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This story of mine takes place on a fictional world where science is much more advanced. Please enjoy it and comment. (Constructive criticism only please)

Chapter 1

"Are you sure this is a good idea Fel?" Orrin asked as his digital image shimmered.
"I have no other choice. This has to be done, and I'm the only one who can do it." I told him as I drove my motorcycle past an oasis. Orrin's image was loosely connected to the com station programed into my bike.
"But you don't even know if Tucker was telling the truth." My eye twitched slightly as he said the name. Tucker, the man I hated most in life. An enemy to me since I was born. And the greatest mind this world had to offer. He was an archeological scientist until he went mad searching for the lost continent of Kazegan rumored to rest far within the uncharted waters of the south Darnian Ocean. The lost continent of Kazegan was said to have been inhabited by creatures that this world should have never seen. Creatures who's technological intellect could enslave our race in a single night.
"As much as I hate that man, I have to admit. He is no liar." Tucker had told me that a great power rested within the ruins of Ru. So that's where I was headed. It was dangerous, that I knew. But I had come prepared. Tucker's rival, Collin, was a friend of mine. He had developed a special armor that could change its shape. I had chosen for it to be able to change to a motorcycle. And that's what I was driving now. Getting ever closer to the ruins of Ru.
"Okay. If you believe him. Then I will too. Good luck on this Fel. If you need me just call. And don't you dare die."
"Roger that Orrin. Felicia out." I said then switched off the com screen. I switched off the auto pilot and focused my attention on the road to the ruins ahead of me.

Chapter 2

After a few hours I arrived at the towering ruins of Ru. The structure was mountainous, the actual entrance to the city was surrounded by a field of pillars that towered way over my head.
"So these are the ruins eh? Tucker wasn't exaggerating when he talked of their magnificence."
I walked through the garden of pillars, and as I walked I noticed strange markings on the pillars. It seemed like a kind of language that was forgotten years ago.
"Who be thee entering this place?" I turned toward the mysterious voice and saw a tall man. His eyes were small and almond shaped but they were a bright scorching red. It seemed as if they could see everything. His hair was long and jet black, which complimented his light brown skin.
"So, are you one of the guardians of Ru Collin was talking about?" I asked him.
"Professor Collin? Ah yes, I remember him. If you are a friend of his then you must be the young miss Felicia. Am I wrong?"
"You are not wrong." I said and looked away again studying the language. "Tell me. What language is this?"
"That, that is the language of the ancient city of Ru. I am a descendant of the people of Ru. One of the only ones left. My ancestors built this place. And for a millennium my family has been watching over this place." He said as he waked up to the pillar. "These writings talk of the great poser that we are deemed to guard. But even we don't know if the power is real, or just a myth."
"This power. Its linked to Kazegan isn't it?" I looked over to him and asked.
"Some believe so. many archeologists have gone mad studying these runes trying to decipher them, believing they will reveal the location of Kazegan."
"Tell me. What is your name?"
"You may call me Runake. Runake the Guardian."

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