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04-25-2010, 12:44 PM
Uchiha Madara
Back when the world was mired in chaos, there stood a man at the top of the shinobi heap--Uchiha Madara. As the feared Uchiha clan's leader, he was the first to obtain an eternal Mangekyo and, using its power, tame the Nine-Tailed Fox Demon.

After the formation of Konohagakure, Madara lost his bid to become the First Hokage. Not one to take defeat quietly, he attacked the village with the Fox Demon but failed and purportedly died at the hands of First Hokage Senji Hashirama, Madara's lifelong rival.

But since that fateful day, there's been speculation that he was still alive. Was he involved with the Fox Demon's second invasion and the Uchiha's clan's slaughter? The rumors become reality when Tobi, a masked Akatsuki with the Sharingan Eye, reveals his true identity.