View Full Version : Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm: Crank this into maximum overdrive

10-21-2010, 11:20 PM
I think its' about time we did.
So far I've tried to break down the game into various ways, similar to what I did to street fighter, Super Smash (bros)s, and any other fighting game I play. MmoS, and RTS, lets break this game and theory craft all day.

I of course don't mean ruin the mechanics taht we have already, they are luffly. Everything can come to a stop, we just need a balanced meta game.

I want to see how many players we can get that are looking to take their game to a new level;
Break down the item stats, and teh damage ratio(s), between various status alignments and de-buffs.

If its like tekken and get to do no damage when juggler through the air, vs, when they are on the ground.
Simple things like this will have the same effect as brawl and slowly develop new ATs like all other video gtames will with a pvp community.
Granted that there are two communities, and I'd rather be on the box right now, I will still do my best to take this game way to seriously, beyond any anime fan should.

I just want to see who would be with me. Of if I should go find other nerds to rant and cheer with me.