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11-27-2010, 09:23 PM
So since Vat has said that the story is all messed up, with WG coming in and stuff I have made a story that makes sense. It goes like this:

Once day Shin and I were just chillaxin in the WG base, when ALL THE SUDDEN Jun walked in. As Jun came in he was all like "Eh, you N00bz wat cha doin' her'? I tink I bettah act like a fool n' schtuffz ya know??" and I am completly confused so I say "Hi Jun, how are your pokemon?" THen he is all like "POKEMON?? JFLSKAHOI2JFDKSAH88DSJAFEJF9!!!" and he went release on us. I am freaked out so I put on my gauntlets on and I'm like "Woah, man. Cool down, just get out of your release and we won't fight you." and he is all crazy right now so he spins around uncontrollably scraping up our walls, knocking down our paintings and what not. Then I punch a pillow, cuz it came and hit me in the head. When I did that Jun snapped out of his craziness and unreleases. Then Shin stands up and is like "GET OUT OF MY HOUSE FOOL!!" Jun runs home to HM. Then Shin, as angry as something that is really angry, looks at our budget and is like "WE DON'T HAVE ENOUGH MONEY TO FIX THESE!!! LN WILL PAY FOR THE DAMAGES" and so Shin storms off to his room to get his coat. I am left standing there picking up Susan's Father's ashes when Susan walks in. "BLARGNWARGINJDKFJKDJLSFJKLSDFJ!!" He screams as he starts chasing me in circles, flailing his arms. He runs so fast that Dr. Strange come over to see what the whistling is about. When He sees us he is so taken back that he accidentally casts a spell that opens a portal to Hueco Mundo. Susan falls in and Shin hears him screaming and runs in, I am still running around in circles and when Shin gets right next to the portal he can't stop and I run right in front of him. He knocks me in and he follows down. We appear in HM and Shin goes "BLARG N' STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAMN YOU ALL!!!!!!" and I just eat a bagel. Shin says "I DECLARE WAR ON LAS NOCHES!!!!" and Hally hears him. This is where it begun.

11-27-2010, 09:34 PM
Blarg n stuff.

11-27-2010, 09:35 PM
tehehehe, that is my saying