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http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc4/hs1380.snc4/163286_134364749959839_100001589445999_209687_3462 249_n.jpg

Character Description: Basically me, just a slightly different attitude;looks like me as well, but when i had longer hair
Summary: Cloukora has discovered some kind of power within him, and has been working with a organization known as Wolfstar, whose goals and motives are yet unknown. In addition to that, he discovers another group whose name is unknown to even the Wolfstar members. At the end of Chapter III, a Kinglike man is revealed, who is he? Could he be a main villain? What was the deal with the demons? Then in Chapter four, Cloukora's power's origin is revealed, and a man who turned to ash talked of a summoning of his master! Is Cloukora's life spiraling down, or becoming better? Keep reading to find out!

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http://th02.deviantart.net/fs70/PRE/i/2011/005/4/a/cloukora_by_sasukeuchihalova-d36hm71.jpgPic thanks to AkatsukiLOVE

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New chapter people!
Angel’s Gaiden

He was up and moving back and forth from his closet, packing his bags for the trip. After he got all the basic things shoved into his backpacks that barely held his stuff, he stared for a second at the bottom of the bed. He was deciding if he should take the outfit or not that lay hidden under there where no one could find it. After a “Hurry up Cloukora!” from his sister, he quickly grabbed the hoodie and the mask and shoved it below his other clothes. He threw the bags over his shoulders and practically ran downstairs. After he got in the car, they pulled out of the driveway, and drove off.

The red Durango pulled into his uncle’s driveway behind his work van. They were told to meet there for breakfast before heading out. Everyone was going to follow him, for he was the only one who knew where they were going. It was suppose to be a surprise for the family.
He wiped his feet on the doormat that sat before the back door to the farmhouse that seemed about 20 or so years old. There was one thing that was different when he walked inside that he had never felt before. It felt like a sense of protection, but in a second, the feeling was gone, but he somehow knew it was still there, lingering. Almost the whole family was there, they still had to wait on his aunt because their alarm went off a little later than planned. He gave his younger cousins hugs before making a plate of scrambled eggs, mouthwatering bacon, crisp hashbrowns, and sausage links. He poured syrup all over the food and then poured a glass of orange juice. Afterwards, he sat on the couch in the living room and watched T.V. while he ate.
When he turned the T.V. on, the news channel was there.
“In other news,” the newscaster lady began. “There was trouble at a dance club last week. A teenager in what looked like a costume got into a fight with another club-goer.” The news network showed a clip of the club where Cloukora was at which included the fight.
Cloukora almost choked on his orange juice as he was drinking it. Glad I wore a disguise.
After the video ended with the beer bottle in the man’s mouth, the anchorwoman asked the anchorman what he thought of it.
“So John, what do you think of this? I think he’s just a nut job.”
Cloukora’s eye twitched.
“Well, Lynn, he looks like someone who could be in a gang.”
The hell is with people? He took the remote and changed it to Cartoon Network. The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy were on. Awesom. Cartoons are so much better than real life crap. Too much drama for me.
After his aunt finally arrived, everyone got into their cars and headed down the country roads. The whole way there Cloukora stared out the window and watched the beauty of the world. The passing, rolling hills, the mass of trees that populated most of the wilderness, and the great, clear, blue sky with the sun, that was up just a little after sunrise, giving warmth to his face. He kept thinking about everything that happened recently, trying to make sense of it all, but could find no answer within. Even more odd, was that it all felt right to him. He couldn’t place why, it just did.

After about an hour, the caravan pulled into a parking lot of a small store. Cloukora, and his two uncles went inside. Cloukora grabbed the snacks his family members asked for, as well as a few things for him. His uncle Arron came up next to him to grab a few drinks.
“So, where are we going?” Cloukora asked as they began walking to the counter.
“Like I said, a surprise.” His tone showed he wouldn’t break.
“More secrets, of course.” He put his stuff on the counter and pulled out the cash out of his pockets.
His uncle seemed like he was staring off into the distance, but Cloukora didn’t pay any attention. “Hey, do you have a bathroom?” his uncle finally asked, but at the cashier.
“Yeah, out back. Here’s the key.” The cashier handed him a wooden board that had ‘Bathroom’ carved into it.
“Thanks. Cloukora, can you pay for me?” He asked as he handed the money to Cloukora.
“Sure.” Cloukora paid for the items and walked outside, while his uncle went behind the building to the bathrooms.

Arron slammed a man inside the bathroom against the wall. The man was in his 20’s and had a somewhat shaved face that matched his dark brown hair.
“What do you think you’re doing? Following him around? You have no business with him!” His uncle shouted.
“On the contrary, my boss does. He wants to make sure your nephew doesn’t get in the way of his rise.”
“His rise? When? When?!” he shook the man a little expecting to get an answer out of him.
“Soon, so very soon. And joyous it shall be! All will bow before him, and those who defy him will be crushed to oblivion!”
“That will never happen, and even if it did, we will stop it!”
The man laughed. “Pah! You humans. You are blind to so many things!”
“And yet you are so set on something that will never happen! I am done with you.” Arron concentrated on him and power filled him. The man’s eyes turned black and almost yelled in pain, but was muffled by Arron’s hand as the ‘man’ burst into flame and eventually fell to ground in ashes as dust flew all over. His uncle kicked the ashes down a drain and then walked out and handed the cashier the sign back.

It was about another 3 hours of driving and stops before they reached their destination. How he knew, he didn’t understand. But he knew. He was staring outside the car window when he thought he saw the world flicker when they turned down a gravel path off the road. Just my imagination, this whole ordeal is getting to me. They eventually came to a small clearing. They parked their cars, and someone from each car got out and met up and talked. His step-dad came back and said we were camping at this spot. Everyone got out and grabbed their tents and had set them up in a semi circle next to a steep slope covered in trees that almost looked like a cliff. After all the tents were set up and a fire was going, his uncle and grandfather motioned for him to follow.
They walked along a narrow, dirt trail that lead to the top of the slope. At the top, Cloukora looked out north and saw a wide and calm lake less than a mile from where he stood. The only thing that broke the surface were pillars of rock that seemed to be in almost a circle. There were no trees on this side of the hill, but made up for it on the other sides of the lake. He continued following them and started downhill towards the edge of the lake.
When they made it to the bank of the lake, they finally stopped. As his uncle and grandfather were lighting cigarettes, Cloukora asked: "So, what're we doing here?"
"You want to know what's going on right?"his uncle asked.
"Yeah, as a matter fact I do. I swear I feel like I'm going through puberty all over again, just without hair.” Cloukora half-joked.
“Alright then, where do we start? What you’re feeling is normal. It’s part of your blood. Our blood.”
“This is genetic?”
“Yes, for now the power only comes in heightened situations. In other words, it’s activated by your adrenaline. Which is why I gave you that necklace. You’ve been wearing it right?”
“No, but it’s been in my pocket all the time. Why?”
“Once you wear it, the power will come when you want it to come.” His grandfather explained.
Cloukora pulled out the necklace that was given to him at the hospital and looked at it. “What exactly is this power?”
“The power of the Atlantians.”
“Atlantians?! You mean from Atlantis?!”
“The Lost City?”
“Well, it’s not really lost, but yeah.”
“So, we’re Atlantians?”
“Wow. Wait a minute,” Cloukora shook off the feeling of shock he had. “How do I know you’re telling the truth?”
“That’s why we brought you down here.” His grandfather knocked a couple vines away and revealed a small stone square pillar with an indentation on top. “Place your hand on this, and you’ll know.”
Cloukora walked over to the pillar and hesitantly placed his right hand in the indentation. 5 tiny spikes came up and pricked each finger before he had time to escape it. The spikes withdrew and after a few moments the water began to ripple. “Um, what did I do?”
“Just watch.”
The circle of pillars in the middle began to rise and was revealed to be the top of a tower. A tower rose through the water along with a few others. The towers were connected by huge walls that were wide enough for three people to walk side by side. And the walls were tall enough to prevent anything from getting in. Finally, the island, where the four towers sat on, rose above the water.
“W-what is this?” Cloukora’s eyes were wide in amazement and his voice emphasized it.
“It’s an Atlantis outpost.” His grandfather explained. “It was built when King Relyt, your ancestor, came to North America. Inside, is a portal that leads to different places around the world.”
“King Relyt? Ancestor? So, we’re related to a king? Why haven’t I heard of him before?” Cloukora seemed even more in shock, if it was possible.
“He made sure everything that he knew, all the secrets the world shouldn’t know about, was passed through the family.”
“And what would happen if the world did find out?”
“After finding out that the things they thought were untrue, were actually true, even more people would be out there finding those things. Some of them are too dangerous for man.”
“Yes, the world could be destroyed even if one of those secrets is revealed.”
“Isn’t this dangerous?” Cloukora gestured to the tower sitting above the lake.
“Yes, but this lake can’t be found. At least not by a regular person.”
Cloukora raised his eyebrow.
“There’s a magical shield that covers this whole area. It separates the lake from our world.”
“Wait, we’re in another world?”
“No, just separated from our own. No one can reach it. Only if you’re a member of one of the Four Great Families.”
“There were 4 groups that were the strongest of the whole world. They were Atlantians, Vikings, Avalon, and The Reapers.”
“The Reapers?”
“Not the kind you’re thinking of. They were called Reapers for their deadly skills in combat. Once you were locked in combat with one, you would consider yourself dead.”
“Where are they now?”
“Most likely in hiding. They’re probably waiting for King Relyt’s reincarnation to reveal themselves.”
“King Relyt’s reincarnation?”
“Yes, he’s told to-”
His aunt yelled down from the top of the hill. “Dad! Mom says to come back to camp!”
“Alright! Be there in a second.” After his aunt turned around and walked away, he continued. “We’ll talk more when everyone’s asleep. For now, put that necklace on.”
Cloukora put the necklace around his neck and felt a rush. It was almost indescribable. First came a surge of energy, then a massive amount of pain. He dropped to the ground. His head swirled and felt like he was thumped on the head with a rock. He felt nauseous. Blood spat on the ground. In a few moments. Everything was “normal”. He felt fine, but things seemed to move more slowly, and become clear. He thought if he ran towards the water, he would run across it instead of through it. Everything seemed to return to normal as he calmed himself. There was no longer a rush of energy.
“Sorry, first time’s always painful.”His uncle apologized. “Now you can control your powers, by controlling your adrenaline. The adrenaline heightens your eye movement and brain processing, allowing you to see things more quickly, and think quicker, which helps greatly in battle.”
“Battle? Are you saying I’m going to be fighting?!”
“Perhaps.” His grandfather replied. “Now, let’s head back.”

The moon shone over the three sitting in the chairs around the fire. The stars twinkled in the dark sky. Everyone else had gone to bed a half hour before. The noise of the forested area was the only sound. Cloukora was roasting a marshmallow before putting it on a graham cracker to finish up the s’more. “Ok, start from the beginning. The history of our family to now.”
“There were four great ‘groups’ at a point in time. There were the Atlantians, who ran with wolves. Then there were the Avalonians, who fought alongside dragons. The Vikings flew with gryphons, and The Reapers slew with gargoyles.
“Wait a minute, Dragons, gryphons, and gargoyles? Are you serious? Those things are real too? And Avalon? As in King Arthur?”
“Yes, very much so, which is why man must not ever find out. If they did, they would try and harness the power to control them. And yeah, King Arthur.”
“Wow…Oh, sorry, continue please.” He took a bite of his s’more.
“It started in between the 9th and 10h century. King Relyt, who hadn’t created the City of Atlantis yet, had a kingdom in Europe. Him and King Arthur had controlled most of the land at the time. They ruled in peace, both kingdoms, and they helped each other when needed. Their alliance grew even more when the rise of the Vikings began. After seeing their great skills in combat, King Arthur thought they would be good to have alongside battle. King Relyt wasn’t a 100% on it though, because of their brutality in combat, but he agreed nonetheless. Then, they had discovered The Reapers, it’s unsure how though. But Both kings recognized their abilities and sought their alliance, and they had agreed. Together, nothing could tear them down. Every time when one of the kingdoms were threatened, the others were there to support. However, that all changed when a threat rose in the world. Down near South America, a race known as the Mayans had arose, and they needed to be stopped.”
“The Mayans? Why? What did they do?”
“They found a great power, the Fountain of Youth.”
“The Fountain of Youth? Ho-”
“Anyways, all four kingdoms knew they needed to be stopped. Only one problem, there was no way to get across the Atlantic Ocean. Except, King Relyt had been experimenting, creating things. He had created some sort of aircraft. This was no ordinary aircraft though, he managed to create one with advanced technology, even more advanced than ours. He presented the creation among them, and when they all agreed, had headed out for the Mayan Capital, Tikal. Both sides fought ferociously, neither side would give up. The Mayans fought alongside giant creatures that hopefully exist no more. King Relyt finally devised a plan to end it. The specifics are unknown, but Relyt and Arthur had managed to make it to the temple to face their ruler. Only, their ruler had drank from the Fountain of Youth already. During the fight, Relyt was stabbed and on the verge of death. So, Arthur did what any good friend would do. He revived him. He poured some of the Fountain onto him. When Relyt awoke, he had enormous power, power unimaginable. Together, they managed to destroy the Mayan Kingdom. Their leader fell, as well as the kingdom. Relyt used his powers to obliterate the creatures. After everything was cleared from existence of anything that could bring the Mayan Empire to rise again, they returned home. Everything seemed to be the way it was again. But King Arthur changed, he began to seclude himself from the rest. The three kingdoms grew suspicious. Finally, Relyt decided to find out why. King Arthur had taken some of the Fountain of Youth, and he had already spread it among his people. The difference between Relyt and Arthur though, Arthur drank from the Fountain because of greed. In turn, it changed him into a ‘monster’. War broke out between the four. The Vikings were promised power from Arthur if they joined his side, so of course, they agreed. The Reapers didn’t agree with Arthur’s goals, so, they sided with Relyt. The battle was devastating. Even with Relyt’s technology, and The Reapers deadliness. There was no hope for them winning. Of course, they cut Arthur’s army down greatly, as well as the Vikings, but it wasn’t enough. After the leader of The Reapers thought it was best to retreat and hide out, King Relyt decided to take his people away. He fled to North America and built Atlantis within the Pacific Ocean. King Arthur followed Relyt though. After realizing he must do, he had his wife Aurora make sure there was no chance of anyone finding his kingdom by destroying every invention of his, and sinking Atlantis. While Relyt faced Arthur in a great battle, his people fled here, to this lake to end their reign. Relyt did manage to defeat Arthur. But, the fight drained most of his energy, and only had enough to return to his people to die among them.”
Cloukora opened his mouth to say something, but was speechless. All that came out was “Wow.”
“Any questions?”
“So, Atlantis is in the Pacific Ocean? Where at exactly?”
“Well, if you look closely towards the west up at the stars, and with the family’s power, you can see that the stars make out a wolf howling in the middle of the crest of the O’Sleks.”
“The crest?”
“It’s the symbol on your crest.”
Cloukora activated the power and stared up at the stars he was able to see the wolf howling in the crest. “I see it, but what’s important about it?”
“Below that group of stars, is where Atlantis lies.”
Cloukora calmed himself again and finished his s’more.
“Well,” his uncle started. “Time for bed.” He got up and went to his tent.
“Night.” His grandfather did the same.
Cloukora sat there staring into the fire. He was trying to run it all through his head an believe it all. He heard a noise by the coolers and looked over, but nothing was there. He shook his head and dismissed it as his imagination. I better get to bed as well. He let out a yawn, then walked to his tent and lay down in the sleeping bag. After awhile, he heard a noise outside the tent and saw shadows moving. One of the shadows knocked over the cooler, while a few smaller one went through it. Cloukora quietly unzipped the tent and his mouth dropped as he saw what the shadows were. Wolves. There was an adult and four pups around the cooler. The adult was helping the pups get the food, until it noticed Cloukora. It motioned for the others to follow. Must be their mom. Cloukora decided to walk out and picked up the package of raw bacon. He took a strip out. “Hey, it’s ok, you can have some. I won’t hurt ya.” The mom looked back at him. He threw the pieces towards them. They started chowing down on them. Eventually the whole package was gone. “Sorry, I think that’s enough, we still need breakfast for tomorrow, and you just ate the best part of it.” The wolves went into the bushes. Cloukora was about to go back into the tent, when one of the pups came up to him. “Sorry little guy, but that’s enough. Go back to your mom.” The pup wagged its tail and let out a small yelp. Cloukora walked towards the bushes where the mom was at as the pup followed. The pup started walking back towards its mom when she pushed the pup back towards Cloukora. The pup walked over and sat in front of Cloukora. As he kneeled down the pup jumped on his knee and licked his face. Cloukora saw the mom’s face and thought she nodded to him. She turned around and ran off. “So, she wants me to take care of you then? Well, I’ve always wanted a wolf. Promise to be good?” The pup yelped happily and continued licking his face. “Alright then, you can stay with me. Now, to name you…How about Rhain? With an h?” The pup wagged its tail even more, if it was possible. Cloukora took it back into his tent and laid next to it and fell asleep.

The next morning they packed up the tents and was ready to go. Cloukora already explained about the wolf, which his mom was uneasy about, but eventually agreed. As he walked towards the car with Rhain following, he felt he was being watched. Rhain stopped and stared towards the bushes. Cloukora looked and his mom was there. He knew Rhain was a he from how it urinated earlier this morning, Cloukora only noticed it right when it started, then looked away. “Wanna say bye?” Rhain ran over to his mom. She rubbed her nose along his head before nudging him away. After Rhain returned, she let out a howl that was followed by a small one from Rhain. His uncle jumped and looked around before getting in his car. Cloukora got in his car with Rhain on his lap, and they drove off.

Copyrighted: Tyler K.

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I have to say, wow. Its amazing
Although, when it mention Avalon, I thought immeditly of Camelot, King Arthur, Lady of Shanlot. xD It brought back memories.
Overall, amazing. =D

Master Yoda
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I have to say, wow. Its amazing
Although, when it mention Avalon, I thought immeditly of Camelot, King Arthur, Lady of Shanlot. xD It brought back memories.
Overall, amazing. =D
that was the point lol
i thought it would be better use Avalon instead of Camelot
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but a twist eh? King Arthur=Bad guy lol

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A movie series would be AWESOME, but there's an issue with that and how he goes on mission, I can't see how to put two separate missions into one movie
but, IF it did become a t.v. series, there would be one or two movies

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