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The 1st Hokage
07-30-2010, 10:14 AM
I'm soo sorry it took so long, I had some crazy stuff goin on lately.

Match: Naruto vs. Itachi
Distance: 100 Meters
Restrictions: Naruto starts in base and does not get frog summons. Itachi can't use Susano'o.

Good luck to both teams.

Phoenix Wright
08-02-2010, 12:35 PM
Well I didn't know about the thread until a few minutes ago so I hope it's not too late to post. Let's get on with it. Also if I end up posting something really long, I really hope it's not too late xD


1) Speed. Naruto's speed is arguably faster than Itachi's. Naruto has accomplished things such as getting to Asura and smashing him to pieces (which is also somewhat a power feat) before he could reach Tsunade. He was about a foot or two away from her while Naruto was barely visible. he was in Sage Mode while this happened if I remember correctly, however it's barely a factor as it hasn't been proved nor disproved that Sage Mode increases speed. Itachi may not have many impressive feats having to do with speed, he is however fast enough for Kakashi and his sharingan to not notice him perform handsigns. This is one of the speed feats he has if he has very many more at all. Naruto also used FRS, and arrived on the other side of Konoha Crater in one panel in his fight with Pain, another speed feat, although he was in Sage Mode, but as I said above, Sage Mode shouldn't be a factor while addressing speed.

2) Power. Itachi never really relies on physical strength to fight and probably wouldn't be too impressive doing so. If he has to fight Hand to Hand, which he does (and can quite well, as he was near the same level as Sasuke) during the fight with Sasuke, he doesn't have any impressive strength feats to use to his advantage, but that's not his style of fighting. Naruto has plenty strength feats, including, Throwing one of Animal Pain's Summons fairly high until it was nearly out of sight(although in Sage Mode), and quite a bit of other strength feats I may list if necessary, although Naruto may not have to use physical strength to win/lose the fight.

3) Genjutsu. Itachi has a bunch of different techniques he could use to take Naruto out Genjutsu wise, considering Naruto doesn't have the greatest Genjutsu resistance in town. When I list some of Itachi's techniques, I'll list them below.

4) Notes. While keeping note to what I said above, I'm going to reiterate some things I previously said and discuss them. Naruto may or may not have time to enter Sage Mode depending on the situation. 100 Meters isn't really far away while talking about fast characters such as Naruto, and/or Itachi. This fight also may or may not take long depending on what happens during. Without Frog Summons it probably will be difficult to enter Sage Mode but some factors of Sage Mode may not change whether he is entered it or not. Also noting, while fighting the Kyuubi he did enter Sage Mode with very little prep time, although many debate for/against this.

A lot of people argue against it but myself, debate that it is very possible for him to use any technique that he did in his mind. I've also heard people make excuses about "Kushina made chains in Naruto's mind so are you saying she can do that in real life too" And the like, which have basically been disproved because of the last couple chapters.

As people have said in the past, "Just because Flash doesn't wipe out his opponents in the first milli, billi, whatever-second of the fight in his comics doesn't mean it isn't a viable option to use in battle." Just because Naruto didn't summon hundreds of clones to use Rasengan on Pain doesn't mean he can't do it, nor that he can't enter Sage Mode with small prep time. This has been seen during his FRS training, when he had 1,000 clones out, and they were all using rasengan, trying to infuse wind energy into it.

5) Jutsu's/Techniques. I'll now be listing a few, or most, of each of the two's techniques and what the other will do shall they witness the technique in battle.

- Amaterasu. This attack hasn't really shown much damaging power, and no way is it "hotter than the sun." This attack was burning Karin for awhile, and she's still fine, although it was Sasuke's we can only assume Itachi's to be more vicious. Sasuke temporarily matched Itachi's Amaterasu with his own Goukakyu no jutsu(Fireball jutsu), and he ended up using Oral Rebirth to get out of it anyway, which did successfully allow him to escape, although Amaterasu really should spread. Naruto, with his impressive speed feats should be able to dodge this technique, as did Raikage, simply because Naruto would move too fast for Itachi's eyes to keep up, as did Raikage. Sasuke almost caught up with Haku using his sharingan in Part 1, but its clear now both of them have advanced, but sadly Naruto's speed has advanced quite a bit more.

- Tsukiyomi. This technique is vicious as well shall Naruto get caught into it, although I can't go completely one sided or the other as I don't know if there is, or what is, the state of mind/knowledge conditions of the fight. Assuming Naruto has full/manga knowledge, he probably won't get caught in it since it's not very difficult to stay focused on fighting while not staring directly at Itachi's eyes. Although this could give him a change to use Amaterasu while not looking, there isn't much to notice Itachi would be using it anyway. Shall there be no knowledge, Naruto may be caught in it, or he could still be moving too fast to stay staring/focused at Itachi's eyes. Shall they be bloodlusted I'll be noting such below.

As Susano'o is banned, there isn't much to say here. Although an impressive feat is that Itachi did last having Susano'o up for awhile.

5)Jutsu's and Techniques a.) More Notes.

This is mainly concerning bloodlust. Shall they be in character, The fight will play out as normal, nothing too special, mainly how it will end up according to the end of my post. Shall it be bloodlust, there will also be many ways to win but most likely just one, which 9/10 times will be in Naruto's favor.

Naruto would from the start of the fight, although it would hurt him (bloodlust means the two will do whatever it takes to win, and unless dead will bite, claw, do whatever it takes, and basically not feel pain) while not in Sage Mode (and if the first notes segment is correct, he most likely will enter Sage Mode), he will quickly use FRS, and go after Itachi. He'd be going too fast to pay attention to Itachi to get put into Tsukiyomi, and be moving too fast to be hit by Amaterasu for sure, Sage Mode or not.

Itachi being bloodlusted, he would normally go into Susano'o but without that, he'd be done for since there isn't much he could do. Pain is obviously faster and stronger than Itachi, and Pain couldn't keep up with Naruto.

As I said it will most likely end up that way shall bloodlust be on, but a bloodlusted Naruto may think differently and according to my notes segment above have the ability to and probably will, create hundreds of clones and use Gargantuan Rasengan Barrage on Itachi.

Now back to Techniques/Jutsu's, Naruto's turn.

I will mainly stick to the jutsu's he'd most likely be using, not things such as Shihohappo Shuriken no jutsu(Everywhere Shuriken), which he used in Part 1 and probably will never feel the need to use again. Hey, if he thinks it'll work he might even pull a Sexy Jutsu on Itachi.

- Rasengan. Obviously Naruto's most basic technique. He uses it quite a bit, its destructive power may not be as large as some of his more recent techniques, take note it did nearly kill Kabuto in Part 1 and its clear that it's gotten stronger. Also note during the FRS Training he was (as listed above) able to make a thousand rasengans or so, and he'd surely be able to in this fight as he's gotten stronger.

- Kage Bunshin no Jutsu. The Shadow Clone. Another of Naruto's most basic technique, arguably more basic than his rasengan. This technique can be used in the thousands, maybe even more than that.

- Fuuton Rasenshuriken. FRS. This technique is probably Naruto's most powerful. It can completely annihilate anything it touches, destroying it on a molecular level. It's very speedy as well, and as I've listed above, Sage Mode or not, bloodlust or not, he may resort to using this, in which Itachi will stand no chance.

- Naruto is also capable of different Rasengan techniques, although they may not be available to him outside of Sage Mode. Giant Rasengan, Double Rasengan and more. Giant Rasengan basically is a fairly powerful rasengan, and is, well, giant. Double Rasengan is two rasengans held in both hands, most obviously available outside of Sage Mode.

6) The Kyuubi. Hopefully there will be Seven total points by the time I am done here, "Thank God," You think, eagerly reading through my words.

The Kyuubi may or may not be a factor here.

Naruto doesn't like to rely on Kyuubi for his battles often, and it only comes out when he needs to or when he gets angry. Shall he unleash it, Itachi is most likely screwed. KN4's menacing ball took awhile, but utterly decimated a forest. KN6's was also very powerful but barely took time at all. KN8 broke out of Chibaku Tensei but doesn't have any feats other than that, and KN9, Full Kyuubi, created a menacing ball ten times its size and we barely got to see its destructive power.

Tamed-Kyuubi-Naruto hasn't been shown yet, and really is all hype but shall he have tamed it and have full access to all his chakra should only increase his chances of winning, and obviously his chakra reserve which allows him to make more powerful Rasengans, a lot more clones, etc.

7) The Final Verdict.

The winner of the fight. Out of all listed, who has the most variety and chances to win out of all. Naruto. Clearly he has more techniques that would be most effective, and the reasons I've listed all throughout have spelled Naruto's victory until the very end. Bloodlust or not. Knowledge or not. Sage Mode or not.

The winner, is Naruto.

Akatsuki X
08-02-2010, 01:01 PM
Phoenix wins simply for posting a book's worth of knowledge on the fight. xD

Lol, nahh I'm just joking.

Good job man,
thou I must disagree with your opinion.

Default BG rules state that opponents have no knowledge of each other's abilities.

With that in mind, Itachi could trap Naruto in Tsukiyumi at the start of the fight, without any frog summons Naruto's chance of escaping it are slim to none.

Also, I disagree that base Naruto is faster then Base Itachi who was able to keep up and exceed Sasuke despite being weakened by his disease.

And Sasuke was able to sum-what keep up with base bee, which is far faster then anything we have seen from base Naruto.

But, this isn't my match, so I should probably just shut up now.

Phoenix Wright
08-02-2010, 01:10 PM
I did although note quite a bit on what would happen shall they have had no knowledge.

But I really can't blame you for that one whether you actually did read all of that or not xD

The 1st Hokage
08-02-2010, 04:49 PM
I swear, If Skylar or Watchdog post, I quit.

Akatsuki X
08-02-2010, 04:54 PM
Hahaha with great power comes great responsibility Firsty. `:P

Shikamaru Nara
08-02-2010, 05:15 PM
Not to burst your bubble, but I'm going to ask you to stop posting. xD

Phoenix Wright
08-02-2010, 05:15 PM
`:P Yeah, they better not post, right? D=

Srsly nao stahp spameeng in mai thread, gtfo nao. http://s236.photobucket.com/albums/ff286/nfforums/NF%20smilies/sun.png

But seriously. http://s236.photobucket.com/albums/ff286/nfforums/NF%20smilies/sun.png

Shikamaru Nara
08-03-2010, 02:43 PM
1 more day until the match ends. I'll add Phoenix to the finals, because I don't think anyone is posting, but I'll remove him until further notice until the match is judged if anyone else posts.

Phoenix Wright
08-04-2010, 09:17 PM
So... What happened?


I was looking for a debate, all that hard work for nothing =(

Shikamaru Nara
08-05-2010, 08:31 AM
Looks like the finals are here. PW wins.