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04-15-2011, 11:17 PM
(this story involves Naruto and friends descendants 4 generations down the line so leaf village and others will be in it but characters and plot are all of my own design .also sorry if my spelling is incorrect sometimes)all original characters are long gone as this story takes place just over 300 years later.)

Chapter 1 : The Awakening
on the day of his sixteenth birthday kamari wakes up to find he is no longer in his room. instead he slowly realizes he is in a meadow. In fact the only reason he woke up in the first place was a burning sensation running from his shoulder down his arm he now sees what looks like a tatoo of a strange black dragon. as well as a strange knowledge of martial arts and unknown and powerful jutsue's,a strange connection to a place called the village hidden in the sky and the sudden realization of where he is at. but how as hard as he tries he cant remember how he got here. suddenly a noise comes from a bush just left of him.
Then a Shadow start forming over head, looking up he sees thousands of kunais descend upon him. just as all hope seems lost a sudden surge of power flows throw him and and yell infernal barrier jutsue no sooner as he yell this he forms a series of hand sign's and a strange black flame surrounds him strange enough he feels no heat from it but also now notices the thousands of kunai deflecting of the barrier. when the ended the barriers vanished. Impossible came a first voice,the came a second, let's get him! in a flash two ninja bearing crest from the village hidden in the clouds appeared. who are you kamari said? shut it kid! and he droped as what felt like invisibel chains bound him. lets kim! no Kamari yelled! then a strange voice came from in his head. do you wish to live? yes i do! Then Join with me, let my power flow through you. then an explosion happened. what was that the first cloud ninja said.
whats happening he said . black chakra surrounding kamari so strong it was becoming visible, and changes started showing on his body. his teeth became more like fangs his hand like claws and black scales appeard along his arms and face and suddenly the changes stopped. this new form the voices in his head said is black dragon first form ill leave the rest to you.

The Forgotten One
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This is not the right area on the forums for this kind of RP/fanfic. If another mod could move this (I don't know how), that would be great.

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This is not the right area on the forums for this kind of RP/fanfic. If another mod could move this (I don't know how), that would be great.

explain plz cuase this forum said official area for fanfics until then ill continue working on my story im new to site so like i said please expain in more detail
one more question this is my first fan fic plz let me know how im doing

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In the forum description it says "for the Battle Narrative System".

You want the Fanfics, Stories area. It's the next to last forum.

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i like it.