar, too, each wearing a magenta earing in each ear, loose silver shorts that ended above their knees, and turquoise v-neck shirts. Fishnet shirts were visable beneath the v-necks. In fact, the only noticable difference was the chokers they wore and that one wore a second necklace while the other had a katana.

"There! The one with the moon choker and katana!" Sasoku shouted as the look-alikes ran opposite directions.

Isamu charged forward, Kyou closest behind. Sasoku, Gaki, Zen, an Kin followed him. Sabra, however, didn't chase after her.

As the large group jumped at who they thought was Haruna, the girl's bangs flew out of her face to reveal lazer blue eyes and silver lashes.

They whipped around as the other turquoise-haired female made a noise. They watched her flip out of the way of Onyx's claws. Sabra's ferrets had sniffed out the right girl. The chunin and Kyou ran in the other direction.

The strategist grabbed Sabra by the shirt and heaved her at the oncoming ninja. She managed to knock Kyou and Kin to the ground, but most everybody got out of the way in time. Next, she used the brunet's head as leverage to leap over the rest of the people.

Haruna sprinted to where the other girl still lied and grabbed her wrist. "I'm sorry, but I must dash. Gin isn't here, and Yuki here and I have buisness to attend to."

The duo ran to the Hokage's office and burst through the door.

Lady Hokage looked up. "Haruna...You're four months early."

"What did I miss while I was gone?"

"Oh, not much," a familiar voice answered.

The strategist turned to a masked ANBU member in the corner. "...Gin?"

The blonde removed her mask. "Long time, no see."

When Haruna captured Yuki, she made sure to take the girl's clothes with her. She changed into the rogues clothes and they switched collars to mess with Haru's friend's minds. She also was sure to pass the other girl her katana to try to trick the others. Yuki's collar has a silver band about an inch and a half wide with a circular turquoise stone on the band.

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Oh, can I write in this story now, and do I pm you guys what I'm going to write before I post it?

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Well, before you post, would you just PM us about your ideas, so we can form a basic idea for the story. Basically, we do that, and then freelance write until we come to something that needs organization.

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cherry got approved?cool!

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Haruna looked back to Lady Hiroko. "ANBu members are allowed to show emotion?"

The Hokage sighed, returning her attention the the papers in front of her. "I see no reason why she can't right now. So, who is this you've brought?"

The strategist bound the rogue's hands together before she could pull off the jutsu she was trying. "Tasogare Yuki. Her branch of the clan manipulates emotions through changing their chakra. It's a lot less powerful when she can't use her hands." She pulled the rope tight and looked up. "She's much calmer than the rest of her branch, but she's still dangerous. If someone can beat some sense into her, she may be useful to us."

"Speaking of beating some sense into people..."

The psychic's daughter ducked as Gin's fist came flying at her.

Konohagakre's leader slammed her hands on her desk. "Not in my office! If you guys want to fight, take it to the training grounds!"

The two girls nodded and left through the window. Seeing the teens leave the office, the others chased after. They all made their way to the training grounds they had been to so many times before.

Haruna stared blankly at her opponent. "Since I never said you had to beat me to get a hug, all you have to do is trap me for atleast ten seconds."

The blonde smirked. "No problem."

"As far as you know."

It's true. All Haruna said in her letter was "If you want a hug as much as Sabra told me in her letter, you'll have to fight me for it." She said nothing about winning or loosing.

Sabra Kusabana
07-08-2009, 05:48 PM
Gin left her ANBU mask on the Hokage's desk as they left, people weren't supposed to know which one she was. The Hokage was even trying to get her to dye her hair, because she was the only blond ANBU on the force. The medic squared her stance as she faced her long gone friend, "I hope to live up to your expectations of me in your letter." The psychic's daughter let a momentary smirk crack her features before they went blank again, "I hope you do as well."

The jonin made a wave of fast signs and then there were five of her lined up. One lept into the air as two moved to flank. Another charged forward, but for a moment block veiw of the last, and when it moved the fifth was gone. Haruna threw what looked to be nailfiles at the clone that was charging her down. It popped out of reality and as the smoke disappeared she struck the falling image with a solid palm strike, also causing smoke to appear as she passed thru it.

The two on the sides rounded on her position, but the chunin wasn't concerned with them, it was the one that had gone missing that worried her. Several feet away Gin watched as Haruna dispatched her clones. She felt herself grin, she'd learned from another ANBU that clones did not block the line of a genjustu, and sense she'd been practicing putting her target into one as a clone passed in front of her. It was effective, and it made it easy for her to disorient the enemy.

The silver eyed woman made several more signs as she watched the woman before her dispatch the last clones. A sheet of ice appeared under her as she looked around for the original ninja. The psychic's daughter watched as the sheet became studded with spikes of icy pain, several shot into her feet before she could move, and the woman ground her teeth to the pain.

Breaking free from the cold assault she made the sign for release and pushed a wave of power into her surrounding. The genjustu broke and she was left staring at Gin for a split moment before the woman was gone again, this time just from speed, and not trickery. The turquoise haired chunin looked up to see her enemy in the air above her.

She had a moment to cover her face with her arms before a thin vial slammed against her. The glass shattered and as it did she coul feel some sort of liquid seeping into her clothing and running across her flesh. The woman tried to pull her arms apart, but the goo only stretched and then snapped them back together. "Dodging is better then blocking, I was sure Akemi taught you that," Gin said as she landed behind the other woman.

V you can take it from there. The sheet of ice is still on the field just so you know. I don't care who wins, but it would be embarassing if the newest ANBU was taken down by a chunin. Still I want you to have Haruna show off her new skills, and don't forget Gin has been training with using medical justu in melee combat. Next time I'll have some of the others respond to seeing Haruna again.

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There was a puff of smoke and Haruna was gone. The puff remained hanging in the air.

The higher ranked kunoichi looked around. "Rapid substitution with a mist clone. Not bad."

The other teen called from the tree tops. "I may still be a chunin in rank, but that doesn't mean I'm still at a chunin level."

She slid down the trunk. When she reached to ground, she ran, careful to avoid the ice on the ground. As Gin tried to jab her with the attack she'd been practicing with Kobe, the strategist ran circles around her opponent, jumping over the ice. Unfortunately, she landed on her bad foot on one large leap. She just barely dodged an oncoming attack.

The psychic's daughter pulled something from her skirt and threw it at the other female's heel. The ANBU member felt several sharp stings. She looked at her foot.

She looked from her heel to her opponent. "Are those...sewing needles!?"

The chunin nodded. "I've been working on making even the smallest weapons lethal." She made several handsigns. "That's not the only thing I've been working on."

Haruna spun around steadily faster and faster. Water spirted from her hands and began spiraling around her. Soon it took the form of a small hurricane, gathering power slowly.

Gin thought quickly and pulled out a wired kunai. She threw the kunai into the mini-hurricane. Once the water made a few more rotations, she pulled tight. The spinning stopped suddenly and the water fell. The emerald-eyed kunoichi struggled breifly against the wire. She felt it biting into her skin and stopped.

"Fine. You win. Come get your stupid hug." She noticed the others stepping forward. "Not you; you guys didn't trap me. Gin gets her freaking hug."

There is a man--an ex-asassin--who could seriously kill people with sewing needles. Haruna has been training herself to try to use the same technique by practicing with progressively smaller and smaller weapons to get the skill down. As the weapons got smaller, if took more strength and focus to get them to a dangerous level.

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V, would you mind working on the *Whisper in Akemi's ear* deal? I feel like I would mess it up because of how I'm feeling right now. Thanks.

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Gin helped her friend free herself from the wire before pulling her into a tight embrace. "We missed you."

"Yeah. Nice. Now let go of me."

The blonde released her and leaned back. "Hey...Your choker..."

Haruna looked down. "Oh yeah. I better hope Lady Hokage took my real one and my katana away from Yuki." She returned her gaze to her friend. "So, what did I miss, other than you making ANBU?"

"Well...Isamu is teaching at the academy now, Kisa had her children, and Chinsei is recovering nicely in the hospital. I can take you to see him and we could stop by Sabra's house to say hi to Danshi and Kimaru."

"If it's okay with you, I'll skip the visit with the babies," the chunin said.

The other silver-eyed kunoichi shrugged. "Okay."


When they reached Chinsei's room, Akemi was at his side as usual, stroking the back of his hand with her thumb. Something shiny on the psychic's finger caught Haruna's attention immediately.

"You two are getting married, I presume," she said, eyeing the ring.

The lavendar-haired jounin smiled. "Yeah. Itsuki made the ring with Isamu's help, since Chinsei couldn't go out and get one. Chinsei proposed the night he woke up."

The strategist sat on the edge of the Tasogare's bed. "How are you feeling?"

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Opps, let me remove that for now...

Ah, I guess Sabra's duel with you will have to wait then.

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I hope it's okay if I post this.
''Well lets see I guess we should question you.'' The hokage said while thinking deeply, stareing her sharp eyes into the girl's lazer blue ones. ''Why don't you just let me go! What did I ever do to you?!'' Yuki said struggleing to free herself. ''Quiet, you won't be leaving for a while so just relax!'' She said obviously annoyed by her.
''How can I relax in a place like this?'' the turquoise haired girl sneered. ''I said quite! You could be receiving far more worse but we will only put you into questioning.'' She said while tapping her fingers rhythmically against her brown desk. ''Well do what you wish, but who knows what'll happen. Also you never said what would happen after the questioning.'' Yuki asked slyly. ''Hmm it may be hard to get information out of this one'' the hokage said under her breath. ''Well, it seems like your right for once.'' the blue eyed girl said, hearing what the hokage had said. The girl with the silver eyelashes leaned against the wall. This is gonna be fun she thought.

'' Well the first thing I'll say is that it would be much easier for me to talk if this chain wasn't squeezing me, I'm not that dangerous.'' Yuki said stressing the word that. This is going to be fun she thought, even though being chained to a chair was painful, squezeing her, hurting her at every movement but it was worth it. ''Yeah, yeah the sooner you answer the sooner you get out.'' said a shinobi standing behind her. The voice was low and gruff, must be a male she thought. ''Hmm... well you havent actually asked me any questions, dose that mean you will keep me chained to this chair forever?'' the girl with the silver eye lashes asked, trying to hide her smile, and conceal her laughter. ''

'' Okay, who are you, what are you doing here, and what is any other important information you need to tell us and no you won't be chained to this chair forever.'' Replied the male ninja. '' Okay well two things. It sounds as if your reading that off a peice of paper so you must be new to questioning, and second why would you even want to know?'' Asked the turquoise haired teen. '' Orders from lady hokage. Now will you please answer the question.'' He said embaressedly. '' Well now I'm sure your new, no tortureous ways to get me to talk, your nervous, and your saying please, really, it's not like that where I come from. Or mabey the Leaf's just to soft.'' Yuki sneered. '' No we don't just kill people or hurt people for no reasons, unlike rouges do. Now awnser the question.'' He replied hurriedly. Yuki could sense the embaressment and nervousness in his voice. '' Well being a rouge is tough, but you will probly never know. I mean you live in the Leaf not that its a bad thing... well to me it is, but I have to honestly say you do have some strong ninja. A chunin took me captive single hanedly. Even though it serves me right trying to run away from her and not stopping her myself.'' Said the teen being careful not to give out any information, not yet any way.

'' Go on'' Said the male ninja obviously hopeing that she would slip and tell him something. Now I'm gonna make him mad and dissapointed thought Yuki. ''Why should I ?'' she asked smugly. '' Why don't you just anwser me and get it over with, or you will be chained to this chair forever!'' The man shouted, Yuki could sense the rage boiling in him, just a bit more she thought.'' Well you said you woulden't chain me up here forever though.'' The girl said innocently. '' Thats it I'm leaving.'' said the man as he left through the door and locked it. '' You would never survive as a rouge if you can't take some pressure!'' Yuki shouted just loud enough for him to hear her. Now all she had to do was wait.

The girl with the laser blue eyes waited for about an hour then the hokage came in. '' Having any luck?'' she asked as she opened the door. '' Oh hello miss Hokage he left. The last thing he said was That's it I'm leaving so I don't really know why, I'm sorry.'' Yuki said kindly thinking of her main goal to befriend the hokage so she could be let go eairler. '' Well, I'll ask you just once before we use force, who are you what were you doing when Haruna found you, and what's going on?'' Asked the hokage. Yuki always knew to give away as little as possible information about herself but she also knew it wasn't that fun to be chained to a chair, so she would only tell the main points not every thing she knew. '' Okay sure miss, I am Yuki Tasogare. Age 13. What I was doing then was coming inside so I wouldn't get wet from the rain. when I walked in I found a girl inside who was wearing one of my clan's artafacts. She then came after me, probably because she saw my rouge Tasogare tatto, and i put the emotion of fear in her wich only rouge Tasogares can do. She then captured me and brought me here. That is all I know.'' Said yuki calmly. '' Hmm... good enough but you will be staying in the Leaf for a while now being watched.'' The hokage said while narrowing her eyes at the girl. ''Thank you miss'' said the girl as the hokage untied every thing but her hands. '' Please come with me.'' she said.

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I'll let V pick up with what happens to you next Cherry.

Gin leaned on the wall of the hospital as she and the others waited outside, no need to clog up a hallway with so many teens. Sabra was eyeing her with a degree of anger to the look. Gin was wearing the standardized ANBU uniform, it really didn't suit her coloring, but it did provide armor and alot of pockets for nasty little surprizes. It looked much worse on her with the striking blond hair then it should have, it made her seem out of place.

Most of the group hadn't seen her in the uniform before, and it seemed a couple were more concerned over it then over Haruna's return. Only her sister and Zen had been informed of her new rank, and as Sabra stepped toward the woman she reached out to her teammate's shoulder. She whirled the silver eyed girl around and said something too quiet for the others to catch. They saw the way the medic's mouth parted and the flash of teeth as she grinned. There was a long silence as the chunin held her friend's attention.

Sabra's grip on her shoulders told her how irritated the woman was, even if she'd managed to not let it into her voice. Gin's silver eyes rolled over her face and she let her smile drop. "I'm not sorry, but I am disappointed that you had to find out like that." Her friend's unmoving gaze didn't suit her face any more then the grey and black uniform suited her form. The pink haired kunoichi released her teammate and turned to walk away.

"Don't blame me for it." Gin called in a low tone as the woman moved away from her, and she shifted back against the wall. Gaki looked to his cousin, something wasn't right in her behavior, she was bothered by something. He let Sabra pass him before he turned away from the blond to follow the other ninja. The ponytail wearing kunoichi stepped quickly thru the street, and took to the rooftops not far from the hospital. She was running almost as soon as she landed, and the boy stayed right with her.

They slid down the side of a sloped roof and landed on the other side of the market. There the young woman turned to him with cold eyes. "Did you know?" she demanded. Gaki shook his head as he raised his hands a little to ward off her anger. "No, but I don't understand why you're upset at her. Gin is strong, it was really only a matter of time before this happened." He saw his girlfriend twirl on her heel and put her back to him. "I know that, but she could have at least told us," she snapped in a harsh tone. He saw her grab at her hair and pull it free from the band she wore. The gesture was one he knew ment she was trying to calm down.

"You feel like you're not keeping up?" It was a statement he knew was true, but still phrased it like a question so as not to let on how well he knew the girl. She nodded, back still turned to him in the quiet of the alleyway. "I've felt like that sense she made chunin ahead of me..." The woman turned, and he couldn't help but watch that brilliant wave of pink as it flowed around her. "Now she's in the special ops and didn't even let me know! How am I supposed to take that?" Sabra looked away from his eyes as she asked the question.

Gaki stepped to her and laid his hands on her shoulders, then moved one to turn her head toward him again. He was slowly getting taller and tilted his face down to met her gaze. "You support her. Being an ANBU is much harder then being a normal nin, we both know that." The woman closed her eyes so she didn't have to look into his compassionate stare. "I know that, but I still feel almost like she lied to me." She heard him laugh, and opened one eye to see his amuzed expression. "What?" The teen hugged her close, and that only made her feel more embarassed at his continued chuckling. She pulled free and narrowed her eyes at him. "Just what is so funny," she hissed as the young man recovered his composure.

He smiled at her, "You're just acting like she cheated on you or something." The girl rolled that idea thru her head and then shook the thought away. "I am not!" "Yes, you are." The young woman came to within reaching distance, and as her fingers touched his chest he snatched her hand and drew her into his arms again. This time he silenced her before she could protest with a quick kiss.

When it broke the minty eyed teen met his gaze at last, she let herself smile and leanded her forehead against his. "Why do you always know how to get rid of my temper?" The boy chuckled at her again and stole another kiss. "Because I've spent so much time on the recieveing end." That made her join in his laughter. They stayed there a while longer before he talked her into going back to the others.

Sabra is very loyal to her friends, and has never taken kindly to them keeping secrets from her. She's also really trying to learn to keep a better hold of her temper, which has resulted in her running away from alot of arguements even sense her siblings were born. She thinks it's better if she stands down, and goes to beat up a target dummy or something, instead of getting into a full blown confrontation.

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I'd like to let you guys know something. It's something of a riddle, but it should be easy. The real life Chinsei and Akemi are finally together.

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Ah how sweet, so does that mean you'll both be distracted for a while?

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Ah how sweet, so does that mean you'll both be distracted for a while?

Who are you talking about? We meant the people we based the chars off of....:oops:

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Sure ya do, that's what they all say.:roll::eek:

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Whatever Sabra :roll::oops:

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Sorry but I didn't get a chance to read everything. I'm late. I just wanted to get on the board before I left.

As Kobe reached the house he sensed something was off. Laying his gift on the ground he entered cautiously. "Kea? Are you here?" the young man called as he searched all the rooms. Finally he found a figure reclining in the living room. "Kea?" The slender woman stood and approached him slowly. In one quick motion she shoved him against the wall kissing him, tongue burrowing toward his throat. As she pressed harder energy seeped out of him. The black jonin dug his hand into her side shooting a painful jutsu into her kidney. The intruder took several steps back licking her lips, "Med nin, my favorite." Wasting no time Kobe flew at her with a jump kick throwing the deceiver against an earth pillar that tore through the floor. Her transformation released as she fell to the floor.

On the back porch Kobe found his roomate bound and unconscious. Quickly untying her he scanned for injuries. Nothing serious. Suddenly he was flung to the ground. The enemy kunochi walked out onto the porch chuckling, "You should have stayed away." A blade protruded from the woman's sleeve and she stabbed Kea through the shoulder sticking her to the wood deck. As Kobe watched in horror something inside him cracked and emotions flushed his body. The ground shifted around him and the soil rose into an element he had never seen before, wood.

Large symetrical columns of wood twisted and turned toward Kobe's opponent. The scantily clad intruder jumped sideways narrowly avoiding the jutsu smashing into the porch. Slats of wood crawled off the deck and up the woman's leg holding her down. The columns turned and launched at her. Quickly she made handsigns and blew fire burning the wood as it came. Stray embers loosened the grip on her legs so she charged Kobe. The wood user lifted arm and tree like vines grew from his forearm. Halting swiftly the loose woman prepared to breathe fire but a small wood vine coiled around her neck choking off air. The wood jutsu twisted tighter aiming for her chest only to be cut off by another male who appeared out of nowhere. Sheathing his sword he turned toward the women, "I thought you said you could take him. Do you have the stuff?" She nodded and they both vanished in a puff of smoke.

Ignoring the urge to pursue Kobe ran to his friends side. A jonin dropped onto the property taking inventory of the situation. Kobe turned his head slightly while keeping his palm on Kea's wound, "Get back up. Two intruders are fleeing the village northeast of here." The other jonin looked around calmly at the scene, "They won't get far Kobe." "Raj." Kobe paused shortly. "Right now it's time you learned the truth."

Kobe is actually the descendant of a Hokage. He obviously has the ability to use wood since his elements are water and earth. Because of legal reasons I can't get into the details of how, but I think you all know which Hokage. Here's a hint his ancestor is one of my favorite characters. Shh. I'll pm you guys the funny story of how it happened.

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I agree with Sabra Kusabana. Did you check your's and thevillottehearts signatures lately.


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After her visit with Chinsei, Haruna went in search of the Hokage. She found her and Yuki walking along an empty road.

The green-eyed kunoichi stopped. "What are you doing with her? Why can't someone else take her?"

Lady Hiroko paused. "I was wondering if she could live with you."

"When did my home become a bording house? Have you forgotten why I was reluctant to let Kyou stay?"

Yuki's eyebrows furrowed. 'Such an odd person...I can't seem to detect any emotion, but...if she doesn't want me to live with her...How can that be?'

The woman sighed. "You have a point...I'll find someone else." She reached into her robe and pulled out the chunin's sword and sheath. "I believe this is yours."

The psychic's daughter nodded and slung it over her shoulder. She reached behind her neck, removed the collar she was wearing, and handed it to the other turquoise-haired girl. Then she took her own collar back and put it on.

"Great, now we can get to our sparring match," someone behind her called. The trio turned to see Isamu and the others. "I'm not one to wait for a hug," the brunet finished.

"Myaaa~Sounds like we're just in time, Hikaru...Your little crush is giving away hugs, myaaa~"

All attention switched to the three figures standing on a nearby roof.

"Shut up," Hikaru growled, blushing.

The Tasogare looked back and forth between the male Light nin and Haruna as the emerald-eyed teen's heart started pounding. Yuki and Aiko shared a smirk. The psychic's daughter shot a glare in the rogue's direction.

"I'm not just giving them away," the strategist said. "You have to be able to trap me for a certain amount of time. Since my expectations of you are very low, you only have to trap me for three seconds."

"Fair enough," the fifteen-year-old answered, getting into a fighting stance. "Run."

"Suit yourself," she sighed.

She sprinted at top speed, so she was barely visable. The onyx-haired teen smirked and shot a shadow from ahead of her path towards her. He rapped the shadow around the girl's ankle, effectively tripping her. The shadow didn't let go, but instead, began pulling her closer as the genin stepped towards his crush.

"That's one hug for me."

"She's gotten much faster," Isamu noted. "So, what brings you three here?"

"Four," Aiko corrected. "Chou-sensei is somewhere around here. The next chunin exams are in a month, and to strengthen the bond between our villages, Kyou is going to be testing with my old team."

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i hope kyou doesnt chicken again or get horribly hurt oooh poor kyou WHAT A HORRIBLE MOTHER HE HAD

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In case you didn't know, I'ma start bragging about V around the forums from now on.

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In case you didn't know, I'ma start bragging about V around the forums from now on.

((Awww...^////^ You're so sweet))

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((Awww...^////^ You're so sweet))

:cool:;) Nah, UR sweet!

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Chinsei sat in the room, holding Akemi's hand. "Excuse me, Chinsei?" "Yes, what can I do for you?" "We believe you are ready to be released, so I brought your discharge papers." Akemi looked dumbfounded. "Already? He's been conscious for such a short time, and he's still hooked up to these machines." "All I was told was to bring you his discharge papers, ma'am." Akemi took them, looking the woman over. There was no doubt about her being a nurse, but she still felt weird about them letting Chinsei out so soon. She handed her the papers, and the two helped Chinsei into a wheel chair. They brought him down to the door, and Chinsei and Akemi headed home.

As she was wheeling Chinsei home, Akemi got a strange sensation. "Chinsei, we're being--" "Followed? Yea, I noticed." They continued to go on, as if they hadn't noticed anything. They went their regular way home, which consisted of several small alleyways, a cut through a field, and set up of wooden fences. They knew they would be ambushed in an alleyway, they just didn't know which one it would be.

At the second alleyway, just before their house, they were ambushed. Several kunai flew at Chinsei, and Akemi deflected them with her own kunai, by blocking them. She sent a blast of fire from her hands, and the two enemy ninja easily avoided it. She knew they would, and quickly went from there with a crystal style jutsu, capturing their ankles. They turned into straw, and reappeared behind Chinsei. "You didn't think you would be able to fool me that well, did you?" Akemi was behind the two of them, and her clone looked back, winked at the enemies, and disappeared. Chinsei sat helpless in the chair. He was unable to do anything, because using a jutsu now would ruin his chakra network. He was thankful to have Akemi there with him.

"A clone?! How was it able to use jutsu?" "Who said it was the clone who did the jutsu? I am pretty good at synchronizing with my clones, no?" She jabbed one of the enemies in the back with a punch, and he went flying. The other quickly jumped behind her, and cast a clone jutsu. She could sense they were solid clones. "What the hell?" The clones flew at her, and she quickly sent shards of crystal at them, dispelling all but 3. They continued at her, and grabbed her. The ninja she had sent flying quickly got up. "Did you honestly think one punch would knock me out? Stupid girl." "Just shut up and get the guy." The ninja did as she was ordered. She strung some handsigns together, as Chinsei reached for a kunai, and flung it at her. His aim was off so much, that she didn't even need to attempt to dodge. She finished the jutsu, and he was unconscious.

"Chinsei!! What did you do to him!?" "Letting him get more rest, before his appointment." What appoint--" Akemi fell silent. She had forgotten about the other ninja, who's clones had been holding her. He had knocked her unconscious. "Insolent little girl. Is he out?" The woman nodded at the large man. "Can we kill her Berugu? Please?" "No.....she is not our concern. Get him out of here, Shinkuu." "Fine, be that way." She lifted Chinsei, and was gone.

Sabra Kusabana
07-09-2009, 07:38 PM
The room was darkening from the sun going down making the skylight nearly useless. There was enough still to fill the syreng. As the milky substance was pulled in by the needle the woman turned with a calculated motion, she could hear her patient coming to. She leaned over the exam table with an unhappy set to her features. "It's alright sensei, the pain won't last long."

The voice of one of his most trusted friends and students made the man try to bring the room into better focus. His eyes squinted to find a curl of blond hair obscuring his view. He felt the sting of the needle in his arm, and realized he was strapped down. "That should knock him out for how long Miss Nibairou?" He heard someone behind her ask. "Approximately three hours, the chakra makes him absorb chemicals very quickly."

His student stepped back allowing Chinsei a glimpse of a man in a lab coat, it was one of the people who had attacked him before. "We will call on you again when you are needed." The jonin watched his students hair bounce as she shook her head. "I would rather stay, for observational purposes." The person in the lab coat grinned, "We should have you straped to another table just like that one." That threat, or maybe it was a warning, was the last thing Chinsei heard before his eyes closed and he was blacked out again.


Gin paced the room she was put into, she'd tried to stay with her teacher, but she couldn't risk revieling that she wasn't here willingly. Obeying orders was the only thing keeping her from joining the other ninja as a test subject. She ground her teeth, she'd been picked up almost as soon as the sun had risen that morning. Haruna hadn't even been in town a full day before the medic was brought here, and the others wouldn't know to look for her sense they'd found she was supposed to be in ANBU.

Still even a strong ninja isn't prepared to be confronted the second they step outside their bedroom. She bit at her lip, her sister hadn't been brought along, but she had no way of knowing if her family was alright. All she knew was the the Hokage had been warned that there was someone after her and Chinsei, but she didn't know when or why they were to be abducted. The teen was under standing orders that if captured she was to gain as much information as possible, so she would.


Sabra and the others were all gathered at Itsuki and Isamu's home to discuss with Haruna what she was willing to tell them, and to have her answer some of their less probing questions. Examples included why she'd left when she did, if she meet anyone interesting, and if she was going to leave the village again. Nothing too personal or that she'd withhold, but the gathering of teens was still excited to hear of her travels.

07-09-2009, 08:37 PM
Most of the ninja sat on the couches, but Haruna opted to lean against the wall by the door.

"Why did you leave the village, and why then?" Sabra inquired.

"There were many things I needed to know, and I didn't plan to wait around."

"What kind of things?" Zen asked.


"It's a simple question, lady," Yuki pointed out, writhing in her bonds.

Aiko whacked the rogue on the head. "Captives will remain silent. So, aqua, are you going to try to skip town again or what?"

"I don't plan to," the strategist replied.

"What have you been doing, other than gathering information?" Gaki queried.

She rolled her head back and answered. "Training, obviously. You've only seen a fraction of what I can do. When we next spar for the right of a hug, you'll have to team up to fight me."

Sasoku scoffed. "What makes you think you're so good? You were taken down by a genin in just nine seconds."

Her eyes narrowed. "I underestimated him. I saw you all at the last chunin exams. He was pathetic. If it weren't for Suteneko and whoever the hell it was on their team then, he would have failed much sooner, simple as that. I didn't think he'd be capable of doing much."

"Ouch," Hikaru murmered, cringing.

"Calm down, Haru," Kin said, rising slightly from her seat. "Now...What kind of people did you meet out there?"

"Other than her?" The pychic's daughter inclined her head towards Yuki. She thought out her next words carefully. "The disposable kind."

"What about places?" Isamu chimed in.


Zen took a turn. "How were you able to return?"


"Come on, Haru-chan," Kyou chirped. "Tell us something! Isn't Kyou your fr--"

The kunoichi was across the room in an instant, her blade pressed against his tan throat. The crossdresser shook with fear as a little bit of blood was drawn.

"Don't. Say. That. Word. None of you are my friends, got that!?!" Waves of anger rolled off of her. "If there was one thing Kai and living in the Mist taught me, it was that you can't trust anyone but yourself. I don't have friends." Haruna pulled back and re-sheathed her blade.

"...Now she gets interesting," the Tasogare muttered.

"Shut up," Suteneko hissed, dropping her "myaaa~" for once.

The turquoise-haired chunin walked back across the room and opened the door. "We spar again later." She slammed the door behind her as she left.

"Touchy," Yuki grumbled.

Aiko whacked her on the head again.

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Hi Baby!! *kisses*

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((*kisses back* Hey! ^^))

((Wats up?))

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((Wats up?))

((Not much. I'm listening to Decode by Paramore. I hate Twilight, but love the song. ^^))

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((Not much. I'm listening to Decode by Paramore. I hate Twilight, but love the song. ^^))

ME TOO!!! hehehe Ur coolio

07-09-2009, 09:05 PM
ME TOO!!! hehehe Ur coolio

((^////^ You're awesome. Dude, someone combined one of my favorite anime, Axis Powers Hetalia, with Twilight. A lot of APH fans agree that they would have enjoyed Twilight more if Prussia was Edward and Hungary was Bella (as long as they kept the personalities they have in APH)))

Nick Tasogare
07-09-2009, 09:07 PM
((^////^ You're awesome. Dude, someone combined one of my favorite anime, Axis Powers Hetalia, with Twilight. A lot of APH fans agree that they would have enjoyed Twilight more if Prussia was Edward and Hungary was Bella (as long as they kept the personalities they have in APH)))

I don't know what u said, but it sounded cute.

07-09-2009, 09:10 PM
I don't know what u said, but it sounded cute.

((Well, in APH, the characters are personified countries. Prussia is a bit of a creep, and Hungary enjoys whacking him on the head with a frying pan, so the Twilight series would have been much funnier with them as the main characters))

Nick Tasogare
07-09-2009, 09:11 PM
now i unerestand those char pairongs XD

07-09-2009, 09:14 PM
now i unerestand those char pairongs XD

((XD Yup.))

Nick Tasogare
07-09-2009, 09:17 PM
((XD Yup.))

((hehehe)) maybe we shuld PM :twisted:

Rogue Priestess
07-09-2009, 10:11 PM
-_- Does this mean I lost another chance to put in my character or is it not too late?

Nick Tasogare
07-09-2009, 10:16 PM
-_- Does this mean I lost another chance to put in my character or is it not too late?

Well, when we are all on again, we will have you pm us, and we will discuss if we can fit someone in

Rogue Priestess
07-09-2009, 10:22 PM
Well, when we are all on again, we will have you pm us, and we will discuss if we can fit someone in

Alright, thanks.

Nick Tasogare
07-10-2009, 05:31 AM
Chinsei awoke several hours later. "That sedative kept you out for about 6 hours. Guess we overestimated you." Chinsei blinked, and looked around the room. He couldn't make out much. He tried using Ryouchigan, but a shock went through his body when he tried. "Oh, that little eye power of yours won't work. Not now, anyways. We took a.... preventative measure against all of your techniques. We created a wire cross in your brain to prevent that eye trick of yours from working, and we have inhibitors in your ears, and on your neck, to keep you from being able to concentrate enough to do that gravity thing you do. Call us....specialists." A sinister grin spread across his face.

"What do you want with me? What can I possibly have that you need?" "Well, we've been watching you for quite some time. We want to know how that Gravity ability works, so we might replicate it, for the good of the village, of course." "Oh, of course." Chinsei responded sarcastically. "We haven't let that girl know, but she is here for more than just her medical training. We know about her contact with that creature, and her regenerative abilities. We want to replicate that as well. However, we don't want the incredibly nasty side effects you have been getting, as well as the nasty fatigue that tends to hit the girl." "Who's orders are you under?" "That's the question, isn't it? Who's orders am I following?" As he spoke these last words, Chinsei drifted back into unconsciousness.

Akemi had finally awoken in the alley. She immediately felt light headed, from the way the enemy had incapacitated her. She remembered what had happened, and looked around. Neither the enemies, nor Chinsei, were there. By the light, she was able to determine that she had been out for at least 4 hours. She was unsure what to do. She had a vision: Chinsei on a bed, strapped down. He wasn't in pain, not yet, anyway. Her mind flashed to Chou, near a stream that she recognized as being near by. She immediately headed towards it, holding back her tears.

It had taken her all of 8 minutes to reach the field, and when she did, she saw Chou standing at the stream, just like in the vision. Chou smelt her blood, and turned to see her before she even reached her. Akemi fell several feet away from Chou, and Chou went to help her out. As she came closer to Akemi, she heard her crying, and saw that the ground was damp. "Akemi, what's wrong?" She picked her old friend up, and held her in a hug. "It's Chinsei.....he's been taken, and I couldn't save him!" She started to fall over again, and Chou knew she had to cry. She let her fall to her knees, and sat with her, as she cried, and pounded the ground with her fists.

07-10-2009, 12:16 PM
"So you understand how it all works." Rajon asked looking at his old friend. Kobe stared back nearly dumbfounded, "Wha-" Raj stood sighing, "Now who's the stupid one." "I get it but it's... it's just really wierd. And none of it really matters." Kobe got up and began manipulating his new found element, "Because now I can use wood." Rajon stalked to the window and peered at the horizon, "Yep. I was assigned to watch after you became Chunin. We decided not to tell you because it was on a need to know basis. But something released the jutsu we had over you. It's useless trying to hide from you now. Besides we more trust in you." The med nin looked down at Kea who layed sleeping peacefully on the bed, "Yeah something."

"So what do you want to do now?" Raj asked. "Well what happened to those two intruders." The question made Raj freeze. Realizing the implication Kobe groaned, "You said they wouldn't get far." "Well I thought they wouldn't. How was I suppose to know that they could sneak past security." Kobe grabbed his coat and leapt out the window without a word. Something told him that they were after more than just the few herbs they had taken. His mind raced for possibilities. They had taken the herbs that were in contact with the beast. Why? Then it hit him, Gin. She and Chinsei were the only ones in contact with the beast. As he hit the ground he sprinted with purpose to the Nibairou household.

07-10-2009, 12:22 PM
Yeah I can't remember Gin's last name. Hi cherry.

Nick Tasogare
07-10-2009, 12:25 PM
Gin Nibairou

07-10-2009, 12:26 PM
I'm really bad with names. Especially names I can't pronounce. Sorry bout your name too

Nick Tasogare
07-10-2009, 12:27 PM
I'm really bad with names. Especially names I can't pronounce. Sorry bout your name too

Don't worry about it, I edited it for you. I myself had to go back to the previous page for her last name, and then look at it to spell it XD

07-10-2009, 12:34 PM
Um, what does Aiko look like I sorta forgot.

Nick Tasogare
07-10-2009, 12:35 PM
Pale skin, wings I think pinkish hair

07-10-2009, 02:51 PM
Pale skin, wings I think pinkish hair

((Close. Dark skin, wings, pink hair, magenta eyes.))

Sabra Kusabana
07-10-2009, 04:58 PM
I remember names by what they mean, Nibairou roughly means double trouble, which was approprite for the twins.

Kobe reached the house to find Zen and Kin on the front steps talking about something. He rushed to them, ignoring how late they must of been out to only be getting home now. His big hands held onto Kin's shoulders as he reached her. "Where is your sister?" The jonin had to take a breath and repeat himself because he couldn't get much volume the first time he asked the question.

The golden eyed girl tilted her head to the side in a sign of confusion, "I have no idea, last I saw her was when we went to bed last night." She saw the way the older ninja's eyes went wide in concern, and she was immediately worried. Zen grabbed the jonin's wrist to make the man notice him, "Is there something we should know about?" As the dark skinned man looked at the boy he considered what he should say to them.

It occured to him that Zen had not been on the mission where the creature had been called to this world, but he didn't know how much the teen had been told about what happened. The ninja turned to Kin again, "Has he been told about the beast?" The girl thought on that, "A little." Kobe nodded and released her to face the younger man. "Gin may be in danger because she was in contact with it, I need to know where she's supposed to be."

The twin felt her heartbeat thump loud in her ears, she really didn't know where her sister was, that always made her worry, now she was almost panicing. "She's with ANBU, she's been disappearing off and on for almost two weeks, I didn't think anything of her not being here when I got up." The two men could hear the distress in her words, and Zen protectively wrapped an arm around her shoulder. "It's alright, I didn't either." His admission made the girl feel a little less like she'd failed as a sibling.

The two chunin looked to Kobe and noted the way he seemed to be trying to piece things together. "You said last you saw her was last night?" He repeated, as he looked to the sky to see it starting to color with the first beams of dawn. His brow furrowed, "Just where were you two all evening?" The teens blinked at him, "Haruna returned yesterday we've been with her and the others all night." Kin glanced back at the house and broke away from the two ninja. She went down the hall toward her shared room with careful steps.

There was nothing to give her the impression of a struggle, but as she went into her room and checked the closet she felt her blood run cold. The girl dashed back to the front door. "Gin's uniform is still here... She never leaves without it." The young woman could feel herself panicing, and tried to slow her breathing. "The Hokage would know for sure, we need to go to her." Zen said as he started down the walk.

Kobe cought his arm as he passed, "Lady Hokage sleeps like the rest of us, and chunin can't make requests about ANBU missions. I'll have to go to her as soon as I'm sure she'd be avalible to be spoken to." The two teens watched the older ninja with barely restrained concern, "We can't wait! What if they do something to her?" Kin swollowed as she thought over her own words. "Stay with her," Kobe ordered to Zen as he released the teen's arm.

Zen raised a brow in question to the other man. "If they've taken her for what I think they might come back for Kin. In any experiment it's best if you have a control subject, and for Gin that would mean her twin." The white haired archer understood and move back to Kin's side. "I'll guard her with my life." The jonin smiled at that, "Gaki would be a good choice to have with her too. If they got Gin so easy it would take more then just you to defend her, no offence." The teen nodded as he laid a hand on Kin's back. "I understand. I'll take her to my family estate, she'll be safer there then here."

"Hey, I'm right here you know!" The woman's voice showed her indignation at being talked about like a child. "You don't need to concern yourselves with me, find my sister, I can take care of myself." Her ferver made the two men share a very understanding smile. "I'll take care of Gin, okay, Zen can make sure nothing happens to you. You're worth just as much as she is, you know." The blond nodded to him and let her companion move her inside again. Zen let her go ahead of him, but leveled a hard gaze on Kobe. "You will find her," the weight of his words made them a threat with a promise of much pain if the jonin did not come thru on his word to find the medic.

Kobe left the home suddenly understanding why his students all respected Zen quite so much. He was one of those people who could be deathly intimidating without even raising his voice, and he had the skill to back up the threats he might make. The jonin knew the archer was the prodege of his family art, and wondered how he and Gin had ended up so close, but dismissed the question as he tried to think of a way to find out where she would have been taken. He didn't even have time to consider how he was going to get the Hokage to reveil if she was on a mission or not.

I'm trying to get our timeline straight in my head so that the posts actually flow. Haruna arrived and went to see Akemi and Chinsei, the next morning Gin was taken and that afternoon Chinsei was, that night was when Kobe and Kea were attacked while everyone was at the get together at Itsuki's, and I think that brings us to now. Does that sound right to everyone, or did I mess something up?

07-10-2009, 05:06 PM
It sounds right, but is everyone includeing Yuki still in that house.

Sabra Kusabana
07-10-2009, 05:10 PM
That's where Yuki last was, I'm not too clear on if she's still under Haruna's control as far as who's guarding her. Is she supposed to be taken to Haruna's home, or is she being placed somewhere else? At the time of the scene I just added everyone should have been home, or at least at their respective residences. Akemi and Chou would probly have started forming a plan on what to do by now, and might meet up with Kobe when he goes to speak with the Hokage if they haven't already done that.

07-10-2009, 05:19 PM
That's where Yuki last was, I'm not too clear on if she's still under Haruna's control as far as who's guarding her. Is she supposed to be taken to Haruna's home, or is she being placed somewhere else? At the time of the scene I just added everyone should have been home, or at least at their respective residences. Akemi and Chou would probly have started forming a plan on what to do by now, and might meet up with Kobe when he goes to speak with the Hokage if they haven't already done that.

((Haruna probably wouldn't let anyone into her home, especially not Yuki. Kyou was an exception because he pretty much tackled her when he first came to her house. I don't really know where Yuki is staying, but she needs to be watched by someone.))

Nick Tasogare
07-10-2009, 05:27 PM
Well, the time sounds about right. Akemi would have woken up around the time Kobe was attacked, and would have gotten to Chou several minutes after that.

Sabra Kusabana
07-10-2009, 05:28 PM
((Haruna probably wouldn't let anyone into her home, especially not Yuki. Kyou was an exception because he pretty much tackled her when he first came to her house. I don't really know where Yuki is staying, but she needs to be watched by someone.))

The only person of mine that could really do that is Sasoku if someone else doesn't wanna be her keeper. Aiko seemed to be a possiblity from her behavior at the get together, but she'd not a leaf nin so it'd probly not be acceptable to place a prisoner with her.

Sasoku lives in a small apartment in the same complex as his parents so he wouldn't have much space but he's still the only one of my characters who could even be talked into it. He's the only one with his own place who doesn't have siblings or anyone he'd worry about getting hurt in a worst case senerio.

Of course you could deside to have her being looked over by random jonin who was assigned to her by the Hokage, that would solve the issue, but it might mean developing another character for the task.

Nick Tasogare
07-10-2009, 05:29 PM
((Haruna probably wouldn't let anyone into her home, especially not Yuki. Kyou was an exception because he pretty much tackled her when he first came to her house. I don't really know where Yuki is staying, but she needs to be watched by someone.))

Hi, whats up?

Sabra Kusabana
07-10-2009, 05:29 PM
Well, the time sounds about right. Akemi would have woken up around the time Kobe was attacked, and would have gotten to Chou several minutes after that.

That's kinda what I was figuring too. I just wanted to be sure I had things in order because we were all kinda using different times of day for a bit.

Nick Tasogare
07-10-2009, 05:30 PM
The only person of mine that could really do that is Sasoku if someone else doesn't wanna be her keeper. Aiko seemed to be a possiblity from her behavior at the get together, but she'd not a leaf nin so it'd probly not be acceptable to place a prisoner with her.

Sasoku lives in a small apartment in the same complex as his parents so he wouldn't have much space but he's still the only one of my characters who could even be talked into it. He's the only one with his own place who doesn't have siblings or anyone he'd worry about getting hurt in a worst case senerio.

Of course you could deside to have her being looked over by random jonin who was assigned to her by the Hokage, that would solve the issue, but it might mean developing another character for the task.

((I'm not sure why, but I would like to see Chou and Akemi keep an eye on her for some reason. They might be able to "make use" of her, as well as how fun it would be:twisted:))

07-10-2009, 05:34 PM
Okay, well I hope this works.

''Come on Yuki.'' Said the hokage while bringing her back to the Hokage buliding. '' You will be staying here untill I find some where else for you to go.'' The hokage led Yuki to a small room, it had a bed next to the door, and a small window above the bed. on the other side of the room there was a book shelf and a couple stacks of boxes next to it. On the wall opposite to the one on the door there was another small window but they were both too small to fit through.

'' You won't be staying here for too long. I'll find someone as soon as possibe you can stay with but until then stay put.'' the Hokage said then closed the door and locked it. '' Hmp...What is it with the Leaf and locking people up in small rooms.'' Yuki muttered .''But I guess I'll stay put, I don't know if I can find my way back to where I was before I came here either.'' Yuki thought.

'' A few hours of waiting here locked in a room is tourture.'' Thought the lazar blue eyed girl. Seconds later the hokage came into the room. '' Yuki, I found someone you can stay with, come with me.'' She said. Yuki noded her head then followed.

07-10-2009, 05:58 PM
I don't care who Yuki stays with, but how old is Chou and Akemi because I don't think that Yuki would be comfortable being supervised by someone alot older than herself because she is used to not having any any parents. If no one wants to have one of their characters supervise her I'll just make another character, but there is alredy alot of characters and it's hard for me to keep them all straight.

Nick Tasogare
07-10-2009, 06:23 PM
They're about 18 or so.

07-10-2009, 07:54 PM
They're about 18 or so.

((Chou is 20; Akemi is between a month and a month-and-a-half from being 20. Thinking about when the Summer Festival was and how much time has passed since then, this would be around mid August, I think...))

Nick Tasogare
07-10-2009, 07:55 PM
((Chou is 20; Akemi is between a month and a month-and-a-half from being 20. Thinking about when the Summer Festival was and how much time has passed since then, this would be around mid August, I think...))

((Oh, frick, I have a warped sense of time. That would make Chinsei 20 then, since he is older than Akemi, or is he 21? Hmmm......frick! XD))

07-10-2009, 08:56 PM
It had nearly been two days since Haruna had returned to the Leaf, and only now was it that she was able to go to her own home. There was a thick layer of dust on everything when she opened the door. She sighed, dropping her katana as she entered. 'I'm going to have a lot of cleaning on my hands later...' Her eyebrows furrowed. 'Something isn't right, and it has something to do with dust..."

The girl continued across the house and made it to her own room. She flopped down on her matress and immediately felt something digging into her back. She remembered that she still had her Mist head band tied underneath her shirt. But there was something else...She reached back and felt the ANBU mask she had picked up the night she met Yuki.

Her eyes widened and she shot up in bed. The house looked as though no one had been inside it nearly two hundred years, back when Teshi had been alive. Cobwebs and a thick carpet of dust were everywhere...except over the mask.


"Chou, you've got to help me find him," Akemi pleaded. "Can't you smell him out by his blood or something?"

"I'm a writer; not a tracking dog!" the Light jounin cried. Noticing her friend's sorrow, she sighed. "But I'll try to help you."

The duo set out.

07-11-2009, 09:02 PM
They didn't get very far when they ran into the Hokage. They bowed.

"Lady Hokage! We were looking for Chinsei. Have you seen him?" Akemi's words ran together.

The village leader's eyebrows furrowed briefly. "No, I haven't."

The psychic's face fell. She started to leave, but Hiroko stopped her.

"Hold on. Do you think you could take care of a teen for me? Let her live with you?"


"Okay, I'll take you to her." The trio walked to the older woman's home. "Yuki, I found someone for you to live with."

When the lavendar-haired kunoichi first saw the girl, she almost thought it was Haruna, but the eyes told her otherwise.

"Wonderful," the rogue said.

07-11-2009, 09:57 PM
Yuki look at the girl.''I've never seen her before, but why would I care I'm only staying with her for a while...thats what the Hokage said, didn't she?'' thought the young teen. ''Hello I'm Akemi, nice to meet you'' said the lavender haired jonin, while holding out her hand. '' Yea, whatever.'' Said yuki staring at her hand. '' Hate to break it to you, but your acting a little strange.To put it bluntly what the heck are you doing with your hand?'' She asked feeling that they knew somthing she didn't. '' Um....your supposed to shake it. I thought you knew...'' Said Akemi quite surprized.

'' Oh yes I forgot to tell you about her Akemi. She's Yuki Tasogare, age thirteen,and she's a rouge. Thats why she didn't know what to do because if I'm correct she has no parents and never lived in a village before.'' Explained the hokage. '' Why are they talking about me as if I'm for sale it gets super annoying.'' thought the girl with the sliver eyelashes.

Yuki waited until they were done talking. ''How long does it take a person to tell a person about a person.'' Yuki thought. '' Come on Yuki follow me, I'm not going directly to my home I'm sorta looking for someone. So you can either come with me or I can find someone to look after you while I'm gone, but I'm going to trust that you don't run away and one more thing I'll also let you keep your hand untied as long as you obey. '' Okay I'm coming'' Yuki said.

Sabra Kusabana
07-11-2009, 09:59 PM
Gin was examining the henges to the door as she shifted in the uncomfortable cloths that her captors had finally brought. She was glad to have actual clothing, considering she'd been assulted in little more then a bathrobe, but they were very uncomfortable and certianly not combat worthy. She was begining to worry over Chinsei's condition, they hadn't allowed the medic in to see him in almost twelve hours now. What really had her on edge was the occasional screams that would echo down the corridor. It was really unnerving.

She tapped at the pins on the door, calculating how much pressure would break them. She was supposed to play nice and gather information if possible, but she didn't like having to sit on her hands while her sensei was potentually being tortured. The woman heard a noise in the hall and jolted back from the door. It came open slowly, and two masked figured stepped inside. "Nibairou, you are to come with us, the patient has begun to fight back." Gin nodded and followed as they flanked her one in back and one ahead of her.

As she was lead into the exam room she could see that the 'doctor' was reinforcing the straps on Chinsei' arms. "Prepare another anestetic, immediately." The man's voice was tight, and as the medic came around she could see where he'd been hit hard enough to leave a bruise on his neck. The jonin resisted a smirk as she laid a hand on her confused teacher's forehead. The man's eyes glazed over as she did, and he stopped his protesting. "Show me where the materials are," Gin ordered as she stepped away from her sensei.

Inside his head Chinsei could see nothing but black the moment Gin's fingers touched him. He took a moment to marvel at how easily she'd learned to cast Genjustu sense he'd been in the hospital. "I know you don't understand, but don't fight them, the less of this medicine I have to give you the better." He felt himself turn in the blackness, but it was only her voice. "Trust me, they don't want to kill us, it's best to wait and bide our time." His senses cleared in time to feel the sting of a needle in his arm, and to see his student glare at whoever was behind her.

"You really are pushing your boundaries." The 'doctor' reminded as Gin injected the patient. Her silver eyes shot him a look that could have killed if she wanted it to. "My boundaries? You are pushing the limits of what the medicine can do with his chakra, I put him under a short genjustu so he wouldn't cause damage while I administered the next dosage. Would you have rather tried to restrain him? The surem is only ment to put him into inconscious, but the mind will awake if under enough stress, reguardless of if the body can act." Her tone actually made the man shrink back. Her escort came to her side again, and took her back to her cell.

The blond smiled in triumph as they left her there. She was fast with her hands, and as she grinned at the feel of the vial in her palm, she knew when the time came she would have no problems getting out. The overly long sleeves of the illfitting shirt where annoying, but they'd proved a blessing for now. She tucked the vial away inside her bra for later, it was the only safe place for it right now. She went back to the door, looking for a way to leverage it if she ended up having to break the locking pins.

Nick Tasogare
07-11-2009, 10:00 PM
I just had a Mr Tumnus/Lucy moment XD "You're supposed to shake it." "Why?" "I...I don't know!" XD

07-11-2009, 10:14 PM
Haruna ran her thumb over the side of the ANBU mask. The dust had cleaned easilly off of it, but there were caked on blood stains. The strategist flipped it over and placed it over her face. She was shocked to find it fit perfectly.

'How old was the first person to wear this?' She stared up at the ceiling, not bothering to take it off. 'More importantly, how did it stay so clean? Besides to blood...I mean, it has to be fairly old...'

The chunin heard fast footsteps outside her door. They passed quickly, but her curiosity remained. Without giving it a second thought, she got up, grabbed her sword and headed out the door.

Tenchi was not the original owner of the ANBU mask; her father was. He was around 13 years old when he got it.

Sabra Kusabana
07-12-2009, 06:46 PM
Kin did not like this idea at all. Her mother had agreed to her staying with Zen's family until the danger had passed, but no one knew how long that might be. The blond looked around the room she was in, it was a nice room, but it wasn't her room and that always made her feel uncomfortable. Her golden eyes watched her host carefully. His white hair swing in it braid as he climbed some shelving in a seemingly effortless motion. He pulled down the folded roll of cloth he was after from the top of the shelves and lept back down with a grace most men couldn't hope for.

Kin watched him arrange the other things around the room, moving like he'd done it many times before. "Tell me, if you had this room free, why do you share a room with Gaki?" The archer looked to her with surprised eyes, "This room only became free a few weeks ago, my sister was asked if she would marry her boyfriend during the festival. The two of them had started to plan the wedding with our respective familys." He grinned as he thought on that first meeting. "After the first few attempts to get things straight we woke up one morning and both of them were gone. They eloped somewhere, and all things considering I'm just happy I don't have to decorate."

Kin giggled at him as he went back to his task of making the room stay worthy again. "She only left a short while ago then?" "Yeah." "But I didn't even know you had a sister." The young man turned to her. Zen raised a fine brow at her and shook his head. "Kin-chan, I'm only the oldest boy, I have three sisters." She followed his teal eyes as they search for something behind her. "Oldest boy, then how many brothers do you have?" She watched him take a box from a corner and stack it in a closet with some others. "Two, they don't live here though, I'd rather not go too far into why." "Oh sorry..."

The finely build teen steped to her side at last, he examined his work. There was nothing out of place, everything was stack or laid out neatly, and it looked like a proper guest room. "It's alright, I just don't like explaining my parent's relationship." He laid a friendly hand on her and the girl almost blushed, she'd been watching him work for several minutes and had become very familiar with the way his cloths moved on him, she was afraid of where her eyes would go if he was too close to her right now.

He tugged lightly on her hand and she followed him to finish her tour of the house. She looked to the side, it wasn't right. She had two different boys interested him her, and she liked them both, yet the only one she was interested in had to be her sister's boyfriend. She cursed herself, or at least her bad luck with relationships, and swore she'd try not to think about Zen like that. The teen shook her head as the young man with her continued showing her around. He'd been so charming and warm anytime he was around her, and it wasn't her fault he was attractive physically.

Kin felt her hand be squeezed lightly and pulled back out her thoughts to find those intense teal eyes staring at her. "Is something wrong?" She remembered herself and quickly tried to think of something. "I'm just worried is all..." Zen nodded to her, he patted her hand, "I am too, but Gin is more then she seems, she'll be alright." His comforting words and actions didn't make the woman feel any better. It was her confidence in her sister that was keeping her from being able to focus on that exact problem. She knew Gin could handle herself, which ment worrying wasn't at the top of her list of thoughts, taking in ever move the man guarding her made was.

The blond managed to survive the tour of the house without exposing her thoughts, and Zen left her back in her guest room, his was just a few feet away. He said he needed to get a couple of things and he'd be right back. The young woman looked around the room and noticed where he'd left behind his daggers that he usually wore, she remembered him sliping them off while he was working. The teen scooped them up and headed for his room, she didn't think before she slip the door back. "You left these in..."

The woman's words stopped in mid sentence as she relized what she'd just done. He'd froze him place and her mind burnt the image into a special little corner for later. His arms were partway out of his shirt, and his back was fully exposed to her veiw. She saw the way his pants had started to slid off to, and the gold of the belt buckle gaved her somewhere to look for a moment. Then she threw the daggers onto his bed, seeing them roll in their sheaths and fall off behind where he stood. She turned her back on his halfdressed state and closed the door, dashing for her room.

She closed her eyes as she leaned against the wall. She laid a hand over them, but it didn't help her mind finishing the scene she'd walked in on. She bit at her lip to try and stop it. "He belongs to Gin..." She murmured to herself. The girl managed to breath away the image in time to hear his boots on the wood outside her door. "May I come in?" She blushed, why hadn't she asked that question a minute ago.

She stood and hesitated, "Yes." He swept thur the door in new clothing, that didn't help her distraction. He'd changed out his previous outfit for a cleaner version, now he was in well cut light denim pants, and a nice plain white button up shirt. Her eyes stayed on the buttons, was that a hint of lilac on the plain of white, there only to distract her. The young woman watched the rise and fall of his chest, and the light material let her see every shadow of his refinement. "I'm sorry, I should had asked first." She said quickly as she broke her line of sight away from his chest and to his face. Not smart, he was always handsome, but the forgiving way he looked at her broke her heart.

"I'm sorry you had to see me in such an inappropriate state, but come on my mother has probly fixed us something to eat by now. We can just forget it happened." His words made her blush, inappropriate state, he was sorry? She curse her dirty mind again as she let him take her by the hand again and lead her to the dining room. Zen was always so polite and respectful to her, he wasn't like anyone else she was around. Kin didn't know what to do around him, and he was always so kind toward her.

They entered the eating area to find is mother setting down a few bowls with fruit and some fresh rice. The teens thanked her as they sat down. They didn't speak until another chunin joined them. Gaki entered the room with a towel around his shoulders to keep his wet hair from ruining his clothing. "What are you doing here?" He asked after taking a seat. Kin shot him an annoyed look. "I need to stay here a while." Her cousin shrugged at her, "Okay. I guess I can live with that."

"I hope you can, because you'll be guarding her with me." Zen's matter-of-fact tone made the other boy choke a little on his rice. "I'll what?" The white haired archer chuckled as his roommate recovered. "Something had happened to Gin, I have been ordered to see to Kin's safety till she returnes, you have been elected to assist me." The black haired boy stared at them both and then cused in almost a whisper.

Kin raised a curious look to him. "What's the matter?" The ex-hyuuga waved an irritated hand at her. "I just have to tell Sabra I can't go with her today then..." The way he said it made the girl feel guilty. She glanced at Zen, he didn't give her any idea what he thought. Her golden gaze returned to her cousin. "That's alright, go ahead. I'm sure I'll be fine, I don't think I need to be here anyway, it's just a precaution."

Gaki looked at her with those pale eyes and she smiled as his mouth shifted into a grin. "Thank you, I won't be long I swear. Then I'll come back and we can work out how we need to handle what's happened. I just didn't want to disappoint Sabra." He took a bowl with him and headed back toward his room. He had to hurry and head on over to where his girlfriend would be waiting, she'd understand if he had to rush a little, but at least he'd be showing up.

Kin watched him leave, it made her feel better to be able to let him go, she didn't feel there was a need to be guarded in the first place. She attention went back to her meal, but she could feel eyes on her. The blond looked over to meet a teal gaze. "You're not thinking of your own safety." The repremand made her feel like a child as she searched Zen's face for the reason. "I don't understand..."

Zen sighed heavily as he looked at the table instead of her. "You could be in serious danger, and as a few minutes ago proved, I can't be with you every second. We need someone else around just in case. Gaki has a responcibility as a ninja to follow and assist with the orders of his peers, perticularly in a situation like this. I understand he doesn't want to upset Sabra, but he needs to think about his missions first. Your safety is priority now, and until Gin is returned to us that is how we should be treating things." He didn't looked at her until after he'd finished, but the emotionless look he finally leveled on her made the girl realize why he was in charge of his team when Tanshi wasn't around. He was all business now, when seconds ago he'd been enjoying a nice breakfast.

Kin looked away, she had to, it hurt to be looked at like any other person he'd of been assigned to guard. She ground her teeth, dammit she was a ninja too, why was she being treated like she couldn't handle herself. She pulled away from the table, and he moved to follow. They stared at eachother, waiting for the other to do something. "You don't have to act like I'm an invilid, I can take care of myself." Her words didn't hold the strength she'd tried for, and his expression showed it.

"No you're not helpless, but neither was she, everyone has vulnerable moments. I'm supposed to make sure you don't get hurt during one." The mention of her sister made the blond feel only weaker. It was true that Gin was more skilled then her, and she had accepted that a long time ago. Zen made a solid point, if these people could time and plan out a way to capture Gin with so little effort then she'd be like picking up a kid. The woman let her face fall, and took her seat again. "I Know..." They didn't say anymore as they finished their meal together. At least she'd finally gotten her mind off of how her guardian looked, but that wouldn't last.

Kin has found herself at the short end of the luck stick more often then she would like to admit. She has started to really feel like she's never going to go anywhere as a ninja, and needs to really find her niche in life. She's tired of walking in her twin's shadow, but she doesn't know how to bring light into her situation. She needs someone to help her, but would never know how, much less who, to ask to do it.

07-12-2009, 09:50 PM
Isamu ran his thumb over the clementine-sized red gem in his palm. He stuck out his tongue and bit down as he scratched another jewel carefully against the one he was holding. Slowly, the crimson crystal took the shape of a small rose.

The door opened suddenly, causing the brunet to jump and the precious stones he was holding to fly up into the air. The chunin leapt after them and grabbed them quickly.

"Ummm...Isa-kun?" Kyou stepped into the room. "What was that about? What is Isa-kun holding?"

"Nothing," he lied.

The taijutsu user tried to hide the behind his back, but his housemate had already seen the glint of red. The crossdresser ran over to him and started trying to find out what the younger boy held.

"What is it, Isa-kun? Was that a ruby?"

Unfortunately for the Inuzuka look-alike, the hardness and strength of the jewel slipped his mind and he wasn't gripping it tight enough to prevent the genin from prying his fingers away. The older teen's eyes went wide.

"No way! That color, the clarity! How did Isa-kun get this? Red diamonds are so rare! It must be worth a ton!"

Isamu tugged his hands free. "More than you could ever know, but not for it's rarity. I found this during a solo assignment. Now go away and let me work in peace."

Nick Tasogare
07-12-2009, 09:54 PM
Is it strange that when I read what Kyou says, I hear Elmo's voice? Because the way he speaks is similar to how Elmo never really seems to use pronouns, he always says the persons name ROFL

07-12-2009, 09:56 PM
Is it strange that when I read what Kyou says, I hear Elmo's voice? Because the way he speaks is similar to how Elmo never really seems to use pronouns, he always says the persons name ROFL

((...I need to draw Kyou in an Elmo suit now...))

Nick Tasogare
07-12-2009, 10:12 PM
((...I need to draw Kyou in an Elmo suit now...))

*kisses you* Glad I'm such an inspiration

07-12-2009, 10:27 PM
*kisses you* Glad I'm such an inspiration

((*kisses back* I thank you so much for the inspiration.))

Nick Tasogare
07-12-2009, 10:37 PM
Shin returned a little later than Haruna, because he had stopped for a few days in a small village on his way back to the Leaf. When he entered through the gates, he was greeted by two Chunin, and he was told that Lady Hiroko wished to see him.

When he arrived at the Mansion, he walked up to the Hokage's office, and knocked. "Enter." He walked in, and Lady Hiroko stood to greet him. "Shin, it's nice to see you again. You look stronger, as does your chakra. It must have been some intense training. There is something I need to talk to you about. Sit, please." She motioned him to a chair on the opposite side of her desk, and she sat in her chair. "What is it, Lady Hiroko?" "Well, it seems that your brother has been "kidnapped", as has Gin. We are unsure of why."

"Chinsei was kidnapped?! How!?" "Well, he was in an accident after your last mission, when he got out of the hospital, his chakra network seemed to go out of whack, so he was admitted a second time, and the day he got out, he and Akemi were attacked, and he was taken." Now this just happened recently, so you need not worry." "I want to help!" "No!" He looked at her with wide eyes. "We have it under control. I want you to report to Zen's home, and assist in protecting Kin. We don't want them taking her too." He began to protest, but her eyes seemed to freeze him in place. "You're dismissed." He exited the Mansion, and walked straight for his home.

When Chinsei awoke again, it was the next day, and he was unsure of what was going on. He remembered Gin's Genjutsu message, but he still did not understand. His mind flashed to Akemi. He had no idea if they had taken her too, if she was ok. As the "doctor" entered, Chinsei seemed to release a large amount of chakra, to make it clear that he meant business. "Where is Akemi!? Did she get taken too!? Is she ok!?" "Calm down, and stop with the chakra, you're making my head hurt. She was not taken, and she was left alive." The mans finger began to glow with chakra, and he moved towards Chinsei. He held Chinsei's eye open, and prodded it, causing the Ryouchigan to appear. "Ahh...there we are." He reached for a needle, and placed it above Chinsei's eye. "No....No, what are you doing!? Noooooooo!!!!!!!"

07-13-2009, 12:14 AM
Shin returned a little later than Haruna, because he had stopped for a few days in a small village on his way back to the Leaf. When he entered through the gates, he was greeted by two Chunin, and he was told that Lady Hiroko wished to see him.

When he arrived at the Mansion, he walked up to the Hokage's office, and knocked. "Enter." He walked in, and Lady Hiroko stood to greet him. "Shin, it's nice to see you again. You look stronger, as does your chakra. It must have been some intense training. There is something I need to talk to you about. Sit, please." She motioned him to a chair on the opposite side of her desk, and she sat in her chair. "What is it, Lady Hiroko?" "Well, it seems that your brother has been "kidnapped", as has Gin. We are unsure of why."

"Chinsei was kidnapped?! How!?" "Well, he was in an accident after your last mission, when he got out of the hospital, his chakra network seemed to go out of whack, so he was admitted a second time, and the day he got out, he and Akemi were attacked, and he was taken." Now this just happened recently, so you need not worry." "I want to help!" "No!" He looked at her with wide eyes. "We have it under control. I want you to report to Zen's home, and assist in protecting Kin. We don't want them taking her too." He began to protest, but her eyes seemed to freeze him in place. "You're dismissed." He exited the Mansion, and walked straight for his home.

When Chinsei awoke again, it was the next day, and he was unsure of what was going on. He remembered Gin's Genjutsu message, but he still did not understand. His mind flashed to Akemi. He had no idea if they had taken her too, if she was ok. As the "doctor" entered, Chinsei seemed to release a large amount of chakra, to make it clear that he meant business. "Where is Akemi!? Did she get taken too!? Is she ok!?" "Calm down, and stop with the chakra, you're making my head hurt. She was not taken, and she was left alive." The mans finger began to glow with chakra, and he moved towards Chinsei. He held Chinsei's eye open, and prodded it, causing the Ryouchigan to appear. "Ahh...there we are." He reached for a needle, and placed it above Chinsei's eye. "No....No, what are you doing!? Noooooooo!!!!!!!"
OH CRAP i hope they dont take Chinsei's eyes it would make good storyline but i would hope he gets them back

07-13-2009, 12:15 AM
Is it strange that when I read what Kyou says, I hear Elmo's voice? Because the way he speaks is similar to how Elmo never really seems to use pronouns, he always says the persons name ROFL
ROFLMAO elmo this is elmo's world this is elmo's world lol man thats funny

Sabra Kusabana
07-13-2009, 12:34 AM
Curse you all for this repeated mention of Elmo, and his voice in place of the one I had in my head for Kyou...

As for Chinsei's eyes, well you'll just have to wait and see what gets done with/to/for them. *Cue Evil Laugh*

07-13-2009, 12:44 AM
Curse you all for this repeated mention of Elmo, and his voice in place of the one I had in my head for Kyou...

As for Chinsei's eyes, well you'll just have to wait and see what gets done with/to/for them. *Cue Evil Laugh*MUAHHAHAHAMUAHHAHAH*cough cough*lol

Nick Tasogare
07-13-2009, 12:48 AM
Curse you all for this repeated mention of Elmo, and his voice in place of the one I had in my head for Kyou...

As for Chinsei's eyes, well you'll just have to wait and see what gets done with/to/for them. *Cue Evil Laugh*

What voice would that be? Hmmm?

And for all you guys know, the needle isn't even for the eye!MUAHAHAHAHA!!!

07-13-2009, 12:52 AM
What voice would that be? Hmmm?

And for all you guys know, the needle isn't even for the eye!MUAHAHAHAHA!!!HAH WE GOT U TO EXPOSE UR PLAN and also if it wasnt for the eye why was it over his eye when you put What are you doing with that NO NO NOOOOOO like in most horror stuff lol

Nick Tasogare
07-13-2009, 12:54 AM
HAH WE GOT U TO EXPOSE UR PLAN and also if it wasnt for the eye why was it over his eye when you put What are you doing with that NO NO NOOOOOO like in most horror stuff lol

You'll have to wait for my next post I guess.

Sabra Kusabana
07-13-2009, 02:07 PM
You ever consider that there might of been something awful in the needle? Just because it was where he could see it doesn't mean a whole lot all things considered. There's a world of painful things they could use on him.

07-13-2009, 02:11 PM
I have writer's block......someone mind helping me. Oh and is 4ever getting in to the story, it would easily give me more ideas on what to write with her character being who she is and all.

07-13-2009, 03:13 PM
^.^ if u want an idea, try giving a description on the search for chinsei because that is where Yuki last left off

07-13-2009, 03:34 PM
I think I should wait for Viollette to do that. she will probablely want Akemi to scearch for Chinsei some more later on but I will write this.

Akemi led Yuki To her home. " Yuki please follow me, You can stay in the guest room.'' Akemi said while opening a door to reveal a room with white walls and a light tan wooden floor. on the wall across from the door there was a bed with a blue banket and a White pillow. next to the bed was a small white table. and on the next side there was a small closet with white doors.

" I'm trusting that you will stay put while I am gone.'' said the woman while tieing the girls hands together and locking the window. '' Yea, what ever, I don't even know my way back if it isn't obvious.'' Yuki said sarcasticaly. '' Well yes, I'll be back as soon as I find Chinsei and remeber stay put.'' Said the Jonin as she locked the door and walked away.

Yuki looked at the window, it was big enough to fit through, but why bother she coulden't find her way back anyway. '' i guess I'm staying put like she said'' The rouge muttered. She sat on the bed, staring at the ceiling thinking of her life as a rouge. She soon then fell asleep.

07-13-2009, 10:21 PM
Chou had stopped at the gate to let Akemi take Yuki alone. When the psychic returned, the two jounin set off.

Haruna watched from a hidden corner. The chunin realized that since there are only two turquoise-haired girls in their village and that it was quite obviouse that she wasn't ANBU by her clothes. She used transformation jutsu. Her clothes were now appeared proper for an ANBU member, her build looked slightly more masculine, and as for her hair...It was now jet black and most of it pulled back into a ponytail. What hair wasn't in the ponytail fell gently around her mask.

Then she followed the jounin as they searched. Occasionally, she would get the strange feeling that someone somewhere was screaming. The strategist couldn't pinpoint the exact source for a while. That little fact didn't stop her ears from twitching.

Finally, a particularly loud scream (for her anyway) alerted the kunoichi to the location. 'Great. What do I do now?' She looked down. a nearby puddle provided her a chance to see her own reflection. An idea came to her immediately. The teen filled the area with a thin fog and approached the teachers slowly.

"Y-you!" Akemi gasped, pointing to the disguised chunin. "I--we--we read about you in a history lesson back when we were in the academy! You're supposed to have died almost a hundred-eighty years ago!"

Haruna said nothing but beckoned them towards her. She drifted in the direction she heard the screaming.

Tasogares--or atleast the Leaf branch--used to pride themselves on their wonderful skills of obsvervation. Skills which Haruna has recieved. She likes to train her sense of hearing, and it is now exceptionally good. She can here a twig snap from atleast a hundred feet away!

07-14-2009, 09:17 AM
ok, i hope im doing this right.

"What do you mean we're not going after Yuki?!" Ravenna said.
"It is just another rogue, Ravenna. No need to waste ninja to search after Yuki. That's what the head said, at least." Ravenna's mother said.
"I can't believe you!" The angry rogue retorted.
"Just go to your room, Ravenna!" Her mother commanded angrily.
"No! If you guys aren't going to find Yuki, then I will!" After saying that, the teen went off.

The rogue woke up. "Yuki would have tried to take shelter in that house." The kunoichi said when she saw a beaten down shack. The house had a hole in the ceiling, and part of the wall had collapsed. When she entered, she could feel traces of fear and shock. "Yuki was here!" The young woman exclaimed. All of the villages are targets, and I don't know what ninja kidnapped her... What ninja would go so far into our territory anyways? Unless they were a ninja on a mission, no one would bother coming this close... I remember my parents saying something about large activity in the leaf, but would they send a ninja just to capture Yuki, and not others in my clan? Ugh, I just wonder how she is doing now... The rogue kunoichi decided to check the biggest villages first, and that meant Konoha and Suna.

Did I do alright? I have a feeling I'm very noobish right now...

07-14-2009, 10:32 AM
''Yuki, Yuki'' Said a mysterious voice ''Huh who is it'' Asked Yuki who was suprized at the sound of the voice.''Help help.'' said the voice again. ''I said who is it'' She commanded feircely looking around, but all she could see was darkness, blackness crowded her vision she was trapped floating in a dome of darkness, no noise except her voice and the mysterious sound. ''Come on out who ever you are!'' said the girl with the silver eye lashes crunching her hand into a fist, not even noticeing that her hands were untied. ''Do you want to know, Do you little girl.'' Said the mysterious voice as almost a threat. ''Yea,yea If you havent noticed thats what I've been saying all along.'' She said annoyed. ''It's me.'' said some one behind her.

Yuki turned around and saw a black raven. shouting ''Yuki,Yuki where are you......Help me.....help me.....'' Then raven then fadded into black nothingness. ''Wait come back, who are you.'' The teen screamed. ''Who are you, who are you. Hmp, I'm you if you didn't realize that by now.'' Said a mocking voice behind Yuki, she turned around and saw a duplicate of herself. ''Who are you?'' The girl with the lazer blue eyes asked in awe. ''I'm you idioit, like my sarasm, hahahahaha'' the girl started to laugh wildly and started to float away into the blackness, still laughing.

''Well someones got a bad additude today.'' Yuki mutterd. ''Yes you do.'' Said a voice behind her. Yuki turned around. ''Ugh, it's you again.What do you want now? Asked the annoyed rouge. ''Well first off I'm you, how many times do I have to say it for you to get the message.'' Said the duplicate while pointing at Yuki. ''Yea, Yea you said it alredy, now what are you doing here.'' Yuki asked. '' As if i'm telling you! You alredy know, you just don't want to admit it. I'm you, I should know that you know it.'' She said. ''Well whatever, just leave you annoying me.'' said the girl with the lazer blue eyes stareing into the other pair of lazer blue eyes. ''If thats what you wish,but only you know the anwser.'' Said the duplicate as she sat on the raven and flew away.

''Hmp, good thing she's gone.'' Yuki said gladly.''Yuki,Yuki.'' said a booming voice ecohing off the darkness. ''W..Who is it?'' every thing became lighter she opened her eyes and saw the room she was staying in, ''It was only a dream?.'' she said softly, while walking to the window to look out of it, wondering what it was all about.

Chidori Shuriken
07-14-2009, 04:19 PM
Not Chinsei's eyes!

Nick Tasogare
07-14-2009, 08:21 PM
The needle bypassed the eye, and pierced the First Gate. "Don't worry, we don't want your eyes. We are more interested in getting Chakra samples from your 8 Gates, so that we might be able to replicate your Gravity Style. The Chakra samples will be more potent if they come from each of your 8 Gates. The man continued to to drain from the First Gate. I'm sure you're wondering, 'Aren't the First and Second Gate's in the brain?'. Well yes, they are, but we need to go through the eye to hit them." He continued to drain Chakra from the Gate. "Gate of Opening, complete."

He withdrew the needle, and exchanged the Chakra filled vial for a new one. "Next eye." He stuck the needle in, and repeated the process of vacuuming the Chakra into the Vial. "This must be pretty complicated Medical Ninjutsu, huh? Where do you learn it?" The man grinned. "A True Leaf Ninja, trying to get information, even as a hostage. I like you, I really do, but I'm going to have to ask you to remain silent." He withdrew the second needle, forcefully, to emphasize his point. "Gate of Rest, complete."

He then turned Chinsei onto his stomach, because the Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Gates were all located on the spinal cord. "Now these ones might hurt, but that's too bad I guess. In order for this part of the procedure to work correctly, I need to stick 5 needles into each Gate at the same time, so this is going to tire you out, as it will be draining Chakra from 5 Gates at once. Just a heads up." "Whatever......get it done with already." He stuck the 5 needles into their respective Gates, and waited for several minuted for the vials to fill with Chakra. He pulled the first needle. "Gate of Life, complete." He pulled the second. "Gate of Pain, complete." He pulled the third. "Gate of Closing, complete." He pulled the fourth. "Gate of Joy, complete." He pulled the fifth. "Gate of Shock, complete."

Chinsei knew he was in trouble now. The only Gate left was the Gate of Death. He was unsure if he would survive that Gate being drained. He was turned back onto his back, and another needle was prepared. "Am I going to survive having my 8th Gate drained?" The man looked at his eyes. "I honestly couldn't give you an accurate answer. All I can say is that it would take a strong ninja, but none who have undergone this procedure have survived it." He could sense sorrow in the mans voice, but then he changed. "Either way, you won't be a ninja after this is done." He grew a sinister smirk, and was about to place the needle, when a large, rumbling was sent through the entire building.

Rogue Priestess
07-14-2009, 09:39 PM
So, do I write in my character now?

Nick Tasogare
07-14-2009, 09:40 PM
So, do I write in my character now?

Well, I was going to write him in later, after someone else posts, so that I can make an easy transition for you, because I have how he'll enter and what will enter planned out in my mind already. Sound good?

Rogue Priestess
07-14-2009, 09:42 PM
Well, I was going to write him in later, after someone else posts, so that I can make an easy transition for you, because I have how he'll enter and what will enter planned out in my mind already. Sound good?

Yep, sounds alright.

Rogue Priestess
07-14-2009, 09:45 PM
Hey, Nick, I haven't really read much of shinobi the saga, so do you think you can send me a PM of your character's personality?

Nick Tasogare
07-14-2009, 09:46 PM
Hey, Nick, I haven't really read much of shinobi the saga, so do you think you can send me a PM of your character's personality?

You haven't read it? You should at least skim through if you want to be able to understand the characters. They all changed a lot, so it would be difficult to explain it. Don't have to in depth read it, just at least skim each section.

Rogue Priestess
07-14-2009, 09:50 PM
You haven't read it? You should at least skim through if you want to be able to understand the characters. They all changed a lot, so it would be difficult to explain it. Don't have to in depth read it, just at least skim each section.

I'll just read this one, it should give me a general explanation.

Nick Tasogare
07-14-2009, 09:51 PM
I'll just read this one, it should give me a general explanation.

You should read 2 or three, maybe both, as well, because this one doesn't have enough to give you a general idea xD

07-15-2009, 07:23 AM
Why do I think my voice would be filled with venom if I ever talked to that idiot ninja. also, why do I think I would beat him up if he said one insulting thing about me. I could possibly never know!

07-15-2009, 07:25 AM
ok, i hope im doing this right.

"What do you mean we're not going after Yuki?!" Ravenna said.
"It is just another rogue, Ravenna. No need to waste ninja to search after Yuki. That's what the head said, at least." Ravenna's mother said.
"I can't believe you!" The angry rogue retorted.
"Just go to your room, Ravenna!" Her mother commanded angrily.
"No! If you guys aren't going to find Yuki, then I will!" After saying that, the teen went off.

The rogue woke up. "Yuki would have tried to take shelter in that house." The kunoichi said when she saw a beaten down shack. The house had a hole in the ceiling, and part of the wall had collapsed. When she entered, she could feel traces of fear and shock. "Yuki was here!" The young woman exclaimed. "What's the closest village from here...? Leaf, or mist...The leaf is bigger and probably better for questioning, but the mist is closer and wouldn't be affected by our gift as much as others are..." The rogue headed toward the leaf. Don't worry Yuki, I'll get you back home! Ravenna thought.

Did I do alright? I have a feeling I'm very noobish right now...

((Actually, I imagine that their branch stays in the furthest part of the land they're staying in. After all, it took Haruna a month to return. A week (maybe a half of a week more) of actual travel and the rest of the time training.))

07-15-2009, 07:26 AM
okay, i will fix that.

07-15-2009, 07:36 AM
All of the villages are targets, and I don't know what ninja kidnapped her... What ninja would go so far into our territory anyways? Unless they were a ninja on a mission, no one would bother coming this close... I remember my parents saying something about large activity in the leaf, but would they send a ninja just to capture Yuki, and not others in my clan? Ugh, I just wonder how she is doing now... The rogue kunoichi decided to check the biggest villages first, and that meant Konoha and Suna.

is that better V?

07-15-2009, 07:38 AM
All of the villages are targets, and I don't know what ninja kidnapped her... What ninja would go so far into our territory anyways? Unless they were a ninja on a mission, no one would bother coming this close... I remember my parents saying something about large activity in the leaf, but would they send a ninja just to capture Yuki, and not others in my clan? Ugh, I just wonder how she is doing now... The rogue kunoichi decided to check the biggest villages first, and that meant Konoha and Suna.

is that better V?[/QUOTE]

((Yeah, but you could've just edited that into your last post...))

07-15-2009, 07:42 AM
I did ^.^ just the quote thing didn't kick in.:/

07-15-2009, 07:47 AM
Haruna led the teachers deep into the forest.

Chou stared at her friend. "Are you suggesting that he is a ghost?"

Akemi nodded. "It makes sense. He appeared in a mist and doesn't talk. Not to mention he never had any children."

'That you know of," the chunin thought to herself as she continued running ahead of them."But I know exactly who his daughter was.'

She sensed a strong chakra ahead and stopped suddenly, holding her arms out to signal that the others should stop as well. She held a finger to her lips and pointed forward.

The jonin looked into the clearing Haruna had led them to. The psychic gasped.

"Who is that?" Akemi whispered.

Nick Tasogare
07-15-2009, 07:57 AM
There was aloud roar, just as the man was about to plunge the needle through Chinsei's 8th Gate. There was a crash, and a young man, about Chinsei's age, stormed through the door. Chinsei recognized him from his past, and knew to play dead. The new man was very demonic looking, and had two different seals, one on each arm. He saw the man who was holding the needle, and instantly attacked him, killing him instantly. He looked towards Chinsei, who was still playing dead. He sniffed him, and realized Chinsei was alive. Chinsei realized this, and opened his eyes, revealing the Ryouchigan. Somehow, the man seemed to calm down, and came to his senses. The Marks receded, and he took on a human appearance again.

"Chinsei? Is that really you?" "Yea, Kade, it's me. Now quick, get me outta here, if those marks do the same thing to you as they used to, my Ryouchigan was powerful enough to stop it this time, but you'll only have about a 10 minute delay before you pass out. I'll explain everything once we're safe." Kade nodded, and unstrapped Chinsei, and quickly flung him over his shoulder.

"Close your eyes, so that you don't see any blood, I'll guide your steps." Kade grunted, letting Chinsei know he understood. He shut his eyes, and Chinsei guided his steps, leading them into the forest. "Ok Kade, we should get a little bit deeper into the forest, as deep as you can, before you pass out." They continued deeper, and they entered a thick fog. Kade felt the marks affect, and set Chinsei down. "This is as far as I can get us for now, I'm about to black out. Please don't tell me what I did when I wake up." Chinsei nodded, and Kade instantly was out.

07-15-2009, 08:28 AM
The kunoichi trio had seen Kade enter the facility and watched when he returned with Chinsei. Haruna jogged to another part of the forest and the jonin followed her. They waited in the fog that was still surrounding the chunin as the mysterious ninja and Chinsei came closer. There was an exchange and Kade collapsed.

"Chinsei!" Akemi ran to her lover's side. "Chinsei! Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," he replied. He looked up and saw Chou and a figure in an ANBU mask. The onyx-haired male jumped back. "What is he doing here!?"

"It's okay," the psychic hushed. "He helped us. If it weren't for him, we may not have found you." She looked the disguised kunoichi. "Thank you."

Haruna nodded. She turned and walked into the forest, fog following after her. When she was sure she had gone far enough, she rotated back in the direction of the village. Before she came into the sight of the inhabitants, she removed her mask and deactivated the jutsu.

07-15-2009, 04:57 PM
For the record the first part is a few hours earlier...
After a long night of searching Kobe finally entered the Hokage Mansion almost collapsing in fatigue. Just before he got to Hikoro's door Shin stormed out, "Kobe", the falcon summoner said in surprise before leading Kobe further out into the hallway. Glancing around Shin spoke in a low tone, "I need your help. Chinsei and Gin have been-" "Yeah I know kidnapped. What do you have in mind?" The Tasogare grinned, "We're gonna take a little ride."

A few hours later...
The magnificent falcon hovered high above the village. From their veiw point they could see everything but they both were beginning to think it was a bad idea, especially since Shin had disobeyed direct orders. Finally a small explosion was seen, "You think that might be it?" "Worth a try." As the made there speedy descent two small groups of people were seen, one running from the explosion and another towards it. "Thats them." Shin shouted. "Where's Gin though." the worried medic said to himself before diving off toward the site of the explosion. Shooting out springy wood stocks Kobe slowed the fall as he landed inside the destroyed labatory.

Darkness shrouded the corridors. Forgetting subtly the black jonin yelled out as he searched. Soon another voice was heard, "Kobe over here." As soon as he reached the door it was blasted down and Gin walked out wearing rough looking clothes. "Why didn't you do that before?" Kobe queried as he scanned her for injuries. "I'm fine. You don't know the full story." Slow clapping was heard from down the hallway,"Very good. I'm surprised you found us so quickly",The two attackers walked into view, "But I'm afraid I can't let you leave Gin. You know too much now."

If I can I will try to finish later. But I don't care if someone else takes over the fight. I have to go now.

Sabra Kusabana
07-16-2009, 12:50 AM
Gin tilted her head down a little and grinned with a malicious intent. "I will never know too much." She was suddenly behind the other ninja, they whirled in shock. "How did you?" She hit them square in the jaw with a palm strike, and both stumbled back. "Genjustu dumbasses." Her voice carried insult. She jumped and kicked her targets toward Kobe. Her fellow medic struck the enemy nin with several fast blows along their spines.

The guards fell and Kobe stood with a satified smirk looking at Gin. "You learned how to do it without seals, I didn't know that." The blond nodded, "All I need is a look nowadays, but I was fast. Even without being affected by my technique I saw the way you looked." The dark man laughed once, "True, but that's my own fault."

Kobe stepped onto the backs of the fallen enemies. "I'm actually impressed with you dealing with two targets so fast." Gin swept toward him, "Thank you, sensei." The tall man grinned at her, it was the first time she'd address him formally after he'd started training her. The younger jonin bent next to the two guards, she slid a vial from inside her shirt and dropped a single drop of the white liquid inside into their exposed mouths, then closed them and stood while putting the vial away again.

Kobe raised a curious brow at her. "My own formula, they needed me because it's the only thing that would work on Chinsei." She dug her heels into the guards shoulders as she stepped onto them. "Besides, I'm just good to have around." The older nin wagged a finger at her for her arrogance, but turned to lead her out.

Gin looked over her shoulder at the fallen bodies. She knew that formula would either put them into a coma, or kill them, sense their bodies couldn't process the cemicals as fast as Chinsei's could. Even with her original master's regenerative powers he could only take a few CCs worth before it would have done him harm as well.

Gin has no issues with killing those she feels are threats, in fact she makes sure anyone she fights won't be a problem again. As an ANBU so far her missions have been limited, but they've been rather interesting with the ways she finds people can die. She's bound and determined to find out everything she can about the body, and use it to complete her ultimate goals in life. What those goals are only she truely knows and understands.

07-16-2009, 09:37 AM
Once the two jonins reached Zen's home Zen and Kin both showered Gin with love even though something was a little distant about the silver eyed sister. Kobe watched for a while knowing that regulation told him that the younger medic should be debriefed, but he was one to put tact over regulation anyday. Before they could ask him to stay he left quietly back to the hospital.

When he walked into Kea's room the light sleeper woke up and smiled, "Where have you been?" Returning the smile he answered tersely, "Oh nowhere in particular." She was unsatisfied with the answer but didn't push the issue, "Why do you look so sad? And don't lie, I know when something is wrong." Her housemate took a seat next to the bed and sighed, "I don't know. It's just that I miss the rogue life. I miss having the freedom to do what I want and to not care about getting in trouble. You know what I mean don't you?" "I know what you mean but I also know that everyone has to take responsibility rogue or not. You have lived your life in the moment and now you need to buckle down and start living your life for others." Her words made him blush if you could see it. She was only a few years older but she had much more wisdom then Kobe.

After a few more minutes of more shallow talking the door opened and Kobe was summoned downstairs. He was lead into a room where two guards and a tall distinctive man stood. His senses were raised because of the attacks, but they woudn't possibly try another one so soon, would they? "Take a seat Yamashi Kobe." The distinct man commanded before pulling a chair in front of him. "So why did you change your name Kobe?" Kobe had been in too many interviews to not see the questions meant to mess with the mind, "I'll give you ten seconds to get to the point." The interviewer grinned, "I like your philosphy. 'Bad guys make the best good guys'. I respect that. But you know a criminal serving his community is still a criminal, they still need to be punished." Waving one hand the man was handed a packet from a guard which he passed to Kobe. "Now I'll ask once, did you do it?" "You couldn't possibly understand the circumstance let alone what I did." The interviewer looked up at the ceiling in frustration, "I want you to look through that packet. Everyone of those people had families and were great heroes in their villages. And now they're all gone. All of them went the same way. Not one body was found. And your name is all over that packet. How am I so suppose to take that." "You can take it however you want I didn't kill those people." "Fine you didn't kill em. But that packet would look pretty bad if it happened to make out to the public." So now the truth comes out, black mail.

It's funny you said that Sabra because I was planning on saying the opposite thing for Kobe. He has one hard fast rule, don't ever kill anyone. Even when the odds are against him he will not kill which is another reason he became a medic. He can seriously maim someone.

Nick Tasogare
07-16-2009, 10:20 PM
The group found an enclosure deep in the woods to hind in while Chinsei and Kade recovered. They had been resting for several hours, when Kade finally came to. "Welcome back to the world. Are you ok?" Kade groaned, and stood up. "Chinsei? Where did you come from? Where am I?" Akemi began to speak but Chinsei touched her shoulder, motioning her to stop. "Well, we found you out here fighting a few rogues. We came to your side, and that's what caused all this damage, especially on you and me. We're just outside The Leaf." Kade looked the two women over. "Yea, I remember I was on my way here to try and find information about my past. I heard rumors of some type of secret group." "Yea, you told us, an Akemi and Chou searched for it. There wasn't anything." He seemed disappointed, but more worried about his old friend. "You ended up in The Leaf, Chinsei? Good for you. I never joined up in a village, I like my freedom. We should get you back to the Village and get you looked at." Kade picked him up with ease, and began walking toward the Village. "The Village is this way." Chou said, pointing in the opposite direction. Kade quickly spun around and began to walk the other way. Chinsei looked at Akemi, and she knew that she was not to speak about this around Kade, it would spell disaster.

Rogue Priestess
07-17-2009, 12:14 AM
As Kade carried Chinsei into the village he said ,"I wonder how I got to fighting those rogues, I hate violence and I'm usually very peaceful ... Maybe I angered them in the past, before I forgot everything" "Maybe, Kade, I wouldn't really know, we just found you fighting those rogues""Well, I wish I knew,though." Kade looked at Akemi "So, Chinsei, who is this lovely lady?" "We're engaged" "Oh, so does that mean she'll say no if I asked her out" "Yes Kade, it means exactly that" Akemi got annoyed "Why are talking as if I'm not even here?" "Sorry, you'll have to excuse Kade, when he lost his memory, he pretty much also lost his common sense."

Sabra Kusabana
07-17-2009, 02:55 AM
Kea tried to sit up, but cursed the pain that ran thru her shoulder and chest. Torn muscle was never fun to deal with. She flopped back with an irritated groan, she wasn't a fan of being injured. The ex-ninja looked around her room, thinking of what Kobe had said before being called away. The rogue life was free, but it was never pleasant, she'd have to have a serious talk to him about his feelings.


Gin was shown inside, and allowed a bath first, her own cloths coming afterward. The young jonin adjusted her shirt as her sister entered the room. Kin looked down at her feet as she slid the door closed on the guest room. "Did they hurt you?" Her twin glanced at her with a curious gaze.

"No, they needed me. I'm just disappointed I couldn't get more information before everyone came. I am glad they stopped the procedure on sensei, but there was so much more I could have done." The silver eyed girl stared out into the stillness of the room like she wasn't seeing it.

Kin scuffed her feet on the wooden floor as she drew nearer to her sibling. "I'm sorry, I know you hate failing at a mission." Her golden eyes wouldn't face her sister as the other girl turned to look at her. The higher ranked ninja stood with a kind of stark graze, and leveled a heavy look on her twin. "What has happened in my absence." It was the tone the jonin used when on a deadly mission, and it made her sister flinch a little inside.

The chunin looked up at her twin, she had the air of an ANBU, and that was frieghtening. "Nothing serious..." Kin felt her sister's hands on her shoulders, and as those eyes stared into her own she realized too late what was happening. Gin's lips turned up at one corner as she read into her sibling's mind like it was an old favorite book. The genjutsu user let her hands slip away as she broke the gaze.

Kin slid back grabbing at her chest, and curling in as if she'd been assaulted. "And I thought you were upset about something serious." Her twin's cold voice rolled over her as she looked to the other ninja. "You're not." "Mad? No." Gin shrugged, "Zen is mine by his choice. I adore him, and we have an understanding of eachother." She stepped to her startled sister. "If he returns your attraction, I won't do anything."

The scared chunin found herself in a tight embrace. "I can't think of anyone else I'd rather see him with." Gin held her there, her tone had gone soft, and she rubbed the tension from her twin's shoulders. Kin held her back, "I love you sissy." "I love you too." The two broke just enough to hold eachother's hands. Gin smiled warmly, "Now let's go find something I can eat. We'll discuss this more later."

The silver eyed twin slipped away, leaving Kin in her wake, to follow her like the dedicated sister she tried to be. She didn't notice the materials left behind in the room from before she stepped inside, and Gin would see to it no one else would find the blood stained cloth later.

07-17-2009, 11:26 AM
Hikaru sat with Aiko on a roof top, staring over the entire village.

"Will Haruna and I be together?" the genin inquired, leaning back slightly.

His friend sighed. "Look, I'm no psychic, and it's hard for teenagers to tell the difference between love and lust. Even I have issues telling them apart, at least when I look at other teens." Her mind flashed to the night at the hospital with Gigen and the blond.

"But what about all those things you do with the romance novels and stuff?" he asked, exhasperated.

The kunoichi shook her head. "I can play match maker 'til my wings are sore, but I can't tell a teen who their soulmate is." She looked at him. "Look, I'm not saying that no teenager can truely love, just that the only teen I can honestly tell you that they truely love the person they think they do is Isamu, and he's not even technically a teen yet 'cause he's still twelve!"

The onyx-haired male furrowed his eyebrows. "How can you be so sure?"

She gave him and "are you joking" look. "Come on, someone improving that much in a matter of months for someone that they only lust after? Honestly? Besides, just because he truely loves Kin, it doesn't mean that they're soulmates or that she'll ever return his feelings. And if she doesn't return his feelings, there will be a test of his love to see if it's really true."

Hikaru's steel gray eyes got suddenly sad. Aiko rolled her own magenta orbs.

"If you really want to know, I suggest you go see Akemi."

The shadow user smiled. "Thanks."

----A few hours later----

Akemi led the Light nin to a table. "The easiest way to do this is through palmistry." She sat down.

The genin sat across from her and stuck out his hand. She traced the lines around. Her eyebrows scrunched.

"Are you sure it's your love line that you're interested in?"

He nodded.

The psychic sighed. "Okay. The one you truely love will return your feelings, and then the two of you will be happy...for a while. But then something will happen to tear the two of you apart."


The jounin bit her lip. "I'm sorry, you told me it was your love line you were interested in. I can tell you no more." Before the male could ask any more, Yuki walked in. "Ah, Yuki. You said you wanted to get out, now here's your chance. Hikaru here will be your escort." She took the two younger ninja by their wrists and forced them out the door. "Have fun!"

Nick Tasogare
07-17-2009, 12:06 PM
Akemi removed the robe she had thrown on when she had heard the knock on the door. She was in a small night gown, barely going to her thighs. It was the same color as her hair. She opened the door to her and Chinsei's bedroom. Chinsei was laying down on the bed, looking towards the door. "Everything alright?" She looked him up and down. "I see you got that vest off ok. Everything's fine, Hikaru needed some palmistry is all." "Why don't you bring some of that over my way?" She walked into the room, and closed the door behind her.

Remember children, they are of age, don't worry. And for those off you who are ruled by morality, they are engaged, and are soul mates. They are celebrating Chinsei's safe return, as well as their engagement. They never got to celebrate, because Chinsei was taken.

07-17-2009, 12:42 PM
Akemi removed the robe she had thrown on when she had heard the knock on the door. She was in a small night gown, barely going to her thighs. It was the same color as her hair. She opened the door to her and Chinsei's bedroom. Chinsei was laying down on the bed, looking towards the door. "Everything alright?" She looked him up and down. "I see you got that vest off ok. Everything's fine, Hikaru needed some palmistry is all." "Why don't you bring some of that over my way?" She walked into the room, and closed the door behind her.

Remember children, they are of age, don't worry. And for those off you who are ruled by morality, they are engaged, and are soul mates. They are celebrating Chinsei's safe return, as well as their engagement. They never got to celebrate, because Chinsei was taken. hey i got no beef with that their engaged they deserve to celebrate even if they werent of age well i wouldnt care much cuz we're mature enough to not act all noobish and act little kids we all know what theyre doing and the majority of ppl here are mature enough to not act all grossed out

07-17-2009, 02:04 PM
omg ewww...

07-17-2009, 02:06 PM
''Finaly, I'm out of that house!'' Yuki said while walking around outside.''Your Hikaru, right? The person who sparred with Haruna.'' She asked him. ''Yea.'' He said grumply. ''Do, you know where Haruna is?'' asked the turquoise haired girl. ''Probably at her house,but why should I even tell you?'' Asked the Genin. ''Okay, thanks for the help. See you later!'' Yuki shouted as she ran ahead forward. ''W..Wait where are you going?...Akemi said I needed to watch you.'' He said running after her.

Yuki ran ahead untill she got to the middle of the village. ''Where am I? And where is Haruna's house? Why do I always have to be horrible with directions.'' she muttered. Yuki looked around. There wasn't Hikaru or Haruna, or anyone she knew anywhere. ''I might as well go back to where I left Hikaru.'' Said the blue eyed girl under her breath.

Yuki walked back the direction she thought she came. She stopped when she reacked a dead end."What, I'm sure I came this way, oh well.'' she said while turning around. The girl with the silver eyelashes looked up and saw a strange person standing in front of her. She just kept walking till she passed it. ''Strange'' She thought.

''Hey wait!'' Said a voice behind her. Yuki turned around and saw a figure dressed in black running towards her. ''Hey stop!'' It shouted. ''Who the heck are you?'' Yuki asked while staring at the person. ''I'm here to take you back to where you belong.'' It said. ''While I have no idea where that place is, I'm staying here 'till I get my fight with Haruna.'' Said the rouge as she used a teleportaition justu to get to the roof of the building. She ran while looking at the ground below her. ''No sign of that person....and there's Hikaru.'' she said to herself.

Yuki jumped off the buliding. ''Hey, Where does Haruna live?'' Asked the rouge. ''Why should I even tell you? Come on lets go spar insted.'' he said grumpily. ''Sure!'' Yuki replied as they walked off to the training fields.

07-17-2009, 03:26 PM
"Damn, she doesn't even recognize my voice!" The rogue muttered. "At least I got in without being detected..." The teenager followed the two silently. "I wonder who this Haruna is anyway..." The girl muttered, never losing her footing on the roofs of Konoha.
"Would you like to meet her?" A voice asked behind the rogue. She turned around and saw someone that looked like Yuki!
"Did you take Yuki?" The rogue asked Yuki's look-alike.
"Yes, I did, I'm Haruna, and-" Haruna's hand hit her neck's pressure point, and consciousness slipped from Ravenna.

07-17-2009, 09:28 PM
Haruna grabbed the collar of Ravenna's white shirt and threw the girl over her shoulder. She then proceded to carry the unconscious teen to the Hokage's office. 'Pathetic. Ninjas these days are simply pathetic.'


Hikaru was certain that sparring was the only way to keep this rogue occupied. He was sure the moment they stopped fighting, she would try to find his beloved again. The genin asked for directions to the nearest training grounds and took Yuki there.

He faced his opponent. "Ready?"

"Are you?" the rogue asked playfully.


They both started making handsigns. The kunoichi finished first.

"Ice style: Ice shards!"

Several sharp pieces of ice shot at the shadow user. He directed his shadow off the ground to sheild him, successfully blocking the shards. The Light nin then sent the shadow towards her. She dodged and made more handsigns.

"Ice style: Blizzard!"

Hikaru covered his face as he saw snow swirl around and around him. The Tasogare smiled at the success of her genjutsu. She used ice shards again, this time with out being blocked, but the pain of the attack woke the older teen's senses back up.

He smirked. "Well...I can see now that you are even more fun than I thought..."

The shadow user put his left hand under his shirt and used the other to pull the black fabric over his head. Slowly, he pulled his hand left away, dropping his shirt as he did so. A dark beam shot forth, stabbing at the rogue as she jumped away, making handsigns as she did.

"Ice style:Avalance!"

The genin's attack was temporarily knocked off course as he tried to dodge a ton of snow falling suddenly from the sky above him. He ran, trying to hit the rogue as he did so. They got pretty close as they tried to sidestep one another's attacks. Too close, in fact. One false step on Hikaru's part sent both shinobi to the ground, the Light nin on top.

Neither teen knew what to do. They were both too shocked to move, so they just stayed there, looking into each other's eyes. The fifteen-year-old felt his heart hammer in his chest.


Both turned their attention to Haruna, who had just walked into the area.

"This area is for sparring. I suggest you continue your activities elsewhere." The chunin narrowed her eyes.

The male stood up quickly. "It's not what it looks like, I swear. We were training, and I fell."

The Leaf kunoichi pursed her lips. "Whatever." She looked away. "You might want to get out of here regardless. I'm supposed to meet someone here."

Hikaru stared back and forth between the two girls. He could feel his face burning as his earlier conversation with Aiko rang through his head. 'But...which one is love and which one is lust? Are either of them love?' He bit his lip. "Okay. Come on, Yuki."

The two left. Haruna waited quietly, her anger ebbing as the Tasogare got farther away. After a few minutes, Lady Hokage arrived.

"Okay, let's go," Hiroko said.

The psychic's daughter followed her as she ran. "How is the rogue? The one I brought you earlier today."

"Still unconscious."

07-17-2009, 10:29 PM
Yuki followed hikaru, too embarssed to even ask if they could go back to the trainig fields so she could spar Haruna, but she knew that bringing up Haruna would be a bad topic.It was easy to sense that Hikaru really liked Haruna, and was also embaressed of the recent accident.

They kept walking quitetly until Hikaru asked, "Do you want to go back to Akemi's house now?'' ''no, not yet. Is there a public libaray any where near here though?'' Asked Yuki. "Yea, right up ahead. Come on.'' Replied the Shinobi. Walking towards a blue buliding.

Yuki walked inside, ''Wow, I've never been in an actual library before. Look at all the books!'' Said the rouge looking around until she spotted the front desk with a libraian sitting at it. She ran up to the librain and asked rather loudly and excitedly, ''Do you have any books on Genjustu here?'' "Shh..I'll show you to the ninja arts section. there should be some books about it there.'' She said,wihile leading yuki to some book shelves.

''Wow! Thanks!'' Said the turquoise haired girl quite loudly again. ''You do know that your supposed to be quiet in a libray, right?'' Asked Hikaru gumpily, who was following them. "I do now!'' She said loudly. the librarian gigled then walked away. ''Hmm...Where's one on Genjustu'' Said the girl with the silver eyelashes scanning the shelves carefuly. ''They are sorted into catagories. Just look in the catorgoy for Genjustu and then they are sorted by the author.'' He said while sitting down in a chair, waiting for Yuki to be done.

"Huh? but where is the Genjustu section?'' Asked Yuki. "Sigh. do you have any commen sense? There sorted alpabeticaly, right now your by the tyjustu so figure it out.'' He told her quite annoyed. "Okay! Thanks!'' Yuki exclaimed. "Can you be quite? This is a library.'' Hikaru whispered. "Oh yea, sorry.'' Yuki said quietly.

''There, I've found one! Now all I have to do is read it!'' Said the rouge. Hikaru looked at the book she was holding it was titled The Tricks and Secerets to Genjustu. It had a red cover with some hand signs on the front, But the problem was that it was at least two thousand pages.It will take her forever to finish that. He thought. " Hey Yuki, why don't you just get a library card so you can check the book out and read it somewhere elese. Just return it before the due date or you'll get a fine.'' Said the shadow user.

Yuki then checked out the book."I'm ready to head back, but next time we spar, Be careful of my genjustu improvement.'' Said the rouge optimisticly heading back to where Akemi lived.

07-18-2009, 09:10 AM
Her head pounded. The dazed rogue looked around, and saw that she was in some sort of room. She was tied to a chair, and her breath came ragged whenever she breathed through her mouth. Great. I'm gagged, I don't know where I am, and I failed to get Yuki back home! The teenager tried getting up, but she couldn't. The rogue was tied by wire, and even now it was sinking into her skin. And I'm tied to a chair, probably going to be interrogated soon. The rogue said to herself.She didn't have to wait long. A door behind her opened, and she didn't even try turning her head.
"Lady Hiroko, I believe the rogue is awake now." Haruna said. You bet I'm awake! Just wait until I get out of these wires! The rogue Tasogare thought.
"Now then, it is not normal to come across rogues, and for one to enter a village willingly. Why are you here?" Hiroko asked. 3,2,1... The rogue Tasogare implanted fear in both people. She immediately shut herself out from their emotions. God damn it, why do I have to be empathic? If I emplant an emotion in them, without blocking myself out I'll feel the same thing! The girl thought.
"As I said with Yuki, it takes more than that to get me to show any emotion." Haruna said. It was true. The chunin on her right showed no emotion, and the ninja on her left didn't show any either. I implanted fear in them, why isn't she backing up or something?! The girl was panicing, but not showing it on the outside.
"Answer me, rogue, or I will tighten the wires." Hiroko said. The rogue didn't say anything. The wires tightened and started cutting her flesh.
"I came to take back Yuki!" She said, higher pitched than normal.
"Why would you risk getting captured for only one rogue?" Haruna asked. The wires pretty much stayed the same, tightening just a little bit each passing second.
"Because she's my friend! My whole clan was all serious, and when I was younger I didn't get it. Yuki was there, and she explained it to me. We promised we would be ourselves around each other, because we were friends! Sure we pleased the clan by doing the missions and blah blah, but there were times we had fun! We would implant fear in each other and see who gave up first, we would do jutsu contests, and practice taijutsu on each other." The rogue shut up.
"What's your name?" Hiroko asked. Akemi had reported to her that the other rogue, Yuki, had dreams about seeing a raven and reflections of herself. The wires were slackened a bit, but the rogue was bleeding.
"Ravenna, why?" Ravenna asked.
"Nothing. Haruna, find a place for Ravenna to stay." Hiroko ordered.
"As long as it's not my house, Lady Hiroko." Haruna untied the girl, and led her out of the room.

07-18-2009, 10:27 AM
Haruna took the rogue's bandana from her head and tied it over her eyes. It was only a precaution in case she woke up before they reached their destination. She whacked the blindfolded girl over the head and grabbed the back of her shirt as she fell.

"Oh, and Haruna, remember: this wasn't what I called you for. It's just that when Uru--"

"I understand, Lady Hokage." The turquoise-haired kunoichi carried Ravenna to the village prison. "We won't get used to trying to make rogues so comfortable."


Hikaru rubbed his head. Before he had been gruff with Yuki because that was just the way he was. Now, he was only grouchy because of his own confusion. He liked Haruna, but he liked this rogue just as much. He sighed.

'I better keep an eye on her until she gets back to Akemi...'


The chunin returned to where she last saw Lady Hiroko. "Ma'am, what is it that you wanted to see me about?"

"I want you to keep an eye on another rogue that has entered the village. He came in with Chinsei."

"I believe I saw him earlier," she replied. "But why me? Why can't you get Gin or some ANBU to do it?" Her eyes narrowed. "And if I'm good enough to do this kind of thing--watch someone who singlehandedly rescued Chinsei--why am I not an ANBU?"

It is Haruna's goal to acheive ANBU one day. She takes it as a personal insult that she's been training her butt off and the one person she considers an equal makes it, but she doesn't.

Nick Tasogare
07-18-2009, 11:22 AM
Chinsei rolled over, and faced Akemi. He kissed her cheek as she slept, and got up. He walked around their living room. It was a small apartment, but it was their first home together. It was basically one big room, with 4 doors. The room was a medium sized living room, with a small kitchen sectioned off by a counter. The different doors led to the exit, the bathroom, the bedroom, and a guest room. Chinsei walked over to the bathroom, to wash his face. He took a handful of water, and splashed his face. As he bent, he felt a sudden pain. He looked down, and at the bottom of his abdomen, were several large bruises. "What the hell?!" He walked over to a small counter in the bathroom, and took out a first aid kit. He took some gauze, and wrapped it around his waist area. It blended with his skin, so Akemi wouldn't worry, but he needed to find out what had caused them. Had it been the experimenting those people had done, or had Akemi caused it somehow?

07-18-2009, 12:10 PM
"Thanks for the help Hikaru! See you later!'' Said Yuki, who was about to go inside Akemi's apartment. ''Yea, later.'' Said the light ninja while walking away. " Just remeber next time it will take a while to break my genjustu!!'' The rouge called after him. ''Yea, whatever. See ya.'' said the genin before using a transportaition justu. '' Hmm....The Leaf isn't so bad.'' Thought the ice user.

Yuki walked inside, and went to the guest room. She opened the book "Lets see....chapter one.'' She stopped suddenly, because The lights just went out. "What!?! The Leaf must have a bad lighting system.'' Yuki thought. ''Ca Caw, Ca Caw.'' The girl with the silver eyelashes looked out the window and saw a single black raven, with purple tinted feathers.

"Ugh...The ravens too loud and how am I supposed to read in the dark.'' The rouge muttered. Yuki picked up the glass of water she had on the night stand but before she even touched it, it shattered to peices. ''Ugh, I'm wet and bleeding. Why is all this happening, I feel like this is a bad omen, even though I don't usely belive in them.'' Yuki said while cleaning up ''I wonder if it has some thing to do with Raveanna'' She muttered.

Rogue Priestess
07-18-2009, 05:23 PM
Kade was walking around the village, getting himself accustomed to where everything was. "I wonder where the library is at, they might have some kind of record of me" He walked around until he found it, he looked through all of the library history books, but found nothing that had resemblance to him.

He walked out of the library and decided to explore the forest. As soon as he was deep in the forest, he sensed someone nearby "You don't have to hide from me, whoever you are, I know you're there." The anbu threw a dozen kunais, Kade dodged them all "Why are you attacking me?"

"You know what you've done!" The anbu used a clone jutsu to create 5 clones and they all attacked Kade, he destroyed the clones using taijutsu

"Actually, I don't. I have no memory of the past"

"Don't play dumb you criminal, you destroyed my village!" At this Kade was shocked, he was going to refuse to doing such a thing, but then the anbu started attacking Kade furiously while yelling at him "You killed every last one of them! My friends, my family, my wife, even my children! You're just a heartless murderer!

He managed to give Kade a deep cut and at the sight of blood, Kade started screaming in pain as his cursed seals started taking effect, the anbu was confused at what was happening, then he started hearing laughing, it was Kade, he was laughing maniacally "Yes! I remember now, I remember you, I was close to killing you, but then someone interfered with me. I'll just finish up the job." Kade attacked furiously at the anbu yelling out "Blood! I must see your precious blood!"

The anbu threw kunai and shurikans and they all hit their mark, but Kade didn't seem to notice, he grabbed one of the kunai that was buried in his skin and started running at the anbu, frightened, the anbu started running away, towards the village. Kade closed in on him when they were near the edge of the forest and you could see the village clearly, he started stabbing him with the kunai, laughing like a mad man. When he was done killing the anbu, he was drenched in blood and he saw the village. "I need to see more blood!" He started running towards the village.

He only regains his memories while he's in that state.

07-18-2009, 07:08 PM
Rouge priest / envy could you mabey put your writing into paragraphs?

I now know why people told me to put my writing into paragraphs when I started writing. It's a lot easier to read!:)

Rogue Priestess
07-18-2009, 07:21 PM
Rouge priest / envy could you mabey put your writing into paragraphs?

I now know why people told me to put my writing into paragraphs when I started writing. It's a lot easier to read!:)

How's that?

07-18-2009, 09:20 PM
Lady Hokage sighed. "You've been back for two days, after being gone for eight months. I trust that you have improved. However, since I have not actually seen said improvement, there are no grounds on which I can promote you." She turned and stared out the window. "Consider this a test of your abilities."

The chunin nodded. "I shall find him immediately and do my duty, ma'am."

Haruna rotated swiftly on her heel and left the office. She had no idea where the rogue she had seen earlier could be, so she decided to check with Chinsei first. Only a minute of her running had passed when a soft noise hit her ears. The kunoichi was certain no one around her had heard it.

'It sounded like far-off shouting. Two voices: one belonging to the rogue, the other I didn't recognize.'

She changed her course slightly to aim towards the source of the sound.

07-19-2009, 09:45 AM
Through the haze that had become her vision, Ravenna saw a stick poking her. She brushed it away and got up. The rogue remembered that she had been blind folded with her bandanna, then hit on the head. Luckily, her bandanna was back. Looking around, the rogue saw bars, a window with bars, a cot, a sink, and a small dusty and dirty mirror. The teen wanted to know how she looked. After brushing off most of the dust and washing off some of the dirt, the teenager observed her appearance.

She had long raven black hair, bright orange eyes, and fair skin. Her hair had grown a little bit from when she last checked, the orange of her eyes dulled and brightened all on their own, and she was a bit dusty herself. After washing herself off, the rogue felt pain all over her arms, on her legs, her neck, and her stomach. The raven haired teen remembered the wires, and sat down on the cot.

At least this is better than I expected... The orange eyed girl had expected being left in the room she was tortured in, but this was better. Looking around, the orange eyed teen saw the three others cells in her vision had been equipped likewise. The leaf are nice to their prisoners... Unlike some villages. She remembered the time she and Yuki were caught in the mist village. The food tasted horrible, and there was only a weak three legged stool per cell, and a sink that gave off horribly dirty water. I wonder what time it is... At least I'm not hungry. The teen was drowsy, so she went to sleep.

Sabra Kusabana
07-19-2009, 06:33 PM
Kea walked slowly, carrying her bags in her left hand. Her shoulder was all bandaged up still, but she couldn't lay around and do nothing while it healed. The groceries she'd bought were thankfully light. She was stepping out of the shop when she saw someone run past her. He was covered in body, and as she watched he turned on her. His eyes focused on her red hair, it was dark and rich enough to be mistaken for something other then hair, perticularly sense it was still wet from being washed.

The man approached her, and Kea felt like she'd seen his face before. An image flashed inside her head from years before.


Smoke from burning buildings clouded the night, and the howls of pain from fallen people was almost deafening. She remembered having to rip her ANBU mask away because embers had set it on fire. She rounded on her enemy. How a single man had done all this was beyond her, but as she watched the black marks rolling across his skin and the wild look shook her to the core she'd known it must have been true. The screaming and ranting of the blooded man would remain with her forever.

She remembered the sudden lunge he made that almost took her down. The way she had to whirl to avoid capture, and still he'd hit her stomach hard enough to break several ribs. She would have died had it not me for the flurry of kunai and wires that came from her backup as the insane man reached for her again. She watched as almost a dozen ninja had to fight to restrain him. She'd been carried away by her second in command before the struggle was over.


Kea held her free hand against her chest as she looked into this strangers face and remembered the night like it was happening all over again. Her eyes went wide like a child's, and she dropped the bags. He was within touching distance now, and as he reached for her the ex-ninja releazed she couldn't run.

She did the only thing she could do. The Airy eyed woman dipped and scooped up her bags again. She threw them in the man's face. A jar from inside shattered, dripping thick rolls of cheery jam all over him as the rest of the contents fell around. He licked at the jam with a wild look. "The blood is so sweet." Kea shivered before she could still the reaction, and jerked away from his outstretching arm.

The woman dove to the side and rolled away from him. "Will you be as sweet as I think, once I've opened you up?" The voice the man used was so chilling. Kea remembered why she'd left the force after that mission. "You'll only know if you can catch me." She yelled at him. Taking a deep breath, she turned and bolted away, the man following her like she was the only target he could see.

Kea knew she had to get him away from the market, away from women and children who would stand no chance. She vaulted over a fence, and heard it being broken apart as the man followed her. She trying to remember his name, dammit it had been in the paperwork for the mission. She dodged a plank of wood thrown at her back. "Kade..." The name passed her lips as she skidded to a hault over a short drop between city levels, headed toward the farming district.

Kade paused as he neared her, not all sense of caution lost just yet. "Come on, come and get me." Kea yelled at him as she jumped backward. He watched her disappear over the edge, and ran to it. He looked down to see nothing at first. Kea pressed against the overhang as she looked out over the area before her hoping to have enough time hidden to figure out where to go. The farms that laid several yards away would be no help.

She looked toward the right, her home was another good quarter mile into the outreaches of the city. Could she outrun him for that long? Would Kobe even be there to help her if she tried? The woman stilled herself for the attempt, holding pressure to her shoulder as she prepared to make a dash for it. She heard menical laughter, and saw the bloodied man dropped down before her. She didn't wait from him to grab at her, she ducked and twisted toward the right, hoping she was still as fast as she was back then, but knowing she wasn't.

The former nin closed her eyes for a moment, she knew from that night years before that no technique she had would work. She'd watched this foe snap her katana like it'd been a toy, and execute several of her men before the night was over. Now alone, and weaponless, she could only flee, and pray that when he cought her it'd be far enough from everyone else that his mania would end before he found another victim.

She opened her eyes again, and listened, she looked over her shoulder. The was someone between her and Kade now. She blinked at the person's back, and watched the be man reel back in laughter. Kea knew this young woman who dared to block the raging male. "Haruna, don't do this!" The chunin waved her off. "Get out of here, you're in no shape to fight."

Kea swollowed, she didn't want to leave the younger woman to face such a man alone. She looked around, what could she do? The ex-ninja cursed to herself. "I'll get help!" She yelled at Haruna as she dashed off toward her home. She begged whatever gods would listen that she'd find Kobe home when she got there. She shook away more memories from the night her courage and pride as a ninja was stripped from her, she couldn't face that enemy again, not now, not ever. When she got to the door of the house she crashed inside.

She scream rang thru the house. "KOBE!" No responce... She collapsed onto the white carpet. She was shaking, and she had to grab at her head in a vain attempt to slow the flood of memories. Her adrenaline rush was wearing off and the post-tramatic stress she suffered started to overtake her. Kea felt the tears on her cheeks as she held herself. She wasn't seeing the real world as she cried, only the face of her husband as he had died in her arms that night. She wept there, away from the fighting, and could do nothing for her savior.

Once having been an ANBU captian Kea has fallen far from where she once stood as a ninja. She never wanted to see combat again, and left her past behind. She spent months trying to recover, but never really did. Now she might as well be a civilian with a few tricks, she's nothing compared to what she once was.

Post-Tramatic Stress Syndrom is a condition that sets in on the mind of people who have gone thru something that was just too much for the mind to handle. The trigger to an episode can be almost anything, this time it was coming face to face with the very nightmare that caused the Syndrom to occur. Kea won't be going anywhere anytime soon.

Rogue Priestess
07-19-2009, 07:39 PM
Kade started maniacly laughing again "Why did you interfere with my kill? Maybe your blood tastes sweet, all of your insides should be sweet like your blood. Your blood, I must have it!"

Kade started attacking Haruna furiously, unaware of anything else. He only had 1 objective in his mind and it was to kill his prey. If Haruna did any jutsu on him or tried cutting him, he never noticed. He feels no pain when it comes to killing his prey and if the jutsu was too big, he'd just simply dodge it. His marks drastically improve his speed, stamina, strength, etc. He stops at nothing when his seal activates.

Kade and Haruna had been fighting for a while now. "When will you see that trying to fight me is useless? I have destroyed countless of villages. Their blood was sweet, I needed more blood, more!" Kade started laughing maniacly again, certain that he would win, no matter the outcome.

When Kade fights only one person, he likes to fight for a wile longer, instead of killing them immediately, but if he's surrounded by many people, he goes balistic on them, trying to kill as many as he can.

07-19-2009, 08:24 PM
Haruna stared blankly at the wildly cackling male before her. Her katana was drawn, but the rogue was slowly forcing the weapon back in her direction with his staff. She broke the connection first, resheathing her sword and ducking before the other weapon could make contact with her.

The kunoichi drop-kicked Kade. He fell backwards, but only his hands touched with the ground before he flipped back up again. Not even a hair made contact with the earth first. The rogue grinned broadly at his opponent. Her eyes widened a fraction of a milliimeter.

She stepped back with one foot. "Not bad."

The psychic's daughter made several handsigns and locked eyes with the male. Her infamous one and only genjutsu went into affect. She watched the older teen punch wildly around and drew many nailfiles. Haruna awaited her perfect opening and threw the weapons at the perfect angle to pin the rogue down. His back hit the road and it woke him from the technique.

His smirk widened as he stood. His clothes ripped where he had been pinned down. The girl tried to stab him with a kunai, but he grabbed her wrist and pulled her forward. Kade kneed her in the stomach as she fell forward. She coughed up blood.

"More!" the rogue cried in delight.

The strategist stabbed his shoulder and ran fast enough that she appeared only a turquoise blur. She led the attacker to the same training grounds where she had seen Hikaru and Yuki earlier.

'Now, I should have some time to--'

"Must see more blood!"

She gasped as a fist collided with her back. The chunin jumped a few feet back and made handsigns. The area began filling with water. Kade focused chakra to his feet and stood atop the liquid. The two ninja then engaged in a fierce fist fight. Haruna took several hits to the face, but she dodged many more punches and kicks.

The older teen grabbed her hair and forced her to her knees. He pressed a knife to the back of her head. The younger smiled and disappeared in a puff of smoke. The rogue looked around quickly. He didn't see anyone.

He gasped as a pair of hands grabbed his ankles and began pulling him down into the water.


Ravenna opened her eyes at the sound of chuckling. "What's so funny?"

"Oh, just some memories," Hikaru answered, turning his head in her direction. "I had to be blindfolded and escorted here, but it was worth it for the amuzing memories." He sat facing her. "My dad is a prison guard and my mother was a criminal. Of course, he was never allowed to be near her cell, but still..." The fifteen-year-old sighed. "Anyway, I want to know about someone. Yuki Tasogare."

07-20-2009, 08:15 PM
How does he know Yuki? The rogue thought, staying wary. Yuki never showed any interest in the boys at home. Yuki wouldn't flirt, it isn't like her. But, it isn't unlikely that she caught a boy's eye here.

"Why do you want to know about Yuki?" Ravenna asked, injecting venom into the way she indicated him. It was obviously the right question to ask, for Ravenna's purpose in any case. The boy outside her cell started blushing, and looked down the hall.

"I just want to know about her, that's all." The ninja said. The kunoichi raised an eyebrow.

"That's obviously not the case. Ya know, I'm more sensitive to emotions than others in my clan, and right now you are emitting conflict, on a slight scale of course." The rogue said tactically. The raven haired teenager felt waves of embarrassment, shock, and guilty truth coming from the person outside her cell. "Yuki is that Haruna girl's look-alike, is she not?" The rogue said, her orange eyes dancing like flames in the sunlight coming through the barred window.

"Yes, she is." The ninja said distantly.

"Well, she isn't an easy person to decipher, especially when she is sarcastic." The jailed kunoichi was delighted in finding someone who had taken interest in her rather unstable friend. But then she groaned, remembering all the times her sarcasm had led her in circles in trying to discern what she meant.

Nick Tasogare
07-21-2009, 09:27 AM
The next day, after Chinsei woke up, he snuck out of the house to go to see Lady Hokage. He needed to inform her on what was happening. When he reached the Mansion, he ascended the stairs, and knocked on the door. "Enter." He opened the door, and quickly closed it behind him. "Chinsei, it's good to see you are alive. Tell me.....what happened in that facility?" He looked out the window, and then back at her, with a very serious look. "The whole point of capturing me was to take samples of Chakra from my 8 Gates. I can't remember what for. Or if he even told me. Maybe Gin remembers. I need to talk to you about something."

He removed his shirt, revealing a toned torso. This caught Lady Hokage's eye, until Chinsei cleared his throat. She then noticed the bruise, which had gotten bigger, and had begun to spread. Not only was it at the bottom of his abdomen, but he also had bruises on his chest, and arms. "There's more, but......yea. At first.......I thought it......" His voice grew soft. "Was what, Chinsei?" He said something softly. "What?" He spoke a little louder. "What!?" "AKEMI!!! I thought it was Akemi." "Why would you think........Oh." The two slightly blushed. "Is she the type of girl to--" "Can we get back to the matter at hand please!?"

She cleared her throat. "Of course, my apologies. We need to get this looked at, but I'm not sure by whom. Do me a favor, let Akemi know that I'm putting you on an assignment, and that you will be gone for awhile. I need you to stay here for awhile. You won't actually be on assignment, obviously." "I can't lie to her. I love her, and on top of that, she's psychic! Let someone know I've been assigned something, and have them tell her, then she won't detect a lie." She looked at him, and thought. 'Why didn't I think of that?' "Very well. Have a seat."

Chinsei and the Hokage have had an odd relationship since they met. They have actually been good friends since he came to the village. He trusts her with his life, and she the same. They both worry when something happens to the other, because they have a close bond. All though nobody knows about it, they are like brother and sister, she being the older sister. Chinsei is 20 years old, and Hiroko is about 30.

07-22-2009, 06:57 PM
"So remember, when our dad comes back tomorrow, I am not gay, you are really a girl, and Isamu has not stopped being a womanizer," Itsuki said.

Kyou nodded. "Right!"


Isamu dragged his feet as he followed them. He and Kyou were going to spar; his brother was going to watch. But his mind wasn't on training. 'When I finish that diamond rose, what do I do? Should I make a stem for it? Maybe put it on a necklace?' He bit his lip. The brunet snapped out of his thoughts as he walked right into the other two. "Hey,what's--" All he could do was stare at the expanse of bluish-clear in front of him. His heart raced and he began to hyper ventilate.

"Haruna," his crossdressing companion gasped.

"Wha--" Isamu noticed the two ninja fighting atop the water's surface.

Haruna twirled around quickly, using the same huricane technique she had against Gin. Her opponent was sucked in, but he managed to pull his staff through and whack the girl on the head. She disappeared in a puff of smoke. The real strategist ran forward, sword drawn. The younger Inuzuka look-alike bit his lip again. He had the least trouble watching the high-speed battle.

"She's tired. Both of them are, but she's deffinitely lost more of her total energy than he has." He focussed chakra to his feet. "Come on, we've got to help her."

Kyou shivered in fear, but nodded and focused chakra to his feet anyway. The ninja duo ran up a tree and across the water surface. They began fighting Kade alongside their ex-teammate.

Itsuki watched as the ninja fought. He wished there was some way he could help. That's when he felt a bump in his pocket. The designer remembered he had a ball of twine. Smirking, he climbed a tree. "Catch!"

The Leaf taijutsu expert leapt and caught the bulk of the twine, but Haruna managed to grab an end. The kunoichi held tight as the twelve-year-old ran topspeed around the rogue. Then he gave Kade a blow to the head to knock him out. The eldest ninja grabbed the collar of the unconcious teen's shirt.

"I'll find someone who can deactivate these." She gestured to the duel cursemarks.


The female chunin returned home after all was done. She nearly collapsed when she made it back to her room. The girl was soon crying into her pillow. She hated this feeling--this depression and angriness. She especially hated that she had to feel like this once a month.

'Damn Mother Nature to Hell...'

There are many secrets that Itsuki and Isamu hide from their father...and for a good reason. You may find those out very soon.

Isamu has aquaphobia. The main reason for this is because of his small amount of ninjutsu being rock-based. Not many rocks float. Most tend to sink. He can keep his fear of water under control when there isn't too much of it. But when there is a very large body of water, he will be paralyzed. The effects may only be temporary, however, as long as someone turns his attention to something else.

Haruna's parents died when she was eight, and there are some things they don't teach you in ninja academy. As such, the concept of puberty had to be explained to her by a fearful Mist medic. The first time Haruna had recieved a visit from her Aunt Flow, she ran through Kirigakure, screaming, "HELP, I'M GOING TO DIE!!!" She was soon set straight, but hearing stoic Haruna sreaming bloody murder freaked out several locals.

Rogue Priestess
07-22-2009, 07:20 PM
Kade was having that dream again, the same dream whenever he passes out. He doesn't know why he has this dream, but he doesn't really want to find out.

In his dream, he's alone, on what seems to be a battle field. There are dead bodies everywhere and he's laughing, laughing at what? He didn't know. All he knew was, that whenever he has that dream, he feels a strange feeling, something that he doesn't like to feel, blood lust. He feels like he wants to see much more blood and then he somehow sees himself battling ninjas, trying desperately to kill them, yet he tries to stop himself in his dream, from killing so many people.

This time the dream was slightly different, he was trying to kill only one person, this was something rare for him to see in his dreams, but for some reason, he tried extra hard to stop himself in this particular dream. He held himself back as much as possible, making sure that as little chakra is released as possible, he slowed him down enough to be able to be knocked out by just three ninjas.

For some reason, something extra came to his dream that time, he had a memory, just one single memory. He remembered his old techer, he remembered how hard he worked, trying to become the best ninja in the world. He was only 7 at the time, yet he had already surpassed all of his teachers at his school. His teacher was going to give him a present. He was very excited.

Then the dream finished, he forgot most of it, but he still remembered his flashback. Then he became aware of his surroundings, he was strapped down to a chair. He could barely move and was too frightened to yell out for help. There was someone standing in front of him.

Sabra Kusabana
07-23-2009, 12:04 AM
Sabra leaned over the cradle where the twins slept. Tucking in the blanket she sighed, next week was the official marrage ceremony. She'd gotten used to the idea, but all the fuse over it was tiring. She prefered staying with the infants and her pets, to all the hustle revolving the event. She brushed their hair away from the little sleeping faces, and stepped away as quiet as, well a ninja.

She turned the light out in her brothers' room and stepped down the hall. She jerked away from a window as a form appeared in it. The teen recovered and slapped her boyfriend's cheek as he rested on the window sil. "Gaki, it's late dammit. Don't do that at this time of night." Sabra hissed as quietly as she could. The dark haired boy grinned at her, and clasp her hand. "Come on, it's a beautiful night, there's no reason to turn in so soon."

Those minty eyes narrowed at him, but she stepped to the window. "Where did you have in mind?" The ex-hyuuga wrapped his arm around her, sweeping her out the window. "Somewhere quiet." That was all he answered before sliding his arms around her in a better grip and dashing off into the evening.

Not so great with his words, Gaki has learned a great lesson about letting his actions do the talking for him. He's not the most charming or the brightest young man, but he does take the time to think out his plans when it comes to the object of his affections. He knows of many places most people wouldn't think to go because of many nights wondering the village while trying to piece together details.

Nick Tasogare
07-23-2009, 12:06 AM
Wow, well, I think V would (hopefully) agree that I am charming. I guess me and Gaki are opposites. XD

Sabra Kusabana
07-23-2009, 12:09 AM
You saw his father's character, and Tanshi's clueless. The only people he's looked to for how to be charming are Sasoku and Zen. He's kind of had to learn as things went, and deal with Sabra's spitfire temper along the way.

Nick Tasogare
07-23-2009, 12:10 AM
I hear that xD

Nick Tasogare
07-23-2009, 12:10 AM
No dad, I learned from any guys around me, and TV, that's why I'm such a fool xD

Sabra Kusabana
07-23-2009, 12:11 AM
Ah, but fools can be charmingly cute. I have to run, I'll be on tomorrow night.

Nick Tasogare
07-23-2009, 12:12 AM
Exactly. I'm charmingly cute :p xD Cya later

07-23-2009, 09:48 AM
It was one word: boring. The only time there was something exciting going on was when that boy asked about Yuki. No visitors, no freedom, no anything. The food was decent, but Ravenna wanted something more than day old meat soup. Sighing, she got up and went back to sketching on the ground. There was a bunch of dirt and dust perfect for something like that.

The rogue was often thinking of escaping, but knew it was futile. It was better than the treatment she got at home, sometimes. "I can't believe jail is so boring.. At least I'm left alone." The raven haired teen wanted to be left alone in this place. The orange haired teenager sighed. It wasn't boring, it was so boring you could die.

07-23-2009, 10:43 AM
"Morning already?'' Yuki asked herself while turning on the lights. "They work. Must of been a bad lighting, I don't belive in omens and never will" Yuki got dressed in her normal outfit and whent to see if Akemi would let her go outside.

The turquoise haired girl found Akemi in the kitchen taking some pancakes off the black griddle. "Good morning Yuki, want some breakfast?" said the violete haried woman pointing to the the pan full of pancakes. "I'll have one. Wow I get lots better treatment here than back at home. Since I'm an orphan I always made my own food every morning and well.....No one really liked me but I did fit in at least, unlike Raveanna." She said while taking a bite out of a pancake.

"Um... Yuki, there is somthing you should know..........." Akemi hesitated and wondered if she should tell her about Raveanna. "Hmm, What?" Asked the lazer blue eyed girl. "Want some more pancakes?" Asked the Jonin quickly. "No, but can I go take a walk? I don't ned an escort do I?'' Asked Yuki while putting the blue plate in the sink. "Yes you do, Some people don't trust you. I'll go find one for you. Stay right here, I'll be back soon." She said as she walked away hurridly.

"Hmm, when she asked me for more pancakes she was sorta regreting something, it was llike she was lying. And it was when I talked about Raveanna she had the emotion of guilt and worriness, and almost a feeling of understanding. Does this have something to do with that raven haired teen? Raveanna what trouble did you get your self into this time?" Thougt Yuki while sighing.

07-23-2009, 11:41 AM
((...I'm not sure if many people other than Haruna, Hikaru, the Hokage, and Ravenna know that Ravenna is in prison and, if you add Yuki to the list, that she's ever been in the village.))

07-23-2009, 11:55 AM
((im not sure what happened to half the characters!^.^))

Nick Tasogare
07-23-2009, 11:56 AM
((Sabra asked us to leave hers alone because she is on vaca))

07-23-2009, 12:13 PM
((Sabra asked us to leave hers alone because she is on vaca))

((Isn't she back, though? I thought she said she was only gone until the 22nd.))

07-23-2009, 12:13 PM

Nick Tasogare
07-23-2009, 12:17 PM
((idk...she said she'd be back tonihgt))

07-23-2009, 01:20 PM

07-23-2009, 01:59 PM
Haruna's many conflicting emotions woke her that morning. If someone were in her room watching her, they wouldn't have noticed any difference in the girl's facial expression, or any indication that she was feeling anything at all. But there was a lot of turmoil inside.

She was...ashamed of herself for feeling oddly weak in her fight against Kade. Her family was made of so many S-ranked criminals--prodigies! She herself had been one of the best in her class, right beside Gin! How could she be losing? Also, she needed Isamu and Kyou to help to beat him! Why was that

For the same reasons, and because she had been denied in her request to make ANBU, she felt so mad. It wasn't even because of her abilities! Lady Hokage had said no because of a reason she refused to share with the chunin!

The psychic's daughter also felt very tired. She blamed this on it being that time of the month.

She also felt oddly happy, hurt, and her heart was beating incredibly fast. The strategist had only felt this way twice before. Once was when she was with Kai. The other was when Hikaru showed up. But Yuki had been around then, so she couldn't trust it then.

The kunoichi sighed and pushed herself up. There was someone she needed to talk to.


Itsuki placed the magazine on the counter.

"...Daiki returned again?" the man working at the store asked, eyeing the copy of Playboy Magazine the brunet was purchasing.

He nodded. "It helps make father believe Isamu hasn't changed, after all."


Haruna huffed as she ran. She skidded to a halt as she noticed the person she was looking for. "Hey Aiko! I have a question!"

The winged teen jumped in surprise. She saw the great confusion in the other girl's love life. "Ummm...Sure. What is it?"

"Ummm...Well...What do you call it when you think you are in love with someone who beat you up?"

Aiko noticed several scratches and bruises all over Haruna's body. "Well...Stockholm Syndrome is when someone starts to feel sympathy towards someone who kidnapped them, but sometimes it is also used to describe when someone starts to feel the same way about someone who is abusing them."

The turquoise-haired female shook her head. "I don't think it qualifies as abuse."

"Oh. Then masochism."

"Isn't that the love of pain?"

"Exactly," the magenta-eyed teen said, walking away.

07-23-2009, 03:05 PM
((...I'm not sure if many people other than Haruna, Hikaru, the Hokage, and Ravenna know that Ravenna is in prison and, if you add Yuki to the list, that she's ever been in the village.))

She dosn't know, It's just cause Raveanna can get them into alot of trouble but is a true friend to Yuki.

I'm also going on a vacation starting tommorow but it's not that long.

07-23-2009, 06:55 PM
It was a strange request. "Join our team and we'll keep your secret hidden." Kobe wasn't worried about his secret getting out. They couldn't really prove anything and besides he could simply show him his village and all would be explained. That whole afternoon he spent at some base being taught the ropes of being black ops. It didn't take long for him to realize these were the people who attacked Chinsei and Gin. He couldn't figure out why they would want him. But he was definitely going to figure what kind operation they were running.

This wasn't his first inside job so he had learned to be a good liar and know how not to look suspicious. After they had given him a tour and his entry assignment they released him and told him to think about it. They blindfolded him, sent him in a few circles and left him at his front door. Unfortunately for them he had a photographic memory and remembered every step and turn.

As soon as he took off the blindfold he saw Kea lying on the front door. "Damn it Kea. Can't you just take it easy for awhile." He carried her inside and laid her on her bed. After putting a cool rag on her forehead he made won ton soup. She came to slowly then remembering her purpose tried getting up. Her large haired friend walked in and stopped her, "Calm down. Please don't try and push it." "No. Haruna. She's in trouble." Kobe pushed her back down, "She's fine I talked to Itsuki a minute ago." She sighed and relaxed again. When he returned with food she eyed him suspiciously, "Where have you been?" "Didn't we talk about this already." "I didn't believe you the first time. I don't believe you now." "I promise you its nothing." "You've said that before." "Don't worry about it. Now here eat something you're making me hungry just looking at you." "If you're going to take care of me you have to allow me to take care of you."

Technically Kobe has a village. Its a secret village kinda like the waterfall village. You'll find out about it later and why its so special.

Sabra Kusabana
07-24-2009, 07:17 AM
Yes I am back, but I still had to get cought up on other things, like how my house would have been a biohazard in another about two days if I'd been late. My husband is completely incapable of keeping anything noncomputerized in working order. He didn't even put up the books my cats had torn out of the shelf and started using as scratching posts, I'm not even ganna mention the rest of the disaster zone...

Kea let her friend go as she tried the soup, but sat it back down when a shot of a tragic scene flutter thru her head. Kobe moved toward her as she raised hands toward her face. He grasped her slim fingers, and that pulled her from the image. "What is wrong with you?" The ginger just looked at him weakly. "Some images just never fade away..."


Gin stalked down the steps toward the holding cells. She had her ANBU mask secured to her face. Her eyes were darting about within the limits of the area as she approached the occupied cell. "I have been instructed to examine you, stand up, and step away from the bars." Her orders were given in an unchanging voice as she looked down at Ravenna.

The rogue stood and looked at her with a confused expression. "You're emotionless..." She actually neared the bars, and reached thru trying to touch the jonin to see if she was real. A strong hand wrapped around her wrist, and the girl's mind went blank, she suddenly couldn't remember what she'd been doing.

The medic grinned behind her mask, she wasn't emotionless, just a specialist testing a theory about genjustu and empathy. She released her grip on the other woman. "I need you to step back, and remove your shirt, this is a medical evaluation." Gin let her genjustu shift to see if the girl would react to an impression of impatience, this would be a most fun game if her technique proved to work against the power of the Tosagare.

Gin an experimenter, when she finds a new subject she won't hesitate to test it, even if she wasn't nessisarily supposed to do so. Her skills in mental warfair may not be enough to overcome a bloodline, but that doesn't mean she's not going to test it. After all, alot safer trying out a new technique on a prisoner then in the middle of combat.

07-25-2009, 10:05 AM
She growled. This person had no right to boss her around, even if that person was an anbu. And that stupid person was just as resistant as Haruna and who she guessed was the Hokage. "I'm perfectly healthy, so go away." Ravenna was angry, all her life she was suppressed and felt weak. Now that she finally had a chance to prove herself, she wasn't going to be bossed around. The anbu looked impatient, but she was behind bars and she could block out any emotion. The orange eyed rogue assulted that damn anbu with pain and fear.

-Outside the genjutsu-

The raven haired girl growled. Gin was startled. The orange eyed woman had responded like in the genjutsu. The genjutsu user decided to inflict pain on the prisoner in the genjutsu.

-Inside the genjutsu-

Ravenna gasped. The anbu had thrown a bunch of kunai knives at her for not obeying. What twisted person is this?! The woman thought. Her instincts told her that she should fight. The more rational side said for her to disobey by not doing anything. The orange eyed prisoner made a compromise by throwing some shuriken and sitting on her cot. The "visitor" blocked all of them. The rogue growled again. The anbu wouldn't leave her alone. "Go away!" The raven haired rogue yelled.

-Outside the genjutsu-

Remarkably, the girl managed to growl and sit down on her cot. This Tasogare, Gin thought, has got to be doing something for her to not feel anything, other than pain. I wonder if the other rogue, the one Haruna brought in, can do the same thing. The anbu broke the genjutsu. The rogue snapped to attention, growled, and threw a bunch of shuriken and kunai at her. Gin had no problem dodging or blocking them, and when another prisoner appeared behind her, all she had to do was punch it before it disappeared. Ravenna assulted her with fear for real, and again nothing hapened. Damn it, I can't do a thing behind these stupid bars! The rogue thought.

If anything is out of Gin's character, tell me and I'll fix it.

07-25-2009, 12:47 PM
This is looking pretty nice....

Sabra Kusabana
07-25-2009, 07:36 PM
Gin considered the other girl's resistance to her jutsu and to the requests that she had made. She had part of her answer now, but she was required to exam the woman. The blond dropped to one knee and struck the ground with her palms. Ice slicked the entire bottom of the jail cell. The material ran up over and covered the rogue's feet. The resilient girl tried to break free, but a pain ran up her legs.

In the ice she spotted a pair of thin needles with glass vials attached. Ravenna looked over at the ANBU in concern. "Using a jutsu to deliver a poison, not a bad trick, but pain is nothing to me." Even as the girl was yelling at her Gin smirked behind the mask. She other woman grabbed at her knees as pain reached there, then her target began to slump.

Ravenna looked up at the woman again and hissed, "Sleeping poison, and pain, you're a bitc#!" The blond nodded as the other girl tried to sit up and fight the effects of the medicine. Gin made a couple of handsigns and the ice shifted, it pulled the rogue toward the bars. The jonin stepped into the chamber and raised an ice cylinder around them to help prevent escape if the rogue somehow managed to wake up early.

Gin lifted the sleeping rogue and held her shoulders as she channeled chakra into her body. There was nothing unusual that the ANBU could detect, the patient's chakra type was fairly normal as well. The medic laid the girl back down and took a blood sample, then injected her with a clear liquid. The jonin lowered the ice wall and stepped back out of the cell. As she locked the door the rogue started to come to from the antidote.

Gin looked down at her from the other side of the bars. "Expect more visitors soon." She walked back toward the stairs out as the rogue sat up and spat on the ground at her. The other ninja ignored it, but she was more focused on the blood she'd dawn, it would be most interesting to exam for comparison to other samples she had from other members of their bloodline.

07-25-2009, 09:10 PM
Itsuki locked and hid the key to the room with all his fasion supplies and projects. Kagome Daiki did not know how his eldest son made his living. One of the many things they would never let him find out. Like the fact that Isamu was in love or that the puppy Sabra had "lent" him for the Chunin Exams was living in the basement. The furry creature had been christened Nikki.

Isamu sighed as he tucked the diamond rose away in his desk drawer. He had to make sure his father wouldn't see it. Gem safe and hidden, he returned to the living room to sit. The elder Kagome shoved the magazine he purchased into the younger's hands.

Not a moment too soon. A second later, the door flew open to two figures. The larger of the two was a brawny brunet man with steely eyes. A leaf headband was visable on his forehead, under short, messy hair. The smaller was a slim woman with wavy orange locks and brown eyes. Her shirt was slit down to her navel. The smell of whisky was on their breath.

"Hello Kagome-sama and guest," Kyou greeted, careful to disguise his voice.

"Awww...Are these your children?" the woman asked.

"The ones with brown hair," Daiki said in an almost dreamy voice. "I'm just taking care of the girl. She had such terible luck, so I took her in."

She looked at him like he was an angel. "You are so sweet!"

He sighed. "No, I am only trying to help a poor child..."


While his catch was distracted by the crossdresser, he looked to his younger son. Isamu faked a grin and forced himself to pretend to be looking at the magazine. The eldest Kagome looked back to the woman.

"Let's let the kiddies play their games. We have our own game to play now, after all."

The orange-haired female giggled and the duo started to make their way to the bedroom. Daiki stopped and turned to his sons.

"Oh, and you guys can bring a girlfriend home, you know. I'm not the only one allowed to date." He started walking again. "As long as it's not one of those Nibairou b****es."

The twelve-year-old's heart pounded in his chest. "Of course, father," he lied.

I always (or nearly always) put the surname before the given name when I type a Japanese name. Thus, Itsuki is Kagome Itsuki, Sabra would be Kusabana Sabra, Akemi is Hamasaki Akemi, etc.

Kagome means "park", so basically, Itsuki is "tree park", which makes some sense. Nikki means "two trees". Since Itsuki and Daiki both have "tree" in the meaning of their name, I thought the name would fit in nicely with the family.

Sabra Kusabana
07-25-2009, 10:24 PM
Ritoru and Deki waited impatiently at Kin's feet as she repacked her ninja pouches after class had ended. The girl was teaching her students different arrangement techniques that made it easier to get to whatever tool you needed. She looked up when she heard a tap at the door to her class. One of the other chunin stood there with a few folders in his arms.

"Sasoku and Isamu already left for the day, but I needed to give these to them. All the teachers are supposed to give the lecture written in here to the students next week." The chunin came on in and deposited three folders on the desk. "You know both of them, so could you get a copy to them?" The blond nodded and strapped her equipment back in place. "Yeah, I'm headed in that direction anyway."

Kin left the academy while flipping thru one of the folders. "Interesting, so they want us teaching the history of the last war so soon. I guess that's because the school evaluation is coming up soon." She let the pups run ahead of her as she continued to glance at the instructions. She'd drop off Sasoku's first, his apartment was closer. She had to hurry though, she was supposed to meet Sabra in a hour, at the river.

Rogue Priestess
07-26-2009, 12:29 AM
The man in front of Kade started talking to him," Do you know how hard it is to track you? You're always moving around, going to many places. Well. at least we were able to secure you before you did anything else."

The man was was average height, he had a few scars on his face and he had a very thick accent from some foreighn country. Kade got curious," Who are you supposed to be?"

"Well, not knowing who I am means our little experiment was a success. Well, I guess you can say I'm your father."

"What?! What do you mean you're my father?"

"Well, not biologically. I'm saying I created you."

"What do you mean?"

"I enhanced you. You see, You're -"

Someone walked into the room, probably an assistant," Sir, I got the files that you requested. Do you need anything else?"

"Yes, I need you to get me my set of surgical tools"

"The ones that have just arrived?"

"Yes, you see, this is the young man I told you about."

The assistant eyed Kade in a surprised manner," You mean the one?"

"Yes, he's my little success."

The assistant ran out of the room. "Well, I'm about to do some incredibly painful things to you, number 85564." The assistant came in with a cart full of peculiar looking surgical tools and some ordinary looking ones. "Hand me the scalpal.

The assistant grabbed it too quickly and ended up cutting himself,

Kade saw the blood and his cursed seals started to react." The blood, I can smell your blood" Kade started laughing maniacly and he broke out of the bondage he was in. The doctor and his assisyany looked worried. Kade decided to get the assistant first.

As the assistant was being brutally beaten, he was crying out "Help me, please! Doctor, please help me!"

The doctor only ran "Sorry, but you're doomed either way." He managed to get out of the room as Kade was working on the assistant.

07-26-2009, 02:39 AM
Rajon waited for the other two shinobis to leave Kobe's home before going to the Hokage's mansion. After he reported his findings she nodded and sighed, "Subterfuge is Kobe's specialty and this could be our chance to keep eyes on Black Ops. They're starting to get a little rowdy. I don't trust them. Keep watching and don't let it go to far." The redhead bowed and turned for the door. "Oh one more thing Rajon. I have a few prisoners I want you check up on." The fiery ninja looked back confused, "I'm not really the research type person." "Don't worry you won't need to do anything. Just bring someone with you."


Konocking was heard from the front room. Gaki stood slumpily on the other side of the door. "Ah Gaki what a surprise", Kobe chimed smiling. "You told me to come." "Come on in." The ex-hyuuga walked in and fell onto the nearest couch. As Kobe searched through a hallway closet he inquired, "Get enough sleep?" "Something like that." "I like that outfit. Ha found it." The dark man walked back holding a wet suit that looked like it belonged to a five year old, "You like?" "Is that rhetorical." "Trust me its much more comfortable than you think." "Its not the comfortable part that makes me wonder. Its the part where everyone can see what I'm thinking." Ignoring the comment Kobe threw the suit at him and started taking off his clothes, "How long can you hold your breathe." Gaki stared at him oddly, "7 minutes or so without using chakra. Why?"

Kobe stood in front of him with his own wet suit that was cut at the knees, "Cause I need you to come with me on a mission." The well groomed teen sat up suddenly interested, "What kind of mission?" "Sabotage." "I'll do it." "Good but you have to wear the wet suit." "Why?" "Because it involves swimming. Lotsa swimming. And you need to be as hydrodynamic as possible." Gaki lifted the suit in front of him and sighed.

I'm going to start using my only other character more, Rajon. I want to change it up a little.

Sabra Kusabana
07-26-2009, 07:30 AM
Good idea, having someone else to work with will help while Kobe does all the stealth spy stuff.

Gaki pulled at the suit as he looked at it, trying to get a feel for how much it should stretch. He'd already pulled his shirt off, and could feel the look that Kobe was studying him with. "Okay, what? What is it you're looking at?" The teen glared up at the darker ninja. The afro wearer smiled at him, "Does your lack of sleep have anything to do with a certian green eyed girl?" The boy glanced away and sighed. "Does that mean I should know about something?"

The older man laughed for a moment, "Only if you plan to go showing off your collarbone anytime soon." Gaki pressed his fingers along the edge of his neck, and down till he found the sore spot. He shook his head, "How big is it?" "Can't you just use the Byakugan to see, or a mirror?" The teen looked up at him again, with less heat in the stare. "I'd rather not with a thin a clothing you're wearing, I might go blind."

The sharp retort took the jonin by surprise, he sometimes forgot how much concentration the clan power must take to control. They could see thru alot of things without much effort, good reason not to use it casually. Kobe looked at the mark on the boy's skin again. "About the size of a bottle cap... She do that often?" Gaki grinned at him, "Only when tickled." They shared a short laugh, then continued suiting up.

Gaki stood, stretching, he was surprised at the flex of the wetsuit, it really didn't seem to hinder him at all. "So what are we sabotaging?" "You'll have to wait till we're there... Don't worry, it's mostly your eyes I need you for." The teen shrugged, flusterated. "I sometimes think that's the only reason I'm still getting missions. I'm a Hyuuga for all the dirty little things the main branch won't do, it's degrading." Kobe clasp him on the back in a joking manner, "Yep, but you're my dirty little Hyuuga."

The teen cringed away from him in mock shudder. "Don't say it like that, you'll make me wonder why wanted me to take off my cloths." The older ninja winked at him, and they shared a laugh. There'd been a strange ease about their relationship and nakedness sense one day involving Sabra walking up on a difficult to explain situation involving leeches and medic justu. Th girl had refused to believe them at first when they tried to explain, and had almost finished accusing them of everything that had come to mind at the sight before the two managed to prove the truth.

The results of while included much blushing and embarassment on the part of the pink haired girl. She made them swear to never speak of it again, but that didn't mean they wouldn't remember. It was their own private joke that they could now make the girl think things that made her nervious with just the right looks. They tormented her as appropriate with such actions, and best of all, they knew Sabra would never say a word.

07-26-2009, 08:19 AM
Isamu sighed in relief as soon as his dad was out of sight. He tossed the magazine aside and it hit the wall with a sharp slapping noise. Kyou and Itsuki relaxed as well. But it was short lived. Someone knocked on the door, making the trio jump. The chunin got up and opened the portal.

He gaped at Kin. "What the hell do you think you're doing here!?" He grabbed her hand and bolted down the street to an isolated glade. "Geez, it's one thing to come on a night when my dad isn't home. But to wander into Kagome teritory in broad daylight!? Are you suicidal or something!?"

"I came to give you this." She held out a folder. "We're supposed to give a lecture on the last war." The blonde gave him a questioning look. "Why is it suicidal for me to come to your house during the day?"

He rubbed the back of his head. "The last war...The last real war was back when the Light and Leaf hated each other, right?"

She nodded.

"Well, it seems my students aren't the only ones who are going to get a history lesson from me. Okay. During the war, there was a special group of ninja called the Buntai Koudo--the Earth Squad. It was made primarily from the Kagome...and the Hyuuga."

Her eyes widened briefly but she kept quiet.

"Kagome ninjas would use their strength and rock jutsu to hold opponents in place while the Hyuuga attacked. Needless to say, some pretty strong bonds formed between the two families.

"But that's not all," he continued. "One assignment Buntai Koudo recieved was to find and kill everyone in a hidden group of enemies. The Light village Tasogares. To find this group, they needed trackers. Like my mom. Well...The tracking they had no trouble with. The killing..." He shuddered. "My mom didn't make it out alive."

The female chunin cast her gaze down.

"There are a lot of things Itsuki and I hide from our family. And I mean a LOT. My dad can't bear the sight of dogs, for reasons unknown, so I hid Nikki and walk him at night. He's really homophobic, so Itsuki hides who he really is. There are more, but I think you can figure them out for yourself." He took the folder from her. "Thank you for letting me know about the lecture, but next time, value your own life over my job."

Sabra Kusabana
07-26-2009, 06:02 PM
Kin almost let the other chunin get past, but then reached for his wrist. He looked to her confused as they faced eachother again. "He would hate me on principle sense the Hyuuga do because of my mother, but he would definately kill Haruna if he had the slightest clue about her bloodline. You have to warn her not to come see you, you're her teammate." The boy seemed disappointed, but agreed with the statement.

Isamu didn't look at her face for a moment as he stared at her hand on his arm. There were bandages wraping most of it, and he could see little red lines from the edges. He turned his hand over and brought her's where he could see better in the half light. "Who did this?" It was less a question more of a demand, and he held her with serious eyes.

The blond glanced away, "That was an accident, I'm fine." The other chunin didn't release her when she tried to pull her hand free. "What kind of accident?" The girl meet his hard look again, "One of my newer projects backfired during testing, it's my own fault really..." Isamu wasn't satisfied with that answer, but he let her go. "You need to take care of yourself."

Kin drew back a step and forced a smile. "Yeah, I just haven't let Momma or Gin tend it yet. It's not as bad as it looks..." She started to turned and walk away, but his voice made her pause. "Stop treating yourself like you're second rate, it makes the people who care mad." When she looked to where he was the boy was already walking away.

The blond let it go, she couldn't really say anything about it, he was right, and she knew it. It was still rolling around in her head when she got to where Sabra was waiting. The girl was soaking her feet at the edge of the river when Kin came to sit with her. They rested in silence for a bit before the golden eyed girl finally spoke. "So what did you call me for?"

She watched a blush run over her best friend's cheeks. "I needed to ask a few questions... I'm sure Gin could answer them, but I'd rather not get textbook responces... You're much softer with such things." The teacher looked at her confused, "What do you mean?"

Sabra glanced away, and Kin realized she was embarassed, that was why she'd asked to meet out here instead of where people might overhear. The pink haired girl swollowed and finally answered, "I need to ask about sex..." Her companion practically fell over, but the pups were hugged up against her too much.

Kin shook off her surprise then leaned in toward her friend. "Tell me you didn't..." Her tone was hushed, but urgent. The green eyed girl blushed again, "Not yet... We came close, I told him to stop, and he did... I know it's my choice, but somehow I fell bad for not going thru..." She looked away from the other girl, toward the river.

"It was so beautiful where he took me, and he was so kind. I don't even think that was what he intended when he picked me up last night. Things just sort of snow balled after the first kiss, and I'm not sure why..." Kin watched her teammate's face as she explained, the girl's eyes seemed to be shaking a little, it made Kin think she might of been resisting the urge to cry, but she wasn't sure.

The blond didn't know what to say, and Sabra just stared at the river like it could answer her. Finally the golden eyed kunoichi hugged her friend and figured out something to say. "Don't feel bad about it... If he was upset you'd know. Gaki respects you, and he'd do anything you ever told him to do. He's not going to get all mad or anything stupid like that." Sabra held her a touch tighter, "But, he looked so hurt..."

The blond giggled as she held her friend away to smile at her. "Anyone would look hurt if they were all ready to go and then got told to put it away. Don't be stupid, he loves you. He'll wait as long as you want him to." Sabra's brow furrowed as she thought that over. "How do you know?" Kin sighed and shook her head. "I guess you wouldn't be able to tell, you don't seem to see the way he looks at you. Just trust me on this, okay."

Kin stood and started to step away. "Wait, where are you going?" Sabra was on her feet and next to her, a little bit of panic in her voice. The trap user raised her injured hand. "I had a friend convince me I should have this looked at, and I think I'm ganna listen this time." Sabra eyed her hand with concern, but then meet Kin's gaze. "Please don't tell anyone what we talked about." The blond smiled sweetly, "I promise."

Kin has fallen into the position of being the person all her friends come to for a their problems. She's kept secrets for most of their little group, usually about the other members of the group. It makes her feel more like she's really a part of what's going on, but at the same time she's had moments where she's just wanted to scream out whatever she's been told to push someone into getting a clue.

She's one of those rare ninja that keeps a diary, she started calling it her little book of secrets after becoming a genin. Anyone who read it would likely find out more about her friends, then about her. Which is exactly why it's kept under lock and key, then hidden, from even her sister.

Nick Tasogare
07-26-2009, 08:51 PM
Gin entered the Hokage's office, as did Shin. "Good, you both arrived together. I won't need to say this twice." They looked to Lady Hiroko for a minute, and she began. "Gin, you already know what happened to Chinsei, but I will repeat it for Shin. Your brother was kidnapped, as I'm sure you know, the reason, however, was a strange one. They were taking samples of Chakra from his 8 Gates. They only got to the seventh, before a strange rogue-" "Kade" Chinsei interjected. "Yes, Kade, interrupted, and broke him out somehow. We are not sure what they wanted the Chakra straight from the Gates for, but they got a decent amount. Now, Shin. I need you to let Akemi know that I am putting Chinsei on assignment outside of the village, so that he will have some distance. Understood?" "Yes, Lady Hiroko." He looked at Chinsei, and Chinsei looked back, letting him know he was fine. He left the three in the office, to go see to Akemi.

"Gin, I need you to examine Chinsei. See if you can find any clues as to what they did." "Very well." She spoke coldly, and Chinsei eyed her, slightly confused. "Well, I hope you don't feel awkward seeing me naked." She just looked him down, coldly. He gave a nervous laugh, and she just stared at him, coldly. "I'll leave you to it, Gin." Lady Hiroko exited, and locked the office. The two sat in silence for several minutes. Gin finally spoke after awhile. ".....Strip....."

As Shin rounded on the apartment that Chinsei and Akemi shared, Akemi was exiting. "Akemi! Wait up!" She turned as she heard her name. "Shin, what's up?" He bent down to catch his breath before he spoke. "Lady Hiroko asked me to let you know that Chinsei was sent on a mission and he'll be gone for several days. It was a last minute thing, he left several minutes ago, via Reverse Summoning." She looked sad, but also slightly irritated. "So....he couldn't even say good bye!?" Shin shook his head. "Damn it.....Sorry Shin, it's not your fault, thank you for telling me." He nodded, and quickly left.

She re-entered the house, and looked in the trash barrel. She picked up the small stick she had recently discarded. There were two pink lines....indicating a positive. She sat on the floor, and began crying, afraid of what she was going to do, without Chinsei. She had no idea what she was gonna do for the next few days. Then, a thought popped into her head. 'What if he's gone for weeks...or months?! What if he's gone for a year!?' She got herself up, and went into the bed, closing the door behind her. She got into bed, and cried harder than ever before.

07-26-2009, 09:22 PM
Isamu tried to warn Haruna. In response, she asked, "Why would I come to your house?" and slammed the door in his face.

The strategist returned to what she was doing prior to the visit; she continued to think over everything. Her feelings for Kade, why she didn't make ANBU, and why rogues kept appearing in their village. To top it off, in the past four days (only two of which had been spent in Konoha), she had only recieved one night of sleep.

She growled and ran a hand through her hair. She was tired, but she couldn't rest. As smart as the kunoichi was, none of it was making sense to her.

Not much to this, I know, but it's rather important anyway.

Nick Tasogare
07-26-2009, 09:24 PM
Hola Canada

Rogue Priestess
07-26-2009, 09:41 PM
Kade woke up a few hours later, his head was throbbing. "Where am I?" He looked around and saw that he was outside of a cave, he considered going in, but then thought he'd rather not, incase there were an anbaa in there. "I wonder how I got here, my head hurts." He started walking, he didn't know where he was going, but he just went along with it.

He had been walking for 1 hour and 16 minutes, then suddenly he remembered one of his dreams, he remembered the girl that he was fighting. "I wonder who she was. Maybe she was just one of those dreams where the girl of your dreams comes out." Kade let out a sigh at the thought that she wasn't a real person, "Well, at least I have my memory."

Kade had been walkinf for another 2 hours when suddenly he spotted the village he was in before."Well, I met my father by coming here, I saw the girl of my dreams too, so I guess this place should hold some sort of answer for me ... I have got to stop talking to myself, it just makes me seem crazy."

Just thought I'd get this outta the way.

Sabra Kusabana
07-26-2009, 10:20 PM
Gin's fingers brushed over an expansive bruise on Chinsei's back. "Are the affected area's overly sensitive?" "No, they just throb a little, I thought the should hurt more then they do." The medic nodded to herself. "I'll need a blood sample in a moment, but would you mind if I tried something?" "You're the doctor." Her sensei felt a light slap for that comment, then there was a rush of warmth up his back.

He could heard his student make an interested sound behind him, "Something strange?" "You could say that." He glanced over his shoulder, but he couldn't really see whatever she was doing. "You said it doesn't hurt as much as you thought it should, did you get a good look at yourself with a mirror or anything?" "No..." The girl nodded and stepped away from him, when he felt her hands leave him it was like someone had thrown cold water on him. He shivered at the change in chakra, and he heard the woman make another interested little sound.

She came around to face him, checking his pulse at the neck, then pulling down his eye lids to look at something. "I'll have to wait for the tests, but if something else whatever they did seems to have made you anemic, there's not enough iron in your system, your blood is weak. I'll take that sample now for confirmation." She tend instructed him to sit while she prepared a vile and needle.

Chinsei watched her do it, trying to distract himself from how chilled her felt. "What was on my back that was so strange?" The medic tied a rubbery rope around his arm and tapped for a vein. "The places where I can assume the needles went into all have an interesting black ring around them... I tried healing it, and while some of the bruising receeded the rings stayed the same." She stuck him with the needle and the man watched as his blood ran into the vial. "Is it supposed to be that dark?" "No."

The woman filled the first vial, but took two more. She unwrapped his arm and had him apply pressure with some gauze. She studied the color and consistancy of the blood. "I may have an idea what's happening." She looked down at her teacher. "If you wouldn't mind there's something I'd like to have done." "What?" "I want Kin to take a look at you."

Chinsei raised a brow at her, "She doesn't have medical training." Gin nodded to him as she packed her kit. "No, but her eyes are unique. Mine see chakra weight and flow in a way very close to a Hyuuga's. I can see where it's weak, where it's strong, if points are blocked, all pretty important stuff, but hers see something else." Chinsei waited for her to continue, he didn't realize his other student saw beyond that.

"My sister can see chakra color... She can literally tell someone's chakra alignment at a glance. Beyond that she's explained to me that sometimes when she's around my patients she's notices changes, or rather shifts in color." The medic handle her teacher his cloths. "She can tell when someone's sick dependant on how sever it is, sometimes she can tell where an injury is by their colors. She's also able to tell things that are good by the changes, she's said a woman's colors change when she gets pregnant or has a period. I tried for years to get her to apply the skill to medicine, but she just doesn't have the taste for it." Gin sounded almost remorseful as she spoke of her sister's gift.

"So is her color sight how she finds people's chakra?" "Part of how, yes." Chinsei buttoned up his shirt. "What do you think she'll find if she looks at me?" Gin hesitated to answer, but her teacher gave her a needing look. "I think she'll find your gravity chakra weakened, I can fell that your chakra has changed, but she can confirm it without use having to make you use energy... I'm also barring you from jutsu till I've managed to figure out exactly what they did, if you were to try to shape chakra right now it might kill you." The dark haired man swollowed, "Is it that bad?" "Maybe."

Gin moved toward the door of the office. "Do you want to have her see you? I'm not sure how many people you want to know your current state of health." The young ANBU waited for his answer, it really was his choice if he wanted to have the other twin see him.

07-27-2009, 08:26 AM
cool stories sabra

Sabra Kusabana
07-27-2009, 05:02 PM
cool stories sabra

Thank, but It's not just me, we all make it together, that's why it's so good.

Nick Tasogare
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*feels unappreciated* :cry:

Sabra Kusabana
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*Comforts Nick, then tells him to get writing already or else.* :twisted:

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*Explains to Nick that he should be used to it by now.* :evil:

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I really don't know what to write, I'm afraid I'll mess up the intire story...

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I'll write something later on, in like an hour or so.

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Sabra Kusabana
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*Thinks Nick just needs practice, then remembers he's a guy, they don't do the whole multiple tasks at once thing.* :lol:

Don't worry about messing stuff up so much Cherry, you're a good writer, just do something with Yuki and her 'guard' Hikaru for now. I think he was asking her a question a bit back. Run with that, you could make something really interesting out of it.

Nick Tasogare
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*thinks Sabra is right* xD

Nick Tasogare
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Sabra Kusabana
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Sounds good Nick, have fun with it, I look forward to reading.

07-27-2009, 05:24 PM
*Thinks Nick just needs practice, then remembers he's a guy, they don't do the whole multiple tasks at once thing.* :lol:

Don't worry about messing stuff up so much Cherry, you're a good writer, just do something with Yuki and her 'guard' Hikaru for now. I think he was asking her a question a bit back. Run with that, you could make something really interesting out of it.*has an odd feeling of what u mean by multi task*i can multi task and im a guy

Sabra Kusabana
07-27-2009, 05:35 PM
*has an odd feeling of what u mean by multi task*i can multi task and im a guy

Then you are unique. It's been a kind of opinion/saying in my family about men not being able to do more then one or two things at once while woman might be doing three or more as a norm. There's actually been some pretty interesting psychology studies about the differences in how men and women focus on things they're doing, but that's a more indepth topic then I would think anyone wants to get into.

Nick Tasogare
07-27-2009, 05:36 PM
Chinsei thought on it for a moment. "No.....don't tell anyone, please. I don't want people worrying over me when they have more important things to worry about. I'll keep from jutsu, but please don't tell anyone. Especially not Akemi." She looked him over, and walked out the door. She spoke silently to herself. "Such a shame.....I could have learned much more about his Chakra if he would let Kin examine him. I'll just work with what I have."

As Akemi was crying in bed, she heard a knock on the door. She got up, and dried her eyes as she walked to the door. She opened the door to reveal a young woman with deep blue hair. She had deep brown eyes, and was about Akemi's height. She wore a leaf headband on her neck, and she wore a blue dress with white trim (think Temari) "Thank you for coming Konmei." She grasped the woman in a tight embrace. The woman was quite confused at first. She was not very close to Akemi. She was actually one of Chinsei's friends. "Please, come in." Akemi beckoned her to a small arrangement of seats. Akemi sat on the small couch, while Konmei sat in a matching chair. "What seems to be the problem?"

Konmei is a ninja, but she does very few missions. She is a Genjutsu specialist, but she uses her skills to help ninja who have gone through bad experiences. Nobody comes close to touching her skills as a Genjutsu user, not even Kisa or Gin. She is able to enter a persons mind, almost telepathically, and get an image of what they went through, and uses that in her therapy. If need be, she is very good to have in battle, but I'll talk about her more later.

Nick Tasogare
07-27-2009, 05:46 PM
What do you think of Konmei? I'll go into detail on her, and what she can do in my next post. Her name means confusion for a good reason xD

07-27-2009, 06:22 PM
"Hey Hikaru! Thanks for being my escourt or guard or whatever. it's nice to not be locked up in prision or anything! It's also nice that Akemi took me in, but she seemed sad all of a sudden, Do you know why? I hope it wasn't me." Said Yuki while walking around, looking at the scenery.

"I'm not that good at stuff like that ask Akio." Said Hikaru while following Yuki. "Who's she?" Asked the turquoise haired teenl staring at him with a confused gaze. "Oh, she's a friend of mine. I think you have meet her, she has dark skin, wings, magenta eyes and pinkish shade of hair." He told her while shuffleing along. Yuki froze. "No way am I asking her! She was that girl who kept hitting me on the head when I first came here. She seems very well.......I guess she just doesn't like rouges." Said the blue eyed girl while following Hikaru.

The shadow user laughed and said, "Yep thats her. She's not that bad though, she just thought of you as a captured person who wasn't supposed to talk." "Well if you say so! Mind if i go and return the book then, uh do whatever. It's just nice to get outside it can be quite stuffy inside and it's so nice out here." She said while running ahead.

They went and returned the book then stopped some where in the center of town. "So what do you want to do?" He asked Yuki. "Well if you could take me to Haruna I-" she was cut short by Hikaru. "Why do you want to see her so badly?" asked the Genin. The rouge blushed. "Well it's just that I want to know how strong I am. I was captured single handledly by that Chunin but i want to know if it was because I tried to run away insted of fighting or If I'm just weak." She said staring at the ground.

"I'll help you find her but she might not want to sparr you." Said Hikaru thinking about what Akio said about love. Was it love or lust. Where either of them love? These questions roamed his mind as he said that. "Wow thanks Hikaru! I thought you would say, It's none of your bussiness now I'm takeing you back to Akemi's apartment." Said the exicted kunichi. "Okay, but we might not even be able to find her." Hikari told her while walking in a certain direction. "It's fine I at least have a chance of finding her and sparring her!" Said the Ice user following hikaru past the shops and people in the city.

I hope I kept Hikaru in character.
Yuki gets excited about even little things when being inside for a long time because she's used to being able to walk outside freely at will.

07-27-2009, 06:45 PM
Then you are unique. It's been a kind of opinion/saying in my family about men not being able to do more then one or two things at once while woman might be doing three or more as a norm. There's actually been some pretty interesting psychology studies about the differences in how men and women focus on things they're doing, but that's a more indepth topic then I would think anyone wants to get into.well i can do a few things at once but not really major like watch tv and get on my computer or use my ds

07-27-2009, 09:21 PM
Aiko sat on the roof, watching villagers go by, pink streams of light that only she could see flowing between people. Some flowed from one person to many people. Others flowed from many people to one person. Red threads were among the crowd, twisting and stretching across the village, twisting and tugging at their owners' pinkies.

She whined in exhasperation and frustration. 'Too much to see! Too many links!' The chunin tried to look away, but everywhere she looked, there was love, lust, and confused teenagers. She growled and tore the hair tie out of her ponytail. She tugged on her pink locks and closed her eyes. 'Too much! Too many! I need help!'

The kunoichi screamed, leapt up, and bolted through the streets of the Leaf. Her sprinting didn't slow or cease until she reached her appartment. She flung open the door.

"Myaaa~Aiko, are you okay?" Suteneko asked.

"Go to hell, kitty!" Aiko shouted, shutting herself into a closet. She sank to her knees and began sobbing. 'Why? Why can't I turn off my Aigan* eyes?'


Haruna stopped running her hands through her hair at the sound of knocking. She growled. People enjoyed interupting her thoughts, didn't they? The chunin stood and answered the door. At the sight of Hikaru, warmth spread throughout her. However, the moment she noticed Yuki, anger boiled in her stomach.

"What do you want?" she asked, emotion hidden from her voice.

"I want to spar," the rogue answered.

"GET OUT!!! You f***ing interupted me for this!? I'm not going to f***ing waste my time fighting a weak piece of sh** like you!"

The Tasogare noticed the unstable state of the chunin's emotions and tried to step closer. "Haru--"

The emerald-eyed kunoichi threw a nailfile that the other girl just barely dodged. "GET AWAY!!! NOW!!!"

Yuki and Hikaru did not hesitate in following the command.

*aigan=fond of, appeal

Haruna and Aiko are both suffering because of problems that no one else knows about (other than the writers and readers). Haruna's we already knew, but Aiko's is new to us.

Although there are some eye abilities that aren't turned on and off, her ability to see love energy is supposed to be able to turn off, or else it just keeps draining her chakra. For some reason, falling asleep or getting knocked unconscious don't seem to deactivate her eyes; they may stop using chakra for a while, but as soon as she wakes up, the Aigan eyes start up again.

These problems are slowly eating away at the girls' sanity, but they refuse to get help because they're trying to seem strong. Aiko is much more willing to admit when she needs help than Haruna is, but she can still be very stubborn.

07-27-2009, 10:02 PM
Yuki and Hikaru hurried away from Haruna, Yuki in complete shock. "Hey Yuki, you okay?" Asked hikaru "No I'm fine, I just hate being rejected. That Haruna girl she has such a horrible temper. It just made me very dissapointed that I couldn't sparr her and she has this bad habit of judgeing peoplle by there appearences. I also can't belive what she called me. I have half a mind to just go back there and...ugh I just can't stand it!" Yuki said, wich turned out as a complete half mumbled half screamed mess.

"It's okay calm down. She was just in a bad mood, she will be back to normal in no time. I just advise you to not go back there for a while, or mabey just wait for you to run into her or somthing to sparr her she doesn't like people in her house." Advised the Light ninja. Yuki sighed and gained back control over herself. "Fine whatever. I don't care. I don't even care about that girl who captured me and took away my pride. I mean who cares not me." Said the rouge overly sarcastic.

"umm...okay. Do you want to go back now?" asked hikaru. "Fine whatever just as long as Haruna's not there." She said agressivly while walking the direction she thought Akemi's apartment was. "Yuki, where are you going? Akemi's place is this way." The shadow user told her while pointing straight ahead of him. " Uh...Oh, I wish I had a better sence of direction." Yuki half mumbled."ha ha" Hikaru laughed. "Come on this way."

Yuki can get overly sarcastic when she's Angry and trying to hide it.

Rogue Priestess
07-27-2009, 10:31 PM
As Kade walked towards the village, hhe suddenly felt a pain in his chest and got a flashback about the girl that was in his dream. "Whoa, what the hell was that?" Kade just shrugged and resumed walking. "I wonder if I should get some new clothes, these old rags are an eyesore" As he walked through the village and he spotted a costume shop and decided to check it out. He walked through the rows of costumes they had and eventually spotted someting he liked, it was a large, white, hooded robe. He decided to buy it.

The cashier eyed him suspiciously "How may I help you sir?"

"Yes, I'd like to buy this please." He showed her the robe.

"That's be 120,000 yen"

Kade pulled out a money purse full of cash,"Will this cover it"

The cashier just took the money without counting it and said," Yes, have a pleasant day." The cashier gave him a big fake smile.

Kade left the shop and put on the robe,"This is pretty comfortable, I think I'll break it in and go for a stroll around this village."

An old lady grabbed his arm and said,"If you keep talking to yourself, people will start to think you're crazy."

Kade laughed and said."I think you're right, Iv'e been wondering if I was crazy and you just proved it. Well, I guess I oughta repay you for that fabulous tip, so do you need an errands you need?"

The old lady gave him a big smile and said," You could help me with one tihng. Do you think you can deliver this letter to my son? He's in a different village."

"Well, I just got here, but I guess I can take this letter to your son. What's you son's name?"

"He's the kage of the village hidden in the -" The old lady paused and she suddenly fell.

"Excuse me, are you okay?" Kade started to get worried and decided to feel for her pulse, he didn't feel anything and it was after a while that he realized that she was dead. Kade started sobbing for the old kady, " I guess I should take her to the hosppital" Kade walked aroun until he found a hospital and said in a shaky voice to the receptionist" Umm ... This lady is dead"

I'm just going to stop there for now, you'll see the importance of the note later on.

Nick Tasogare
07-27-2009, 10:50 PM
Akemi dried her eyes before speaking. "Chinsei just went out on a mission, and he could be gone for awhile, and I need him. More then ever, Konmei." She eyed Akemi, almost as if trying to scan her mind. "What's wrong? Did something happen between the two of you?" ""God, no! We're happier than ever. Other than the not being able to talk to him much. It's just....." She trailed off, because she couldn't bring herself to say it. Konmei got up, and sat beside her, putting an arm around her as she did. "Here, let me look." She made a seal, and placed her index and middle fingers of her right hand on Akemi's forehead. Images ran through her mind, and she began trying to decipher everything she was seeing.

After about 15 minutes, she ended the technique. "I see. He doesn't know, does he?" Akemi looked to the floor, and shook her head. "I know the two of us aren't close, bit I want to help you through this. You called me for a reason." She stopped for a minute to think. She ran her hand through Akemi's hair. "I'm going to tell Hiroko that there is a situation, and that Chinsei needs to be brought back immediately. I can help you, but I think it would better if he were here." "Ok. I think that might be a good idea." The two women sat in the apartment for s few minutes. "Do you want to come with me Akemi?" She looked at the blue haired woman for several minutes before replying. "Yes.....I think that might be a good idea."

After several more minutes, Konmei helped Akemi get ready, and they set out for the Mansion. The walked silently until they reached the building that loomed over the village. They ascended the stairs slowly, and when they reached the office, Konmei stopped her. "Maybe you should wait here for a minute, so I can explain the situation to Hiroko." She knocked on the door after Akemi agreed. Chinsei and Hiroko had been talking when the knock came. She beckoned him to a small door on the side of the room, that lead to the bathroom. As he closed the bathroom door, the main door opened.

"Konmei, what can I do for you?" She closed the door behind her, and took a seat in the chair that was meant for guests. Hiroko took her own seat, and waited for Konmei to speak. "It seems.....we have a situation." Hiroko quickly got serious. "What kind of situation?" "Don't worry too much, it's nothing to do with the Village. It has more to do with a Kunoichi named Akemi." Chinsei gasped, and Konmei and Hiroko looked toward the door that he was hiding behind. "What was that?" "Oh, nothing, the bathroom has been out of order for a few days." Hiroko responded sheepishly. "What is going on with Akemi?" "Well, I don't know how to say this without giving you a slight shock, but......she's pregnant." Hiroko'ss jaw dropped, and Chinsei nearly fell upon hearing this. "Konmei, let's go for a walk, shall we?" She waanted to get Konmei out of there before Chinsei came through the door. "Right."

They exited the door, and Hiroko locked it from the outside. She took Akemi into her arms. "Are you ok?" Akemi had never known Lady Hiroko, the 11th Hokage, to be so affectionate towards her Shinobi. She was a little surprissed at first. "Umm.....yes. I think I'm ok." Hiroko took her arm, and lead her out off the building. The 3 went for a walk along the small river running through the Village, and discussed the situation. Chinsei was stuck in the office, so he began pacing the room. So much was going through his mind. He didn't know what he would do. 'So many strange things are going on, would it be safe to have a baby around? Akemi and I are still young, and have careers as Shinobi, would we even have the time?' He sat on a couch, and closed his eyes, trying to get some peace.

The group of women walked into a quaint little restaurant. "Lady Hokage, welcome back. Would you like your usual table?" They were greeted by a small girl, of about 7 or 8. "Yes, that would be lovely, Kiikii." The young girl lead them to a small booth near the back of the restaurant, and left them alone. "Now Akemi, I can't have Chinsei back yet, but he should only be gone a few days. It wasn't the type of mission that would require him to be gone longer than that. If the situation changes, you have my word that I will assign someone else the mission." Akemi nodded, while looking down at the menu before her. Hiroko was quite relieved that she hadn't detected the lie, but them again, look at what she was going through. When the young girl came back, she took their orders, and quickly delivered them to the chef.

"Konmei, I want you to prepare a room at your home for Akemi, if that wouldn't be any trouble. I don't want her alone right now." "Of course, I agree, she definitely shouldn't be alone. I'll get a room ready when we get back." "Lady Hokage, what about Yuki? Where will you have her go?" Hiroko placed a hand on Akemi's shoulder, and squeezed lightly. "Don't you worry about it, I'll make sure she goes somewhere good. I hear she has been seen the library a few times a day. I'll find her somewhere near it." Akemi smiled softly. She had started to like Yuki, she was actually quite nice. She fely comforted that everyone seemed to have everything so under control.

When the food arrived, Hiroko changed the subject. "So, did you two see the Jonin from the Light who visited recently? Was he hot, or what!?" Konmei and Akemi started to laugh at this, so hard that they couldn't eat. "What, what's so funny? I like guys too, I'm not that old....do I look that old?" She picked up a spoon, and began examining herself. Akemi and Konmei nearly choked on their laughter. Akemi had no idea that the Hokage was so vain and perverted. She was starting to feel better than she had been feeling earlier. She had a sense that everything would turn out for the best.

I bet you never thought of Hiroko like this, did you? Back to Konmei, she is very skilled at Genjutsu, (which uses the Chakra in the brain to create illusions) so much so, that she is able to see a persons memories/past actions and read their emotions, as well as what they are thinking. She can only do this if the person is thinking about the event at the time, and has physical contact. However, if need be, she can see a lost memory, although, this drains her more than if she was reading a memory that was being thought about. She has been practicing on bringing back repressed, or erased memories, but she has yet to master that skill.

Sabra Kusabana
07-28-2009, 05:38 AM
I should run away for hours at a time more often, I get to come back to lots of story to read.

Gin was running tests on her samples in her small personal lab area when Kin arrived home. The other twin seemed very tired, and she flopped back on the bed in an unladylike fashion. "What's so interesting over there?" The golden eyed girl asked idly. Her sister thought on how to answer that, "Comparison work is all." "Sounds boring... Could you do something for me?" The medic turned from her kit after resealing a vial. "What?"

Kin sat up and held her injured hand toward her sister. "It was an accident. The glue was too soft on a new toy of mine, and it kinda exploded in my hand." The medical nin unwrapped the bandages and made a disconcerting sound. "I should slap you for this. These wounds are old, at least a day. Why didn't you come to me sooner?" The other kunoichi made a nervious laugh, "It didn't hurt, I thought it wasn't so bad."

Gin channeled into the cuts, and thought of how to phrase a request. "Would you be willing to help with something?" She finally said as she finished the healing. Kin flexed her hand, it burned slightly with the feel of the chakra. "Sure."

The silver eyed teen whiled around and grabbed up four vials of blood from a little wooden stand. "Look at these with your eyes for me, and tell me what you see." Kin took the first vile, she didn't know who's it was, but Gin did. "Healthy, I think probly lightening, maybe wind too. What am I looking for exactly?" The medic shrugged, "Anything unusual."

Kin shook her head as she turned the vial over in her hands. "The colors are thick and murky, means the person is fairly old 40ish, maybe. Nothing strange that I can tell." The girl handed the vial back and took the next one, not knowing it was her father's blood she'd examined.

The golden eyed girl's brow furrowed as she looked at the next one. "I almost wanna say this is your's sis..." Gin passed her the next vial, "It's not, but that second one is." Kin looked at them side by side. "Damn... That is really weird." She passed them back to her sister. "What's weird?" "Just how similar they look to me."

Gin passed her the last vial. "That's dark," Kin turned it repeatedly in her head. "I don't know how to explain this... There's hardly enough chakra for me to see colors past the actual tint of the stuff. It's weak, almost like it's dead, and so heavy. I'd almost swear it looks like sensei's, but his chakra is always so much brighter that that can't be right." Kin looked at the contents held closer to the light. "This stuff is so muddy looking... Is this person really sick, or old?"

Gin hesitated to answer at first, "Not exactly." Her sister returned the sample. "If they're not old then there's something seriously wrong, their chakra is almost complete drained, and there's something else there I'm just not sure about." The medic looked at her with serious eyes, "Explain."

"Well I kinda get the same thing off your blood, but not as much. It's like there's another set of colors under the first. They're hard to see, but it's like looking at something behind fogged glass or thick ice, you know it's there you just can't tell what it is." Kin looked sheepishly at her twin. "Sorry I can't help more." The jonin smiled warmly, "You told me alot more then you might think. Thanks sis."

The golden eyed girl smiled, then stretched, "I'm ganna shower and sleep now. Don't stay up all night with this stuff, you do that too often." She left her sister there staring at the vials. The medic turned back to her lab and poored some of the dark blood from Chinsei's sample onto a slid to look at closer. All night didn't sound so bad considering how improtant her findings could be.

Kin can't tell who something is from when she looks at a sample like blood, but she can make an educated guess based off what she sees in the chakra's pattern and color. It's one of those talents that she should really hone and work with more, but she just doesn't see the point, yet.


Sabra walked along the streets, she didn't want to go home, Kin left her behind, and she had no idea where Gaki was. She kept remembering the night before, and could barely keep from blushing the whole time. There must be someone she could talk to, but most of her friends either she didn't want to tell or wouldn't be of any help. She knew of one person who might understand, might even have good advice, but she wasn't sure.

The pink haired girl paced essentially going in circles around the various buildings, completely lost in thought. She looked up when she heard a small scream. She spotted Aiko on a roof, she watched the girl leap down and run away like she'd cought on fire or something. The animal trainer ran after her, worried for the other nin, and also realizeing that maybe finding her like this was a sign to go with her thoughts from before.

The kunoichi didn't have a hard time following the other pink haired girl, and reached the apartment just a few seconds after the winged woman did. Sabra hesitated at the door, she didn't know who else was here, she still wasn't sure she wanted to discuss her private life with someone she didn't know that well. Maybe Akemi would be better to go to, have her love line read or something.

Sabra bit at her lip, she raised her hand toward the door. She desided she'd knock once and if no one answered she'd back out and go looking for the psychic instead. Her knuckles hit the door in a light tap, barely audiable, she felt like a complete chicken as she waited for a responce.

07-28-2009, 05:54 AM
Chou ran up to Hiroko, Akemi, and Konmei and took a vacant seat opposite her friend. "Hey guys! What's up? Who are you?" The last question was directed at the genjutsu user.

"Konmei," she answered.

"I'm Chou. Nice to meet you! I think I've seen you somewhere. Before here, of course." She turned to the small girl who was taking people's orders. "Can I get some T?"

She nodded and turned on her heel. Chou smiled and returned her attention to the other women. Akemi and Hiroko were giving her a curious look.


"Since when do you drink normal drinks?"

The pale kunoichi grinned. "I don't. They serve cattle's blood here now, just for me." She put her hands in her lap. "So. You never did tell me what's up."

Akemi bit her lip and leaned forward. Taking the hint, her friend leaned forward as well.

"I'm pregnant," the magenta-eyed jounin whispered.

"Oh, congradulations!"

Chou pulled her friend into a tight embace. They let go after a few minutes and sat down.

07-28-2009, 07:29 AM
Suteneko answered the door when Sabra knocked. The pink-haired kunoichi blinked in surprise. The genin was wearing a bright yellow dress with white lace and a matching bow was in her hair.

"Myaaa~Don't ask. Just know I feel strangely pretty, myaaa~"

Her reason for coming returned to the chunin's mind. "Where is Aiko?"

"Myaaa~She locked herself in a closet."

The cat-girl led her down the hall and showed her where. Then she returned to the kitchen. Sabra took a deep breath and forced the closet open. The girl she was looking for was huddled on the floor, sobbing into her knees. The mint-eyed girl bent down and put a hand on her shoulder.

"Are you okay?"

Aiko looked up and almost immediately threw herself backwards. She shut her eyes tightly. "Stay away! It hurts! Too much! Too much conflict!"

"Aiko, what's wrong?"

"I can't turn off my Love Sight! I haven't been able to since I first turned it on! It hurts! Need help!" Tears leaked from her closed eyelids.

The Leaf kunoichi stepped forward. "It's okay. I'll find help. Just calm down."

The winged teen couldn't see where she was, but she nodded. "Alright." She tried to breathe calm, soothing breaths. "Thanks, furry."

Sabra scowled at her nickname. "I'll be back, okay?"

Aiko has a tendency to give people nicknames that they don't really like (Sabra=furry, Suteneko=kitty, Hikaru=sunshine, Daisuke & Suki=b@$t@rd (Daisuke&Suki=b@$t@rd) twins, etc.)

07-28-2009, 07:33 AM
these stories rock!!!!
is there anymore

07-28-2009, 09:53 AM
Yuki and Hikaru got to Akemi's apartment and knocked on the door. "Umm..Hikaru no one's home." Said yuki in suprize. "hmm...mabey it's unlocked try opening the door." advised the shadow user. Yuki tried to open the brown door failing at the attempt. "It's locked up. What should I do?" asked the Rouge nervously. Hikaru scanned the door and noticed a piece of blue paper taped to it. "Hey Yuki mabye that has something to do with it." Said hikaru whil grabbing the note.

Yuki snachted it out of his hands and read it out loud. "Yuki, Akemi will be staying with another ninja for awhile due to certain cercumstances. You will be moving to a different location. It will most likely be near the library. The hokage will find a place as soon as possible until then please wait. and thats all it says. Oh I hope she didn't leave because of me." said Yuki shaikliy.

"She probably didn't, did anything strange happen lately?" Asked the Light ninja while sitting on the houses step next to yuki. "Umm...Well Chinsei hasen't been here for awhile. mean I would ocasionly see him once in a while, but know he isn't here at all but it could be because of a mission. And well Akemi seems realy sad. It isn't because of me. Right?" Yuki asked shaikly.

"No it probably wasn't you. But do you know how to get inside so you can get like your extra clothing and stuff." Hikaru mumbled. "Hmm.. There is one way. but I don't want to break any windows..." Yuki said while hesitateing. "No I mean is there a hidden key so that you can get in if your locked out by mistake." Said a shocked Hikaru.

"Oh then no..." Anwsered the turquoise haired girl while sitting back down. "Here why don't you go and wait at the library? they said that they would make sure that you would stay near it." The Genin told her. They then walked over to the public library waiting for a message of who she would stay with.

Sabra Kusabana
07-28-2009, 06:01 PM
these stories rock!!!!
is there anymore

This and Scribe is all I'm doing, Viollette is in another one, I believe Sand Shinobi.

Did you look up our previous Saga threads? They're pretty long, and just as interesting, they should still be on the board just farther back. The original story started on one called the roleplay thread.

Glad you're enjoying our stuff so much! :D

Sabra Kusabana
07-28-2009, 06:24 PM
Sabra told Suteneko that she'd be back and headed out of the apartment. She didn't have an eye technique, but alot of her friends did, she hoped one of them could help. It was getting dark, she wasn't sure who would still be up for such a task, but she knew who wouldn't mind being bothered. She ran for Zen's home, hoping maybe the mission Gaki was sent on had been short.

The archer was surprised to have her there. He didn't like having to tell her that the ex-hyuuga was still gone. The teen didn't let her leave alone, he made his excuses and joined her in search of someone to help. "Why didn't you go to Gin first?" Sabra looked to the other nin's boyfriend. "Because she's so cold when it's something like this. I'm not sure if she'd even know what to do." Zen sighed to that, "I know..."

They arrived at the twin's house, they had a small plan. Zen would keep Gin occupied so Sabra could talk to Kin. They found the girls in their room. Kin was brushing her hair while it dried, and Gin was entranced with some experiment. Sabra managed to get the golden eyed teen to come with her, while Zen question his girlfriend over her work.

"I need your help." "If it's about Gaki again then I can't help you." Sabra shook her head as she held her friend's shoulders. "It's not me exactly. Aiko is in pain, she's having some sort of problem with her eyes. She said there was too much to see, I thought maybe you could help." The blond looked behind them at her room. "Why me?" "Because you're kinder."

They both knew who the other was thinking of. "But Gin could probly just slow or cut off the chakra to her eyes." "At risk of blinding her, yes, and it would be the right thing medically I'm sure... I just don't want to do something that drastic. Please Kin!"

The blond felt herself smile, but it was strange to feel happy over something so bad. "I'll get proper cloths, don't want to run thru town in my nighty." She left the other teen in the hall to retrieve her attire, and changed in another room sense Zen was in her own. When the girl came back to Sabra the pet trainer noticed a little white box with her, and a grey bag slung over her shoulder, they clashed with her golden dress and overall coloring. "They're Gin's I thought they something in them might help... I know what the stuff in here does, I've listened in on all the teaching momma's done with her."

Sabra smiled, "Good thinking." The two set out back toward the light appartment. They were let in by Suteneko again. Kin smiled at the other girl's appearence. "That's cute, I may have to get a bow for mine too." The cat girl blushed, but pointed toward the closet. "She's still in there."

Sabra opened the doors, they found Aiko still curled around herself, but no longer sobbing, just very still. "Aiko, I brought someone who might be able to help. We even have some medical supplies." They waited for a responce, and finally the girl raised her head up, she didn't open her eyes. "It hurts..." Kin pushed some chakra into the air to cause her eyes to flare to life, she could see the energy around the love girl.

"I can see why, all your chakra is clustered in your eyes, there's so much it looked nearly white hot." Kin reached up lightly to touch Aiko's face. "When did it start, and what did you do right before. You seemed to have control last time you were in town." The girl was running over the supplies she had, maybe the topical anestastetic might help, she knew it would slow the chakra paths in the area, but that might now be enough with as much energy was in the area.

Nick Tasogare
07-28-2009, 07:20 PM
"Your T, miss." The girl looked frightened as Chou looked to her glass. She was so afraid, that she couldn't even move to place the mug down. As Chou took it from her hand, you could almost hear the little girl shudder. She quickly left when the mug was in Chou's hands. "Does Chinsei know? What was his reaction? When did you--" "Chou!" The three women screamed in unison. She quickly sat far back, and sipped her "T".

"Akemi, I'll tell her. No, Chinsei does not know, he was sent on a mission, and he won't be back for several days. We do not know what his reaction will be. And, to your third question..." Hiroko trailed off, and eyed Akemi suspiciously. Akemi seemed to shrink down under the table, looking very sheepish. The groups sat silently for a minute, and Hiroko broke the silence. "Chou, you're near the library, right? Akemi has had a.....guest, for the last few days, but she's going to stay with Konmei, and I was wondering if you would take in her guest for a few days." Chou's eyes widened. She usually seemed like the type of person who liked solitude, but she had always wanted a house guest. "Yea, definite....I mean, sure, I guess."

The group set out for their next locations. Hiroko returned to the Mansion to make preperations for Yuki's transfer, as well as fill Chinsei in, Chou ran home to make up a room for her new guest, and Konmei and Akemi went to Konmei's family home. As Chou neared her house, she began to think of what types of things she could do to keep her guest entertained. 'We can compare blood types! Maybe she'd let me taste what hers taste like, maybe she'd wanna taste mine! Oooooh, this is gonna be so much fun!'

07-28-2009, 07:40 PM
Aiko sat up a little more. "This ability...I haven't been able to turn it off since the first time I used it, when I was eight or nine. It has never been this bad though, because I generally avoid large groups of people. But as the people around me became older and more numerous..." She shivered. "There is just too much too see. I can't even see anyone's face anymore because there is too much pink light all around them. Too many people around me. Too much! Too many! And I can't deactivate my eyes. They hurt! They hurt!"

"Calm down," Kin said. "I can help you."


Haruna ran her fingers through her hair. 'Why? Why didn't I make ANBU if I have the skill and intelligence level? Why do I feel this way about that rogue? Why am I so damn angry all the time?' She raked through her hair faster. 'Too much emotion! Too many questions! Too much! Too many!'

07-28-2009, 08:05 PM
Pace, pace, pace, pace, turn. Pace, pace, pace, pace, turn. Pace, pace, pace, pace, turn. "GAH!" Ravenna yelled. She was in a stone box that's barely furnished, not anything else, just a stone box. It was against her nature to lose track of time, and it was made even worse by being in a box. Pace, pace, pace, pace, turn. The rogue growled. Her foot steps were echoing. The entire place was deserted. The Tasogare stopped moving. The footsteps were still there. What? The raven haired teen was puzzled. No one had visited her in a few days, so why visit now? The orange eyed teen drew closer to the bars.

"Are you the person who just yelled out?" A red-headed ninja said.

"Yea, why? Was I too loud?" Ravenna sneered, unable to control herself.

"Ah, so the prison has gotten to you..." The leaf ninja smirked. The rogue Tasogare growled.

"I just don't like cramped spaces, that's all!" The rogue jumped and threw kunai at the ninja. He blocked all of them and ducked just in time for a clone to miss when it punched. "You're lucky I'm behind bars!" The teenager yelled out and started a ninjutsu. The ninja quickly threw some shuriken and they hit her. The prisoner disappeared in a bunch of smoke, appeared behind him, and kicked him in the back. For a split second the rogue ninja thought she won before what she was hitting turned into the mirror. Horrified, Ravenna looked behind her and saw a fist heading toward her... then nothing.

"That was actually fun..." Rajon said, slinging the prisoner over his shoulder.

Rogue Priestess
07-28-2009, 08:14 PM
Kade decided he wanted to go to a restaurant, while he was making his way there, he started talking to himself again," I wonder who that old lady was and who her son is .... I don't even know what village he's from, well at least I know he's a kage." Kade found a restaurant that seemed interesting and decided to check it out. He sat down and ordered a steak and some black coffee.

He finished his meal in about 10 minutes and he left the shop, leaving a large tip. He decided to find some work and started walking around the village. He eventually found some work as a carpenter, he was surprised to find that he was exceptionally good. the others couldn't keep up with him, he was too fast and too precise, everyone tired themselves out just trying to keep up with him.

After he was done working, he went to look for an apartment. He eventually found one. It was a small modest room, it was only two rooms, a bathroom and a kitchen/ bedroom/ living room. He layed down on the bed and started thinking about everything he remembered from his dream with the girl. "Hmm, I wonder who she was. I know she's probably not real, but it would kinda give me some ease to know some kind of name or something.

Just thought I'd put this, so that he can have somewhere to stay.

07-28-2009, 08:18 PM
((Uhhh...It's already been set up for Yuki to live with Chou...))

07-28-2009, 08:23 PM
((oopsies cherry...:mrgreen:))

Sabra Kusabana
07-28-2009, 09:21 PM
She sent a pm to everyone earlier today about Yuki's keeper. Did you miss it V?

07-28-2009, 09:23 PM
She sent a pm to everyone earlier today about Yuki's keeper. Did you miss it V?

((I saw it, but Nick already posted something making Chou Yuki's keeper.))

Sabra Kusabana
07-28-2009, 09:31 PM
Kin opened the bag she brought and searched thru it for the rub she needed. She pulled out a small tube and sqeezed some onto her fingers. "I'm ganna rub some cream into your cheeks and around your eyes, hold still. Your face should start feeling cool then a little nub. It should relieve some pain and lighten how much chakra is coming to your eyes." The blond waited till the winged teen nodded to her.

The light pink colored cream spread in a thin layer over her skin. She made a slight protest, "It's cold." "Sorry, it's supposed to be like that." Kin could feel her hand tingling as she rubbed the creme in, it was starting to numb her fingers already, she hoped it would help. "Tell me more about your power. When did it become active, what was the first thing it did, and more about what you actually see."

Kin closed the tube and sat it aside, opening the box to look for anything in there that might help. She considered the gauze and the possiblity of wraping the Aiko's eyes while closed, but knew if her power was like the Hyuuga bloodline that such a thing wouldn't help. The two chunin waited for Aiko to give them more information about her eyes, and her condition.

Gin has spent the better half of the last three years trying to get Kin to join her in medical study. Because of this persistant pestering she's ended up reading quite a fair share of medical text. She may not have studied the actual chakra shaping, but she knows more field and standard medicine use then she usually needs.

Sabra Kusabana
07-28-2009, 09:32 PM
((I saw it, but Nick already posted something making Chou Yuki's keeper.))

Oh I was thinking sense Chou was your's originally that you'd talked with him on that. My bad.

07-28-2009, 09:45 PM
Aiko breathed in. "We call it Aigan, for the word meaning fond of or appeal. We call it this because the people with it can see the flow of love and lust--what people are fond of or what appeals to them. It could be love to or from a family member, love to or from a pet, love and lust with another...Teenagers are the h-hardest to decifer which is which when I see them. The pink light of love flow is so much more distinguished from the darker shade of lust flow when people get older."

The winged kunoichi lifted her head a bit more; it had started to drop. "That's what it looks like. Pink lights. Except when two soulmates get close emotionally. Then I can see their red thread. You know, the one from the legend."

Kin nodded. "Go on."

"My family...My family uses these feelings to either strengthen love-based genjutsu or use against opponents depending on the situation. Well...I activated my Aigan eyes when dragons and mutineers attacked the Light and Leaf...those years ago...and..." She shivered. "I don't remember what happened next. I blacked out."

Suteneko shuddered. It wasn't right, seeing her teammate so scared. The chunin was normally so lively and tough. 'Myaaa~If Haruna skips through town, claiming to be a faerie princess, the world is deffinitely coming to an end.'

Nick Tasogare
07-28-2009, 10:06 PM
((Oops...:mrgreen: I hope you still love me....:oops:))

Nick Tasogare
07-28-2009, 10:12 PM
She sent a pm to everyone earlier today about Yuki's keeper. Did you miss it V?

((I don't think I got it, I don't recall seeing anything, sorry))

Nick Tasogare
07-28-2009, 10:23 PM
Hiroko entered her office to find Chinsei laying down on the floor. "So, what's good?" She rubbed the back of her head as she spoke, and when he sat up and looked at her, he was pale. "Holy Hell, you're so pale Chinsei. We need to get a medic." "You might want to get a janitor too, the bathroom....get a janitor too." He fell onto his back, and exhaled. "Are you ok?"

He opened his eyes, and almost glared at her. "There is something messed up with my body, my girlfriend is pregnant, and we are really young, and have careers to worry about, plus, some messed up secret group took my blood and chakra for reasons unknown. But yea, other than that, I'm perfect!" "I'm gonna get that medic." She left his side, and exited the room, leaving him to think about his and Akemi's future.

It's becoming apparent that the lizard from several months ago, plus this mysterious, new group, as well as Akemi's pregnancy, are really starting to affect Chinsei. This is only the beginning though, there is still much to come.

Sabra Kusabana
07-29-2009, 01:23 AM
The Couatl takes offense to your lizard description, and morns it's lack of legs. Speaking of it though I have plans we need to discuss...

A knock on the door pulled Gin and Zen from their work. The boy moved to open it, and frowned at the masked person standing there. "Downgraded to errand running?" He hissed as he stepped aside for the operative. The person stepped inside and adressed Gin. "Anbu Nibairou you are to report to the Hokage asap." The blond stood and saluted. "In route sir."

The operative stalked out as the girl snatched up her vest. "Zen, watch the mix and take notes on any changes, I hope I'll be back soon." The woman strapped her vest on as she walked, and left her companion to the lab. The white haired man returned to the testtubes, checking the fire levels under each. He sat down and grabbed a pen, irritated, but ready to continue the work.


Kin bit at her lip as she listened. "I'm going to ask you a few very important questions, but some of them might sound strange. It has alot to do medically with what may control your power." The girl took out a little pad of paper and a thin pencil from her box. "First, had you already had your female cycle when you used the power? Second, what's it's range? Third, can you see thru coverings, or walls? Fourth have you ever meet anyone who was a blank spot to your vision? With my sight really old people show up weaker, but your's is different."

The blond watched the girl's expressions, she realized how overwhelming this must me. "I'm sorry, take your time. Let me repeat the questions one at a time. Once you've answered them I might have a few more." Kin shifted a little on the floor. "Okay that first question..."

Leaving the answers to you V while I think of something better to do for the situation. I'm ganna message Vice and see how long Gaki is MIA.

Nick Tasogare
07-29-2009, 01:24 AM
((Sorry Couatl))

Sabra Kusabana
07-29-2009, 01:27 AM
(It forgives you... For now.:twisted:)

Nick Tasogare
07-29-2009, 01:28 AM
((prays to Couatl)) ((everytime I mention it, I have to check the spelling xD)) ((feel free to PM me about the plans))

07-29-2009, 05:40 AM
"Okay, the first question was: had you already had your female cycle when you used the power?"

Aiko shook her head. "No."

"Alright. The second question was: what is the range of your power?" Kin watched her consider this question carefully.

The pink-haired chunin bit her lip. "I'm not really sure...As far as I can see on any clear day when there is nothing obstructing my vision."

The blonde sighed. She was hoping for a more precise answer, but it didn't seem like she was going to get it.

"What? My parents never taught me anything! I don't know exactly what the range is!"

"Okay, calm down...My next question is can you see through coverings, or walls?"

She nodded. "Only if there is love energy flowing to or from someone behind them."

"Okay. Lastly, have you ever meet anyone who was a blank spot to your vision?"

"To the Aigan vision? A lot of people. Like...Haruna, when I first met her...Hikaru, for a while...pretty much anyone who ever liked me, including Suteneko and Gigen...Those are just a few, but I think you get the idea."

Sabra Kusabana
07-29-2009, 05:55 AM
Kin took in all the answers, making little notes as she consider the information. "I have an idea... I'm not sure if you could do it to yourself or if we need someone else, but... Have you ever tried using Genjutsu to control it?" She watched the girl's head tilt, a sign of confusion.

"What I mean is that it seems the only people you don't read are those that like you. What would happen if you were put under a jutsu that made you believe everyone liked you, or maybe one that made the people around you feel entranced by your presense? Could something like that technically confuse your sight? At least long enough for us to come up with a better idea." The blond explained, Sabra was looking to Suteneko.

The pink haired girl rose and stepped toward the other woman. "Do you know where your jonin is, or if she could help?" Sabra questioned as she looked the other ninja over. She was trying to figure out why she was one of the people Aiko couldn't pick up.

When assuming an ability doesn't have a medical background to fall back on it would be standard proceedure to attempt mental treatment for a strange change in condition. Questioning about Genjustu is the next logical step in the process of elimination that Kin is using for diagnosis of what might help in this situation. If that doesn't work then more drastic measures may be in order for finding a cure.

07-29-2009, 06:09 AM
Aiko shook her head. "I think if my eyes can tell true love from fake, they would see through the genjutsu. Besides, it would only stop me from seeing the love streams. It wouldn't stop the pain or chakra flow."

Kin ran a hand through her hair. "There has to be something..."

Nick Tasogare
07-29-2009, 06:47 AM
Hiroko re-entered the office, to see that Chinsei was still on the floor. She reached for a blanket off of the small sofa, and set it down on him. As she did this, she noticed his chest was not rising and falling as it would be if he was breathing. She checked for a pulse: it was weak. She checked his breathing: shallow. She quickly made a handsign, and it triggered a small alarm in the Medical Headquarters. An ANBU quickly came up from the floor. "Lady Hokage, why did you trigger the alarm?" "I need Gin Nibairou, quickly!" The ANBU nodded, and just as he had entered, left. She opened Chinsei's shirt, and began performing CPR. It was the best she could do in this situation.

Sabra Kusabana
07-29-2009, 07:05 AM
Kin finally came to something as an idea, but she didn't like it. "Aiko, do you think you're in enough control right now to make a major decision medically?" The dark skinned girl frowned, "I'm not sure... It just hurts so much I almost can't think."

The blond swollowed, she didn't want to lay this on the table as despert as the love seer seemed, but she had to. "The Hyuuga clan has a special seal they put on certian members that is linked to their eyes technique... The seal can be used to shut the ability of the clan off... A similar seal might be effective, but it could have sever consequences."

Kin looked behind her to see Neko and Sabra talking, they wouldn't hear the two as they talked in all seriousness. Facing Aiko again the young chunin took a deep breath. "I would need someone to model and design a similar seal, and it could take several days. If you want to try something that drastic I can get in touch with the people who would know how, but I need to know now." She paused to let that sink in. "If you deside to you can back out before the jutsu is finished, but we would still need to start researching immediately... It might be the only way."

Kin could all but feel the other girl's hesitation. "I could try to get my sister to come and give a more advanced opinion, but I don't know of one. At this point we're looking at either some kind of medicine that could also take days to research and made, or some sort of seal... I know it's alot, and if you want I can wait here while you deside, but the sooner you do that sooner I can get people working to help you." Kin tried to be as reassuring as possible while she spoke, but inside she didn't like the idea. She knew medicine would be a better choice, but not as effective of one.

07-29-2009, 07:15 AM
((Uhhh...It's already been set up for Yuki to live with Chou...))

Oh, sorry! I didn't read the posts before.

Sabra Kusabana
07-29-2009, 07:21 AM
Gin came into the office, flanked by her ANBU escort. The man stepped aside into a shaded corner as the medic rushed to her sensei's side. The Hokage had moved him to the floor, but had made little progress with his condition. The blond shot her chakra into him, and felt her face shift even as she tried to restrain the emotion. She looked up to meet Hiroko's eyes.

"Ma'am, as his guardian you have control over if I do what I think I must... Either way you may loose one of your most valuable jonin. He's dieing, the only think I know of that might save him is unlocking the chakra points I sealed after the festival. It's might kill him, but he's dead if I don't." Her voice was erriely calm and cold, it sent a shiver down the listening operative's spine, and he made a mental note to never be on her bad side.

Hiroko let her head fall forward in a shocked emotional state. She watched the hands on Chinsei's chest not rise from breath, and that was all she needed to see. "Do it. Do it quickly. Do anything just don't let him go in this much pain!" The Hokage practically jolted away to give the girl room to work.

Skillful hands sliced away at Chinsei's exposed chest, revealing strategically placed chakra needles along it, they followed a percular curled scar that could me mistaken for a moon. The girl pulled the thin pins of metal from his flesh without restrained, running the full collection in a meer matter of seconds. A soon as the last instrument was flung to the floor the man took a strangled breath. Dark almost black blood pooled at the surface where the pins had been, then a shimmering of chakra rolled over the scar.

Gin placed her hands over the small open wounds, as many as she could, and poured her own energy into that which she had released. She ground her teeth to the pain that ran up her arms. The chakra acted like it had a mind of it's own, and rejected her attempt to control it. The intensitive made her pull away after trying for several seconds.

The medic looked down at her palms, hot pink burnlike marks colored them where they'd laid over the holes in her master's flesh. She looked past them to his body. His chest was rising normally, maybe even a touch too strongly. She could see color returning to his skin as well.

She heard Hiroko somewhere else in the room sigh, and the ANBU murmuring. "By the gods..." Gin wasn't sure yet what the chakra would do in the end, but as she watched it heal her teacher she felt a touch of envy for the creature that this power had come from. If only she could have been the one to perform such a miracle...

Gin's greatest fear, and her greatest shame, comes from when she feels useless. Never in her life had she felt as lost as she has sense the encounter with the great winged serpent. She's spent almost every waking moment studying what it did, and is still doing to her and her sensei. She'll be unlikely to rest till she can uncover the answers to the questions that it's effects have brought into her world.

07-29-2009, 07:30 AM
Aiko bit her lip and twiddled her thumbs. "Ummm...Just...do whichever you think is better for me..."

"I'm trusting you to decide on something," Kin said.

"Oh...Ummm...I...ch-choose...the seal, I guess..."

"Alright. Stay calm and rest. I'll get going on that research."

Nick Tasogare
07-29-2009, 07:41 AM
They rushed Chinsei to the hospital, to give him a once over. It seemed that releasing the pressure, so to speak, basically saved him. During the time of having the needles inside him, the Chakra changed, and what was meant to save him, ended up nearly killing him. When the needles were entered, they were meant to channel the chakra correctly, but over time, the chakra within him changed, and instead of controlling the chakra, the needles caused it to sort of, build up, nearly causing him to burst.

"Akemi, Chinsei is in the hospital, come on!" Konmei had come out of nowhere as Akemi was pacing her new room. She was so stunned, but allowed Konmei to drag her off.

When the two arrived at the hospital, Gin was exiting Chinsei's room. "Akemi, you should see him. He's better than ever, it seems." Akemi felt relief and panic. For one, her best friend, first love, fiance, was safe. For another, she had some incredible news to tell him. "Will you give us a few minutes alone?" Konmei nodded, and closed the door as Akemi walked in.

"Chinsei..." Akemi's eyes began to well up with tears. She took Chinsei's outstretched hand, and rubbed it against her face. She sat next to his bed, and kissed him. It seemed like forever since they had seen each other, but after a few minutes, Chinsei broke the kiss. "I'm sorry we lied about my being on a mission. Hiroko needed to have me checked out, I went to her with a problem, and I didn't want to worry you." "I'm just glad you're ok! I can understand why, don't worry about that......We have other...things, to worry about. I'm--" Chinsei reached toward her stomach, and looked gently into her eyes. A feeling of relief washed over her, and she hugged him, not wanting to let go.

07-29-2009, 07:44 AM
Wait...Chou is a girl!?! I mean it's a girl name. but I thought people said he. Ugh, I'm confused what does he look like? (I get Him counfused with sasouke.)

Sabra Kusabana
07-29-2009, 07:45 AM
Kin packed up her things and moved to the other room. "Sabra I need you to go home and get me some kind of messenger animals, there's people I need to contact, I also want one left here." She looked at the other light ninja and handed her a small bottle. "If the pain gets any worse for her make her take two of these. It won't help the problem, but it's powerful to put her out so she doesn't have to feel it. She can't have more then four in a day." She waited for Neko to acknowledge her orders.

The blond gave them a short wave and rushed on out of the building. The two girls were left staring at eachother. Sabra spoke first, "I've never seen her actually take charge of something before." Neko shrugged, looking at the medicine bottle. "I have a cat that could be used as a messenger animal," she said offhandedly. The pink haired ninja shook her head, "You're pet doesn't know the city. I'll bring another cat that does for the animal for here. I have a pretty persian that's been trained for such things, she'll be happy to go somewhere new too."

The pet trainer stood, sparing a glance to where Aiko was now rocking herself back and forth. She went over and pulled a coat from the closet, wrapping it gentlely over the girl's wings and shoulders. "We're ganna get you help as fast as we can. Neko has medicine that might help if you want it, but it's sleeping pills, so that you know. Try to calm down, I promise we'll do our best for you." The darker skinned nin nodded, pulling the coat tighted around herself. "Thanks Furry..."

Sabra left swiftly, she had to get home quickly and explain that she needed to take some of the animals for what she'd been asked to. Her personal problems were all pushed into some dark box in her head for later, right now she would put her all into helping Aiko. They weren't close, but that didn't matter at the moment, the light nin was still a friend.

Sabra Kusabana
07-29-2009, 08:03 AM
Gin stood outside the door for a moment, then in a shocking move for Konmei the medic practically threw herself at the other wall. Slamming her fists against it and leaning her head in. She made a quiet but strange sounding yell. The other woman didn't know what to do but to watch. She saw the medic beat the wall another couple of times before becoming really worried. "Chinsei is okay isn't he?" She finally braved to ask.

The blond nodded against the wall, and spoke thru clenched teeth. "He's fu***ng perfect! Like the last few days never even happened... Better then he was when I okayed his release last time he was put in here!" The other woman neared the babbling medic. As she came around to see her face she realised the teen had tears streaming down her face, and her eyed were unfocused like she wasn't seeing what was around.

"I don't know why, god da***t I don't know why!" The pitch of her voice was going up, but the volume was going down, almost like someone going into hysterics. Konmei Really had no idea what to do, this wasn't her student, she didn't even know the girl. "I'm useless... What if what I had done to him before was what caused this tonight? I might be why he almost died..." The younger jonin let her hands slip down throwing her head back and allowing her body to follow the motion a few steps backward. She looked at the other kunoichi wide eyed.

"Don't tell Akemi he almost lost his life..." That was all she managed before whipping away from the other nin and dashing down the hall, quickly ducking into a room that was labeled STAFF. Konmei was left there in the hall staring at where the strange young medic had been, completely lost on what to make of the scene she'd witnessed.

07-29-2009, 08:06 AM
Wait...Chou is a girl!?! I mean it's a girl name. but I thought people said he. Ugh, I'm confused what does he look like? (I get Him counfused with sasouke.)

((Chou is a 20-year-old female jounin. She is short with a long, ink-black braid that drags along the ground behind her and skin as pale as paper.

As for her breasts, imagine Tunade size.))

Nick Tasogare
07-29-2009, 08:07 AM
((Chou is a 20-year-old female jounin. She is short with a long, ink-black braid that drags along the ground behind her and skin as pale as paper.

As for her breasts, imagine Tsunade size.))
I love you xD

07-29-2009, 08:10 AM
I love you xD

((:oops: You had to supersize the last part...

But it's true! Have you seen the pics of her?))

Sabra Kusabana
07-29-2009, 08:10 AM
Much lol at you both! :lol::lol: Okay just two... Just like, well you can guess.

Nick Tasogare
07-29-2009, 08:11 AM
:oops: You had to supersize the last part...

But it's true! Have you seen the pics of her?

Yes, you naughty vixen xD :lol: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :cool: ;) xD

Nick Tasogare
07-29-2009, 08:12 AM
Much lol at you both! :lol::lol: Okay just two... Just like, well you can guess.

Dirty mind Miss Sabra xD

Sabra Kusabana
07-29-2009, 08:13 AM
Ah, but I thought you knew that already. It comes with being married, I swear!

Nick Tasogare
07-29-2009, 08:13 AM

Sabra Kusabana
07-29-2009, 08:24 AM
It's not my fault I'm married to a pervert. Though I guess it might be somewhat for turning him into one... It was quite fun I assure you.

Nick Tasogare
07-29-2009, 08:25 AM
*facepalm* Good job....xD