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Shino Hatake
08-28-2010, 08:50 AM
Here I will give you some tips to get some of the hardest charters in the game.

One of the hardest set is the Minoto , Young Kakashi, and Obtio set.
They spam left to right with stuff like Fire Ball, Breaker and Chordi with a Rasegan combo. It is like you are standing still with these people. Blocking dose not work so well with them because of Min's breaker combo he dose. Here the trick is sleep. Kabuto [ Plain ] can be used very well here. Heres how.

Once the box shows up hit X and go down to your Tactis tab. Hit it and go to the right 3 times.
Equip the Regain tab to the mission and then accept.
In the charter screen go to Kabuto and select him. Make sure " Feather Illusion Justu is on"

Now the fight begins. Hit TRIANGLE and press O, doing so you hit your justu. Now that hopefully both foes [ First Time it will be Young Kakashi and Min] Attack as much as you can, reuse your FIJ in till it runs out. By now half healt is gone and you may use your awakening. Hit it and full Charka is up and ready. Now do the same thing like before and combo attacks with FIJ, with your new state open your deal more damge. It might only take your 20 to 30 secs to beat them. Now you have Young Kakashi unlocked.

Do the same tact for this fight as well.

Next is Obtio and Min. This one is a lot harder because of the 20 hit combo your going to have to met. For this one Neji is your man. With his Rotation Justu no mater how close in they get they get pushed back and there goes 15% of health. Now that at least 5 secs of Rotation is done your have met your 20 hit combo. Now, it is only a matter of attack. Obtio is going to rush and use his " Fire Style: Fire Ball justu" To knock you down. Min spams attack at you on the ground and just beats te tar out of you when you are not blocking. Use SUB justu as much as you can and use your fast speed with Neji to spam out attacks and push people back so it is One on One. Obtio will be dead first. Now Min is left. Rota rota rota is all your need to beat him. That and a but ton of charka. Try to get Charka Pills here.

Now that you have Obtio you only have one more yo do. A triple team, Min, Young, Obtio. Oh great you might be thinking. Well as long as you have you Heal Tact and Kabuto's FIJ you fine. Only watch out with the tag team Kakashi and Obtio will do to keep you up and Min Spam!.

Any others People. Tell me here so I may test them out and give you some advice.

Anbu Leader
08-28-2010, 01:05 PM
Nice bro..

Shino Hatake
08-28-2010, 01:12 PM
Took me forever to figure those out.

Shino Hatake
08-28-2010, 01:13 PM
Need some help with yours? How did you get past the second block on the top row of The leaf Aubu? I keep missing one.