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08-01-2010, 01:50 AM
A fight that has been occupying a good portion the summer. Now out in public and to be continued with higher stakes than when it began. No interference of any "judges" allowed. If I lose I have agreed to become an Arrancar. This is now a fight that will determine the fate of a Vizard.

To distinguish between past moves, I have made mine purple. 0.0
~As my Se continues to infuse with the We, I take a fighting stance readying my Shikai. As I get ready to release Shikai I recite: "Take to the wind, Eagle's Talon. Cut down any who stands against you." When it's released I come at you as if I am going to strike, my left had passing in front of my in a downward slash; as this occurs I then recite hado 4, byakurai with my right hand that was hidden by the slash made by my left. The hado fired by the hidden hand sends powerfully concentrated lightning aimed at the left side of your chest.~

*as u come at me i sidestep ur left handed slash. when u cast ur hado i sonido away 5 ft so avoid the blot of lightning. i then raise my cero blade and blast it out at u aimed at ur chest. i reach down to my waist and pull out my zanpaktou.* u released ur shikai so i might as well show respect and draw my zanp. *i raise the blade and point it at u. a cero instantly appears and blast at u from the tip of the sword. as the cero comes at u i sonido around u creating 3 after images. one behind u and one to each side. they each sonido towards u to pierce u with there swords. i then sonido above u and blast another cero down at u.*

~After the hado is avoided, I see the cero come towards me. I recite Bakudo 81, Danku creating a rectangular wall/barrier of Se to block most of the impact of the impending cero. As the cero collides with the shield I flash step a couple of meters to my left.~

A cero from your blade?

~I spin my sword clockwise to create Wind Shield Parasol; in Shikai We and Se grind together causing irregularity which cuts at the energy of an opponents attack. The energies cause an in-balance of the opponents energy, slightly weakening the attacking as it explodes against the the parasol shield. That being said, the parasol should at least protect me from major damage.

With that cero taken care of I turn to see the afterimages advance towards me, blades poised to pierce me. I recite Hado 63, Soren Sokatsui; Sending two shots of high powered concentrated Se simultaneously; aimed for two of the three afterimages. As I turn to the side, placing my self facing the left side of the third afterimage I slice my Zanpakuto down aiming to take of it's head.

The afterimages taken care of I recite Hado 88 Hiryugekizokushintenraiho aiming a huge blast of elictricle based Se straight for you.~

*as ur hado comes at me i raise my right hand and blast the cero out at it, twisting the se as it is released from my hand. it drills into ur cero and since ive been charging it since my first move its se has become very dense. it drills right thru ur hado and continues towards u.*

k now im gonna make it tuff. try to last as long as u can without bankai....

*i sonido strait at u. when im 2 ft away i sonido behind u leaving an AI infused with sp in my place, blade poised to stab thru ur stomach. as i sonido behind u i slice for ur back with my zanp*

~As the cero comes at my, disseminating the Hado, I raise my Se and focus it into my Shikai. The blade glows bright blue as Se and We wrap around the blade encasing it and forming a broader Katana. I use this to block the oncoming cero, as it makes contact with my blade I push at the cero as my Sp raises making my Se denser. I push my blade to the left, pushing the cero as I flash step several yards in the sky to my right. As the cero explodes, I brace my self but as that is finished I notice you sonido my way~

I bet this is just a walk in the park for you.

~As I look around I see you sonido towards, I recite Bakudo 61, Rikujokoro; Summoning six thin/wide beams of light that slam it to the opponents midsection rendering them unable to move. This version of you should now be rendered useless. However, you sonido behind me and I realize the other you must have been more of a decoy...I spin around to meet your Zanpakuto, slashing my blade up to clash with yours. I push my blade upwards in order to push yours back, the blades grinding together as the force of Se and We meet with your zanpakuto.~

~Smiles~ I haven't had the opportunity to use my sword as a sword.Thanks.

ur doing good. we havent gotten even started yet =) and ur welcome ^_^ but it has consequence

*as ur bakudo hits my AI it is paralyzed* nice that was one of the best counters ive seen. *u spin around and ur sword meets my own. ur zanpaktou starts to bubblin and melt away from the connection point of my zanp.* one of chameleos abilitys is its acidic poison aura. the acid poison consumes SE based attacks using it as fuel helping it move faster. *ur zanp should melt away in seconds spreading to ur hand. if it enters ur blood stream it will rush thru it corroding ur body from the inside out.* i then sonido away 20ft and create a cero shield around myself. as i do this i manipulate the sp infused into my AI causing it to explode into a giant barrage of thousands of tiny cero senbons. if ur hit by any of them they pierce the skin cutting off the nerves in w/e limb they hit rendering it useless. the wound is also cauterized so it can't be healed. i then stand there encased in my spherical cero shield.*

~My eyes widen in shock as the blade of my Zanpakuto is eaten by your acidic aura. As you explained that it eats away at Spirit energy I lower my Sp, stopping all flow of Se from me to my Zanp, though I keep a concentrated amount on the hilt. I then raise the level of Wind energy gathering into my hilt and infusing it with the Se still concentrated in that spot. I stab my Zanp into the ground to free my hands as it no longer needs me to concentrate Se into it.

As the wind energy is doubled and the Se is lowered the infusion doesn't run as sharp, but it doesn't need to be sharp. The Wind energy should at least be able to purify the acid, using the Se as a catalyst in order to enter the acidic energy. While there the energy should begin to disrupt the aura's flow and eventually halt it. This is possible because Eagle Talon is emitting raw wind energy stronger than my current Sp level and is capable of causing it's own energy storm that would wash away the acidic qualities of the aura replacing it with We particles. Despite the purification process it would still sustain significant damage that only bankai level We could have prevented.

That being said, it works independently from myself as I have relinquished contact for the time being as it takes at least ten minutes for the process to be successful. (at least three turns.) As that occurs, I see the the Afterimage you generated has released a multitude of tiny cero. As the come towards my I recite Bakudo 81, Danku; Erecting a strong rectangular barrier several ft tall and wide. I use the barrier as an opportunity to implement a stronger hado to clear a way for me to flash step out of range. I recite Hado 88, Hiryugekizokushintenraiho; blasting the tiny cero to my left and flash step several feet in the air as the hado's electrical blast causes a myriad of them to explode on contact.~

I would write more but this is all I have until my sword can finish purifying. Unless I can go hollow that it.

*I sonido around u creating 4 AI's. The 4 AI point their blades at u and fly at u aiming to pierce u from the left, right, front, and back. having them coming from all side will keep u from flashstepping out. As this happens I sonido under u and blast a generic cero at u. I then advanced sonido above u and point my finger down at u* Cero Oscuras *a small black ball outlined in green appears at the end of my finger and blasts out at u with the power of 100 cero and the speed of bala.*

*while still above u i channel reiatsu to my stomach creating slime. i then spit it down at u. as it comes at u it spreads out into a net that aims to wrap around ur body and constrict eating away ur flash and bone*

im gonna get tuff on my next counter....u ready?

Oooh boy. ~As my zanp has still a bit more to heal, I am left to fit free handed. You sonido around, and in your place are left afterimages coming straight for me. I sigh knowing there is no way I am going to let that zanp touch me. I spin to my left and raise my sp, concentrating a large amount of Se and send a high powered kick at one of the afterimages, sending him head first into the one on it's left. As I do that I simultaneously recite Hado 31 Shakkaho, aiming for the one that was directly behind me; these to moves should incapacitate three of the AI's, leaving me room to flashtep behind the one that was in front of me to begin with. As I perform the FS, I recite Bakudo 63, Sajo Sabaku; I raise my Sp to level I would use for helping my Zanp release it's bankai and aim the binding spell to incorporate the three AI's that where not hit the hado. A large white chain is formed that should bind the three Ai's and their arms together, unable to raise their blades.

Before I am able to totally destroy them with a hado however, I am just about too late to notice the cero below me and the barrage above me. I make the judgment to make the sacrifice, ignoreing the cero from below me to recite Hado88 Hiryugekizokushintenraiho, Aiming the huge electrical blast at the fast, tiny cero. This should be big enough to consume the ceros or at atleast cancel each other out. The blast from this sends me flying back, the cero the was below my grazes my left leg as I roll away, trying to get enough Se raised to flashstep towards my Zanp that should be done soon.

That being said, I see the net of slime threatening to consume me, I raise my finger and bring it down in and X across my face. A mask appears there and a low echoed laugh escapes me of it's own violation. I charge a large cero in my hand and send it at your slime I then shunpo out of range leaving an Afterimage if the cero didn't completely handle the slime. I begin to charge a cero with my left hand while I shunpo up towards you, aiming a kick for you gut. I then release the cero aiming for the hand holding your Zanp. I then Shunpo 2ft back and aim Bakudo 63 Sajo Sabaku; Aiming the same Bakudo I used on your Ai's. A huge white chain forms from above you, and if you don't get away then it'll pin your arms to your body; you'll be unable to lift your blade, and you will be unable to break it with brute strength alone. I then shunpo below you, charging a cero in each hand.~

very good. u dont need any training at all. better then kyo from what ive seen.

*i watch u disable my 4 AI gracefully. but at least my cero made some contact. as u make ur mask and go to kick me in the gut i slash down with my zanpaktou meeting ur leg and hopefully cutting it off. when ur cero is blasted at my hand i swing my zanp upwards and slice it in half sending the pieces in either direction around me. when u cast ur bakudo i see the white chains and spit a web of slime on it. the slime consumes reiatsu and eats it away defeating ur spell.*

*i look down at u chargin ur cero and cover myself in a veil of reiatsu. this veil camoflauges me in with my surrounding rendering me virtually invisible to the eye, and hides my sp from sense. i bite my thumb and sonido behind u. i mix the blood with the cero and shoot a gran rey cero at u. i then sonido above u and quickly slash downwards with my zanpaktou hoping to cut u in half*

ur impressing me very very much.

~I see your sword just in time to bring my leg back and down; though your slash may not have taken off my leg, it left a deep wound the length of my shin on the leg that was grazed by your generic cero. After I pull my kick I shunpo backwards a few yards just in time to see my Bakudo consumed.~

Damn. ~As you become invisible I quickly gauge the distance between the area in which you disappeared and the are where I left my Zanp which should be healed now. Before I shunpo for it I combine the cero and focus them with my left hand. I then shunpo and grab my zanp which was about a yard away just in time to see a familiar variety of cero release out of seemingly nowhere. I quickly fuse my Se and We using it in combination with Hado 58, Tenran; I've used this before with this combination to boost the wide tornado like nature of the Hado. Wind energy infused with Se make the hado stronger and gives it a wider range. At the same time I release the cero I had been charging; this triple combination should meet the gran rey cero and create an explosion, if not negating it; due to the cutting nature of Wind Energy. I then use Bakudo 81, Danku to block most of the collision of energy's ramifications.

However, the real problem is that your Sp, and Se is now hidden and I can't sense it. The cero had been behind me so you could actually be anywhere. I recite Bakudo 73, Tozansho; creating an inverted triangular shield. While in the shield and attack comes from above me, making contact with my shield. I have no choice but to release my Bankai.

My zanpakuto grows in length, seven ft with two different blades on either end, on end a large broad Katana and the other a scythe. My mask has begun to crumble as I have put a lot of stain on it, I am going to have to release it that way-damn. You hear a horrible noise amid hurricane level winds, mixed with the sound of a hollows echoed laughter as I recite: ~

"Hurricane of a thousand screaming souls, awash with blood stained past, roar and release: Talon Cyclone!"

~With this, a huge orb, about ten yards in diameter is formed from the scythe end of my Bankai. I shunpo upwards and send the talon cyclone for the place where my shield had been contacted as I drop the shield simultaneously. The Cyclone is a highly concentrated Se and We infused technique, the outside looks calm but on the inside the Se and We are moving so fast that they act like miniature blades that are deadly sharp. Hopefully if hit with this, you should be cut enough for me to smell your blood from any wounds; If what you are using is Se based, then it should be weakened.~

(Maybe my leg wouldn't be in such bad shape if I wore pants instead of skirts >< Oh well.)



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Too long for me to read without passing out. xD

08-01-2010, 01:55 AM
~Sprays you with a water bottle~ It was over a long period of time.

08-01-2010, 02:04 AM
/Is tired because all the work needed to scroll down

Kg is gonna accept defeat without reading I am sure.;)

08-01-2010, 02:09 AM
It's not all one move. >.>

Kazumi Saitama
08-01-2010, 11:58 AM
Pardon the delay Danielle, but I will be updating your statistics now.

08-01-2010, 01:06 PM
It's all cool.

Noctis Arashi
08-01-2010, 01:07 PM
It's all cool.
Dannielle, counter in the 2 on 2. Black got killed by me.

08-01-2010, 01:10 PM
Interfering in the fight now includes posting. >.>

All right.

kg gangster
08-04-2010, 02:44 AM
*i have no time to react to ur attack, since im so close and decide its finally time. as ur energy is about to hit me i raise my zanp* Vanish Chameleo!!! *the sand is pulled up around me in a tornado and powerful lime green lightnig lines the tornado. this hopefully keeps ur attack from breaking thru right away and hitting me. i charge a lime green cero in my hands. it grows as it charges. it suddenly decreases in size to a small ball 2 inches in diameter. i blast it thru the lightning and sand tornado and into ur talon cyclone.*

*as it enters inside it the wind slices at it causeing the compressed reiatsu built up inside to explode outwards hopefully stopping ur attack and doin a lil damage to you if ur close enuff. i refocus the lightning energy to form a shield around me protecting me from the blast. i then turn the lightning engery to a coating around my right arm.*

*the sand clears and u can see a slight glimps of me since the camo viel has fallen (EDIT: ignore the face part this is a pic my boy drew quick :lol:) http://i739.photobucket.com/albums/xx33/kekkigenki/arrancar.jpg
my zanp has now become a whip chain which drips with acidic poison from the tip. i swing the chain up at u hopeing to grab u around ur injured leg. if it connect the chain will wrap around it and the blade at the end of the cain will stick into ur leg, injecting u with the acid poison, which in turn will corrode u away from the inside out. i then sonido above u and blast the lighting energy off of my arm and at u.* this lightning is under my control for manipulation and control. i can't split it into more then 5 bolts but each is very power and fast seprately as well as in a combined state *i pull up on the whip chain as the lightning comes down at u hopeing to make the collision between u too faster.*

08-04-2010, 02:54 AM
Is this your first release? Nice picture by the way.

kg gangster
08-04-2010, 02:57 AM
yuppp ^_^ and since i cant get past 1 turn without that nasty habit of gm coming out i might as well just use it.

08-04-2010, 02:59 AM
Judges aren't allowed in here anyhow. It's in the rules. ~points to the first post~

Danielle is honored!!!

08-04-2010, 03:06 AM
Oh wait, I let your zanp cut my leg, doesn't it do that acidic touch when well, touched?

kg gangster
08-04-2010, 03:10 AM
no i didnt say it was always active or w/e so its kool. i dont think its a biggie anyway id rather just have fun

08-04-2010, 03:14 AM
Oh, okay, cool. =) I'll have my counter sometime later.

kg gangster
08-04-2010, 03:25 AM
KK ima crash. have a good nightday ^_^

08-04-2010, 03:33 AM
Me too...I have help my mom get ready for work in an hour. It takes that long to fall asleep. Goodnight.

08-04-2010, 03:03 PM
~After I released the Talon Cyclone I notice that the structure of the orb is disrupted, which means I must have guessed right. As the orb begins to break down I drag my index finger down across my face in an X, restoring my mask. As this is occurring I advance shunpo back several yards as I prepare another orb, this time forming it into a shield that's bigger than my Wind Shield Parasol and stronger than Bakudo 81. This shield protects me from the cutting affects of the wind but the pressure pushes me back several yards.

As the scene clears, I see that your appearance has changed. Have I finally seen a release? An echoed laughter escapes of it's own accord as I peer across the field at my opponent. The laughter ceases as a chain dripping with a substance I know should be the last thing anyone should touch, is swung up aiming for my left leg. I begin to raise my sp, focusing my wind energy of the Zanpakuto end of my bankai without infusing it with se, sacrificing the sharpness of the combination.

The katana appears to grow broader and sharper as it is enveloped in a blue energy forming Wind Talon. Though it is not as sharp as it would have been with Se, in Vizard form my Bankai's power and speed is increased.It remains active until the moment I stop focusing We into the blade, making it capable of releasing as many talons as I can.

I shunpo to the left towards you, avoiding the chain as it flies past me, however I almost miss what you did with the lightning. From where I am I let my zanp slide down to where my hand almost meets the bottom edge of the blade, making in easier to swing, releasing the Talon. The Wind talon is like a wide blade shaped arch aimed for the chain and lightning, and is aimed in the attempt to push the chain to the ground.

I then advance shunpo behind you, and release another wind talon as I begin charging a cero with my left hand.~

It's long because I needed to explain. =)

kg gangster
08-05-2010, 02:44 AM
*i watch as u shoot ur wind talon at my chain and lightning. i dispearse the lightning away from the talon blast. the blast hits the chain causing the chain to spin around it squeezing on its center. i redirect the lightning to the chain to streagthen it to keep it from breaking. the chain tightens around the blast and breaks it in half. but u have suceeded in diverting it from u. i follow ur shunpo with my chameleon eyes that have also been enhance with releasing.*

*i reform the electricity around my arm and pull the chain bringing the blade back to my hand. i twist the blade trying to reflect some light into ur eyes, in order to try to distract u. as i do that i swing the other end of the chain up at u aiming to wrap it around ur body and pull u down towards me. if i get it around u ill pull it hard and try to slam u into the ground. i then would sonido above u and blast my lightning down at u as 1 concentrated bolt. if the lightning hits u it will split into 5 inside of u and spread ur head and each limb electricuting ur entire body*

08-05-2010, 03:00 AM
I'll counter a little later. ;)

kg gangster
08-05-2010, 03:14 AM
no rush. like u said its already taken a good portion of the summer lol

08-05-2010, 03:17 AM
I forgot when we started it. XD It's the most fun I've had fighting.

kg gangster
08-05-2010, 03:21 AM
good thats how it should be :D

08-05-2010, 03:19 PM
~Because of the advance shunpo is disrupted by a bright light I have no idea if the second Wind Talon hit or not; so I launch the cero in the direction of the light while I shunpo higher in the air. As my eye sight clears I see your chain coming towards me, I slash horizontally sending another wind talon and reciting Hado 32, Okasen (sending a wide arch of energy) hopefully to connect with the chain as I shunpo 3 yards to my right.

I then recite Bakudo 62, Hyapporankan; a rod forms in my hand; once I throw the rod it disintegrates into multiple rods, around 50, aimed to pin you to where ever you're standing. That being said, I bring my zanp up and around while infusing se and we into a larger talon cyclone than the first; the orb about 40 ft in diameter, taking around a half minute or so to form. I launch this as a fallow up to the bakudo.~

kg gangster
08-18-2010, 11:50 AM
*as u shoot ur wind talon at me i form and blast a cero from my mouth at it. the two collide and assumingly explode a safe distance from us both. when u blast ur hado my whip chain is hit and knocked out of the way. i drop the handle to my chain and form a shield around myself. i twist the se and spin the shield. the spin hopefully deflects the bakudo around me and none of them pierce my shield. i quickly drop my shield and blast the lightning coating my arm off at ur talon cyclone. as it leaves my arm i spin its se so that its aims to drill thru ur talon cyclone and continue towards u. i then pick up my whip chain and sonido behind u, with blade in hand, and stab it towards the back of ur neck aiming to pierce ur madoola oblongada.*

*i sonido 10 ft away and pull the lightning energy back to my arm. i blast a cero at u from the tip of my blade. i follow ur dodge from the cero with my chameleon eyes and sonido infront of u and try to place my hand to ur stomach. if i make contact the lightning will enter ur body and electricute u to death*

08-18-2010, 11:55 AM
So specific with the body parts. 0.0 Mkay, eventually I'll counter.

08-22-2010, 12:16 PM
~As you dodge and counter my cyclone, I notice your sonido as I swing my blade back behind me and turn to meet you; my Katana is still coated with We, and I immediately stop releasing se to it so that I can use the blade to block the thrust of your chain. As my blade is such a long weapon I thrust it forward, aiming to pierce your throat.

That being said, I watch as you sonido away ending up around 10ft away, I swing up the scythe end of my zanpakuto and release a cero size hurricane cyclone. As they make contact I almost miss as you appear in front of me. At such a close proximity it's almost too perfect to resist. I grip my zanp tightly and lunge the we coated Katana end of my Bankai, side stepping your hand and attempting to plunge the blade into your chest; while in this position I also release a 2 1/2 eagle talon. If either were to hit you, you would sustain fatal wounds.~

08-27-2010, 11:37 PM
~bumps~ =D

09-02-2010, 03:33 PM
Before you counter, please be a bit more serious about killing me. ~pokes~

09-17-2010, 04:05 PM
~pokes~ Live, thread, live....

kg gangster
09-18-2010, 04:54 AM
Lol sorry. I've never really used my release so I'm kinda trying to make stuff up as I go. I'm gonna make a super attack today and counter


09-18-2010, 11:34 AM
You don't have techs for your release?

11-02-2010, 07:42 PM
~kicks thread~ Live. >.>

kg gangster
11-02-2010, 10:48 PM
Lol Mayb tomorrow

11-02-2010, 10:49 PM
It's all good, I thought maybe you forgot?

kg gangster
01-08-2011, 11:02 AM
~As you dodge and counter my cyclone, I notice your sonido as I swing my blade back behind me and turn to meet you; my Katana is still coated with We, and I immediately stop releasing se to it so that I can use the blade to block the thrust of your chain. As my blade is such a long weapon I thrust it forward, aiming to pierce your throat.

That being said, I watch as you sonido away ending up around 10ft away, I swing up the scythe end of my zanpakuto and release a cero size hurricane cyclone. As they make contact I almost miss as you appear in front of me. At such a close proximity it's almost too perfect to resist. I grip my zanp tightly and lunge the we coated Katana end of my Bankai, side stepping your hand and attempting to plunge the blade into your chest; while in this position I also release a 2 1/2 eagle talon. If either were to hit you, you would sustain fatal wounds.~

*I lean to the left to avoid the thrust of your blade and sonido away. When you plunge your blade towards my chest i swing my cero coated arm into the side of the blade and knock it away from me and jump back a little. Next i see your eagle talons coming at me. With not much time to do much else i project the cero coating out into a shield like danku and it comes in contact exploding with the eagle talons. I float down to the ground and look up at you.

Eradicate, Wyvern Charmeleo!"

The bone fragment blades on my right forearm extend down around my hands forming into a serrated blade. The poison still dripping from the teeth of the serrations. The bone fragment on my left forearm spreads up and down my arm and thickens becoming incredibly dense. This will be a sufficient defense against most attacks. The cero coating on my right arm spreads and coats my entire right arm still but only lines the back of my blade and also gains strength from my release. My acidic poison also becomes stronger and possess new properties that allow it to corrode anything thing not just reiatsu based things.

I stab my blade into the ground and the sand in a 100ft radius around me turns a little lighter. "Dragon Sand! If you touch the sand you will bursts into flames. It creates toxic vapour when it comes into contact with any solid substances and if inhaled will cause you to implode. Naturally I am immune since its my technique." I withdraw my sword from the sand and look up at you. I point the blade at you and a lime green cero begins to swirl around gaining energy. The cero sucks in the acidic poison from my blade and infuses it into the cero.