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01-13-2011, 04:40 PM
Clearly he is hated tons. So basically say anything about Sasuke here. `:P

Edit: I only really made this thread for the poll. And random ;) ftw

01-13-2011, 05:17 PM
Sasuke is my lurve.

That is all.

01-13-2011, 05:30 PM
never liked the character even before he left the leaf village.

01-15-2011, 01:45 PM
That's a lot of options. o.o
I love him. ^^ ♥ I always have ever since the beginning of the series and probably always will, but I'm not one of those annoying fangirls. And I tend to make fun of him a lot. x3 But whatever, I love him.

01-15-2011, 02:59 PM
@Merechan: 69 of them to be exact :lol:

01-15-2011, 03:13 PM
I don't hate him and I don't exactly like him. I don't really aprove of all of his actions and plans but I understand him with the best friend thing and getting his revenge on the elders but every one in the village including infants and kiddos, a bit too far don't you think?

01-15-2011, 03:26 PM
He's very awesome, but he needs to be Naruto friend again so he can be even more awesome. That's what I think.

01-15-2011, 03:32 PM
He is an ok character. I dont really hate him but I dont love him. Neutral with me. He has some pretty interesting attacks as well

Shikamaru Nara
01-17-2011, 07:22 AM
Remind me again....Did Sasuke ask Naruto to follow him? Nope, Naruto chased after him, and told him he was taking him back to the village no matter what. Yes, Naruto was doing it for the right reasons. But regardless, nothing was going to stop Sasuke from fulfilling his goal. Sasuke didn't say "Hey Naruto, come meet me here so we can fight!" I'm sick of everyone calling him a bad friend because of this. Let me make this very clear. HE DID NOT WANT ANY FRIENDS HE DENIED ANY ATTACHMENTS HE MADE IT VERY CLEAR TO THEM THAT HE HAD A GREATER PURPOSE He didn't become best buds with them all, exchange stories and laugh of memories past, or really spend any of his time outside of work with them. He saved their lives a couple times. They saved his. That was their friendship. That's it. If you were at work, and there was a guy you knew very well. You weren't really friends, just co-workers. One day, you see him walking across the street and talking on his cellphone, not paying any attention to the road. A car's speeding at him from the other direction, so you run at him and push him out of the way. You save his life, great. But you don't become best friends, don't go out to dinners together, or even hang out after work. But you then get offered a better job at a company from another state. You take it, and leave the guy who's life you saved behind. He says to you: "Don't leave, you're my best friend! Please, stay here with me, ignore all your life goals, and completely reverse the purpose of your life because I asked you to!" Are you going to stay? Uhh, no. Look at why he joined the Akatsuki. He just found out that the Leaders of the Village that was always so good, and so fond of the Uchiha Clan, and talked about "What a tragedy it is about your clan...", are really the ones who ordered their deaths in the first place. I'd be ready to join up an orginization and exact my revenge too. He found out his brother was next to innocent, the only person he had left(Whether it be for good or bad), and now he's gone, at his own hands no less. Sasuke is GOING to restore his clan and avenge his family, regardless of what it takes. He has NEVER killed an innocent person before. He has NEVER ambushed someone who hasn't given him a reason to do so, or challenged him in the first place. So just because he joined a group that does things that even the Leaf Village has done in the past, he should lose respect? Well, it's a shame whe Prince Charming has no love interest in the Princess in the first place. If Sasuke told her how much he loved her before doing this to her, sure, he'd be an ass. But he never gave her any reason to make her believe he had feelings for her. It's her own fault for not taking the hint. It was really nice of Sasuke not to kill Naruto after he fought with him, what a great friend I wish my best friend would beat me up and decide not kill me with a finishing blow No, you seem to have it all wrong. Sasuke never cared for "The Village" to begin with, or the people in it for that matter. The only people he loved were taken away from him at a young age, so there was no way he was going to let himself once again become attached to anything. He hated the village. It was a sign of imprisonment to him, a waste of time that just held him back from fulfilling the only purpose he has ever known or believed in. You call it loopy, but I call it an unquenchable thirst to fulfill his goals and become stronger. This boy had to watch his brother, the person he admired more than any other alive, kill his entire clan, murder his parents, before his very eyes. The respect and the love he had always had for his brother, and he goes and does such an atrocious thing. He took EVERYTHING from Sasuke. Nobody here can truly understand what its like to have everything you love taken away from you. Everything you ever knew, what you were raised with, what you were raised to believe was your set path in life, gone in an instant, with no hope of ever returning. In turn, he becomes vengeful towards Itachi, even obsessed. Itachi is his last link to the only place he ever called home, the only time he ever felt true happiness. More than anything, more than the revenge he wants by killing his brother, he needs to find out why. Person to person, why did you kill our clan, our family? And why did you spare me, and force me to deal with this on my own, as a young child. Try putting yourself in his shoes. If you can tell me you could just move on without knowing the truth, and validating your existance, you're a liar. Plain and simple. But even so, he did gain feelings towards his friends. And he showed this on many occasions. How many times did he save Sakura and Naruto's life, when he could have just let them die? He didnt do it because it was his job, he did it because his emotions led him to do so. He didn't want to suffer the loss of another cared one, so he stopped it. But still, he couldn't let himself get close to anyone, he wouldn't. Everyone says that he's such a crybaby for leaving the village, what an insult to ninjas everywhere! Well, the Village wasn't his true home. His home was gone, so how was he turning his back on something he was never facing in the first place? He was only getting sidetracked by staying there. He was barely getting stronger, Kakashi had taught him everything that he could, but even with Kakashi's lessons, he was powerless to stop his Brother, even humuliated. Can you imagine how that must have felt, after years of waiting you finally find the person responsible for all the pain in your life, and not only does he make easy work out of you, but he once again spares your life! In Sasuke's eyes, Itachi didnt even feel he was worthy of killing. The person he cared for more than anything, seeing what a complete weakling he was. Seeing that even after the death of his family, Sasuke hadn't trained himself to be strong enough to handle himself. This event led Sasuke to finally decide what was right, for himself. He left the village. And its not as if he was completely cold-hearted about it. He listened to every word Sakura had to say, without interruption. A cold-hearted Emo kid cares nothing about what others have to say, but he showed her the respect to listen. The Village itself was never there for Sasuke, in his eyes. To them, he was just the "Survivor", "The Last Uchiha", an interesting celebrity that people bet on at tournaments, that people whispered about as he passed. They never showed any true love or care for him, they merely treated him as a trophy. I dont know about you, but I wouldn't want to stay in a place like that. I'd have no problems leaving a place that did nothing but haunt me of the pain from the past. And yes, he shared a bond with his team. But he made his decision long before he met them. What type of Ninja would he be, had he just given up on his goals? Everyone thinks so highly of Naruto because he always follows his Nindo. He never goes back on his word. Well, Sasuke's is quite similar. He made a choice from the moment the tragedy happened, he trained and honed his skills by himself for years. He dealt with the emotional loss and the care of himself. And he made his choice; He will find out why. He will be strong enough to defeat his brother. His clan cannot rest, or even be safe to restore, as long as the man who murdered them all exists. He doesnt fear death. He proved that when he was willing to "Die" to gain power from Orochimaru. And he never joined Oro to go against Konoha for that matter. He used him to find new ways to gain power, furtherly fulfilling his goal. Once he was done with him, he got rid of him. Nothing can hold the guy back. His purpose was to avenge his family, plain and simple. Defeat the threat to his clan, the people who caused him so much torment. And he hasn't done that yet, but he continues to drive on. He's been through hell and back, faced amazing opponents and come out on top, He's run into his old allies multiple times, had the oppurtunity to kill them every time, but still chose not to. You say he's a fruit loop. But despite all this, despite going through everything he has been through in these past years, he has managed to keep his sanity. He has allies that he protects with his life(The Killerbee/Karin situation), and he has goals that have never swayed. The way I see it, that's a pretty damn sane Ninja to me. Quit attacking him for having the same ambition that you all love Naruto for. Quit assuming that you know ANYTHING at all about the losses he has suffered, and the emotional trauma he has endured. Truth of the matter is, my father's dead. My mother's dying but has nothing to do with me. My family has disowned me because of complicated reasons from our past. They kicked me out on the street when I was 16. I bounced from place to place only to have my friends open their homes to me, and kick me out a few weeks down the road for no valid reasons. I've slept in my car, gone to churches for food to keep from going hungry, but I kept pursuing my dreams, and now I have my own place, my own vehicle, and everything. And I'm barely turning 20 years old. My father tried to kill me when I was a kid. I won't say why, or how, because that's none of your business. After my mom stopped him, we disappeared for a while, and he stayed in jail for a few years. After he was released, he killed himself. Tragic yes? Oh well, that's life. I spent the better part of my life fighting that side of me. The side that felt responsible for my father's death, the side that made me feel like I was just like him. My own mother blamed me for my dad leaving us. I have to live knowing that there's someone who, despite claiming that she never said that, felt that way. And the ONE person that I've ever actually loved in my life; her name is Sarah. I met her when I was 13 and she was 15. She was the only person who made me feel like I was worth something, and that I would be something when I grew up. At first, I thought it was love that I felt for her. Later I knew that it was like she was my sister, the only real family I ever had. Unfortunately, she too was taking from me in a car wreck close to her 17th birthday. I snapped. I started getting in fights, eventually getting expelled from school. My family called me a piece of crap, and I started doing stupid things that got me into trouble. Stealing, vandalizing, and more fighting. Nobody ever took the time to try to make me realize it wasn't my fault, and there was more to look forward to. They just told me "Dont do it. Dont turn out like your father." As if that helped me. I now have ONE goal in my life. A goal I have never shared with ANYONE. None of my girlfriends, friends, family, nobody. And I wont ever tell anyone this goal because I'm not sure if there is anyone out there who could understand it. But nothing, I repeat, NOTHING WILL EVER keep me from accomplishing this goal. This is why I relate to Sasuke more than anyone. More than any real person. More than any fictional character. I find myself in an animated cartoon from Japan. And to sit here listening to people badmouth him because of things they don't understand....That's fine by me. I just hope you all can appreciate the position he has went through. And if anyone's taken the time to read this, thank you. I value all of your opinions and look forward to more debating. His clan Was Power hungry War Mongers. They like danzo Do not deserve to be in charge of the village. why? Because they would rather see the village crumble to almost nothing for there own personal gain. If they would have went through with there coup de tat it would have attracted rival nations to attack while the village was down, causing more pain death and sorrow for every one. If that was ok with them as long as they got there power rush then they deserved there fate i mean for god sakes the next heir to head of the clan is the one that accepted the mission to eradicate them. Sasuke always used the fact that He had no one as an excuse for what he did. But Every time someone offered to be his friend, his shoulder to cry on he told them to get lost and drove them away. I am in no way saying he had lived a charmed life but.... His actions are just unjustifiable... I mean i dont care i would easily try to stop my friend from doing something stupid like that Other than the stereotypical "EMO" insult, that's exactly why I like him so much. He just doesn't give a damn! You call it a tantrum, but I call it an insatiable thirst to make himself stronger. His entire life is motivated by revenge, the death of a family, something most of you could never understand, and in his eyes, the death of his family and clan in the hands of his own brother! The man he revered and loved more than any other. It's for this reason that he doesn't care about his friends, because he never intended on making friends in the first place, nor did he want them once he had them. He saved Naruto and Sakura's life on many occasions, but you call him completely self-centered? He could have just as easily let Sakura get impaled by Orochimaru in the Forest of Death. He could have let Haku destroy Naruto in the Crystal Mirror battle, but still he didnt. Obviously he's not the completely self-centered ass that you think he is. But everyone says that "Oh, he left the village, what a baby!" No, he wasn't getting anywhere in Konoha, but sidetracked. Kakashi taught him almost everything he could, and even with Kakashi's lessons, he still wasn't strong enough. Everyone respects Naruto so much because his Nindo is "To never go back on my word!" Sasuke's isn't much different, except his word is to defeat his brother and restore his clan and the honor that once came with it. Sasuke is a self-taught gifted genius, but he knew that he needed more. More power, more jutsu, more knowledge, even if it meant using Orichimaru. He has no intention on destroying his friends or the Leaf Village for that matter, but if they tried to stop him, so be it. He could have killed Naruto. Did he? Nope. He never wanted friends or a village in the first place. So bashing him for deserting what he never cared for in the first place, is completely and utterly ridiculous. Oh, and keeping to yourself and wanting to fulfill your only goal in life, does not constitute as emo. If he was emo, he'd want everyone's pity. But obviously he doesn't care, now does he? Well, here's the difference. You love your family. They love you. You grew up with them always being there for you. I'm sure there were times when things got bad, but all in all, they were there. I'm speaking hypothetically of course, cause I know nothing of your personal life, but I see what you're trying to say. The village wasn't always there for him. At least in his eyes anyway. He was just another Ninja student that everyone prodded over because he was "The Last Uchiha". No one cared about him as a person, and he knew that. He had no family or emotional bonds to the village, and made his decision to fulfill his revenge by whatever means necassary long before the bond with Naruto/Sakura/Kakashi was formed. Everyone respects Naruto because of his Nindo. "I never go back on my word." Well Sasuke's Nindo was all too similar. He didnt go back on his word. He seeks the strength to avenge his family. His clan. And why should he decide to break his vow just because he made a couple friends? But everyone jumps on his case just because he followed the only thing that's kept his ambition and drive going all these years. As he said, "You have no idea what it is to be alone." So how can we judge him for that? being a reminder of your worst qualities should make you feel part of what Sasuke has had to feel his entire life. Nothing but pain. Take it from me. I'm not going to get in to how tragic my life has been because its a very personal subject for me. But that is the main reason I can relate to Sasuke. While I may not agree him shunning the people who cared about him, I can understand him in doing so. Like I said, he didnt want people to care about them. But still, in his own little way, he showed Sakura that he did appreciate everything she has done for him by listening to every word before he left Konoha, and even telling her "Thank You Sakura". In turn, he showed Naruto the same respect, but in a much different way. He let him live. From his knowledge, killing Naruto would have made him gain the Mongekyo. But he STILL chose to let him live. That was really the only was that Sasuke could show that he cared for somebody. I have friends, yes. But I dont have a single true friend in my life. I dont have any family. And I also have a greater goal with my life. So would I abandon all my friends if the oppurtunity to fulfill my goals presented itself? Yes, I would. Because those friends of mine are nothing but a roadblock to me. The same thing goes for girls and relationships. I can't keep a girlfriend, not because I cheat on them, or lose interest in them. Its because I know I cant be with them forever. So I break off the attachment before it begins, just like Sasuke chose to do. He knew that if he stayed with his village, he'd never have the heart to leave. I guess I'm just cold-hearted. But I just haven't met someone special enough to make me feel like more. I can't be happy until I feel happy...