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06-06-2009, 02:53 PM
I decided I would write a story similar to naruto. It wont take place in the naruto world but there will be jutsu and some items from the naruto world. I used only kakashis name in this story but other than that I came up with evryone elses name. I hope you enjoy it and post what you think about it. I will post the next chapter soon.

chapter 1: The Dream

The hallway seemed as if it would go on forever. Leon knew he could keep running from the dark shadow that chased after him. The shadow was slowly gaining on him and he was exhausted. Before he could realise what happened another shadow appeared infront of him. It slowly reached out and grabbed him. He tried to scream but no one could hear him as his voice echoed in the never ending hall. Darkness swallowed him and all he could see was pitch blackness. He could hear a ringing sound in the distance. It was quiet at first but then it got louder. It kept getting louder until Leon found himself sitting upright in bed.
"It was just a dream but it was like it was trying to warn me about something" Leon said to himself. Leon looked at the clock on his dresser. It read 9:28. Leon suddenly remembered his squad had a mission today and they were meeting at the village gate at 9:40. He swore under his breath as he quickly undressed. He put on his blue ripped up jeans and a black long sleeved shirt. He threw on a gray jacket and put on his black leather gloves. "Sh!t I'm going to be late and senseis going to kill me". Leon ran out the door into the light. Many villagers were out roaming around. There were tons of shops selling many fruits,vegetables,ninja tools, and scrolls. He could see the village gate up ahead but he had to pick up some ninja weapons before setting out. Leon walked into the weapon store with tons of demon wind shuriken hanging on the wall. He walked up to the register and yelled for Damien who ran the store. "Coming" Damien yelled from the back of store. Behind the counter stood a huge sword in a beatiful gold sheath with velvet blue straps. The hilt was a beatiful yellow and Red. It was the sword Leon had wanted every since he was 8. Damien said he would sell it to him when he proved he was worthy to use it. "Ah Leon your late but anywhere here are the kunai knifes you ordered" Leon said as he handed Leon a kunai pouch full of 18 Kunais. Leon tied it around his leg and yelled thanks as he left the store. Leon could see everyone waiting by the gate and could their angry faces. "You @SShole your late once again" Tayera yelled at him in an angry tone. "Sorry I had a terrible dream" Leon said "Anyway lets go". "Ugh this is going to be a long trip just don't get in my way and we'll get along just fine" Shun said. Kakashi sied and just signaled to the group that it was time to go. The group set out and had no idea what lay ahead in their life.

Chapter 2: COMING SOON!!!

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Holy crud, nice.