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03-08-2010, 12:31 PM
You see... This game looks freakin amazing! But, one thing I wish they wouldve improved on are these two Jutsus:

Sasori' 100 Puppets Technique: You see... If you watch this video of the finals, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9iFypaaLi8 (you have to look for Sasori's), theres something that I feel they didnt improve enough. Sasori's 100 puppets. Cool, right? Yeah, but something that made it cool is that every puppet was diffrent and possessed diffrent abilities or weapons. Some had sharp claws, some had chakra blades, and some just had nothing, but thats what made them cool right!? If you look, all of Sasori's puppets look the EXACT same and they just "run into" the enemy (in this case, Pain) and create a giant barrage of sorts instead of using the weapons they had in the show. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy they finally gave this attack to Sasori, but I wish a bit more work was done on it...`;)

Chiyo: FINALLY! A NARUTO GAME I CAN BUY THAT HAS THIS ATTACK! `:D But, theres something about it that doesnt make sense to me. You see, if you watch the video ^above, and watch Chiyo's final, she summons all the puppets. Then, if you watch the episode Puppet Fight 10 vs. 100, every puppet had a diffrent characteristic. Some puppets worked together with each other (the one with a chakra blade in its head that was swung by another puppet). So, the puppet just attack with speed and power, but some of them lack physical strength! Heres how I think it should work out:
She summons puppets.
Strong beast-looking puppet attacks with a strong punch.
The Samurai puppet attack with a few quick blows.
The Bald puppet comes in with a few punches and kicks and putting the needles in its head through the opponent, pushing him forward.
Then, the 2 puppets that work together (the chakra blade and thrower) deal a few blows.
Then, the other puppets just do what it does in the video (fast, quick blows).
Then the three puppets use the Destruction Thing to end it.

I mean, its a little complex, but makes more sense to me and it would be alot cooler since more puppets would be highlighted...


03-21-2010, 08:05 AM
Oh, and for anybody that is intrested, the release is set for May 11th as of right now... :cool: