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Hey everyone, it's Itachi-Uchiha44 and I'm gonna try to write a story! `:)

We were on the run again. We were always on the run, always running from the men in black. No matter where we went, no matter how fast we ran, we could never quite escape them. The boy and I. I reached out and grasped his hand in the dark forest that we ran through. We ran faster, harder than ever before. The wind whipped in my face and ears, my feet pounded the ground beneath me. And at that moment, it seemed like we would be running until the end of our lives. Running because of what we were.

Demons, monsters, mutants, we'd been called all that junk. But I didn't tink we were any of that. I thought of us simply as special people. But did other people think of us like that? Not a chance. They chased us, attacked us. We were run from our homes by our so called friends and "loving" familys. They beat us and ambushed us. They tried to get me on my way home from school with my boyfriend. He'd said that he loved me, told me that he'd stand by me through anything. What a dirty liar he turned out to be. He told me that he was going to show me something special, led me down an alley, and there... they attacked. My "friends" and family were all gathered there, some standing on ledges in the alley. Others standing along the walls and on the roof.

And they all had weapons. The ones mounted on the walls and roofs wielded bows and crossbows, the ones on the ground held swords and daggers and spears and anything else they could get their hands on. And they attacked me. I was beaten severly, and bairly escaped with my life. But i didn't escape alone. I was rescued... by the boy who I now ran with my life with. He'd jumped into the middle of the fight, threw some smoke bombs, and dragged me out, bairly alive. I'd blacked out, but he told me that he took me to a cave about ten miles from town and bandaged my wounds and put some medicine he'd made on them and then took me further away from civilization into the middle of a deep forest. I'd woke up and we been on the run almost non stop ever since.

His past was... a mystery. I knew nothing about his past existance. I didn't know his old town, his last name, what had happened to make him leave... All I knew was what he'd told me, such as his name, his age, and other pretty basic stuff. Despite that, we'd become best friends. It was never weird or awkward when we had to hold each other for warmth while we slept on cold winter nights because we knew that we had to do it to survive and plus, we were just friends so it didn't matter. We had only each other in this cruel world. No one else gave a hoot if we lived or died, in fact most people wanted us dead, wanted to be given the honor of killing us. So that's why I loved Kiyoshi (as a friend!). He cared about me, accepted me, and loved me when no one else did. He was like me, he was special, like me. And so that's basically my life. In a sentance, I'm one very special girl on the run with my best friend Kiyoshi, a guy, whoes also very special and everyone in the world but him hates me. Pretty simple.

By the way, my name is Miyuki, I'm 18, and I'm half demon.

So did you like it? Tell me what you think! If you like it then I'll write more `:))

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Charater Bios


Name: Miyuki

Age: 18

Race: Half Demon

Bio: Miyuki was an only child in a fairly wealthy family. She was never spoiled really, but got everything she needed. She had lots of friends, often threw big parties, and was well loved by most people. Until, that is, they found out what she was. Around the age of 13 she began growing a small tail and little bumps formed on her head. Also, when her moods drastically changed, her eyes would change from a pacific blue color to a blood red color. Over the next few months the bumps grew and she then had a full tail and ears. She could tuck the tail into the pants and she wore a hat or toboggan to covor the ears, but one day her parents saw these changes and told everyone what their child was. They ambushed her and nearly killed her but she was saved by a boy named Kiyoshi. People that they simply called the "men in black" or the bad guys were constantly chasing them and they are constantly on the run.

Appearance: (Looking for a picture but I'll just describe her for now) Miyuki has light blonde hair that comes down to the middle of her shoulder blades, fair skin, a few freckles, and pacific blue eyes that turn blood red when she's upset or mad. She's about five foot five/six and pretty thin. She extremely fast and athletic and pretty well muscled (but not in an overly-muscular manly way). She's gentle and sweet, but when she has to be she's very feirce and merciless. According to most boys (and Kiyoshi), she's gorgeous.

Personality: Miyuki has a pretty light personality, and doesn't let things get her down easily. She keeps things pretty happy with Kiyoshi, espessially when the going gets tough and both of them need to be uplifted. However, when things are serious, Miyuki is all buisness. She's very focused and tough, and when people need their space, she gives it to them.


Name: Kiyoshi

Age: 19

Race: Half Demon

Bio: He refuses to tell anyone of his past (for now! o.O)

Appearance: (Looking for a picture but I'll just describe him for now) Kiyoshi has dark brown hair that flops in his face and is very muscular. His eyes are bright green, but when he's mad or upset they turn bright gold. He's pretty tan, but not extremely tan. He's very athletic and strong. He's about six foot one inch tall or so. He's very gentle, but when he has to fight he's an animal. According to Miyuki (and maybe some other girls in his past?) he's extremely hot.

Personality: Pretty upbeat, but sometimes it seems like the whole world is bearing down on him and he can get kind of depressed sometimes. Could it have something to do with his past? He's very serious when need be, and sometimes he's just completely serious, whether it's a serious situation or not. Sometimes he just needs a little pick-me-up from Miyuki. When he gets going on something, not many things can make him stop. He's very, very focused on the task at hand.

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holy crap!! this is so well writen!!! keep going, i luv it!!!

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Nice job.

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Nice. ^^
There were a few typos here and there, though. :o

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I like it ^^

Shikamaru Nara
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Nice job so far.