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01-28-2011, 06:48 PM
These are a couple of poems I wrote to express my feelings, and I hope you all like them :). Please comment so I'll know what I can improve on and stuff. Thanks :). I'll add more as I write them.

The End
How do you know when's it's the end?
When you break because of being forced to bend?
Do you feel yourself snap?
Do you feel it when life gives your soul a slap?
Do you cut yourself on the thorns and serraded edges,
While you fall from these ledges
So high in the sky,
Do you feel the pain after you come down from your high?

Last Night
Last night,
I was sure it was the last night,
I couldn't tell
If the pain was physical or mental,
Either way it's killing me,
The darkness is suffocating me,
Choking on your agony and mine,
Shoot out the light in your eyes don't let it shine.

Dry Your Eyes, Girl
He's so stupid if he can't see,
How you two are meant to be,
If he thinks another girl will do,
Then I have a few words for you,
He's not worth your tears,
So what if he's not the answer to your prayers?
This is just a bump in the road,
One day the perfect guy will come and your feelings he will decode,
So dry your eyes,
Tomorrow is another day for the sun to light up the skies,
You have friends to help you
And I'll be here for you all through :).

The Silence
The silence screams in my ears,
And in the blink of an eye my whole world dissappears,
While silent tears stream down my face,
Falling to my knees in this frigid empty place,
Icy wind chilling me to the bone,
Remembering the days when like a light I shone,
I bow my head and begin to pray,
One last chance to say,
To fight for redemption,
To break out of exemption,
And free myself of this mortal coil,
And pull my soul out of this sea of turmoil.

We lay here tonight,
Putting on one more masquerade,
To disguise our pain,
And fight once more to escape death,
All in vain.
Your sanity is hanging by a thread,
And so is mine,
Suspended like a pendulum,
Ticking away the time we have left,
Wondering what have we come to?
My past is nothing more than shattered glass,
As dead as a wilted rose,
Blowing away in the wind,
But fight once more for me tonight,
My dear,
One last night together,
One last pleasure,
Before we succumb to this eternal pain...

Fading With a Rose
Watching myself fade,
Lying alone except for a single dying rose,
In the shade,
Moving slowly to strike a final pose,
Sweat dripping in my eyes,
Like the blood soaking the ground,
Blue eyes gazing to the starry skies,
Shadows and a wilted rose petal cover me as a shroud.

Stuck here all alone,
Like a light I once shone,
But now the light is gone,
As dim as the light of dawn,
But still I smile,
And decide to continue to wear my mask for a while,
And smother the fear,
Wishing for someone who will listen to apppear,
But for now I lock away the pain
And let myself fade away into the rain,
And hide my perpetual insanity,
While I slowly lose my humanity...

Hold your hand in mine,
Tell me everything will be fine,
As we stare up into the night,
And watch the sky explode in light,
Fireworks and fireflies,
High in the summer skies.

My Life in Mirrors
Darkness is my shroud,
Looming above and around me like a cloud,
Shadows stalk me at night,
I can't fight,
My strength is gone,
I wonder if I'll ever see dawn,
Blind in the darkness reflected back,
The mirrors of my life lost in the black.

Once again building up my walls,
From my eyes not a single tear falls,
But I'm blind,
I think im losing my mind,
Ripping apart inside,
Looking back and wondering why I couldn't have cried,
Pain like a knife through my heart,
And death is only the start.

Please Don't Go
Please don't go,
Scream my name,
Nothing will ever be the same
I can't sleep,
It's driving me insane,
Getting softer,
A fading light,
Why is this life so hard?
Breathe in deep,
Breathe for me,
And please...
Don't go.
Heart turned to stone,
Laying here all alone,
Swarmed by thousands of lies,
Ripping and tearing away at my disguise.
Barely hanging onto my sanity,
Ice replaced the blood in my veins.
Midnight king,
A poison kiss on my white lips,
Cold blood feeds the earth,
As pounds of misery tear at my brain,
Like acid rain against the dirty windowpane.
Listen to my pulse,
Know I'm alive...
All these lies,
I'm almost out of tries,
They're taking over, over, over...
The silence kills me slowly,
Gotta learn to let go,
Unbreakable knot in my soul.
Gotta run now,
Nothing left for me now,
But I ask you one more time,
Please don't go,
I'll scream your name,
If you go nothing will ever be the same,
I'm nothing,
Without you I'm nothing but a lock without a key...
I can't sleep,
I can't breathe,
My sanity hanging by a thread...
Be my pulse,
Keep me alive,
Give me one more try,
One more chance to apologize.
Just say you'll stay,
Be mine forever,
Don't let this kiss be our last,
Don't leave me with these scars.
Breathe for me because I can't,
Let your heart beat for mine because it won't,
And please..
Don't go.

The hourglass hits the ground,
The glass shattering without a sound,
Sand in my eyes,
Going blind,
Plunging into a world of no sound,
And though I scream,
People just keep walking by.

No Emptiness
No such thing inside me,
Because when i'm lost,
I'm not empty,
Because there's the pain,
Always the pain...

Laughing At My Affliction
Bleeding right in front of you,
But you don't see the pain you inflict,
You laugh at my affliction,
I don't know why you do it,
Why you hurt me,
Why you hate me,
Kill me then tell me you love me,
And when I retaliate,
You turn it back on me!
Well i've had enough of your fricking bloody lies,
I will escape tonight,
And you won't feel a thing for me,
Will you?

Forever, or Never?
Back in the preschool our friendship was made,
On the playground we would sit around together in the shade,
We were seperated in kindergarten through first,
I believe those years were the worst,
But in second grade we were together again,
And to the prayer to be with you again I could say amen,
It was then my innocent crush bloomed,
I never forsaw the day when I was doomed,
I heard you felt the same,
And hiding my crush became a game,
I knew I should have asked you then,
I may not get the chance again,
Because in third forth and fifth,
It was you I was not with,
But in sixth together again,
But then she decided to take you all of a sudden,
Even though I know it's meant to be me and you,
She pretends my love for you she never knew,
And I decided fine,
But if it was fine I wouldn't be writing this rhyme,
Because my love for you was back,
And I wonder if it was just hidden away under the black,
And never went away,
Because now my feelings will not sway,
And gosh she makes me so angry and sad,
So helpless and mad,
Because while she's just to afraid to admit her love isn't true,
I really love you,
And I think you love me too.

Let's walk
Through the snow,
Make some memories,
Leaving our footprints in the snow.
But they go much deeper,
Right to the core,
And after we're dead and gone,
They will see our footprints in the mud.

02-01-2011, 06:44 PM
Or not... That works too...

02-01-2011, 06:47 PM
These are very nice poems. I write poems myself.
^____^ And I think they are fine just the way they are.

02-03-2011, 06:46 PM
Thanks Shinobi :) nice to know someone likes them :).

Shikamaru Nara
02-04-2011, 02:32 PM
I like them as well.

02-05-2011, 08:01 PM
Thanks Shikamaru :).

02-06-2011, 03:07 PM
GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D
I never knew you were this great at writing them. ^^

02-06-2011, 07:01 PM
Thanks EmoSakura :). I just kinda write what I feel, I didn't think they were that good lol, but it means alot that you think so, since you're so good at writing them :).

02-07-2011, 06:09 PM
I added some more.