View Full Version : Battle Stadium D.O.N (GCN/PS2)

03-07-2011, 06:44 PM
It's a fighting game for the GameCube and PlayStation 2 featuring characters from the three popular manga series published by Weekly Shōnen Jump. Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, and Naruto, hence the D.O.N. Both versions of the game received a rating of 26 out of 40 from Weekly Famitsu. Battles involve knocking the red orbs out of your opponants and taking them for yourself. Once you've reached a certain amount, you can go into a transformation mode (EX. Kyuubi, Super Saiyan, 2nd Gear). They more orbs you steel, The higher your life gets, and vice versa.

I rather enjoyed this game and give it a 8/10 for both systems.

I'm also hoping they make a new version for the wii including Bleach insted of DBZ (because of the over-poweredness) or Keeping DBZ and just adding Bleach. and also having newer powers and apperces like, Sage Mode Naruto and 3rd Gear Luffy.

Possible Titles would be, Battle Stadium B.O.N or Battle Stadium B.O.N.D; The second one sounds the best Imo.