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Hatake Tsuchi
03-18-2010, 04:44 PM
Sasuke chuckles, offering that he'll kill Naruto first. Sakura chastises herself for being too weak to carry out her plans, and concludes she must believe in both Naruto and Sasuke. Kakashi tells Sakura to take care of his body, as he'll take out Madara with his Mangekyou. Madara says that would be useless and that it's time to go. Looking towards Naruto with dim vision, Sasuke tells Madara he wants to speak with him. The Akatsuki swirl away and Naruto offers that he'll be ready. At the Akatsuki base, Sasuke declares that he wants Itachi's eyes. Madara says that's to be expected with Sasuke's extensive Susanoo usage. He then asks what changed Sasuke's mind? Sasuke affirms that he wants to destroy Naruto at full power, as it’s the only way to reject everything Naruto stands for. Back at the bridge, Sakura internally thanks Naruto... who suddenly fall unconscious with a foamy mouth. Sakura and Kakashi realize it’s from the poison kunai which grazed Naruto's cheek. With an antidote administered, Sakura apologizes to Naruto. Kakashi hoists Karin onto his back and warns her not to try anything. She asks why she would even bother and then mulls over finally meeting Naruto. At Kumo, Raikage and Killer Bee are happily greeted by a gathering of Cloud ninja, including a crying Omoi. Omoi asks what the thing on Bee's back is, and the Jinchuuriki explains that it's a Mist Seven Sword that's taken a liking to him. Back at the battlefield where Kisame died, White and Black Zetsu bury Kisame’s body. Black Zetsu affirms that he recorded the battle and White asks where Samehada is. Black explains that the Hachibi took it and White asks if that means... In Kumo, inside Samehada's mouth lurks a hidden Kisame. Kisame calculates that he'll have to be very careful from here, remembering how Madara ordered him to hunt the Hachibi carefully. Madara directs him to use White Zetsu's perfect clone making abilities to act as a diversion. This will give him the chance to sneak into the Lighting Country. Kisame contemplates that he never would have guess Samehada would betray him, but it made it easier for him to sneak in anyway. The Zetsus offer that the Cloud sensor ninja can't detect Kisame, probably because Samehada always used Kisame's chakra. White Zetsu offers that it wasn't easy switching places with Kisame, and the Black directs them to remerge and feed. Elsewhere, ninja from Waterfall rush an industrial hallway. They desperately look back to locate their pursuer. Snakes quickly dart out to encircle them and the cloaked figure offers that he's still getting use to his new powers. With Orochimaru-style eyes and scaled skin, Kabuto smiles and offers that it's probably time to move

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Hidden Ninja45
03-19-2010, 04:10 PM
Very good summary. I don't think you missed anything.

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03-19-2010, 11:10 PM
It could have been easier to read if you seperated them in paragraphs. But it was still good.! ^^

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Wow, but whats the need for that? Still awesome though.

here's the chapter way sorter :lol:

Sasuke finds Naruto a pain so he's going to kill him. Sakura is still so useless and even said she'll always be useless. Kisame is alive; Zetsu clone made that happened. Kisame in his sword. Sasuke wants Itachi's eyes. Harry Potter cross over, Kabutomaru appears.

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ha got all of it next episode i hope its more kabto they should have a kabto avtar as a choice arond here.