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02-02-2011, 12:08 PM
Obviously, Tobi wants the Sage of 6 Paths' Power. As explained so far, he wants that power to revive the Juubi. How he plans to get this power is what I try to explain here: (to make it easier I have divided this into sections, but you should read the whole thing to get it)

As I have said a few times before, there must be rules regarding to how Tobi obtains all the 6 paths. What I'm saying is that he probably can't just run around stealing eyes and powers just like that. I doubt it would be that simple anyway, cuz if it was, he would have been controlling the world by now. I think there is a certain way Tobi has to use these powers he has in order to get what he wants.

A few people have mentioned before that Zetsu maybe was a "6 paths experiment gone wrong"... as in, there is a reason why he has a white half and a black half. I believe this to be true because there is no other reason for Zetsu to be part of Akatsuki. He does not wear a headband indicating what village he is from, and well... he just isn't normal in the first place. I believe Tobi wants to give certain powers to Zetsu to make him stronger for the war and for something else........................ to fuse with Tobi (yes).

This here is the MAJOR "theory" part.
Alright, so if I recall, Tobi has not said exactly what he wants Kabuto for in the first place. Yes, Kabuto helps him with the war and everything, but Tobi recruited Oro for the Akatsuki long ago (for a purpose) who had the same powers. He must have wanted something from Oro that he did not have...
the Edo Tensei Technique. It was just by pure luck for Tobi that Kabuto offered to join him. Anyway, I think Tobi wants that Edo Tensei to fuse himself and Zetsu together. Let me explain... I think Tobi has been using Zetsu for another reason: to aquire the spiritual powers of the Sage of 6 Paths'... while Tobi aquires all the physical powers (Rinnegan, Sharingan, etc.)
Tobi (while may proving his downfall) plans to control Kabuto with his Sharingan to kill Zestu and use Tobi's own body as the sacrifice for resurrecting Zetsu. Once Kabuto summons Zetsu through Tobi, Tobi's Sharingan, Rinnegan, and whatever other Sage powers he has, remain, but Zetsu's Spiritual powers add on to Tobi's through Zetsu's body.... creating all the powers and paths he needs to summon the Juubi.

In short, Kabuto kills Zetsu, summons him back through Tobi's body. Tobi's Sharingan and Rinnegan remain, while Zetsu's power come into him through the body of Zetsu.

02-02-2011, 01:35 PM
No, just no. :|

Hyuuga Heir
02-02-2011, 02:34 PM
I kind of agree with zero..... the abilities the sacrifice used for Edo Tensei doesn't seem to have any effect on the person summoned. It's basically something for the resurrected soul to inhabit itself in...

02-02-2011, 04:29 PM
Yesh, did TObirama have dosu's powers? NO!!

Did Hashirama have kin's 'powers'? NO!!!!

Otherwise, Oro would have effectively won, more so.

EvL j3st3r
02-02-2011, 07:04 PM
I agree with the other posters. We have never seen an instance where the summoned soul acquired the powers of the body they were summoned into on top of having their own original power.