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This is my Fan-Fic, as seen on the Naruto bandai CCG website.

I will post a few chapters to start with, then just continue writing at leisure.

Chapter One: After the Tree is Cut Down, The Petals Continue to Fall

Aoki Kawazoe sat on the bench in the park, and yet his mind was a thousand miles away. "What is this?", wondered the Cloud ninja.

"Why am I here?", he wondered out loud. "Just what am I doing, lying around like this?"

"I was under the impression that you were preparing for our meeting with Raikage-sama, Aoki." The swordsmaster looked up, and was startled to see his comrade, Hibiki Kaizen, leaning on a nearby tree. "Comrade," Aoki thought, "is that really me talking?"

"When did you..."

"...Arrive?", finished Hibiki, smiling so widely, Aoki thought that his head must surly split in two. "What a nusiance"", Aoki thought. There was simply no way that this man had evaded his site. But then again, Hibiki was very skilled in stealth tactics, so why should he be surprised?

"I arrived a few minutes ago, but since you seemed so very deep in thought, I decided to hang back until Manami gets here."

Aoki did not respond, he simply continued to look on, as shrewdly as possible without actually closing his eyes. Hibiki stood at about Aoki's height, but was 3 inches taller, at roughly 5 ft. 11 in. He was also three years older than Aoki, at 18 years of age. with dark brown hair, and shady brown eyes, he reminded the former Mist ninja of his father. Or rather, his former father. Right now, the Raikage was the closest thing he had to a father, and Hibiki as the closest thing he had to a brother, except his friend fromerly from the Hidden Grass Village was too tactless to be aware of it.

Aoki was about to ask Hibiki if he had used a jutsu to get around his field of vision, but was interrupted when an unmistakable personage slammed into his side, knocking him off of the bench. With a loud thud he fell into the grass, a large opponent in hot pursuit. Pinning him so that he couldn't lift a even a finger, Manami Nara began to wrestle Aoki into face-down position, and promptly yelled out; "So, did ya miss me, Aoki-kun?"

The blue-eyed shinobi and the green-eyed kunoichi just stared at each other for a moment, and then Aoki sighed. He felt all wrong today. His senses were off, and even Manami, the former Leaf ninja, had caught him off of his guard.

Manami was shorter than Aoki, and yet mopre aggresive for that. The dark-haired beauty was almost as annoying to Aoki as Hibiki was to Manami.

"Manami... could you.... do something... for me?" gasped Aoki, for lack of oxygen.

"Of course, Aoki-kun!" shouted Manami, looking as though Christmas had come early, "You know I'd do anything for you!"

"Could you.... get off.... can't breath!" Aoki sputtered, and of course, Manami did, even as he began saying it. She was always like this, ever since they had met. Aoki still remembered when they had been introduced, and how Manami had begged to be able to stay with him, that she had testified how badly she wanted to be with him.

At the time, Aoki had laughed in her face, and walked out on all of them. But, in time, that bloody Mist cleared from his mind, even as it had done for his former village. He had Raikage-sama to thank for that. Despite the fact that all three of them were jonin level in rank, their powers paled in comparison to their leaders', and yet, he had not tossed them aside. He had confidence in them, and he told them so, at their very first meeting.

"Hey, you two, it's probably a good idea to leave all that mushy-gushy love stuff for later," Hibiki was saying, as Aoki jerked back to reality.

"Hey, no fair!" Manami yelled, "you had alot of time with Aoki-kun on our last mission, now it's my turn!"

"Listen," Hibiki said, straitening up to his full height, "When Raikage-sama calls, that means we're supposed to come, got it? Even such a dumb, busty girl like you outta know- ouch!"

Aoki looked again, and saw that Manami had taked up with her favorite past-time, and had started to bludgeon Hibiki with her sandals.


"Hey, you two," muttered Aoki, "stop fooling around, or we're gonna get stuck with cleaning out the bathrooms again, or some other lame mission."

"Alright, since you said so, Aoki-kun," Manami mumbled.

"Yeah! Lets go! You two both know how Raikage-sama hates it when we keep him waiting," Hibiki shouted, "to the kage's mansion!"

Chapter Two: Tremors Stir the Fallen Leaves, The Messenger Arrives!

The cracks in the pavement. The angles of the stairs. The exact size, shape, and density of the Kage's Office door.

These were the things that Aoki noticed on the way up, to the Raikage's office.

He had always liked walking up to the office. It had made him feel, well, powerful. As if there was a higher power, and he was about to surpass it.

But that was nonsense. He wasn't anywhere near powerful enough, not yet. And he certainly wasn't close to surpassing Raikage-sama. He hadn't been powerful enough to stop Suigetsufrom leaving his old village, and he wasn't powerful enough to beat him now, not yet at least.

"So, you three" Raikage-sama was saying, "Even though your last mission was to clean the stables, I think you've learned your lesson, so you're going to be allowed to get back on the misson roster. And, I have a client who has requested a mission, and an audience with you, Aoki."

Aoki blinked. No one, with the exception of his teammates, ever requested to see him. Mainly because many inside the village viewed them as outsiders, and those outside the village viewed them as traitors.

"Who is it, Sensei?"

"Just a messenger, with some interesting information on your old teacher" remarked the Raikage mysteriously.

Raiga-sama? thought Aoki franticaly, Whats happened? Whats he done? Why has he suddenly appeared after after all these years? I need to know!!!

He may have thought these things, but on the outside, he simply said: "Yes sir, Raikage-sama."

Manami and Hibiki looked around at him nervously. None of them ever got contacts with old associates from their villages. Hibiki's family and friends had already been killed when he came to the Cloud village, and Manami was in exile.

"Enter," called the Raikage.

Aoki's eyes widened in shock. He had been expecting Kisame, as Zabuza had long been dead. He got the next best thing. Kisame's colaborator, Tatsuki.

Aoki tried to remain un-emotional as Tatsuki approached him.

She was the person who had helped Kisame kill suigetsu's older brother, and take his sword, Samehada.

"Hello, Aoki" Tatsuki said, smiling.

The next words to come out of her mouth shocked him, and changed his life forever.

"Raiga-sama is dead."

Chapter Three: The Flower Blossoms, The Mission Becomes Clear!

"Raiga-sama is dead?!"

Hibiki and Manami shifted around uncomfortably. Aoki had told them all about the Seven Swordsman of the Hidden Mist, how cruel and powerful they all were. Especially Raiga.

Aoki was shaking. This was the last thing he had expected. Raiga, the invincible, near immortal swordsman, was just dead!? Well, he didn't want to think about that right now. That wasn't important.

"Who?" asked Aoki quietly.

Tatsuki smiled.

"Planning to avenge your old teacher? Thats so like yoiu, Aoki. So immature, and naive."

"He asked who did it!" yelled Manami, "answer Aoki-kun right away, or you'll have me to answer to!" Hibiki said nothing, but it was obvious where he stood.

Tatsuki scowled.

"Some group of brats took down your precious teacher and his famed Kurosuki Gang," she said, "they were a bunch of trash. And apparently they were a group of Genin from the Village in the Leaves."

"Well then," said Hibiki, "I guess we're going to kill them, huh Aoki?"

"You're all getting ahead of yourselves" said the Raikage, "I haven't given you your mission yet. You are to go to Lightning Pass, and steal Raiga's swords. You shouldn't have too much oposition, so this is probably only a B rank mission."

"If we're only stealing a pair of swords, how is this a B rank mission?" asked Hibiki.

"Duh, Hibiki," Manami exclaimed, "we'll have to worry about the rest of the Seven Swordsmen, not to mention that stupid Suigetsu!"

"Is that all, Raikage-sama?" asked Aoki tentatively.

"Yes Aoki" said the Raikage, "All right you four, scatter!!!"

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Chapter Four: A Deadly Duo, Rush to the Swords!

"All right you four, scatter!!!"

As they began running, leaping, and jumping, Tatsuki began to lag behind.

"Hey, Tatsuki-chan," cried Hibiki, who was the only one behind her, "get your perfectly round *** up there and..."

Just outside Aoki's line of site, Manami moved to the side, but he sensed her going backward.


"Yes, Aoki-kun?"

"Hit him with both sandals for me, willya?"

"Yeah, sure thing."

And even as he heard Hibiki's yells, Aoki thought to himself; "This is going to be a long trip..."

__________________________________________________ _______________

Kaito thought it was such a waste. Raiga had been such a weakling, did it really matter whether they had his swords? Was it worth all of this work? Besides, he hated traveling. He let his enemies come to him, and thats why he won.

"Hey Haruto," he yelled, "Why's old man Mizukage makin' us do this, anyway?"

Haruto said nothing.

"Tch, what a bore." muttered Kaito. Haruto might be annoying, but he was good to have around. Being the only one of all the Seven Swordsmen to use Wind chakra, he was a great asset to their organization.

"We need to do this," said Haruto, "Raiga may be dead, but there are plenty of people put there who we cannot allow to get these swords."

"If it's so important, why didn't Ryouichi come as well? He's our most powerful member, and we might need him. With Kisame serveing directly with Mizukage-sama and the Akatsuki, Ta***i on a seperate mission, and Zabuza and Raiga dead, we simply can't afford not to have him here!"

"Listen, all we need to do is get the swords," said Haruto, "anything else that may or may not happen is just a distraction. Our orders are to get the swords, and not to engage the enemy unless absolutly nessecary."

"Yeah yeah, I hear ya," grumbled Kaito, "lets just get the swords and leave, and if anyone trys to stop us, we slice 'em to peices."

Haruto shook his head. "I am disgusted by the nessecity of fighting."

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Chapter Five: A Clash of Arms, Battle in the Sky!

They had been traveling for hours now. Aoki was tired, but not just because he was carrying his own weight. Manami was leaning on him as well. Hibiki insisted that he wasn't tired, but that was just stupid. Even Tatsuki's pace was slowing.

"Hey Aoki!" shouted Hibiki suddenly.

"Yeah, I feel it too," Aoki yelled back, "keep moving!"

Suddenly, Aoki was aware of a presence that he hadn't felt in years. He looked up. There, sitting in the branches, was Kaito, his former superior in the Hidden Mist's Swordsmen.

"Hey, little Aoki, long time no see."

Kaito jumped.

"Water Style: Four Headed Beast Jutsu!"

Aoki looked around, as the four of them got into formation. They were surrounded by four pillars, of equal height, boxing them in. Each pillar was roughly one kilometer in distance from the two other pillars to which it was adjacent, and was about a mile up.

"Come on, Aoki!" Hibiki shouted, as he dove towards the Swordman.

Kaito smiled.

"Water Style: Ten Thousand Blue Dragons!!!"

Hibiki stopped. Surrounding them were ten thousand real water dragons!

"Shadow Possesion Jutsu, success."

Aoki looked at Manami, who had formed the sign of the Rat. All this time, he hadn't seen Kaito weave a single hand sign.

"Wait, Hibiki, Manami! I think I know what going on! He must have prepared this barrier beforehand, and activated it when we got here. That would mean they anticipated us coming!"

"Wait, what are you talking about?" yelled Hibiki desperatly.

"What do you mean "They", Aoki-kun" asked Manami carefully.

"He means this." said a voice from behind.

The three of them turned, just in time to see Haruto slice off Tatsuki's head.

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Chapter Six: The Battle Comences, Hibiki's Power! Part One!

It seemed to take Tatsuki's body forever to fall. Haruto didn't even blink.

"She was just trash, and traitorous trash at that. And Kaito, how did that little girl capture you? She's as weak as the rest of them." Manami grinned.

"It's because of what Aoki-kun said. The same thought was going through my head as well. Your partner wasn't signing. Hand signs are nessecary to create jutsu. Therefore, that isn't a jutsu, it's something else, perhaps an illusion. Or, it's like Hibiki's technique, and it's refracting light, showing us something thats not there."

"Well well, aren't we the anylitical one," Kaito shot back, "but I don't see you doing anything. Don't take us lightly, or we'll kill you just like that worthless girl!!"

At that, Hibiki leaped, and shot towards Kaito. "You," he muttered, as he jumped, "are in no position to make threats." Signing quickly, he sidestepped behind Kaito, and exclaimed: "Earth Style: Glass Mirror Jutsu!"

A thousand reflections appeared; a thousand Hibiki's, Manami's, and Aoki's. Haruto raised a skeptical eyebrow. "Is this your jutsu? A mirror technique? Well, if thats all, then finish him, Kaito."

"Tch, quit giving orders, willya? I swear, you're as stupid as these kids! I can't even move, you idiot, what am I supposed to do?!"

Haruto looked on calmly. "Well, if thats all you need, why didn't say so?" he asked. Then he vanished.

"Where is he, Hibiki?" shouted Aoki.

"Hold it-- wait, above!!" shouted Hibiki, even as the enemy reappeared.

"So, you can locate objects contained within the mirrors, huh?" questioned Haruto, "what a joke." Aoki blinked.

"Move, Manami!!" he shouted desperatly.

"Too late." Haruto muttered. He began to sign, and then chanted; "Wind Style: Divine Wings Jutsu." Right on cue, two large angel-like wings sprouted from his back. He shot down, and then up again. He twirled about without supporting himself, effortlessly floating through the air.

"So thats it, huh?" asked Manami, "thats your ability It would explain a whole lot."

"What do you mean, Manami?" asked Aoki.

"I noticed from the very beginning, he was the fastest person here. He took out a Jonin level ninja in only one second. His speed is unparalleled by anything I've ever seen. And he whips around that long, heavy sword like its nothing." Turning to Haruto, she asked; "So, you've been manipulating the wind all this time, huh?"

"Yes," responded Haruto, "your anayisis was correct. I use this technique to enhance my speed, strength, and power. The name of my sword is Tachikaze, or the earth-slicing wind. Any earth or lightning type attacks are useless against me."

"Yeah, now how about freeing me, huh?" shouted Kaito impaciently.

"Sorry, but I don't think so," said Hibiki, "you're both to dangerous to live. We'll take you down, one by one."

"You just don't get it, do you?" asked Haruto, "I can fly as high as I please, and all of those mirros of yours are one-dimensional, aso I can see right through your stupid little technique."

"Heh, but thats the point," said Hibiki, "I can MAKE my mirrors multi-dimensional. Manami," he whispered to his companion, "How much longer does your Shadow Possesion have on it?"

"I can maintain the technique for another two minutes."

"Good," responded Hibiki, "Aoki, you work with me. We'll finish them by then."

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Chapter Six: The Battle Comences, Hibiki's Power! Part Two!

"Lets go, Aoki!" yelled the thousand Hibiki's. Haruto sighed.

"Even if you have all of these fancy mirrors, they can still be broken, yes? And no matter how many of them there are, I can still see you, so I can still make my attack, even if it isn't the real you. What next, kid?"

"Nothing." chuckled Hibiki, "But you don't seem to realize the full extent of my powers!!"

"Haruto!" shouted Kaito, "Behind you!!"

"Lightning style: Lightning Fangs!" chanted Aoki, and he leaped around the swordsman. Haruto swung his blade horizontally, and it connected with the lightning, causeing it to dissipate. Aoki smiled. All of a sudden, a second blast of lighning hit Harutos' back, causeing his knees to buckle.

"See, its not all about evasive maneuvers," the former rock ninja was saying, "I can aso make duplicates of jutsu and terrain as well. Essentially, anything within my field of vision could be an illusion, and theres no way for you to tell the difference."

"Haruto, you lazy idiot!" shouted Kaito, "These kids are no joke!! We have to retreat now, or--"

"I'm... not... losing... here..." Haruto gasped, "Not while I have orders from Mizukage-sama himself to tkae these swords!" He looked up. There was another twelve mirrors or so above his head. "How can you make this many? Kaito can only make four, no matter how big they are! Just how much chakra do you have??"

"I told you, you have no idea as to the extent of my abilities." said Hibiki, "I don't have much chakra, it's true. But, I don't need it, because I can make mirrors of mirrors! Illusions within illusions!"

"I see." said Haruto, "That makes sense. However, if I shatter the originals, what becomes of your technique?" Haruto swirved sideways, and chanted, "Wind Style: Art of the Wind Tunnel!" A huge, swirling vortex of wind and debris opened up, engulfing a third of the battlefield in side the four giant mirrors. The tunnel struck Aoki and Hibiki, though thankfully not Manami.

Once the field had cleared, Aoki looked around. Most of Hibiki's original mirros had been engulfed in the blast, and Hibiki himself had been thrown side ways into a large tree, and he was resting on one of the branches. Manami had not been hit, though she had been unseated. Aoki jumped over to her.

"Hey, Aoki-kun," she said, standing up, "How are you, didn't you get hit?"

"Yeah, I'm ok, don't worry about me." Hibiki groaned, "I'll just lie here."

"You'd better," said Haruto, "Kaito, lets go, we're leaving." Kaito, who had been freed by the blast wave, was more than happy to comply.


As they leaped away, Haruto spoke to Kaito. "We're splitting up. I must go back and inform Mizukage-sama of this new development. you go on ahead, we'll send backup for you."

"Whatever, I don't need it." muttered Kaito, as the two of them went their seperate ways.


"Hey, Manami," Hibiki said, as he leaned on Aoki's shoulders, "I'm glad you didn't get hit by the blast."

"Why thank you, Hibiki," responded Manami, though Aoki noticed that she was edging her left foot slightly out of her sandle, "Thats nice of you."

"Yeah," muttered Hibiki, "I figure you look cuter with your panties on."

Even as he heard Hibikis' yells, and the sound on Manami abuseing her teammate, Aoki turned away, and sighed.

"Some things never change."

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Chapter Seven: Aoki's Indignation, The Original Sin! Part 1!

The recent fight had re-opened Aoki's wounds from the past. After seeing those two swordsmen, he began to remember the last time he had seen his former teacher. It had been seven years ago.

__________________________________________________ _______________

"Hey, Raiga-sensei, wait up!" Raiga turned. It was that brat, Aoki.

"Raiga-sensei, Mizukage-sama says that he wants us all to attend a meeting right away, including us, the cadet swordsmen as well!"

"Listen, Aoki," began Raiga, but he was cut off.

"Hey, Raiga!" shouted a familiar voice, "Don't tell me you brought this brat along too?!"

"Zabuza-sensei! Suigetsu, what are you doing here?"

"Are you trying to tell me that you didn't bring him, Raiga?" Zabuza probed testily.

"I didn't do nuthin." Raiga said, looking annoyed, "He just showed up. Listen, Zabuza, he wants us to go to the meeting."

"Whoo-wee! The he must not know what good 'ol Mizukage-sama's cookin up!" yelled Suigetsu delightedly.

"What do you mean?" Aoki asked, "What are you talking about, Suigetsu?" Raiga turned.

"The Mizukage is collecting all of the most dangerous ninja in the lands, and creating an organization. He already has Itachi, an heir to the Uchiha clan, and Sasori of the Red Sand, an extremely powerful puppet master. The organizations goal is to collect all of the Biju, or Tailed-Beasts. He also wants the Mist's Swordsmen toi participate, but we know better. We've tried an assasination, but ultimately failed, and thats why he's called the meeting. So we figure its as good a time as any to leave."

"But--" shouted Aoki, but too late. Suigetsu shot towards him, and knocked him down with a single punch to the stomach.

"I've temporarily severed your chakra network, you aren't getting up soon."

"Raiga... sama...." gasped Aoki.

"Lets go, Raiga." said Zabuza. And, with one last look at his former apprentice, Raiga turned his back on the village, and vanished into the night.

__________________________________________________ _______________

Haruto entered the great chamber. Inside were the Akatsuki members, seated upon the statue as always. Ryouichi and Takyumi were there as well.

"Welcome back, Haruto." echoed the Mizukages voice from up on the statue. "How goes your mission?"

"Poorly, my lord." answered Haruto. "The Hidden Cloud Village has taken an interest in the swords, and seeks to capture them. Amoungst our enemies is young Aoki."

"Ah yes, I remember him." said another voice on the statue, "Very devoted kid."

"Quiet, Kisame." said the Mizukage, "Takyumi, go with haruto, and find those ****ed swords!"

"As you wish, Madara-san." said Takyumi, as the two of them exited the room.

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Chapter Seven: Aoki's Indignation, The Original Sin! Part 2!

As they made their way towards their objective, Haruto began to relax a bit. Those kids had just got the jump on him, that was all. Theyw ere beneath his level.

Takyumi looked at him. He was, after all, the calmest of their group. Not counting ryouichi, of course. He never liked to be included in anything. He was, after all, "Mizukage-sama's most trusted servant". He felt no need to covort about with the rest of them.

Not that Takyumi thought Haruto was anything special. He was about six feet tall, mad medium-length brown hair, and green eyes. He wore a white cloak that was form-fitting at the top, and loose at the bottom.

She herself was about five feet eight inches tall. She had a very slender figure and wore a uniform of black spandex with a large sash-like skirt hanging off of her left hip.

And then there was the difference in their swords.

Harutos' sword, known as the Drifting-Space blade, was about seven feet long. The blade was white, the hilt was white, and it had a guard that was white and saw-like in shape.

Takyumis' blade, the Whale Fang, was about three feet long, and the blade was a foot wide. At either end of the guard there were two fang-like markings that branched outward. The hilt was a spiral-like in form, and was a deep blue.

Not that blades really mattered, she thought. No, it was her appearance that she was proud of. Her deep blue eyes and her long white hair, these were her jewels, studded into a crown of superiority.

Also, of the Seven Mist Shinobi Swordsmen(aside from Ryouichi), she was definatly the most powerful swordsman. Or woman. Whatever.

"Hey, Takyumi-chan!"

She turned around, and faced the trees to her back. Haruto also turned. From around the closest oak tree came Kaito.

"Sorry to bother you, it just took me a while to catch up, is all."

Takyumi clicked her tongue impatiently. He could be so annoying sometimes.

"Why are you here?"

"Oh, Mizukage-sama said that I was free to go whereever I wished, and I wanted to come, so I came."

Kaito looked at her. His long, blue hair, coupled with the pale white eyes and large black coat made him look like, well, Raiga, before he left. He was taller than Haruto, at about six feet five inches, and he shared her love for art. Or so he said. He was powerfully built, but his sword was even more impressive.

It was odd, with five different blades. Each was three feet long, and the hilt was another foot. The blades each sprouted from the hilt and guard, then came upward and curved down, like a question mark. The guard was a perfect square.

"Hey, guys," said Haruto, ""Sorry to break up your intruiging conversation, but our objective has been compromised."

"Speak english, idiot!" shouted Kaito.

Takyumi leaned forward to see Raigas former apprentice standing on the cliff of Lightning-Struck Pass, holding his masters swords.

"Our party has been crashed." she murmured softy

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Chapter 8: The last Swordsman, The Despicable Mission!


Ryouichi turned and saw Mizukage-sama, or "Tobi", as he prefered to be called amoungst the Akatsuki members.

Not that it wasn't a brilliant idea. The mask of Tobi was an excellent disguise for the worlds most powerful shinobi. And pretending to work for on eof the Akatsuki members, that was also brilliant.

Of course, a few of the Akatsuki members were in on it. "Pain", the supposed leader of Akatsuki, who actually received his orders directly from Madara. Konan, Pains' partner. Zetsu, the Akatsuki whom "Tobi" worked for. And then there was Itachi Uchiha, Madara-samas' associate and Kisames' partner.

It was funny, really. Kisame had joined up with Akatsuki only to find out that they were working with the swordsmen who had remained loyal. He didn't know, however, that Mizukage-sama was really Tobi. He just thought that Tobi was some loud mouthed Akatsuki associate put in charge of the swordsmen, to keep them in line.

"Yes, Mizukage-sama?"

"I'm, sending you on a mission."

"And?" Ryouichi queeried.

"You are to go to the Hidden Lightning Village, and execute the Raikage."

Ryouichi took it all in. On the one hand, it was a simple order, and could be carried out easily. On the other, it could easily become more complicated.

"And any others?"

"Kill everyone there. No witnesses, and no survivors.

Ryouichi nodded, and made his way from the statue chamber to the valley below.

__________________________________________________ _______________

Ryouichi surveyed his surroundings. It had been nothing to get inside of the village. Security was lax, and the shinobi were disgustingly slow. Still, on eof the thirty guards he had attacked had escaped. Perhaps to his precious Raikage? It wouldn't do him any good. Today, every man, woman, and child in this village was going to die.

Still, it seemed that the atmosphere in this village, combined with the scenery was alomost... calming. It would certainly be a shame to have to destroy it all at once. Sandy beaches, leafy parks, stone monuments, everywhere he looked there seemed to be something peaceful.

Perhaps, just perhaps, he need not destroy everything? And maybe Mizukage-sama would forgive him for disobeying orders just this once? In fact...

"You!! Intruder, halt!!"

Ryouichi turned slowly, and in front of him he saw about fifty or so Cloud ninja, and one man wearing the unform of the Lightning villages' Kage.

He was a tall, dark skinned man, with a short white goatee, and a muscular figure. On his shoulders he balanced a large ax, which was colored black, and had the Cloud villages' symbol on it. all of the other ninja were of various shapes and sizes, races and genders, but they all had one thing in common. They all wore the Cloud village uniform. Ryouichi sighed.

"What!?" shouted the Raikage, "Do you dare to mock us!?"

"And just when I was about to spare you, too." Ryouichi muttered, as he unsheathed his sword.

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Chapter 8: The Last Swordsman, The Despicable Mission! Part 2!

The Raikage lept backwards to avoid being engulfed by the swordmans' massive Fireball jutsu. So far, he had displayed only fire chakra nature.

The Raikage ducked out and away from a powerful Pheonix Flower jutsu. 'This guy', he thought, 'he's dishing out such powerful fire style techniques in the blink of an eye. I can't keep up with his signing!' He looked around. 'Nearly everyone has been taken down!' His gaze swept the field again. The only ninja currently standing were Akira; the 6'7" blonde Lightning stylist, Setsuko; the 5'6" troublesome yet beautiful red-head, and Gorou; the 5'8" black haired man with Earth and Water chakra nature. 'Guess I'll have to rely on those three.'

"Akira! Gorou! Setsuko! Attack!" he shouted.

"Yes sir! Right away!" The three masked Jonin responded, as they ran at Ryouichi on all sides. They split up and circled the swordsman while signing meticulously.

"Lightning style: Shock Palm!"

"Water style: Rippling Torrent!"

"Wind Style: Divine Spirit!"

There was a flash, and a gigantic explosion. Akira stepped to the side, but found himself slowing down. Every moment seemed as a day, while the others speed around him. Then, his foe appeared.

"Is this.... Genjutsu..?" Akira managed to choke out, while slowly moving his kunai to block the oncoming sword.

"Sorry, but no." Ryouichi responded, and then he vanished. A split second later, Akira was dimly aware of his foe reappearing behind him, then his head was loosed from his neck, and the world disolved into a red haze.

Gorou tried to move, but it was like wading through mud. The pressure had spread to every inch of his body. "You!" he yelled across the field, "You're applying pressure to our bodys, aren't you?!" Ryouichi lifted his head to the sky. He opened his eyes.

"No. Sorry, but maybe your lady-friend has a better guess." And, as though he had already moved, he was suddenly standing next to Setsuko, his hand on her neck.

Setsuko could only blink in surprise. This intruder, this invader, had been fast enough to cut down Akira. No one had ever been fast enough to cut down Akira. She could see it in her minds' eye, the sword swinging through the air, and Akira falling, falling, his body spilling upon the ground.

Gorou couldn't stand it. There was nothing unusual about this man. He was about 6' tall, had short black hair, and wore a black coat that opened up at the front. His sword was not unusual, it was just a regulkar katana which he sheathed on his back. Why, why was this intruder so strong?

He saw the answer, even as Setsukos' body hit the ground. "Y..y...you..." he stuttered, "You're controling time?!" Ryouichi smiled.

"Extrodinary. You figured it out. well, they do say third time's the charm. Lets see if that's true!" he shouted, lunging at Gorou.

Gorou flinched. Then he blinked. And he blinked again. He was still alive? He looked up, only to see the Raikage standing in front of him. "Go." the Raikage intoned through clenched teeth, "Go. Setsuko's still alive, pick her up and get out of here. I'll need you to get in touch with the Hidden Mist and Hidden leaf villages. This is an affair of the utmost importance. Tell them that we require assistance, and this is their affair also. Go!!!"

With that, Gorou got up, side stepped the two ninja, and grabbed Setsuko. With one last look at his former village leader, he took off. He had a new mission now.

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As long as I still have support, i'll give it my best shot!

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thats okay take ur time nno not really go ahead steady pace GO AS FAST AS U CAN slow and steady is good DUDE GO FAST!!!im calm no im not really...

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that would top ur streak of bad luck definitely

It would.

Sorry to keep you all waiting, but I might be able to post up the second part later! If not, you'll get it tomorrow morning!

Chapter Nine: The Crimson Lightning, A Kekkei Genkai? Part 1!

"So, the way I figure it, we jump in, kill the brats, and jump out again." Kaito was saying.

"You forget howq much trouble the girls' shadow jutsu was to you last time," Haruto countered, "this won't be easy."

"They gave both of you trouble." Takyumi cut in, "We need stealth."

Well then," Kaito added, stepping in front of her and lifting his sword with two hands, "Why don't you guys let me do the honors?" He jumped off of the cliff, and down to Lightning Struck Pass. Takyumi rolled her eyes and followed, but Haruto turned back, and faded into the dusk.

__________________________________________________ ___

"Hey, Aoki!"

Aoki turned, just in time to catch notice of the two impending blows, that, had they connected, would have ripped him apart.

As he crossed swords with his opponent, he noticed she was maked, though her eyes were visible.

"Who are you?" he yelled over the clangs and explosions, which he interpreted to mean that each of his squad mates had also found an opponent.

Aoki turned and delivered a roundhouse kick to his opponents jaw. As she reeled backward, he swung each of his swords, enunciating each word in turn.

"Who." He swung the sword in his right hand down.

"Are." He delivered a back-handed stroke with his left sword as he pulled his right sword back.

"You?" He flicked the tip of his right sword up, and casually caught it on his attackers mask.

He stopped dead, because Aoki recognized that face.


She smiled. "Just keepin you on your toes."

She dissapated the two shadow clones that had been fighting with Hibiki and Manami, and turned back to him. She opened her mouth to speak.

Suddenly, a great shadow loomed up behind her.

07-08-2009, 05:57 PM
I just decided, this chapter is going to have a part 3!

Chapter Nine: The Crimson Lightning, A Kekkei Genkai? Part 2!

A shadow loomed behind Tatsuki. Aoki was in shock.

Because he recognized that face too.

Tatsuki leaned in. "Hey Aoki," she whispered to her speechless comrade, "Take this." She tucked a small peice of folded up paper into his front pocket. "Goodbye." She lept backward. The attacker swung her sword forward.

And all he saw was red haze.

When he thought he had seen Tatsukis' head sliced off, he hadn't seen any blood. This time, he knew she really was gone. Gone forever.

He turned with rage towards his attacker. But, she just smiled.

"It's been a long time, Aoki."

"Takyumi, you filth."

"Oh, now why take that tone with me?" She asked innocently, "Just die peacefully like your friend."

At that, Aoki lost control. He screamed, and lept forward. All the while Takyumi smiled. She intoned; "Lightning Style: Crimson Wrath!"

Aokis' eyes widened. He took a step backward, and then was engulfed in a charge of rde lightning, It coursed throughout his body, and he thought that surely, surely this is the end. This is death. Nothing could be more painful.

Then, it stopped. He fell to his knees, his ears ringing. In the background, he could hear kaito fighting with Hibiki and Manami, but he couldn't help them. He couldn't move. His world had been blown away.

Kaito lept backward. "Hey, you shouldn't use that technique. you know it's dangerous." Takyumi threw him a dirty blook.

"What?" Hibiki panted, as Manami rushed to Aokis' side.

"The Kekkei Genkai, or Blood-Line Trait refered to as the 'Crimson lightning' is truly a double-edged sword." Kaito answered, " It has four levels of power. EWith each level, the strength and risk increase. Howeve, the technique can only be used four times per battle, becasue of the great amount of chakra it consumes. Also, the levels of power can only be used in order, to build on each other for greater power. Like climbing a ladder. The higher you climb, the farther you fall."

"So, there must be a great risk for that fourth level, right?" Manami asked.

"The 'Final Stage' is a release of the users chakra, and is an attack of cataclysmic proportions. No one could survive it." Kaito said, with soem emphasis on the word survive, as if he would rather not be here when it went off.

"Well, thanks." said Aoki, getting to his feet.

"For what?"

"For giving us the information we need to win." Manami responded, "That final level would kill us all, which means you're vulnerable to it."

"You're crazy," Takyumi muttered, "You'd be destroyed."

"Maybe. But maybe not." Manami smiled, "We have a few tricks of our own, thank you very much."

"Come on, you guys!" Aoki yelled, "Let's do this!"

Part 3 should be up tomorrow.

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Ok, I decided that I'll be posting a new chapter every 3 days, with part 1 on day 2, and part 2 on day 3. Like this:

Day one: I write part 1
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Day three: I post part 2, and a part three if there is one.
Day four: Catch up, or relaxation time. I don't get alot of that.

Today is a day three.

New part of chapter shall be posted by 8:00 centrl time.

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Chapter Nine: The Crimson Lightning, A Kekkei Genkai? Part 3!

"Come on, you guys! Lets do this!"

Aoki, Manami, and Hibiki all moved simultaneously. Takyumi and Kaito lept aside.

"Hey, you notice that Haruto's gone?"

"You should get going too, Kaito. I don't want to have to kill you."

"Gee, that's nice of you." Kaito rolled his eyes.

"Yes, it is. Get going."

"But, hey, you really want me to leave you? You sure?"

"Yes, plenty sure." Takyumi said, dodging a swipe from Hibikis' kunai.

"Alright. But, Takyumi?" Takyumi was too preoccupied with her fight to notice him. "Hey, just let me say, take care of yourself. I always--"

"Are you going?"

"Yes." And, without another word, Kaito lept of the wall of the cliff. On his way to the top, he looksed back, and whispered, "I love you."


"Hey, are you guys ready to get serious?"

"We've been serious, you witch!" Hibiki shouted.

Takyumi smiled. "That's more like it."

She lept over him, and even as his eyes refocused on her, she shouted, "Lightning Style: Crimson Wrath!!!!"

Hibiki was knocked away. He would have screamed, if he had time.

He may not have screamed, but Manami did. Then, instinctively, she looked towards Aoki.

"Lightning Style: Crimson Wrath!!!"

The edge of the cliff shattered, and they were blasted away.


Manami hit rock bottom, but managed to land on her feet. She looked around. Hibiki lay on the ground to her left, and Aoki on her right. He was bleeding profusely.

She slowly raised her gaze, staring daggers into the only other living thing in the valley.

"You witch. You're dead."

Next Chapter: A Battle For Love, Manami Tears Loose!

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Therefore, I'm going to post links to a different Fan-Fic page, where my Fan-Fic is also being posted, and hopefully I'll be able to carry on with the same story-line.

Also, both parts will be up tomorrow. Unfortunately, my parents didn't feel like giving me a break today. All I need to do is type them up, though.


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I haven't planned the next couple of chapters out completely, there will be at least one dead Uchiha.

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Soon I'll be posting a filler arc in my Fan-Fic, just for fun, the title will be:

Filler Chapter One: Sunagakure Beach!

08-01-2009, 03:54 PM
You want all Uchihas to die? Oh, well you may be disapointed in the future. All I can say is there may be another Uchiha coming....

Seeing how Itachi and Takyumi are together.....

You never know....
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Ok, this just in!

I decided to push that filler back a day, and in addition, it's going to become part of the actual story-line! I hope this will work out better. Until then, there will be one chapter, Book Two, Chapter Three: The Burial, Tsunade's Decision!, and this will be posted today and tommorrow. tommorrow will also play host to part one of chapter 4.:D

This takes a lot of planning, but with all the hassleing coming from my parents, I consider this remarkable progress.:cool:

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