View Full Version : A battle of vengence, makoto vs susanno

Makoto Cifer
09-23-2010, 11:34 AM
Location:hueco mundo desert
weather: Very windy
time: N/a
description: We are surrounded by many boulder and rock formations, with many crystalized trees surrounding us, severalmenos grande surround us and might interfere, depending on the fight.
Rules: No gm, no regeneration, if gm you redo turn.
Makoto will go first, insane moves are allowed

Makoto Cifer
09-23-2010, 12:38 PM
roaming los noches, i find myself contemplating on my current situation. suddenly, my sister hally soindo's infront of me in tears, i quickly, rush over to see what is the matter. she then tells me of my nieces death and that it was none other than susanno, i become very angry, i say nothing to her, as shed tears. i then hug my sister telling her i will be back. i rush out of los noches in rage and sadness. i roam the desert, feeling guilty, feeling as though i should have been thier. blaming my self for everything. suddenly, i find my self in a large area of many rock formation's and boulders, i find a suitible bould to lean against as i fall into nostalgia about the past. i remember many happy memeries of my niece and hally and i playing with menos and hollows, i cry perfusely, as i become inconsoulable. i wipe my tear away after so long crying. i then stand up getting ready to go find susanno. suddenly, my pesquisa pick up a very familar sp, i then see a fingure walking vertically from my position, 30 meters away. i then gaise thier for a minute at the figure when suddenly, i relize it is susanno. i become in a blinding rage, as my body begin to emit sp that makes the menos scatter from the area. i let a few more tears out, as they blow away in the wind, i then turn my towards you as i move both my hands in front of my body in a way you cannot see them, as i prepare to attack.

as i move both my hands in front of my body, i begin to charge two cero's. one on my pinky of my left hand and another one in the palm of my right hand. i then focus my reiatsu on my pupils and iris, as my eyes shift to a white color, as i activate wolf sense level 1, level one hightens all of my senses and focuses on my sight as the one that is most amplified. suddenly, i turn around faceing you, as i then say this under my breath "this is for you hallanthia" suddenly, i dash towards you at high speeds, pointing my right hand towards you with my cero fully charged, as i release it towards you attempting cause severe bunrs all over your body and cause your body major damage as i get within 15 meters of your location, as i lauch my intial cero i abrubtly stop, as i use my sp to launch my self into the air, while i simultaneously, point my left pinky towards you, as i release a cero that is rotating at very high speeds, this cero's tip is rotating similar to a drill, this cero is guided with my sp towards your heart, attempting to pierce through your heart, even if you dodge it it will follow you.

suddenly, as i release my 2nd cero, i find my self in a 90 degree angle 15 meters above your head, as i point my right hand towards you with my finger's erected, as i then say "wolf striking bala" suddenly, 5 white and very sharp and thin bala are released from each of my finger tips, these bala are very sharp and thin making them like blades, they are all guided towards a specific body part of my chooseingeven if you dodge them they will follow, they as well, filled with super heated sp, the smallest cut will inject you with it, it will enter body and fry your organs from the inside out. one is guided vertically towards your skull, attempting to slice your skull in half. another one is guided horizantally towards your neck, attempting to slice your head off. another one is guided in a pierceing motion towards your heart, attemting to pierce through your heart. the last two are guided towards your spine, one is guided horizantally towards the vertebra under your neck, attempting to sever your spine, the last one is guided vertically towards the vertebra above your kidneys, attempting to sever your spine.

as i fire my bala i touch down 15 meters of yourlocation behind you, as i touch down with my left hand, as i almost instintaneously, begin to back flip bacl wards, as sp begins to gather within my mouth, on the 2nd flip i land on my feet, as i pucker my lips, as i then say to my self" howling moon" suddenly, i release a massive super sonic sound wave from my mouth, this sound wave will cause severe ring ing in the ears, enough to blow out your ear drums and cause you to go deaf. i then advance soindo, reaching almost super sonic speeds of mach 3.5, i then soindo and appear 5 meters above to your direct left, as i draw my zanpakuto, my zanapkuto's blade is exactly six foot long, the hilt is completly white, my zanpakut also has two guards, one is a white triangle, the other is a white circle shaped symbol. when i draw my zanpakuto, the begin to shimmer with super heated sp, as bring the full weight of my znapkuto down towards you, aiming a vertical slash down wards, attempting to slice you in half, while at the same time i release a massive white cero slash vertically, point blank towards you as my blade and my cero slash threatens to slice you in half.

i then advance soindo 5 meters above you to your right, as i pint my left hand towards you, with my blade drawn, as i release a massive burst of super heated sp from my hand, attempting to burn the skin right off your bones, also the sp with corrode and collide around you, creating a devestaing explsion threatening to catch you in it. i then advnce soindo back wards reaching almost,at super sonic speeds of mach 3.5, i then find my self 2 miles away from your location, as my eyes glem with a white radience with my senses hightend and my vison hightned.