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05-16-2010, 04:59 PM
Hey i want to take on anyone if you like we can use naruto or bleach freeverse
i need this template if you want to use bleach
Zanpouto Name:
Zanpouto Description :

Shika ( descrition included)

Bankia Name:
Bankia Description:

Vizard Mask:
Vizard Power

And naruto template


Justu for Fire:
Justu for Water:
Justu for Wind:
Justu for Lighting:
Justu for Earth:

Cures Seal ( if used )
2nd Level:


Dark A. Jeagerjaquez
05-16-2010, 06:27 PM
ill use bleachverse but im an espada..........i needs an arrancar template

05-16-2010, 06:36 PM
ok i sent it to you in the rain chat. il do mine why you do yours.

Dark A. Jeagerjaquez
05-16-2010, 06:41 PM
hold on,do we have to use a template? its bleach FV and we dont use templates =/

05-16-2010, 06:44 PM
Zanpouto Name: Driga Summala

Zanpouto Description : A slim blade with six other min it then woud spin if needed to. the min ones can speard out or they can shoot out. the balde is a purple as well and a flat black. a four star cut in is around the pink laced hilt.

Shika ( descrition included) When i have given the cammand for it to " dawn" it will then glow a deeper purple and have my blade cover in a dence fog and make it trun into a set of curved shibas ( long blades with shearding power ). this can give me a stronger hiro and a burst of sp

Bankia Name: Sircaro " DAWN " this the makes a sky rocket sp and has the twin shiba burst and make a winged garud around me also a lighting spark blast would apear and it would be purple and have a shaft like appearance

Vizard Mask: A jaguar maks with now horns and a small bit of white the rest is black

Vizard Power: soon to be proven

05-16-2010, 06:45 PM
hold on,do we have to use a template? its bleach FV and we dont use templates =/
ok i need to shower so make your move and me or shino will counter when i get off . bye dark is it.

Dark A. Jeagerjaquez
05-16-2010, 06:48 PM
release command:devour
Cero Powers and Limits on them:???
First Form:2 black wings and 5 black tails
Second Form:black fur,2 black wings,10 black tails,2 white horns
Weapons:twin zanpakutos;spear in 2nd release
Post ion on Number:#2
Elements you control:fire,lightning

05-17-2010, 08:25 AM
I'll use Naruto Freeverse (PS Sorry for interrupting) Here is my template.
Name: Nakaru
Age: Unknown
Organization: Mugendai Karuto (Infinity Cult)

My Info:

Name: Naraku
Chakra Type: Omnipotent
Bloodline Limit/KG: Aura
This mysterious Kekkei Genkai chooses its wielder from when they are born. It is said to be very capable of alot of things as there are many variants of jutsu's from it.

Weapon: (Mysterious Metal Sword) and Rinnegan Sword

Naraku has a special metal sword that absorbs chakra (any kind), can bend on will, stretch as long as it wants, 10x harder than diamond, It can also split the blades end into two branches (like a tree) and it can make more and more branches and there is almost no limit to how much it can branch off, and it can cut through mountains and buildings like scissors on paper.
Rumors have it that this sword is sentient and very much alive and only obeys its chosen master. No ones knows how strong this sword really is. It is said to be 3x more powerful when its name is said. Because the sword reacts to its name. It can also fuse with its master giving them exponential power. He also got the Rinnegan sword from Zack whom he defeated in battle.


Jutsu cancellation: By just a snap of a finger, The jutsu will disappear into thin air
Negation Obliteration: With a onehanded handsign. The opponents jutsu disappears into thin air. This is for S-Ranked Jutsu
Total Annihilation: Jutsu Cancellation and Negation Obliteration Merged. This gets rid of an opponents unworldly jutsu. This takes alot out of Naraku
Chakra Absorber: This is a B/C-Rank Jutsu where Naraku's hands gain a blue aura witch allows him to absorb chakra
Chakra Depletion: This is an S-Rank jutsu where Naraku hands gain a black aura witch allows him to deplete/absorb chakra's at high speeds
Backlash Assault: This is a technique where Naraku sends the jutsu right back at the opponent
Reversal: A technique where he reverses a jutsus effect on the opponent instead of himself
Mobility Disablement: Mobility Disablement is when Naraku's hands turn a white aura and whatever he touches will not be able to move for a while. Any body part. His favorite place is the mid-section.
Ultimate Disablement: Ultimate Disablement is when his body gains a white aura and he is able to disable things around him not actually physically touching them but they are projected in soundwaves mixed in with chakra and anything with an aura, making him able to disable stuff from afar.
Univeral Disablement: Just like Ultimate Disablement, Except this is in a widespread attack covering an amazing amount of ground and in the air.
Soundwave Production Disruptor (Outer): Where he can project soundwaves sorta like a bat but he projects them from his sword and it can disable anything that has liquid or is liquid.
Soundwave Production Disruptor (Inner): He is able to disable himself just in case of a rare occurence or disable an opponent instead of an outer technique where as Inner proves more effective.
(More Omnipotent Jutsus still being listed. But I forgot them at the moment. I'll try and remember them)
Aura Sphere Imprisonment: Creates an aura sphere and it blankets the opponents technique where he can minimize the sphere and capture it.
Aura Sphere: He can either throw it, small or big sphere, or he can use it sorta like a rasengan. The effects differ from the aura color changes.
(More Aura Stuff Coming)
Purple Aura Cloak: Can absorb chakra
Red Aura Cloak: Can attach an aura thread connecting to the opponent and cause pain to them like Hidan's voodoo Curse.
Yellow Aura Cloak: Gains Speed
Black Aura Cloak: Gains Intense strength and stamina
Rainbow Aura Cloak: CLASSIFED

Shino Hatake
05-17-2010, 01:38 PM
ok ill take over for my baby girl so i gess i have to do both naruko set up a thread so i can fight you. and MKS ill send you a pm to do it K