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09-22-2010, 01:42 PM
Location: Menos Forest


09-22-2010, 01:42 PM
heh i may act dumb but im more perceptive then i appear and i think i just figured out a good counter for that

*you avoid my attacks and say houmen extending your blade at me. I throw up a wall of ice while jumping back and instead of looking at the blade I look where the wall was pierced and sidestep the attack quickly and jump into the air leaving your blade stuck in the wall and hover their and form another wall a good distance between me and you thats clear so I can see you still.

I say mostly to myself but loud enough for you to here "hmm not a bad trick but I think iv figured it out, that trick is likely done by coating your blade in a reflective reiatsu that changes the lights path making it appear as if its going at one spot but its really aiming at another like when you look at a pole thats underwater...if thats the case then it's just as likely every time you aim at one thing its reflected to be sent at another spot and its always the same spot so if I can just figure out which spots are aimed where I can dodge without even having to put up that wall"

I stretch a little and decide to test this by generating diamond dust over the field, these small particles of ice have a perfect cubic shape that can refract light and when swirled the right way by me can refract light in whatever direction I wish it to be refracted in allowing me to disappear or make my attacks appear like their mirrored, ECT with a substantial amount of diamond dust. I form 5 practically invisible wires of this around my left hands fingers and it wraps up around my arm when not in use, I send these wires out around me sending them around the wall and at you aiming to wrap around your arms, legs, and neck. these wires are hair thin and see thru making it even harder to notice them.*

Will counter in a minute

09-22-2010, 02:05 PM
okay i might counter now might counter later im playin mercs 2 allies keep killing me >.> dang even heavy weapons cant save me against an apc and like 5 recoiless rifles