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Sabra Kusabana
06-17-2009, 09:57 AM
:!:I'm starting this thread as a less structured alternative to the Saga thread that so many people have taken interest in. If you want to write something go for it.

There are few rules:
You cannot use any character from the anime or manga.

Don't make your characters gods, they have weaknesses, follow the original story as an example. Everyone has something they do well, but there's also something that makes them vulnerable.

Respect the other writers, if someone does something that steps beyond what you're comfortable with, tell them, but do it without using inappropriate language. Avoid insults, slang, and cursing. Arguements happen, but we're trying to keep things civil, not desolve into namecalling.

You don't have to submit a sample or anything for this thread, just jump in. Without further ado I present a starting point, an example:

The sand blew across his face as he stepped into the city. He'd been gone for a long time. Sent to the mighty desert strongehold of Suna over seven years again, he'd missed this place. The man let the suitcases he carryed fall to the ground as the gates were closed behind him. The city had grown sense he'd been gone. The short adobe brick houses stretched out before him, people walked the street oblivious to the man.

Hitori turned his head to look down the streets of his home town. This was his chance to relax for a few days before he had to return to the ninja village. His vest felt terribly heavy in the beating sun of the desert. He snatched his suitcases up again and dashed down the sandy streets toward his old home. He hit the door with a great yell that rang within the building. "Mother, Sister I'm home!"

The young man watched in joy as his younger sister came into his veiw from the kitchen. Her wide sky blue eyes shined as she jumped at him, holding the man in a tight hug. He held her back breathing in the scent of fresh bread from her light brown hair. He let his green eyes flutter closed at the smell, he was home.

His little sister pulled back and touched his face, letting her hand slid up and brush his aubrun curls out of his eyes. He stared at her, she'd grown up sense last he'd seen her. She was only ten then, now at 17 she looked so much more like their mother. "You filled out well." "So did you Nii-san." The man blushed lightly. He was home for his birthday, he would turn twenty tomorrow and he noted the smeer of icing on her apron as a sign she was making his cake.

The woman hugged him again, and lead him to his old room. "Mom will be back in a while, she went to the market." Hitori looked the couple of inchs down at his sister. "Thank you, Tsuin." The woman smiled up at him and then fluttered off for the kitchen again leaving the young chunin to his thoughts. He hung his vest on the door and threw his suitcases on the bed. Looking around the room he smiled at all his old childish things. Leave it to his mother not to change anything.

He stretched and sighed as he went to wash up. Traveling thru the desert had taken it out of him. He only had till the end of the week before he had to do it again. He was due back in Suna after that to accept his next mission, but till then he could relax.

Suna, the Village Hidden in the Wind, the Sand Village, so many names for one place. This and the small outlaying towns throughout the desert is where I'm going to be setting my part of this story. Anyone can start where they want to, but Suna is a place we know some about from the Anime, and Manga.

In Suna there is no formal ninja Academy, but they're trying to build one. The young ninja right now seem to apprintice to older ninja for training. The skills are handed down within the family, and from the elders. The city is ruled by both the Kazekage, and a high counsel of elders and politicians. The village is in a friendly union with the Leaf, but thier relationship with the other villages is at best neutral. Most building ins Suna are made from sand and stone found in the surrounding area, and it's surrounded by a high wall to help prevent sandstorm damage.

Beyond that the canvas is blank and anyone can paint it how they want to. It'll be fun, and interesting. Come on, anyone who wants to can jump right on in. If you just want to read that's fine, but if you get the itch to add something go for it. Just keep it nice, and enjoy yourselves. I know I look forward to seeing everyone elses writing skills in action!:mrgreen:

06-17-2009, 10:31 AM
:!:I'm starting this thread as a less structured alternative to the Saga thread that so many people have taken interest in. If you want to write something go for it.

There are few rules:
You cannot use any character from the anime or manga.

Don't make your characters gods, they have weaknesses, follow the original story as an example. Everyone has something they do well, but there's also something that makes them vulnerable.

Respect the other writers, if someone does something that steps beyond what you're comfortable with, tell them, but do it without using inappropriate language. Avoid insults, slang, and cursing. Arguements happen, but we're trying to keep things civil, not desolve into namecalling.

You don't have to submit a sample or anything for this thread, just jump in. Without further ado I present a starting point, an example:

The sand blew across his face as he stepped into the city. He'd been gone for a long time. Sent to the mighty desert strongehold of Suna over seven years again, he'd missed this place. The man let the suitcases he carryed fall to the ground as the gates were closed behind him. The city had grown sense he'd been gone. The short adobe brick houses stretched out before him, people walked the street oblivious to the man.

Hitori turned his head to look down the streets of his home town. This was his chance to relax for a few days before he had to return to the ninja village. His vest felt terribly heavy in the beating sun of the desert. He snatched his suitcases up again and dashed down the sandy streets toward his old home. He hit the door with a great yell that ran within the building. "Mother, Sister I'm home!"

The young man watched in joy as his younger sister came into his veiw from the kitchen. Her wide sky blue eyes shined as she jumped at him, holding the man in a tight hug. He held her back breathing in the scent of fresh bread from her light brown hair. He let his green eyes flutter closed at the smell, he was home.

His little sister pulled back and touched his face, letting her hand slid up and brush his aubrun curls out of his eyes. He stared at her, she'd grown up sense last he'd seen her. She was only ten then, now at 17 she looked so much more like their mother. "You filled out well." "So did you Nii-san." The man blushed lightly. He was home from his birthday, he would turn twenty tomorrow and he noted the smeer of icing on her apron as a sign she was making his cake.

The woman hugged him again, and lead him to his old room. "Mom will be back in a while, she went to the market." Hitori looked the couple of inchs down at his sister. "Thank you, Tsuin." The woman smiled up at him and then fluttered off for the kitchen again leaving the young chunin to his thoughts. He hung his vest on the door and threw his suitcases on the bed. Looking around the room he smiled at all his old childish things. Leave it to his mother not to change anything.

He stretched and sighed as he went to wash up. Traveling thru the desert had taken it out of him. He only had till the end of the week before he had to do it again. He was due back in Suna after that to accept his next mission, but till then he could relax.

Suna, the Village Hidden in the Wind, the Sand Village, so many names for one place. This and the small outlaying towns throughout the desert is where I'm going to be setting my part of this story. Anyone can start where they want to, but Suna is a place we know some about from the Anime, and Manga.

In Suna there is no formal ninja Academy, but they're trying to build one. The young ninja right now seem to apprintice to older ninja for training. The skills are handed down within the family, and from the elders. The city is ruled by both the Kazekage, and a high counsel of elders and politicians. The village is in a friendly union with the Leaf, but thier relationship with the other villages is at best neutral. Most building ins Suna are made from sand and stone found in the surrounding area, and it's surrounded by a high wall to help prevent sandstorm damage.

Beyond that the canvas is blank and anyone can paint it how they want to. It'll be fun, and interesting. Come on, anyone who wants to can jump right on in. If you just want to read that's fine, but if you get the itch to add something go for it. Just keep it nice, and enjoy yourselves. I know I look forward to seeing everyone elses writing skills in action!:mrgreen:

why cant we use characters from the manga or anime???????????

06-17-2009, 10:40 AM
why cant we use characters from the manga or anime???????????

Legal issues.

Sabra Kusabana
06-17-2009, 10:40 AM
why cant we use characters from the manga or anime???????????

Because it's in the rules of the forum, we can write whatever we want as long as we don't violate the copyright by using the real characters. We can use the place, or even the justus, but we can't use people.

As V said, it's a legal thing.

Any other questions?

06-17-2009, 08:16 PM
((Okay, since this isn't catching on, I'll try introducing a character.))

The chunin dreamed of adventure. He was sitting on one of the bridges that connected the islands of his land, the Land of Waves. The salty wind that blew in from the sea rushed through his thick black hair. He spent much of his time on beaches and near the water, so his skin was a nice tan.


The young man looked up, curiosity in his rich brown eyes. A woman was running towards him. Her blue hair tied back in a thin ponytail flicked up and down behind her.

"Chiyoko, what is it?" Kaito asked.

The female skidded to a halt and tried to catch her breath. "The Kage *pant* was looking for you *pant*. Something about Suna," she finished.

The onyx-haired male stood. "Thank you, Chiyo-chan." He started in the direction of the newly-built Kage mansion.

"Wait, Kaito!"

The chunin turned back. Chiyoko's purple eyes held something mysterious in her gaze.

"What is it?"

The woman bit her lip as if she wanted to say something. She closed her eyes and smiled. "Good luck!"

Sabra Kusabana
06-17-2009, 10:20 PM
The meal had been better then he'd had in a long time. Hitori grinned at his mother as he leaned back with a statisfied stretch. "I'm so proud of you," she told him for the upteenth time that evening. "Ah come on I'm only a chunin, I'm slacking." The woman shook her head, "No, your dad never went beyond that, and he had a great life as just a chunin."

The auburn haired man sat up in his chair straighter, looking across the table at a picture sat in place of where the fourth person would be. "Yeah, he did," his eyes flicked to his sister. "Now about that cake." She went without anything else needing to be said. Leaving her mother and brother to talk for a moment.

The woman's old green eyes and faded brown hair looked tired even as her son tried to envision her as she was years before. "Dear have you found a girlfriend yet?" The question left the shy man blushing and waving her off with a hasty reply as Tsuin returned with the cake. "Leave him alone mother." The girl said as she handed her big brother a soft edged knife to cut with. "It's got strawberries in it," she said with a smile.

Hitori cut into the cake with gusto as he took his slice. "It looks great sis, thank you." She bowed his head to her in praise and she laughed as he dug in like a little kid instead of the refined ninja he was supposed to be. "You'll always just be a messy child!" Their mother said a she reached for him with a napkin. "Oh mom!" He fake pulled out of reach, making the old woman smile as he let her catch him to whip his face.

06-17-2009, 11:25 PM
I can't help it. I love writing too much. I'm sorry if I seem like old news but I'll add to the story.
Her calves flexed as she stretched foward. When she had finished her stretches walked out into the hallway yelling to her brother who still laid asleep in the next room, "I'll be back in an hour Xiang. And it's your turn to cook breakfast." The chite rolled over in his bed, "Why so early? It's hot as diyu outside Katashi." But the words fell on deaf ears as she had already left.

Katashi stepped out into te street and began a quick stide through the sandy streets. During her morning jog she always became lost in thought. Memories drifted by and plans formed. She had been born in the sand village in the household of a jonin captain. Opposite her brother, she had worked hard all her life to become a formiddable ninja. Every book she read and every technique she tried, but she still was unable to surpass her younger brother. To him everything came naturally. She believed that he was adopted since he looked so different from the rest of the family. In fact he didn't seem to belong to any part of the country. Katashi was short and shaped nicely. Her vigorous training kept her top shape. The raven haired woman usually wore an electric blue kimono cut short above the knees and leggings the wrapped around to her calves.

She finally reached the top of the mountains to the east and stopped. Without breaking a sweat she looked out over the gritty texture that enveloped the horizon. Katashi tied her hair up into a bun and fit a needle into it preparing to sprint down the middle of the village back home. Today she would finalize her training with her grandpa and hopefully reach the Chunin rank by morining.

Sabra Kusabana
06-17-2009, 11:47 PM
You're not the only one who's so into the writing, that's why I opened this thread.

Hitori tossed and turned in the small bed of his old home. He was glade to be here, but he suddenly realized why most nin's packed a sleeping bag if they hadn't been to see their family in a long time. He finally gave up on the bed and threw his pillow to the smooth stone floor below. The man sighed at the cool of the ground, this would be so much easier to relax on, as crazy as that sounded, even as he drifted off to sleep.

06-18-2009, 07:44 AM
The Wave's Kage was a strong old man. Under his wrinkled skin, large muscles were still visible. His hair was gray, and even with the bags under his eyes, his black eyes were fierce. The man crossed his arms and leaned over his desk.

He cleared his throat and began. "As you know, the ninja system is still very new in our land. No one has made jounin rank yet, and I am not going to advance anyone who isn't ready.

"However, it does not change the fact that we need allies from other villages. In fact, it amplifies the need for such allies. I have already sent someone to Konoha to reach the hand of friendship, but I have been informed that a tie with Suna would also be beneficial."

"So...You're sending me to Suna?" Kaito cut in.

The Kage coughed. "Yes. I know it is a long journey, but the mission is important."

Sabra Kusabana
06-18-2009, 07:53 AM
Tsuin clung to her big brother's arm as they traveled thru the market. He was in search of some things to take back with him when this trip was over, but the girl kept distracting him. "So was mom right? Did you find a girlfriend yet?" She questioned up at him even as she pulled him toward a stand with lots of shined stones and crystals. "That's none of your business!" Hitori whined at her with a fake grin.

"Oh yes it is!" She released him long enough to grab up a pretty purple geode. "It is my business if my big brother gets involved with someone! Even if you're not here where it happens!" She told him as she moved to another stone. The man just sighed, this was what he came home for?

06-18-2009, 08:13 AM
Kaito changed into his ninja garb. He had a skin-hugging black shirt with sleeves that reached his elbows and tight black pants of the same material that reached his ankles. He wore a navy-blue FLAK vest over the shirt. The brunet's headband was secured over his forehead and black sandals were on his feet.

He set off to get a boat that would take him over the sea to where his running journey would begin. The chunin was surprised to see a familiar face when he reached the docks.


The young woman smiled at him. "Yep. I was chosen to go to Konoha."

"That's great! Hey, why don't you wait for me there and we can travel home together."

Chiyoko eyes sparkled for a moment and she smiled. "I would love that!"

Kaito wondered what the look in her eyes meant, but tried not to dwell on it too much. "Hey, good luck, Chiyo-chan!"

06-18-2009, 09:31 AM
Xiang rolled out of bed budened with soreness from the night before. The blondie had tied to keep up with his sister's workout regiment the day before but failed miserably. The only wokout he needed was walking to the bath house and making breakfast. Cooking was the only thing he enjoyed doing and he wasn't half bad at it. He took a large rock cod from the cooler. They had brought back tons of fish from their trip to the wave country last year. As he set to work he thought about making Chunin. It was as far as many people got but it was still an honor to bear the rank. Today would be the day of decision and he felt confident, then again he always felt confident his very name meant lucky. His whole life had been one giant ocean of fortune.

As he got dressed he heard the doo slide shut and his sister walk into the kitchen. He walked out and met her in the dining room where the food wait. "You've really outdone yourself today Xixi." she smiled, "Maybe I won't embarass you too bad today." Xiang sat down and started eating ravenously talking in between bites, "Have you heard mama or papa yet?" "No, but I'm sure they'll be back soon." "They said they would be home before I become Chunin." "And they will be since you're not becoming Chunin today." Xiang stopped eating and looked up curiously, "What do you mean?" "Oh nothing. Don't worry about it Xixi."

06-18-2009, 06:41 PM
The sail was boring, but didn't last more than a day. Kaito kept himself busy by helping (or atleast trying to) with maitenance. Once the boat docked, however, he only gave a brief word of thanks before he was off.

'I wonder what Suna is like...'

Sabra Kusabana
06-18-2009, 07:08 PM
I'd hoped to get a few hits from others by now... Oh well I'll add another small part in a while, till then I'll just bump it up to keep it visible.

Nick Tasogare
06-18-2009, 07:44 PM
I might try to make a small character in awhile, if that's ok. I figured we could write our main story, and then use this as a spot to write out our own seperate stories, and maybe have them criss-cross. :)

Sabra Kusabana
06-18-2009, 07:49 PM
Not so sure we wanna have threads cross, but I figured sense our main thread gets so intense, and had so many people that we could use this for more casual writing. I also didn't plan on making people have to submit something to join this one. I'm hoping it will really get to hopping and people can just come to enjoy posting or reading whatever. It's a refreshing break from the constant story drive we're going for with the Saga series.

Nick Tasogare
06-18-2009, 07:52 PM
Not so sure we wanna have threads cross, but I figured sense our main thread gets so intense, and had so many people that we could use this for more casual writing. I also didn't plan on making people have to submit something to join this one. I'm hoping it will really get to hopping and people can just come to enjoy posting or reading whatever. It's a refreshing break from the constant story drive we're going for with the Saga series.

Yea, you're right, but we can't really stop people if they want to make their own story in a seperate thread with characters they make here, right? I think it would be cool if others were to do that. Kind of motivating.

Nick Tasogare
06-18-2009, 07:53 PM
Not so sure we wanna have threads cross, but I figured sense our main thread gets so intense, and had so many people that we could use this for more casual writing. I also didn't plan on making people have to submit something to join this one. I'm hoping it will really get to hopping and people can just come to enjoy posting or reading whatever. It's a refreshing break from the constant story drive we're going for with the Saga series.

Oh, and I didn't mean have "Shinobi: The Saga" cross with this, I meant the way we started, starting with our seperate characters, and then having them merge, if other people wanted, they could do that. :)

06-18-2009, 07:58 PM
Was going for having Kaito meet Sabra's characters during his mission to Suna.

Sabra Kusabana
06-18-2009, 08:05 PM
Was going for having Kaito meet Sabra's characters during his mission to Suna.

I was betting you were planning that.

Hitori looked around the boxes we was carrying, trying to see his siter. "Tsuin what in the world are you getting all this for?" He whined as the girl paid another merchant. She skipped over to him and grinned up at his questioning face. "Why I'm going back with you when you leave for Suna, silly." Her singsong voice bounced as she told him.

The young chunin at first stared at her with his mouth open in shock, then he tried to speak and it came out a garbled mess. He swollowed his confusion, and stilled his gaze on her as he balanced her packages. "You are not. What made you think that anyway?" He finally managed out.

The girl grinned at him still, like she knew some secret he didn't. "You'll have to ask momma about that." She said before prancing off down the street toward their home. Hitori sighed and looked up in time to see the top of the stack of good tremble. He ended up with the whole pile falling before he could do anything about it. Looking down at the mess he rolled his eyes toward where his sister had gone and mumbled, "Why me?"

06-18-2009, 08:15 PM
There was little resistance on his way to Suna, so after three days of running, Kaito decided to take a rest.

"Tomorrow I reach the village. Missions outside the village really aren't that hard..." The chunin smiled to himself as he slowly fell asleep.

The next morning, he reached the Land of Wind, and it became instantly clear that the final day of his journey was not going to be as easy as he expected. Wind he was used to from his days on the beaches back home, but sandstorms were new to him. The young man cussed as sand blew in his eyes. He sheilded his face with his hands and tried to push forward.

"Damn it!"

06-18-2009, 11:31 PM
The two siblings stood in front of a small panel of elders. Xiang had horrible posture while Katashi stood straight and high. "Xiang." one elder called out. "Yeah?" "From your performance, training, and mission success ratio we have decided that you... will not become Chunin." The red clad male closed his eyes and his sister grinned widely. "Katashi." "Yes ma'am." "You have surpassed many in your age group, but you are lacking. You will not become Chunin." A shocked expression lit her face for a second but quickly passed and she composed herself. They both bowed and another elder spoke in a deep voice, "You will both be assigned to a mission with a more advanced Chunin for futher training. You both have much talent but you have much to learn." (OMG Yoda)

They left the large mud building quietly until Xiang started busting up with laughter, "That's what you get for being so cocky." "You didn't make it either." she contested. "But I didn't really care." he retorted and crossed his fingers on his head. "Sure..." she looked up at the sky, "Who do you think we'll be put with." "Don't care. As long as their not as stuck up as you." She glared at him for a short time then walked silently to the message temple hoping their parents would have a note for them.

06-19-2009, 07:19 AM
Lady Hokage leaned back slightly. "Will that be all, miss Chiyoko?"

"Not quite. See, I will be waiting a few more days for a friend of mine who is going to the Sand village. I would like a room to stay in until then." The Waves kunoichi pulled a purse out of a vest pocket. "I can pay for it. I just need something simple."

"Okay, I'll have someone show you there."


Kaito was still fighting the wind and sand, eyes shut tight. He didn't think to seek shelter. After a few more minutes of trying to push forward, he was knocked off his feet.

Sabra Kusabana
06-19-2009, 04:03 PM
Two figures trudged thru the sand, wrapped from head to toe in heavy cloth to keep it from beating at them too much. It was hard going. The taller of the two kept in front of the other to help as a breaker against the wind. He suddenly fell causing the one following him to stumble over him.

"Tsuin are you alright?" He had to yell over the howl of the wind, the smaller figure nodded as she felt for what had tripped them. Her hands found the face of someone half buried in the sand. "Oh god..." She murmured as she started trying to pull the person free.

Her brothers stronger hands found the man's shoulders and worked from out of the sand. Hitori unhooked his backpack and passed it to his sister as he looked around for shelter. He spotted a large dark shape nearby. He had her help him to get the fallen man onto his back and they headed for the shape. Finding a creavase in the sandstone they moved as far inside as they could before Hitori sat the man down and tried to wake him.

Tsuin drew a cantine from her pack and tried to get the man to drink as her brother attempted to wake him. "See this is the kind of reason why I didn't want you coming with me sis." The chunin said as he looked at the teen. "You heard momma, I'm going back with you to Suna and that's final." The girl snapped at him. This arguement had been going on for over a day now, and even thought they were in route to the great city the older sibling still didn't like the idea of his sister living there.

06-19-2009, 04:04 PM
"What do you mean you lost them?!" Katashi yelled. The questioned messanger took a few steps back waving his hands in front of him, "I'm sorry miss but we lost contact with them at Heavenly Plains." Xiang shrugged his shoulders unknowingly, "What's the big deal Kitty? I'm sure their fine. No one could take out dad." She turned on him with a vicious look, "If you even payed attention to grandpa at all you would know that the Heavenly Plains is the most dangerous area in the land of wind." pressing the messanger further,"Why haven't you sent a team down there yet to find them. He's one the most important shinobi you have." "There's nothing we can do. That land belongs to a hostile village. We can't afford even the smallest of wars right now. I'm sorry but we have to wait this one out." The short woman stormed out of the temple furiously and then stopped at the stairs crying. Xiang followed her out and started comforting her, "Come on Kitty don't be upset." She turned away from him so he tried a different approach, "Look at me Katashi, if they're not going to help then we'll do it ourselves. We belong to the Hoshino family. As soon as we get out of the village and finish our mission we will go and find them." She looked up with a renewed confidence on her face. "Let's do it."

Sabra Kusabana
06-20-2009, 03:19 AM
Waiting for V to make the next move, just popping it back up the page.

06-20-2009, 09:35 AM
Kaito coughed and began to stir. "Wh-where am I?"

His eyes rested on two figures before him. One was a man with auburn hair and green eyes. The other was slightly smaller: a girl with light brown hair and blue eyes.

"What were you doing out in the middle of a sand storm?" the girl asked. "Were you trying to get yourself killed?"

The brunet cast his eyes down. "Sorry...I was on my way to Suna, but I'm used to much gentler winds."

The male quirked a brow. "Where are you from, anyway?"

"The Land of Waves. My name is Unabara Kaito. I was sent to start making ties between Suna and the newly established village of Umigakure, for an alliance."

The man smiled. "You're in luck, Kaito. I was on my way to Suna myself. My name is Hitori."

Kaito shook his hand.

"We were on our way to Suna," the female corrected. "My name is Tsuin."

"Well, it's very nice to meet both of you."

Sabra Kusabana
06-20-2009, 04:00 PM
Tsuin offered the man her water again. "We'll have to wait out the rest of the storm." She dug into her pack as he took her offering. She pulled a thin scarf from the bag and handed it toward him too. "Wrap this around you face, you have scratches all over it from the sand." She paused as she looked at the man in the halflight. "I guess no one warned you how severe the weather here gets."

Hitori was busy looking this person over. The village he came from must of been quite small, and recent in creation. He'd never heard of such a place. Even as his sister talked with the man without question he wondered how much he should trust this person. His eyes flicked to his sister, she was so innocent. The girl couldn't of known just how much being a ninja had changed him, he had been the same as her at one time.

06-21-2009, 09:53 PM
They had been hiding from the storm for hours now. Kaito began to drift off. He slept for quite some time before he was shooken awake.

"Kaito, get up! The storm passed; it's safe to travel again."

Tsuin took her hands off the man's shoulder as he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. The chunin yawned.

"Hmmm? What time is it?"

"Morning," was the short answer he recieved.

Sabra Kusabana
06-21-2009, 11:15 PM
They made it to Suna as quickly as they could. It was still afternoon before they stepped into the city, but at least the storms had passed without harm. Hitori looked to the strange ninja and laid a hand on his shoulder. "I need to accompany you to the Kazekage tower, so you can report in." His voice was neutral, as were his eyes, but the weight of his hand made the other ninja suddenly feel threatened.

"Tsuin, please head to the address I gave you before, my housemate will find you a room." The older sibling said as he waved the girl off. She left with a warm and welcoming smile to Kaito. She didn't sense the tention in her brother. The young woman was just too easy going for this situtaion.

06-21-2009, 11:32 PM
"Do you know how we found you Xiang?" The chite looked up at his grandpa questioningly, "Found me?" The older man chuckled, "So they never told you huh? You were found in a makeshift raft that had been beached. I still remember that day. You came like an omen in the darkness. I knew you were special the first time I saw you." Xiang curled his lip suppressing a smile. It wasn't surprising that he was not born in Suna or anywhere around here. He was taller than almost everyone in the village at 6' 3'' and he was only 18. "Where did I come from pa?" The old man smiled and stroked his beard ponderously, "Not sure. But you flowed in from the west, thats all I know." They were both quiet for a minute then the elder finally spoke, "Alright Xiang no time to waste we need to get back to training. Ready?" Xiang nodded and took out his twin hooks spinning them haphazardly around his hands.

Two sand missiles shot from the ground and Xiang dodged them to the side and ran dragging the curved swords on the ground.(His classic style.) Four sand clones appeared in front of him. Xiang swung the hooks over his head and large gusts of wind demolished two of the clones. One clone sunk into the ground and the blondie hooked his two sword around the others neck. Xiang ducked under the first clones attack and wrapped the second around him. The two clones dispersed in an explosion of sand. The old man grinned as he watched, "Ready for round two?"

06-23-2009, 05:35 PM
Kaito's eyebrows furrowed. 'Why do I feel like he hates me?' He shook it off and tried to focus on the mission.

Meanwhile, in Konoha, Chiyoko stood on the balcony outside her temporary appartment. "It's been three days since we split up. He should have been here by now. How hard is it to talk to the Kazekage?" She bit her lip. "I have a bad feeling about this..."

Sabra Kusabana
06-23-2009, 11:40 PM
Hitori guided the other ninja to the Kazekage tower. He didn't say much on the way, but did point out a couple of shops that the man might need while he was here. The chunin presented himself to the secretary at the bottom of the tower, and she explained that they'd be worried something might have happened to Kaito. The other ninja nodded immediately the difference in how relaxed Hitori was as soon as he found out that he was really supposed to be there.

Before Kaito headed up to the Kazekage's office Hitori stopped him. "Sorry if I was overly guarded. Please enjoy your stay in Suna." He said before poofing away in a little twirl of sand. The man seemed alot more welcoming and honest when he'd spoken then on the walk to the tower.

06-25-2009, 02:58 PM
Thump. "Oh man! I dropped our food because a CAT!" Kimeraa said. She looked at the mess in front of her. She was on her way home from the food store, and something jumped on her head. She dropped the food basket, got whatever was on her head, and tossed it in front of her. The cat landed with a thump, and when Kimeraa assessed what happened to the food, she saw that some of the bread was stolen. Kimeraa sighed. "I hope that wasn't the same cat that was loose 12 times in a row..." Kimeraa said, retrieving the food that didn't land on the ground. "I hope those new genin get that cat!" She said under her breath. When she finally got home, the lights were off. Nobody was in sight, and the only thing she could hear was her own breathing.
Then, she heard stirring and-"SURPRISE!!!" Ravenna was shocked. Everybody she knew was there!
"What's all this for? It's not my birthday!" Ravenna said, confused.
"Oh, silly, you advanced up to the rank of chunin today!" Her mother said. I scolded myself. That's why we went to the hokage earlier today!

I was allowed to join freely right?

06-25-2009, 03:11 PM
((Yep. And I'm glad somebody posted something!))

06-26-2009, 09:18 AM
((ur very welcome))

06-26-2009, 09:26 AM
Kaito and the Kazekage worked out the agreements for the allegence between the two nations. The brunet would take the document back to Umigakure and his Kage would sign it.

"Thank you, sir." The chunin shook the other man's hand and left the office.

06-26-2009, 10:11 AM
After the party was over, Kimeraa found a box on the floor. It had holes in it and sometimes it shook. "Mom, what's in here?" Kimeraa asked.
"Kimeraa, go ahead and open it!" Kimeraa's mom said from the backyard. Kimeraa took off the ribbon, and opened the lid. Inside Kimeraa found a wolf pup! Kimeraa took the pup in her arms, and it nibbled her finger.
"Hey, don't do that silly pup!" Kimeraa said, laughing at the same time. "Mom did you buy this wolf?" Kimeraa asked while petting it.
"No, but come to the backyard." Her mom said. Kimeraa did as she was told, bringing her pup with her.
"Mom, there is-" Kimeraa started, but the pup jumped out of her arms! "Hey, come back!" Kimeraa said. The pup was incredibly fast for it's age. The pup ran to a shed in the yard. It looked at Kimeraa like se should look inside. Kimeraa took the que and ran over to the shed and opened the door. Inside was her mom, a female wolf, and 2 other pups! "I would scream, but I'm a chunin now, soooo, WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?!" Kimeraa said, yelling at the end.
"Well, in case you don't remember, my side of the family breeds wolves as ninja companions. Seeing that you are a chunin as of today, they sent this wolf and her pups." Her mom said calmly. "But, you probably don't since that trip was when you were two." Her mom added to prevent more yelling.
"Oh. Cool!" She said. "So I'm going to be working with this pup now?" Kimeraa said, pretty much knowing the answer already.
"If you don't like this pup, choose another." Kimeraa's mother said. Kimeraa looked over her pup. It was russet red, with blotches of brown and black on the legs, paws, and tail.
"I think I'll keep this pup."Kimeraa said.
"Ah, good choice." Her mother said. "My parents told me that this little guy has done well in all types of combat, so he should be a good training partner for you. Just make sure you introduce him to people, or you might get a fine for biting." Her mother ended with a smile.
"Thanks...? I'll remember that." Kimeraa said a little uncomfortably.

Sometimes writer's block is hard to overcome *sigh* That's what took so long

Sabra Kusabana
06-26-2009, 03:47 PM
Sometimes writer's block is hard to overcome *sigh* That's what took so long.

Forum writing is an excellent way to learn to overcome writers block. Welcome to the thread, hope you enjoy it.

Hitori had been dismissed long before the meeting was over. He'd headed for his home. There he walked in on a most annoying arguement. His roommate and his sister were in a heated 'discussion' about how it was inappropriate to walk around a house naked. From what he got of the arguement, and from the towel wrapped around his housemates waist, he presumed that his sister had not been expecting someone in the buff to answer the door when she arrived.

The chunin grabbed his sister and shoved her thru a door into what was currently his room, and closed it behind her. He turned to his long time friend and fellow chunin. This man had been the first person in Suna to actually treat Hitori like a person, and they'd been almost inseperable sense. "Kinomi-san... Please, I sent a message ahead, I told you not to taunt her." The other man stood proud and unmoved, proping his hands on his hips to show his great physic.

"That little twit should had been pleased to be witness to my glory." He stated as he jerked his head to the side, causing his waist length dark violet hair to fall over his shoulder and cover some of his chest. The man's teal eyes shot his friend a glare when he laughed. "Kinomi, she's not used to people like you." Hitori explained as he held the doorknot thru his sister's attempts to escape his room.

The taller man looked at the door behind his friend and sighed. "Your note said your mom insisted, so I suppose you have no choice." He let his arms fall slack and waved a hand at the other chunin. "She shouldn't stay with us, but anyway I'll go get cloths on." The auburn haired man nodded, "Thank you." His housemate smacked his shoulder as he passed. "Don't think you won't pay for this somehow," he threatened as he stalked down the hall and into his room.

Hitori felt a twitch in his cheek as he tried to retain his smile. His friend was very pretty by comparison to most men, and he didn't have any problems embarassing him as the other man liked both sexes. The young man leaned his head back on the door to his room, feeling his sister's rapping hands on it. He knew that Kinomi would likely make the girl think he was more then just a friend, that would be hard to explain to the teen.

"Tsuin, I'll let you out if you promise not to yell anymore. There are people in the joined apartments, you'll get me in trouble if you make such a racket." He called thru the door. He heard what he thought was her swearing to be good and stepped into the room. His sister looked completely flustered and started demanding he explain why that man lived in his apartment, who he was, why he was naked, and anything else she could think to ask about.

Finally the woman stopped asking questions about his roommate and asked what really should have concerned her from the start. "Where is my room?" Hitori lead her out of his room and down the hall. He opened a room where there were many boxes stacked up. "If you'd warned me ahead of time I'd of had it prepared before I picked you up. We've been using this room to store things, but it's supposed to be another bedroom." He grabbed one of the boxes and stepped past her. "I'll start making space for your bed, I have one in storage, but it's not very comfortable."

Tsuin sighed as she looked around the cramped room. This suddenly didn't seem like as good an idea as she thought it would be. She had convinced her mother that if she moved to Suna she would be able to get a good job, and find a good husband. That was the idea at least. As she looked at the place she'd be staying for now, and thought of her brother's housemate, she regreted having sprung this on him so suddenly. She never was the best at planning.

The girl jerked as a hand caressed her neck. "Now that is not a look for someone so pretty." It was that man, the one her brother called Kinomi. She whirled to the side and turned to face him. Her eyes carried her anger in her look. "You stay away from me," she hissed. The chunin smirked at her like she was doing something funny. "You'll be living here, dear. Just what do you expect me to do? Lock myself in my room?" He watched her like a cat watches a new toy thats twitching just right for them to pounce on it. "Kinomi... No, she's my sister." The long haired man rolled his head back a little and glanced at his friend. "Oh, I see. So that's how the rules are going to be?" "Yes, now move so I can get this room cleared."

The men exchanged a look and then they each grabbed a box, and headed to their respective rooms. Tsuin was left there for a moment with just her thoughts. Was this really going to be a situation she could handle being in? She wasn't sure, but it was what she'd gotten into.

Kinomi has gotten a bad wrap with many of the young men in Suna for flirting with, and going out with just about anyone. He will abide by rules set out for him by friends, but that doesn't mean he won't bend the rules when he wants to. Tsuin may find herself the object of far more of his attention then she's ready to deal with. He's confident, and very willing to use his rather attractive looks to his advantage. He's not just a pretty face either, he's a skilled chunin specializing in melee combat. He's also above adverage with genjustu and ninjutsu, a well rounded ninja.

06-26-2009, 05:20 PM
Thanks for the reassurance and advice. Now I forge on! (No pun intended.) And ty for the welcome.
Kimeraa decided to take her new pet for a walk. Before going out the door, Kimeraa made a mental note to think of a good name later on. "Hmm..." Kimeraa said. "I think I'll go get some ramen. Maybe I could get some jerky for... Oh, I need to think of a name FAST." Kimeraa decided. Kimeraa tossed around a few names in her head. Tominto, nah. Vimminile, nope. Woofles, NEVER!!! Speedy, maybe. Russet, that's nice. Brock, NOOOOO!!! Definetily NOT Blawn. Who would give a wolf the name Blawn? Kimeraa thought. "Okay, my little wolf, your name is Russet." Kimeraa said. Russet wagged his tail in response. "I'm taking that as a "I like my name"!" Kimeraa said, ruffling Russet's fur. Then a wonderful scent hailed her nose. "Ahhhh, ramen. And of course, jerky for Russet." Kimeraa added, seeing Russet sniff the air hungrily.
"Well, I haven't seen you in some time! What will it be?" The chef said.
"I'll have some jerky for Russet, and-
"Russet? Who's Russet?" The chef said.
"Russet is my new ninja wolf!" Kimeraa said. She grinned.
"Well, lucky you!" The chef congratulated. "So, jerky and?" The chef asked.
"Jerky for Russet and a Deluxe Ramen with extra noodles and beef. Make sure the jerky is beef, too!" Kimeraa said.
OOC: Are we using yen for currency or made up money? Rio? Cents and dollars? Cause right now I'm confused.

Sabra Kusabana
06-27-2009, 01:10 AM
To be honest I never really questioned what kind of money we would be using, and I'm not sure the series ever specifically says.

Tsuin swept around the little kitchen area like she owned the whole place. Her brother had been busy clearing that room for her, and several boxes were piled in the small living area. Kinomi was sprawled on the couch watching her flut thru the space going thru cabinets and drawers. She was in search of something, and the long haired chunin didn't really care what, but she moved in a way that kept drawing him back to her.

The man silently cursed his housemate for this new distraction, worse yet he'd been sworn not to put moves on the girl. His teal eyes followed her every move as she practically danced around the island counter in the center of the kitchen. She was so completely oblivious. Every twist, every stretch, every bend, or reach her clothing would move and he couldn't help but look for the next bit of flesh she'd reveil in her innocent actions.

The chunin finally rocked himself up from his position and raked a hand thru his violet hair. He spared the girl one last stare and stalked to his room. Snatching a jacket and pulling it on he passed Hitori on his way out. "Where are you going?" The other man demanded as he watched his friend flip his hair from the collar of the coat. "Somewhere where there's people who show skin only when they mean to, and not when they're just trying to bake cookies!" The words came out in a deeper and harsher sound then he'd ment them to, but they carried his point.

He two exchanged a long silence as they stared at eachother. Hitori understood the problem, it hadn't occured to him as her older brother. "I'll explain to her..." Was all he said as Kinomi turned away from him. "Please, I don't like having thoughts that would violate promises to people I trust as much as I do you." The taller chunin stepped out of the hall and across to the door, leaving without allowing himself to glance at the girl he knew was probly bending over the oven, without a thought in the world that such a thing could cause so much trouble to a man.

06-28-2009, 09:20 AM
OOC: So should i get the jerky and ramen on the house or just use yen...?Rio? Maybe Rio cause i have a naruto game and it used rio for money

Sabra Kusabana
06-28-2009, 02:58 PM
OOC: So should i get the jerky and ramen on the house or just use yen...?Rio? Maybe Rio cause i have a naruto game and it used rio for money

If one of the games was using a specfic type of coin then use that type. I'm sure whoever was producing the game was actually told what was approriate, so just go with that. In general doesn't worry too much about such exacting detail to the world, usually we just say something like money and don't get into what kind.

06-28-2009, 03:20 PM
kk ty sabra

06-28-2009, 03:50 PM
"It's on the house! Congratulations on your wolf, Kimeraa." The chef said, and he got to work. The wait was torture for Kimeraa as he came around again and again with wonderful smelling food that was for ANOTHER customer. Russet had climbed onto a seat next to Kimeraa and was eyeing the customer's food a few seats away hungrily. Pant, pant, pant. Sniff, sniff.
"Arooooo!" Russet howled. Kimeraa jumped.
"Russet! I know you're hungry but be quiet!" Kimeraa scolded.
"Ah, your food is finally ready!" The chef said. Russet howled as the chunin said "Yessss!" The chef put down a steaming hot bowl of delicious ramen with slices of beef in it in front of her, and jerky on table spot in front of Russet.
"Enjoy!" He said. Kimeraa took some chopsticks and chowed down. Russet sniffed the jerky, and took one its mouth. Russet chewed, then swallowed. The wolf pup decided he liked the jerky and ate it. The ramen had a silky smooth broth, and the noodles were slightly, very slightly chewy, and swallowed so easily you thought you swallowed air. The beef melted in your mouth, while staying juicy, tender, and a little chewy at the same time. Russet was eyeing my beef, so i gave him a piece but also took some jerky. The jerky was chewy but also somehow juicy and tasted like a perfectly cooked piece of beef. In short, heaven had opened up in Russet's and Kimeraa's mouths.

What did you all think of that? I made myself hungry writing that...:cry::cry:But I'm about to eat pizza so it's all good :D

Sabra Kusabana
06-28-2009, 04:02 PM
kk ty sabra

No problem, just keep writing, it's a fun thing to do, and don't worry over small stuff. If I may though, try using descriptive terms sometimes where you'd just repeat the name of your character. It will make your writing a bit more interesting to read, and help build a better picture of your person. Use things like the color of her eyes or hair for example.

Kinomi sat at the bar of a small shop. It was dinner and the resturant was full of chatter and people. He waited for his order with his head in his hand, staring over at the pair of girls that ran around waiting tables as they came in. He heard someone sit down beside him and turned to see who. A young man, he looked at the face, and found the symbol on the headband to be strange.

The 'kid' asked the guy at the bar if they had anything to go. That was strange, who would be fool enough to leave the village with the weather like it felt right now? Kinomi turned more toward this strange nin and didn't hesitate to speak. "You're not from here are you?" The young man looked at him like he hadn't noticed the long haired man before.

The guy gave a sheepish grin and said no. Kinomi nodded, "You shouldn't be headed out of town right now." The older man cautioned. "Why not? It seems fine out." Kinomi smiled at him warmly. "Yeah, it does, it's rather cool compared to normal, but doesn't that strike you as strange?" The young man blinked at him so he continued. "This is a desert, it's barely afternoon, the sun's still up. Being cool means somethings not right. Being this cool in the afternoon is a warning that sandstorms are likely to start up, or that we might have a freak shower. We're not too far off from the rainy season you know."

The younger ninja looked at him, nodding as he took all of that in. "That sucks, I had hoped to travel while it was cool." The violet haired chunin could understand that, he'd made the same kind of mistake before, but that was years ago. "I'd suggest waiting for morning, or just a bit before. Traveling at dark thru the desert can be dangerious, but at least the temperature is liveable. Most things that live here wait till night to move much." The man's teal eyes examined the boy as he spoke, he wasn't equiped for a long stay, much less desert travel.

Kinomi took a sip from his glass and questioned the other male. "What brings you to Suna?" The other nin was not as guarded as he should of been and answered without thinking. "I had to talk with the Kazekage is all." Kinomi nodded, letting his long hair rub across the jacket that rested on his shoulders. "You should look for someplace to stay till it's safe to travel, and get yourself something to cover your face and head if you're ganna go thru the sands." The younger man nodded to that as he looked at Kinomi, seeming to ask why the other man cared.

"What's your name?" The strange nin asked. "Kinomi, I'm from here." The chunin looked at the boy and asked the same question. "Kaito from Umigakure." The long haired man searched his mind for any such place, he came up blank. He smiled at the boy as they waited for their meals. "Tell me about the place, I've never heard of it before." The chunin encouraged before taking another casual drink.

The ninja of Suna are tought to be on guard, and give a little as possible about themselves. Still most of them have found a soft spot for people traveling thru the desert who haven't done it before. Many people went missing in the dunes, and bodies were found sometimes. It made the villagers inclined to advise travelers in hopes they wouldn't turn up dead in the sands because they didn't know the land.

Sabra Kusabana
06-28-2009, 04:05 PM
The ramen had a silky smooth broth, and the noodles were slightly, very slightly chewy, and swallowed so easily you thought you swallowed air. The beef melted in your mouth, while staying juicy, tender, and a little chewy at the same time. Russet was eyeing my beef, so i gave him a piece but also took some jerky. The jerky was chewy but also somehow juicy and tasted like a perfectly cooked piece of beef. In short, heaven had opened up in our mouths.

What did you all think of that? I made myself hungry writing that...:cry::cry:But I'm about to eat pizza so it's all good :D

You make me wish I had something aside from instant ramen in a cup... ;)

06-28-2009, 04:24 PM
ty ty tyvm. im an expert on food, whether i like it or not :D ;) ;D and man i can imagine a bunch of other food that would make ur mouth water described perfectly... dangit i made myself hungry again and i just had 2 slices of pizza!!

06-28-2009, 06:47 PM
Kaito shifted in his seat. "Well, it's in the Land of Waves. Several decades ago, a bridge was built to connect the islands of my country to improve the economy. Slowly, we began building our own ninja system as well so we can defend everything we worked so hard for. My friend Chiyoko and I are among the first chunin of our village.

"Anyway...It's mostly salty air, beaches, and tons of shops there. We do a lot of fishing."

Sabra Kusabana
06-29-2009, 05:00 AM
Kinomi closed his eyes as he thought about the last time he was fishing, it was a while ago now. His attention was drawn to the counter as his food was delivered. A plain meal, some chicken with rice a few veggies, and a refill for his Saki bottle. The man thanked the creator and the deliver before nodding to Kaito and tending his meal. The other nin's order arrived shortly and Kinomi's teal gaze watched him from the side as Kaito desided what he should do. The Umi nin looked at the box of food and tried to figure out where he should look for lodging.

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Don't worry about the thread slipping down quite so much. We'll find them when we need them, besides there's not that many threads in the fan work section anyway.

Tsuin was folding sheets and trying to unpack at the same time. Hitori had cleared the room enough for the bed and some walking space, but she was having to keep most things in her bag for now. She reached into the pack after laying out a flower patterned skirt and withdrew a scroll. The teen looked at it as she bit her lip. She wasn't sure what was inside. Her brother had insisted he seal some of her things so they wouldn't have as much to carry, but she had no idea which scroll held what.

She fished out the other rolls of parchment and laid them on the bed. Four in total, all with different colored ends and ties around the center. This was troublesome. She looked up as she heard her brother calling from the living room. The brown haired girl stepped out of the room with one of the scrolls in hand. "Hitori?" She saw him standing at the door with someone she could barely make out in the dark.

Her brother smiled warmly. "I have to go out for a while. Will you be okay here?" Tsuin thought about that for a minute then looked at the scroll she held and extended it toward him. "If you could tell me which one of these has my other cloths yeah." He looked at the object from afar. "The green one, it has a black band on it. Just open it slowly and put a little chakra into it to make the stuff come out."

He had stepped out the door before she could call to him again. The girl let her hand fall to her side and frowned. "I don't know how to do that..." she mumbled. The door opened again before she went back to her room. Hopeful her brother remembered she wasn't trained she looked to the person who came in. She made out the drape of violet hair as the person spun inside and closed the door against the wind.

Kinomi, it just had to be him, and just as Hitori had left... The man shrugged out of his coat and threw it to the couch as he turned toward her. His teal eyes were hazy, not quite as focused as when he left. The girl looked at the scroll and then to the chunin as he walked toward her. "Hey, um, could you help me?" She babbled as he reached for his door.

The man looked at her then down at her hand. "What are you doing with a weapon scroll?" he questioned. She glanced at the red tipped object and blinked. "Is that what kind he used?" Her words held intrigue. Then she remembered her need and meet the tall man's eyes. "It's supposed to have some of my stuff in it. Hitori didn't want to carry the bigger things."

Kinomi nodded slowly, but his eyes closed like the motion hurt a little. He had just enough saki that he would feel it in the morning before he left the bar. He looked down at the girl again, this time with a slight smile. "Makes sense, do you need something from it?" The teen nodded to him and turned toward her room again, exchanging the scroll she carried for the one her brother said had her cloths.

"This one should have what I need." She said, a touch uncertian as she looked at it. Kinomi took the item and opened it, he examined the symbols carefully. "What do you need from it?" He questioned as he brushed a finger over the various marks. "Just a couple of changes of cloths. I only had one packed, that he didn't put into those things." The long haired chunin felt a smirk curl his lips a bit more as he side stepped the girl into her room and then beckoned to her.

He laid the scroll out on the foot of the small bed and placed his hand over the center circle. "With any item storing scroll you don't need blood like the other, instead just press a bit of chakra into it." He forced a stream of energy into the paper and from each of the symbols surrounding the center and the part under his hand a single item came out. Her grinned as the girl quickly snatched a bra off the scroll, a heavy blush setting in already. The other items were just an assortment of tops and bottoms, nothing to be embarassed over.

Kinomi heard her mutter something about her brother being annoying before she hide the underwear behind with one hand and pointed to the scroll. "I don't know how to do that." She explained as she tapped the edge of the paper. "You're a civie, but you should still be able to learn this pretty easy." The man growned a little, his head was starting to hurt him, drank too fast, if he'd gone slower the alcohol would have numbbed him it the pains it could bring.

Tsuin laid a hand on his arm and bend where she could see his face better. "Are you okay?" Kinomi waved her off, "Yeah..." He took the hand from his arm and moved it to the scroll. "Imagine you're trying to push against the bed without moving," he instructed. The girl looked at the scroll and ground her teeth a second. She wasn't sure what he ment, but she imagined the feeling of pressing forward on something. She couldn't explain the feeling down her arm, it was just a little tickling thing. The scroll didn't seem to change, but as she moved her hand back she found one of her pairs of socks underneath.

A smile spread across her face, "That is so cool!" Her excitement made her 'teacher' smile. "It's a very basic method, but it will work for this. You're not skiled at it like your brother or I am, so you'll only get an item or two at a time, usually something small. Still it's enough that you can get your things without one of us." Kinomi pressed his hand to her shoulder and stepped around her out into the hall again.

"Thank you," Tsuin called after him, he only nodded not much more then a shake of his hair. He went into his room and closed the door. He almost collapsed on the bed. More Saki would easy the headache, but he didn't want to risk getting drunk on accident. He could sleep it off just as well as he could drink it away. The chunin listened as the girl giggled at her new found ability. She was so innocent, even academy students didn't get that excited over something so simple. It left Kinomi smiling despite the pain as he drifted on off to sleep. Maybe he was wrong, having the girl around could be good for him.

06-30-2009, 08:42 AM
okay i'll remember that.
Kimeraa and her wolf finished their food. Before Russet could beg for more, she took him off his seat and left the shop. Looking at the two, you'd immediatly think how differently they must act. The chunin had creamy white hair with turquoise highlights that went down to the small of her back. The cream haired girl had surprising amber eyes.She wore a baggy lime green and mdnight blue sweatshirt, with a sky blue and goldenrod tanktop. The amber eyed girl also wore black and green shorts, chocolate brown shoes, a red and white feather bracelet, and a good luck charm that was always in her pocket. The kunoichi thought of going home, but instead she went to the training grounds. There, she saw a couple of academy students practicing throwing their shuriken and kunai. She was about to tell them to get to class when they started arguing.
"You blocked my shuriken on purpose!"
"I did not! I didn't even throw anything to block you!"
"Yea you did!"
"You're just saying that cause I'm better than you!"
"Peeshaw, You would never beat me if you didn't cheat!"
"I'm telling you I DON'T cheat and I'm BETTER than you!"
"You wanna find out?"
"You're going down, stupid one!"
"Don't I know YOU'RE going down, dumbbell!" They both growled and their heads bumped. You could practically see the electricity between them. The kunoichi had enough.
"Okay you two, get back to class!" Kimeraa said.
"Are you a clown?" One of the two kids said. The amber eyed girl got really mad then.
"No, I am most certainly NOT a clown, I am, in fact, a chunin! You two are not even genin yet and you dare to insult me?! GET BACK TO CLASS!" The chunin said. The kids scrambled off, not wanting to get in trouble, or worse, hurt. There was a silence between Russet and Kimeraa. After a few minutes, the kunoichi took out a kunai. The wolf took that as a sign and charged to a target dummy. Immediatly afterwards, three kunai followed him and hit the dummy. The wolf lunged and bit the fake neck. He bit and bit and bit then backflipped away. Russet then circled around to the back of the dummy and bit at the legs. He also clawed anywhere else he could get without being in his master's way. The cream haired girl threw some shuriken and jumped at the dummy with a kunai out. She sliced and cut, then back away. The amber eyed girl made some handsigns and called out "Shadow clone jutsu!" Two other Kimeraas appeared and they drew a kunai knife. All of the chunin charged in and sliced away.
30 minutes later...
The dummy was practically destroyed. Shuriken and kunai protruded everywhere, while others landed but fell. You could see bite and scratch marks at the legs and neck, and you could see indents were the kunoichi had punched and kicked. If you tried too, you could not make out any of the details on it any more. "I think we better go, before someone finds this, Russet..." Kimeraa said, backing away. The wolf followed it's master, he two thinking that they had gone too far. The chunin turned around and ran home, her ninja wolf at her heels.
I'm thinking of giving her a mission to head to the land of waves after something happened. Anyone seconding the idea?

06-30-2009, 11:05 AM
I'm thinking of giving her a mission to head to the land of waves after something happened. Anyone seconding the idea?

((What kind of thing? If it involves the Sand getting help from the Waves or vice versa--or even the Leaf and Waves--it would have to wait until Chiyoko and Kaito get back to their village and have their Kage sign the agreements))

06-30-2009, 01:10 PM
mm good point...maybe some ninja from the sound attacked or something... but yea lets wait until chiyoko and kaito go back :D just to let u no, she is form teh leaf :D

Sabra Kusabana
06-30-2009, 02:00 PM
mm good point...maybe some ninja from the sound attacked or something... but yea lets wait until chiyoko and kaito go back :D just to let u no, she is form teh leaf :D

The land of waves is still a small country with only a fledgling village. Even if they have enough ninja to perform the tasks they get as missions they might not have enough craftsmen to do certian other things. The upkeep on ninja would be high. You need lots of resources to use for weapons, clothing, training, supples for travel outside the village.

It's not hard to convieve of a new ally maybe wanting to send something to help them out. You could have your character go with V's back to the Waves with something as a gift to the village. I'm taking like maybe some blacksmithy plans for how to make chakra sensitive metals, nothing terribly large. The special ninja gear is something that a new village likely doesn't have. Maybe even some blank scrolls would work.

Also V do you either of my chunin to go with Kaito as an escort out of the desert? That way I'm not constantly off on my own writing about the everyday life of a ninja without a mission.

06-30-2009, 02:38 PM
The land of waves is still a small country with only a fledgling village. Even if they have enough ninja to perform the tasks they get as missions they might not have enough craftsmen to do certian other things. The upkeep on ninja would be high. You need lots of resources to use for weapons, clothing, training, supples for travel outside the village.

It's not hard to convieve of a new ally maybe wanting to send something to help them out. You could have your character go with V's back to the Waves with something as a gift to the village. I'm taking like maybe some blacksmithy plans for how to make chakra sensitive metals, nothing terribly large. The special ninja gear is something that a new village likely doesn't have. Maybe even some blank scrolls would work.

Also V do you either of my chunin to go with Kaito as an escort out of the desert? That way I'm not constantly off on my own writing about the everyday life of a ninja without a mission.

((Makes sense. And two chunin with important documents should need an escort anyway. If they didn't it would be like saying, "Hey, we just decided we're going to be your allies, but let's just send the treaty details with someone who may get killed. Wouldn't starting a war be so much fun?"))

Sabra Kusabana
06-30-2009, 03:12 PM
((Makes sense. And two chunin with important documents should need an escort anyway. If they didn't it would be like saying, "Hey, we just decided we're going to be your allies, but let's just send the treaty details with someone who may get killed. Wouldn't starting a war be so much fun?"))

Exactly my point. Which of my characters would you prefer? Hitori the mild mannered yet serious older brother, or Kinomi the flusterated flirt of a housemate? Kinomi's already met Kaito, but I had Hitori go off with another nin earlier who might of been going to give him mission details. Either is a good choice, but I don't want to sent both and can't deside who'd be better to leave behind. So you get to pick who you think would be more fun to tag along to your village.

06-30-2009, 03:17 PM
Viollette if this is an open vote id go with kinomi cause if hitori went he might not follow the rules :shock:

Sabra Kusabana
06-30-2009, 03:26 PM
I think you have them confused. Hitori is the responcible one. Kinomi is more skilled, but not as well behaved. What would your little girl have an issue with someone like the flirt? That could make things even more fun, well for me at any rate.

06-30-2009, 03:29 PM
no i meant if hitroi went kinomi might ont follow the rules set down by hitori when hes gone. but yea having trouble with a flirt could make it more interesting :twisted:

Sabra Kusabana
06-30-2009, 03:33 PM
You have a good point. Making Kinomi squirm is part of the fun of his character. He's honorable, but he's also very much a letch. He'd be in a tight spot if left alone with Tsuin.

06-30-2009, 03:36 PM
and therefor more fun for us!!okay i might change to hitori but Tsuin will feel really really uncomfortable...

06-30-2009, 04:01 PM
((Hitori makes more sense out of the two, although it would be interesting to see Kinomi interacting with a girl like Chiyoko.))

06-30-2009, 04:02 PM
oooh hitori would get so mad!!:twisted: im liking that way of thinking...:twisted:

Sabra Kusabana
06-30-2009, 04:29 PM
One way or the other I have an amusing scene building in my head I'll have to use. If you think Hitori would make more sense I can certianly send him along and have Kinomi suffer while restraining himself.

06-30-2009, 04:31 PM
or send kinomi along and have him hit on chiyoko while kaito isnt around :twisted::twisted:

Sabra Kusabana
06-30-2009, 04:32 PM
Who says he'll wait for Kaito not to be around?

06-30-2009, 04:33 PM
this is getting GOOOD

Sabra Kusabana
06-30-2009, 04:35 PM
I glad you're enjoying yourself.

06-30-2009, 04:36 PM
its those little "im going to infuriate this character" plans that are always the best

Sabra Kusabana
06-30-2009, 04:42 PM
Well Kinomi is ment to be a character who break boundaries. From his appearance to his sexuality he's not your normal nin, and what's more is he's proud of both. If he hadn't been so distracted at the bar where he and Kaito ate he might of been inclined to even flirt with him.

Actually sending him along might push the little forming relationship between Kaito and Chiyoko up a step. He keys in on people's feeling pretty quickly, and he wouldn't be against pressing their emotions for his own amusement. He wouldn't do anything too bad sense it would be considered a diplomatic mission, but still he's playful by nature.

06-30-2009, 05:24 PM
true...LOL what if kaito yelled at kinomi if and probably when he caught him flirting with chiyoko?
Kaito yelled at kinomi for earlier. "Why were you flirting with Chiyoko?!She is mine!(or something like that)" Kinomi looks at the door and Chiyoko is there blushing. Kaito looks in Kinomi's direction, sees her blush, and starts blushing as well.
that would be so funny!!!

06-30-2009, 05:24 PM
woot im a chunin exam participant now woot woot oops srry

06-30-2009, 05:45 PM
true...LOL what if kaito yelled at kinomi if and probably when he caught him flirting with chiyoko?
Kaito yelled at kinomi for earlier. "Why were you flirting with Chiyoko?!She is mine!(or something like that)" Kinomi looks at the door and Chiyoko is there blushing. Kaito looks in Kinomi's direction, sees her blush, and starts blushing as well.
that would be so funny!!!

((I'm not really sure it would be a "she's mine" kind of thing. Chiyoko kind of likes him, but he's oblivious to this fact, and he only thinks of her as a sister. It would be more like a protective brother kind of thing, and I think it would be kinda cliche if they got together.))

06-30-2009, 05:47 PM
ahh so kind of like tsuin and hitori defending her from kinomi?or at leat him making moves when he is around?or will her hold up to the standard of his roommate?

06-30-2009, 09:22 PM
I would like to post in this story thread "ahhh" Days like today were Ren's favorite. Ren opened the window and let the breeze blow her long, rose colored hair. She closed her crystal blue eyes enjoing the moment. "well I might as well get to work" the crystal eyed girl said to herself. Ren was an eight-teen year old girl who had been a chunin for a while now, but there wasn't anything exicting happening in the village and the jonin get all the good missions. So her main goal right now was to train and try to become a jonin.The young shinobi lived with her full-time working mother and her elderly grandmother so there was lots of workto be done. Ren quickly got dressed in her normal outfit,she wore a dark blue shirt that had sleves that went to her elbows. it had a normal circular collar with netting showing from underneath. The rose haired girl also wore light grey pants that went to her shin. Finaly she put on her ninja headband. She wore it losely around her neck, her rosey hair gentlely brushing it when she moved. The young shinobi quitely walked down the stairs to the kitchen wondering if her mother had left to work in her small bookstore yet. When Ren walked in the kitchen she was starteled by the sound of her grandmothers voice " Good morning Ren could you get these items at the store for me?" The kind woman said while handing her a small blue scroll. The crystal eyed girl didn't like leaving her grandmother alone by herself but she knew she had to obey her grandmother. "okay" Ren told her as she walked out the door and headed to the center of town.

06-30-2009, 09:45 PM
The weather had been deemed safe for travel, and Kaito was ready to go. He was kinda disappointed with the lack of excitement on this mission, but he knew it was important. He stood by the gate of Suna and was about to leave when Hitori sprinted towards him.

"Wait. I have been selected as an escort to lead you safely back to your village," the man told him.

The Umi nin nodded. The duo headed out together, the allience agreement tucked away carefully.


"What took you so long?" Chiyoko snapped, whacking her friend lightly on the head. "I have been waiting for a week!"

"The weather in the Land of Wind was terrible," the onyx-haired chunin explained. "I would have been faster, Chiyo-nee, but the sandstorms held me back!"

The kunoichi sighed. "Okay then. We should head out. Just let me call my escort. Kimeraa!"

The duel color haired girl stepped out of the shadows, wolf in her arms. "Are we leaving?"

Kaito's jaw dropped. "No way. I remember you!"

((Leaving it open for NaruSaku to come up with an explanation.))

06-30-2009, 10:22 PM
"yawn..." another normal day in Suna. Ren was walking down the street looking for the final item on her grandmothers scroll, "green tea, they should sell that at this next store......." Ren turned for a moment to catch the blowing breeze and saw a ninja standing by the village gate with a strange symbol on his head band. "I wonder who that is ?" Ren thought to herself. Oh well I should hurry up and finish shopping. the crystal eyed girl then walked away to get the tea.

06-30-2009, 10:25 PM
can I some how be part of the main story? and how do you become a jonin, is it like the chunin exams?

06-30-2009, 10:44 PM
can I some how be part of the main story? and how do you become a jonin, is it like the chunin exams?

((Jounin are chosen by the village leader. If you want to join the main part, either write yourself in or wait for someone else to do so))

Sabra Kusabana
07-01-2009, 12:35 AM
I can get you into the main part with Ren.

Kinomi rocked back from his hands and knees. He'd been scrubbing all morning sense that little whelp of a girl got a hold of him. His violet hair tied back to keep it from getting soap on it. He closed his eyes and looked away from the tile. He curse his best friend as he remembered earlier.


A few hours before, Kinomi had come into the living room to find Hitori with supplies spread over the table. He was packing a nin kit. Immediately he hoped he had a mission as well. "Please, tell me I'm going with you." His auburn haired friend had looked up at him with a sheepish grin. "No, you're not." The taller man was standing infront of him before he even finished, looking terrified and irritated at the same time. "You are not leaving me here with that woman!" He was careful with his volume not to wake said female, still he got his feelings across.

Hitori had just reached around him to continue packing. "Yes, I am." He didn't miss a beat even as he had to twist around the other man. Kinomi grabbed his shoulders to get his attention. "Are you insane? You would condemn me to being alone with a woman I cannot touch?" The two stared at eachother, Hitori held a happy knowing grin and Kinomi was barely containing himself.

The teal eyed man let his head fall and ground his teeth. "Please Hitori, have mercy." The other man only chuckled, "My father used to say blue balls built character." Kinomi shook him as he looked up again. "Then I'll have a book before you're back!" His friend grinned with a dark light in his eyes. "I look forward to reading it." Hitori pulled away and stood, making the taller man step to the side. "You are a torturer," the long haired chunin hissed as his friend strapped the pack on.

The taller man watched him start to walk toward the door. He rushed in front of him pointing a finger at the other nin. "You are not leaving, and making me tell her that you went without warning her." Hitori raised a considering hand to his chin as he studied the struggling man. "I suppose that's fair." He stepped away, and into the kitchen. Pulling out a sheet of paper and scribling on it he read over his note and then went and wedged it in his sister's door.

"There, now move aside." He commanded as he came back to Kinomi. The long haired chunin gapped at him exasperated. "And what am I supposed to do with her while you're gone?" He asked as his friend reached around him again. "Get her a job, your mom owns that cute little shop down town, see if she needs someone." Kinomi gave him a death glare. "You know if my mother sees me with a woman she always thinks I'm finally setting down and turning into a real man." He growled out as he grabbed for his housemate's arm.

"Which means she'll get the job with few questions asked." The green eyed chunin pointed out. "And what am I supposed to do about her for myself?" Hitori rolled his eyes. "I forbid you from getting into things with her, bring someone home if you have to. Bring a guy over, that might freak her out enough she'd keep to herself." Kinomi moved his mouth like he didn't know how to respond. Finally he managed, "Do you have any idea how girls act toward guys they think are gay? Besides I thought that would bother you sense she might think you were..."

His friend pushed his hand away and twisted out of reach from the door. "So bring another girl, hell bring both." He waved to the other man then and took off, leaving Kinomi to deal with the after effects of his hasty retreat. A jolt ran up his spine as he heard a creek behind him from a door that he could only presume was the girl's. He hung is head as he heard Tsuin's voice. "What's this?"


Sense then the girl had had him working on cleaning the apartment up. Something about sense he took off last night he got to work today. He admitted the place was a mess, but this was degrading. He was paying part of the rent, she wasn't, why did he have to do this stuff?

Tsuin appeared in the bathroom door with her apron covered in smudges. "Aren't you done yet?" The man looked up at her with a twitching mouth. "No, mistress, I'm so sorry ma'am! Please don't beat me!" His mockery made the girl's eyebrows raise and she huffed away without asking her other question.

She stalked across the hall and stripped the dirty apron off where she displayed her clean cloths and gathered her purse and the list she'd made. She'd find what she needed in the market without him if he was going to talk to her like that. She left the apartment without telling him where she was going.


As Tsuin walked the streets of Suna she suddenly regretted her arrogance. She'd managed to get some of what she wanted, but she still needed about half of the list. She stopped at a corner near the gates looking from side to side at the shops. She spotted someone who looked to be about her age with bright rose colored hair, she was the only person who looked to be alone.

The brown haired young woman stepped a few feet closer and ask politely. "Um, would you know where I'd go to buy tea, or spices?" As the other teen turned around Tsuin was struck by the depth of her crystaline eyes. The new girl somehow felt plain by comparison to this woman. She wondered with this nin and Kinomi to go by, were most of Suna's residents so exotic, or were they just exceptions? No that couldn't be, most of the people she'd seen in the market were like her, this lady was just striking.

07-01-2009, 09:31 AM
Ren turned around to see a girl about her age. She had light brown hair and bright eyes. " Oh they sell tea and spices at that shop next to the bookstore.I was just going there myself "The crystal eyed girl said pointing at a small store made of a tan colored stone. " Thank you miss." the young woman replied poiltiely. " Your welcome, oh and please call me Ren." the girl with rose colored hair said then walked in the small shop. the small shop was crowded with herbs, tea, and spices. So when you walked in you were engulfed by the sweet smelling aroma. Ren quickly bought the tea for her grandmother and went to see if the girl needed any help. " Hi are you finding everything all right?" Ren asked the brown haired girl. "Yes Ren, thank you for showing me were this shop was."she replied. "Your weclome but if you need anymore help just go to the bookstore next to this shop and ask the person at the front counter, it would most likely be me or my mom and either one of us would be delighted to help you." Said the crystal eyed girl before heading out the door.

07-01-2009, 02:09 PM
Ren hurried home and gave her grandmother the items she had asked for. " Thank you Ren, now how about you go and help your mother at the book store. I'll be in the garden if you need me." The kind old woman then went outside to her garden. "Sigh...and I was just going to go pratice my genjustu, but my mom probly needs help. I guess it must be hard to run a bookstore by yourself." the rosey haired girl thought to herself. Ren then hurried to her mother's small book store. It was made out of a tan colored stone like most of the other bulidings. Ren walked in side and saw her mother setting books on a shelf, her red hair in a low ponytail that kept her hair out of her face. "Hi mom I'll work at the front counter for you." Ren's mom smiled at her, you could see a look of gratitude in her sparkling green eyes. Ren stood at the front counter reading a magazine and waiting for a customer.

07-02-2009, 09:24 AM

07-02-2009, 09:39 AM
"YOU!! Chiyoko are you sure this is your friend??Please say no, please say no, please say no!!" Kimeraa pleaded, devastated.
"Yes, and why?" Chiyoko said, curious.
"Well, let's just say a mission FAILED, because of him." The chunin said swiftly.
"It was also you're fault!!If you had seen that trap, we would have completed it!" Kaito said.
"Wasn't it YOUR job to make sure all the traps were deactivated!?" The kunoichi retorted.
"But you were supposed to look out for traps!" The ninja replied angrily.
"Oh, I guess I should have been more careful, TRAVELING AT FULL SPEED!" The amber eyed teen replied.
"You went right along with that option! You even said we should go that fast to get our mission done!" Kaito replied, gritting his teeth. Their foreheads bumped, and they both glared at each other, wanting the saying, "Looks can kill" to come true.
"ENOUGH!" Hitori and Chiyoko said, impatient to get moving.
"We'll settle this later..." Kimeraa said.
"Gladly." Kaito agreed. They finally set off toward the Land of Waves at full speed.

07-02-2009, 09:44 AM
Who says we do a flashback covering the mission?

Sabra Kusabana
07-02-2009, 04:43 PM
If you want to do a flashback that could be fun, but V is gone for a couple days so we'd have to either hold the thread or do it afterward.

07-02-2009, 05:04 PM

07-02-2009, 06:03 PM
Wait, what mission are you doing the flashback on?

07-02-2009, 06:15 PM
the one where Kimeraa and Kaito were doing a mission together but ended failing and they blamed it on the other ninja

07-02-2009, 06:15 PM
but thats when theviolletteheart gets back on

07-02-2009, 06:58 PM
Okay! I got a bit confused there.

07-03-2009, 06:56 AM
((Good news! My grandparents brought a laptop this time!))

Anime Lover
07-03-2009, 10:48 AM
this was on a previous thread i made but i decided to put it here

Running... That's all i had left to do. Anger and Fear were fueling me. Fighting a battle that i could never win... Anger and Rage filled. With tears in my eyes, i continued to run. Running away from a life i once known. Heading towards darkness. Darkness. My brain told me to run but heart told be to go back and face it. I could not. For it was chasing me. It had followed me all my life and this time it finally did something. Fight, my heart kept saying. Run my brain argued. Screaming I ran and i ran and i ran... Until I fell. Fell into the darkness. Falling Falling closing my eyes. Would i wake up again? Or i would i sleep forever....


Wake up........Wake up....... A voice. Wake up it said. I slowly opened my eyes. I was standing on a high mountain. I looked around. Was i dead? I turned around to see a Chery tree blossoming with white petals on this cold dead mountain. On the tree stood a single bird with beautiful blue feathers. It stood eying me. "Come here", It said. I was instantly stunned backing away. "What do you want," I said. "Come" it said again. I took a step forward. The bird didn't move. Slowly i approached the bird. Finally it said "Who are you". I opened my mouth to say but nothing came out. "Who are you the bird asked once again". "I don't know," I answered.

I instantly woke up. I was alive. I looked around to see i was lying in a hole. My cloths were torn and my body was bruised and numb. I got up. Pain instantly scattered through my body. I sat back down. I looked up into the sky. I saw many blue birds flying across the sky and landing on trees. "Who was that in my dream?" i thought


3 days with out food or water can be harsh. What's worst is 3 days without food or water going through snake infested jungle with no weapons or protection of any kind. I could not endure any longer. I fell face first on to the jungle floor. I wondered again if i would ever wake up again......

I heard noises..... People...... They were talking but i couldn't make out what they were saying. My eye lids were heavy, i slowly opened them to see what was going on. Three people surrounded me. "oh your finally awake" one of them said. I slowly got up. My body was bandaged anand a wet towel slipped down from my fore head. "Where am I," I grounded. "Well your with us," another women said. "We found you passed out on the floor." "Either way you should get some rest you stil haven't completely healed." And with that i drifted back to sleep.

I woke up. I was standing in a grassy field with a huge oak tree with golden leafs. This had to be another dream. I approached the tree to see the bird again. "What are you doing," came a deep voice. I turned around to see a huge loin with golden fur staring at me. I instantly fell back. "Who are you?" i asked. "Are you like the bird i saw last time?" "Oh no!" exclaimed the loin. "I am nothing like the bird" "The bird was the spirit of wisdom!" "I am the spirit of power!" "What do you want with me?" i asked. "I came to warn you that you are in danger." "Like i already didn't figure that out." "Someone is trying to kill you and get your power."

Something was brushing against me. I opened my eyes. "What the :p:p:p:p are you doing!" I instantly jumped away away from my bed and found a guy who had been sleeping next to me. "I was keeping guard," he said. "Then i got tired and needed somewhere to else to sleep." "Why didn't you find your own bed!" i exclaimed. Because this was the closest. I kicked the guy in the faced and shoved him out of my tent. That's when i noticed my injuries were healed. I walked out of the tent. An old man with two guards approached me. "Well, glad to see your all better," he said. "My name Omad, i am the leader of this colony here." "What your name?" he asked. I had to think up of something fast. I didn't know or remember my name. I don't even remember who i am. "Ken," i said.

i deleted that thread

07-03-2009, 02:58 PM
yay V!!!

Sabra Kusabana
07-03-2009, 04:58 PM
i deleted that thread

You shouldn't have, that was an intense and interesting read. I will admit I was confused with the dream sequence at first, but very interesting.

07-03-2009, 06:25 PM
agreed with sabra u should make it again!

07-03-2009, 07:13 PM
Yeah, you should make the thread again! I can't wait to see what happens next!

07-03-2009, 07:22 PM
okay V if u see this and not read a page before Sabra and I are thinking of doing a mission flashback involving a failed mission when kaito was on kimeraa's team for a short time

07-03-2009, 07:39 PM
okay V if u see this and not read a page before Sabra and I are thinking of doing a mission flashback involving a failed mission when kaito was on kimeraa's team for a short time

((I saw it, dun worry))

07-03-2009, 07:56 PM
kk! just making sure

Sabra Kusabana
07-05-2009, 07:14 AM
Hitori let the group travel in silence for a while, watching the two ninja that had joined himself and Kaito with a considering gaze. The man looked to the younger nin, "Kaito, is anything from your previous mission relivant to this one?" The inquiry cought the other man off guard, but he recovered without much trouble. "No," short, and simple it was all that needed to be said to satisfy the older nin.

The auburn haired man searched the forest as they traveled. He didn't notice anything out of place, but was getting a bit of a kick out of watching the ninja pet that the girl from Konoha had brought along. The animal seemed completely thrilled with this adventure, and as the k-9 lept from limp to limp it would wistfully watch the wild creatures that would seem to appear out of nowhere as they passed.

Nick Tasogare
07-05-2009, 09:42 AM
Is there anyway I could work a character in?

07-05-2009, 10:03 AM
Kimeraa looked over at the ninja who came along with Kaito. She followed his gaze and saw her wolf acting like a complete idiot! "Russet, stop it!" The kunoichi whispered. The ninja pet ignored her. "Russet, do you hear me? Stop it!!" Russet lifted his head and scolded her. The female ninja lunged at her pet, picking him up and catching up with the group in just a few seconds. The russet colored wolf struggled, but couldn't break free of the tight grip she had on him.
"How come you and Kaito are so tense?" Hitori said, noticing that both kept glancing at the other ninja, glaring everytime.
"Nothing you need to worry about!" The teenager snapped. Hitori backed off, not needing to question her any longer. She glared at Kaito, and Kaito tensed. "How did HE get chosen as an alliance messenger??" The duel haired teen wondered silently to her wolf pup. Russet looked at her like she was stupid. The wolf didn't find any problem with the man named Kaito, he even smelled better than some people in the village!

They're traveling by tree, or walking?

07-05-2009, 10:04 AM
u probably could, just either work urself in or have us get u in. a good place to come in is when we stop at the Land of Waves. There it's all social and easier to work someone in.

Nick Tasogare
07-05-2009, 10:06 AM
Ok, cause I came up with a good character, with background and everything, who would be from The Hidden Waterfall.

07-05-2009, 10:44 AM
mmm then u might wanna do him/her injured on the road, ambushing them, being ambushed, something like that cause im not sure waves and waterfall are oon equal terms, same thing with leaf and sand, but still not sure

07-05-2009, 02:02 PM
Is it okay if Ren gos to the land of waves since they just signed a treaty with Suna or somthing? Its hard to work my character in the story when every things happing in the land of waves.

07-05-2009, 02:08 PM
id say go ahead but we will need at least sabra's approval i think. u might want to get her a mission to the leaf maybe, tho so we arent all in one place

Sabra Kusabana
07-05-2009, 05:39 PM
They're traveling by tree, or walking?

Probly a bit of both, tree while in the Fire country, but as soon as we exit it they'll probly decend to a road. Go ahead and throw someone in Nick. There's plenty of oppertunity.

07-05-2009, 05:49 PM
PLENTY! lol its fun to emphasize things

Sabra Kusabana
07-05-2009, 06:06 PM
Kinomi let the water run over his back, sticking his long hair to it as it did. The shower felt so good after all that work cleaning. He had started to go after Tsuin when she'd left, but figured even if she was nieve she was a grown woman, he didn't need to babysit her. He shut the water off and yanked a towel from the rack.

Rubbing steam off the mirror he examined his features. Stubble was starting to show up, he'd have to shave, at least he was the kind of man that only had to do that every couple of days. The light shade of violet around his jaw made it darker and more masculine, but it also made most women he talked to say he looked dangerious with it, which wasn't go for taking them home.

He heard the door open in the other room and leaned out of the bathroom door to see that annoying girl enter. Tsuin sat down her bags and busied herself with putting things away as he watched her. She was so oblivious to everything. His lips curled in a devilish smirk as he leaned back into the bathroom. He secured the towel around him and pulled his wet hair into a loose careless ponytail. Then he stepped out of the room and stalked the girl as silent as a cat after a mouse.

As she leaned up as far as she could, raising up on the counter with one hand to move a box in the top shelf the girl felt something around her waist. As the large hands clasp her she immediately screamed. The rumbling of rich laughter made her twist and look behind at the man that held her. "What did I say about running around naked!" She scolded as she looked down at him. The woman felt herself lefted off the ground like she weighted nothing at all. "Just grab what you need." Kinomi commanded as he looked up at her with a satified grin.

The woman snatched her box and sat it on the counter as he lowered her back to the floor and let go. She whirled on him and slapped his bare chest. "Don't sneak up on me!" The man laughed again, "It's what you get for putting me to work." Tsuin felt his chest move under her hand as he replied and a blush colored her cheeks. She recovered and shoved the man away from her. "Put cloths on," she commanded as she turned her back on him to go continue her work.

A hand curled in her hair and she smacked it, turning to him again. "My brother told you to leave me alone." The two stared at eachother. Teal eyes full of mischief, while airy ones were filled with irritation.

Kinomi broke the silence first. "He did, he said not to flirt with you, that doesn't mean I can't play tricks on you, or make you otherwise miffed at me." The counter to her words left the girl gapping at him as he left her there to finish getting ready for the night. Lord knew he wouldn't be staying with her all evening, that would be condemning himself to play with fire and try not to get burned, only this fire was pretty with light brown hair.

07-05-2009, 06:09 PM
yes yes yes sabra keep going!!!this is gonna be good!!

Sabra Kusabana
07-05-2009, 07:02 PM
yes yes yes sabra keep going!!!this is gonna be good!!

So excitable, I think you might be getting a bit too into the content. :)

07-05-2009, 07:03 PM
lol i might, i might not be i just know this'll be one hell of a side story for the main one!

07-06-2009, 08:35 PM
id say go ahead but we will need at least sabra's approval i think. u might want to get her a mission to the leaf maybe, tho so we arent all in one place

Okay, but I don't mind if Ren stays at Suna in the side story with Tsuin.

Sabra Kusabana
07-06-2009, 09:31 PM
Do whatever you like with her.

Tsuin adjusted the fire under her burner. The smell from the onions and garlic in the pan was starting to fill the room as she preped the meat. She had her head down watching her knife carefully when she heard footsteps on the tile behind her. "You'll have to wait. It won't be ready for a few more minutes." She didn't look away from her delicate slicing as she spoke.

"That's alright, don't make too much, I'm not staying." Kinomi's voice made her turn, knife still in hand. "What?" The question hung for a moment as she took his appearence in. That long beautiful hair had been freed from it's band and brushed till it fell in shiny dark waves around his shoulders in a casual fashion. His jaw was clean and shaved fresh, she could smell the aftershave, rich and woody. His eyes seemed to stand out just a bit more then earlier and it took her a moment to catch on to the subtle use of eyeliner. His lips were shiny like he'd glossed them too.

As her eyes followed the flow of his hair down she realized she could see every muscle under his tight button up blue shirt, it was tucked into equally tight stony colored pants, a bright buckle holding her eyes were they came together under a black leather belt. She felt the blush rising and shot her eyes down to stare at his well kept black boots. "Something wrong?" The young woman shook her head and looked up to his face to see the satisfied smirk there. She regained her sense of self and pointed at him with her knife. "So I'm fixing all this food and you're not even ganna stay here to eat it?" It was a demand more then a question.

The man shrugged his shoulders with a very manly roll of motion. "You didn't ask what I was doing tonight." The woman laid the knife on the counter with her meat and stalked toward him as she pulled her dirty apron off. "Just why do you have to be so impolite?" She asked as she leaned in toward him with heat in her voice. Kinomi grinned at her with a level of arrogance that he almost regretted showing as the woman made to slap him for it. He cought her hand and whirled her around, bringing it behind her and clasping her other arm against her side. He pressed her hair to her face with his cheek as he bent in to whisper into her ear.

The heat of his breath and the little tickle it caused made the girl shiver as he spoke in a husky tone. "Because if I can't treat you like the woman I want to, then I see no reason not to treat you as the kid you really are." The harshness of the words was accented by him releasing his hold and pushing her lightly back toward the kitchen counter. She stumbled but didn't fall. By the time she'd turned back to where he'd been she heard the front door open and close. Tsuin shook herself out of her thoughts and returned to her cooking, hoping it would distract her a while.

07-06-2009, 11:28 PM
Okay, Ren is staying in Suna. Ren just got done working at her mom's bookstore, finding a cat ,pulling weeds and walking some dogs ready to enjoy a nice dinner.''Hi mom what are you cooking it smells great!'' Said the crystal eyed girl to her mother. ''Oh what I'm cooking right now is some soup I hope you like it,your grandmother asked me to make it.''said the red haired woman. ''It's a good thing your a wonderful cook!''Ren said then went to find her grandmother. Ren found her grandmother pulling weeds in her flower garden ''need any help?''she asked ''Yes, thank goodness your as helpfull as your father when he was young. You also look just like him.''The kind old woman replied. ''Thank you grandmother, I'm sorry your son died in the war.'' said Ren quietly not wanting to talk about it. ''You should be the one who's sad, he was your dad and you only knew him for five years!''her grandmother replied strubrunly.''Now go get ready for dinner, I'll be inside in a moment.'' The elderly woman said in a more kinder and gentler voice. ''Okay'' Ren then went inside.
At dinner Ren and her grandmotherwere awfuly quite. ''So anything new going on? asked the green eyed woman trying to break the tension. ''No nothing at all''Ren replied flatly. The silence grew, nobody talked. It felt as if you couldn't breathe. ''Okay thats it what is it with you two?'' Miki, Ren's mom asked loudly. ''She's ashamed of her owen father, just because he died in a war and didn't survive!'' said the elderly woman suprizingly loudly. That was it, the string just snapped Ren couldn't take it any more. ''No! she thinks I hate my owen father and is ashamed of me because even though I look like him and I'm kind she expects me to become a jonin,use water style like him, and like the things he liked! She practicaly subsitutes me for him!'' The rose colored haired girl said between sobs. ''Well you should be more like him, and he never screamed at the dinner table.'' the woman said calmly.''Thats it!'' Ren ran out the door crying. She didn't care were she was going just away from there. Ren just kept runnig and finaly stopped in the center of town.
As Ren stood there all her memories were flooding back to her, the good ones with her dad, and the bad ones like seeing him in the emergency room dieing. Tears flooded in to Ren's eye's, Oh why dose it have to be like this she thought.

07-06-2009, 11:29 PM
I hope that it was good and not to strange.

Sabra Kusabana
07-07-2009, 12:13 AM
Your coding for " " marks seems to have malfuctioned.

07-07-2009, 11:51 AM
yea it messed up somewhere in the middle and feel free to write in color:D color is fun to write in see?XD

07-07-2009, 01:03 PM
Okay, but for some reason the colors won't work.

07-07-2009, 01:10 PM
thats a shame....FWATCHA!!!that was too dark ooh like at the yellow!

Sabra Kusabana
07-07-2009, 05:05 PM
Kinomi waltzed thru the streets like he owned the city, and he saw the looks he got from young women and girls. The way most men looked at him like he was a problem only made his smile spread for those that stared, but dare not touch. It was cool, that ment people were actually out tonight, and people being out ment he could have some serious fun.

He'd just slid up beside a group of women who were all giggling or blushing as he addressed them in his rich voice. He took the hand of one of the women away from her face where she was trying to hide her blush, "No hand should hide such wonderful features." The woman smiled, unable to respond, and that made him smirk in satisfaction.

He was working the lot of them over when he heard the hurried footfalls behind him. The chunin turned to see the striking woman dash past. He knew that girl she was a ninja, he tried for a moment to recall her name, Ren, that was it. Kinomi excused himself from the group and went after her, being followed by both shocked and annoyed eyes.

The tall man came up behind her as the woman started crying. "Miss Ren," she glanced at him when he said her name, but turned to hide her tears. "I won't ask if you're alright, but would you tell me what's wrong?" His hands laid gently on her shoulders in an urging gesture. "If you don't want to explain, then at least let me take you someplace you won't be stared at." The shorter nin looked up at the man with tear stained cheeks. "Where?" Kinomi pointed to a tiny resturant across the street. "It's small and quiet, no one will bother you there." He let his other hand put light presure on her to encourage the young woman to walk with him.

Kinomi is a genuinly kind person, he likes to make people squirm, but he hates to see them cry. He knows most of the other ninja in town, and several of the younger ones know he's ready to help if they need him. He met Hitori because of his habit of being a willing shoulder to cry on.

07-07-2009, 07:38 PM
I just accidentaly deleted this..I hope that I didn't forget to put anything back in it.
Ren didn't like people stareing at her with strange expressions so she quietly followed Kinomi in to the small resturant. The rose colored haired girl went in side the small resturant and sat down at an empty table. ''So what's wrong?'' The violete haired man asked kindly ''Um...well..'' Ren said shakily ''would you feel better if you had something to eat?'' Kinomi asked calmly. ''Oh, no I'm fine,It's just that it's a pretty strange reason to cry about...''The crystal eyed girl replied, tears filling her crystaline eyes.'' It's just that I can't stand my grandmother! My grandmother and I got in a fight that didn't seem to bother her but ripped me apart. She thinks that I'm ashamed of my owen father and hate him just because he died in the war and didn't survive.....She practcally replaces me for him, and is allways saying that she wisshes that I was as good and strong as he was. She thinks I don't even remeber him since I was only five when he died, but I do I remeber everything, expesially him dieing in the emergency room...I probably shouldn't have yelled at her but I coulden't stand it any longer so I just blew when she said I hated my owen father. She makes me so mad!'' Ren said practicaly shouting now tears filling her eyes . ''I'm sorry you have to listen to me complaining...but it just makes me so sad.'' The rose colored haired girl said while wipeing her eyes with a tissue. ''It's okay, it's not strange to be sad about things like that'' Kinomi reassuerd her. Talking about her problems made Ren feel better, but she still felt sad inside for some reason.

Sabra Kusabana
07-07-2009, 08:02 PM
Cherry can you try to put paragraphs breaks into your writing, it's harder to read as one big chunk.

Kinomi had the waiter bring him a drink so that they weren't just taking up space in the resturant. He listened intently to the young woman. "I understand where you're coming from. Both Hitori and I kind of took the place of our fathers when they died. His died in combat, mine just got sick and never recovered." He paused and thanked the waiter, then continued.

"You have to assert yourself as a person, Ren. You can't just run away." He looked down at his hands and at a thin scar on the back of his left one. "I tried running away, it never helps." The young woman looked over at him as she wiped her face, "What did you do then?" The man looked up at her and grinned flashing those perfect teeth. "I drove my mother halfway up the wall by doing everything she hated, perticularly picking up just about anyone who would have me as a boyfriend."

Ren blushed as she thought of the man before her as an over active teen out to flusterate his parent and everything he was implying he did. The young woman looked away and heard his warm laughter at her action. "I'm not ashamed of anything I did while I was in my rebelious stage." He said as he raised his glass, and the other ninja looked at him again. "I made some of my worst choices, but I also found friends that I know will be with me for the rest of my life." He took a long drink from the glass and then looked at the woman with a pointed gaze.

"So what do you do that your father most certianly didn't? Think about what you like, and what you do already that makes you different. Be your own person, it's nothing to be upset about. Make a point of who you are, and who you want to be." He let the girl soak that in, then added, "Be all that you want to be and nothing that you don't, and don't let her opinions get to you. You are a strong young woman with your whole life ahead of you, there's no reason to sulk about what one person thinks, reguardless of who they are." His words were strong and he could see the encouragement in her eyes. The man waited as he watched her withdraw into her thoughts for a bit, wondering what she'd do now.

07-07-2009, 08:59 PM
Ren thought about what he said,it was true that her life was almost piloted by her grandmother, but she didn't ever disagree or complain since she knew she had to respect her. It was true, she took things people said way too seriously, and completely broke down just because one person said somthing to upset her.
'' Thanks Kinomi,I never really realized that. The strange thing is I don't even know why my grandmother thinks I'm so different and strange, my mother always told me to obey her and not question her so I never really asked.'' Ren said smileing now. '' and I'm pretty sure I'm not going to run away from every thing either, I probabley shoulden't have even just left running from dinner either..'' the girl with the crystaline eyes said blushing in embaressment.
'' No you shouldent have, but mabey staying would of just made you madder. Now you had time to cool down and think about what you done, and you might even be happier now that you realize that you shouldn't let just one person take over your intire life.'' the lavender haired man said.
'' thankyou so much Kinomi, you should realy be a phychologist.''Ren laughed.thinking how stupid she was to have someone pilot her owen life for her.

Sabra Kusabana
07-07-2009, 10:02 PM

"You flatter me, Ren. It's supposed to be the other way around." The man watched as she stood to return home. He stood and laid money for the drink on the table so he could walk her out. As they left the resturant he told Ren to have a good night and turned in the other direction.

He came face to face with a pair of irritated women, and one young man that was accompanying them. The first woman stepped forward and slapped the long haired chunin across the face, "I don't think I deserved that..." The second woman slapped him as he recovered and the two stalked off together. "I might have deserved that..." Kinomi rubbed his cheek as he looked at the remaining person.

"Ouda, you're not going to hit me, right?" The tall man asked as he stared at the younger man. "No, but it's tempting." His smoldering eyes shot a look at Ren that told the girl to get out of here while he spoke to Kinomi. The teen had well kept sandy hair and burning green eyes that seemed to see into your soul when he looked at you.

Kinomi waved a hand to Ren. "Go talk with your family, he won't do anything too bad to me." The long haired man assured. The shorter male grabbed his locks and pulled him down to his own level. "Like hell I won't. We want to know what this rumor is about you having a girl none of us know move in with you." Ouda hissed as he stared into startled teal eyes.

The taller man grabbed his friend's hands and freed his hair. "She gets in my way even here..." Kinomi lifted the other man's arms above his head where he couldn't grab him again. "The woman means nothing to me, she's Hitori's sister. Now I trust I can leave you to spread that news around for me with that big mouth of yours." The violet haired man hissed as he used his strength to pull the other man with him off the street and push him against a wall. "Do I make myself clear?" He asked as he pressed Ouda against the mud bricks of the wall.

"Like anyone's ganna think that means a damn thing with your reputation!" Ouda said as he struggled to free his hands. Kinomi released him, causing the small man to drop and fall to his bottom with his back against the building. "I don't care what they think, but if you get another pair of chicks mad enough about it to hit me I'll be sure that everyone knows exactly how you like to do things." The threat carried in that sentence made the shorter man's blood run cold, and he scrambled away from the chunin before the arguement could esculate any further.

Kinomi ran an irritated hand thru his hair as he slammed his other fist against the wall. Did that blasted woman have to be into his bussiness everywhere? He sighed a long drawn out sound as he realized that it wasn't her fault, anyone who moved in with him was bound to get the same reaction. He hoped that at least this time the rumors would stay mild, lords knew they'd run rampant when he and Hitori first started living together. He closed his eyes remembering that headache.

He turned from the bricks to look around, and spotted Ren still staring at him from a few feet away. "I thought I told you to go home." The man said as he looked at her, she seemed to be watching him like you might watch a caged tiger. Beautiful but deadly, and you know that the bars wouldn't be enough if they really wanted to get to you.

She knew his anger was not for her, but still felt the weight of it like a tangible thing in the air. The woman didn't know what to do as she watched him step toward her. "Do you want to say something?" Kinomi's voice was empty of emotion when he spoke, and Ren found that somehow more threatening as he stood over her then if he'd been mad.

07-08-2009, 10:12 AM
Ren was panicking, she had no reason why but it just seemed awakward for some reason. What was going on? ''No, I'll be going now. Goodbye.'' Ren said hurriedly.
When the girl with the crysaline eyes finaly got home she stopped at the front door. ''Good it's unlocked.'' she said to herself. Ren quietly walked inside, incase anyone was asleep, but seconds later she realized she was wrong. ''Hello Ren, welcome back.'' said her grandmother. ''Oh hi nice to see you. I had a question for you.'' The rose colored haired girl said sitting down at the table across from her grandmother. ''Hm? you seem unuseally happy, compaired to you running from dinner earliar. So, what is it?'' The elderly woman asked while embroidering a flower on a pillowcase. '' Well why do you want me to be just like my dad?'' Ren asked ''Because he was a good person.'' she replied. ''But aren't I a good person of my own? asked the girl with the crystaline eyes. '' You are a great person when you act like your father Ren.'' She replied. '' No I mean when I'm myself.'' Ren asked patiently. ''Your father was kind so you act like him when your kind and and when you do good things.'' Her grandmother said calmly. ''Okay I'm getting no were so I'm just gonna say it. Grandma, I want to be a good person like my dad but I also want to be my own person.'' The young woman said hoping her grandmother would understand. '' Oh really? You always said when you were young that you wanted to be exactly like your father, but I guess that I did go A bit overboard compairing you guys and saying you were ashamed of him when you started to act as your own person. I'm sorry Ren, it's just that I miss him as much as you do. He was my son.'' She said understandingly. '' yeah, i'm sorry for storming off a while ago, but now that this is all cleared up I feel better, thanks.'' Ren said happily. '' Your welcome.'' the elderly woman ansered her. Ren then went to apologize to her mother.

Ren went in the living room and found her mother reading a book. ''Oh hi Ren glad to see your back, I figured you'd want to have sometime to yourself to calm down and get away from the stress. I heard you apologize to your grandmother, Hina can be quite stubborn sometimes.'' Ren's mother said while still reading her book. ''Well yes but I came here to apologize to you too, I'm really sorry for storming off during dinner. It's just that I got annoyed by what was being said, I'm sorry.'' Said the chunin. ''Oh thats fine, if someone said that to me I would have started shouting too.'' Ren's mother Miki said smileing. '' Now go up to bed, you'll be doing the early shift with me at my bookstore tomorrow. You'll need your rest.'' Said the green eyed woman. ''Okay'' Ren said and went up stairs.

Sabra Kusabana
07-08-2009, 06:24 PM
Kinomi made his way home, he was in no mood to flirt anymore. He opened the door and was almost immediately greeted with another slap to his face. The man felt his temper rise as he snatched the offencing hand and pulled it high and to the side, taking the woman off her center of balance. As she struggled to stay up she glared at him, and reached for his collar. "You are the most flusterating man in the world." Tsuin hissed at him as the man removed her second hand from his shirt. "Then you are the most intolerable woman in the universe," he told her.

The man switched her hands into one of his much bigger ones and held her to the side so he could come the rest of the way inside. He dangled the flusterated woman above the floor by a few inches. Kinomi eyed her with careful consideration. "You ruined my meal!" She said as she went slack in his grasp. "You ruined my night and didn't even have to be there..." The words made her raise a questioning brow to him, then she huffed and looked away, "Good."

The tall man leaned in and took hold of the belt she wore, using it and her captured hands he moved to the side and threw her onto the plush couch. He stood over her, and the girl's airy eyes showed fear for the first time. He came onto the couch with her, stratling her waist. "Because of you I have been struck three times tonight, and I'm in no mood to be scolded for you lack of forethought." His voice was well controlled, but very dark like a threat as he put more of his weight on her and leaned over the couch to where his face was only a few inches from hers.

The woman squirmed under his body, and regretted it as she felt him shift, her face went red as she felt his muscles move against hers. "Kinomi, my brother would have your head if you did anything to me." She reminded, it was her only trump card and they both knew it. The man's perfect mouth split with a disturbing grin. "I'd like to see him try."

Tsuin swollowed, she felt very threatened, and there wasn't a whole lot she could do from this position. She realized her hands were free now that the man was using his to support his position, so she did what any girl does when she's fighting another girl, after all long haired men were just as vulnerable to the tactic. She knotted her hands in his hair and pulled, but that was a mistake too as she found his mouth crashing into her's because of the action. She felt those shaply lips against her own, and her eyes went wide.

The man shifted one hand still balancing himself, but the other slid under her back and up into her hair. He softened his kiss and felt her shiver. The girl made a sound like she was trying to say something, and he pulled up, her hands sliding free from his hair. Her eyes were wide and her cheeks almost the color of roses as she stared at him. "I didn't mean to do that!" She said in panic, the smirk he gave her made she feel almost dirty. "Like it rough?" He taunted as he tilted his head to the side and gave her a heartthumping look of pure sexual intent.

"No!" She shouted as she tried to scrambled off the couch, and he let her slide out from under his body. The girl rolled to the floor and made a very unladylike dash for her room. Kinomi watched her go with a selfsatisfied smirk. He heard the door slam, and the strangled sounding scream of flusteration she let out. He touched his mouth and came away with a little trickle of blood from where the first contact with her had cut him for their teeth colliding.

He licked his lips and sucked on the injury. "Tsuin, I have to wonder if that was your first kiss." He said to himself as he stood and headed for the bathroom to wash his face and see how bad the cut really was. He questioned just why she was so mad over such a small offence about dinner, but that was just one of those things he had to chalk up to her being a woman. Still it did concern him a bit, she shouldn't have taken it so personally, unless of course she was interested in him.

07-08-2009, 06:48 PM
should i let this roll on or should i continue the mission? cause frankly i have no idea how long it will take to get to the border :mrgreen:

Sabra Kusabana
07-08-2009, 07:01 PM
Continue the mission, it should of only taken a day or two if I'm remembering right how long V's characters had been in transit.

07-08-2009, 07:22 PM
kk this means me gets to write again!

07-10-2009, 12:04 PM
After two more days of traveling...
Hitori and Chiyoko were uncomfortable. Kaito and Kimeraa were increasingly glaring and trying to start fights with each other. Finally, the border to the land of fire and the land of waves. The trees were becoming sparse, so they decided to travel on the ground. "Finally, we are almost there!" The duel haired chunin said, exasperated.

"Looks like the leaf are letting their ninja get lazy!" Kaito retorted. "Ha! Yea right! We have shinobi going in and out all day, unlike your teensy-weensy village." The kunoichi insulted back.

"Do you want to lose to me in a fight?" Kaito challenged.

"Acting tough won't get you anywhere, loser!" Kimeraa answered, welcoming the opportunity to prove him weaker than her. Her wolf's ears pricked up at the words"lose to me in a fight". The wolf leaped out of his master's arms and readied himself to a battle posistion. The amber eyed teen drew five shuriken in one hand and a kunai in the other. Kaito drew his own kunai.

"Chiyoko and Hitori, please back away. And one of you, start the fight." Chiyoko and Hitori looked at each other and backed away. The girl was dead serious about this.

"3,2,1...FIGHT!" Hitori yelled. Quickly, the wolf lunged, followed by five shuriken.

Ok, should we use jutsu or not, and what jutsu DO we use?

Sabra Kusabana
07-10-2009, 04:12 PM
Ok, should we use jutsu or not, and what jutsu DO we use?
You're both chunin so anything not too flashy pretty much.

07-10-2009, 08:02 PM

Sabra Kusabana
07-12-2009, 05:42 PM
Hitori watched the younger ninja clash, he looked over to the other woman. "Chiyoko, is this sort of thing normal with your friend?" He inquired as he paid special attention to their surroundings. There wasn't anyone that he could sense, but the two chunin's fighting put him on edge. Sounds of combat might draw attention they did not want or need, and the two potentially injuring eachother was not a comforting thought.


Tsuin left her home early, before the annoying man seemed to usually get up. She needed something to do at night other then be in the kitchen or main room where he would be. She went for where the lady from the other evening had told her there was a book store. As she entered the girl saw the same person that helped her before. "Ren, good morning." The kunoichi greeted her warmly and asked what she was looking for.

The brown haired woman glanced around the shop, she really wasn't sure, but there was one thing that might help her. Tsuin turned back to the counter, "Do you have any books about how to deal with men?" The question made Ren smile at her, "We might, let me check."

07-12-2009, 06:48 PM
Kaito was ready for the shuriken, but not for the wolf's bite. A searing pain went up his leg and he looked down to see the wolf clinging to his leg and clawing him at the same time. He ran to a nearby tree and kicked the wolf into it. The wolf went limp, and he kicked it away. Kimeraa saw this and was enraged. The kunoichi lept at him, cutting with her kunai the entire time. Her opponent was blocking or dodging just in time. Then, a kick from behind Kimeraa made her turn around. A clone had kicked Kimeraa. Her back seared, but she ignored it. He hurt her pup! The enemy ninja took the opportunity presented and cut her. The teenager heard the kunai coming and ducked, the kunai slicing off an inch of her hair.

"You just entered a world of pain, bud." The girl said darkly. She got up, flinching, and made some hand signs. "Wind Style: Razor fang!" The kunai the kunoichi was wielding was surrounded by razor sharp air and grew larger and curved like a wolf's fang. The enemy ninja responded with shadow clone jutsu. Five of the enemy appeared, and Kimeraa was outnumbered. Still, the enraged kunoichi charged the enemy. The range and damage done by the kunai was increased by the jutsu, and immediatly three clones were taken out. The duel haired ninja snarled, and somehow Kaito was...intimidated by it. He shook it off, not letting that cloud his abilities. The enemy started making hand signs. The female ninja charged, not knowing what he would do.

Kaito finished his hand signs and said something quietly. His hands glowed orange-reddish, and the clone dispelled. Kimeraa stopped, knowing her jutsu was at a disadvantage. The enemy chunin charged, and Kimeraa was thinking in the limited amount of time she had. "Water Style: Flowing movements!" The chunin whispered, and immediately her clothes got wet. She charged, and water flowed wherever the kunoichi went. She kicked, and his right hand caught her foot. The water evaporated, but the fire jutsu on his right hand was dispelled. She punched, and he kicked. Her hand was deflected away, but not before his foot became freezing cold. He could still use it, but it would be hard to use it for combat. She drew a kunai and he drew a kunai. They both punched with their free fist, and ended up punching each other. Before she lost her balance, Kimeraa pounced and put her kunai to her opponent's throat.

"STOP!" Hitori yelled. They had gone to far. If any of them moved a muscle, their necks would get cut and some bleeding would start. Kimeraa was the first to realize what position she was in. She was on top of Kaito, with her kunai to his throat. Before she could think of moving any other muscle, she withdrew her arm and walked to recover her pup. Kaito got up and went to Chiyoko and Hitori. Kimeraa sat at the tree with her pup, resting. Kaito laid down and looked at the sky. Chiyoko rushed over to Kimeraa and Hitori kneeled beside Kaito. Chiyoko slapped me, and Hitori punched Kaito. "What was that for?!" I asked.

"For starting a ridiculous fight! Now let me see your back..." Chiyoko said.

Sabra feel free to dole out the punishment on kaito. ^.^

Sabra Kusabana
07-12-2009, 07:14 PM
Lucky for him Hitori is the lecturing type.

Hitori helped the boy sit up, his sharp eyes looked the teen over. "Do you understand how useless, and immature that fight was?" He said in a low tone as he patted dirty off the younger nin's clothing. The teen looked up at him and could read the harsh expression. "Yeah I guess..." Hitori stood over him then. "Guess? A Ninja should never guess, you need to know." He shot a glance to Kimeraa, "Both of you should understand that." He looked around the position they were in as the teens recovered.

There was movement in a nearby tree, but a few seconds later a dove flew out of it, and he turned back to the younger ninja. "Now can we continue the mission like adults, or do we have to find a corner to put you two in?" He said as he looked to the argueing pair in turn.

07-12-2009, 07:17 PM
Ren went to a book shelf and brought back a couple of books.'' So what are you looking for, I have some books here that might help. First crushes, Embaressment and How to deal with it. Any of them work for you....um.'' Ren then just remebered that the girl never even told her, her name. '' Oh, I'm Tsuin sorry for not introduceing myself.'' Said the brown haired girl as if reading her mind. ''Okay Tsuin, well any of them work for you? Who is this lucky person anyway, you don't have to tell me if you don't want to though.'' said the girl with the crystaline eyes in a very good mood.

''Oh well Embaressment mabey. It's just that well he's not my boyfriend...'' Tsuin said looking at the ground. '' Oh it's okay you don't have to tell me, I was just curious. Hmm...but if he isn't your boyfriend then mabey the book First Crushes would be better for you.'' She said while smileing kindly. '' No, I don't know if I like him or not....It's just I can't stand him and his ways, and well yea...'' Said the brown haired woman.'' Hmm....If you tell me who it is I might be able to help.''Anwsered the woman with the rose colored hair.''I...It's Kinomi......He lives in an apartment with me. My older brother is also supposed to be with us, but he had to go on a mission and now I'm stuck alone with him.....''

Ren froze, that's who those people where talking about last night.She thought.''Um...Ren are you okay?'' Asked Tsuin looking confused. ''Oh yes i'm fine. The funny thing is that he helped me last night. He can be quite nice actually, exspecally when people cry. Even though he likes to make people squrim. The only reason he's probably seems mad at you is because of his past actions and now what other people think. He's sorta being juded that he well brought another girl in to live with him. Other people aren't taking it to well he just got slapped in the face twice by two woman last night so he probably just came home in a bad mood. Don't worry though it's not your fault....It's just his reputation.'' Ren said hopong that she expalined it clear enough.

''Well actualy he got slaped in the face three time last night....'' Said Tsuin looking a little guilty.''You slapped his face? It must be a new record for him. Three times in one night.'' Ren started to laugh. ''Well,yea. Anyways he just flirts so much and well is sorta well sugestive some times, if you know what I mean....and I accadently kissed him last night and he gave me this look well you know what I mentioned eariler.'' said the brown haired girl quietly. ''What! Tsuin was wanting to harass you se-'' She was then cut off by tsuin placeing her hand over the rose colored hairied girl's mouth.''Shh... he didn't acualy do it you want everyone to start spreading roumors.He just gave me this look.'' said Tsuin quietly.

''Hmm...Well I don't know if he ment it but if he did he better watch out.He also said he was over that last night, what a lier!'' she said curling her hand into a fist. '' But to tell you the truth I just can't see him doing that......he's not that kind of person, then again I've never met a person like that kind before.'' Ren said thinking if this was true or not. ''Well it's just that I don't know if I.....'' Tsuin then quietly broke off looking at the wooden floor once again.

''It's okay he attracts the eyes of many women, if you need any more help then get the book called Help. Also if anything else happens tell me. I don't want him hurting you or anything, but if nothing else works this might help. Start crying because of how he treats you and how you want to be treated, then he might just get the message. I'll go get the book for you now. Ren then went to the shelves to find it.

07-12-2009, 08:04 PM
"Sure." Kaito couldn't help but smile as he stared in Kimeraa's direction. He turned his face back to Hitori and said just loud enough for him to hear, "You know, the first time I met her, she was just kinda annoying. Now she's stronger and...kinda fun." He bit his thumb nail.

Chiyoko looked over to him and sighed. "If we're going to get going again, you gotta get up."

The chunin heaved himself to his feet. "Right."

Sabra Kusabana
07-12-2009, 08:13 PM
The group set out again, but Hitori was more on edge, he swore he was catching glimpses of movement in the area. He didn't know this land, and he didn't like places with alot of plants, they made good hiding spots for bad things. He only hoped they'd reach the small village by nightfall.


Tsuin waited for Ren at the counter, idly looking at one of the stands of bookmarks and little lights. She picked one out, looking at it's pretty lavender color and the way the light shined on it, then put it back on the stand as it occured to her what the thing reminded her of. She plucked another one from the stand, this time in a pretty soft green and laid it down as she looked at the couple of books Ren had already found her.

She flipped thru the embarassment one and desided she'd take it. As Ren returned she brought one simply titled Help, with the picture of a blushing girl on the cover. Tsuin looked thru the chapter list in it and desided to add it to what she was buying. She paid for the two books and the marker, then asked for a sack so no one would see the titles.

Ren oblidged her request, and gave her an encouraging smile. "Really, give him a chance, he can be a nice guy." She said as the blue eyed girl took the bag from her. "I guess..." Tsuin started to leave then stopped and turned to ask another question. "Do you know anywhere in town that's looking for an extra worker? My brother was supposed to help me get a job, but sense he left I'm kind of lost as to where to start looking."

07-12-2009, 08:32 PM
Ren thought about the question then it hit her. ''Oh! I have a perfect idea, why don't you work here! the only employees here are my mom, and myself.She would be happy to have another hand around here, and I'm practicaly working here all the time.'' Said the crystal eyed girl quite happily. ''Okay, when can I speak to the owner?'' Asked Tsuin looking around to see if there was anyone eles was here.

''Oh my mom is in the storage room counting and sorting the merchandice, I'll go get her.'' Said Ren as she dashed off to get her mother. Ren opened the door and found her sorting through a pile of books. ''Hey mom, a girl about my age wants to work here. Do you mind telling her the details and stuff?.'' Asked the Chunin. '' Okay, it will be nice to have some help around here.

Miki and Ren then went back to the woman. '' Hello, I'm Miki Kozuka, nice to meet you.'' Said the woman with the green eyes, while shakeing Tsuin's hand. ''Hmm.... i wonder if she'll decide to work here '' Ren thought while they were disscussing the job.

Sabra Kusabana
07-12-2009, 09:52 PM
Miss Kozuka explained several things about the shop, including what kind of cloths workers should wear, store hours, and pay. There was more discussed, but that was primarily it. Tsuin listened very carefully occasionally asking questions. After a few minutes the two seemed to have struck a deal, and they returned to the counter where Ren was. "I'm ganna give it a try," Tsuin chimed.

Miki explained that the young woman would work at the shop for a week so that they could all see how they worked together, and that after that she'd deside if she'd be staying on. Shortly after the discussion Tsuin left for home, she'd be coming back tomorrow for her first day on the job.

07-13-2009, 11:08 AM
''Oh yea! Another worker means less work, no more running the front counter while organizing the books! and best of all the Genins get to do all the missions tomorrow! Yes!'' Ren said to herself. '' Ren you should really stop talking to yourself.'' Said Miki, Ren's mother.

'' Yea, sorry mom I didn't realize it'' Anwsered the girl with the crystaline eyes. Ren looked at the blue clock on the wall. '' Ugh....3,2,1,.....Mom I need to leave now. Time for my mission called, walking some dogs.'' Said the girl with the rose colored hair while walking out the door. '' Have fun Ren.....If you even like dogs'' Said the woman with green eyes while walking to the front counter to help some customers. ''Yea, then I get to pull some weeds, and then find a cat.'' Ren said then and then walked out the door.

07-13-2009, 11:16 AM
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07-13-2009, 11:22 AM
Yeah, and Ren had to walk the big dog for a challenge.LoL

07-13-2009, 11:23 AM
lol just like naruto?or did he walk too many at one time?i cant remember

07-13-2009, 11:29 AM
He walked a super big dog and it led him into an explosive field.

07-13-2009, 12:26 PM
oh yea now i remember!that was hilarious!!

07-13-2009, 12:38 PM
I know I laughed so hard!

Sabra Kusabana
07-13-2009, 02:05 PM
Sounds to me like she's being given genin missions, I thought she was a chunin.

07-13-2009, 02:07 PM
Yea, it's just that she's sorta unlucky and gets all the Genin missions for some reason.

07-13-2009, 03:12 PM
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ooh poor her ^.^

I know...It's also very quite in Suna as Iv'e said before.It's quite in Suna right?

07-15-2009, 07:45 AM
i believe so, no major missions going on unless kaito relaxing there for a bit counted before leaving ^.^

07-15-2009, 08:38 AM
Despite Hitori's paranoia, the group managed to arrive in the village with no other incident. Chiyoko and Kaito delivered the documents. Their escorts were allowed to stay in Umigakure long enough to rest.

On this day, Kaito got up and sat on the same bridge as he had the day he got the mission, dangling his legs over the edge. He stared out into the ocean, wishing that assignment had been just a little more exciting.

"Can I join you?"

The brunet looked up.

Sabra Kusabana
07-16-2009, 12:15 AM
"Can I join you?"

The brunet looked up.

I call that a prompt.

Hitori smiled down at Kaito and waited for the other ninja to pat the space beside him so he could sit down. The auburn haired man rested next to the younger jonin. "I leave tomorrow morning. Your Kage has been most kind with us." He paused and tapped at the water below. "But there's one think I'd like to do before leaving... I've never been fishing and this is the perfect place." He looked over at Kiato. "I have the concepts of how it's done, but I'd be very thankful if you would come with me."

07-16-2009, 08:41 AM
"Eh, boring, boring, boring...I can't find anything to do, Russet." Kimeraa told her wolf. The russet colored wolf shook his head. The wolf was obviously bored as well.
"This place is sooo small... At least it's sunny, right Russet?" The bored chunin said to her wolf. Russet was basking in the sun as much as he could. The kunoichi sat down. They were near the beach, and it was soothing. The duel haired teen sat down and just stared at the water. The ninja wolf beside her was asleep in the warmth the sun and his fur supplied.
"I can't train here, it's just too small. There was plenty of time on the mission to get some training in, but now I'd have to cross that entire bridge again to train..." The teenager sighed and plopped down on the grass.

:mrgreen:She is bored, what can I say?

07-16-2009, 08:54 AM
Kaito nodded. "Sure." He pulled his legs up and stood. "First things first," he said, extending a hand to Hitori, "we're gonna need a boat and some fishing poles."


Chiyoko found Kimeraa and sat down. "Hey, are you okay?"

The Leaf kunoichi stared at her. "Kinda bored, but I guess I'm fine."

The Umi girl was quiet for a moment. "Do you ever get the feeling you're being watched?"

07-16-2009, 08:59 AM
"Like right now?" Kimeraa answered.
"Yes, I swear I can feel a pair of eyes or so boring into me." Chiyoko said.
"Russet hasn't caught any scent, but the ocean might be messing with his nose." The chunin said.

Sabra Kusabana
07-20-2009, 03:13 AM
Tsuin returned home to find the apartment dark. As she stepped in she reached to the side for a light, but jolted as she heard the door close behind her. One hand went around her mouth, another snatched her wrist. She sighed thinking it was Kinomi, but as she felt herself drawn and a chin rested on her shoulder she realized this man was too short.

A rush of fear ran down her spine as she felt whoever it was breath in her scent. The person chuckled against her neck in a gruff rumble. "How cute, you live with two chunin, and yet neither is here to protect you." Tsuin threw her free arm back, elbowing her captor in the gut. He pushed her away from him, holding his side as she turned in the half light.

Her eyes wouldn't focus on him. All she saw was a momentary flash of white and a popping noise, then she had to shield her eyes from the glare as the door opened, then slammed shut again. She rubbed at her face in confusion before thinking to search for the light switch again.

As the apartment came into proper veiw the young woman swollowed. She fought the urge to scream as she pressed against the wall. She dashed across the living room and down the hall. She jerked open a door and went inside. Her airy blue eyes ran around the room to check for more intruders. No one, not a soul. She looked down at her feet and moved a dufflebag in front of the door.

Then she dove into the bed and curled up at the headboard pressing back with the pillow in her arms. She let her eyes search the room more, it wasn't her's. Her's would probly feel even less safe. She tucked her face against Kinomi's pillow and hoped he'd be back before anything else happened. The young woman let herself cry even as she listened for ever sound, resting on a mental knief's edge of fear.

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Because it's in the rules of the forum, we can write whatever we want as long as we don't violate the copyright by using the real characters. We can use the place, or even the justus, but we can't use people.

As V said, it's a legal thing.

Any other questions?
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Ren was walking back to the shop when she saw a purple haired figure walking along the streets."Hello Miss Ren do you know were Tsuin is?"Asked Kinomi. "Well she's at your apartment why wouldn't she be." She told him "Yes, but I walked in and knocked on her room door, and no anwser and she wasn't in the kitchen or bathroom. If Hitori foinds out I lost her, he'll kill me.damn it" He said while pounding the side of a brown building.

"Have you ever thought that she wanted to get away for a while? I mean she has to deal with you every day." Ren said assertivly. "I'll take thats not a compilment, but there seemed to be signs of a struggle and Hitori will kill me if he finds out." Said the purple haired man. "Hmmm.....I'll tell you where she is if you don't bug her anymore." Ren said slyly.

"You know where she is? Okay can you please tell me then?'' He asked quite relived. "Okay, I promised. I know nothing.Thats what I know ,nothing, but I can tell you this try looking like in small cupbords or other places she could fit if you thougt it was a struggle.She would probly be scared that they would come again so try calling out her name so she reconizes your voice. I hope that helps." said the girl with the crystal blue eyes.

"Thank you miss Ren,I'll tell you if I find her." Said Kinomi politely. "Don't bother. If she shows up tommrow morning at work I'll know that she's fine. Bye Kinomi." She said while walking away into the light breeze.

07-23-2009, 09:10 AM
u there cherry

Hello! It just takes awhile to write these stories.

Sabra Kusabana
07-24-2009, 06:48 AM
Kinomi entered the room like he was walking into a crime scene, careful of his step, and of every sound he made. Ren had said to check small places, but he'd done that before. The only places he hadn't looked in were under the beds, and his room. If someone was in his room he doubted it'd be his light haired housemate, but he could hope.

He turned the handle slowly, and pushed just enough to realize there was something in front of the door. He froze, running over various traps that could be waiting for him. A steadying breath filled his lungs as he stepped back and kicked the door open, careful to rock back away in case of flying objects or weapons.

A pair of terrorfied blue eyes stared at him for a moment, before there was something flung at him. Tsuin lept off the bed at him, she let his arms go around her, and held onto him in return. The man swept her back into his room, and made soft shushing sounds till she calmed. He sat on the bed with the young woman in his lap still while she frantically explained.

Kinomi stilled her words for a second with a hand on her mouth. "What did he sound like?" His voice was very sturn, and the girl only blinked at him till he moved his hand down again. "It was deep, rough, like someone who's sick alot." "Or smokes..." The man slid her to the side, "Did you smell anything like cigars, or anything else that might be used similarly?" The dule tone of his question was unsettling, and it made Tsuin remember this was a ninja she was with.

"I'm not sure it happened so fast..." She grabbed at his hand as the man tried to walk past her. "Please, don't..." The young woman felt a tickle of heat in her cheeks as her darker haired companion swooped down toward her. His lips brushed her face as he whispered to her. "I'll make everything alright, you stay here where I can find you. Don't let anyone else in the door, but act like normal." He was gone before she could say anything.

Kinomi has connections some good, some bad, some family, and some lovers. He can find or get pretty much whatever he needs. The problem with connections is that you make alot of enemies while you're making friends. He still gets what he wants, but he sometimes has to get dirty.

Sabra Kusabana
07-26-2009, 06:43 PM
Hands curled in a shirt collar as a thin young man was held by a much taller male. "I swear it wasn't me! I'm alot of things Kinomi, but I wouldn't do that!" The young man was released and the taller one whirled away, flusterated. "Who would then? She's little more then a kid, completely helpless... You might not of done it, but I'm sure you know who probly did. Now answer me Netami..."

The smaller man adjusted his clothing as the ninja turned to watch him. "I swear it's no one I know. I might be friends with a few of your ex's, but I don't think any of them would pull a stunt like that." Netami straightened a bit more and faced the other man. "If I were you I'd see what your uncle last had his hands in. The chick getting assulted might not have a damn thing to do with people who want to screw you."

Kinomi rolled that idea around for a moment then stalked out of the room, leaving the other man in peace. Netami rubbed the side of his face where he'd been greeted with a strike, the other man was one of those people who's anger turns reflexive quickly. It wasn't the first time he'd been on the wrong side of Kinomi's temper, but at least he knew that the chunin was smart enough not to do too much damage.


Kinomi still hadn't come home when it got dark, and Tsuin was getting really tired. She didn't want to sleep, not till he was back. She didn't feel safe, and she knew trying to sleep would only end up with tossing and turning for hours. The woman busied herself with housework.

She almost broke a glass when a knock came at her door. She didn't move from where she way. Another knock gave her the urge to run, but there was nowhere to go. Kinomi would have a key, he wouldn't just keep knocking, but if it was someone meaning harm they could just break the lock. Tsuin grabbed a pan from the shelf, and headed toward the door.

She made a note to ask about changing this door, it had no hole to look thru, and all the windows where at bad angles to see anyone at the door. Another knock, the young woman swollowed. She raised the pan back as she reached to the handle and twisted the door open. Ren stood there, and stared up the brown haired girl's arm at the improvised weapon.

"Don't tell me that's for Kinomi, I'm sure that wasn't in the books you got." Ren stepped on in as Tsuin moved away, setting the pan aside. The ninja seemed to be on alert as she looked around. "Kinomi came looking for you a few hours ago, I'm sure by now you've seen him." The chunin moved around the door looking for entry points.

"Yeah, he found me, but why are you here?" Tsuin stepped around the halfway and threw her apron on a counter. Ren was looking at the floor with careful eyes. "I just thought I might should check on you. Afterall you're new to town, I thought maybe you'd gotten lost or something." That wasn't the truth, but the non-ninja seemed to accept it.

Tsuin stepped around the halfwall again, "Would you like anything to drink? I made tea just a few minutes ago." Ren nodded, "Yes, please." The chunin actually had a good reason to be here, on her way home she'd been given a message from the Kazekage. She'd accepted the in town assignment. The ninja didn't know why she'd been chosen, but she was happy.

There'd been a string of brake in's over the last week, mostly homes where there where no ninja in the family. Ren was running on a hunch that the struggle Kinomi had mentoned to her might have something to do with her new mission. She was supposed to collect some evidence, it was an important enough job for a chunin, and she was getting really tired of dog walking.

07-26-2009, 07:33 PM
While Tsuin was making the tea Ren looked around the apartment for signs of a struggle or any other thing that would help find who did this.

"Ren, here is your tea" said Tsuin while handing it to her. "Thanks. Do you know if I could ask you some questions about eairler today?" Said the girl with the crystaline eyes. "Yes, of course. You are a ninja after all." The brown haired girl replied. Ren sat down at a brown table and took out a small, blue notebook.

"Okay, I don't know if Kinomi already asked you these questions or not but I hope you don't mind anwsering them again." She said, pencil ready. "Of course you can." She said. "Okay then. Was there a break in here? and can you describe the person who broke in?" Asked Ren while sipping the tea. "I didn't see him but his hands where quite rough, he was shorter than Kinomi, and his voice was sick sounding like he had been smokeing. I don't think he has a beard or anything it didn't feel like it against my shoulder but I'm not too certain, and he also must have used a transportaition justu to get out but I don't know if thats also how he got in." Tsuin told her while putting the empty cups away.

"Hmm....Did he tell you anything or do anything to you?" Ren asked her. "Well he leaned his head on my shoulder then said something about no one being able to protect me, I elbowed him in the gut then he poofed away. I don't know what would of happened if I didn't do that." Said the young woman nervously."It's okay your fine.Now I'm going to go look around the place it happened. It was by the door right?" Said Ren while putting away the note book. "Yes miss" She told her.

Ren looked around by the door. You could barely see there was a struggle but there was small indents in the wall and the floor was a bit scuffed up. She got down on her knees to try and see if there where any foot prints, but before she could her head was hit by the hard door wich made her crash into the wall ruining any evidence.

"Oww..My head." said Ren weakly. "Are you alright?" asked Tsuin running to Ren. "Oh. I'm very sorry miss Ren. I had no idea that you where there. By the way what were you doing there?" Asked the person who opened the door wich happened to be Kinomi. "Finding stuff from the break in, but thanks to you I probably destroyed most of it." The rosey haired girl complained. "Here Ren go sit down on the couch I'll get you an ice pack." said the blue eyed girl.

Tsuin gave Ren the icepack and sat down on the white couch next to her."Kinomi can you please tell us if you found out anything about the break in?" Asked Tsuin. "Certainly." He said. Ren worndering if they found the crimanal.

Sabra Kusabana
07-26-2009, 07:49 PM
Kinomi sat with Ren on the couch. He watched her with the little notebook ready to take down information. "I had thought it might of had something to do with one of my ex's, so I went to ask a few of them what they knew. The first couple didn't even know I had a new housemate, so essentially I shot myself in the foot with bring the information up. After a bit I ended up questioning one person in perticular."

The man paused as Tsuin came back with the ice. "He's been known to stir up trouble whenever possible, so I'd hoped it was him trying to pull something, but he swears it wasn't him or anyone he knows. I'm inclined to believe him on that." Kinomi glanced at the notebook again. "The only information I ended up getting was about my uncle."

Ren looked up at him with question in her eyes. "He's one of the import merchants right, he brings in alot of goods from the nearest towns, and trade some of what we make here back?" Kinomi nodded, "Yeah, the last person I questioned mention it being a good idea to have a talk with him. He seemed pretty confident that it'd be better to do some digging there then with past involvements."

Ren wrote a few things in the book. "Has your uncle had less then legitimate dealings before?" She was surprised when Kinomi answered without hesitation, "Yes." She wrote something in the margin of the book. "Does the Kazekage know about any of it?" This time the chunin did pause. "There were times where I was at least lead to believe Kazekage-sama ordered the dealings." This made Ren look up at him, searching those teal eyes, "Oh..."

I'll let you run with it from there. I figured with her mother's business that Ren would likely know about other merchants.

07-26-2009, 08:53 PM
Why would the Kazakage do somthing like that? Ren ponderd the facts. There was a ninja who broke in, but wait how did the kazeakage know about the break in....Kinomi didn't tell the Kazeakage, did he? But then again the Kage proably didn't know and was talking about all those other break in's. It's funny though that I got the mission on the same day.

"I think I know of the person your is speaking about. I once went with my mom to get a shipment of items for the store and a merchant was selling some produce I think, or was it furniture. Anyways though he had chin lenghth violete hair and dark teal eyes. He appeared to be around forty or late thirties. He could of been your uncle. My mom talked to him to but I was to busy with the books and stuff that I didn't over hear them. I'll go home and ask my mom about it." Said Ren.

"Yes that was proably him, when did you see him?" he asked her."Umm...about two months ago. but we are going to the merchants again soon. I'll look for him there, But there is somthing that has been borthering me. Do you really think the Kazekage did all this? It fits perfectly but why would the Kage do such a thing.?" Ren asked waiting for an anwser. Kinomi looked up to the celling for a second stuck in thought. "Well like you said it fits perfectly and I don't always think that, it just flashed across my mind once or twice." Replied the teal eyed man.

"Okay good, but what is your uncles name? It will make things alot easier for me." asked Ren looking at him with questioning eyes. "His name is Takumi. I hope you have good luck finding him, But he's my uncle It would be better if I questioned him." Said Kinomi. "No it's fine, he might even be a friend of my mom, who knows. I'm going now, here is the ice pack." Ren said while handing it to Tsuin. "Good bye Miss Ren, but if you need any help come and get me." Kinomi said while standing up. "I'll be fine, Bye Tsuin thanks for the tea." She said while walking out the door. "Your welcome Ren, Please find out what happened I have a feeling that they might come back." Called out the brown haired girl. "You'll be fine here Tsuin, you have Kinomi here to protect you and come get me if anything is wrong or unordinary." The Cristaline eyed girl then walked home in search for her mother.

If you don't like the name Takumi I'll change it. It means skilful.

Sabra Kusabana
07-26-2009, 09:45 PM
If you don't like the name Takumi I'll change it. It means skillful.

You saved me from having to find an appropriate name. If you want you could play him, that could make things interesting.

Kinomi sighed as the other chunin left. If his uncle was involved this could get tricky. He'd been mistaken for the man's son more then once, and that could be why someone might be stalking the household. Takumi had a fair share of opponets in the merchant world, where there is money there is curruption afterall.

The tall man leaned back against the couch recalling the first time he remembered his father having words with hus uncle. They were brothers, his uncle the older of the two. Kinomi's father had been argueing about how to handle the bussiness after they muturally inherited it. He remembered when they cought him listening in that he'd been shooed away and grounded later for evesdropping.

His bright teal eyes came open and he jolted up off the couch. Tsuin looked at him in concern. "What's the matter?" "I have to go see my mother, be sure she's alright." The girl stood, "You're not leaving me here again! Besides at this time of night she'd probly asleep."

Kinomi bit at his lip with nerviousness, "That's part of why I need to go." Tsuin stood and went to her room, returning with a light jacket. "Then I'm going too." The man blinked at her. "Well, get your coat, damn desert is freezing at night." The light haired woman told him as she went to the door to wait. The man smiled despite himself, "You'll be the death of me."

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Ren walked slowly out of the apartment building pondering what could of happened. Hmm....I don't think the kazekage has anything to do with it, but Kinomi's uncle would he have even known where he lived. Or did one of his enemies do the work? Kinomi and his uncle sure look alot alike, even though he is way older. "I guess I'll just start by asking my mother then looking for him next time we get a shipment of items." Ren mutterd.

The rosey haired girl left for home when she was trampled by a running duo. She looked up and saw Kinomi and Tsuin running to the northren part of the city. "Wonder what they are up to" she said under her breath while walking to the eastren part of town.

she finaly got to her house and went inside. it smelled of freshly cut flowers, Thanks to grandmother and her garden. Ren found her mother in the living room figureing out what new items to sell at the bookstore. "Hey Ren what's up with you? I'm thinking about getting some of these cute little ninja bookmarks, they are shaped like kuni knives and made out of felt, they also have sayings on them spelled out with felt senbon and shuriken." Said Miki ,Ren's mother. "Well they sure sound nice, but I need to ask you a question." Ren said her eyes looking down at the floor. "What do ya need to ask me?" Asked the red haired woman. "Can you tell me about a merchant named Takumi." Said the Chunin looking at her mother frozen in shock.

Ren studied her mother, was she paralized in fear? In shock? She finaly relaxed and began to talk. "Why would you want to know about him? but I'll tell you anyways." She said memories clouding her bright green eyes."Kumi was a friend of mine long ago he became a ninja then died. It was very sad." She said looking Ren straight in the eyes. "Um....Mom I said Takumi not Kumi." Said the girl with the cristaline eyes. "Huh, oh I bought some fruit from him once, but I got sick from it." She told Ren. "What where you talking about those two months ago" Ren asked getting out her blue notebook.

"Oh, I was complaining about the fruit and he told me that it was hard to keep fruit like that fresh on long journeys like that. I also buy bookmarks from him they are very good quality." She said while picking up her magazine and pageing through it. "I'll go buy the bookmarks for you next time we go!" Ren said hurridly. "Why? have a little crush on his son?" She asked eyebrows raised. "No mom I got asigned a decent mission finaly and he might have something to do with it, and Tsuin was sorta attacked and since she was in his apartment when it happend mabey Takumi or one of his enemies did somthing since Kinomi is often mistaked as his son." Ren told her mother straightly.

"You have lots of trouble hiding your emotions like a normal ninja Ren, But anyways you can go and question him tommorow when we go to pick up the merchandice just don't get on his bad side he can be quite kind at times but he can also be a heavy drinker, at least thats what an other merchant told me. He's not to popular with most merchants though since he's the most famous and has the most power." Said her mother while putting away the magazine.

"Okay mom I'll make sure to keep that in mind. Also if Tsuin doesn't show up at work tommorw it's because of what happened earlier today." Said the young woman while standing up. "Got it Ren. I'm going to bed now, I advise that you do too." She said while yawning. " Yes mom goodnight." Ren then walked up to her room.


"Hey Takumi. I have a special offer for you." Said a short man with short, messy dark brown hair,his eyes where dark, dark, brown almost black. He was almost hunched over from carrying so much merchandice. "Ha Ha, Kenta you may be my trust worthy assistant but you sure are stupid. You know not to bug me when I'm about to go and celabrate a good months of work at the bar." He said while cluching the small man's throught.

The two where in a small bar filled with other merchants, it was dimly lighted and very crowded. "Oh, what the heck, I'll let you live your damn life." Said the purple haired man while taking his hand away from the shorter man's throught. "Thank you sir" He mumbled while taking a seat. "Free drinks on me!" shouted Takumi while laughing.

07-27-2009, 09:47 AM
cherry u there :)

Hey there. I didn't notice that you posted I was too busy writing.

Sabra Kusabana
07-27-2009, 04:52 PM
Nice Cherry, but could you put some kind of break when you switch to a scene happening somewhere else in the setting, like a ---- ____ ==== something like one of those to show that the story is jumping to someone/somewhere else.

Tsuin tried to keep up with Kinomi rushing thru the streets. He seemed to be running more on instinct then anything, but he'd lived here his whole life, she hadn't. She watched the man break from the street, darting down an alley. She came around to see his vault to the top of a wall. "Wait!"

Kinomi looked back at her, he seemed to not understand for a moment, then remembered her lack of training. He waited on the wall for her to get there then lept back down. "I'm going to carry you, you're just too slow." He didn't wait for a responce before scooping the teen up. She made a little squeel and he went up over the wall, there was something about being in midair like that Tsuin did not like at all.

Kinomi didn't put her down, he just kept going. The girl focused on his face, he was tense, his eyes not even seeming to see what was around him. He moved with great speed, much faster then she thought he could with her weight. She leaned in on him as he ran, realizing just how strong he really was, she knew ninja could be decieveing with their strength because of Hitori, but it really surprised her still.

Finally he stopped, and Tsuin looked around to find they were in a covered balcony. She wasn't sure how high up they might be, and had not intentions of looking. As her feet found the floor and she was steady Kinomi stepped away. He went to the door on the balcony and went straight into the building. Tsuin followed with slow quiet steps.

It was very dark in this bedroom, she couldn't see much past the door. She cought a glimpse of shining hair and tried to follow it. Her foot hit something as she moved, but she ignored it. She was jumpy as a nervious cat. She blinked and covered her eyes as a light came on. When her eyes adjusted she saw Kinomi looking around the rather large room, scaning for something. He didn't seem to spot anything, and left thru another door.

The young woman was really begining to feel kind of insulted at how he didn't have any concern for her, but she'd excuse it for now. She went for the door, and found a small hall with stairs leading down to her right. She saw just a touch of violet decending, and followed. The stairs leveled out at the mid point for a few feet, she join Kinomi there.

The man's teal eyes were looking down at someone. She followed the gaze to see into a kitchen area, there was someone with pretty sea green hair sitting there with a cup of tea, she was reading. The woman hadn't notice them yet, and probly wouldn't if they stayed there. Tsuin could see a number of cookbooks lined up neatly along the countertop, and several sets of utensils. The pans were all hung, it looked like a comfortable kitchen that had a professional flare.

Tsuin looked up at Kinomi, "Is that your mother?" The man turned to her quickly, covering her mouth with his hand. "Quiet, she'll hear, and then." "Kinomi, my love, is that you?" The teen watched her companions eyes close and twitch at the sound, and could tell he ground his teeth. They heard the chair scoot back and he sighed, "Cought..." He looked at Tsuin with annoyance, but didn't say anything as he went to meet the woman at the bottom of the stairs.

Tsuin watching them hug in greeting, then the woman very carefully looked up into the young man's face, cupping it and searching for anything odd. "You're not sleeping right." "Mother, please, I can take care of myself." "Lies, you're a boy, doesn't matter the age you're all helpless without a woman to baby you."

Giggling from Tsuin drew the woman's gaze up the stairs. "Oh my, who is this lovely lady?" The woman broke away from her son and started up the stairs toward Tsuin. Kinomi grabbed her arm before she could get more then a few steps up. "Mother, it's nothing, just a friend. I need to talk with you." The woman laughed a rich sound, and Tsuin could see that while he had a masculine voice that Kinomi got his laugh for her side of the family. "Don't give me that rubish, you never bring your friends to see me, and at this time of night it practically a scandel."

Tsuin decended a bit closer, but stopped when Kinomi held her in a sharp look. "I said it's not important. Mother, you could be in danger." His seriousness seemed to shake the woman from her goal and she meet his eyes. "Just like your father... Fine, come on and tell me all about this oh so 'life threating' matter I'm sure somehow involves me." Tsuin could pranctically hear the woman's eyes rolling while she spoke.

The woman went back to her kitchen table, and the two younger people followed. The woman sat and motioned for them to, Tsuin did, but Kinomi remained standing. "My name's Meshi. What about you dear?" The woman said as the girl took her seat. "Tsuin, it's a pleasure to meet you." Meshi smiled at her, and Tsuin was taken by her eyes, deep teal only a touch darker then her son's, but they were the same beyond that.

"Mother, please be serious." Meshi waved a dismissive hand at her son. "Oh you ninja are really just a bunch of high strung whiny little girls. I'm sure whatever it is isn't half as important as you think it is." Tsuin could see Kinomi's annoyance playing plainly across his face. This could be more trouble then she thought. The man gripped his mother's shoulders as she looked up at him. There was a strange tense silence then finally the woman sighed, "Well get on with it, I'll interrogate you over your company later." Kinomi relaxed just a touch, "Thank you, Momma."

07-27-2009, 05:39 PM
"Hey Takumi you okay?" Asked a crakley voice. Takumi looked up, he was sitting against the wall of the bar a ice pack on his head. There was Kenta staring straight at him. "Ugh, what the heck did you do to me Kenta!?!" He asked while trying to stand up but failing and falling down. "He he, well it's so hard to talk at this time of day and my generosity comes with a price." Said the brown haired man sneakily.

"fFne here you go." He said while handing the short man the required money. the short man stuffed the money in his pocket and laughed sneakily."He he. Well to put it simplely you got drunk and got in a fight with the other merchants. You thought you could take them one against all but you just got knocked out." Takumi eyed the man his dark teal eyes almost periceing right threw him.

"Kenta, there is only two reasons why I'm not strangleing you. One I can't stand up. and two I need someone to work for me that won't kill me in my sleep, or posin my drink." He said, his eyes still percing threw the small man. "He he. I won't kill you as long as I get a steady pay, you know that." he said whle staring straight back in the pair of teal eyes.

Takumi shook his head in the pain of the headache and stood up. "I'm leaving now Kenta, need to be able to at least have a mind tommrow, selling time again. Now what was the special deal you were talking about?" asked the purple haired man while holding the wall for balence. "Shinobi Headband book marks. Cheap to make but look good enough to charge a healthy price, hey?" asked Kenta while smileing. "Fine but how long will it take to get them in stock?" He asked while walking out of the bar. "Alredy bought them" Said the brown eyed man while following. Takumi sighed as they walked along argueing about the merchandice.

Sabra Kusabana
07-28-2009, 05:53 AM
Hitori stretched, they'd been fishing for hours, and while they were having great luck, sitting most of that time was making him terribly stiff. "So what do you supposed those girls are up to?" He questioned as he repositioned. "I'm not sure what all else there might be to entertain visitors in this town."


Kinomi became more and more flustered as they conversed with his mother. "That all seems very interesting dear, but I fail to see what anyone would want with an old woman like me." That and other responces in the same vain of thought were driving the chunin to distraction. Tsuin actually seemed to be enjoying watching someone put him in his place, but she was growingly concerned with the older woman's lack of concern for her own safety.

Finally the teen came to the conclusion that this was pointless, and stood up. "Kinomi, I have work in the morning, can you take me home?" The words drew the man's attention. "Work?" "Yeah, at Ren's family shop. It's a bookstore downtown." Meshi stood up as well. "Stay in my guest room, that shop is right across from mine, we can go together in the morning." Tsuin smiled, "That sounds great." Kinomi rolled his eyes behind is mother's back, "Sounds perfect..."

07-28-2009, 07:47 AM
awsome stories!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

07-28-2009, 08:01 AM
Hey sabra and cherry and the violetteheart are r u guys writing more stories???

07-28-2009, 08:02 AM
oh the violetteheart u are here

07-28-2009, 08:02 AM
same with u cherry u are here too

07-28-2009, 08:06 AM
Chiyoko shivered and turned to Kimeraa. The duo had been walking through the village. "Seriously, it feels like we're being followed."

"I know, I know."

"It's really creepy."

"Ignore it," the Leaf kunoichi whispered.

"I can't," she replied. "I swear, I hear footsteps behind us!"

07-28-2009, 08:08 AM

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cherry the violette r u guys still here???

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Ren had to get up extra earlily to get the merchandice with her mother. "Mom why can't we just go in the afternoon? It's four in the morning and the store doesn't open 'till eight and sometimes even later." Said Ren yawning. They where walking to the place where all the merchants stayed that was across town. "Well who will run the shop since your coming along? I can't make Tsuin do all that work it would be plain rude." Miki ,Ren's mother, told her.

When they got there it was around four-forty-five, It was a nice breezy day in Suna. Warm but cool and not a bit cold. "Here we are kiddo. Here's the list of what you can get 'kay? and here's the money for it." Said the red haired woman while handing REn the list and a small purse that fit into her pocket. amiki then left, going her own direction. "Oh and Ren when your done head straight to the shop 'kay?" She shouted over her shoulder. "Yes Mom." She replied.

Ren weaved her way around the many merchants and there mercandice. "Hmm....Where is that Takumi person. it's a complete maze around here." Ren mutterd Getting lost in the sea of people. "Hey you want to find Takumi huh?" Asked a small man. He had dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. His back was also strangly bent up so he appared even shorter.

"Well yea show me where he is." Said the rosey haired girl. "Well, Miss It's so hard for me to talk at this time of da-" The short man was cut off by Ren. "Just tell me where he is!" She shouted at him. "woah, easy easy. No need to explode like that. he's right in front of you." He said while walking twords a stand. "Hey, a pretty, little, lady wants to buy somthing from ya." He said to the back of a person. He turned around and faced Ren. She was in shock. Mostly be cause how much he resembled Kinomi.

"Cat got ya tounge? Now what do ya wanna get? huh?" Asked the brown haired man. "It's okay. Awed by my many wonderful things I'm selling. Right? little lady." He said looking her straight in the eyes. "No....." was all Ren was able to mutter out. Thoughts went through her head like was this the crimanal or was it one of his enemimies. How could she question him with that small, creepy person listening in, but then she got the perfect idea and it might just work.

"Well actualy, I'm just wondering how you became so powerful as a merchant wern't you from Suna your.....Meshi's sister right?" Said Ren tring to remeber the name. "Oh,no she's a step sister, but becomeing a merchant is not eaisy work. It took along time for me to even be able to get a steady pay. It also took a whole lot to get this far, but look at how successful I am now! Huh?" Said the purple haired man.

"Well yea, my dream is to one day to become a great merchant, but is there any drawback on being a merchant?" Ren lied. She never wanted to become a merchant. "Well yes youg lady, since I'm so powerful every other merchant here is my enemy. Except Kenta here is the only one I can trust not to posin my drink or kill me in my sleep, well as long as he gets a steady pay that is." He chuckled

Ren looked around at the items he was selling. Where did he even get all this stuff, she wondered then remebered what Kinomi said about him doing many bad things in his life time. Ren couldn't think of any other ways to ask questions with out giving away the anwser so she would just be a bit risky. "Hmm...There is so many wonderful things to chose from here but can I tell you something?" The girl with the cristalline eyes asked. "Sure if you will buy somthing faster." he said while tapping his fingers on the table.

"well it's just that you look a lot like someone I know. Are you related to him?" She asked while casualy looking threw the items her mother wanted her to buy. "Hmm...I bet your thinking 'bout my nephew Kinomi. He looks just like me, though I don't care to see family often." He said while deep in thought. Ren was panicking what would she say next."He misses you." The chunin blurted out. Oops, she thought. realizing what she had just said.

"Is that true? did he send you here to ask me that? I haven't actualy seen him since my brother's funeral. He was full of rage though, destroying every thing. Had eight new girl friends in that single week. Wow he was a lot like me. Ehh...Don't really care though. Don't even know where he lives. hmm....but I do wonder what he's like......That's it I'm proably going to regreat this but I'm visting Kinomi this afternoon! now would you like to buy anything?" asked the teal eyed man.

Ugh Ren how do you get yourself into these horrible situations? She asked herself. "Are you sure I me-" the chunin was cut short "I've made up my mind. I'm going. Now buy something or leave." the merchant told her stobbronly. "Yes sir" She replied.

Ren bought the Items and hurried back to the bookstore. She put away the mercandice and headed to Kinomi's apartment. I should probalbly warn him about his uncle coming. It would be a great time to ask Takumi questions with out that short guy around.

The girl with the cristaline eyes hurried and knocked on the apartment door. The door awnsered and was opened by Kinomi. "Hello? Ren what are you doing here so early in the morning? it's six o'clock. and Tusin's at my mother's house." Said the violete haired man. "Well, umm.....I need to tell you something about your uncle." Ren said nervously waiting for a repley.

07-28-2009, 08:44 AM

07-28-2009, 11:06 AM
Kimeraa looked behind her. There were a few people going in the same direction, all of them dressed according to the waves country, and looked pretty normal.

"A lot of people are walking in the village, just like us. It could be that we happen to be going the same way." The duel haired teen said. Chiyoko looked behind her.

"I guess you're right, but I say we should go where there are less people, or maybe even back to the beach." The waves ninja said worriedly.

"Gah, fine. I still say it's nothing..." The leaf ninja said, leading the way to the beach. "Hey, have you seen Russet? I put him down for a bit, and now he's gone." Just as Chiyoko was about to speak, a scream erupted from the crowd behind them.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAH!! IT'S A WOLF!!!" Kimeraa and Chiyoko glanced at each other, then ran in the direction of the scream.

07-28-2009, 11:16 AM
"Hey boss ya think that was a wise decision?" asked Kenta. "Ha Ha. Kenta do I ever make any wise decisions? I belive not." Said Takumi while smileing out of anger. "But strangely I never break a promise, I only bend them around 'till there close to snapping." He said more serious now.

Takumi looked around it was early but many customers had come and gone. "Hmm...Kenta mind takin care of the sales while I'm gone. Looks like we are havin some steady sales today" Said Takumi while scanning the crowd. "Well boss it is alot of wor-" "I'll give you a raise in pay." said the merchant breaking Kenta off. "Aye Aye captain. Kenta at your service." Replied the short hunched over man.

Takumi smiled slyly "Now that's what I like to hear."

Sabra Kusabana
07-28-2009, 06:58 PM
Kinomi ran a hand thru his hair, "Ren, if he's headed here you better find a place to listen in from, but if he's headed to mom's shop there could be a problem... Do you have any idea which he might go to? Did he say anything about knowing where I live?" The man was going around the room straighting things as he spoke.


Tsuin had breakfast with Meshi, and learned about the woman's shop. It was a cooking supply story, that explained the many cookbooks she'd seen before. Meshi cooked alot as her own personal hobby, explaining that at least once a week she had a big dinner she shared with some of the poorer kids in town. Tsuin was really starting to like the older woman.

07-29-2009, 09:29 AM
"I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking......But he did say that he didn't even know where you lived. He could just find out from other people though." Ren said quietly. Kinomi was still straightening everything up. "Well that could be a problem." He said while almost tripping over a table. "Um...how will I listen in. I have work." Ren asked. "Well simple. Your doing a mission the Kazekage assigned you about the break ins." Replied the purple haired man.

Ren looked around the room, it was a complete mess except for what Kinomi had alredy cleaned up. "Wow I never knew how big of a mess one person could make in a couple of hours." Ren muttered remebering how clean it was yesterday. "Thats past the point. When is he coming?" Asked the teal eyed man. "Sometime this afternoon." Kinomi stopped. "Okay, good. Hmm....Here can you use transformation justus?" He asked.

"Of course, I'm a ninja." The rosey haired girl complained. "Transform in to Tsuin....Wait no transform in to Hitori." He told her. "Who's Hitori?" Ren asked puzzled. "Oh thats right. You haven't met him. I think Tsuin has a picture of him some where. So if you transform into him, He was my room mate before he got assigned a mission, Tsuin can be herself. " He said while going back to cleaning.

"Wait but Tsuin will be at work, My mom wouldn't mind her leaving for a couple hours but I have a feeling that she will want to stay." Ren said quitely. "Okay then transform into Tsuin." Commanded the Chunin. Ren transformed into an almost perfect duplicate of Tsuin. "Um....Ren, Tsuin has blue eyes, there not green, and she's not that tall." Said Kinomi. "This better?" Asked Ren. There was a puff of smoke and she transformed into a perfecte duplicate of Tsuin. "Yes." Said the purple haired man while cleaning again.

"I'll go to the bookstore first and come back around noon." Said the girl as she walked off.

Ren came to her mom's bookstore and saw that Tsuin and her mom where alredy there. "Hey Tsuin, Hey mom. Sorry I'm late." Said the now brown haired girl. Tsuin stared at Ren wide eyed. Whats up with her, Ren wondered. "Ren drop the disguise, I don't like you playing pranks or any goofing off." Said her mother. "Huh?" Ren looked at her reflection in the store's window. She looked exactly like Tsuin.

There was a puff of smoke and she was back to herself. "Sorry mom I was just practiceing some transformation justus." Ren lied. "Okay, get to work now Ren." Replied the red haird woman. Ren then went and started putting the new merchandice up on the shelfs and racks. "Oh and mom. I need to leave around noon because of a mission about these break in's I got." She said. Her mother nodded and got back to work.


"Hey Kenta I'm leavin now. and remeber, rasie the prices in an hour." Shouted Takumi while walking off. "Aye aye boss." The hunched over man shouted back.

Takumi looked for a random shop to ask for Kinomi's adress. He walked in one and saw a girl with rose colored hair and blue cristaline eyes. She was wearing a dark blue top that had sleaves that went to her elbows. the neck was rounded and you could see netting underneath. She also wore her headband around her neck. Her shirt was long and she wore grey pants underneath that went to her shin.

Takumi then remeberd seeing her from earlier today. He walked up to her and said. "Hello miss do you happen to know where Kinomi lives?" The girl looked shocked. "Well I think I do, just wait a second please." She said kindly then walked off leaving Takumi waiting.


Oh no this is real bad Ren thought. She then thought of a soulition, she would put him under a Genjustu so he would walk in circles untill She got there and disguised herself as Tsuin.

Ren was about to wallk back over to Takumi, when she noticed that Tsuin was heading twords him to put som books away. "Tsuin stop! I'll do that. Why don't you unpack the books for a couple minutes." Said The rosey haired girl hurring back. She quickly put the books away then headed back to him.


The girl came back, put some books away then came and told Takumi the directions. "Well first I'll lead you part of the way. It's really easy to get lost." Said the kunichi. "Okay, but hurry up." He replied.

They went only a short distance when the young woman left him and told him all he had to do was walk forward and turn right untill he came to an apartment then to go to room number 2145.

He walked for about five minutes but still hadn't got there yet. "Hmp, she said it wasn't far away. he muttered. He looked around. Why does everything in Suna look so alike. It looked alot different when I used to live here he thought.


Ren walked away from the merchant then performed a Genjustu she had been practiceing. "That should keep him ocupied." She said under her breath then headed for the apartment.

When she got there Kinomi opened the door. "Hello Ren, he isn't here yet." Said the purple haired man. "Yea. I know I have him trapped in a Genjustu." Replied the rosey haired girl quickly. She then Transformed into Tsuin in a puff of smoke and let the genjustu off.


Takumi felt like he was walking around in circles untill he saw the apartment. "What a relief. I thought I was in a maze or Genjustu." Said the Dark teal eyed man.

"He then walked up the steps and knocked on the door with the nubers 2145 on it waiting for someone to anwser.


Kinomi and Ren heard a knock on the door. "Um...I can open it. You go make some tea." Ren said in a hurry. "What, How do you even make tea?" Asked the long haired man. "Figure it out!" She shouted out as she went to open the door.

Sabra Kusabana
07-29-2009, 10:40 AM
Kinomi ground his teeth, he hadn't even seen this man up close in several years now. He'd seen him a few times at a distance, but they had nothing to talk about. He pulled down a box labeled 'Green Tea' and sat it on the counter as he heard the door opening. He didn't like being where he had to bend down to see. Still he stooped to see the older man let in, and watched the disquised Ren show him to the couch in the sweetest most innocent way she could.

The merchant leaned across the back of the furniture to watch her go around the half wall, eyeing the woman's bottom as he did. Well Kinomi couldn't say he didn't come by that naturally. Ren came around to see the long haired man straighten, and spotted the still unopened box. "Men are useless, fine get out there." She said shoving him aside.

Kinomi stepped around and was surprised as he was greeted with an almost overly warm smile. "Got a chick keeping you in line at last?" The younger man waved his hands at that. "Oh no, uncle, that would be far too boring." The two shared a light laugh. "Come now boy, sit, let me have a look at you for the first time in ages. It's a shame I hadn't found the time before now."

The long haired chunin came around the couch and sat with him. He was nervious, but didn't show it as he grinned at his uncle. "As much my own fault as anything. So tell me then what did make you finally break way? Don't tell me my mother came to pester you or something?" He said warmly as he tried to keep the man's attention away from the kitchen, he didn't want him figuring out they were being listened to.

07-29-2009, 10:45 AM
cool is there anymore

Sabra Kusabana
07-29-2009, 10:47 AM
cool is there anymore

Chill man, you get it as we post it. Of course there will always be more as long as people want there to be!

07-29-2009, 10:50 AM
Chill man, you get it as we post it. Of course there will always be more as long as people want there to be!
yea i know but ur stories rock!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

Sabra Kusabana
07-29-2009, 10:52 AM
Thank you! You're a great encouragement!

07-29-2009, 11:27 AM
"Ha Ha, There are so many reasons. It would take forever to explain." Kinomi chukled at his question. The older man looked at kinomi, he sure looked alot more like himself. "So who are those two chicks boy? Seems like you got a good taste." He said while laughing.

Kinomi looked counfused. "What are you talking about?" Asked the chunin. Thae man chuckled again. "As if you didn't know. That girl here and that rosey haired one that told me that you wanted me to visit you." Said the merchant.


uh oh, I don't like being talked about like this, I need a distraction. Ren quickly grabbed a cup, filled it with water and put a tea bag in it. She hurried and walked over there just as Kinomi was awnsering the question. "Well, I have many more. They are just temporary." He lied.

Ren hurried in and handed The merchant the tea. "Here you are sir. Hope you like it." She said whle backing away. He drank the tea, but unfortanitly didn't like it. The merchant spit out the tea unfortanitly spraying Kinomi. "Girl, do you even know how to make tea? It's also ice cold." He complained.

"Sorry", Ren blushed then walked away, Almost laughing at Kinomi's appearence.


Takuumi watch Kinomi frown in disgust then walk over to get a towel. When he came back Kinomi started to ask some questions. "So hows the merchant bussiness going, get any threats lately?" Kinomi chuckled. "Ha Ha good one. but I actulay do get them. Don't listen to em though." Said the merchant.

Kinomi's face became a tad bit more serious but then went back to it's relaxed state. "Who do you think it was from?" Asked the long haired man. "Ahhh, I don't really care every merchant out there is me enimey. Even Kenta is." He replied jokeingly.


Ren watched while takeing notes in her note book. A list of his major enemies (top sellers other than him) were: Rin, Kenta, Aina, Hide, and Yoshi. Ren kept takeing notes while they talked. Hopeing to find sone anwsers.

Sabra Kusabana
07-29-2009, 09:01 PM
Kinomi let his uncle make small talk for a little while, he remembered the man liked to ramble on, but was easily distracted. After Ren brought acceptable tea the longer haired man turned quite serious. "Uncle, which of your enemies is underhanded enough to try to get at you by using someone else?" The depth of the question took the other man off guard.

Takuumi coughed a little into his cup, but recovered and looked at the younger man. "Only a couple... Has something happened?" The chunin resisted the urge to glance toward rthe kitchen. "Last night a house I was staying at was broken into. The person only spoked the girl I was with, but I think that's only because they heard me getting up to see what the problem was... It could be nothing, but it makes me concerned for some of my other acquantances. I've had problems with people on your behalf before." The ninja lied like it came natural, and the merchant swollowed it.

The darker haired man sighed and sat the cup down. "Yeah ya have, and I'm sorry for it. If ya didn't look so damn much like me." The man leaned back on the couch to think over if anyone he knew would do such a thing, or if he thought it could of just been a coencidence. It took guts to go into a house where a shinobo was afterall.


Hitori packed up some of the gear they'd rented, it was getting dark. "Hey how about we go find that companion of your's and the girl from the leaf. We could all have a nice dinner by roasting our catch. Might even win you points with your crush." He said as he stuffed the tackle away. The other nin with him looked anywhere he could to not face the other man while he had a light blush at the crush comment.

07-29-2009, 10:00 PM
Hmm, Takumi thought of all the other top merchants that had power and liked it, and the ever so greedy Kenta was one of them thats why he worked for him. Aina was kind and would never break in to someone's house or would hire someone to do so. Rin was cold and mysterious, never would know what she would do next. Hide was a boy with a girl's name. The cross dresser too gental too do any harm. and there was Yoshi, he just had good luck.

Takumi looked at Kinomi. "Well the only people you'll have to worry about being my enemies are Kenta, Rin, and mabey Yoshi, He some how always has great luck with no reason." Said the dark teal eyed man.

Kinomi looked back at him he didn't appear to be lyeing but he couldn't tell for sure.


Ren took all the notes down.she was sure he wasn't lyeing she could tell by his voice and facial expressions. She thougth for a moment then she remeberd that the person who broke in was a male. That means Yoshi or Kenta she thought or mabey the cross dresser. She then remebered that the girls could have hired hands too. This wil be a long mission she thought while getting back to work.

I described every person by there names except Hide. I don't care what happens with them I just thought it would be good if he listed other merchants that could have something to do with it.

Sabra Kusabana
07-29-2009, 10:34 PM
Good planning, we might end up using them later snese alot of this is centered in town. It makes for a good backdrop.

Kinomi sighed, "Well that does give me a better idea of what to look for..." He took a short drink from his cup. "How about we go get some actual food, and get cought up?" He suggested to his uncle. The older man stood, "You know me boy, only if it's your treat." Kinomi forced a grin, "Of course." He ushered the merchant toward the door. "Tsuin, we'll be going out. Don't worry about lunch for me." He called, then left with the older man. He hoped to give the other ninja time to come up with a plan for her investigation where she wouldn't have to hold her disguise.

He'd take Takuumi to his usual dinner, it was about as far from the book store as you could get without going well out of your way. The chunin was aware he'd have explaining to do if they ran into the real Tsuin, so he'd take precautions not to.

07-29-2009, 10:57 PM
Ren sighed and dropped the justu in a puff of smoke."Whew, finaly. It feels strange being someone elese." Ren said in relief. She looked at her note book, she had gotten some pretty good infomatioin. Every single letter helped.

The rosey haired woman turned off all the lights then headed back to the bookstore.

Ren walked threw the door and saw her mother at the front counter. "Hey mom, I'm done with my mission. It was um...Info gathering mind if I look over my notes, It will only take a few minutes then I promise that i will get back to work." Said the Chunin. Her mother looked at her and smiled. "You can work the front counter." Said the Red haired adult.

The crystaline eyed girl looked at her notes. there where lots of details about him, but most importantly was the names of the other powerful merchants. Ren was going to have to question them as well, but she was only eight-teen and some adults thought of her as a kid. Most adults don't like being questioned by kids ,

'Hey Ren pay more attenten." Said her mom, Ren looked up and saw a line of people waiting. She blushed then got to work.


Takumi followed his nephew. He's turning out to be alot like me he thought and that's a good thing. "Hey aren't we going a pretty far distance?" Asked the merchant. "There are no good places to eat near by so we have to go a some where not to close. " Kinomi replied. He then continued follwing him down the sandy path.

Sabra Kusabana
07-30-2009, 12:00 AM
The younger man finally stopped them at a nice looking bar and resturant combination. They took a booth and set about ordering. "What kind of things have you been shiping lately?" Kinomi asked as their drinks were brought over. He gave the waitress a charming smile and she walked away with a wink. The merchant smiled to himself, the boy was too much like him. It made him a bit sad though, he'd hoped Kinomi would be more like his more levelheaded father had been.

07-30-2009, 07:43 AM
Takumi thought he might as well anwser the question. "Well anything you can imagine....Except fruit not anymore, it spoils to quickly. Paintings, jewerly, book marks, notebooks, Clotheing, and too many to mention." He said while drinking his drink.

Kinomi nodded. "So, How's your life as a ninja in Suna?" Asked the older man. Kinomi hesitated. "Well, it has it's ups and downs. but at least I don't have to find real work." Said the long haired man. Takumi chuckled. "Wow boy, you different from whatI expected." He Anwsered

Kinomi looked a bit counfused but then there food came. Takumi had ordered some miso soup, and got straight to eating it.

Sabra Kusabana
07-30-2009, 06:49 PM
Tsuin was putting away the last of a box of books when the bell on the door rung. She came up to greet the customer, only to find Ren already helping him. The light haired girl stood there a moment, staring at the man. He was talk, had a two day beard, and was dressed in a casual suit.

She saw Ren direct the man to the back where her mother was. Tsuin came up to the desk as he left. "Ren-chan, who was that?" The rose haired girl looked at her. "He comes in sometimes, works for Yoshi, takes orders for imports." The ninja watched the teens reaction.

"Is there something wrong Tsuin?" The airy eyed girl looked to the side in consideration. "He just seems strangely familiar, and it gives me a shiver down my spine..." The chunin looked down at her notes, a small curse left her lips. "You don't recognise his face?" She asked as she marked something down on her paper.

"No, but I didn't see the face the other night." Tsuin admited as she looked to her friend. "I don't know for sure if it's the same person..." She looked down at her feet. "I'm sorry I'm so bad at remembering."

07-30-2009, 07:32 PM
Ren smiled at the girl. This might be of help she thought. "It's fine Tsuin, I know it's hard to take in the surroundings when your scared or nervous." Ren said politely. Tsuin nodded. "I know, I just think I could of remeberd him better." The brown haired girl replied.

Ren thought for a minute about what to do, then common sense hit her in the face. "Tsuin Two things first of all I'll see if you reconize his voice and secondly and most importantly get away before he sees you. If he was the person and the person said about no one being able to protect you, he may come here for you if they know your here, but if they don't know your here they might come back to the apartment again...It might have nothing to do with you but still........if they come to the apartment again.........."The crystaline eyed girl stopped then smiled mischeivously.

Ren hurried Tsuin to the back where she wouldn't be found. "Here hide behind the bookshelf, I'll go talk to him." She said kindly then went by the man.

"Hello there! How are ya?" Said the chunin way over enthusasticly. The man turned to her."Good morin miss. How is the book bussiness?" He asked. He must be pretty easy going, Thought Ren. She saw that her mother was still figureing out the merchandice count, so she would have to hurry before she was done and he left.

"Well two things wrong one I'm a ninja and two it's the afternoon!" Said the rosey haired girl pretending to be annoyed. All I need to do is get him to speek in different voice tones, she thought. "Well some little lady woke up on the wrong sid of bed today." He chuckled. Is he purpusely useing that tone or what she thought.

"AHHHHHHHHH A MOUSE!!!!!!!!" Ren screamed not knowing any other way to get him to talk at least with a different expression. The man looked shocked. "Ahhhhhhhh......W....Where is the m....mouse." The merchant stammered useing a different tone. He quickly jumped up on to the front counter ignoreing the suprized stares from the few customers there. Bingo! She thought.

"Ren, don't be rediculous theres not a single mouse in the intire store." Ren's mom complained.The merchant then jumped down from his perch. The chunin thought for a second then replied. "Oh yea sorry, it was a rat. I can never tell the difference." She said while shaking her head.

"The man jumped to his perch once again. Hmm...able to jump high distances, is he useing chakra. Ren thought remebering that the intruder was a shinobi. But then remeberd how high pitched this guys voice was not certain if he had anything to do with the break in or not. "Ahhhhhhhh! Get me out of this crazy place!" He screamed. He took the parper out of Miki's hand and fled out of the store.

The red haired woman looked at her sternly. "Sorry ma'am." Ren aplogized then walked back to where Tsuin was. Tsuin was almost laughing at what recently happened but calmed down when Ren got there."So sound familier?" She asked the brown haired girl.

Sabra Kusabana
07-30-2009, 07:42 PM
Tsuin nodded, "A little. It's similar, but the person who attacked me had a deep huskiness, like he was sick, or Kinomi said a smoker might sound like that." Ren thought on that a while. "He might have a brother, or another family member who might sound like that. It's not much, but it gives me a lead." Tsuin smiled, "Better then nothing."

07-30-2009, 08:06 PM
Ren nodded....mabye Yoshi was related to the worker. Or it could be a completely different person who did this, she thought. "Well Tsuin...I have a lead and a plan now thanks to you, just don't know how well the plan would work..." Said the rosey haired girl.

Tsuin looked surprized "Really?" She asked. "Yep Tsuin-chan. Thanks" She said. Tsuin nodded but still looked suprized.


Takumi finished his soup so Kinomi why did you really want to see me?" He asked half his mouth in a smile. "Well......I need help." Kinomi said his eyes wandering around the room. "Help with what?" Asked the older man. "Cooking." He replied quickly. "Cooking?" Asked Takumi one eye brow raised in confusion. "Uh..Yea, can't even make a cup of tea." He said seriously.

"Really boy......Ha ha got ya. Now get me a drink will ya?" the merchant asked the waiter. Kinomi sighed and looked relived.

Sabra Kusabana
07-30-2009, 09:43 PM
Kinomi ordered his uncle a drink. "In all seriousness, I would like to get better at cooking. I know I could ask mother, but she'd get it in her head that I had some sort of extra motive." The older man laughed at that, "Boy you've had an extra motive to everything you've done sense you were 6... Let me guess it has to do with that girl you live with?"

The longer haired man actually was taken by surprise, the cooking concept he'd just thrown out as an excuse, but now he actually did feel strange about it. "What gave you that idea?" Takumi smirked as his drink was brought over. "I saw how she didn't even smiled when you looked at her, she didn't seem interested at all. That can't be normal for you. I bet it bothers you to no end, given your record."

Kinomi felt his cheek twitch. Takumi was right, Tsuin did bother him with that, but it wasn't even the real Tsuin he'd seen. "Am I that predictable?" The merchant nodded behind his cup. The chunin could feel a headache coming on, he did not need thoughts of the brown haired woman clouding his mind while he was trying to gather information.

The tall ninja sighed, looking down at his hands. "I have no skill for cooking, it might be a hopeless case. Maybe I should just get something nice for her, and see if that changes her tune? Any suggestions?" Kinomi asked, fishing for information still, but now with other things in mind beyond his investigation. Maybe some kind of gift for Tsuin would help their relationship, smooth over some of his harsher actions.

07-31-2009, 09:08 AM
Takumi took his drink he orderd and looked at Kinomi pondering what he said. "You know boy, if your going to buy anything for a girl buy it from me, I have only the best merchandice and for a great price." Said Takumi with an amused smile on his face.

"Advertiseing your merchandice even here." Said the long haired man. "Thats right. my way of sales, You could also take some cook'in lesson from Meshi also." Said the merchant. Kinomi looked at him with an expression 1/2 shocked 1/4 embaressed and 1/4 confused. "Well....my mom will ask alot of questions why I'm learning to cook and stuff." He replied huridly.

"Well then learn for someone elese or buy a book about it......Just remeber it's a good idea to buy somethin' from me." Replied the older man. Kinomi nooded then hesitated for a moment. "Hey how long are you staying in Suna?" He asked. "Ehh.....I go where ever the bussiness sails." Replied Takumi.

"Well stay in Suna as long as you can." Kinomi said. "And why should I?" He asked. Kinomi hesitated again he could tell him that it was to gather information. "Um........Lots of people here like the items you sell." He said. "Really....Then I'll leave as soon as mostly everything is sold out." Replied the man with the shoter hair. Kinomi sighed it was never easy conversing with his uncle.

Sabra Kusabana
07-31-2009, 09:20 AM
Kinomi desided to continue running with the gift idea. "Do you have any dresses or something like that?" He asked, his uncle grinned. "Really can't get her out of your head can ya?" The chunin had the grace to blush a little, "I guess not..." Takumi chuckled, "Yeah I probly have a couple left, if you have any idea on size."

The ninja leaned back in the chair, tappping at the table for a minute as he thought to himself. "About a five, maybe a six with those hips." Takumi laughed again, bring his nephew's eyes to him. "What?" "Just I used to be able to do that. Guess a woman's size based on other ones I'd known." Kinomi smirked at him. "No wonder people think I'm your's."

07-31-2009, 10:09 AM
"I still have some fives and sixes back in stock, can stop there later if ya want. I'll put at least one of each size away for you to chose from if the rest are sold out." Said Takumi. Kinomi nodded in thought. "Well boy come back later today mabye ask someone what her size is. Don't wanna buy the wrong size now, do ya." He asked.

"No." Replied Kinomi. Sitting up straighter. "Well then I'm leavin, come back to my place later. Oh and don't forget to pay the bill." Said the merchant while walking out.

It's always nice to get a free meal he thought. While walking back to the merchant grounds. "Hmm...I should of asked him what type of dress." Takumi thought.


"Ren, get your uniform on will you." said her mother. "But mom, what if I need to go on a mission later on, I can't go dressed like that." She said pointing to her young mother.

She was wearing a yellow long sleeved shirt where the long sleeves cuffed at the ends it also had a trurle neck collar. Printed on it was a picture of a book then she had her name tag fastened to that. she also wore a pair of tan kapree pants.

"Come on, Tsuin wears hers." Her mom pleaded. "Well yea, thats because it goes good with her hair and she doesn't mind wearing a short tan skirt." She said angerily. "Well you could have coosen between the skirt or pants but you chose skirt." Her mother argued. Ren looked annoyed. "Thats only because all of the pants drowned me." Said the rosey haired girl.

Miki rolled her eyes. "At least wear your name tag." She said wile sticking it on her. "Oww..." Ren said as she got stuck with the pin.

Ren adjusted the pin then walked over to Tsuin at the front counter. "Hey Tsuin-chan! Anybody come in with the same voice?" Asked Ren. "This is your master plan?" Tsuin asked dissapointed. "Nope, it's way better but might take a couple of days and I need to get your's and Kinomi's permission." She said.

"Well what ever it is, try not to get hurt Ren-chan." She said worridly. "You think I would get hurt over nothing Tusin? Because if you do your completely wrong." Ren smirked.

I thought I would get what their uniform looked like out of the way.I just remeberd I never described it.....~_~

07-31-2009, 03:21 PM
lol doesnt sound very nice...lol

07-31-2009, 04:38 PM
lol doesnt sound very nice...lol

What doesn't sound very nice? ~_~

Sabra Kusabana
07-31-2009, 05:55 PM
Cute uniform, at least for people with light colored hair, I could never pull off yellow with my complexion and hair.

Kinomi left the eatery after paying and headed into town. He made his way to the bookstore. He blinked as he looked to the counter to find Tsuin in different clothing then what he'd last seen her in. She was with another customer right now so he headed into the rows of books.

It took him a minute, but he found Ren in them. "I talked with my uncle more. I think I've convenced him to remain in town a touch longer, he's almost ready to leave for this round of sales." The other ninja had to roll that around in her head a bit. "I suppose I can't make too big of a deal about a traveling merchant leaving town, but thanks for trying to slow him down, it should help."

"Ren, could I get you to do me a favor?" Kinomi ask while not looking at her, rather keeping an eye on the counter. "Yeah, what?" The man resisted the urge to smile, trying for a poker face. "Can you see what size cloths Tsuin wears? I'm betting her other set is in back sense that looks like a uniform top." He heard the other woman make a strange sound and looked to see her reaction.

07-31-2009, 07:59 PM
Ren was suprized, but her look showed hints of embaressment and jelousy. Why the heck would Kinomi would want to know Tsuin's size. Unless......"The books are working! but she said..." Ren exclaimed to her self. "Um...Ren what are you even talking about?" Asked Kinomi, quite confused.

The woman blushed. "Nothing at all, I'm just curious. Did you ruin one of her outfits or you have a little crush on her?" She asked eyebrows rasied a smile creeping on her face almost to a laugh at how Kinomi was trying to hide his expression.

"Um....Takumi told me that to apologize and make things smoother between us, I should either take cooking lessons or get her something nice." He said looking at his feet. "Looks like you chose the easier way out, but first let me say a few things. For starters your a horrible poker player you need a blanker face, but why should I complain I'm bad at keeping a straight face also." Ren laughed.

Kinomi nooded then Ren went on. "Also she looks good in almost any color, especaily the tones in her uniform. I don't know how well pink would go with her brown hair but any thing would look good on her with her skin tone and hair way unlike me who the color yellow hates." Said the rosey haired girl happily.

"And lastly, i could take Tsuin to browse the clothes so she can tell me wich one she likes. That is unless you want it to be a surprize. I'll go get the uniform." She said hurridly.

"Ugh, I hate how I over talk when I'm nervous." sighed Ren. She grabbed Tsuin's extra uniform then hurried back but stopped midway what if Tsuin saw her with her uniform? Lots of questions I don't want to awnser thought Ren. She looked at the size, five and a half. Then put it back.

'Hey Kinomi, I got her size. Five and a half, but before you leave I need to discuss something with you and Tsuin." Ren said more calmly. "I hope there is no risk of her being at the front counter, but no one will reconize her in the uniform, and who looks at name tags anyway?" Said the crystaline eyed girl.

"Okay, thank you for the size. But please don't tell Tusin why I'm here." He said. Ren nodded then shoved a random book in his hands so it would look like he was buying something.

The Chunin looked around no one was buying anything at the moment. "Hey Tsuin, I need to tell you and Kinomi something, he happened to be buying a book here so I thought it was perfect timeing!" She said optomisticaly. Ren dragged Tsuin back to where Kinomi was who was holding the book she gave him but staring to the wall in thought.

When Tsuin saw him she stared at the book he was holding. "Really?" She asked blankly then looked away. Ren looked at the book she randomly handed Kinomi and tried to hide her laughter. "What are you doing with that book?" Asked Tsuin. "Buying it." Kinomi lied, and still didn't see that the book was titled, "The little pink pretty prirncess of all the pink pretty land" It was a fairy tale picture book.

'Uh, Kinomi look at the book's title. It will all make sense to you." Ren wishpered. Seconds later he flung it on the shelf and Ren ended up haveing to put it away.

"Okay, I have a master plan. Kinomi or I transform into you, Tsuin. Then the person will then walk around and draw attention to themself. They would then walk away to the apartment and the same thing might happen again." Said the rosey haired girl optomisticaly. "So, what do you guys think, I'll hapily do it!" She said waiting for a reply.

Sabra Kusabana
07-31-2009, 08:19 PM
Kinomi raised a brow at her. "You'd have to. I've tried transforming into women before, and I can't pull off a convensing one. You all walk too weird for me to get it down." Tsuin giggled at him. "That's because our center of gravity is different." The girl smiled to Ren, then something occured to her. "If you turn into me, what would happen if I get seen here? Wouldn't that ruin the whole thing?"

The ninja both acknowledged that. "And if you leave I'd have to tend the front, which would mean I'd be seen." Ren sighed, "I'm not sure if someone would recognize you that easy. I've only seen you in that uniform and different shades of blue. The color makes a world of difference." The non-nin still looked unsure, "But what if?"

Kinomi wrapped his arm around her shoulders and laid a finger on her lips. "I'll stay with you till she gets back. I can lay down a genjutsu that will make anyone who comes in during that time forget you were even here, all they'd remember was a girl helped them." Tsuin thought on that and finally nodded to the idea.

Kinomi looked over to Ren. "Are you sure you want to do this? They may have left her alone with little fight last night, but criminal history proves that the second time is always worse. Cowards tend to hate returning to the same place twice, perticularly if you make a spectical of yourself to lure them in. It could be dangerious." He watched her face carefully, she was rolling that over, but still looked confident.

07-31-2009, 10:39 PM
Ren thought for a while. It could be a problem. She also didn't know who well she could capture a ninja but at least one glance at it would be enough if remebered.

"I know there is a great risk of me doing this and might make Tsuin a bit embarresed if I do something stupid to draw attention, I am also at a great risk of being kidnapped, but hey it's my mission and I'm doing it no one can stop me!" Exclaimed the kunichi.

"No one was going to stop you Ren, I am just sure that Tsuin is also worried for your saftey and would blame it all on herself if you died. Also keep quiet. You don't want other people knowing about this." Kinomi awnsered.

Ren looked around no one else was in the shop so they were safe for now."Kinomi can you cast the Genjustu exactly after I walk out the door?" Asked Ren.

Kinomi nooded. "Also Tsuin wear a hat. I don't know how the Genjustu will work but in case it fails there is a back up." Said the Genjustu user. Tsuin nooded and took the blue hat from Ren. "Well then I'm off. If I take too long I might be dead!" She said optimisicly.

Ren transformed into Tsuin then grabbed a bag and filled it with newspapers so it looked like she bought something.

Ren walked to the midle of the city. when she got there she sat down and purpusely tripped someone. The person almost fell over but stopped. While she was busy the Chunin poked her neck with two senbon to make it seem like her heart was not beating. The person spun around and saw Tsuin A.K.A Ren laying on the ground, heart not beating. The woman screamed "There is a dead girl over here!" And got everyone's attenition.

Ren then weakily got up and said. "I have betrayed m....m....my farther forgive me..." She then fell down. She could feel everyone's confused stares at her.The now brown haired woman jumped up and hugged the woman by her. She had periceing black eyes, and black hair like a night's sky, she was gorgeous.

Ren then hugged her. The woman stared there strangely. "Are you dead or not?" she asked. "Nope, Cause I am the all mighty Tsuin!" She screamed while standing in a heroific pose. ''Hey Rin do ya know the freak?" Shouted someone from the crowd."No way, get away you little brat." Said the person claimed to be Rin while pushing her away.

"Ho Ho Ho......What happened?" Asked Ren while acting. She then stared around and fakily blushed and headed to the apartment. She tried the handle to the door....It was unlocked. She opened it slowly Then quickly cast a Genjustu on any people in the room. "Liitle girl, it's politer to knock first." Said a voice behind her. "You think any of use would really be fooled?" The person asked again.

Ren turned around ready to fight but as she did she was hit on the head and collapsed. Thoughts where running threw her head, like how did he know about my plan and how many people here are there?

08-01-2009, 08:36 AM
Ren looked around, where was she? She shook her head and cleared it. She was knocked out on the couch in Tsun's apartment. She looked around and turned on the lights looking for any evidence people where even here.

Ren found a peice of black cloth snagged on the door but that was all. The Chunin walked out the apartment making sure there was nobody following her.Then headed for the bookstore.

Sabra Kusabana
08-01-2009, 08:53 AM
Don't mind me Cherry continue on. I'm only ganna be on a bit longer, and don't know exactly what I should do for this atm. I figure Ren will just come explain what happened, and you'd be better to write that anyway.

08-01-2009, 09:17 AM
Ren walked back to to the store, certain that no one was following her. When she walked in Tsuin was at the front counter. The bell on the door jingled and Tusin looked up as Ren walked in.

"Ren did it go well?" Tsuin exclaimed The rosey haired girl walked over to where Kinomi and Tsuin where. "Okay someone knew all about my plan, but I did find this." She said while handing them the cloth. Kinomi took it and put it in a plastic bag.

"So what where the details, you where gone for a long time." Asked the long haired man. Ren looked embaressed then spoke. "Um, Tsuin.....You might be in the news papers titled as crazy non living girl."She said quietly. Tsuin sighed.

Ren finished telling them of the happenings, they then deiced they had to start from the begining and question the people.

Chidori stream
08-01-2009, 09:57 AM

This is a link to a fasn fiction contest. You can enter.

Sabra Kusabana
08-01-2009, 06:52 PM

This is a link to a fasn fiction contest. You can enter.

Thanks for the offer. Maybe we'll all get together and see if we want to, sense it's co-op project.

Sabra Kusabana
08-01-2009, 07:01 PM
Kinomi leaned against the wall, his hand coming up to cover his face as he thought it all over to himself. "It's not her they care about... If it was Tsuin that was a target you would of been hurt or kidnapped, not left on the couch." He looked to the two women with those perfect teal eyes showing regret.

He stepped to Tsuin and hugged the teen to him. He whispered to her where Ren wouldn't hear. "If something happens to me, tell your brother, I'm sorry." He pulled away from her, leaving the girl stunned as he turned from them both and headed to the door.

"Wait, what are you going to do?" Ren called. Kinomi didn't turn to let them see his expression, but it was grim. "I think I know who it is, and I don't think it has anything to do with your investigation. Don't worry, I'm actually stronger then I look." He left the store, and was bounding across rooftops before the rose haired ninja could stop him.

Ren turned to Tsuin with question. "He's going to do something dangerious..." The lighter haired girl said as she collapsed into a chair. Ren's mother came to the front with some boxes before they could talk over what just happened, and Tsuin went straight to work changing out the stock to avoid thinking about the man and what he might be planning to do to whoever he thought was behind all this.

08-01-2009, 07:52 PM
Ren was panicked, Kinomi was going to get hurt. She just knew it some how. He shouldn't be takeing big risks like that. No one wants him to die. "Um, Ren-Chan. Are you okay?" Asked Tsuin. "I'm fine." Ren sighed. "I just have a bad feeling about this." She then picked up a stack of books and put them away silently.

Ren and Tsuin stayed there quitely for a while, but the silence broke when Ren jumped up and said. "That's enough! I have a plan! It involves binging Kinomi back here before he kills himself." Tsuin stared at her quite surprized but quickly her glare hardend.

"Your not going anywhere. Look where your last plan got you. You still have a giant bump on your head, two holes in your neck, and three purple senbon stuck on you going deeply through your skin." Tsuin exclaimed. The rosey haired girl stared blankly. "What do you mean by purple senbon?" She asked.

The younger of the two looked suprized then said. "Well you have a purple senbon stuck in your shoulder, and two on your neck."

The chunin hurried and got a mirror and took her headband off her neck. She looked in the mirrior and it was proved true. Ren took the senbon out then studied the placement one of the neck senbon was dangerously close to a vital organ, it was less than a milleiter away. The one in her shoulder had some dust around it wich appeared to be some kind of sleeping drug. Then the other neck one was yet again close to a vital organ.

Ren turned pale. "Tsuin, they tried to kill me." She said in a small voice. The brown haired girl stared at her with wide eyes. "The only reason the senbon didn't hit a vital is because it was so dark in there." Said the Chunin. She stared down. "Tsuin, I feel so weak. I was so close to being killed and I didn't even put up a fight." She said breaking into tears.

Tsuin took her to the back and got her a glass of water. "Are you all right Ren, You must feel drowsey because of the sleeping drug." Ren shook her head and awnsered "No, it was only supposed to keep me asleep for a short while so they could insert the senbon with out any struggle.They knew who I was and they knew that I would put up a fight. I wasn't even in a transformation justu when I woke up."

Tsuin nooded "Stay back here and rest up, you must be tired after all the excitement" She said kindly. Ren shook her head while grabbing some bandages from her pocket. "We need to warn Kinomi about how dangerous these people are." She said while wrapping the wite bandages around her neck and arm. The Chunin the put her headband back arond her neck so it covered the bandages.

"Ren, you have to trust Kinomi." Tusin said. Ren nodded. "But I'm going if I feel too nervous Tsuin-Chan. They will most likely kill anyone in their way." Said the Ninja strubbronly as she walked back to the books.

In your last post who where you refering to when you said the lighter haired one. I don't really know if Tsuin's hair is a light or dark brown.

Sabra Kusabana
08-01-2009, 08:33 PM
Tsuin's hair is extremely light brown, almost blond. Sort of like warm honey, that color somewhere between true yellow and brown.

Sabra Kusabana
08-01-2009, 09:09 PM
Kinomi entered the room like a man prepared for death. It was smokey inside, and smelled of alcohol. "I never thought I'd prefer the thought of meeting with my uncle to meeting with an someone I once loved." A man in a darkened corner stood as the chunin stepped inside. "I never thought I'd end up having to make threats just to see your face." The low rumble of the voice was scratchy and sore sounding, like he had coughed alot recently. "I'm glad you came, it would be a shame to kill a second girl to get your attention."

"Second girl?" Kinomi felt his blood run cold, and he heard movement from the sides of the darkened room. "What do you mean second?" The man in the shadows laughed a mocking sound that resulting in violent racking that doubled him forward. Kinomi cought the glint of blood on the man's hand as he recovered and wiped his mouth.

Finally he got the answer to his two questions, and it made Kinomi feel sick. "Didn't you find her? We left the pretty little rose on your living room couch." The chunin set his jaw as he heard another round of moment from outside of what he could see. "Now, my so beautiful lover, it's time I paid you back for the pain you caused me... Boy's make him bleed."

Kinomi ducked low, barely seeing the fist before it could land. Another cought him in the side, sending him rolling into the dark. The silhouettes of the attackers was all he could make out in the sudden lighting change. He felt something slice deep across his cheek, and reached for his weapons. He'd have to be serious, there just seemed to be too many to go easy.

08-01-2009, 10:03 PM
Ren stood at the counter weakly. Waiting for a customer, when Tsuin came up to her. "Ren, are you okay. The needles might have been poisoned." Tsuuin said. her voice full of concern. Ren kept stareing at the door. "They weren't poisoned, I checked. They where just trying to hit my vitals remeber." She sighed.

Tsuin nodded then stood next to Ren."I know how you feel. I'm worried too. You just have to trust in Kinomi, It's also a lot of shock for you in one day. Are you sure you don't want to go home earily? I don't care being here by myself." Asked the brown haired girl. Ren shook her head, "I'm fine." was alll she said then got back to her thoughts.

Do as you please with Ren. She can stay at the shop, or track Kinomi.

Sabra Kusabana
08-01-2009, 10:09 PM
Have her sit on the side lines for now if that's okay.

Sabra Kusabana
08-01-2009, 10:27 PM
Meshi came from across the street into the little bookstore. She had a basket with her. "You girls are still here? Shouldn't this place close soon, I'm done for the day?" Ren blinked at the woman, she seemed so familiar, those eyes. A memory flashed in her head of one day outside the shop.


Kinomi was pulled back into a cooking store by a woman with sea green hair and eyes the same as his, only darker. The woman moved his hair out of his face and seemed to wipe it off. She then tilted the young man down and kissed his forehead.


Ren remembered it, she'd watched it happen thru the glass door of the woman's shop. The scene and the similarity of the two people's faces made her realize who this must be. She felt bad all of a sudden. Seeing Kinomi's mother before her, and having no idea what might be happening to the woman's son.

Tsuin saw her friend pale, and how Meshi looked concerned for the teen. "Oh, we're almost done. Don't worry about us." She said while bowing to the middle aged woman. Meshi waved at her to stop the bowing. "Now now, you're with my Kinomi-kun there's no reason to be so formal."

The lighter haired woman smiled as she looked at what Meshi was carrying. "What's in there?" The older woman sat the basket on the counter. "These are for you girls. I got them with a shipment of these baskets today." She pulled the lip up to show the container packed with melons and the like.

Meshi looked around the shop. "Where's Kinomi, I saw him in here just before I closed up next door." She said as she glance around the mostly deserted store. The light from outside was getting low, and it dimmed the place till it felt almost lonely inside.

08-01-2009, 10:53 PM
Ren found her voice and calmly said "Ninja duty, that's all miss." The woman looked at her. "What in the world happend to your neck?" She asked seeing the bandages. Ren blushed nervously.She couldn't say it was because she almost got killed. "It's the newest fashion." Ren lyed.

The woman chuckled and said. "You younger generation and your crazy ways." Ren smiled. This was sure helping her mood. Tsuin gave The rosey haired girl a look that she read as should we tell her. Ren slightly shook her head "It would cause her to panic." She whisperd. Tsuin nodded.

'Thank you for the melons miss." Ren managed out. The teen didn't feel like talking right now.

Sabra Kusabana
08-01-2009, 11:04 PM
Meshi smiled at them and started to the door. "Oh, save one of the cantalopes for Kinomi, he likes them." She left with a little wave. Tsuin looked over at the basket and hung her head. "Now I feel a little like dirt..." "How do you think I feel? I could be out there if I had any idea where he was." Ren said as she picked the basket up.


Kinomi was starting to get lightheaded from having the wind pushed out of him so many times. There was blood staining the floor and walls now. The warm liquid was almost coating his hands and the blades he used. His face stung with pain, and the smoke was really starting to get to his eyes. He couldn't keep this up if something didn't happen to turn the tide, and it had to happen fast.

The man looked at the hanging light that lite the room, what little it was doing. He made a choice on if it was helping or hurting, and then raised his hand toward it. A momentary bolt of lightening flew from his finger tips and shorted the circuit. The bulb flickered and sputtered for a second, where the ninja watched his enemies approach in momentary glimpses, then it all went black. Sounds of metal and skin meeting eachother along with crys of pain filled the darkened room.

08-02-2009, 09:06 AM
would yellow go well with really dark brown hair? i dont wear yellow a lot, more of blue and red and such

Sabra Kusabana
08-02-2009, 09:11 AM
would yellow go well with really dark brown hair? i dont wear yellow a lot, more of blue and red and such

It never did for me, but my skin is what most people call olive toned, so that may of been by. Reds and greens always looked best for me, and my hair is a very dark brown, that is when I don't have it dyed.

08-02-2009, 10:03 AM
Ah,I'm a bit pale, but not as pale as some people, so yellow might go well. But yellow and black makes me feel like a bee, and my hair is really dark... Oh and I'm gonna insert a character into the suna area. ^.^


"Hey, I'm sorry alright!"


"Sheesh, I was in there for five minutes while you were cleaning up the living room, and you start yelling at me for a 'small' mess!"

"Fire Style: Boiling Water!"


"No way! That's what you get for completely destroying my room!"


"Glad to, brother! Water Style: Chilled Liquid!"


"That's why you never destroy my room, idiot!"

"Finally, you ended the jutsu!" Ryouta's younger brother, Ryuu, yelled from the bottom of the stairs. Ryuu had short, messy brown hair, ocean blue eyes, and fair skin. He often wore a brown and black shirt, tan shorts, and brown shoes.

"Just remember, never do that again!" Ryouta yelled from the top of the stairs. Ryouta had long blonde hair, sea green eyes, and fair skin. She always wore a pale green shirt tinted with brown, and brown capris with black shoes.

"Yea yea yea..." The brunnette muttered. Like I'll listen to her! He thought.

"I heard that, Major Stupidity!" The agitated chunin yelled at him. Maybe I can set a trap so when my door opens when I'm gone, he'll be caught in a net then I can torture him at will! He had BETTER listen... The blonde thought.

I thought I'd start out a bit like the Sakura beats up Naruto theme. ^.^

Sabra Kusabana
08-02-2009, 10:11 AM
I thought I'd start out a bit like the Sakura beats up Naruto theme. ^.^

In gamer language: EPIC WIN! That was quite amusing! :mrgreen:

08-02-2009, 10:13 AM
thats what it was supposed to be!^.^ <(^.^<) (>^.^)> kirby is dancing for joy!:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

08-02-2009, 11:16 AM
I don't have much to add right now, all that Ren is doing is sulking around feeling resonsible for any deaths that could happen, and is still shocked from almost getting killed.

Saku, why don't you write about the other half of the story. I hope my character gets to meet the other ones on the mission some time because I want to write some battleing scenes with Ren.

Sabra Kusabana
08-02-2009, 12:06 PM
Kinomi was pushed to his knees, they'd drug him to a new room now that they'd finally managed to subdue him. It cost them five men, but apparently his captor had the money for it to be worth it to keep fighting. As his eyes adjusted to the light he could see someone he recognised huddled in a corner. "Netami..." The much smaller man had blood on his shirt, and wouldn't look up from his corner.

"That's right. I saw you go to him the other night, and thought it'd be best to tie up loose ends." The teal eyed man watched as his captor finally came into full light. It hurt his heart a little even now to see this person looking as he did. Those ravenous green eyes so strange now from disease, the whites had been turned blue by it. The man's hair had all but fallen out, where once there had been locks like spun gold. "Akuimaru, he's done nothing, let him go." Kinomi pleaded with the wide shouldered man.

Akuimaru stooped by Netami's side, the small person withered, making small sounds. "Oh I don't think so, not after what I let him see... No he'll die in here, and all because of you." The man caughed as he stood. Pulling a pack of cigarettes from his pocket he lite one up, and Kinomi hissed in a low rumble. "Those things will kill ya." The man laughed, a rolling sound that might have one time been pretty, now it was just plain creepy.

"Something funny boss?" Kinomi recognised that voice, and even with the two men holding him in place managed to turn and spit in the little twerp's directions. "Ouda, I should have kicked your ass before. If I'd known you'd w***ed yourself out for something like this I would have." The thin man smirked at the beaten up chunin. "I'd hold my tongue if I were you pretty boy, otherwise one of us might deside to hold it for ya, besides at least I'm smart enough to charge, unlike your sl***y self."

Akuimaru took the lit cigarette from his mouth and rubbed it into the smaller man's neck as the insult rung in the air. Ouda wenched away holding himself in pain. "You bas-" A sharp kick cut him off as he was sent flying out of Kinomi's line of sight. "We went over this, I'm the only one allowed to talk to him like that." The wide man explained in a most matter of fact way.

He approached Kinomi, leaning over him, making the two men holding him in place have to shift to stay where they needed to be. Akuimaru ran a finger over a fresh cut across Kinomi's face. "You know what I started doing after you left. You're well aware of who I worked for, and the resources I have. Why didn't it occur to you who would be stalking you with such abrupt tactics?" Kinomi ground his teeth at the pain, "Because I wanted to think higher of you then that."

A slap echoed in the room and Akuimaru came away with blood on his hand. He turned his back on Kinomi, "Think higher of me, laughable." The ninja knew this was going somewhere he was not going to like, but instead of playing nice he figured he might as well get his two cents in while he was still able to. "Fine then, respect for a dieing man."

Kinomi watched his ex raise a hand and snap his fingers, "String him up." He long haired man heard the movement of chains and was brought to his feet by the pair restraining him. His hands were already bound together so when they raised his arms up and hooked them to what he could only presume was some kind of crane, there was really nothing he could do but dangle. "This is starting to feel like one of your gross fantasys." The violet haired man accused. "Now if only it was one of yours," Akuimaru replied while turning toward him with a knief in hand.

08-02-2009, 12:31 PM
continue unless you want Ren you jump in. but I think you have a different idea in mind,so I'll just wait for the next post.^^.

08-02-2009, 12:38 PM
ok cherry! finally we go back to the other part! DO DO DO DO DO DO DOOOO DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

"Kimeraa, you sure that you trained your wolf properly?" Chiyoko asked as they tried to get past the crowd blocking the scene.

"You seriously doubt that I wouldn't train my wolf from biting at will?" Kimeraa asked sarcastically.

"Well, no, but-" The waves ninja started.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Another scream sounded through the town.

"Damn it, Russet you are in so much trouble!" Kimeraa yelled.


"Hey, Kaito, did you hear that scream?" Hitori asked him, carrying the catch and tackle in a basket.

"Hitori, you don't really think I'm deaf, do you?" Kaito said sarcastically, carrying the fishing poles. They got to Kaito's house without much of an event, and returned the poles to the owner. The fish were in Kaito's house, and they were wandering around, trying to find where the screams were coming from. A frightened villager almost ran by, but Kaito stopped him.

"Hey, what's going on? I heard a scream earlier." The waves ninja asked.

"A wolf is terrorizing a villager further ahead!" He said, then dashed off.

"Wolf...? That better not be Kimeraa's wolf!" The sand ninja said, already dashing forward. The other chunin was right behind him.


"I have never seen Russet so agitated!" The leaf ninja said, awed. The wolf terrorizing a villager was indeed Russet, and he was like a devil. His teeth were shown to their greatest extent, his growl was like that of a lion, the wolf's hackles were up, and he was moving forward at an alarming rate. "Russet! Stop this right now!" The wolf turned his head around to look at it's master. It nodded once, and turned it's head back to the villager.

"Kimeraa, what does that mean?" The impatient chunin asked.

"Chiyoko, I think we have found our tracker." The duel haired teen told her. She went over and picked up the villager by the shirt. "You're coming with us." She said curtly.

ok it may be short but its all i could think of for now

Sabra Kusabana
08-02-2009, 08:50 PM
Hitori and Kaito reached the sight of the trouble in time to see Kimerra and Chiyoko trying to take someone away from the scene. Most civilians had fleed the spot. They ran to the girls and asked what the issue was. "We believe this guy was following us." The leaf ninja said as she gripped the man's collar. "Where taking him somewhere were the situation will be easier to control."