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well for those of you who have watched naruto(and i hope those of you on this site have seen the show) have you ever wanted to make character. im sure there have been thread before this one but im going a little more into it. for most of you you probably can't draw so i have a site to help all those who cant draw.


so this site is to make avatars for random reason or for gaia an online game. well i decided to use this for the purpose of making my ninja. for those who havent used to site before ill layout some things to help you make a ninja.

some basic items are under different names but ill tell you these names:

Steel plated ninja band-leaf head band
orinkage-more head bands/akatsuki cloak/sasuke hair
naruto kunai-kunai
neutral starter military jacket-jonin/chunin vest
onyx bolster sword-zabuzas/suigetsus sword
inaris beads-9 tails stuff/4th hokages jacket
kung fu panda chinese star-shuriken
kitsumi mask-anbu mask

thats not all they have. if none of these will fit you ninjas appearence before you hit that start button click "search avatars" and type in some characters name like "naruto" "sasuke" "jiraiya" "hokage" "killer bee" and more of you favorites. look at how they design the characters and see if you can use some of those items.

now for the a little less dificult part of making you character. the "character". you should fill him/her out as follows:

Name:*name*(you should use japanese name. put in japanese name in google and should be the 1st one)

Gender: we all know how to fill this out now


classification:like jinchuriki, swordsman, weapon specialist, taijustu specialist, sage, anbu, and medical ninja, rogue ninja , sannin ect.

rank:academy student genin chunin jonin special jonin kage.

affiliation: village or alliance like akatsuki member or mount myoboku

clan:you should pick an existing clan(yeah pick uchiha an uzumaki)

family:if your related to an existing character list it here

weapon:if you have one like samehada, carving knife, kunai,

Skill:like fast like sasuke, powerful like sakura, stategist like shikamaru, ninjustu master, genjustu master, or swordsman ect

chakra nature:wind, earth, water, fire, lightning also other releases like wood storm and lava(limit to 3)

kekkai genkai:sharingan(describe whos sharingan like kakashis, tobis, itachis, and sasukes) byakugan rinnegan also stuff like mokuton storm release lava release and dust release ect making one up is encouraged

justu:limit you self to 5 justu and yes if you summon that is one justu but if your summon can do justus like gama or enma or katsuyu that does not count neither do the ability of the doujustu like tsukiyomi, amateratsu, susano'o. you automatically get them if you kekkai genkai is sharingan so count those as like extra justu.

personality:we gotta no a little bit about you character

background: if you have the time give a short description of you ninjas life

thats about it for making your own ninja and show casing them. once youve filled out you information, post a link to you character below the description an RATE THE ABOVE NINJA if you looked at them 1-10. your not limited to how many you can make so go crazy.


Name: Daichi yotsuki
Affiliation:Kumogakure, konohakagure
Clan:yotsuki clan/Kimi Clan
Family: A(older brother) Killer Bee(older brother)
Weapon: dual katana
Skill:Fast(little less fast as sasuke but still faster than most characters) great swordsman using a two sword style
Chakra nature:lightning, Flare release, Fire release
Kekkai Genkai:Flare release(a combo of fire and lightning. this style uses blue flames that are quick as lightning but hot and fierce as fire. the lightning powers the fire to heat on the suns level. due to this if touched by the flames you they will melt you in seconds.)

Justu: Flare release flare blast justu(same concept as fire ball justu just faster like lightning style and more powerful by melting its foes)

Flare release flare gun(by making to dual fingered gun in both your hand mini bullets of blue flames fire out of each hand. the bullets melt through anything it touches and is extremely fast)

Flare release fist of fury(by knocking your knuckles together your fists combust into blue flames. this increases your hand to hand combat. the impact of your fist leaves a strong burn.)

summoning justu: Flare release dragon of the darkeness flame(by making a summoning sign on your arm with the tatoo of the dragon you can summon one the of the 3 sacred summonings in the world. the dragon is made of black and blue flames(see yu yu hakusho for image of it) that disintegrates anything in its path. once releases it cannot be controlled even by the user unless absorbed and over coming the dragon's will. no one who has come face to face with the dragon has lived. this move is limited as it damages your arm to the point of being unusable. )(forbidden justu:S Class)

Dragon absorbtion: (by releasing the darkness dragon and redirecting it to himself and being eaten by the dragon but over powering the dragons will becoming the dragon in human form. the user has free access to the dragon also gaining a slight power and speed boost. the user also gains the inability to feel pain though can be killed. the user must take a long nap after use as a draw back. if the dragons will takes over instead you will be devoured by the dragons flames. when absorbed the user looks similar to naruto's controlled kyuubi form except blue flames.)

flare release flare pillar(the user spins in a circles emitting blue flames around your body that act as a shield but can be releases outward to push your opponent back.)

Personality: Daichi is sort of lazy/mischievous not listenig to his older brother A. He is really conceited often stopping to look at himself in the mirror and flirts with any women he sees and treats them with common courtesy(he views women like sanji from one piece for those who know). he also is not the brightest crayon in the crayon box. some times like naruto.

background: Daichi was the son of the 3rd raikage and strangely a women from the kimitatsu clan of konoha. his mother did not want to ruin the kages reputation so she kept the child in the village and the father a secret. daichi was born with the clans secret kekkai genkai that appears every 50 years in the clan, Flare Release. when the nine tailed fox attacked konoha his mother disappeared and she was believed to be killed. when the raikage came to get his son only the current hokage was aware of Daichis lineage. Daichi at the age of two lived on the hidden cloud village for 10 years following the incident. he then joined the anbu at 12 for his skills with Flare release. he quit at 14 complaining that it was boring. he then set on a journey to get stronger and found a man in the out skirts of konoha who offered him the seal a great power and the greatest justu in the world. looking to get stronger daichi accepted the seal and the man made Daichi sign a contract unaware it was the contract for hte dark dragon one of the 3 sacred summons. as he signed a painful black dragon tattoo burned into his left arm. daichi unaware of this tryed to use it and on his first attempt the flames of the dragon almost engulfed his entire arm and himself next. he was saved by his brother A who told him never to use the justu again. later in his life he trained and overcame the dark flames and added his flare release regaining some mild control over creating the dragon though it still damged his arm for days per use. once he learns later on accident how to absorb the dragon to control it he gains his title as "DAICHI the Dragon master". he then moved back with his clan for two years living with his grandparents. he switched between villages with only the current kages aware. at 18 him and bee switch positions as the cloud villages guardians. every year he goes between the villages to live with either the kimitatsu clan or the yotsuki clan. He has fought sasuke on one occasion while sasuke was with orochimaru. they were evenly matched though Diachi could not use dragon absorption or darkness flame technique yet. sasuke broke his blade of his mother during the battle. because of that Daichi promised to see sasuke again in battle to settle their score. they have yet to meet again. Daichi is familiar with naruto though he looks down on him. Naruto finds a rival in Daichi though Daichi sees him nothing more than a friend. he also has a life goal to find his mother in the hopes she was still alive somewhere.

not the strongest but one of my favorite -.-

link: http://www.tektek.org/avatars/daichi%20yotsuki%202


P.S. sorry for the massive wall of text. -_-

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paperwork jutsu!

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Name: Nightshade
classifiction:Loner but close friend to the hidden leaf.
Hieght: 6"3
eye color: sea green
Family:3 Brothers, other family and clan completely eraticated.
Weapon: two sharp galel katana's
Skill:speed(faster than sasuke when in normal mode), great swordsman using a two sword style
Chakra nature:lightning, wind, normal, water, fire, zodiac
Kekkai Genkai:Zodiac eyes(eyes like everyother, outranks sharingan and byakugan completely, able to give user the ability to take and form of eyes or kekki genkai)
Favorite Food: Chicken flavored ramen, crab.
Jutsu's:Chidori, Rasengan, Rasendori(perfectly harmonized), Sarominae, Sarominae necarose, Sarominae necarose x100 Zodiac Formation, Sarominae Necarose x10,000!

Personality: Nightshade is rather serious, always out going, loves jokes, nothing like the other ninja. Never considers anyone an outcast, when ever anyone is in a time of need Nightshade will you his Time Requiem
jutsu and get their to stop violence.

Background:Born and raised in the land of fire Nightshade apired to become an outstanding ninja like his father, shortly after his 3rd brother Nightmare was born Madaara wiped out his entire clan except him and his brothers who were sent to the future by their parents with the Time Requem: zodiac formation (allows zodiac user to send ones self or other people to different exact parts of time) and they ened up in konoha during the reign of the 4th hokage, Nightshade speaks to the fourth from the time him and his family arrive in konoha to the point kushina has naruto. Nightshade was secretely made Naruto's secret bodygaurd though never seen Nightshade has beared assistance to Naruto from time to time. Knowing of what was to come in the future Nightshade thought it wise to stay away from Naruto till the 4th Ninja world war. When the 3rd lord came into reign agin Nightshade tried to persuade him into telling Naruto the truth about his parents, the 3rd lord did not approve of the idea, letting the villagers know about the 9 tails being sealed in the son of the 4th hokage would make the villagers treat Naruto as if he were a prince like konohamaru. Naruto would be in mortal danger if the world ever found out. Nightshade was henceforth required to never speak to Naruto around villagers or in front of the council. When Nightshade found out about Naruto going under Kakashi's mentoration Nightshade took liberty into weakening the trigram seal in ored for the future take a little more relapse than what it would have been. (Ex. Him going 9 tails against haku seal wasnt tht weak before Naruto went to escort Tazuna to the waves.) Later the chunin exams came. Nightshade had become higher in ranking since then but stayed out of everyones way. When he found out about Orohimaru in the forest of death he tried to hunt down the serpent himself but could never find him. Later in the attack on konoha Nightshade had injured Kimmimaru before the attack hence why orochimaru was displeased when he could not attend the attack on konoha. Nightshade was no where in the area when sasuke and the sound 4 left konoha, but when act 2 started Nightshade had comeback and was over joyed to see Naruto healthy and well ready for the akatsuki. When the other missions had arrived Nightshade was only around when Naruto and the rest of the ninja had gone out to hunt itachi, Nightshade left once again for training on to comeback during the attack of pain. Nightshade fought bravely but was defeated due to being attacked by konan, and three of the 6 pains. Nightshade is of right now recovering in the hidden mist.

1.Nightwave (eldest of the 4)
2.Trenox (3rd oldest)
3.Nightmare (youngest)

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name: kokoro

i'll post more info tomorrow

12-08-2010, 03:10 PM
name: ryuk

i will post more tomorrow too

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sorry for the link having a virus guys. ive been using that site 4 2 years but o well. but the owner of the site has made a new site that works the same. ill get the link up so you can also add the appearance of your characters. keep it up

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name: kokoro
chakra type: ice

i'll post more tomorrow

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I made a guy, but I don't wanna post info D:

12-13-2010, 06:28 PM
I made a guy, but I don't wanna post info D:
why not you should.

well anyways i have another of my favorite characters i would like to share

name: kenshin aoi
age:8 (part 1) 11 (part 2)
classification: N/A
rank: genin
affiliation: konoha
clan: aoi clan
family: kenpachi aoi
weapon:kunai(the kinds kabuto was gonna use to kill sasuke pts)
skill: speed(fast as sasuke during chunin exams)
chakra nature: lightning, earth
kekkai genkai: N/A

earth style: earth dragon bullet
clone great explosion(requires him to be able to have atleast shadow clones though only 2 at a time)
summoning justu: turtle(tortoise)boss summons size of a little smaller than bunta. name is torterra(yes i took that pokemon logic right there) he has a tree a bush and some spike on his back. he has earth style attacks such as earth release rock shelter and and mud shot. also he can create vines from his back that serve the same purpose as toads tongues. also create a storm of raging spiraling leafs. moves at an ok speed.

personality: he's a class clown with the skill to back up his talk. he's called "the prodigy" for his exceptional skills in all areas and being able to use elemental attacks at 8. he may be a clown but can act like he is to cool for anything in a heartbeat.

background: born to the Aoi clan kenshin was born the younger brother of kenpachi who was 7 at his birth time. his brother seeked attention because his parents payed attention to kenshin more as a baby. many times he tryed to assasinate his brother during his infancy. each time he could not bring himself to make the kill. with such pitty he felt himself weak and unwanted going into a depression like state one day he left the village to power hate into his heart so that he may kill his younger brother. when kenshin was 2 kenpachi came back with the cursemark upon his neck. using oro's evilness he believed he had the heart to kill kenshin. kenshins parents defended him leaving their 2 year old son to watch his brother and parents fight. kenshins mother grabbed him and snuck out a secret exit leaving his father and brother to fight. allowing hte cursemark to take over kenpachi won. he vowed to find his younger brother and have his head. kenshins mother hides him in the underground secret base the aoi clan. kenshin at 7 joined the academy with fellow student konohamaru. he was a prodigy and rivaled konohamaru every step of the way though seemingly better at most things. he became genin and a student of shikamaru. during the time skipshikamaru became busy with asuma leaving kenshin to train himself. while training he found a book in the forest. a panicking kakashi jumps out of some bushes yelling "where's my book, where's my book!" when kenshin returns it to him kakashi thanks him and says he owes him one. kenshin asks him to train him but kakashi refuses. after following kakashi for a week and bothering him and attempting to steal his books kakashi gave in and trained him for the upcoming chunin exams. during training kenshin learned chidori increased speed and the summoning justu. though still a genin of shikamaru he spends most of his time around kakashi as a pupil. he awaits for the upcoming exams.

EDIT: the site for showing your avatar has fixed itself.
you may now use it to show you characters appearance

01-15-2011, 06:36 PM

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i like the first one. a little more creative than the other. nice job following the format too

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Hey Akarii, you have an "edit" option on your post. Please use that next time instead of spamming via multiple posts.

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Sorry, I didn't know about the edit post feature, I'm new to this.
I am also working on creating Akarii's younger brother, who wants to kill Akarii. However, unlike the Sasuke-Itachi relationship,Akarii's little brother wants to kill him for his own purposes, not for the murder of a clan or something like that. I still have not decided on a name.

01-16-2011, 01:04 PM
Sorry, I didn't know about the edit post feature, I'm new to this.
I am also working on creating Akarii's younger brother, who wants to kill Akarii. However, unlike the Sasuke-Itachi relationship,Akarii's little brother wants to kill him for his own purposes, not for the murder of a clan or something like that. I still have not decided on a name. I'm not sure whether or not I should continue this character. What do other people think of this?`:|

01-16-2011, 01:43 PM
I'm not sure whether or not I should continue this character. What do other people think of this?`:| Could Someone please answer my question???????

01-16-2011, 02:28 PM
While I am waiting for someone to respond to my question asked earlier I created this person.

Name: Naraki
Gender: Male
Age: 7
Classification: Academy Student
Rank: Academy Student

Affiliation: Born in leaf village.
Clan: Senju Clan

Family: Tsunade is his mother.

Weapon: Classic Ninja Weaponset.

Skill: None as of now.

Chakra Nature: None

Kekai Genkai: None

Leafs of Restoration: Naraki can use leaves to heal cuts and minor wounds.

Background: Naraki is Tsunade's son. He is a big gambler like his mother. His name is a combination of Naruto and Nawaki (Tsunade's younger sister). As of now he wants to became a medical ninja. He has spent his entire life in the leaf village. But when it comes to gambling, he is very lucky unlike his mother. However, his mother usually gambles all the money away.


I am going to make Drakari (dragon/akarii)
tommorow hopefully. Maybe by next weekend

This is what I have so far.
Name: Drakarii Uzaara
Gender: Male
Age: 12
Classification: Genin (training)
Rank: Genin

Affiliation: Born in leaf village.
Clan: Uzaara

Family: Akarii Uzaara.

Weapon: Classic Ninja Weaponset.

Skill: Summoning Demon Dragon

Chakra Nature: Fire, Shadow

Kekai Genkai: Daemogan (similar to Sharingan) and has a demon dragon inside him.

Demon Dragon Summoning: Summons the demon dragon from within him.
Demon Possesion Jutsu: Similar to Akarii's Demon Possesion Jutsu.
Fire Style, Dragonbreath:
Demon Clone:
Chaori: Similar to Chidori and Rasengan but...
Click below to see what he looks like:

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Akarii please refrain from posting multiple times in a row as you have been doing. Use the edit button if you wish to add on to your thoughts, or the Multi-Quote button if you wish to quote more than one person within the same post.

Shikamaru Nara
01-17-2011, 08:49 AM
those are cool!

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name: ryuk
village: earth village
Jutsu: earth style attacks, main attack ryu reizaa (dragon laser),ect.
rank: chunin
clan: none

i cant think of anything else right now ._.

02-18-2011, 06:31 PM
Name: yo
Family: none
Clan: none
Affiliation: sand village
Rank: jonin
Skills: puppet master
Chakra nature: wind with left arm, lightning with right arm, fire with mouth
Jutsu: puppet master jutsu, fireball jutsu, wirlwind decapitation, lightning paralysis jutsu, summoning jutsu: crocodiles.
Kekai genkai: none
weapons: puppets; concealed blades.
Personality: used to be outgoing and fun to be around then became serious
Background: was a fun and outgoing person. Got caught by the enemy on a mission. The enemy tortured him but he wouldn't talk. Got his arms cut off. A rescue team saved him and medical nin stopped the bleeding. The puppet masters of the village made him arms. The arms could use chakra strings like the old ones and could use a new style of jutsu as well as conceal blades inside them. After that mission he took everything seriously.

02-21-2011, 11:37 PM

The Uzamaki Clan
04-02-2011, 09:09 PM
name: Mamoru Ringo
age: 12
gender: male
Family: Suki Ringo( Deceased) Ameyuri Ringo( Deceased)
Clan: Yuki Clan
Affiliation: Hidden Leaf Village
Rank: Genin
Skills: Swordsman
Chakra Nature: Water, Wind, and lightning
Jutsu: Water Dragon jutsu, Water vortex jutsu, crescent moon slice, mizusengan( a water style rasengan) summoning jutsu: Toads, Ice release: lightning mirrors jutsu.
Kekkai Genkai: Can Use Ice Release
Weapons: sword and basic ninja tools
personality: cocky, confident, cool and calm, reckless at times and has a strong desire to protect his friends
Background: His Father was one of the seven ninja swordsmen and he killed his mother right in front of him because she left the bloody hidden mist village to go live in konohagakure,soon after his father was killed in battle. He has always been alone like naruto because people know that he is the son of ameyuri ringo and has always lived in his shadow. his best friend is Naruto Uzamaki and sasuke uchiha.
Goals: Mamoru wants to become Hokage as well so that the people in his village will acknowledge him and respect him as a good and powerful ninja not like his father. He can use the ice release because his mother's from the yuki clan like haku.

05-31-2011, 04:28 PM
Name:Maikeru Kawaarashi
classifiction: rouge/missing ninja
Affiliation: runaway from konoha, in alliance with some akatsuki members
Clan: Uchiha
Family: Itachi, Sasuke, Madara
Weapon: 2 Katanas
Skill: Smart like Shikamaru
Chakra nature: fire and wind
Kekkai Genkai: Sharingan like Sasuke
Jutsu: Fireball Jutsu, Wind Storm(basically pushes things and destroys anything around except for user) Wind Pierce(can cut through pretty much anything) Firebeast technique(a beast made out of fire with a katana covered with blue flames, the hottest there is. very hard to dodge)

personality: has some skill, though somethimes gets ahead of himself, underestimating other. can get mood changes and angered easily. was never the best student, and always frightened by many of the jutsus

backgrounds: when young, was born after clan massacre. was always a brat in class and never wanted to learn anything. spaced out often. always felt as though people hated him and wanted him gone. he lived in an orphanage and later on questioned that. he went to learn more about his family, trying to find survivors. he found that sasuke, his brother, 15 or 16, was still alive and seeked him out to learn more about the clan. after he left konoha his village called him rouge and went to try and kill him. he found out his other brother itachi, has recently died due to sasuke. he was frightened, not being a very good fighter and not having many useful skills. he also found that tobi, claimed to be uchiha madara, but Maikeru was wondering more about him. he had then came to know madara, and madara made sure to get all that he could from Maikeru. even so, it was a hard life, for Maikeru was still going around trying to survive. he had still not met sasuke.

well this entertained me for a good 15 minutes :D

06-01-2011, 03:12 PM
I will do this later, on my ipod right now and itd be hard.

06-02-2011, 08:50 AM
Name:Malena Saga
classifiction: rouge/missing ninja
Affiliation: runaway from konoha, in alliance with some akatsuki members
Clan: Nara
Family: Shekamaru,Tobi and Temari
Weapon: Zabuas sword and Temaris fan
Skill: Speed
Chakra nature:Fire And Air
Kekkai Genkai:Hakus personly I like how he traped Sasuke and Naruto in the walls of ice and narutos nine tailed fox came out

06-02-2011, 04:06 PM
Yeah, I'm going to edit my post later because I usually get more ideas when it's night outside, xD

06-02-2011, 05:11 PM
Name:Malena Saga
classifiction: rouge/missing ninja
Affiliation: runaway from konoha, in alliance with some akatsuki members
Clan: Nara
Family: Shekamaru,Tobi and Temari
Weapon: Zabuas sword and Temaris fan
Skill: Speed
Chakra nature:Fire And Air
Kekkai Genkai:Hakus personly I like how he traped Sasuke and Naruto in the walls of ice and narutos nine tailed fox came out

the weapons are cool zabuza and temari i like that

Freshmen Academy Student
06-11-2011, 06:49 PM
Wow...someone to help people who can't draw.

08-06-2011, 09:36 PM
Name : Senju Fubuki

Gender : Male

Age : 16 years old

Classification : Anbu

Rank : Jounin

Affiliation : Konohagakure, Sand village

Clan : Senju

Family : Tsunade (nephew)
Tobirama Senju (grandfather)
Hashirama Senju (granduncle)

Weapon : Katana

Skill : Ninjutsu master

Chakra nature : water, wind and ice

kekkai genkai : Ice release

Jutsu : Water Release: Great Waterfall Technique (This technique extends water over a large scale, surges and rises up to several dozen meters high. Then it streams down to the ground in one big cascade, much like a gigantic waterfall. In doing so, it resembles a huge wave, with tremendous power that can hollow out the ground. What remains after that technique's utilization is reminiscent of no less than the aftermath of a natural disaster. This is a considerably advanced ninjutsu, and activating this technique requires a fair amount of chakra.)

Ice Release : Shattering Ice Spear (The user unleashes giant spikes made of ice if they are endangered)

Water Release: Water Encampment Wall (This defensive technique creates a wall of water around the user. Enemy attacks are completely intercepted by a fence of water blown out from the mouth, and is raised from below with tremendous might. The water is blown out in the form of a circle around the user, and it makes for a defence without openings. It is also possible for the user to control the amount of water and duration at will. The wall's strength and resistance change following the quantity of chakra poured down into the water, so a skilful shinobi will be able to build a sturdy one. Furthermore, because the field of vision is maintained even while defending one can easily go on to the next move, which is a great advantage. The wall can also be formed from a pre-existing water source)

Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique (This technique shapes a large amount of water into a giant, powerful dragon, which hits the opponent with formidable might, dealing physical damage. The ideal place to use it is near a body of water, but if the user's skill allows it, it is possible to use it even in a place where there is none. The amount of water used will be in proportion with the user's skill)

Water Release: Water Sky Convergence (This technique enables the user to control water and moisture much like Gaara controls his sand. It can be used to block most incoming attacks, bind or drown opponents, and shape the water into various attacks, allowing the user in conjunction with the Summoning Technique to allow water-based summonings to fight in areas that it normally need water to move around by either trapping the target in the same water or manoeuvring the water to allow the summing to chase the target. It is able to extract and utilise groundwater, and as is very effective most areas)

Personality : Fubuki is the most calculating, cunning, and analytical member of the main characters and perhaps in the series. He is able to carefully look past his feelings and see the real situation at hand, demonstrated on more than one occasion. In battle, while his preference is to concoct strategies based on deduction of his opponents' abilities and fighting style, his natural battle instincts are also highly tuned. He is capable of slashing another person's head off in just an instant, relying only on impulse. However, his care for his friends and his love for his family are the backbone of his fighting drive, as he will sacrifice just about anything to protect them.
In the face of adversity, Fubuki has the uncommon ability to shun all emotions and shine a blank slate, thinking three to four steps ahead to clutch the pinch and seize control of the situation. Coupled with his vast intelligence, his detached emotional state is perhaps his greatest asset.

Despite his physical appearance, Fubuki has very high durability, shown in almost all of his matches. Because of his analyzation lenience, he is always the most injured in his fights, but manages to pull a trick out of his hat to decide the match.

Background : His memmories about his background has been sealed by Danzou when he join the ANBU squad. So he remember nothing until now

08-06-2011, 10:27 PM
im just going to show my guy and do the rest later its late where i live.


08-07-2011, 11:24 AM
http://img713.imageshack.us/img713/3983/tek4e322c55f24f46197900.png (http://tektek.org/avatar/45426822)
Name:Karasu Houzuki
Classification:Missing Ninja
Affilition:Akatsuki Member
Family:Mangetsu Houzuki(Older Brother), Suigetsu Houzuki(Younger Brother), (Nephews)Daigetsu Houzuki, Aoigetsu Houzuki, and Akagetsu Houzuki.
Chakra Nature:Water, Lightning
Kekkai Genkai:Hydration Technique

05-28-2012, 11:16 PM
Name: Sayona Uzumaki
Gender: Female
Age: 37
Classification: Medical Nin, Swordswoman
Rank: Mizukage
Affiliation: Kirigakure, Konohagakure
Clan: Uzumaki
Family: Intuzuka Uchiha (Husband), Tazunai Uzumaki (Son)
Weapon: Hiramekarei (Instead of Chojuro)
Skill: Agility, Perception (Can dodge most attacks, and can sense most movement)
Chakra Nature: Lave Release, Lightning Release, Water Release
Kekkei Genkai: Rinnegan, Lava Release

Jutsu: Lava Style: Great Lava Wall (A protective wall that surrounds an area, capable of protecting a large village, or small army)

Lightning Style: Black Chidori (A chidori infused with black flame, making it almost 20x more powerul)

Water Style: Water Dragon Bullet Jutsu (similar to Zabuza's Water Dragon jutsu, just faster)

Lava Style: Hell Rain Jutsu (a giant storm of lava plummets to the Earth, killing all in it's wake. All allies have the lava protect instead of attack)

Forbidden Jutsu: Poison Mist Jutsu (she fills the area with poison mist, which she immune to. This paralyzes all opposing ninja [this is a last resort jutsu])

Personality: Sayona is very loving and motherly. She is also fiesty and easily pissed off, letting people know, mainly by hitting them. She is very tactical and intelligent. She almost despises the Rinnegan, calling it a curse, but admits that it comes in handy every once in a while. She likes to help people, which is why she became a medical nin.

Background: She was an only child and both of her parents died when she was 3. She was taken in by an elderly group that taught her the ways of the ninja. Later in her life, she ran into Intuzuka Uchiha, a ninja from Konohagakure and the brother of Fugaku Uchiha. She fell in love with him almost instantly. The same year she got pregnant with her son, Tazunai Uzumaki, and raised him by herself, since Intuzuka was always busy. After that, she learned further techniques, unlocking her Lava Release. As Tazunai was growing up, she was juggling life as the Sixth Mizukage and also helping Konohagakure. Intuzuka eventually came back to her and they have been together since. She also hopes to uncover her familily's history and try to figure out why her parents were murdered.

Rating (according to me): 9/10

She is one of my favorites, but I have two other made characters that I will post another time: Intuzuka Uchiha and Tazunai Uzumaki.

05-29-2012, 12:27 PM
I've come up with a second ninja

Name: Haru Yamanaka
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Classification: Jinchuriki
Rank: Chunin
Affiliation: Konohagakure, Sunagakure, Kirigakure
Clan: Uzumaki, Uchiha, Yamanaka
Family: Ino Yamanaka (Cousin), Inoichi Yamanaka (Uncle), Tazunai Uzumaki (Father).
Weapon: Kunai
Skill: Perception (She can sense movement and also notice things that her team doesn't)
Chakra Nature: Poison Release, Fire Release, Wind Release
Kekkei Genkai: Poison Release, Sharingan

Jutsu: Fire Style: Fire Dragon Hurricane (Three fire dragons combine to make a strong wind and sweeps across the field like a hurricane)

Poison Release: Poison Fist Jutsu (This is a CQC move, allowing her to make her fist poison, giving her the upper hand in combat [no pun intended])

Wind Style: Cutting Wind Jutsu (This makes razor wind, cutting enemies up, either killing them, or brutally injuring them)

Amaterasu (Just like Sasuke and Itachi's)

Poison and Wind Style: Poison Wind Jutsu (this is a mix of the cutting wind jutsu and poison. Once cut, the poison enters the body and paralyzes the opponents)

Personality: She is very happy and quirky. She has been compared to Naruto at times. She is very kind hearted and will die to protect the ones she loves. She is constantly bugging people and will most likely be slapped for it one day.

Background: She was born 5 years before the Fourth Shinobi World War and was raised by her father, Tazunai Uzumaki. Her Mother died during childbirth. Her poison release has never been heard of nor seen, so people are constantly doing tests on her during leave. She became a Chunin at age 12 and awakened her Sharingan at age 8. She is now apart of the new team 10, along with Shika Sarutobi (Kurenai's kid), Akira Nara, and their captain, Sakura Haruno.

Rating (according to me): 7/10 (because I still want to do more with this character)

05-30-2012, 02:24 PM
Another Ninja

Name: Haku Hyuga
Gender: Male (but very feminine)
Age: 26
Classification: Anbu black ops
Rank: Jonin
Affiliation: Konohagakure, Kirigakure, Sunagakure.
Clan: Uzumaki, Uchiha, Hyuga
Family: Tazunai Uzumaki (Father), Haru Yamanaka (Half- Sister), Katsumi Hyuga (Mother), Sayona Uzumaki (Grandmother), Neji Hyuga (Nephew), Hinata Hyuga (Niece).
Weapon: Giant Shuriken
Skill: Intelligence (His IQ is just a little smaller than Shikimaru's)
Chakra Nature: Ice Release, Wind Release, Water Release.
Kekkei Genkai: Eclipse (Byakugan mixed with Sharingan and Rinnegan to create the ultimate eye.)

Jutsu: Ice Release: Ice Wid Jutsu (It's a battlefield changer, letting him take the advantage)

Water Style: Hydra Storm Jutsu (it makes a seven headed water dragon, increasing the power)

Wind Style: Cutting Wind Jutsu (Same as Haru)

Hidden Eye Technique: Eclipse Storm Jutsu (It creates a large genjutsu that can make a whole army go crazy)

Ice Style: Icicle Dance Jutsu (This makes a few hundred icicles impale one or many people)

Personality: He is very happy and righteous. He also has a lot of feminine traits. He is willing to die in order to protect his friends and Anbu partners. Although he is an Anbu member, he's kept his memories and still has feelings, unlike most.

Background: He was born about 9 years before Naruto's era. His Father and Mother raised him until he was 12, then his mother died of cancer. Haku has been more serious since. When he became a chunin, his Father became engaged with another woman, who was of the Yamanaka clan. 10 months later, his half- sister, Haru, was born. He was a perfect older brother, protecting her any chance he got and also teaching her important life lessons. He never judged her or treated her different because of her different mother, or the fact that she is a Jinchuriki. He now does missions for Naruto and some for his father. He occasionally sees Haru, but not to often. His ultimate goal is to find a cure for cancer, because he doesn't want anyone to go through what he or his mother went through.

Rating (according to me) 10/10 (because he has a solid goal and is a top rate ninja )

Kyūbi no Yōko
05-30-2012, 04:28 PM
An imaginary character, my character, self-made.
The most powerful character from any Mangaverse I know.

Name : Amaru Kon
Clan : Amaru
Age : Unknown (very old, has lived since the creation of Ninjutsu)
Long black hair.
Blue eyes.
Face similar to Minato's.
Has a scar near his left eye.
1,78m tall.

He's a good friend of the Leaf, also was a friend of Hashirama-dono.
He's a master of genjutsu, the creator of it.

Abilities :
Has the ability to MOVE at the speed of LIGHT.
Has the ability to stop TIME.
Has the ability to CONTROL TIME.
Has the ability to warp/teleport a whole planet in a second.
Has the ability to destroy a whole PLANET in a second.
Has the ability to create a Black Hhole and suck a whole "solar system" with it.
Has the ability to make illusions REAL (Izanagi), without losing the light of the eye.
Has the ability to teleport himself in his mind, he has a world in his MIND. (example : if he eats anything there, it's like eating in the real world ; it's basically connected to the Real World.)
Has the ability to CREATE anything.
Has the ability to SEAL anything in half a second.
Has the ability to use all the Jutsus.
Has the Mokuton.
Has the Light Release.
Has the Iron Release.
Has the Rinnegan.
Has the Sharingan.
Has the Amegan (self-created Dojutsu). The most powerful Dojutsu of all, it's powers are unexplainable.
Has the ability to KILL anyone just by looking at him.
Has the ability to REVIVE anyone without sacrificing himself.
Has the ability to UNSEAL anything that has been sealed (ex : Unsealing Minato from the Death God).
Has insane Fuinjutsu skills.
Has insane Genjutsu skills.
Has the ability to control all Nature Types (example : Control Water, move it on free will, move it anywhere).
Has the ability to manipulate Amaterasu like nobody else.
Has 15 times more Chakra than Naruto.

05-30-2012, 11:30 PM
This is a character I made that my friend promised to show you guys, so here it is.

Name: Intuzuka Uchiha
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown (Somwhere around his mid fifties)
Classification: Anbu, Akatsuki, Jinchuriki
Rank: Sannin
Affiliation: Konohagakure, Sunagakure.
Clan: Uchiha
Family: Fugaku Uchiha (Brother), Sayona Uzumaki (Wife), Tazunai Uzumaki (Son), Sasuke Uchiha (Nephew), Itachi Uchiha (Nephew), Gaara (Godson).
Skill: Intelligence (About the same as Shikimaru), and Sight (due to eternal mangekyo sharingan)
Chakra Nature: Fire Release, Lightning Release, Water Release.
Kekkei Genkai: Sharingan

Jutsu: Fire Style: Fire Dragon Tornado Jutsu (Makes a tornado that sucks in the opponent, then burning them)

Lightning Release: Chidori Storm (This is an environment changer, giving the upper hand to him. He can use it to power all of his lightning style jutsu [mainly chidori])

Lightning Style: Black Chidori (Same as Sayona's, but Intuzuka made the jutsu)

Drill (A Sharingan Genjutsu that tortures even further than normal)

Lightning Style: Demon Rasenchidori (A mix of Rasengan and Chidori, plus demon flame from his tailed beast)

Personality: Intuzuka has a strange personality, because he is partially Schitzofrenic for a time, before he gets a seal to combine the two personalities. Regularly he is nice, but he doesn't talk much. He is a very serious person with a "get things done" attitude. At times, he can be very harsh and uncaring, but that's only on occasion.

Background: Intuzuka grew up in the Uchiha household with his Father, since his mother passed away shortly after his birth. He raised his brother, Fugaku. At age 12, he became a Chunin along with Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Orochimaru. Later, he became a secret Fourth Sannin. After his time in the war, he did some dirty work for Death and became hateful and started to enjoy killing. He made the first Akatsuki, which was the Akatsuki 4, consisting of Sayona and two men. The other two died in a mission to kill the 2nd Kazekage. A few weeks later, Sayona got pregnant with their child, and 10 months later, Tazunai was born. Intuzuka had to watch Tazunai grow up from afar until he was old enough to train him himself. Later, he became Hokage for a short time. Intuzuka gained the eternal sharingan by taking the eyes of one of his family members, just like any other Uchiha. His Sharingan is the strongest, surpassing even Madara. His appearance is almost identical to Sasuke, but isn't exact. His looks and health are glowing because of a Forbidden jutsu he uses.

Rating: 10/10 (Because he's my favorite)

Nixu Hyuga
05-31-2012, 06:37 PM
name: Nixu Hyuga
age: 20
gender: male
Family: Neji Hyuga (father) Tenten (mother) Hinata Hyuga (aunt)
Clan: Hyuga Clan
Affiliation: Hidden Leaf Village/ Akatsuki (newly-formed but on the good guys' side)
Rank: jonin (ex-anbu) then missing-nin
Chakra Nature: Wind

Fighting Style:
-Learned gentle fist and byakugan use from Neji and Hinata
-Learned strong fist and eight gates from Rock Lee
-Learned to use weapons from Tenten
-Learned to use wind chakra in anbu
-Got turtle/tortoise summoning contract from Guy
-Learned sage mode from turtles/tortoises (ninja turtles jk)
-Three things: 1. wind-infused gentle fist strikes allow him to sever chakra pathway system permanently (like Wind Rasen-shuriken), 2. sage tortoise turns into sage mode tortoise armor (like enma turns into staff), and when worn, allows Nixu infinite perfect sage mode due to tortoise armor collecting sage chakra for him, and 3. sage mode alllows Nixu to use the eighth gate of the Hidden Lotus without dying.

Jutsus: (some of his original ones at least)

Wind Style: Vacuum Grid Expansion
It's a twist on Hinata's version of gentle fist rotation where the chakra is infused w/ wind chakra. After the chakra has been infused, it expands. The "grid" cuts anything it hits with powerful wind chakra. Weaknesses are that it is weak against fire style, and it requires great chakra control.

Sealing Technique: Turtle Shell Whirlwind
User summons a medium-sized turtle that immediately goes into its shell. The ninja then uses wind release to create an immense amount of suction force that captures enemies inside the turtle shell. The turtle comes out of its shell, and the user completes the sealing by activating the seal on the turtle's back.

Summoning Technique: Sea Turtle Sub
Ninja summons a large sea turtle to a large body of water where its shell can be used as an underwater base/transport.

Eight Trigrams: Shuriken Barrage
Similar to Eight Trigrams: 128 Palms except the ninja summons shuriken from forearm seals (like Sasuke did vs Itachi) and throws them like machine gun fire. It's made more effective when ninja puts elemental chakra flow in it (my character uses wind release for extra piercing power.)

Wind Release: Gale Aura
User goes into the 7th Gate of the Eight Gates and releases an immense amount of chakra in the form of a continuous spiraling sphere of wind chakra. It has the suction power of a tornado and the provides a great defense for the user. The ninja can also fly during this jutsu. Weaknesses are the exhaustive effects of using the eight gates plus the great amount of chakra required to perform the jutsu. The user is also required to have the ability to use wind chakra nature, the eight gates, and have good chakra control (my character is a Hyuga member so he naturally has the good chakra control.)
p.s. Kind of stole this from Avatar: The Last Airbender, but when using this jutsu, the user's eyes glow white (and specifically my character's veins around his eyes glow white when he is using this technique and the Byakugan.)
Also, if Nixu uses this jutsu after using Wind Style: Vacuum Grid Expansion, the debris left from that adds to the defense and destructive power of this technique.

Nixu Hyuga
06-02-2012, 09:52 PM
name: ????? Uchiha
age: 18
gender: female
Family: Sasuke Uchiha (father) Sakura Haruno (mother) ??? Uchiha (sister)
Clan: Uchiha Clan
Affiliation: Hidden Leaf Village/ Akatsuki (newly-formed but on the good guys' side)
Rank: jonin then missing-nin
Chakra Nature: Fire/ Yin

Fighting Style:
-Learned to use sharingan and fire style jutsus from Sasuke
-Learned medical ninjutsu from Sakura
-Gained MS (gaining Tsukuyomi, Amaterasu, and Susanoo) when sister died; her sister had MS already so Sasuke advised ????? to have her sister's eyes implanted which she did (gaining EMS)
-Specializes in fire style when fighting (phoenix Flower jutsu was her bread and butter early on) and heals when needed

Jutsu: (some of her original ones at least)

Secret Ninja Arts of the Phoenix:
It gives the user several abilities of the mythical Phoenix.

-The user's tears have healing capabilities. Since crying during a battle is usually not possible, she keeps bottles and syringes with tears already prepped on her.

-Uses phoenix song jutsu to enhance team's abilities/ hamper enemies' abilities. When heard by allied ninja, her chakra amplifies the jutsu of her team (for instance, it could make a water dragon much bigger.) When heard by enemy ninja, it disrupts the chakra an enemy uses for an attack (for instance, it could make a fireball jutsu much smaller.) Weaknesses are: 1. she has to stay still and concentrate while the song is being sung, 2. it drains chakra quickly, and 3. enemy ninja can locate her
position by the sound.

-She has a seal on her chest that when activated (it can only be used once per day.), allows her to survive one fatal blow. When she dies, her seal glows red, and eventually, her body bursts into flames. This causes a fiery inferno that could kill enemies close by (it has a blast radius of 25 yards.) Afterwards, the ashes of her body reform, and she is brought back to life.

Fire Style: Heat Control (this one probably isn't original):
While most fire style users use the basic red flames w/ some yellow flames, Kairi can intentionally change which degree to use which are red, yellow, then the hottest and most chakra-consuming: blue.

Her Susanoo is colored yellow and is more feminine than the versions seen thus far. When in its armored state, it has bird-like (to continue with her phoenix theme) features. It is also the only Susanoo thus far to have wings (which are angelic in appearnace). She can do partial Susanoo transformations. This means she can summon just the wings and fly. She also flaps the wings while performing fire jutsus; this amplifies them with powerful gusts of wind. In one of its hands, it wields a spiked chakram (like Axel's from KIngdom Hearts) that can be used in melee or thrown like a boomerang. When thrown, the chakram breaks into four sections, barrages an opponent, reforms into a single piece, and then is sent back to the Susanoo. ???? can also put Amaterasu black flames on the chakram to make it deadlier. On its other side, it wields a harp with two arms. One arm holds the harp; the other plays it. The harp places a genjutsu under its hearers that makes them go to sleep in an illusionary world. Most shinobi jonin level and up can ignore its effects enough not to fall asleep; if this happens, they ignore its effects entirely other than fighting the urge to sleep while in the illusionary world. This means they are stunned long enough for ???? to attack.

06-03-2012, 10:03 AM
^ Good idea! She sounds really cool, though a little op! ;)

Nixu Hyuga
06-03-2012, 11:29 AM
^ Good idea! She sounds really cool, though a little op! ;)

Thanks, and yeah, she is a little op. What do you think of my other character above her?
p.s. the both of them are partners in the new Akatsuki. Also, I think you commented in my thread with the puppets. He's a member of the new Akatsuki as well.

06-03-2012, 12:00 PM
Yeah, Nixu Hyuga! He sound really badass,but what about his apperance? All the skills of team Guy + being able to use the 8th gate without dying is also a lil bit op, u know!

But I loved his jutsu, they were really creative!! I think I'm gonna post a character myself soon!

Nixu Hyuga
06-03-2012, 12:22 PM
Yeah, Nixu Hyuga! He sound really badass,but what about his apperance? All the skills of team Guy + being able to use the 8th gate without dying is also a lil bit op, u know!

But I loved his jutsu, they were really creative!! I think I'm gonna post a character myself soon!

As far as his appearance goes: his hair looks like Shisui's but dark brown in color, he has the Hyuga white iris (but with a slight green tint), wears bandages that cover his forehead where the Hyuga curse mark is, he wears his Konoha forehead protector on his shoulder (not crossed out because he is a good missing nin like Jiraiya), under Akatsuki cloak, he has black pants equipped w/ a kunai holster on each thigh and a black shirt which extends to elbow on the arms, he wears bandages on his forearms that cover summoning seals for various weapons. That's about it.

But yeah, he's pretty op as well. However, i'm thinking up villians (already got one in mind) that could definitely give my characters, and even the future Naruto and Sasuke, a run for their money.

06-03-2012, 12:47 PM
Awesome apperance! I love bandages! But are akatsuki members "allowed" to wear the forehead protector anywhere else than on their forehead?

Villains from you would have been cool, I also wish too see a leaf ninja not that op! ;)

Nixu Hyuga
06-03-2012, 01:03 PM
Awesome apperance! I love bandages! But are akatsuki members "allowed" to wear the forehead protector anywhere else than on their forehead?

Villains from you would have been cool, I also wish too see a leaf ninja not that op! ;)

Idk, i mean, I was putting the forehead protector somewhere else than the forehead because I didn't want it to cover up the bandages. And I forgot to mention, sometimes when he is traveling or just whenever, I also had him wearing a blindfold over his eyes. I added that for comical purposes when he would be using taijutsu or shurikenjutsu, people would be wondering how the h*** he was seeing them. It also adds a bit of mystery to him.

If you want me to, I could post my villian character I mentioned.

p.s. sorry for the op characters.`o.o"

06-03-2012, 01:18 PM
Hah! Blindfold like Kakashi? xD

I'd love to see your villain! And, op characters are cool, but two are enough! I'l think of my character over the night!

Nixu Hyuga
06-03-2012, 01:43 PM
Hah! Blindfold like Kakashi? xD

I'd love to see your villain! And, op characters are cool, but two are enough! I'l think of my character over the night!

Not blindfolded like Kakashi, both of his eyes are covered by a black cloth that ties at the back of the neck like Riku from KH (Days and KH2).

As for my villian, bear with me. I only have his powers (some of them) figured out. Anyway, I have always liked a lot of the filler and movie-exclusive powers so I decided to combine some along w/ some manga powers to make a pretty powerful villian. I had the idea for this dude like almost 6 months ago. Here's some of his powers:

-He is a worshipper of Jashin; this gives him immortality like Hidan. However, he is Jashin's favored chosen one, and as a result, he has also been granted some new power. I'm thinking of making it a powerful boss summon that is like Jashin's pet demon.

-He is the "jinchuriki" of the zero-tails. This gives him a large chakra supply and the ability to form back together after, let's say for example, a decapitation. The yellowish substance that comes the zero-tails pulls the body back together. I was also thinking I might give him some sort of body possession ability from this but idk.

-He is like Orochimaru and Kabuto, always experimenting, so when another chunk of meteor carrying the same properties as the one that crashed in the star village hit the ground, he eventually found a way to transplant it into his torso without the side effects; this gave him similar powers as shown in the filler, albeit on a much larger scale.

-He can also use the dark medical chakra from the first Shippuden movie.

Those are his abilities mostly. op enough for ya? ;)

Nixu Hyuga
06-08-2012, 04:43 PM
Another one.

name: ???? Hozuki
age: 19
gender: female
Family: Suigetsu (father)
Clan: Hozuki
Affiliation: Hidden Mist Village/ Akatsuki (newly-formed but on the good guys' side)
Rank: hunter-nin then missing-nin
Chakra Nature: Water

Fighting Style:
-learned Hozuki and swordsman techniques from father
-learned water release, sealing, and barrier techniques from hunter-nin training


She is also a member of the Seven Ninja Swordsman of the Mist. She wields the sword Nuibari (Sewing Needle). She normally keeps it in her body using the hydrification technique. While in her Barrier Technique: Mist Sensing jutsu, she can re-solidify her hand anywhere within the mist and throw the sword; rinse and repeat.

Being also a hunter-nin, she has mixed a paralysis-inducing poison (similar to the one Sasori used except not fatal) with the water that makes up her body. This allows her to more effectively capture enemies using her attacks. Because she keeps Nuibari in her body while using the hydrification technique, it is always coated with the poison.

Vaporification Technique:
A higher level of the Hozuki's hydrification technique. Instead of turning into liquid water, ninja turns into water vapor. In this form, it's even harder to be hit.

Barrier Technique: Mist Sensing:
While using the vaporification technique, the ninja creates a mist barrier that conceals their movements while allowing them to sense anyone in the mist. They can move through the mist as part of it as well. While in the mist, the user can use jutsus like the drowning water blob, the water prison, and the water gun.

Secret Technique: Mist Rain:
A technique known by some Kirigakure hunter-nin, the user makes rain which eats up any chakra when it comes in contact with that is not of the same signature as the original user.

Self-repairing Layered Barrier:
A barrier technique used to keep ninja in or out of an area. She usually uses it to keep someone or something (like a boss summon) contained within an area. The barrier has more layers the more chakra she puts in the technique. It is very difficult to break but has several weaknesses: 1. there is only a certain quantity of chakra put into the jutsu to allow the self-repairing affect so if the ones trapped inside can keep attacking it, it will dissipate. Allies on the outside can attack it as well. and 2. There is a seal on the outside that when released, destroys the barrier.

Chakra-siphon Seal:
She attaches a seal to an opponent by touching them with her hand. This seal siphons (drains) chakra from their body and gives it to the user. After putting the seal on an enemy and trapping them in a Self-repairing Layered Barrier, she can add the seal to the barrier seal which keeps them contained with their own chakra.

06-15-2012, 04:28 PM
Name: Tazunai Uzumaki
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Classification: Hokage
Rank: Kage
Affiliation: Konohgakure, Sunagakure, Kirigakure
Clan: Uzumaki, Uchiha
Family: Intuzuka Uchiha (Father), Sayona Uzumaki (Mother), Naruto Uzumaki (cousin)
Skill: Tactics
Chakra Nature: Wind Release, Fire Release, Earth Release
Kekkei Genkai: Death Sharingan (a mix of Rinnegan and Sharingan. It's an all black sharingan with a white skull as a pupil and several white dots)

Jutsu: Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu (just like Sasuke and Itachi's)

Clone Super Rasengan (a rasengan about the size of the leaf Village)

Earth Style: Headhunter Jutsu (just like Kakashi's)

Death Tsukuyomi (a genjutsu that, once released, kills the opponent)

Wind and Fire Release: Glass Tornado (fire infuses with the dirt from the tornado, but breaks the glass, making it a swirling pile of broken glass)

Personality: He starts off being a happy-go-lucky ninja with a very great love of life. Later, after his father and mother both die, he starts to act bitter and even hateful toward the world.

Background: Tazunai was born a few months after the Second Shinobi World War to Intuzuka Uchiha and Sayona Uzumaki. Intuzuka disappeared after five months and was declared legally dead, but came back three months later, unknown to how he survived. Intuzuka trained Tazunai once he became the appropriate age. Sayona and Intuzuka hid the fact that Intuzuka was his father, trying not confuse him. He was born in Konohagakure, but went to the Mist and Sand villages later.

06-15-2012, 04:55 PM
Name: Ryo Yuhi
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Classification: Anbu
Rank: Chunin
Affiliation: Konohagakure, The Hidden Cloud
Clan: Yuhi
Family: Kurenai Yuhi (Aunt)
Chakra Nature: Water Release, Wind Release, Wood Release (without the 1st Hokage's cells)
Kekkei Genkai: Wood Release, Samson Seal (Samson seal is a strength seal that, when released, allows him to gain immese strength, agility, and perception)

Jutsu: Water Stlye: Ultra Tsunami (it's as it says, it's a tsunami infused with Chakra, causing damage and possibly drowning enemies)

Wood Style: Burning Wood (he holds an enemy against something with a wood fist, then uses fire style: Burning Ash to cover the wood, then he burns it, causing major damage to a foe)

Wind Style: Vacuum Bullets (like Danzo's)

Samson Seal Release: 8 Trigams 1000000 palms (he continues to hit until the enemy is either near death, or dead. The way it works is generally like Neji and Hinata's 64 palms texhnique)

Water Style: Water Dragon Trio (creates three water dragons that rush his enemies at different angles, making them hard to dodge)

Personality: He is a kind-hearted person, but he doesn't say much. Because of his Anbu training, he has very little feelings for people, but usually fakes them. Despite that, he would die to protect his Sensei: Tazunai Uzumaki.

Background: When he was a baby, both of his parents were kille in battle and Kurenai, his Aunt, adopted him. He had a good life, but he grew up with a guardian that was only 16 years older than him. He used to be very happy and loved to laugh, but after he passed the Chunin exams, he joined the Anbu Black Ops and never seemed to be happy after, until he met his new and current Sensei, the 7th Hokage, Tazunai Uzumaki. He started feeling happy again, but it would only be for very short periods of time. Now, he shows all of his emotions.

PS: I haven't done much with this character, so I might add on later.

06-15-2012, 05:08 PM
Name: Snipa Jet-yun
Birthdate: 11-11-1911
Age: 17
Weight: 169lbs
Height: 5 11
Blood: O
Position: Head Anbu
Village: Stone
Family: Unkonwn
Registarion: 117130

Nature types: water, earth, wind

Status: 1-10
Hand Seals-7

Personality: positive eager and helpful. mysteriously cool and kind. if pushed to the edge he erputs with furious rage and power

Focused chakra- transformation jutsu- clone jutsu- water style: water dragon- eath style: eath dragon jutsu- wind scythe-

Background: a young ninja was battling a ice user ninjutsu and push his comrades out of harms way. He was then attacked by the enemy and was frozen for 100 years. the fourth ninja war awoke him from his frozen state

Nixu Hyuga
06-17-2012, 04:23 PM
name: ????? Uchiha
age: 18
gender: female
Family: Sasuke Uchiha (father) Sakura Haruno (mother) ??? Uchiha (sister)
Clan: Uchiha Clan
Affiliation: Hidden Leaf Village/ Akatsuki (newly-formed but on the good guys' side)
Rank: jonin then missing-nin
Chakra Nature: Fire/ Yin

Fighting Style:
-Learned to use sharingan and fire style jutsus from Sasuke
-Learned medical ninjutsu from Sakura
-Gained MS (gaining Tsukuyomi, Amaterasu, and Susanoo) when sister died; her sister had MS already so Sasuke advised ????? to have her sister's eyes implanted which she did (gaining EMS)
-Specializes in fire style when fighting (phoenix Flower jutsu was her bread and butter early on) and heals when needed

Jutsu: (some of her original ones at least)

Secret Ninja Arts of the Phoenix:
It gives the user several abilities of the mythical Phoenix.

-The user's tears have healing capabilities. Since crying during a battle is usually not possible, she keeps bottles and syringes with tears already prepped on her.

-Uses phoenix song jutsu to enhance team's abilities/ hamper enemies' abilities. When heard by allied ninja, her chakra amplifies the jutsu of her team (for instance, it could make a water dragon much bigger.) When heard by enemy ninja, it disrupts the chakra an enemy uses for an attack (for instance, it could make a fireball jutsu much smaller.) Weaknesses are: 1. she has to stay still and concentrate while the song is being sung, 2. it drains chakra quickly, and 3. enemy ninja can locate her
position by the sound.

-She has a seal on her chest that when activated (it can only be used once per day.), allows her to survive one fatal blow. When she dies, her seal glows red, and eventually, her body bursts into flames. This causes a fiery inferno that could kill enemies close by (it has a blast radius of 25 yards.) Afterwards, the ashes of her body reform, and she is brought back to life.

Fire Style: Heat Control (this one probably isn't original):
While most fire style users use the basic red flames w/ some yellow flames, Kairi can intentionally change which degree to use which are red, yellow, then the hottest and most chakra-consuming: blue.

Her Susanoo is colored yellow and is more feminine than the versions seen thus far. When in its armored state, it has bird-like (to continue with her phoenix theme) features. It is also the only Susanoo thus far to have wings (which are angelic in appearnace). She can do partial Susanoo transformations. This means she can summon just the wings and fly. She also flaps the wings while performing fire jutsus; this amplifies them with powerful gusts of wind. In one of its hands, it wields a spiked chakram (like Axel's from KIngdom Hearts) that can be used in melee or thrown like a boomerang. When thrown, the chakram breaks into four sections, barrages an opponent, reforms into a single piece, and then is sent back to the Susanoo. ???? can also put Amaterasu black flames on the chakram to make it deadlier. On its other side, it wields a harp with two arms. One arm holds the harp; the other plays it. The harp places a genjutsu under its hearers that makes them go to sleep in an illusionary world. Most shinobi jonin level and up can ignore its effects enough not to fall asleep; if this happens, they ignore its effects entirely other than fighting the urge to sleep while in the illusionary world. This means they are stunned long enough for ???? to attack.

I made some changes and additions to this character. They are shown^.

06-23-2012, 12:48 AM
Already made one.

Click here to view it. (http://naruto.viz.com/forum/showpost.php?p=4911440&postcount=1)

07-12-2012, 02:15 PM
Name: Mizu Hayashi

Gender: Male


classification: swordsman

rank: jonin

affiliation: Kirigakure(mist)

clan: Hayashi(made up this clan)


weapon: Katana

Skill: extremely fast, master weapons expert, master swordsman, high level of strength, skilled in genjutsu release, high level of senjutsu, highly skilled in seals, and taijutsu, mastery of water and wind release.

chakra nature:wind, water

kekkai genkai: none

justu: space-time ninjutsu
summoning(wolfs) & sage mode
Water release techniques
Wind release techniques
Body flicker technique

personality:very skilled, and highly intelligent, but extremely lazy. would rather sleep and drink alcohol then fight

background: was born to two skilled ninja named shenji and mokoto. his parents died when he was 6. graduated the academy at 6 became a chunin at 7 and a jonin by 9. was offered a position in the 7 swordsman when he was 12 but turned it down because it was too much work.

Nixu Hyuga
08-01-2012, 12:46 AM
I've already posted several characters, but a change to all the ones i've posted is that none of them are in the new Akatsuki. They are part of a four-man squad of missing-nin called Vanguard who fight the new Akatsuki. This four-man team is comprised of Nixu Hyuga, ??? Uchiha (female), Kambei, and Kairi Hozuki.

However, I have thought of some of the new Akatsuki members, and here they are. None of them have names yet because i'm not good at coming up with names. Also, I don't know which members are partners yet except for one pair.


Name: N/A
Gender: Male
Age: early 30s

-Worships Jashin, so he has immortality and when he consumes someone else's blood, their bodies are connected.
-He is also a insect user; he uses four different kinds:

-Mosquitoes are his main form of insect. He sends them in swarms to take samples of blood from all his enemies. He then consumes them and performs the ritual which kills everyone whose blood was consumed.
-He also uses genetically enhanced cicada that come out of the ground after he performs a summoning jutsu. Their enhanced sounds stun, deafen, and KO enemy ninja and anyone else who can here it- including ninja hounds and other animals.

-Another type of insect he uses is genetically enhanced termites. These genetic improvements include wings allowing flight and the ability to eat metals such as iron in addition to wood. This makes them perfect counters for puppet users.

-His last type of used insect is the bikochu from the original Naruto anime filler. He has his own breeding facility just to house this specific species, so he always has some to use. Their sense of smell is even better than a ninja hound, and when the eggs hatch, the first thing they smell is kept in their memory. They can then be used to track whatever it is that they smelled.


Name: N/A (Third Mizukage)
Gender: Male
Age: 45 (chronologically much older)
Background: He was the Third Mizukage of the Hidden Mist Village. Tobi used Yagura along with several other conspirators to take over the village using prejudice versus kekkai genkai bearers as the takeover's focus. The Third was a member of the Hidden Mist clan that possessed the ice release kekkai genkai, and so assassinating him was the first step to taking the village. Through intel of the Kiri ANBU Black Ops, the Third learned of this plan before it could happen. Knowing any attempt to fight would end in his defeat against such odds, the Third disappeared from the village and was never seen again for many decades.

The general opinion was that an assassination had taken placed and that the Third was murdered. However, the Third really ran away from the village and went out into the Land of Waves. There he picked a suitable place under the water to perform his original ice style technique: Ice Style: Cryostasis. This jutsu would encase him far below the water in a block of ice that would allow him to sleep until the rein of the Bloody Mist was over. A barrier was put around the seal first to hide his chakra, so he wouldn't be detected.

Unfortunately, a side affect of this jutsu is that depending on how long a person is under this jutsu, they experience a form of varying temporary amnesia after they awake. They remember things llike abilities, their own personality, and people they knew, but their memory of events leading up to cryostasis is gone. After the Third had awoken (17 years after the Naruto manga ends), the new Akatsuki found him, sealed his old memories deep inside his mind before he could recover them, and created new ones that allowed them to recruit him into their ranks. Whatever they changed in his mind, it has given him a deep hatred of the Five Great Nations, and the Akatsuki has promised him a way for him to get his "revenge".


-Uses the ice style kekkai genkai; his jutsus includes ice mirrors, ice domes, ice spikes, frost breath, among other abilities.

-His Ice Style: Cryostasis allows him or others to sleep for long periods of time without the need for food or water. Aging is stopped during this time as well. However, as previously stated, the affected experiences temporary amnesia that varies depending on how long they were asleep.

-The Third was renowned and also feared in the ninja world during his time as Mizukage because of his most powerful technique: Ice Style: Absolute Zero. Performed similarly to his frost Breath jutsu, he does handsigns proportionate to how big he wants the jutsu's area of effect to be. He then breaths out a pale blue mist that changes the temperature of anything it touches to absolute zero. At this temperature, electrons stop moving, and molecules fall apart. Anything hit by this technique would shatter easily in an instant, even a living body.


Name: ??? Kurama
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Partner: Rinnegan girl
Background: Born as a gifted genjutsu user of Konoha's Kurama clan (original Naruto anime filler clan), he had their family's kekkai genkai that allowed the illusions he made to be irresistible and capable of causing whatever happened in the illusion to actually happen in the afflicted's mind. He was obsessed with his own power, and after awhile many within the clan took notice of it. Not wanting their clan's kekkai genkai to be the cause of another incident, they petitioned the Sixth Hokage, Naruto, to have the source of his kekkai genkai, the id monster, destroyed. This would take his kekkai genkai away from him where he couldn't use it again. Naruto was undecided on the issue when the young man figured out want was happening. Resentful of his clan and the Leaf Village, he left so that he could use his powers as he saw fit. He left at age 22, and the leader of the new Akatsuki recruited him as one of its first members. He was glad to join an organization that would allow him to use his powers as he saw fit. While in the Akatsuki, he has used his genjutsu prowess to rearrange the Third Mizukage's memories and control his partner.


-Has Kurama clan's KG that makes his genjutsus irresistible and capable of making whatever happens in the illusion reality for people caught in his genjutsus. The id monster is constantly trying to override his being and possess his body. However, has put mental blocks in his mind that restrain the influence of the id monster while allowing him to access its power. His weakness is that in whatever illusion he puts people in, the id monster is hidden within the illusion. If someone can find the id monster and kill it, the illusion is automatically broken, and his KG is gone forever.

-One specific genjustu he uses snares the five senses of anybody that's trying to find him. They can't find him by sight, sound, smell, taste (however that would work), or touch. His chakra can be sensed though.

-Within his illusions, he can possess any chakra nature (including kekkai genkais) and use any technique. Many proficent in genjutsu can do this, but those caught in his genjutsu would actually be affected because their minds would perceive it as real. His jutsu can still be countered within the illusion. For instance, if he used fireball jutsu, it could be countered with water wall jutsu. A weakness is that he uses as much chakra to perform the technique as a person who actually can use it does and all the side affects apply. For example, he could use sharingan, but it would drain more chakra from him because he doesn't have Uchiha blood. Basically, he is affected by his own illusions. If he were to make a pit of lava and then jump into it, he would die.


Name: N/A
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Partner: ??? Kurama
Background: At age 8, the rinnegan was awoken in this little girl. Her parents and her lived in the Hidden
Rain Village. Soon, rumor had gotten out that a young girl from the Hidden Rain possessed the coveted dojutsu. One night, gang of rogue ninja sneaked into the village and their home in an attempt to steal her eyes. Her parents were murdered before her very eyes, and in retaliation, she killed them with her rinnegan. She was sent to the village's local orphanage, and she found a mother figure in the headmistress. However, the headmistress too was killed in a 2nd attempt to take the young girl's eyes (this attempt happened when she was 9). After killing those who had killed the headmistress, she ran away from the village. Mentally unstable and at times even suicidal, she traveled the lands in despair.
To survive, she resorted to thievery, and stole food wherever she could. After stealing from a vendor in the Hidden Stone's marketplace, she went to an abandoned alleyway to eat what she had stolen. As she sat eating, a man who appeared to be a jonin from the village was walking by her way, and she told him to watch his distance. He laughed at the boldness of the child and asked what would happen if he did. She removed her hood and told him that he would die. The man immediately recognized the rinnegan and after laughing again, said,"Well, aren't I lucky today?!" Suddenly, before her very eyes, his appearance melted away to reveal a young man wearing a black cloak with red clouds on it (the Kurama clan member).

He put her under a genjutsu and quickly knocked her out. He took her to the nearby Akatsuki base and presented her to the leader. He was ordered to find out everything he could from her subconscious to see if she could be of any use to them. Using a hypnotic genjutsu, he learned of the girl's past: how her parents were killed and the events that proceeded afterward. He also assessed her mental state and came to the conclusion that with the right handling, she could be controlled. Using illusions of her parents and the headmistress, he convinced her to join the Akatsuki (she was 11 then.)

Because of her unstable mind, he is able to control her with genjutsus that show her her parents and the headmistress. If she tries to rebel in any way (which doesn't happen often), he threatens to take her loved ones way again, and she complies immediately. Knowing that she might be able to bring her loved ones back, he sealed her ability to use the Naraka Path and Outer Path. Also, when training her in the use of her powers, he purposely didn't mention the Naraka Path or Outer Path so that the subject would never come up.


-She possesses the Rinnegan, and therefore, can use the Six Paths's abilities. The Naraka and Outer Paths were sealed, so she is incapable of using them.

-Animal Path: Her most used Path. She possesses completely different animals from Pain/Nagato.
-She uses a flock of crows completely for tracking and intelligence-gathering.
-She uses a giant porcupine that has razor-sharp, hardened spines on its body. She uses the Deva Path to send enemies into the spines.
-She uses a giant black-colored catfish (based on Japanese myth) that can cause shockwaves and tidal waves in the water.
*Thinking of other animals right now.*

-Animal Imitation Jutsu: Allows her to take on characteristics of animals she has recently touched.

-Asura Path: She uses it in all its forms.

-Preta Path: She uses it for defense.

-Deva Path: She uses it in combos with Asura, Human, and Animal Paths. She is not as good at it as Pain/Nagato usually, but when she mentally cracks, her anger can cause displays of power close to his.

-Human Path: Her least used Path. It's out of character for her to use it, but she will if ordered by her Akatsuki partner.


I'll add more as time goes on.

08-02-2012, 03:03 PM
why dont you guys just do a war system and put ur characters to use?

08-05-2012, 09:02 AM
Name: Shishimaru (generic)

Gender: Male

age: 17

classification: Sage in Training, Taijutsu specialist.

rank:Chuunin nearly promoted to jonin.

affiliation: Konoha (because its jungle like)

clan: None (although there is a group that specializes in lion summons and even transformations)

family: mom , dad 2 bros.

2 Claws on each capable of being enhanced with wind chakra similiar to asuma
Explosive tags + Kunai
Ninja Wire that sasuke often used in part 1
A little hidden vial with extremely deadly poison/ acid for when sh*t gets serious
and 3 smoke bombs

Skill: Taijutsu Master, weapon augmentation with windchakra, extreme agility.

chakra nature: Wind and (recently Water)

kekkai genkai:None because i hate that over powered crap

Wind Release: Air Current Blade: With a slash of his claws he is able to hurl multiple air blades with chakra towards his opponent.

Wind release : Swiftness (speed augumention with wind release)

Wind Release: Kings Destructive Roar.(His strongest Jutsu capable of destroying 1/3rd village but hard to aim and control uses most of his chakra)

Water Release: Water Clone

Summoning Jutsu:
He has a bloodcontract with a tribe of lions who can talk and are able to walk on two legs. The more powerfull among them use clothing weapons and ninja tools. The largest of them being about 3 meters tall (when standing on 2 legs)
Their main ability would be to deafen/ intimidate/ atleast startle my opponets with their powerfull roars and they would be masters in taijutsu because of their overwhelming strenght and claws.
Summons: NinLion(esses)(about 7 cubs), Mufusa (elder lion), Sarabi(elder lioness), Nemean Lion (gold fur immune to cutting and piercing attacks)
And of course i would be able to ride any of the lions to increase mobility.

Lazy (prodigy) , Laidback, Cautious , Makes alot of jokes , extremely critical of things, doesnt concern himself with idealogies or religions. Fails when he trys to pick up girls but succeeds when he doesnt try. Not above Biting peoble to win.

Always going through life with a breeze things change as his father got ill. The lion tribe needs a new sage thus Shishimaru starts to train seriously to become a sage worthy of succesing his father. His other two brothers have no intrest in becoming a sage and are quite famous ninja themselves. Thinking that becoming a great ninja will help him in his sage training he starts to take on bigger and more dangerous missions.

Basicly me with a naruto twist to it.

08-23-2012, 12:30 PM
Name: Ginzu Dacihi(great wisdom)

Nickname: The Charka Wizard(because of his slightly-strong yet massive-amount of charka some say was more than most past ninjas). He was able to learn and perform different jutsus. As well as some saying that he would seem physically tired at times, but yet could perform jutsus over and over, and never seem to lose much charka. He perfected his Earth, Water, Lighting, and Shadow clone jutsus to the point. That unless it was a life threatening blow, or when they used up the charka they have stored in them they would remain. They can only used some of the jutsus of the element that was use to make the clones. Other than the shadow clone which can use most of the jutsus that the person who cast the clone knows. He also perfected his clone jutsus to the point thatven very strong sharigans had a hard time telling the difference sometimes when fighting one of the his element style clones, or shadow clones.

Gender: Dark skin man with very dark blue pupils about 6'3'' skinny but ripped with long dreadlocks going pass his shoulders, wearing a long black hooded robe with two white stripes that cross each other like an x on the hood and then goes strainght down the back, and a navy blue shirt with black pants and black shoes with a big shark tooth attach to a string around his neck. With his hidden cloud head band around his neck and his hidden mist head band underneath his arm sleeves.

Born: May 7

Age: Died at age 28 (over 48 years ago) making him 76 yrs old if still alive

Personality: Calm and Laid back/ kind of lazy at times/quiet-yet talkative among friends /extremely-high awareness, and reflexes

Villages: Hidden Mist Village-Tatsuya clan & Hidden Cloud Village-Dacihi clan
Rank: Genin/Missin-nin Rank: Jouin/Missin-nin

Powers: The blood line ability of the Dacihi clan allowing him to access 35% of his brain and allowing him to activate the two parts of the brain that increases his charka strength and stamina(during the 1st Great Ninja War), and his body reflexes and senses( which can negate the illusions and genjutsus of even the sharigan) which had activated when his mother had die. Also The blood line abilities of the Tatsuya-clan allow him to also use the elements earth, water, and fire together.

Parents: Mother(Athena Tatsuya) age 28 (when ginzu was born ) was the youngest daughter of the 1st Mizukage's six. Who was a jonin with slightly-high level sklls. Also had a child with a hidden cloud male and ginzu( who was born 8yrs after the 1st Mizukage's death when using a secret bloodline forbidden jutsu when fighting the 1st Hokage and 1st Tsuchikage ). When he turned 7yrs old she took him and became a missin-nin duri the start of the 1st world war. Leaving she took 4 out of 8 special jutsus from the hidden mist village that the 1st Mizukage had left. Teaching ginzu until she died at age 39 in what is known now as: (the hidden hot springs village) when he was 11 during a fight with the some ninja from the leaf and rock, during the war. Before her death she told him where to go to find where his Father live.

Father: Takuma Dacihi(the 3rd cousin to the 2nd Raikage)age 32 a Elite-Jonin who blood line Dacihi-clan was wipe out (and died 3 yrs after ginzu was born) who were able to access up to 30% of their mind increasing only two random parts of their brain allowing them to activate the part that greatly increases their charka strenght and stamina, and the part that controls the senses allow the user to never be caught in a genjutsu and to have great reflexes or any other parts of the brain. Once you activate the two parts of the brain it can never be undone and over time it leaves the user physically/mentally weak if not physically and mentally healthy enough to withstand it. Which is the reason why no one in the clan has ever past the aged of 35 some not living past 14yrs of age, because some would go brain-dead among once being able to activate two parts of the brain, while most only live from 1 to 8 yrs depending on how far they push themselves.

Late-Bio: Ginzu fought during the 1st Great Ninja War at age 14 as a hidden cloud member(he came to the village at age 11, 6 months after his mom died). He fought against members from the leaf, rock, mist, stone and waterfall villages. As well as one hyuuga members and four Uchiha's(two being very high rank) which earn him his nickname when young as The One Who Can't Be Caught, because he couldn't be caught in genjutsu, mind tricks or seals.

Group: Ninjas of the burning crescent: 30-members

Strength(raw power):7>9
Charka level:10>12
Stamina(Charka Amount):12
Sealing Knowledge:7>8
Rating:84% > 95%(sage mode)

*Water Style:
-Water Clone Jutsu
-Water Whip Jutsu
-Violent Water Wave Jutsu
-Black Cloud Jutsu
-Grand Water Fall Jutsu
-Razor Water Spear Technique
-Water Pistol Technique-Stolen Scroll
-Water Encampment Wall Jutsu
-Multi-Water Dragon Jutsu

*Fire Style:
-Mist Waltz Jutsu
-Cloud-Style: Great Flame Slash

-Blazing Statue ( a mix of rock clones with flames bursting out) makes the clones faster and tougher.

-Blazing Fire-Chain Containment Jutsu(known to the daughter of the 1st mizukage)
-Fire Dragon Flame Bomb Jutsu

*Earth style:
-Multi-Rock Clone Jutsu
-Mud Wall Jutsu
-Mud Flow River Jutsu
-Earthen Rising Spears Jutsu
-Fist Rock Jutsu
-Boulder Technique / stolen scroll by the Diamond-skin golem.
-Antlion Technique / stolen scroll

*Lighting Style:
-Lighting Clone Jutsu
-Light Palm Technique

*Corrosion Style:
-Scorching Rock Jutsu
-Melting Projectiles Technique

-Rock Lava Bomb Technique( mix with the rock clones + Blazing Statue) allows the user to use the clones like bombs each trigger by putting his hands together. when they explode lava burst out with chunks of rocks killing anyone within 5 feet of the blast.

*Ninja Art:
-Gigantic Ninja Star Projectiles(Weapon scroll)

*Summoning Jutsu:
-Glokek: Sage of the Arc Angels(This sage is said to be the most powerful sage of them all, and is the creation of the Rikudō Sennin). Giving the user the abilities to negate all summoning jutsus/sage-charka and dramatically increases the users jutsu powers by 50%(but increases it by 100% if they possess the rinnegan). Also making them numb to pain, tho he can only stay in sage mode for 2mins. The Sage of the Arc angel was said to be apart of the Rikudō Sennin himself having everlasting sennin charka store up in him, and for those 2mins the person can do an unlimited amount of jutsu no matter the cost of charka. but will leave them with no charka and near death after those 2mins.(Unless they have very-powerful rinnegan eyes).

Glokek is the physically key to the other worlds allowing the Rikudō Sennin to teach people about the different natural charka there were. It allow him to open the gates between them and gain those he see fit depending on their contracts, to become sages much easier. In order to master this mode, Glokek must take over your body and mind and you have to be phsyically and mentally strong to with stand it, fight it and strip it of the demons that holds and manifest themselves upon it..It becomes apart of you and over time and mastering..the charka will manifest into your body slowly turning it into the body of the Rikudō Sennin (but only the body). giving the user some phsyical abilties near the Rikudō Sennin and allowing them to do some element jutsu of the Rikudō Sennin only if the natural charka of the person's body is of that element.

*Hidden Jutsu:
-Shadow Clone Jutsu(only two clones)

-Steam Element: Vapor Body-Cloud Technique (blood-line ability of the Tatsuya-clan) The user produces a steam that comes from their whole body that vaporize the moisture and oxygen in the air, within 2ft-10ft around them the more chakra they put out the bigger the cloud gets. The enemy will start to lose oxygen, as well as oxygen to the brain, which will cause them to lose the ability to speak clear, see solid figures and hear words correctly, causing their body to slowly lose water and body mass, turning their bones soft overtime the closer they get to him. But since the user is only a half-breed of the blood-line, the affects of the steam will start to greatly decrease his body water mass, down 40% within 10mins.

Steam Element: Twin Steam Axe Blades (Weapon scroll) -While using the hidden scroll of the 1st mizukage, he summons two small but heavy twin axe blades with gold and silver outlines with a smooth hard blue loop grip. Allowing him to keep the axe in his hands. Steam burst out the sides of the axe, when in close combat the steam will burst out unto a foe's face, causing slight burning when it hits the eyes, leaving the foe distracted for a few seconds. if the foe's blade touches the axe for too long, too many times, the sword starts to get moist and soft, making it hard for the foe to hold his sword and making the blade itself softer to the point where a good strike will easily break the blade. The user can also throw his axe at people and make it explode with steam and can kill or greatly damage anybody when 2ft around the blast. Because after 2ft the steam quickly cools down and is of no danger to anyone. When he's uses the scroll after he activate his blood-line ability he can reproduce the twin axe blades as many times as he wants..

-Sage Art: Charka Cancellation Technique (Scroll) -while in sage mode if he uses the enemy blood while in his palm he can put his hands together then place it on the empty scroll. it will form a seal then can cancel the jutsus/summonings, or sage charka being sent to them by sealing off the world to them, but only for 1min).

-Sage Art: Movement Of The Traveling Gods( the user is able to teleport himself instantly thru space and time, more so he can recreated his essence and physical body in a certain space, but can only do physical attacks but it doesn't work on him) he can only do this for 1 minute every 10mins, if he does it for more than a minute it will kill him, cause his physical body and mind couldn't take too much and his molecules will start to vanish. If the enemy is too close too him( like 2ft) for more than 15seconds their molecules will start too break down and time will seem slow to them.

-Lighting Element-Sage Art: Blinding Light Of The Sun God ( a bright white light that explodes from the user's body that lastes 15seconds, its like looking at the light of the sun when only 5miles away from him, but anybody thats less than 2miles from him in contact with the light will receive 1st degree burns anyone closer will receive 2nd degree burns and if right up on him they will receive 3rd degree burns if not protected. Anyone who looks directly at him, the light burns their eyes making them blind forever, but is completely harmless when cover under something. The user cannot move and is blind while doing this jutsu.

-Water-Element-Sage Art: Tears Of The Falling Gods( the user causes it to heavily raindown, but the raindrops are 1000 times bigger and heavier than normal) causing it to crash down to the ground with force, within 15seconds a huge pond will form, 40seconds later then a large lake, then everything within a 1miles ratio can be up to 20ft under-water within 10mins, but the user cannot move until they release their hands, stopping the rain.

-Corrosion Style-Sage Art: Great Meteor Shower( the user creates small boulder- like meteorites with magma in it falling from the earth atmosphere crashing within a 4block ratio from the user, at the speed of mach 4 with a temperature of +160 degrees for 10seconds). The user can not move while doing this jutsu.

*Forbidden Jutsu:
-Water Element : Sub-Tonic Water Dragon creates a frozen wasteland with his fearsome roar/Stolen scroll by Athena ( the user summons a gigantic water-ice dragon thats forms instantly from the sky and shoots a super-fast, water blast( that temperature is -160 degrees) that has massive ice forming in it. If a person, even the user gets caught in it. It will completely freeze them and can cause dangerous blizzards to occur witin 2 miles of the blast).

-Lava Element: Volcanic Sub-core Destruction/Stolen Scroll by Athena (known to the 1st Mizukage)can manipulate the magma-core within the planet and making it rise, causing it to burst out of the ground it has a low to great area reach and can instantly wipe out about a 3miles ratio in 1min. But will kill the user cause the caster body temperature can reach over +200 degree causin them to melt.

*Sealing Jutsu:
-Water Element: 7th trigram Water Boarding Seal

09-30-2012, 10:05 AM
Hello, I would like to give me a character who animate in Naruto, I love her for five years! Demon ninja, drama, war is my abiance my novel I'm me. Called me how I could used software, Masashi Kisimoto message, description of a site? Thank you for the help?

11-13-2012, 08:45 AM
this is going to be fun I will start soon

why does there like come 1 post a month?

11-17-2012, 05:40 PM
I'm gonna post a character of mine in a second`!:)
i have a lot of ideas

11-17-2012, 05:40 PM
name: Kyuketsuki Guramu
gender: male
age: 16
classification: rogue ninja
rank: special jonin
affiliation: no one
clan: Sekai no hakaimono
family: all dead except sister Kyasarin
weapon: scythe
Skill: like Naruto
chakra nature:wind, lava, and darkness
kekkai genkai: N/A
justu: Kurai shi, Yōgan aki, Henka no kaze, Kyūketsuki no unmei, Karasu no satsujin(all created by me)
personality: dark, lonesome, hates people
background: parents and 2 older brothers killed in a fire that destroyed his house he now hates people because he knows it was no accident he's dead himself
rate please!!!:)

11-17-2012, 06:24 PM
name:Kyasarin Guramu
classification:rogue ninja war machine
affiliation:her "creators"
clan:Sekai no hakaimono
family: all dead except brother Kyuketsuki
weapon:Yume no dorobō(sword)
Skill: can destroy anything
chakra nature: darkness and fire
kekkai genkai: Hakai fukushū(special kekkai genkai only girls of their clan have)
justu: Hakai, Karasu no fukushū, Karasu no satsujin, Tanin no hakai
personality:use to be a loving, caring sweet little sister/ now has no feelings
background:watched her parents and brothers burn as she was dragged away by her "creators" thought Kyuketsuki died too
rate please!!!

11-18-2012, 07:19 AM
name:Sara no shi
age: 12
affiliation:akatsuki members hidan, kakazu, and zetsu
clan:no shi
weapon:butchers knife
chakra nature:N/A
kekkai genkai: Dōbutsu ai(can talk to and control animals)
justu: summon:all animals
personality:sweet kind girl who loves animals
background:her family went missing when she was 5 she's been searching for them ever since and because of that she never became a ninja. she tried to learn to become a ninja and unleashed her kekkai genkai Dōbutsu ai

tried to create this last night but my laptop turned off on me.
rate please!!!`:)`!:)`|(`:oops:`:shock:

11-18-2012, 07:52 AM
I have another one! sorry
name: Noshi
gender: female
age: 12
classification: justu specialist
rank:genin in training
affiliation: konoha
clan: N/A
family: N/A
weapon: scythe/gun
Skill:learns fast, strategist like shikamaru, ninjustu genjustu and taijutsu master
chakra nature:fire, wind, and water
kekkai genkai:N/A
justu: rasendori(chidori and rasengan mixed covered with wind and fire), summon:wolf
personality:loner but when you become her friend she is very fun and outgoing she's really smart and is a good strategist, she was the best student in the academy
background:no one knows her much but says she's a prodigy

i need to make another male only 1 boy 3 girls on the website right now :!:`o.o"`~(

11-18-2012, 07:55 AM
No naruto related stuff.
Tkae off amatherasu and uchiha and susano'o.

11-18-2012, 08:15 AM
Name: Arashi Yami (Literally 'Storm of Darkness')

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Height: 6 Feet 2 Inches tall

Weight: 178lbs (81kg)

Eye Colour: Teal

Rank: Jonin

Affiliation: Rouge Ninja

Clan: Unknown

Weapon: Chakra-Absorbing and Channeling Short Sword

Notable Skills: Extremely fast and has excellent stealth abilities, able to run without making a sound. Above average strength and is an expert in swordplay and battle tactics.

Chakra Nature: Lightning, Water and Wind

Kekkai Genkai: Tenki-Shihai (Literally 'Weather Control')
- Allows the user to control weather patterns, creating and controlling thunderstorms, heavy rain, hail, mist, etc

- Hidden Mist Jutsu
- Chakra Mirror Transparency
- Aquatic Vision
- Lightning Dragon Strike
- Mist Needle Liquification

Personality: Serious, cold and cunning, Arashi doesn't play with his enemies, he simply destroys them without remorse or hesitation. However, Arashi normally prefers to outsmart his opponents, rather than overpower them even though he does have powerful techniques at his disposal.

Background: Little is known of Arashi's past other than the fact that he was raised in the Hidden Mist Village during the period of the 'Bloody Mist' and to this day he retains the brutality that the barbaric training instilled in him.

11-18-2012, 09:25 AM
name: Kyuketsuki Guramu
gender: male
age: 16
classification: rogue ninja
rank: special jonin
affiliation: no one
clan: Sekai no hakaimono
family: all dead except sister Kyasarin
weapon: scythe
Skill: like Naruto
chakra nature:wind, lava, and darkness
kekkai genkai: sharigan (like Sasuke's) and rinnegan (vampire)
justu: Kurai shi, Yōgan aki, Henka no kaze, Kyūketsuki no unmei, Karasu no satsujin(all created by me)
personality: dark, lonesome, hates people
background: parents and 2 older brothers killed in a fire that destroyed his house he now hates people because he knows it was no accident he's dead himself
rate please!!!:)
I have to ask you to change this one too.

11-18-2012, 10:03 AM
why should you change what you believe is right?
bet no one know my location in English
besides what would you want me to change

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.................................................. ..........
You know what,read the damn rules.
The sharingan and rinnigan.

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11-18-2012, 03:20 PM
I'm sorry i snaped. >.>

11-22-2012, 08:11 AM
Name: Arashi Bombei; people only know him as Arashi

Age: 23

Classification: Missing/Rouge Ninja



Clan: N/A

Weapon: Does not have any weapons, but can make his own.

Chakra Nature:Unknown

Kekkei Genkai: Steel Release, Dark Release


Knows all of the the Steel Justus, including ones that make weapons, melting hot streams/waves, and many other versatile techniques.

Knows many justus with the Dark release that mostly involve in stealing chalkra, absorbing life, and taking in and shooting back attacks

Forbidden Jutsus:

Black Steel Justsu; Makes entire body or part of body immune to physical attacks. (can be effected by non-physical attacks)

Dark Aura Justsu; Covers the body in a dark purple aura that absorbs any and almost all Chalkra making him immune to all non-physical attacks. (can still be effected by physical attacks)

Skills: With both Steel and Dark release, Arashi has formed a very defensive fighting style. Combining both of his forbidden Justus he can become invincible, this requires an immense amount of chalkra that he normally absorbs from people. With his Dark release he can run around the battle field stealing chalkra to keep his Black Steel going, he also uses his Dark aura to deflect/absorb all non-physical attacks making him virtually invincible. With this double forbidden justsu their are some weaknesses. One being that the rate in whitch he absorbs chalkra is not fast enough to sustain the black armor justsu forever, it just prolongs its use. Another being that Arashi being very fast is not faster then other powerful shinobi, so all you would have to do is avoid him, he does however try to trap and slow people with his steel justus by molding metal to them so they cant move as fast or at all.

Personalty: Arashi is very detached, showing little regard for human life. Unlike most who are detached he is not twisted and insane. Arashi is very intelligent in combat. Arashi doesn't kill for no reason but will not hestiet to kill anyone in his way.

Back round: Father possessed the Steel Release Kekkai Genkai and mother possessed the Dark Release Kekkai Genkai. Both of his parents were murerderd if front of him at the age of 9............ Working on the rest

Nano Rain
11-22-2012, 08:38 PM
Name: Nao Fuma
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Physical appearance: 5' 4", medium-length black hair, blue eyes, pale skin.
Classification: Swordswoman and animal summoner.
Rank: Special Jonin.
Affiliation: Amegakure.
Clan: Fuma Clan
Family: Unknown
Weapon: Various. Swords, umbrella's...
Skill: Stealth and speed combination
Chalkra Nature: Wind
Kekkai Genkai: None
Jutsu: - Summoning - Koutan: Koudan - Koutan: Gogatsuyami - Koutan: Kouyaiba - Taiju Joro Senbon

Personality: A loyal dog, really. Follows orders without question. Is cold hearted with no mercy. When she's not on a mission a different side of her comes out, although there's still some social barrier. Underneath her deadly side is an artist.

Background: Father moved away when she was young, and has overrall lost contact with him. Her mother chose to be a civilian and runs a pottery shop. Her mother doesn't have much interest in her, so she is always striving to prove herself useful. When she became a shinobi and began making money she moved out and lives in a small apartment with a brown tabby cat. Her only friend passed away on a mission shortly after becoming a shinobi. Afterwards Nao lost interest in everything other than her work as a shinobi, and her hobby as an artist. Her goal is to climb to the highest rank she can achieve.

Fukai Tsumi
11-28-2012, 03:39 PM
Name: Fukai Tumi

Gender: Male

Age: 167

Classification: Rogue ninja

Rank: N/A (Kage power level)

Affiliation: Varies

Clan: N/A

Weapon: N/A

Skill: Taijutsu, inhuman strength

Chakra nature: Earth

Kekkei genkai: Jinsei no Hifu/Skin of Life - Absorbs life force via prolonged physical contact.

Justu: Iwa no Yoroi/Stone Armor, Doton: Doryūsō/Earth Release: Rising Stone Spears, Doton: Doryuuheki/Earth Release: Earth Rising Wall. Fukai also has his own taijutsu style, Yaseiken/Wild Fist, adapted from the Inuzuka clan style to use more direct force and crushing power.

Personality: Fukai is a very outgoing and free-spirited individual, but despite being loud and larger-than-life, he also finds joy in the subtleties of sarcasm and snark.

Background: Immortal due to his Kekkei Genkai, Fukai has spent a long time separate from society, considering what he values. He has decided to live by the ideals of his base nature, focusing on the cardinal sins that he believes are a fundamental part of human nature: Lust, Wrath, Greed, Envy, Pride, Sloth, Gluttony, Acedia and Vainglory. He has grown bored with his secluded lot in life and re-joined ninja society at long last; they won't know what hit them.

12-19-2012, 04:07 AM
Smoke Shaman Clan Hidden in the Swamp

01-10-2013, 03:07 PM
Name: Hikari Hara

Gender: Female

Classification: Missing Nin

Affiliation: Orochimaru

Clan: Hara

Family: Deceased

Weapon: Shamisen

Skills: She uses her Shamisen to cast genjutsu and with each note she does it has a different effect on her enemy. She has exceptional tiajutsu but lacks in other areas


Genjutsu: Strings of Sorrow- A genjutsu that catches one in an illusion and strings slowly cut through the victims flesh.

Genjutsu: Sounds Of Suffering: Catches the enemy in a genjutsu that the longer your caught in it the higher the sounds get until it eventually bust your ear drums.

Genjutsu: Flames Of Hell: Creates an illusion where it seems like your being burnt alive.

Summoning Jutsu: Sound Sirens: When the Shamisen notes is played in a certain order it summons two sirens to come to her aid with a completely different set of abilities and chakra.

Personality: A quiet person who likes the music and enjoys sitting around playing it. She doesn

02-15-2013, 01:09 PM
Name: Dan Uzuki

Bingo book nickname: Dangerous Dancing Kitsune

Gender: Male

Age: 28

Height: 5 Feet 5 Inches tall

Weight: 120lbs

Eye Color: Hazel brown

Hair Color: Dark brown hair

Rank: Sage

Affiliation: Wandering Ninja

Clan: Uchiha Clan, Hyuga Clan and his adopted Clan Uzuki

Weapon: Blinding Swords (When he un-stealths his sword. It blinds anybody that has a bloodline expect for the user himself/herself )

Notable Skills: Summon master, Taijutus (is his weakness), Seal Master, Genjutsu master, Sword master and an Archer.

Chakra Nature: Ice Release, Boil Release and Crystal Release

Kekkai Genkai: Ranmaru's bloodline.


Ice Release: Ice Dome
Boil Release: Skilled Mist Technique
Demonic Mirroring Ice Crystals
Crystal Armor
Crystal Release: Jade Crystal Prison Technique
Crystal Release: Jade Crystal Mirror
Summoning Technique
Shadow Clone Technique


People sees him as sensible, cautious, careful and practical. They sees him as clever, cunning, gifted, or talented, but modest. Not a person who makes friends too quickly or easily, but someone who's extremely loyal to his friends. He does make and who expect the same loyalty in return. Those who really get to know him realize it takes a lot to shake up his trust in his friendship, but equally that it takes him a long time to get over it if that trust is ever broken. He wants to settle down from his wandering life but can't find his soulmate.

Background: His real name is Dan Uchiha-Hyuga. Just like Obito and Itachi; he doesn't like either clan but the clans didn't even know about him either. He was born from Raped victim durning the Second Ninja War. Dan Kato was his Godfather cause Dan Guru's parents like Dan Kato's driven. Yugao's Grandfather adopted Dan Guru and Dan Guru became Dan Uzuki was the one who hook Yugao up with Hayate Gekko. He tried dating Hinata's mother but she'd dumped him for Hiashi. Dan Uzuki was the one who order knowing that Hizashi will be the fall guy. So now he's just waiting for the right moment to killed Hiashi and help Neji.

Girlfriends that are just friends or best friends:
Ayame, Hana, Tsume and Kurenai.

Love interests:
Puppy Crush on Tsunade
Mei Termui

02-16-2013, 09:07 PM
K, I made this guy in 30 minutes, but wasn't happy with any of the things I could find to make a visual for you, so I put my sucky skills to the test. Before the hate starts, I know my art is really bad, but nothing I could find online did it for what I wanted. And my poor attempts at nameing things in Japanese are lame, but at least I tried. Also, to make the guy I wanted, I had to take the view point of in the future (and make up answers to some un-answered questions. like the natures behind the steel nature)

Name: Rame

Gender: Male

age: 16

Classification: Jinchuriki (Son Goku), Weapon&Genjutsu specialist, ANBU (Hidden Stone Village, Barakkusuton), Tiger Sage

Rank: Jonin

Affiliation Iwagakure/land of earth

Clan: Unknown

Family: Unknown

Weapons: 4 Bardiche, 1 Daisho (with 4 Kogatana chakura blades), body weights made of steel

Skill: Great skill in Chakura control

Chakura nature: Steel (Earth, fire, water) and it's subnatures

Kekkei: Steel Nature, Mangekyo Sharingan in his right eye

1) Tiger Summon Jutsu: Summons a Tiger from the Hidden Tiger Village. All tigers can perform Taigakuran (tiger's crown), part of entering into tiger sage mode. as well as Hidden Reed Jutsu which creates a forest of reeds matching the markings of that tiger giving near perfect camo. And like other summons, each tiger has their own jutsu as well.
2) Shigeto (death gate): Upon tricking an opponate into place, Shigeto is called out of the ground. It is a steel coffin with Jutsu formula carved into the outside. These Jutsu include sealing jutsu and genjutsu used to control the mind. There is also a stasis justsu used to keep the taget alive indeffinately. otherwise it operates similar to the reincarnation jutsu. Except the target is not indestructable, and the coffin must remain above ground. It's major weakness is that if you can block chakura from going to target from coffin and visa-versa, they will be released from the genjutsu. weaker minds will be reclaimed once the block is removed though. It is technically a forbiden jutsu with it's ban temporarily lifted during the 4th great ninja war
3) Suchirugoremu (steel golem) is also sometimes called Hagane no yujin (steel Friend) which is the stronger version: This Jutsu uses the steel around Rame to create a second taijutsu only fighter (except in Hagane no yojin which has a simple, yet amazingly powerful, fire attack) The creation of this Jutsu is detailed in the background. Rame almost never uses Hagane no yojin. this lack of strength outside of taijutsu is its biggest weakness
4) Ken-fu (sword wind): All metal within a varying range (depends on chakura he puts in) is broken down into paper thin bits of metal as small as a grain of sand and as large as a small leaf. Rame then controls these small blades similar to magnetic style, but no magnetic power is used. his range of control is limited (the blades can't get too far from him, 40' radius? and they can't get too close or they'll hit him)
5)Mangekyo Sharingan: how he obtained is also in background. Kimiko: posesses the power to age opponate either way, but is extremely taxing on chakura and slightly effects users age in the same direction. this harm to self in age as well as sight causes a large deturent for Rame to use it. Really only used as a last chance offensive defence. (though rarely noticable)
as well as simple uses of base releases
also uses 4 small chakura tails to control the bardiche

Personality: Rame is always balck and white. Normally he is very laid back and he never takes credit for what he does. But at the same time kind of puts out an air of, "it's all about me". He normally is calm and researved. But on the other hand, he is a hecktic handful and nearly a child, still puts out the all about me air. But what he really wants is to serve those he cares about without anything in return (mostly because he verymuch hates the limelight). When who/what he cares about is any actual danger, he becomes a serious rage machine. He lives in constant fear that, one day, the Earth daimyo will ask him to be the tsuchikage (should the need arise). He also likes to sneak in readings of the pervy sage's books (alot more descrete about it that Kakashi) While a bit of a loner and also over territorial of those he cares about (combat wise), he would go to no end to keep others from getting hurt as much as possible. this quality comes out to a fault and has been known to get him into some dire situations. Also, if he uses Hagane No Yujin, and you defeat it before him, he goes into rage mode.

Background: Rame was found by the Earth Daimyo and his personal guard during their travel from Iwagakure to the palace. For unknown reasons, the earth daimyo took him in. Upon arriving at the palace, his personal soothsayer stated he was a good omen for the family. He was promptly adopted into the family and given the name Daichi. He was near 3 at this time. As he grew, it was clear he was adopted. As such, the other children didn't really accept him. many tried, but he just didn't really fit in with them. Then, when he was just turned 6, he accidently went through steel release, covering his whole body in steel (his steel tends to be black, but not always). This frightened many of the children, and the rumors about it frightended the rest as well as the wife(s). Seeing they wouldn't stand for him to remain there, and his potential to use this in combat, the earth daimyohad his sent to the Barakkusuton ( a secret society inside of the Hidden Stone Village's ANBU). With orders to train him, Tamaru (his new personal handler) put him through many tests. finding that Daichi had a samller chakura pool, he nicknamed/re-named (daichi had been stripped with him as well as family bonds) Rame (lame). But after alot of lazy training (feeling like it was a waste of his time) Tamaru noticed that Rame exhibited an amazing control over what little chakura he had. after a year of brutal and almost bondless (socially) training, another boy was brought to Rame's very very small world. They were told nothing about eachother, only that they started training and working together. Eventually it was revealed that this boy was from konaha and a member of the uchiha clan, at this time they had already become great friends. the boy's right eye was transplanted into Rame and, after he was healed fully, Rame was forced to kill him (or they would force him to watch them torture him to death and then kill Rame.) the boy was ok with it and told Rame to do it, but as he was the closest to family Rame had ever trully felt it still awakened the mangekyo (the boy had awakend the sharingan when he was kidnapped). Apparently the boy had been with a possible brother who left him behind. The plan was to collect a byakugan for his left eye, this never came to fruition. Unlike Kakashi, Rame's sharingan is not locked in sharingan form. It was in an attempt to bring the boy back/replace him that Hagane No Yujin came to be and closely resembles the boy while Suchirugoremu is almost detail-less. While Hanane no yujin looks almost just like the boy, elements of every one Rame cares deeply about can be seen in it's form. At age 11, knowing the chunin exam would be coming up and looking for more power to help (as well as good old boy mischeif) Rame constantly would sneek out and train privately. He eventually came across Ookami, a Tiger from the hidden tiger village. (Ookami is kind of ousted since his name means wolf as well as great spirit). Rame blindly signed a contract with him and they've been friends ever since. Durning the forth great ninja war, Rame (along with Tomaru, as his handler) was put in charge of a small spec ops squad in the fourth division. He reported directly to Mifune. After the war the taild beasts were allowed to return to thier previous land (to maintain balance should their peace ever fall appart) but were allowed to choose their new vessel. Son Goku picked Rame. At which point Rame had a 4 tattooed too his back and added a small version of Son Goku over his heart between the mouths of a fighting Dragon coming from his left arm and Tiger coming from his Right side waist (both were there before Son Goku's image). Ever since the Jinchuriki have been assigned to work together to bring down anyone who would try and insite war again (assuming normal ninja are inable or should the jinchuriki are just needing to do more than train). And that brings us to our modern day future! (that will almost certainly be far from what I made it, but it's the only way I could make my guy what I wanted him to be.

If you have any tips of the naming of things, please don't hesitate to share. hope you can see my picture. Sorry about the colors, they are the closest I have to what I want, but not really near at all.


Also, the reason so much blue and red is that those are the main colors in Ookami's fur.

Jonasan Inuzuka
02-21-2013, 07:04 AM
[Kinda Of A Spoiler For Naruto Shippuden]

Name: Jonasan Inuzuka

Gender: Male

Canine Partner: Takehiko (meaning Hero Prince, Mountain Prince)( Dark Grey Fur on Top And White fur on Bottom)

Age: 16-17

Eyes: Green

Hair: Long, Black, Smooth

Hieght: 5'8 22inches

Wieght: 178

Appearance: Short but no runt, hair goes all the way down pass the back, Leaf Head Band Around The waist like "Lee", But has a Grey Kamono (Half Open Shows Chest) and sleeves longer than arms cant see hands clearly, Bottom is black and mid lengh, black long sandels / bandages wrapped around feet up to the waist, fingerless gloves that goes up to his elbows, Carries one katana on his left side (Grabs with right hand) other katana on his back handel's pointing the right side (Grabs with left hand)

Classifiction: Swordsman, Weapon Specialist, Ninjutsu, Animal Specialist

Rank: Jonin

Affiliation: Village Hidden In The Leafs / Village Hidden In The Light

Clan: Inuzuka Clan / Hikari Clan

Family: Relative Of Kiba, Distant Relative OF Omoi, No Brothers No Sisters

Weapon: Dual Katanas (but when he uses his special jutsu they fuse together to become one)

Skill: Enourmouse amount of chakra, Fastness, Swiftness, Ninjutsu / Kekkai Genkai Swordsman, Animal

Chakra Natures: Fire, Lighting, FireBolt

Kekkai Genkai: Firebolt Release (Ability to manipulate fire and lighting at the same time, Which allows him to create a blue flame thats ten Times hotter than normal fire and Just as fast as the speed of light)

Jutsu: {*Firebolt Release: Sword Flare Fusion Jutsu: (Allows him to fuse his duel katanas to one with his chakra creating a Flare sword that is one katana longer and a Thousand times sharper than the original two, it glows Blue due to the heat it releases, and due to the lighting it contains it boosts his speed 70% more...... Although the percent grows as he grows)

*Firebolt Release: LightingBolt Sword Dance Jutsu: (He swings his sword in different directions simultaneously, it looks as if the katanas' dancing, with burst waves from every swing.... even if it glazes you the heat will slightly burn which ever bodypart it's near)

*Firebolt Release: Fire Shock Jutsu (Takehiko has this ability too): (Creates A Blue Fire Blast With An electric charge Out his Mouth like a dragon, Doesn't kill just temporarily paralyzes the opponet by eletricuting them leaving their motor skills temporarily useless)

*Sonar Howl: (Allows Takehiko And Him to find each others location in a 100 mile distance, And allows them to locate people in a 40 mile distance.... Also works as a Genjutsu, Transports a person into a Dark realm where infinte number of shadow dogs Are continuously bitting them)

*Beast Mode Transformation Jutsu: (Allows Him to turn into a Dog with the katanas fusing with His And Takehiko's Nails)}
.................................................. .................................................. ..............................
Personality: Always Smiling, Not Usually Loud (only when he gets excited), He is smart, Shy, and ALWAYS flirting with females, He is a closet pervert(but not as bad as the other perverts), Although he does get touchy grabby, And dreams out loud, He has openly devoted his self to see how every female he come in contact with feels like (He gets beat all the time by females), Although He also promised his love and undying loyalty to TenTen, He Treats her like a princess, She The Main One That Hit s him When He Get Outta Control

Background: Jonasan always smiled ever since he was little, he grew up around kiba, When he was a genin in the academy when he first started using chakra his superiors relized he had a kekkai genkai right off the back, Danzo got word of it and aptempeted to use his powers for military purposes, But His parents Didn't allow it, They went to the Third hokage and Demanded that danzo return their son, Danzo already didn't like Jonasan Mom (Ayaka) Cus she was from the land of the lighting, But Regardless of Danzo personal feelings The Third granted His Parents Wishes And returned Jonasan, But Due To His special ability to use kekkai genkai jutsus He was sent on (S) Rank missions Since He was a genin, He didn't really have no main 3 Man team, He ussually went on missions with the Anbu Black Ops (Due To A Special Request made by Danzo so he could get near His Powers), But One Mission Due To the Unussally High Rank Of The Mission, Jonasan And A Jonin From The Village Teamed up with (Team Guy), There He Met tenTen on a Mission, Instantly He Fell in love with her, At First He was unusually shy (First female that made him shy), Everytime she would get near him he would blush, But Takehiko Was showing Alot of Affection to her, soo she obviously knew, After That Mission He Became A Chunin During The Chunin Exams, He Requested More Missions with TenTen...As Time Grew They Gew Closer, but Then After He became a jonin, Danzo Sent Jonasan on a mission, He knew he would be gone a long time soo he said his goodbyes to TenTen, He gave her one of his kunai(She Always Kept it with her), Jonasan was sent on a mission to eleminate sasuke, But As Orochimaru Would convinced him he would get more power if he stayed, soo Jonasan never returned to tha village until Sasuke killed Orochimaru, sasuke atempted to Get him to join him but Jonasan refused, and returned to tha village more Powerful Than when he left, Danzo knew he betrayed his direct orders, but he never atempted to question him in fear his secert mission would catch wind, but jonasan had no intention to do so, He reunited with TenTen, but she could tell he was differnt, But She knew he still Loved Her, He is still the same Person (Optamistic, Helping Others) But He Stopped that silly Touching every female thing and His facial Expressions are Default (Like Sasuke's) He is on a mission to kill Kabuto because he know kabuto tried to kill him and Takehiko, He Won't rest until he succeed, But TenTen Wants to get him back to his old self.....(What Will Happen.??)

Love Interestes: TenTen

{Please Rate And Give Feed Back On My Character.... Thanks.!}

03-02-2013, 09:09 AM
Name: Hokkai Namikaze

Age: 23-24

Gender: Male

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Like Narutos blond hair, but a little longer.

Height: 5 feet 7 inches

Weight: 114 pounds

Rank: Jonin

Affiliation: Konohagakure

Clan: Unknown

Weapon: Ki-Sword (It's like Sasukes sword, but it absorbs chakra)

Skills: He summons predators, he is a master of Ninjutsu and of sealing, and chakra waves

Chakra nature: Lightning release, Water release and Storm release

Family: Brother: Minato Namikaze; Wife: Mizui Uchiha; Son: Minai Uchiha

Personality: use to be gentle, serious and smart


1) Storm Release: Laser Circus
2) Water Release: Water Gun
3) Water Release: Water Encampment Pillar
4) Lightning Release: Shadow Clone
5) Lightning Release: Wave of Inspiration
6) Chidori
7) Raikiri

03-03-2013, 09:30 AM
Name: Mizui Uchiha

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Eyes: Blue

Hair: She has straight long black hair

Height: 5 feet 6 inches

Weight: 109 pounds

Rank: Chūnin

Affiliation: Konohagakure

Clan: Uchiha clan

Weapon: Ninja Equipement

Skills: She is a master of Genjutsu

Chakra nature: Fire Release

Family: Husband: Hokkai Namikaze; Brother: Madara Uchiha; Son: Minai Uchiha

Personality: she is happy, smart and funny


1) Fire Release: Big Flame Bullet
2) Fire Release: Great Dragon Fire Technique
3) Fire Release: Phoenix Sage Fire Technique
4) Fire Release: Great Blaze Ball
5) Fire Release: Great Flame Flower
6) Fire Release: Flame Whirlwind
7) Fire Release: Flying Flame Bullet

03-03-2013, 09:46 AM
Name: Minai Uchiha

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Eyes: Blue

Hair: He has hair like his father, but it's black

Height: 5 feet 4 inches

Weight: 110 pounds

Rank: Genin

Affiliation: Konohagakure

Clan: Uchiha clan

Weapon: Ninja Equipement

Skills: He is a master of Genjutsu

Chakra nature: Fire Release, Lightning Release

Family: Father: Hokkai Namikaze; Mother: Mizui Uchiha; Uncle: Madara Uchiha and Minato Namikaze

Personality: He is happy and funny


1) Fire Release: Big Flame Bullet
2) Fire Release: Great Dragon Fire Technique
3) Fire Release: Phoenix Sage Fire Technique
4) Fire Release: Flame Whirlwind
5) Fire Release: Great Flame Flower
6) Choidori
7) Fire Release: Coming of the Lightning Fire Phoenix Technique

03-04-2013, 04:11 PM
Name: Renju
Age: 18
Kekkie Genkai: Moshigan
Power of Moshigan: Can tell peoples next move and remember everything that happend to them by there heart beats.
Clan: Shadow clan
Jutsu: He holds a thousand techniques for each ninjutsu and genjutsu also taijutsu.
Weapon: The great shadow clan fan of pain, bare fists, illusions Psyche
Backround: At the age of 5 my clan was killed and I was the only survivor because my parents used the last bit of there chakra to create a shield. So I seek revenge and want to destroy all hidden villages.
Current: Has destroyed 2 hidden villages. Rouge ninja
Achievements: Grad from academy at age 8 become jounin at age 13.
Looks: Has black hair, ripped black jeans, and black shirts.
Rank: Jounin

03-31-2013, 02:35 PM
Name: Jin Takamaru
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Village: Hidden Leaf
Occupation: Hokage Guard
Rank: Tobetsu Jonin/Elite Jonin
Kekki Genkai: Flash Style (Lightning and Wind Release)
Chakra Type(s): Lightning Release, Wind Release, Fire Release
Clothing: Hidden Leaf Flat Jacket, Black Cargo Pants, Black Shinobi Sandals, Hidden Leaf Headband
Apperance: Long black hair, 6'0, Caucasion
Personality: Quiet, Likes jokes
Weapons/Gear: Kunai, Paper bombs, Scroll (Forbidden Justu List)
Flying Thunder God Technique
Great Fire Annihlation
Lightning Cutter
Flash Beam
Wind Blades

Ok Thats all I got for now, hope you liked it!

04-02-2013, 04:18 PM
Name: Maikeru
Age: 37
Gender: Male
Village: Land Of Iron
Occupation: Samuri Commander
Rank: General
Kekki Genkai/Specialty: Taijutsu=5.0
Chakra Type: Lightning
Clothing: Samuri Armor, Black Cloak (with Land of Iron symbol)
Apperance: Caucasion, Spiky Black Hair, Beard (under the chin)
Personality: Serious, Quiet
Weapons/Gear: Horasu (his famous sword), Flash Bombs
Technique(s): Dance of Blades Technique, Crescent Blade Dance Technique
Lightning Blade
Lightning Beam
Lightning Hammer
Lightning Release
Lightning Shield
Lightning Bomb

Hope You Like Him!

04-03-2013, 06:23 PM
Name: Tuntision Yamanaka

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Classification: S-Rank, Missing-Nin

Rank: Anbu Captain

Affiliation: Konohagakure, Akatsuki (Former)

Clan: Yamanaka

Family: Inoichi Yamanaka (Father), Ino Yamanaka (Sister)

Partner: Suske Hyūga

Weapon: Fist Sword

Skill: Genjutsu Master

Chakra Nature: Fire

Kekkai Genkai: Sharingan (Taken), Mangekyō Sharingan (Taken)

Jutsu: Mind Body Switch Technique, Susanoo (Genjustu), Tsukuyomi (Genjustu), Mind Body Disturbance Technique, Mind Clone Switch Technique

Personality: Tuntision is a serious type of ninja but from time to time he loves a joke or two. He is one of those ninja’s that like to go out and get what they can and what they want. Tuntision is a peace keeping ninja who wants to keep the ninja world safe and his family.

Background: Tuntision was born and raised in Konohagakure. He is the son of Inoichi Yamanaka and a brother of Ino Yamanaka. As he was growing up he saw many death of his fellow people and started wondering what has this world come to so he started to be a scavenger trying to find anything he could which was the reason he for the Sharingan and the Mangekyō Sharingan, He did not want anyone to know he had these eyes so he hid them from anyone else even his own family. Ever since then he learnt Genjutsu and his clan’s techniques. After all that training he was enlisted as an Anbu Captain and he got his first partner and his name was Suske Hyūga from then he has become one of the most entrusted peace keeper and leader of the 6th Company.

04-04-2013, 12:08 AM
Name: Konna Yanguborrado

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Rank: Chunin

Village: Mist village

Clan: Yanguborrado

Family: (dead)

Weapons: Gale sword ( normal kitana with golden handle green jem in the bottom of the handle and conducts wind chakra) , trench knifes.

Jutsu Type 1: Water

Water Style Moves: Water Clone , Water clone explosion, Water whip, Water ball, Water jet bullet, Water prison, Water Prism.

Jutsu Type 2: Lightning

Lightning Style Moves: Electric Shock (chidori or hit the ground and lightning spreads and slows enemies movements), Lightning Dragon (Kirin), Enhance Leg (enhances legs with electricity)

Kekkai Genkai: Make storm clouds, Time Travel

Hair: Long black hair in a ponytail

Eyes: Blue

Clothes: wears a black over shirt , and a white under shirt, and tan shorts, wears mist headband around left leg.

Personality: Happy and funny, always trying to help everyone.

Height: 5 '11

Background: Involved in a war between the mist and the leaf village. Three Brothers "Katse,Gee,Don" Was token by orochimaru and given a curse mark but broke free from it. He always does missions and sneaks off to missions for his village , always helped people of every village. Has a girlfriend named Mikoto (long blue hair , only other lightning user in the village) In the future makes the blood village ( a village after his clan.

Sample Image: http://www.tektek.org/avatar/53024186 (except headband on left leg instead of torso and short sleeve over shirt instead and it's only solid black)

04-05-2013, 07:59 PM
Name: Tunitsu Namizake
Gender: Male
Age: 39
Rank: Tobetsu Jonin
Village: Hidden Leaf
Occupation: Hokage Military Advisor/ Shinobi Commander
Kekki Genkai: Wood Release
Chakra Type: Lightning, Wind, Earth
Specialty: Sage
Clothing: Hidden Leaf Flat Jacket, Black Sandals, Black Pants, Konoha Headband; Black Cloak w/ Purple Flame art, Giant Scroll on back (containing forbiden jutsu), Black Marks under eyes and on cheeks (When in Sage Mode)
Apperance: 6'0, Caucasion, Long Blonde Hair (in ponytail)
Personality: Seroius when suppose to be, likes jokes, protective, cheerful
Weapons: Kunai, Wire, Giant Forbiden Scroll (Only in Sage Mode)
Technique(s): Rasengan, Flying Thunder God Technique, Five Scroll Sealing Technique, Summoning Jutsu, Sage Mode
Wind Shuriken
Summon Dai Shuriken
Summon Cleaver Sword
Summon Toad (Ibitsu, a black toad with a cleaver sword and fire release)
Wind Blade
Wind Style: Suction Hole
Wood Grapple
Wooden Dragon
Wood Dome Trap
Lightning Bomb
Lightning Shield (levels 1-3, higher the level the more chakra)

I will edit this for more Jutsu.
Hope you like him!

Andrew Namikaze
04-05-2013, 10:31 PM
Name: Kirin Namikaze
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Rank: Special Jounin
Village: Leaf
Occupation: Team Leader
Chakara Elements: Wind and Lightning
Specialty: Sharingan User
Apperance: 6'5 Red Long Hair ( Like Nejis )
Personaitly: fun, caring, hard demeanor, jokester, becomes ruthless in battle.
Weapon: Ki-Sword (Same as Sauske's)
Techniques: Kirin, Chidori, Wind Style: Rasenshurkin, Rasengan, Rainbow Rasengan, Rasengan Riot, and Ultra Big-Ball Rasengan.
Family: Naruto (Dad), Karin (Mom), Minato (Grandpa), Kushina (Grandma), Kakashi (Godfather), and Sakara (Godmother)
Story: Kirin got his name from Sasuke's ultimate justu. Being born to Naruto and Karin Kirin was a troubled child and a wacky kid. Everyone picked on him for looking like a girl. During Chunin Exams Kirin, beat everyone with a ease. Once, a Chunin his parents automatically sent Jounin recommandation letters. Once jounin ( at 13) he was known as the Red Spider of the Leaf, because of how he trapped his enemies. Kirin grew up learning justu and smart, unlike father unlike son. He master the Rasenshurkin faster than his dad. Kirin became nine-tails jinchuriki once Naruto asked Kurama if it was okay. Kirin with the Raikage permission is also allowed to use Black lighting. He grew up and Darui was his best friend.
Multi-Shadow Clone
Wind Release Stream (http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Wind_Release_Stream)
Wind Release: Divine Wind (http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Wind_Release:_Divine_Wind)
Wind Release: Dragon Blade Rasengan (http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Wind_Release:_Dragon_Blade_Rasengan)
Wind Release: Drilling Air Bullet (http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Wind_Release:_Drilling_Air_Bullet)
Wind Release: Drilling Air Bullet Harbor Blow (http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Wind_Release:_Drilling_Air_Bullet_Harbor_Blow?acti on=edit&redlink=1)
Wind Release: Dust Cloud Technique (http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Wind_Release:_Dust_Cloud_Technique)
Wind Release: Godly Wind from the Mountains (http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Wind_Release:_Godly_Wind_from_the_Mountains)
Wind Release: Great Breakthrough (http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Wind_Release:_Great_Breakthrough)
Wind Release: Great Slashing Tornado (http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Wind_Release:_Great_Slashing_Tornado)
Wind Release: Great Task of the Dragon (http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Wind_Release:_Great_Task_of_the_Dragon)
Lightning Release: Black Panther
Lightning Release: Electromagnetic Murder (http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Lightning_Release:_Electromagnetic_Murder)
Lightning Release: False Darkness (http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Lightning_Release:_False_Darkness)
Lightning Release: Flying Thunder God (http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Lightning_Release:_Flying_Thunder_God)
Lightning Release: Four Pillar Bind (http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Lightning_Release:_Four_Pillar_Bind)
Lightning Release: Sixteen Pillar Bind (http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Lightning_Release:_Sixteen_Pillar_Bind)
Lightning Release: Thunder Binding (http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Lightning_Release:_Thunder_Binding)
Lightning Release: Wave of Inspiration (http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Lightning_Release:_Wave_of_Inspiration)
He's pretty beast I know ;););););)

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He sounds pretty cool but I just have to say, he is kinda a mash of charcters, like for instance he is a namizake and has sharingans? And he also has the same rasengans as naruto, but there are different ones. But altogether he sounds pretty cool. Sometimes I have a problem with making my characters overpowered lol.

04-13-2013, 06:47 PM
Name: koyon iroichi

Gender: male

age: 16

classification: anbu, dragon sage

rank: jonin

affiliation: konohagakure (hidden leaf)

clan: iroichi

family: mom and dad deceased

weapon: dragon blades

Skill: fast, water style master

chakra nature: water release, earth release, lightning style

kekkai genkai: quick eye ( eye that can see through speed and can see 360 degrees)

justu:1. dragon arts: tyflosion (takes all elements around it and forms like a rasengon or chidori but not as powerful as those)
2. water style: water wall
3. water style: explosive bite of a water dragon
4. lightning style: extending blade (strikes and if it misses it spreads all directions)
5. earth style: ground swords jutsu
6. summoning jutsu: dragons
7. all mighty push

personality: koyon is a fun-loving tempered crazy kid. kinda like naruto. he is a speacil ninja who finds that naruto the best ninja. his training partner/ best friend is lee. he learns from many teachers but his main teacher is yamoto.

background: former rouge ninja never knew his parents travelled training with multiple teachers then went to konoha when 11 and grew up there now extra help whenever teams need an extra member for missions. originally from hidden lava village. when he was born his parents were out of the hidden lava but then wen his parents were under attack his mother hadto use the last of her chakra to teleport him somewhere else. also for one year he signed a contract with dragons and trained with them and became a dragon sage

04-13-2013, 07:47 PM
Name: Jin Takamaru
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Village: Hidden Leaf
Occupation: Hokage Guard
Rank: Tobetsu Jonin/Elite Jonin
Kekki Genkai: Flash Style (Lightning and Wind Release)
Chakra Type(s): Lightning Release, Wind Release, Fire Release
Clothing: Hidden Leaf Flat Jacket, Black Cargo Pants, Black Shinobi Sandals, Hidden Leaf Headband
Apperance: Long black hair, 6'0, Caucasion
Personality: Quiet, Likes jokes
Weapons/Gear: Kunai, Paper bombs, Scroll (Forbidden Justu List)
Flying Thunder God Technique
Great Fire Annihlation
Lightning Cutter
Flash Beam
Wind Blades

Ok Thats all I got for now, hope you liked it!
http://www.google.ca/imgres?imgurl=http://www.deviantart.com/download/257985274/chakra_nature_sheet_by_kaidaskytower-d49lipm.png&imgrefurl=http://kaidaskytower.deviantart.com/art/Chakra-Nature-Sheet-257985274&h=1350&w=1050&sz=240&tbnid=XVLfySghCqqhEM:&tbnh=90&tbnw=70&prev=/search%3Fq%3Dchakra%2Bnatures%26tbm%3Disch%26tbo%3 Du&zoom=1&q=chakra+natures&usg=__07sw2UhEXCP3Qj11JnWCkMuFH_s=&docid=UWd2CYHVRJfjLM&hl=en&sa=X&ei=NgpqUZ-4E-KA0AHutoCgDg&sqi=2&ved=0CEwQ9QEwBA&dur=314 if you look here wind and lightning make magnet release but really cool i like your idea

04-15-2013, 01:35 PM
Name: Izuki Uchiha
Dad: Itachi Uchiha
Mom: Unknown
Brother: Izani Uchiha
Best Friend: Setori Uchiha
Age: 18
Group: Akatski
Gender: Male
Chakra types: Lighting, Fire, Blaze
Jutsu: Kirin, Chidori, Chidori stream, Great Fire Annihilation, Fireball jutsu, FireDragon jutsu, Phoenix Flower, Amaterasu, Susano'o.
Kekkei Genkai: Sharingan, Mangekyou Sharingan
Clan: Uchiha
Mood: Always happy
Ninja Equipment: Ki-Sword (Sasuke's Sword)
Rank: S-Rank Criminal
Hair: Messy Dark Hair Styled to the front
Clothes: Akatski Cloak, Shoes, and Hat
Personality: Funny, Weird, Creepy, Loves to battle.
Background Story: Izuki Uchiha, the one that is a strong man that loves to battle and always creepy, funny and weird. He was always told that he was cute by girls in Konoha. Later, He left Konoha and joined akatski. His sensei was Kazumi Uzumaki, and his brother, Izani was better then Izuki at everything. When the leaf tried to get him back by fighting...they failed. Izuki Uchiha wasn't just a S-rank criminal, he can survive in fighting. He is gonna avenge Itachi Uchiha, his father and promised his father that he will unlock the eternal mangekyou.

04-15-2013, 03:43 PM
http://www.google.ca/imgres?imgurl=http://www.deviantart.com/download/257985274/chakra_nature_sheet_by_kaidaskytower-d49lipm.png&imgrefurl=http://kaidaskytower.deviantart.com/art/Chakra-Nature-Sheet-257985274&h=1350&w=1050&sz=240&tbnid=XVLfySghCqqhEM:&tbnh=90&tbnw=70&prev=/search%3Fq%3Dchakra%2Bnatures%26tbm%3Disch%26tbo%3 Du&zoom=1&q=chakra+natures&usg=__07sw2UhEXCP3Qj11JnWCkMuFH_s=&docid=UWd2CYHVRJfjLM&hl=en&sa=X&ei=NgpqUZ-4E-KA0AHutoCgDg&sqi=2&ved=0CEwQ9QEwBA&dur=314 if you look here wind and lightning make magnet release but really cool i like your idea

Thanks alot for the pic. It really gave me some ideas. If you wanna talk about cool characters or genkai just send me a message. Thx!

04-15-2013, 04:05 PM
Name: Maikeru Senju
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Village: Hidden Leaf
Rank: Elite Jonin
Occupation: Military Advisor for the Hokage/ Captain of Shinobi Guard
Kekki Genkai: Blaze Release, Magnet Release
Jutsu Type: Lightning, Fire, Wind
Speciality: Sage
Techniques: Summoning Jutsu, Rasengan
Clothing: Mud Green Flat Jacket, Black Cargo Pants, Shinobi Sandals, Hidden Leaf Headband, White Cloak w/ Senju Symbol on Back
Apperance: 6'0, Short Black Hair, Caucasion, Dark Purple Eyes (no one knows why)
Equipment: A Scroll on his back that summons any weapon he wants (only in sage mode)
Rasengan Lariat
Lariat Explosion (A combination of lightning styles laritat and the rasengan bomb)
Rasengan Bomb
Magnetise Object
Great Blaze Anhillation
Summon Ninken (Tai and Nee, both dire wolves)
Thunder Beam
Wind Blades
Wind Tornado
Lightning Tornado (Mix between wind styles tornado and lightning styles thunder beam)
Background: He is the Great Grandson of a Senju military general. He was born during the second shinbo world war in a little house a couple miles from the Hidden Leaf. When he was 13, both his parents were slaughtered by rock shinobi while he was away. He killed them in anger, which is when he unlocked sage mode. He buried them and gathered up all his weapons and resources and headed for the Hidden Leaf. There, he became a chunin, then a joinin, And was later made a Elite Jonin and Military Advisor (at the age of 25) By Minato Namizake shortly before his death.

Hope You Like him. If you have any ideas for jutsu that fit my charcters justu type or kekki genkai, please quote them or comment them to me. Thx!

04-21-2013, 05:15 PM

age: 21

classification:rouge ninja,swordsmen,anbu,and akatusuki member

rank:use to be a high rank student

affiliation:village then akatusuki


family:born with no family raised with a unknown person


Skill:genjustu master and swordsmen

chakra nature:lightning

kekkai genkai:sharingan close to itachis but cant use it for a long time

justu: fireball jutsu,susano's happen when needed,lightning blade like kakashi but sometimes hurt himself

personality:dosent like to talk and watch's other people justu's and copys and tries to destroy the hidden leaf village and sadness

background: it started when he was little a unknown ninja (masked man) and the unknown ninja treated him good and taught him his tricks but cant do it so he copys other people jutsu's and then the unknown ninja told him what happen to his real parents and went through depression and killed his best friend and got the sharingan and learn all the uchiha normal basic jutsu's like fireball jutsu...so when he was like 10 he saw the unknown ninja destroy the hidden leaf village he went to depression again and ran away for some time and went to the uchiha clan village and saw everyone was dead and moved to the hidden leaf village when it was fixing it self...then he was a very good student and was very talented but nobody pays attenion to him because of kid name sasuke so when he grew up he became a anbu swordsmen even though he dosent like swords he is very good at it...later on he liked a girl name auki and later on he asked her out and she said no he went little sad but a hidden leaf ninja killed her infront of his eyes Shin didnt know that he was a traitor and left the hidden leaf village and joined the akatusuki clan and trained and demaind to destroy the hidden leaf so he copyed itachi...but when he saw Tobi he knew that he was the unknown ninja so he tried to kill him but he was to strong so he told nobody about his life with him....when he was 21 he fought in the war and killed many of hidden leaf ninjas but when he saw itachi he was dead he didnt know that because when he was 18 he left the akatusuki when Sasuke took over....so when he saw itachi he was shocked and ask him who killed him and it was Sasuke and Shin was envy and wanted to kill him but before he went to get Sasuke itachi stab him in the back and killed Shin and died with his own comrade like auki did.

05-24-2013, 02:58 PM
Clan: Ninjas of the Burning Crescent(During The 1st Great Ninja War) 30 rank members: 3/genin, 8/chunin, 14/jonin, 5/sage

Leader: Ginzu Dacihi
/Commander Of Guerilla Tactic Squad

Clan-begin: 11yrs after the start of the War.
Clan-ended: 19yrs after the start of the War.

*Kin Hajime

Gender: Male

Age: 48(Died)

Village: Hidden Mist Village

Rank: missin-nin/Jonin/2nd in Command(Burning Crescent)

Bio: Known as the Under-Water Sea Serpent of the Mist and last blood-line user of the ancient hajime-clan(after the Tatsuya clan clash with the hajime and other mists clans, most killing each other off. Were known cause of their ability to do boil and steam element jutsus as well as extremely-high levels of water style jutsus, and being able to stay under water and never need air.

Early-Bio: Kin hajime was born in the poor part of the mist village 20 years before the 1st great ninja war, who clan was rich then became poor (40 years before he was born) when they started fighting with other blood-line users in the village to claim new power..The clan was almost wipe out after 2 years of fighting by the anicent hozuki clan, and force to live in the outskirts where there were only small bits of land and huge amount of water..They were great at boil element jutsu, but couldn't breathe under water until 20 years later when memebers in the clan body started to adapt to living in water..he was the only young living memeber left by the time of the war when he was 21 yrs old.

Charka level:8>9
Charka Stamina:8>9
Rating: 78% > 82%( full power)


*Water Style:
-Water Whip
-Multi-Water Clone
-Water Fang Projectiles
-Bursting Water Collision Waves
-Water Depth Explosion
-Water Serpent Strike
-Grand Water Fall
-Water Manipulation(blood-line to hajime-clan)
-Water Encampment Wall
-Devastating Twin Serpent Aqua Blast

Ninja Arts
- Genjutsu style: Water Prison Illusion

- 3-point Serpent Trident(weapon scroll)

Hidden Jutsu
-Boil Element: Burning acid Clouds

-Steam Element: Toxic Vapor Smoke(blood-line to the hajime-clan) user can produce a poisonous steam from their mouth that blinds an enemy as well as killin off most of their senses and slowly dehydrates them.

Forbidden Jutsu
-Boil Element: Water Vapor Pressure( Blood-line to the Hajime-clan) the user can touch any part of his opponents body and can cause the water in their body to evaporate instantly in that part leaving it non-mobile, but can kill if touch on the head or chest.

05-24-2013, 03:00 PM
*Keiichi Iwao



Village: Hidden Rock Village

Rank: Jonin-Sage/missin-nin/Chief Of Defense(burning crescent)

Bio: Known as the Diamond-Skin Golem cause of his ability to do mid to very high-level earth jutsu, and that he was able to manipulation diamonds that were deep within the earth and use it in his earth jutsu making him extremely tough like diamonds, some saying that it was the complete ultimate defense in his village.

Early-Bio: Keiichi who was born in the hidden stone village (about 10 years before the 1st Great Ninja War). Live there until he was five and his mother married a member from the hidden rock village when he was six. Keiichi grown up with a older sister and two step-sisters, his sister became a high rank memeber upon the rock village, a few yrs later she died when he was 20yrs old, In a battle with 1st kazekage. Keiichi also taught the 2nd Tsuchikage the basic version of the dust style, who(mu) had completely master in just a year of being taught.

Late-Bio: 11 years later when Keiichi join Ginzu's Group and became a missin-nin he join him in a truce meeting with the 1st Kazekage and other sand ninjas in order to bring peace somehow within the war, one village at a time. While in the hidden sand village outskirts after leaving the meeting it was just Ginzu and Keiichi, the kazekage and other sand ninjas walk them back thru the sandstorm only to lead them to a trap. After fighting him and the other strong sand ninja, they manage to defeat them but when leaving the kazekage got back up and rush towards them Ginzu use the earth style boulder jutsu catching his fist and turning him into a rock, but when he was breaking out Keiichi quickly put his hands on his head and did the rock harden jutsu casing him in it and making it even stronger, quickly killing him..When other sand ninjas can all they saw was the kazekage turn into a rock and a hidden rock village headband near him..leading to the bad blood between the two villages.

Charka level:9>10
Charka Stamina:7>8
Rating: 77% > 84%(sage-mode)

*Earth Styles:

-Earth Dome Prison
-Double Suicide Decapitation
-Rock clone
-Earth Shift Core
-Weighted Rock
-Ultra Added Weighted Rock
-Ultra Rock Harden

*Sealing Jutsu

-Golem Tomb Sealing

*Summoning Jutsu

-Bak: The Sage Golem King(scroll)

*Ninja Art

-Earth Element: Diamond Rock Shurikens(Weapon Scroll)

*Forbidden Jutsu

-Earth Style: Corpse Soil

*Hidden Jutsu

Earth Element-Sage Art: Diamond Earth Wall

-Earth Element-Sage Art: Multi-Diamond Rock Clone

-Earth Element-Sage Art: Stone Corrosion

-Earth Element-Sage Art: A Thousand Diamond Spheres

-Dust Element : Sub-Base Separation Technique. The basic version was a blood-line ability of Keiichi's clan. Allowing them to chemically break down the moducules of anything solid they touch and turn it to dust. Although they could only do this for 2mins, and had to wait 5mins before doing it again.

05-24-2013, 03:16 PM
*Ume Chou

Gender: Female

Age: 29(died)

Village-Hidden Water Fall

Rank: Jinchuuriki/missin-nin/ Lead Aerial Assault(burning crescent)

Bio: Known as the Hidden Waterfall's Crimson Butterfly cause of her powerful summoning jutsu of a Gigantic Butterfly with razor sharp wings and her ability to do extremely-high level wind element jutsus, some say she was once the 7-tails jinchuuriki who survive after having it remove cause she couldn't fully control it.

Late-Bio: When she join Ginzu's group. They ended up on a mission 2yrs later to rescue Keiichi who was caught by the rock village when he was around the outskirts looking for the sage scroll..When they manage to break him from the rock village prison, they was surrounded by the 1st and soon-to-be 2nd tsuchikage, when engaged in battle keiichi was badly injured, and near death when other member of ginzu's group came to give backup for their escape. They took keiichi away while ginzu and ume lead the attack to the kages, so they could take keiichi away before he dies. Doing the battle ginzu use his full skills with clones to defeat the 1st tsuchikage and to slow down Muu, but when the 1st tsuchikage use his special move and muu use his dust element, ginzi( was deeply cut in the ribs) and ume(lost three of her fingers) who then use her special jutsu in order to retreated quickly when they was badly injured themselves..but the 1st tsuchikage had died a day later from his wounds.





Charka level:9>10

Charka Stamina:9






Rating: 78% >86% (sage mode)


Wind Style:

-Beast Wave

-Dust cloud

-Razor Wind

-Vacuum Sphere

-Great Wind Vacuum

-Pressure Damage

-Cosmic Aerial Blast

Summoning Jutsu

-Kame: Sage Queen of the Skies

Hidden Jutsu

-Genjutsu Style-Sage Art: Butterfly Illusion

-Water Element-Sage Art: Water Vortex

-Wind Element-Sage Art: Universal Pressure Crush

Forbidden Jutsu

-Wind Element: Razor Wind Tornado( the user creates a devastating Tornado that moves at 200 miles a hour that can completely destroy a major village in only seconds

Sealing Jutsu:

-Sage Art: Butterfly Cocoon(scroll)

05-24-2013, 03:23 PM
*Shamare Gorou


Age: 33(died) 2yrs after the death of Ginzu's group

Village: Hidden Cloud

Rank: missin-nin/Sage/ Lieutenant Of Guerilla Tactic Squad

Bio: The last remaining descendant of the Takeshi-clan(great-grandson of the 1st Raikage) Known as the Enrage Beast Of The Cloud cause of his excessively-aggressive anger and that once he's mad he couldn't be stop. He just gets stronger and faster, as well as the ability to do mid to very-high levels of fire and lighting element jutsus.

Late-Bio: During the destruction of Ginzu's group (which had a total of 30 members) Four highly ranked Uchiha's(one who was leading them who was thought to be madara himself but never saw his face came with 24 other non-uchihas and kill 12 of ginzu groups, then after a tired battle ume, kin, keiichi and shamare kill four of the non-uchihas and two uchihas, but then were caught under a very dangerous/powerful genjutsu spell of the leader and was force to kill the rest of their memebers..When ginzu came back he saw his camp in flames and the bodies of his members laying at the feet of ume, kin, keiichi and shamare, after the first battle he kill the remaining four and one uchihas. Leaving only his four memebers left and the leader, after the great battle against his friends he was able to seal shamare temporary using the water broading seal..but was force to badly wound his friends, when ginzu was able to release the spell on them. The last uchiha in a quick move badly burn the other three, killing two of them and leaving one near death with a powerful wind/fire jutsu, the minute he saw they was not in his control and was confuse for a second. After batttling it out with ginzu the uchiha was badly wounded when ginzu was in sage mode and was using the movement of the traveling gods. The uchiha was able to burn off his right arm before he was able to do his sage: water element jutsu, after that ginzu couldn't do his powerful jutsu because only certain jutsus he was able to do without hand signs, even after that he prove to be a strong foe, but was stab in the ribs by the uchiha's blade that went completely thru his ribs when he was caught in a very powerful genjutsu but for only 5seconds( because most genjutsu didn't have a effect on him) but was enough for him to slow ginzu down in close combat to stab him. After that ginzu fell off a cliff into a large river only seconds after the seal had broke off shamare. when shamare fullly gained awareness, the uchiha was gone with ginzu's right arm that was burned only from the shoulders to the wrist leave the hand intact. When shamare look around he saw two of his friends burn to death and one missing a leg and fingers dying from blood lost..when he talk to Kin(who survied only because he fell into a deep pond moments after the fire touch him but still had damage him greatly) all kin said was that "we couldn't control" and died before he finish..leaving shamare with the thought that he lost control again but this time so worst that he kill everybody there and at the camp.

A few months later shamare had Deep hidden memories that led him back to the mountains in the hidden cloud village, Where him and the 3rd raikage decieded to seal him in the mountains until he was able to control himself. Badly tho it's there he discoverd 2 two bodies of his long-lost clan: his grand-father and great-great-grandmother. At that moment the dead body of his great-great-grandmother essence called him and told him to inbrace the hunger and power. After a day he went crazy and ate both bodies becoming very strong, but lost every aspect that made him human, with the soul of his great-great-grandmother inside him he had no control over the hunger and his thought process..he broke thru the seal and started attacking the village, after fighting for three days straight the 3rd Raikage had killed him.

Clan-Bio: The Takeshi clan was the strongest clan in the cloud village (40 years before the war), the clan was so strong because they still had phsyical traits of beasts, while looking human and were very barbaric and cruel. Most of the clan memebers were able to reach sage mode naturally when anger but was hard for them to realize, friends from foes.Their leader was a man who became the 1st Raikage, inorder to show other villagers that the Takeshi clan can over come their aminal thinkin. He showed that he was strong, wise, smart, and could completely control his anger removing the abiltiy to go into sage mode. While still bringing other clan memebers together to show them they shouldn't fear his clan.

After 15yrs of leading the village they got into a clash when discussing what to do with some of the Takeshi clan who was not able to control their anger and give up their power. To keep the peace the Raikage push the clan far back to the north outskirts, giving them move room, but restricted where they could go at times. 5yrs later the remaining 100 members inlcuding his mom and grandmother lead a coup, inorder to take over the village and make laws favoring only the clan..Threating to destroy the village the 1st Raikage, his son(who learn how to control their animal side), and grand-daughter( who was born without the traits of the clan and who had shamare, the first boy and youngest child out of 20 children, when she was 38) fought back their clan when she was 19yrs old, fighting 50 members for 5 days straight in the mountains. On the second day the 1st Raikage had to seal everybody in within the cayon of a large mountains to keep them from escaping, on the third day the 1st Raikage was kill after killing 35 of them, when his right arm was bitten off from the back by his grandmother, then she and five others ate him becoming stronger. Which is why the Takeshi clan is thought of as a barbaric and crude clan, because the only way for them to increase their strength is to eat the other members of their clan(which is why there were few only 50 to challenge from the whole 100 members. On the fourth day there was only one left the 1st raikage grandmother who had eaten the other remaining members in order to break the seal around the mountain, during the battle the son was later killed when him and his daughter tried to escape, the son went crazy in order to protect his daughter and went into sage mode killing her. On the fifth day she killed her father when he couldn't control his anger anymore and attack her ripping out her left eye..she manage to destroy a piece of the mountain with her lighting styles causing huge pieces of rocks to crush him.


Charka level:8
Charka Stamina:10
Rating: 72% > 89%(sage mode)


Fire Style:
-Cloud Style: Fire Spit
-Cloud Style: Fire Fists
-Fire Dragon Flame Projectiles
-Flaming Beast Torch
-Great Fireball

Lighting Style:
-Lighting Clone
-Cloud Style: Lighting Feet
-Raging Flash Beast
-Lighting Armor lv 2
-False Darkness

Summoning Jutsu
-Sion: Sage of the Black Gomit Beast(only when he gets very mad, can he summon it naturally within him, while removing everything but his animal instincts).

Hidden Jutsu
-Fire Style-Sage Art: Blazing Fire Spit

-Lighting Style-Sage Art: Roaring Black Panther

-Lighting Style-Sage Art: Ultra Black Thunder Vortex

Forbidden Jutsu:
-Sage Art: Enraged Twin Thunder Beast Explosion( the user creates three black lighting clone beast of him self that attacks with the user. Half of the user body is cover in flames while the other half is cover in black lighting he can just brush up against its opponent and completely numb that area or burn them bad, while the clone will collide and blow up on impact).

05-26-2013, 12:42 PM
Name: Kafuchi Nara
Age: 23
Weight: 145
Height: 5'10
Village: Leaf
Rank: Jonin
Gender: Male
Equipment: Blade
Hairstyle: Long Black Spiky Ponytail (Reaches his lower back)

1.Shadow Style: Grand Human Shadow
2.Summoning: Wolf
3.Shadow Style: Shadow Spikes
4.Wind Style: Gale Breath
5.Shadow Clone Jutsu
6.Sage Mode
7.Sage Art: Wolf Fang Fist
8.Sage Art: Howling Wolf (Genjutsu)
9.Sage Art: Force Bite

Hokoshi Imagazi
05-27-2013, 07:12 PM
Name: Gomon Kusari
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Classification: Weapon Specialist, and Ninjutsu Specialist
Rank: Legendary (Beyond Kage)
Clan: Unknown
Family: Zabuza Momochi(Brother)
Weapon: Dual Scythe
Skill: Syunkanidou-Surasshu (Teleportation Slash), Kage-Futago-Surasshu (Shadow Twin Slash), and Kurai-Chinmoku-Te (Dark Silence Hands)
Chakra Nature: Fire
Kekkei Genkai: Dark, and Lava
Lava Release: Scorching Stream Rock Technique
Lava Release: Lava Globs
Lava Release: Melting Apparition Technique
Lava Release: Quicklime Congealing Technique
Lava Release: Rubber Ball
Dual Scythe: Lava Release: Twin Slashing Lava (Require Dual Scythe)
Fire Release: Ash Pile Burning
Fire Release: Big Flame Bullet
Fire Release: Dragon Fire Technique
Fire Release: Exploding Flame Crater
Fire Release: Fire Dragon Bullet
Fire Release: Fire Dragon Flame Bullet
Fire Release: Fire Tiger Explosion
Fire Release: Fired Pottery Technique
Fire Release: Flame Bullet
Fire Release: Flame Flower
Fire Release: Flame of the Salamander
Fire Release: Great Dragon Fire Technique
Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique
Fire Release: Intelligent Hard Work
Fire Release: Mist Blaze Dance Technique
Fire Release: Phoenix Sage Fire Technique
Fire Release: Roaring Flame Sphere
Fire Release: Running Fire
Fire Release: Small Fire Stream
Fire Release: Soaring Flame Bullet
Dark Release: Inhaling Maw
Dark Release: Judgment
Personality: Her personality is the same as Madara Uchiha, Very calm.
Background: She tooks things very serioulsy when gambling her life on the life. She is dangerous, and very destructive, once someone messes with Gomon, that person will never be able to escape Gomon. Gomon has such incredible speed even if her prey is 50m is away from her, she is able to catch up in less than 10 seconds. Unlike Ameyuri Ringo, Gomon is more faster then Ameyuri. Gomon was also a kunoichi from the Hidden Mist, she was a superior kunoichi who become the Hidden Mist Hero. Gomon has shark teeths like the Seven Swordmens. Gomon was assigned a mission to defeat the 2nd Hokage Tobirama Senju. However, she failed to complete the mission. After a few months later, she was defeated by Madara Uchiha and Madara decided to wield her Twin Dual Scythe however, Madara Uchiha didn't have the Skill that was required to wield the Twin Dual Scythe. Madara Uchiha also failed achieving the skills that was required to wield the Twin Dual Scythe.
Part II Shinobi War Arc - Gomon was reanimated after the sealing of the seven swordmens and didn't have her Dual Scythe so She decided to summon her Twin Dual Scythe from where she died and summon into her hands, Gomon was also reanimated alongside with Yota but didn't appear with Yota. After that, Gomon encountered the Edo Version of Madara Uchiha and fought with him once again. This time, Gomon was given an special Kekkei Genkai to allow her protect her Twin Dual Scythe. Gomon was able to wound Madara Uchiha however Madara Uchiha has an open advantage. Gomon was able to predict that advantage and took her advantages to defeat Madara Uchiha. At the end, Gomon soul returned to the afterlife along with her Twin Dual Scythe.

Hokoshi Imagazi
06-03-2013, 07:58 PM
Name: Shitsumi (亡き罪)

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Classification -

Affilation -


Mount Myōboku

Clan: None

Family: None

Weapon: Kaminari-Ken (Thunder Sword)

Rank - S-Rank

Chakra Nature: Lightning

Kekkei Genkai: Explosion, and Swift


Swift Release: Shadowless Flight
Explosion Release: Exploding Palm
Explosion Release: Landmine Fist
Fangs of Lightning
Light Hack
Lightning Release: Lightning Rod
Lightning Release: Electromagnetic Murder
Lightning Release: False Darkness
Lightning Burial: Banquet of Lightning
Sage Art: Gate of the Great God
Sage Art: Goemon

Personality: He have the same personality as Uchiha Madara

Background - When Shitsumi first born, Nobody sure's why he has Dark Chakra within him... Even Hashirama including Tobirama don't know why he has Dark Chakra, At age 10, He started the Academy then graduated when he was 13. At Age 17, He mastered Sage Mode however, due to his Dark Chakra. His Sage Mode and his unknown Dark Chakra was mixed together and created Dark Sage Mode. He was now an evil shinobi who was wanted by Konoha because Shitsumi commited many crimes. Shitsumi fought with both Hashirama, and Tobirama however failed to defeat Tobirama, and Hashirama Senju. Also, Shitsumi may be however linked with a BiJuu. At age 23, Shitsumi was finally killed by Tobirama Senju. But before his death, he was able to awaken an unknown doujutsu that may have been linked with Dark Sage Mode. Due to awaken, he has finally died and his spirit has been disintegrated.

06-14-2013, 09:33 AM
http://img211.imageshack.us/img211/1485/tsw.png (http://tektek.org/avatar/53558153)

Name: Kenji Senjanu



Classifiction:Taijutsu spec


Affiliation: Born:Konoha Lives:Iwagakure

Clan:Senjanu clan (extinct due to genetic dissese,Kenji is the only one left)

Family: Rock Lee (Sensei,Like father) Kyasarin Senjanu (mother)

Weapon: Bo Staff

Skill:Very fast,Phisical streangh (a litle slower than Raikage,Phisicaly much stronger than tsunade) Extreme hearing and vision (can hear a leaf falling on the ground form in one km distance, can see a ladybug on a leaf in 900m distance (while in tarugan))

Chakra nature:Black stone release

Wind release

Kekkai Genkai:Black stone release (Stronger then regular stone ,slipery, but less slipery than ice, repels heat, scared of cold,can bend)

Tarugan ( Kenji's Right eye's color is green when the left eye is red, right eye tarugan boosts his vision , hearing , genjutsu(can repel itachi sharingan) and ninjutsu by 2,5x , when the left eye boosts his strengh and speed by 4x, but he can use only one eye at the time for maximum 30min , need a minimum 10 minute break to use it again, overusing can cause blindness , paralysis and death.Using tarugan can cause loss of self control. The eye appearence: looks like black spikes are growing out of the center of his eye)

Justu: Black stone release , Spear rain (Black stone spears come out of his arms attacking the enemy, looks like Deep Forest Emergence. [/COLOR] just spears are thiner and there are more of them)

Black stone release , Wall surround (makes giant Black stone walll around the user)

Black stone release , Black Spear Carpet (about 9 meter long spears rise from the ground all around the user in 1,5km radius,Uses a lot of chakra)

Black stone release Spine grinder ( enemy is traped in a black stone cube witch twists in the middle like a grinder breaking enemy in half, enemy has to be still)

Gentle fist 7 points of paralysis ( hits 7 points of enemys body with one finger, enemy gets paralised for 10 minutes)

Hidden eye release: Shinzou hossa oiharau (when user is cought in a genjutsu, it trigers green eye Tarugan to repel enemy's genjutsu by traping enemy in Tarugan's genjutsu, witch makes ilusion of the scariest thing possible, Its common for enemy to have a heart attack while in genjutsu)

Black stone release , Spike ball ( throws a litle ball of black stone witch with command releases long spikes from it,sometimes puts them in enemys mouth for instant kill )

Summoning justu: Kurohyou lvl 1 to 3 (lvl 1 Panther skeleton rises from the ground (taled beast size) lvl 2 grows muscle lvl 2 grows skin and furr (summoning level three can cause death of user due to chakira loss) (panther has enourmous phisical strenght and agility)

Wind release slash

Wind release great breakthrough

Personality:Childish,Positive and hyperactive.Very Flexible personality too, Can act differently aroud people. Rock lee felt that Kenji was his fav Student cause the personality of both was very similar, just kenji Was pretty lazy and flexible.His dream was to become Sensei,Kage and a father,so rock lee helped him in every way possible.Was chatty so women liked him,tho sometimes he could say something without thinking. With age he got more sereous , but child in him never died. In a fight becomes silent and Very observant, his persona changes,but when in rage he has no mercy to the enemy

background: Born in konoha just after the 4 greate ninja war.His mother Kyasarin Senjanu had the genetic dissese ,but she managed to survive till Kenji was 14 yrs old. Kenji didint have the dissese so he could live normaly.But he had a strange birthmark on his right palm, it looked like a little star. That ment that one day he will be able to awaken the Tarugan, That was pretty rare , And his mother knew what kind of power that holds so she havent told the goverment because she knew that they would want to use him. Kyasarin wanted Kenji to have a normal life,so he did.Kenji finished ninja school and became a genin when he was only 8 yrs old, when he was 11 became a chunnin, Kenji was Very talentend in phisical strengh and speed,He developed his own fighting style(Looks alot like capoeira) when he saw rock lee using drunken fist ,but he wasnt very talented in ninjutsu till he was 13 yrs old and found his grandfathers scrolls.From them he learned The Black stone release. When Kyasarin was about to die , she told kenji about the Tarugan.Kenji was about to go Jounin at that age , and it was very hard to become Jounin so he trained because he wanted to awake that power ,but it didint work till one day when a group of missing nin attacked the village and rock lee's team was ordered to stop them, They were too strong and almost killed His sensei, then he awoke the Left eye Tarugan , and beat them all to death, It was horrible blody mess there, when the elders saw the power of Tarugan they ordered Kenji to join TNF (The New Foundation) but rock lee knew that they would make Kenji a Dangerous Killer and ruin his life, Rock lee told that to kenji and said "I wont let one kind and strong heart go to waist..." then he helped him escape to a small village in the Land of earth. He started a new life a very lonely one, Became a great shinobi , earned good relations with tsuchikage, And then told his secret to the kage, He understood and havent told Konoha about Kenji.When kenji was 25 yrs old, Kabuto(with rinegan and sharingan) attacked Iwagakure
so Kenji ,Tsuhikage and Akatsuchi Faced Kabuto .Akatsuchi got beaten,but survived,tho Tsuchikage wasnt so lucky and died, But Kenji promised tsuchikage too protect Iwagakure, he told kage "I will protect this land just like you protected me from loneliness in my darkest days".then he killed Kabuto with his Hidden eye release: Shinzou hossa oiharau while awaikening his right eye Tarugan. After he killed Kabuto , He became the Fourth Tsuhikage.Akatsuchi was his right hand man.

06-14-2013, 10:18 AM
Sry for mistakes :)

Any opinions?:P

Val Staiz
06-25-2013, 10:51 PM
Name: Val Staiz (Val Uchiha)
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Classification: S rank Rouge ninja
Rank: above Kage
Affiliation: konohakagure
Family: Madara Uchiha - great great great great great great great grandfather
Weapon: Short double bladed katana
Skill: all around fighter
Chakra nature: White Fire and all releases that come with the Rinnegan
Kekkai Genkai: Sharingan-Eternal Mengekyo Sharingan-Rinnegan
.all jutsu of rinnegan
.all jutsu of mengekyo
Special Sharingan Jutsu
.White Susanoo -demonic knight two arms and legs flowing white flame hair
.eye replacement jutsu - mengekyo jutsu - the jutsu replaces whoever is they are looking at with themselve and that person tajes his spot
1. white flame forest fire - white flames that that expand rapidly until they can engorge a whole forest then the fire explodes at a molecular level
2. Teleportation jutsu - allows Val Staiz to disappear and reappear where he wants
3.Meteor/asteroid rain - meteors and asteroids are brought down to the ground and can also be moved while on the ground
4. white flame rain - many blasts of white fire come from the sky or the casters hand or mouth
5. Space Dragon - a 6 legged gigantic dragon with a lion head, dragon wings and tale, in ethereal armour
Personality: he was a calm ans strick person but he became hate based after leaving the leaf village he became a killer and sees murder as normal as crushing a bug under your foot. he has become son hate driven he completely ignores sexual feelings of any kind. oddly although he is "evil" he stays away from vices.
Background: he and his younger brother were born to Rillen and Sowe Uchiha, they were born with the sharingan in both eyes, they quickly became known as skilled Uchiha when they mastered there sharingan by 4. Val Staiz enrolled in the academy but one day in the sewers deep beneath konoha he founf the maze of Madara, he found his way to the center whe he found the scrolls Madara left while he lived in the Leaf. gen jutsus inside the scrolls taught Val Staiz how to be a true ninja, including about the sharingan, nin jutsu, tai jutsu, gen jutsu and forbidden jutsu.
Val Staiz and his brother Rein killed their cousins to gain the mengekyo at 10, while they were on a mission there team leader saw the mengekyo and informed the hokage, because the mengekyo was illegal to have they were ordered to be killed Val Staiz and Rein were attacked by anbu but they killed them all they killed every anbu in the village and left; Val Staiz left at 12. by 15 Val Staiz's eyes began going dark, Rein's heart disease became too much his heart failed him and his eyes were taken by Val Staiz and his mengekyo became eternal. he returned to the leaf at 21 and kidnapped the last descendant of Tsunade, he murdered him and took his dna and before he left he took the last scroll of Madara. he recently founded a group amed the Rykatsuki to reach his new goal and he has formed a village known as the Meteor village. his Rinnegan has awakened and by the age of 28 and he has mastered it thanks to Madara. countless foes have fallen to him he is called the kyuyin (between the sage 1 and 2), he is said to be stronger than madara.
Theme: his themes are Pain Theme high pitch and
the normal pitch Pain Theme
Appearance: he has jet black hair down to his buttocks, and bangs on both sides of his face, his normal eye color is bright yellow. he is tan and extremely muscular. he wear wrappings on his hands all the way to the end of his forearms and he wears a Obito Uchiha's first mask in white. he wears a black kimono on top of his black wife beater shirt. he has black long pants and ankle wrappings. he wears a white sash on his waist and he wears white sandals.

08-02-2013, 01:31 PM
Name: Siarnaq

Gender: Male

age: 17

classification: type of jinchuriki

Rank: kage

affiliation: akatsuki

clan: only know by kage as the Dark Ones

family: killed along with clan

weapon: black steel kunai and sword and a retractible spear like hidan

skill: faster then sasuke stronger then tsunade a much better strategist then shikamaru and so on

nature type: lightening

kekkai genkai: he can make any of his limbs a black steel type material stronger then any weapon or jutsu. he also has a demon sealed inside him that can make a chakra mode like narutos but purple and much more powerfull and steals eyes adding to his own vision which he can choose to use at anytime he can even take sharingan and rinnagon realy any doujutsu

jutsu: can use chakra to make a gauntlet of chakra and sharp as a blade on every side but cannot harm himself. demon missle he launches a missle of raw chakra that blows up with a somewhat large radious. OFF WAVES he shoots a wave out of his hand the cancals chakra points and restricts chakra making the opponent weaker and disoriented can also be used in a shockwave form which fires everywhere but takes much chakra.

personality: he is very calm at almost all times even in battle he just toys with his opponent until he gets bored and finally kills them but when he gets annoyed gets a little bit colder and meaner

background: siarnaq was born into a dark clan who made a demon to kill anything but there plan backfired and wiped out the entire clan one sealed the demon into the newborn siarnaq and died right after. the demon, liked the kid and raised him and taught him techniques. after the massacre of the uchiha siarnq went to the village and stole many of the eyes giving him sharingan. after which he met obito who told him about the eye of the moon plan and became part of the akatsuki. siarnaq never met with the member or anything with them except whatch them and learn all of there techniques and studied other great ninja and learned there weaknesses
there powers and everything to them. siarnaq also went on special missions for obito to assassinate people and get scrolls and secrets on villages. and due to the fact that he has stolen byakugan and other things he has been given nicknames for other villages

hidden leaf: The Eye Stealer
hidden mist: The Eyes In The Mist
hidden rain: The One Of A Thousand Eyes
hidden cloud: The One With Red Eyes
hidden stone: The Eye Demon

08-04-2013, 08:11 AM
Name: Siara kaz Sarutobi

Gendar: Female

Age: 32

Classification: She is an Ex-root and has just joined the Anbu. She is an amazing Medical ninja said to be even better then the 5th hokage.

Rank: Special Joinin

Affiliation: In this special (And made up) Ninja group filled with the most skilled and powerful ninja's with rare ninjustu.

Clan: Sarutobi

Family: Dad: 3rd Hokage, Brother: Asuma, Mother: Died and unkown,
Son: Unkown (But she does have one)

Weapon: String with Knife-like things on the end of the string which shoots out Chakra which turns into an poisonous liquid which pushes itself into your Blood systeam and slowing stops your heart whle changing the colour of your blood.

Skill: Can stay awake longer and only needs 6 hours of sleep a week.

Chakra nature: Wind, Earth and water

Kekkai Genkai: She has adapted to using powers of others clans without special body parts. For instence, she can See your Chakra flow without using 'Bakugan' of the Huuga's.

Justu: [A/N: I made up some of these!]
Wood style Berry: A Justu that makes a wooden hand which Grabs the enemy's leg and pushes then into a coffin-like thing (Which is usally underground and made out of wood) and once they are in it, It slowly crushes them to death.
Kiss me and die: She grabs the enemy and leans them into a kiss and then sucks the life and Chakra out of them.
Shadow Clone Jutsu: (We all know what that does but I shall write about it as well!) It is a justsu that makes almost a copy of you and you blance you Chakra between them so not even Bakugan can tell the real one apart. Oh and you can make a lot then one at a time!
Resengun: The 4th hokage tort her how to do to it as they were close child-hood friends. You make a ball of Chakra and bash it at something then BOOM!
Heal and seal: A Justu that heals ones life even if they have died in place of someone's soul who is living. So it means that two people will swap the physical condititon's they have so someone who is dead will life but the person they have swapped with will be dead.

Personality: She has abit of a trantrum but she can cool down quite easily. She is skillful and is never a waste of space. She helps people out, friend or foe. Risks her life to save complete strangers. Bonds with a lot of other people no matter who and can change how others feel with her beautiful smile.

Background: When (P.s she is my Favourite charater!) Kushina Uzumaki joined the acadamy, Saira was one of the people in her class. Siara was always in the background and had a HUGE crush on Minato at that time. It pained her to see him fall in love with Kushina so she was one of the bullys how bullied Kushina. When Kushina told Minato how she felt, Minato smiled and said he felt the same. After they started going out, Saira cried for hours when she got home to her house. She then challanged Kushina to a dual. Kushina just laughed at said that Saira should stop being so silly. But Saira just though Kuni knifes at her. When they both got a lot older they became friends because Saira had fallen in love with Kushina's Cousin how visted Kushina a lot and so Saira always stayed around Kushina. When Kushina got Pregnant, She said that if it was a girl she would name her Siara and Minato agreed. (It's all made up!) Kushina and Minato made her Naruto's god-Mother. And Saira said that she would always look after their child but after they died, she fled the villiage because it was to much to take, losing her best friend, Kushina Uzamaki! Once she left she joined the root but at a very late age however she had alot of skill!

This is my first comment thing and I am sorry about my spelling! I hope you enjoyed reading my charater infomation! Thank you for your time!

08-13-2013, 12:44 PM
cool chaacters gonna make mine

Name:Uchiha Gillano


age:16(almots 17)

classification: Jinchuriki, swordsman,sage and rogue ninja(before)

rank: kage

affiliation:konohagakure no sato,Akatsuki(been in it).

clan: Uchiha

family:Uchiha Itachi(older),Uchiha Sasuke(younger).

weapon:sword of kusanagi

Skill:faster then the raikage(in normal mode)

chakra nature:fire,lightning,spark and water realease(just learnt).

kekkai genkai:sharingan(like Sasukes)and spark release

justu:Spark release:twin spark dragons jutsu(shocks and burns the body cutting chakra points)
summoning jutsu:hayai(meaning"fast")(the king of cheetahs and fastest of the summonings using wind release)
hayai:wind style:dance of the wind god and merging.
fire style:great fire annihilation.
sage art:elemental control
sage art:wind whistle jutsu
sage art:cheetah fu
water style:water dragon bullet

personality:Gillano is a very cool and preety looking prodigy(like sasuke)but unlike is brother he was funny and calm but battles serious.

background:part 1:when he was 7 he was called he was about to be a gennin and with Maruto Uzumaki he fought against orochimaru for his first time,orochimaru wanted him because Gillano had a speacial Sharingan Ability Called "Perfect Copy"which allowed him to copy kekkei genkais easilly but he still had to train.
Orochimaru:My name is orochimaru i want to train you so you can get stronger,what do you thing eh?
Gillano:Even though i dont have Parents alive my will tells me not to trust creepy snake tongue guys.
Maruto:lets beat him up Gillano(with a naive smile on is face).
Orochimaru:Then lets see what u got.
After a long fight the Sannin retreats and Gillano and Maruto wake up in the hospital,(time skip)When Gillano is 14 he packs up all of his things and goes back to the place of his battle with Orochimaru there he finds the sword of kusanagi and goes to the konoha gate.Maruto sees him and says:where u going Gillano?and he responds:...after my idiot brother Sasuke and to have a talk with my older brother i wont come back in some years but im gonna return,get strong Maruto.

Background part 2: Gillano is 16 and he knows the truth about everything
he rushes to the battlefield and there he sees Sasuke,Naruto,the previous hokages and everyone he looks at Obito and Madara and Shocks everyone with his EM sharingan"perfect copy",he rotates his and turns into bijuu mode
in the first minute he copy´s shunshin no jutsu and looks at Naruto and Sasuke.Gillano:you ready guys?Sasuke and Naruto respond:yes!
Naruto makes a rasenshuriken combined with a bijuudama and Sasuke
combines Naruto´s technique with is Enton then quickly Gillano uses Spark realease:twin spark dragons jutsu and they bite the combined move, not knoing which dragon contains the real move(because Gillano also used transformation)obito looks closely at the jutsu and gets into a defence position.the dragons quicly go fast with Gillano,Sasuke and^Naruto on top of them,obito trows a black sphere at them but hits the fake one Gillano jumps and uses shunshin no jutsu the real jutsu hits obito and he fall on the floor unconcious.the minute Obito fell in the floor Gillano quickly appears behind Madara With one clone making a rasengan with his "perfect copy" he combined rasengan and chidori to hit madara:and he shouts:RASENDORI!!!!,
he sees Madara with almost his hole body destroyed and uses Spark release:twin spark seal,and the war is over.When he returns to the village they promote him 6th hokage With Naruto as 7th hokage with Sasuke as his right hand man.

woooooooouuhhhhhw that was looooong but entertained me for quite long
theres my character dattebayo lol`@x)(-SHARINGAN-).

oh and heres my character i found a sharingan in eyes its called Gogh Reed(zero eyes)

lol it has some mistakes beacause i did it fast but tell me what u think?

08-13-2013, 01:24 PM
my dream thread.
ok so from when i was 12 i am making this character and i have a lot of history about her but for starters
name: sasika
age: 18
gender: female
clan: uchiha
rank: jonin
family: mikoto uchiha (aunt)
i have a big background so i will post it soon

Nix Tes
11-03-2013, 05:05 PM
Name: Nix Tes
classifiction: Summoning Specialist/Student
Affiliation:Hidden Steel Village
Family: N/A

-Multiple Summoning Scrolls
-Military Pills

-Fast (Faster then Sasuke)
-Vast Knowledge of scrolls and summoning Jutsu's
-Able to use every summoning Jutsu (DOWN SIDE - Chakra gets used up extremely quickly)

Chakra nature: Summoning
Kekkai Genkai:The Steel Release (is an advanced nature kekkei genkai that can be used to make one's body virtually indestructible by turning it into black steel.)

-Yurayura Ranpu no Jutsu (Flickering Light Technique)
Description: Charging electrical chakra throughout the Cloud-Nin's entire body the shinobi makes his skin light up giving it a bright glow that can allow him to see it a night. With an additional five control one can control this bright glow to make the light flicker, using it as a code or a signal. An additional five power allows the user to create a flicker so bright it can disable anyone who looks directly at him for a post.

-Raikou Bunshin no Jutsu (Lightning Clone Technique)
Description: This technique makes a simple clone of the shinobi however unlike the standard bunshin, which is a genjutsu, this bunshin takes an actual physical form through the use of electrically charged chakra. One can easily touch and hold this clone like it was in fact an actual person, however when it is attacked it quickly disperses into smoky, hot air. It is also able to attack using taijutsu, however it's ability to attack is around 1/10 in perspective to the user, in return for this weakness it's attacks deliver shocks of electricity to the opponent's body.

-Seiteki Suji no Jutsu (Static Strings Technique)
Description: This skill allows the user to create strings of electricity that can either act physically as strings, or as a medium that can send small shocks to an opponent. One of this technique's most useful features is its ability to allow the user to detect outsiders. When the strings are placed around an area, they are often fairly difficult to see, and unnoticed by the quick eye. But when the string is used to detect outsiders, they can adapt a quality that is string-like and electrical at the same time. This quality makes the static strings into a string of electricity, but with such a weak current that it is rarely noticed by Shinobi who accidentally walk through the strings. However, when this happens, the user at once will feel a small shock in their fingers, or where ever else they are keeping the strings intact. But unless the opponent felt the weak current as they walked through the strings, the opponent will usually never know the strings were there. But beyond its ability to detect outsiders, this skill can be used as a normal string when it is needed but none is around, or it can be used to create small shocks to other people. However, the shocks are only a little bit stronger than static electricity, and usually do no damage at all.

-Teikou no Kuntou (Electricity Resistance Training)
Description: While not necessarily a technique that must be taken, most Cloud-nin are taught this at the Academy. As most know electricity in general is a deadly and somewhat scarce element, generally one could only collect the necessary electricity necessary to perform techniques if they were fighting in the middle of a thunderstorm, or near an electrical source. However current training standards in the academy show how a cloud-nin tends to make electricity through the use of chakra, turning most Cloud-nin in to human capacitors, technically. The process is generally quite painful and requires about 5 months of mental and physical conditioning to resist the charges you activate onto your body. As it is written, this technique is optional. A person who doesn't take this skill will generally feel pain when even performing their own electricity based techniques, also one who tends to take this ability tends to notice that minor shocks generally do not hurt them as badly.

summoning Justu:
-Summoning: Food Cart Destroyer Technique
-Summoning: Iron Maiden
-Thousand Bee Stings Technique

Personality: Calm, and silent type. He is the loner of the group not really talked too, but when the test and exams come up he surprises the crowd with what he can do. He carries around a backpack with multiple scrolls inside.

background: Not much is known about Nix, he was found as a baby outside the Hidden Steel Village. He was raised by a small family until they were killed by a Rouge Ninja, from then on Nix was forced to train on his own at the age of 8, He worked hard his whole life, using the summoning scrolls left passed on by his parents. His main goal is to find the Rouge Ninja who killed his guardians as payback, his only leads are he has a scar on the right side of his temple. Once he finishes his training, he'll set out on a journey to find and kill every last Rouge Ninja

11-09-2013, 10:03 PM
Name:Gamato Uchiha

Gender: Male



rank:academy student chunin.



family:Idani Uchiha (Big brother), Madara Uchiha (Grandfather),


Skill: fast, ninjustu master

chakra nature: fire, lightning, Blaze

kekkai genkai:sharingan (like Itachi's) Blaze Release

justu: Chidori, kirin, tailed beast bomb, fire release: Great fire anialation, Fire release: Great dragon flame

personality: Gamato is a cocky, kid despite that he always the one who alway attack first then think of a plan like Naruto. Gamato can easily catch a fit.

background: Gamato was only 5 year old when his brother died fighting the his tailed beast. after that Gamato was declared the new 7 tailed tiger(Lymaru) witch was created by the old 7 tails before the 7 tailed tiger. Gamato can barely remember how his brother died and how the tiger was sealed within him. Gamato than was declared a ninja of Konoha and put on a team call team 5 with his rival Kaito Hyuga, and his childhood crush Maki Nara. Gamato would die for his friends. He's always the one that will sacrifice for someone. Gamato's Dream is to become hokage which can get over his head. Instead of the mangekyo sharingan he gain a new Uchiha power called the kyuukyoku sharingan( or ultimate sharingan) which is most powerful sharingan of all , but it comes with a price the kyuukyoku sharingan takes an enormous amount for chakra luckaly Gamato can use Lymaru's chakra to use it for an whole hour without Lymaru's chakra the user can only use it for 30 mins. Gamato always want to know about his family. so he start to find clues about the Uchiha. Gamato Was very upset when his brother was reanimated so with the help of the Lymaru he started to rampage with his first tail growing to the 5th tail. Speaking of tails the first time he awaken with the tailed beast power was when Kaito was crushed by a giant spider. He rampage on the spider and the summoner of the spider. the second time was when Maki was kidnapped by rouge ninja Maki was knocked out at the time and Kaito was battling somewhere else. the third time was when When he was confronted by a curse mark user. the fourth time was when he battled his reanimated Brother growing the Fifth tails. Now gamato is trying to learn the ways of controling the 7 tails. Now he's on the road of trying to control Lymaru

11-09-2013, 10:12 PM
Name:Gamato Uchiha

Gender: Male






family:Idani Uchiha (Big brother), Madara Uchiha (Grandfather),


Skill: fast, ninjustu master

chakra nature: fire, lightning, Blaze

kekkai genkai:sharingan (like Itachi's) Blaze Release

justu: Chidori, kirin, tailed beast bomb, fire release: Great fire anialation, Fire release: Great dragon flame

personality: Gamato is a cocky, kid despite that he always the one who alway attack first then think of a plan like Naruto. Gamato can easily catch a fit.

background: Gamato was only 5 year old when his brother died fighting the his tailed beast. after that Gamato was declared the new 7 tailed tiger(Lymaru) witch was created by the old 7 tails before the 7 tailed tiger. Gamato can barely remember how his brother died and how the tiger was sealed within him. Gamato than was declared a ninja of Konoha and put on a team call team 5 with his rival Kaito Hyuga, and his childhood crush Maki Nara. Gamato would die for his friends. He's always the one that will sacrifice for someone. Gamato's Dream is to become hokage which can get over his head. Instead of the mangekyo sharingan he gain a new Uchiha power called the kyuukyoku sharingan( or ultimate sharingan) which is most powerful sharingan of all , but it comes with a price the kyuukyoku sharingan takes an enormous amount for chakra luckaly Gamato can use Lymaru's chakra to use it for an whole hour without Lymaru's chakra the user can only use it for 30 mins. Gamato always want to know about his family. so he start to find clues about the Uchiha. Gamato Was very upset when his brother was reanimated so with the help of the Lymaru he started to rampage with his first tail growing to the 5th tail. Speaking of tails the first time he awaken with the tailed beast power was when Kaito was crushed by a giant spider. He rampage on the spider and the summoner of the spider. the second time was when Maki was kidnapped by rouge ninja Maki was knocked out at the time and Kaito was battling somewhere else. the third time was when When he was confronted by a curse mark user. the fourth time was when he battled his reanimated Brother growing the Fifth tails both Maki and Kaito has witness the power of the 7 tails seeing that Gamato is a jinchuriki. Now Gamato is trying to learn the ways of controling the 7 tails. Now he's on the road of trying to control Lymaru

01-31-2014, 05:36 PM
name: konashi taiatha
gender: male
age: 122
classifiction: rouge
rank: jonin
Affiliation: hoshigakure
clan: taiatha
family: none
weapon: chains
skill: powerful, fast
chakra nature: fire, water, lightning, earth
kekkei genkai: burst release (a combo of fire and water most attacks cause smoke the rest cause explosions)


water release: water clone jutsu

fire release: giant dragon flame jutsu (causes a giant fire dragon to appear that shoots flames out of his mouth

burst release: explosion from above(causes a line of explosions to fall on the target)

burst release: smokey blow( covers the arena in poison smoke)

ultmate jutsu: burst release: explosion ball( throws a explosive ball at the target that explodes on impact)

personality: mean, hateful, silent

backstory: when konashi was born the leaf ninja where destroying the village his father the 2nd hoshikage died to the feat of the 2nd hokage he always remembered that moment and had a gruge to destroy the leaf at the moment the 4 hoshikage stopped him from attacking he left the village becoming a rouge ninja no more is known from then...

Red Ronin
03-21-2014, 02:57 PM
Name: Akai Oni
Gender: male
age: 23
classification: fire jutsu weapons expert and sealing jitsu
rank: Special Jonin
Affilition: Mercanary Ninja
Clan: Uchiha
family: Bara Oni (biological sister) Fuckyuu Oni (Adopted father)
weapons: if it has a blade you name it hes got it prefers kunai and katanais
Skill:Speed Power Toughness like the Raikage
Chakra Nature: fire
Kekkai Genkai: Blazing dragon Armor(see make your own jutsu thread) and Sharingan
Apperance: very tall and buff handsome face with a huge scare vertically over his right eye both eyes are a deep red short straight spiked Red hair. Many very large and small scars over several dragon Samuri and Angel tattoos
The Ten Thousand Marks
Covered body in storage seals alowing him to carry massive amounts of weapons and gear with him. Seals on his palms can summon weapons in his hands and seal objects he touches requires hand signal for first time pick up. Also allows him to infuse his muscles and skin with chakra make his skin like muscle and boosting his stregnth.
Can heat his blades to add cutting power
like it sounds a fire style that emits a long jet of flame from the hands
Banshee blades
A concetrated amount of coming from the palms of the hands that creates a blowtorch and blade like effect, similar to Kakashi,s chidori. makes a high picked howling sound like a jet or helicopter hence the nickname banshee blades.
Can also use all regular and semi advanced fire style moves

Personality: Relaxed Kind overprotective but fiercely dedicated to the ones he loves and his training regime. Likes to act tough and cool but is kind hearted. Some times if he starts getting really angry he cant stop and gos a bit crazy.
Backstory: still figuring this out myself but it will come tease: Big sister bara-chan is mega BA

04-02-2014, 10:42 AM
Name: Kai
Gender: Male
Age: 20
classifiction: Sennin (Sage)
Rank: N/A
Affiliation: Neko Shinrin (Forest Neko)
Clan: N/A
Family: N/A

-Bare hands

-Fast (Faster then Sasuke)
-Able to summon caracal

Kekkai Genkai: N/A

- Senpō: Mugen no Chinmoku (Sage art: Infinite silence) - enemy became deaf

- Senpō: Mirai Yochi (Sage art: Future sight) - genjutsu - enemy see his closest friend/family dying

- Katon: Seika (Fire release: Sacred fire) - enemy became surrounded by flames

- Katon: Dai Monji (Fire release: Fire blast) - huge flame shaped in animal summon (caracal in this case)

- Kuchiyose no Jutsu (Summoning jutsu) - animal caracal

- Gyaku Kuchiyose no Jutsu (Reverse summoning jutsu) - enemy teleport to Neko Shinrin (forest Neko)

Personality: Calm, and silent type.

background: Nothing known about Kai. Only a couple of people could have seen Kai, because he live in Neko forest and only sometimes he go outside. He is known as very dangerous ninja.

details: Kai is blind. The only way to see is sennin mod, because in the sennin mod Kai shares his eyes with his summon.

06-25-2014, 10:17 AM
Name: Motonobu Uchiha


Age: 13

Classification: Sage

Rank: Jounin

Affiliation: Konohakagure

Clan: Uchiha Clan

Family: Sasuke(clan brother), Naruto(Adoptive brother), Anko(Sister-in-law), Kakashi(adoptive father), Renzo(Son)

Weapon: Flying Thunder God Kunai(Stolen by Renzo)

Skill: Genjutsu and Ninjutsu Master

Chakra nature: Lightning, Earth, and Explosion Release

Kekkai Genkai: Explosion Release(A combo of earth and lightning. This style allows the user to use or create objects in battle by explode. It requires a special seal on the object and when thrown, the user can choose when to detonate.) Sharigan(Itachi)

Justu: Chidori, Lightning Style: Four Pillar Trap, Sparkshot(Launches lightning sphere at enemy causing explosion), Amaterasu, Amadori Stream(A combo of Chidori Stream and Amaterasu), Earth Style: Lighting Dome(Creates a earth dome and sends lighting through it electrocuting the enemy)

Personality: Kind, Mostly serious but childish at times, Calm, Anxious, Caring, and Cooperative, Lonely(Former)

Background: In the middle of the Uchiha Clan Massacre, Itachi entered my home and slaughtered my parents. After, he used a genjutsu on me and left me for dead. 10 minutes later, I struggled up and looked for any survivors. I was in the street and found a boy, about 7 years old, face-down on the ground. Then I realized it was Sasuke Uchiha. While helping him up I heard footsteps, it was the leaf shinobi. They took the boy to their village and I stayed close behind. I tried staying unnoticed, but an anbu member spotted me. She saw i was injured and carried me back. While in the Academy, I noticed the way that everyone ignored Naruto. When I found out that he was Kurama's Jinchuriki, and I understood why he was lonely. Ever since I always wanted him to fill cared for. I stuck by his side, even joining Team 7, and meet Kakashi, Sasuke, and Sakura. I soon grown to care for everyone I knew and tried to protect the whole village. After Naruto's fight with Pain, I saw how everyone cared for him. Ever since, I always challenged him and trained with him. Soon, Kakashi ended up adopting me, helped me unlock my Mangekyo Sharingan, and now I help Naruto bring back Sasuke.


07-10-2014, 09:52 PM
Name: Renzo Uchiha

Bingo Book: "Son of Death"

Gender: Male

Age: 10

Academy Grad. Age: 5

Classification: Sage, Rouge Ninja

Rank: Jounin, Missing-nin, S-rank

Affiliation: Konohakagure, Akatsuki

Side/ Alliance: Neutral

Clan: Uchiha Clan, Uzumaki Clan

Family: Sasuke(Uncle), Kakashi(Grandfather), Naruto(Uncle), Anko(Aunt), and Motonobu(Father)

Weapon: Flying Thunder God Kunai(Stolen from Motonobu)

Skill: Genjutsu, Taijutsu, and Ninjutsu Master

Chakra nature: Fire, Earth, and Lava Release

12) Kekkai Genkai: Lava Release, Sharingan(Itachi)

13) Justu:
-Fire Style: Burning Wall Trap(Creates a trap using four Mud walls and lighting it on fire with Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu )

-Sage Mode: Volcanic Destruction(Summons a volcano and uses can cause it to erupt. The user can also decide what size they want it and how wide the radius will be.)

-Summoning Jutsu: Chakra Beast(User directs their chakra to attack an enemy)

-Earth Style: Lava Dance(Creates a earth dome around the enemy and gives off immense heat)

-Amaterasu (strongest)

-Sage Mode: Amaterasu (Death after use)(Strongest Sage jutsu)

Personality: Loves the Outdoors, Mostly serious but childish at times, Anxious, Caring, Cooperative, Competitive, Easily bored, Hates being taken lightly, and Strategic

Background: At age 5, I graduated from the academy. I didn't get high ranked missions because of my age. At age 7, I passed the Chunin exam with the highest score and performance than anyone. That is when I began to go on missions for the village. At age 10, I became a Jounin and had Genin students that were older than me. I wanted to improve my jutsus, and that is when I decided to leave the Hidden Leaf Village. By that time, I was already a master at taijutsu and ninjutsu, but I was determined to master genjutsu and other jutsus.

-3 months later-

I, finally mastering genjutsu, noticed someone was watching me. He was apart of the Konohakagure Akatsuki; a group dedicated to capturing rouge ninja and bring them back to their village. He threw shurikens and detonating kunais at me. I dodged most of them, but my right side was injured. Two other members threw shurikens with string attached. That is when they told me that my father, Motonobu, and the hokage, Naruto, sent them. After, I was put to sleep and when I woke up, I was at the entrance of my village. That’s when I first activated my sharingan and escaped. Now, the Village Hidden in the Leaves, the Konohakagure Akatsuki, and every other shinobi on earth are looking for me.