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07-07-2009, 04:42 PM
hopefully this is within the rules of the forum as it doesn't have any official characters in this


Name: Akira (Wolfsfang) Zenakuk

Age: 15

Sex: Male

Appearance: Medium height, atheltic build (like Naruto), Black spiky hair, blue eyes. Black and red zip-up top and black trousers

Family/Relationships: Orphan with no family.

Personality: Is fun loving and friendly around his friends but when fighting he is like a whirling dervish of pain.

History: Akira is from the Village Hidden in the Fire. His family were killed when he was very young and was unable to do anything to stop it. This has lead to him training to be the best fighter ever but has also affected his sanity somewhat. Now he has something almost like a split personality. The fun loving Akira who like to play pranks and have a good time in his home village...and the totally ruthless Wolfsfang who never takes prisoners and takes great pleasure in causing pain to the enemy

Strengths/skills: Fire based chakra so is able to use many fire styles such as; flaming clones, fire twister, fire fly barrage , flaming ground eruption, dragon breath jutsu, Rising Phoenix kick, and Rasengan

Weaknesses/failings: his dark side (wolfsfang) has been known to emerge when he is feeling stressed even if it is just over a board game.

Preferred weapon: His fists

Rank: Jonin

Birthday: July 02