View Full Version : Dearest Lelaina,

03-07-2011, 09:18 AM
I know its been 3 years since I was exiled, and I know that you've gotten over me. Thats good, just forget about me, im just your brother you need to live your life...without me. I've thougth about this since I left the sand village, and im not coming back. I know I was framed for Thalia's murder and I know who framed me. But everyone has demonized me, the village is no longer a home for me. Im safe...for now, right now im in the village hidden in the leaves, I'm currently staying with this girl I met in the market. Sakura is her name, she's a bit tempered but a nice person if you get to know her, once you've read this letter, burn it, no one must know that im still alive!

Your brother,