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Nick Tasogare
05-31-2009, 04:46 PM
Ok, this is where we will continue the story from the last post :)

Sensei : Riku Arashi
05-31-2009, 04:52 PM
Ok, this is where we will continue the story from the last post :)

ok so this is where it is ok

Nick Tasogare
05-31-2009, 05:30 PM
It had been several months since the Chunin Exams had ended, and everyone had been working hard. Kin had been preparing for her position at the academy. Sabra had been training in her Fire Style techniques, trying to learn the control that she had been encouraged by everyone to master. Gin was training to be a medic, but she was still far from being able to qualify as an actual medic. They had all taken on new clothes, Sabra in a dark green and purple kimono type outfit, and the twins in blue and gray battle outfits, with their shining gold under-outfits as well.

Haruna and Kyou had remained roommates, but did not treat each other as such. As far as they were concerned, they shared a home, and their only relationship was a teammate one, if that. Isamu had hinted stronger and stronger about his feelings for Gin, but she still didn't seem to notice him. His brother, Itsuki, had designed all new outfits for them, against their wishes, of course.

Tanshi had trained his squad more in the art of reading their teammates moves, than anything else. They began functioning as part of a serious team. He also trained them in noticing and dis-spelling genjutsu, and they were improving, slowly, but still, it was improvement. They really haden't changed in appearance, only they had grown a bit, and had clothes to accomodate the growth.

Chinsei and Akemi had also grown in their relationship. She had decided to change around his clothes. She let him keep the headband, hiss necklace of course, and the way his hair had been worn, but she changed several other things. He wore a slim fitting, black shirt that went to his elbows, with a white flak jacket with a black crescent moon on the back. He wore white, baggy shorts that went to about two inches below the knee, with black sneakers and white ankle socks. He had also been training himself in the use of a new weapon, but that will come later.

Akemi hadn't really changed her looks much, and she wore the necklace Chinsei gave her at all times. She had been attempting to advance her foresight abilities, and got them to the point where she was able to sense an enemy's presence sooner and with greater clarity than her allies. Chinsei helped her with this every night in the training field, and every night after training was spent either at his apartment, or hers.

Other than that, Chinsei had also been training his new student in the use of Gravity Style, because he had the same chakra anomaly that allowed a person the capability of learning this incredible jutsu, that Chinsei had. They had been training for several months, but sensed that his student wasn't showing him everything he had been able to accomplish. He felt as if he had been holding back, but couldn't figure out why.

They all had also made new friends, Raiko and Kai. They were brothers, almost identical, and not much was known about them. They were Chunin level Shinobi, and each was able to wield the Wind Element, as well as Raiko being able to use Fire, and Kai being able to use Lightning.

Other than this, the Village had been quiet lately, but little did everyone know, everything was about to change.

Chidori Shuriken
05-31-2009, 06:09 PM
Raiko, a 16 year old Chunin with straight black hair and blonde highlights, was in bed that night thinking about when he first settled in the Leaf Village, exactly one month ago. His mind wandered to when he was talking to Lady Hokage.

"So, tell us what happened," Said the pretty Hokage. Her assistant eyed us as if we were some sort of rogue ninja. "Well, our parents... Sent us here because our home village was..." Raiko couldn't bring himself to say it. "Our village was in a war," Kai, his older brother said. Why couldn't Raiko had been as brave as Kai was? "How exactly do we know you guys aren't just playing spy?" Interrupted the Hokage's assistant. "Well, we don't have any proof, but our parents told us to give you this letter. I don't know what it says." Raiko said, giving the letter to the Hokage. Lady Hokage opened up the packet, and stared at the contents wide-eyed. "What does it say?" Raiko had asked greedily. "I'm sorry," Lady Hokage started, "but I'm afraid I can't tell you. Exit this mansion and take a deep right; you'll find your new home. You can't miss it.

Raiko and Kai traveled down the path until they say a house that said "Raiko and Kai" on sign. They had went in, and everything was furnished. Men in red suits came out of the house and mumbled the words "finally finished," and ran off. Raiko had suspected those were the people building the home. When he entered, it had Kai's room; the exact one he had at home. Raiko went left to his well-furnished bedroom that he also recognized as his own. Just one normal bed and next to it against the wall was an empty bookshelf. There was nothing else to see.

Raiko ended the flashbacks and started falling asleep. What a wonderful village, he thought. Raiko wondered what kind of friends he would make, and what big changes he would see in the village.

05-31-2009, 06:10 PM
Sabra was the first to the training field. She ran an annoyed hand thru her hair, it was getting longer, she still hadn't desided if she was going to let it do what it wanted, or if she should cut it. The rich pink mass of fluff she called her hair was already well past her shoulders, tied back in a ponytail that came from the back of her neck down like a brilliant streak of color against the dark of her new outfit.
Her mother had ordered it made for her incase she had become a chunin, but even though she failed the exam she'd still been given the new cloths. They suited her well. Ruby ran around the field with Onyx close behind her, their kit's had been left at home with Sheu to take care of. The female animal was strong enough to be used in shinobi tasks again, and Kisa had felt it was time Sabra start using two pets instead of just the one.

The young woman looked up at she heard light steps across the grass. Kin was walking toward her, head down as she read something on a clipboard. The other girl finally sat and acknowledge her team leader. "Why isn't Gin with you?" Sabra questioned as she leanded over to see the clipboard. "She's at the hospital, she's been assigned some patient that's been treating her more like a maid then a nurse. I've gotten to hear about it everyday for a week now..." The blond reached up to the vest she wore and drew a scroll from the snap pocket to look at with the clipboard's instructions.
"I'm trying to learn a new kind of scroll technique for the academy." Kin explained as she laid the clipboard down and stood up. She straightened the skirt of the outfit idly as she sighed and raised the patterned papery material up to take a hard look at it. "You're holding it wrong." The voice of her twin made the young woman turn and smile, momentarily forgeting her task.

"How'd you get mister spoiled to let you leave today sissy?" Kin asked as she watched her sister approach. Gin wasn't wearing her combat outfit like her other two teammates. Instead she wore the soft brightly color dress that Itsuki just had to make them for when they weren't out on a mission. She carried her nurse's coat over one arm, and had her hair pulled up in a rolled bun, unlike Kin who had it in a high wavy ponytail.
Gin came toward her sister and traded her coat for the scroll. She turned it up at a vertical angle, instead of the side to side her twin had held it. "Holding it this way produces the object where it's sitting up properly. This scroll contains a much larger then normal item, so you have to use it differently..." Her words trained off as she read the scrolls symbols. "What was your question again?" She said idly as she traded the scroll back.

"What did you do with your annoying patient?" Kin repeated, her sister grinned evilly. "I'll put it this way. He's running around the hospital with a gas mask on asking all the nurses if they're his mommy." The image of this immediately sent Sabra and Kin into fits of laughter. The girl were still chating idly when the second team showed up.

Zen, Sasoku, and Gaki all arrived at the training field. They all looked rather annoyed and like they're already been put thru one round of training that day. "What happened to you three?' Sabra questioned as Ruby and Onyx darted to her and ran up her skirt to rest on her shoulders. "Tanshi, and your mother Kusabana..." Gaki shot back, using her family name, as he sat down and held his head. The informal use of her name ment he really was annoying at the task he'd been put thru.

The other boys nodded to back his words as Sasoku and let himself fall down to the ground and streatched on on his back. "They made us run an obsitcal course at dawn, and I swear to Kami that they are evil." He said as he closed tired eyes. Zen stepped up to Gin's side and greeted her, tugging at her collar to turn up a fold that had gotten bent over. "Perfectionist," she said as she raised and eyebrow at him. "No I just hate to see such beauty have such a simple flaw." He responded and kissed her cheek lightly.

That was when Kisa and Tanshi arrived. Zen stepped away from Gin before he could be repremanded for his show of affection by his teacher. The other two boys groaned at the sight of the adults, and the girl stood at attention. "We have a surprise for you all today." The jonin said together. "Oh no..." Sasoku murmured as he sat up in the grass. Gaki hung is head at the words, that was what they said earlier that day before putting the boys thru that aweful training session...

New feature for this session of story. Extra info on certian characters!

The Kusabana Clan has been raising and training ninja pets for over four generations. This has given them time to develope advanced kinds of food and suppliments that help their animals to be smarter, easier to train, and healthier then most other creatures of the same species. Many of their animals have developed a sensitivity to human emotion and can sense their master's intentions and feelings, responding accordingly.

Please note color coding for your convenience. Now on with the show!

Chidori Shuriken
05-31-2009, 06:22 PM
Raiko got up at 5:46 in the morning just to hone his skills. He was having trouble finding some training materials, but in the backyard inside a shed was a varity of different training dummies, which Raiko used to his advantage.

Raiko's goal was to surpass his brother, as Raiko was much weaker than Kai. Raiko remembered his Byakugan eye transplant, and as he used it, his eyes hurt so much, so he decided not to use it for today's training. He quickly summoned a sword and drew it from his shirt sleeve, which he thought was a weird place for a sword to come out. He tripped over a stick and stumbled clumsily into the training dummy. Raiko was never going to surpass his brother at this rate.

His decided to fix himself some breakfast, which was impossible to do since there was no kitchen. Raiko had heard Ichiraku Ramen was a good place to eat ramen at breakfast, lunch, or dinner. He decided to make his way to the middle of the village, hoping that they were open this early.

Sensei : Riku Arashi
05-31-2009, 06:51 PM
Kai was lying in bed thinking about when he first interred the Leaf Village. Thinking of the optimistic thoughts brought back the flash back.

Kai and his brother Raiko had just walked into the village. Two men in a small brown stand called them over. The men’s eyed were asking the question who are these kids. One man had bandages all over his arm as if he had just fought in a battle while the other with his black shiny hair looked fresh and clean.

“ Who are you kids,” said the one with the bandages all over his arm. He seemed pretty perturbed over two kids walking into their village. Kai Said, “ I am Kai and this is my brother Raiko we are from the Village Hidden in the …… .”
“ Well where are you from,” the freshly cleaned one asked
Raiko answered, “ We don’t remember.”
“ We need to see the hokage,” Kai added.
They both looked at us as with we asked for the world or something.
“ Fine we will take you,” they both said.

As the two brothers walked the the village we heard wonderful sounds, we smelt wonderful things , and we saw great architecture. The two brothers walked into the Hokage Mansion. The man with the bandaged arm knocked on the door. “ Lady Hokage we have two kids that need to talk with you,” said the man with the bandaged arm.
The hokage asked” Why did you come here.”
Raiko answered, “ Our parents sent us here because our village was…. .” Kai sensed his fear so, Kai said, “ Our village was destroyed in a war.”
The hokage asked, “ How do I not that you are spies .”
Raiko told her about the letter our parents gave us.
The Hokage told us where our house was then we left. We walked out of the Hokage Mansion. We walked past the beautiful courtyard and then into the new wonderful world of the Leaf Village.

Sensei : Riku Arashi
05-31-2009, 07:23 PM
It was around 6:00 in the morning when Kai got up. He walked on his soft red carpet over to his closet. He pulled out his normal outfit. Black pants, a white shirt , and then he put on his red x- strap. He heard a loud crack. Then there was a loud burst. He heard panting coming from the back door.

He walked outside and saw his brother Raiko hard at work. Kai heard Raiko say, “ I will train until I pass my big brother Kai. Kai stood silent at the door waiting for his younger brother to notice him.

Nick Tasogare
05-31-2009, 07:47 PM
Chinsei headed to the training field by the Forest to begin his students training for the day. When he arrived, Hijou, his student, was already waiting, building up chakra to use. "You seem to be doing well. What have you been doing this morning?" "Training, Chinsei. What else?" He hadn't even looked at Chinsei when he said these words. Hijou was an odd one. He liked the training, but was never anything more than dull and bored. He seemed to be talented, but Chinsei felt his student was holding back. "Let's begin." Hijou focused his attention on Chinsei. "Today, I thought we would focus on levitating yourself. If you just try to focus your chakra throughout your body, but in greater concentration at your feet......" He trailed off as he began to float.

Hijou began to focus, and in a matter of about an hour or so, he got about an inch off of the ground, but was unable to maintain the floatation for more than several seconds. They traned for what seemed to go on for days, when in actuality it had only been 6 hours, making it 2 o'clock in the afternoon. By this time, Hijou had gotten to 3 inches, and was able to hold it for about 30 seconds before falling to the ground. After this, he was out of chakra. "Alright Hijou, we'll continue this tomorrow after some rest. I'll see you later." With that, he left Hijou in the field.

06-01-2009, 04:20 PM
The night before Bo and Rajon had hit up there favorite bar right in the centre of the village. That night the bar was crowded by a group of traveling nomads who were making a quick stop in the village. The two friends sat in a corner of the bar scanning. “That one right there”, Bo said with a slight slur in his mouth. “You’re crazy. I mean she has to be 8 years older than you.” Rajon contested. But the dark skinned man had already made up his mind started towards he relatively old lady.

She watched him stride across the floor with signs of inebriation in his swagger. Ever since his initiation as a Special Jonin Bo had wore a black and tan vest splayed at the arms over a black low cut shirt and matching high water, baggy pants. He reached the bar leaning on the long table next and looking her square in the face he said, “My name is unimportant. What I want to know want to know is what is a pretty face like yours doing with all these ugly mugs.” She smiled but before she could answer Rajon appeared behind Bo whispering, “I wouldn’t touch this one if I were you.” “Oh stop your worrying Raj.” Bo replied without looking away from the petite woman.

Soon after Rajon’s warning materialized in the form of three rough looking men stepping in front of Bo. “Is this guy making trouble Mia?” the bigger of men said glaring at Bo. “The only trouble is you and your monkey crew here. So why don’t-” the afro man was cut off by a short jab to the jaw. Bo stopped the second blow by grabbing the oncoming fist and twisting the man over the bar into a glass cupboard. The other two men grabbed his shoulders and Bo knocked them both back with his staff. They stumbled back and Bo twirled his staff around his torso landing a hit on the men.

The large man snuck up behind Bo and restrained him. The angered bartender formed two handsigns and a burst air brushed all of them outside. “And stayout!” he yelled. The three men got up swearing revenge then running off. Mia exited and waved at Bo who lay still on the ground, “See you around unimportant.” She laughed walked after the fleeing nomads. Raj finally walked out the bar shaking his head and chuckling, “When will you learn.” His friend got to his feet groaning. “Are you drunk?” Rajon inquired. “Define you.” “Come on let’s get you home.”

Rajon opened the door to Bo’s apartment and turned on the light. “Who’s there?” A man clad in feudal era armour walked from behind the curtains as Bo entered the room. “I’m here to arrest Yamashi Kobe for his execution.” Rajon furled his brow in confusion. “Funk your shift!” Bo yelled and charged the man before falling straight on his face. Raj walked toward the man. “I will be back in two days and I will capture this man. And me and my army will destroy anyone who gets in the way.” With that he disappeared. Rajon looked at his friend, “Yamashi Kobe?”

Chidori Shuriken
06-01-2009, 04:26 PM
Raiko remembered one thing his parents had told him, which was that a tough ninja could fight on an empty stomach. He decided to go back and see Kai. After a few minutes, he found Kai waiting at the door, smiling. "Why are you in your training suit? And if you want to surpass me, we should have something to eat. Let's head to Ichiraku Ramen. I hear it's a great place to eat, whether it's breakfast, lunch, or dinner."

After eating, Raiko decided to explore the woods behind the house. He looked for his headband but remembered it was lost in the war. Just thinking about the war make Raiko shudder. I need to know my past.... What was in the letter we gave to Lady Hokage?Does it contain information on us that we need to know? Raiko thought. He decided to travel to the Hokage Mansion, and after changing clothing and telling Kai where he was going, he set off.

Raiko took a left from his house and soon enough he ended up at the Hokage Mansion. "Oh, you again... Here to see the Hokage?" Asked the man with bandages all over his arm. "Y-yes, please," replied Raiko who was a little bit frightened about how strong this guy was. He entered the Hokage Mansion, headed straight, turned left, went up the stairs and ended at at the room where Lady Hokage was working. "Lady Hokage, I wanted to ask you..." Raiko's voice trailed off. I'm such a baby for a Chunin! Thought Raiko. "I just want to know... What was in that letter?" "It had contained why you cant remember stuff from the past, and what you don't remember." Replied the Hokage. "C-can you tell me?" Asked Raiko. "Hmmm.... I do know you have a power that'll help you in your life.... And that someone wiped some important things from your memory, I'm sorry, but that's all I can tell you." Answered Lady Hokage. "Thank you, Lady Hokage." Said Raiko, even though he was depressed that he didn't learn much of his past. He left the Hokage Mansion and decided to explore the Hidden Leaf Village in a little more depth than he had done over a month ago.

Chidori Shuriken
06-01-2009, 04:50 PM
After looking around in the Leaf Village, Raiko decided to go to the training field. He went to the training spot and saw a couple of people practicing. Raiko decided to watch them, one of them could levitate. Wow, Raiko thought. These people... They can levitate? They were about to leave the Training Field... When a water clone attacked Raiko!

Nick Tasogare
06-01-2009, 05:04 PM
Chinsei pulled a kunai, and jumped over to the mysterious spy. "Who are you? I've never seen you before." The man looked at Chinsei in the eye. "I-I'm Raiko, I came here about a month ago from......." "From.......?" "I can't remember...." Chinsei thought for a moment. "You're the one who Lady Hokage spoke about, huh?" The boy nodded, and Chinsei helped him up. "If you don't mind, I kinda came here to train....alone..." "Oh, oh I'm sorry, I'll go." He quickly disappeared, and Chinsei pulled a scroll from his pocket. When he was sure he was alone, he activated his Ryouchigan as well, which had grown, and changed in appearance. His eye was still green, but it had 4 circles around the center pupil in a ring that spun when he used it's power. The powers of it had also grown, he had control over a few of it's abilities, but there were still several he couldn't quite handle.......yet.


Chidori Shuriken
06-01-2009, 05:30 PM
Raiko left the field, wondering why the person wanted to train alone. Everyone needs training partners, right? To measure their strength?Raiko thought. Maybe this guy has some sort of secret... Like my secret is that I have a Byakugan by a transplant, except no one knows except for Kai... Raiko kept on wondering. He decided to continue his training, but he figured he needed a partner. He walked around the village more, and bumped into a kid his age.

"Oh, sorry," said the kid. "No, it was my fault. I'm Raiko." Introduced Raiko. "I'm Ryouboku, from the Takachiha clan. What clan are you from?" Asked Ryouboku. "I-I don't remember..." Replied Raiko. "You see, my memory was wiped of all things important. I figure it was for a good reason. Do you want to train?" "Sure! I was looking for a training partner myself. Let's go to my backyard."

Following Ryouboku, Raiko entered a beautiful backyward, grass everywhere. Training dummies that could fight, a big river with a bridge over it, this was training galore! "Let's see what you got, Raiko!" Said Ryouboku, charging. "Byakugan!" Yelled Raiko, though he screeched in pain. "Rotation!" Yelled Raiko, reflecting Ryouboku's attack."You're not from the Hyuga clan... Who are you!?" Yelled Ryouboku with a shock. "I-it was a eye transplant..." Said Raiko, answering his question and summoned his trusty sword. Suddenly, the sword caught on fire. That's odd, Raiko thought. This is a new technique...In surprise, his mouth uttered some words: "Fire Style: Flames of Burning Hell!" Raiko charged, although he wasn't controlling himself, and his sword went through Ryouboku's body. Ryouboku screamed in pain, and fell to the ground.

Raiko didn't mean to hurt Ryouboku, and noticed Ryouboku was gone. Forever. Tears trickled down Raiko's eyes, and he ran as fast as he could, into the woods.

Sensei : Riku Arashi
06-01-2009, 08:20 PM
Kai was at home meditating by himself. He was in his favorite part of the house. He was in a room that was completely white as a blank sheet of paper. In the middle of the room was a luxurious white fountain with crystal clear water.

The thing he loved about the room was its ultimate silence. It was so quiet he could here is own thoughts bounce of the room. He kept thinking the same thing he was thinking about his past what he couldn’t remember. “ Help me please help me to remember my thoughts,” he thought. He concentrated and concentrated but he couldn’t think of anything. Kai seemed as if he was sadness itself.

He knew he just needed to relax so he decided he should go to the training grounds to meet new people and make some friends.

06-02-2009, 05:58 AM
Sabra heaved as she rose of the ground, her front cover in grass and dirt. She coughed and held her side. Glaring at her opponet she started to say something, but was cut off as a kunai passed within a mere inchs of her face, causing her to reel back. The hand containing the weapon twisted and snapped at the wrist flinging the shining metal object at the pink haired kunoichi. She spun on her toes to avoid the attack and came out of the whirl with a high kick that cought her enemy in his exposed chest.

Sasoku tumbled back onto the ground as the woman righted herself in a steady stance above him. He'd put up a good fight, but as he say the green eyed girls eyes flare in anger and the matching fire risking from her hands he quickly turned to their overseeing jonin and forfeited the duel. The young man scrambled away and to his feet, taking a safer position near to his trainer. The kunoichi's anger at the overall fight was almost tactile as she released her chakra and stalked back to her team.

"Remind us again why we're having this contest?" Kin said as she watched her fuming friend. "Kisa and I are temporarily trading teams, this is to test how far each of you has advanced." Tanshi responded as he smiled down at the blond. "It won't be for long, but Kisa thinks she can do my team some good, and feels I can help out your's." He continued as Gin moved into the open field, Zen approaching from the other side.

The older of the pink haired kunoichi present was busy questioning Sasoku about the last match. "Why did you leave that opening?" Kisa demanded as she stared hard at the boy. "I didn't want to get in close enough for her to grab me, I've seen what she can do." He responed with a sideways glance. "If you aren't willing to take a little risk and close in combat then you're leaving yourself at a disadvantage. You were out of reach of her arms, but now you'll pay for that with a sore chest for several days. Had she been a real enemy she'd of likely killed you because he were too scared to get in close enough to do damage."

The jonin's scolding secessed as she turned to observe the next match. Gin and Zen had been quite close for a while, and had found their skills essentually canceled eachother out. Her genjustu just generally didn't work against his family's special training, and he wasn't fast enough or strong enough to compete with her at range. Which left the two an odd match up. They both stood close as combat began, which was unusually for either combatant, they were both ranged specialist.

Hands immediately looked as the two made to attack eachother, and blocked instinctively. "This will get us nowhere," Gin hissed as she pushed against his grasp. "Sure it will," Zen told her as he flex his back sharply. The motion caused the girl to rise off the ground just a touch and as the archer bore forward quickly it caused her to crumble under his taller and heavier form, sense she had been taken off balance. The boy was rolled to his back as the girl instantly bucked and threw her body into his.

They tumbled for a while neither, being that much stronger then the other, with no way to grain leverage they were left at a stand still, but Gin was directing their roll toward the stream. As Zen's back broke the surface of the water he realized his lack of forethought. He grabbed the girl's shoulders and forced her to be pulled in with him before she could freeze the liquid around him. The struggled underwater for a few moments before having to break for air. They both then looked at eachother and were drug down again by their motions.

Kisa and Tanshi shoot eachother a look, and both ran toward the water. They reached into the cool and each grabbed a student as they pulled them up and apart. The triumphant look on Zen's face and slight blush that graced Gin's told the tail of a couple that weren't exactly fighting under the surface. The jonins threw their pupils onto the grass and promptly scolded them for not taking the fight seriously. The two meerly waved off their complains and returned to their teams.

Kin laughed at her sister and teased her before taking to the field herself. Gaki was already waiting, he didn't look happy about the choice of his opponet. He'd been bested by her sister in the chunin exams, he really didn't need to be beaten now by the second twin. He huffed as he took a stance and rested his pale gaze upon the woman.

The blond wasted no time in putting up her defences as the boy shot across the grass toward her. She stomped the ground while making signs and caused sharp rocks to spring up around her that he had to dodge as he tried to land and attack. Taking to the ground the girl used the cover to plant a trap before her opponet's byakugan found her spot. The explosive sent dirt and stone into the air as Gaki was forced to jump back. Kin came up from the ground a few feet from him with a scroll in hand.

In a rare display for a Hyuuga the boy quickly speared the scroll from her hand with a well placed kunai. As Kin stared in a moment of surprised at her empty hand, never before recalling the boy's used of ranged weapons, she didn't have time to react before he was on her. Pounding her with a wave of open palmed strikes her pushed her against the same tree he'd nailed the scroll to and backed away to let her fall to the ground before him. The young woman raised her head to see him standing over her ready for another round.

Kisa called the match in Gaki's favor, to the relief of the young man. Tanshi seemed most pleased with both teams as they all gathered to discuss the exercise. They heard excited sounding yapping. The twins turned to greet their puppies and their parents. The couple had brought food for the teams. Ritoru and Deki ran around chasing Ruby and Onyx as the humans all talked. It wasn't long before the twin's parents were called away.

The ninja who had come to get the adults had only said that there had been a strange death in a home that they were to investigate, the twin's father was to go to the sight of the crime, while their mother was taken to the hospital to do an exam of the body. Kisa and Tanshi had exchanged and unreadable glance when the other two older ninja had to leave. A death inside the city walls was usually very serious. It put the two jonin on edge.

They desided that the trained was over of the day, but invited the two teams back to the Kusabana household for the afternoon if they wanted. The eight of them, and their ninja animals quickly headed off, most accepting the offer without question. Sabra stepped up her pace to match her mother's leaving the others a few feet behind. "Why are we all going home?" she questioned flatly. Her mother looked at her with a serious set to her features, "You'll understand better when you've been in the ninja ranks longer... Now come on let's hurry on ahead so we can help Sheu and the other's make tea for everyone." The older woman sped up ahead of the girl, but gave no other explaination as they traveled.

A death by unknown cause in a ninja population is always assume murder until proven otherwise. News of such an event will usually only travel in the upper circles of the ninja ranks until the exact details are discovered and the Hokage has desided what information is safe to release, and what is to remain undisclosed. The ANBU handle very few cases of such things, but when they do those suspected can expect a very chilling visit. Accidents happen, usually not to a lethal degree, but when they do there's questions to be asked, answered to be aquired, and often someone to be punished. The Hokage always has the final say in such investigations, evidence, and testimony aren't everything...

06-02-2009, 09:42 AM
Bo woke up the next day with a skull splitting headache. As he went through his morning routine he tried desperately to remember what had happened the night before. When he reached the door of his apartment something hit him like a ton of bricks. The hungover man jumped across his tiny apartment and began scrolling through days on his calendar.

It was only a few months ago when Bo had been sent on a reconnaissance mission to the Land of Rice Patties. For a week he observed the patterns of a militant isolationist group known as the The Order. The Order was sending out task forces that would surround villages and prepare a strange attack. But they were always stopped by the village's first defense. When Bo wrote up the report the elders decided that they were of no threat, but Bo was not satisfied.

Today The Order had reached the Land of Fire and Bo had a plan. Throwing on a pair of sunglasses he sprinted down the stairs and passed the receptionist. "Where's my rent money punk!" the old man yelled as Bo flew by. He ran into the street headed to the house of an old friend.

Kisa heard a fast knock on the front door. She excused herself from her company and answered it. As soon as she opened the door she recognized who it was. "Bo, I haven't seen you in a long time." The young man smiled "I've been pretty busy." "Well don't just stand there come on in we were just having tea." They walked into the house and soon Bo forgot what he had came to do. He was introduced to the new faces and greeted by the old ones. They quickly summarized the lost years and talked about future plans.

Finally Bo stood feeling content and began leaving. "Have a nice day." someone said and at that moment the dark eyed man recalled what he had come over to do. "Kisa, do you remember what you told me shortly after the dragon attack?" Bo inquired. "Sure I do."

It was only a few days after the village had been attacked when Bo went out side the village to let loose some frustration. In one short week he had failed twice; first to save Hami then to protect Kisa and Sabra. Why was so hard to be good? He never failed to assassinate well guarded political leaders. As he walked back to the village someone noticed him. Kisa walked up to him smiling, "I never got to thank you for all your help." The teen looked up surprised and then back down, "I don't deserve it. You could have been killed in your condition." "But I wasn't. And if both of those ninjas would have attacked it would have been a different story. Listen if you ever need anything don't be afraid to ask."
Bo looked at her confused, no one had ever treated him with such kindness.

"Your words stopped me from going back to... well let's just say you saved my life." Bo explained. "Well it was the least I could do." "I have a favor to ask you now" , quickly he snatched a scroll from a large brown holster and rolled it on the ground. Everyone circled around it curiously. "What do you think?" "Hmm... it's doable" ,Kisa nodded. "It would take 15 genjutsu users at least", Tanshi chimed in. "Leave the team to me. And since you're the best genjutsu user I know I want you to lead the team" , Bo pointed at Kisa. Kisa looked at him ponderously. "I'll get back to you on that. But for now I'm gonna go to the Hokage and get it approved. Let me know if you want to do it there's no rush really." The young jonin replaced the scroll and walked out the door. "Bye bye."

The truth is Mister Bojangles fabricated his name and village. He was born into warfare. His father was an Axe, or war leader, of The Order. He was trained to be an assassin like his father at 7 years of age and at age 10 he was already killing prominent kings and leaders that opposed The Order. He finally escaped at age 14 and has become a liability to The Order. All liabilities must be eliminated even if they're related to you.

Chidori Shuriken
06-02-2009, 02:10 PM
Raiko decided to not cower and headed to Lady Hokage. An instant unknown death caused by himself was definatly worth talking about.

At the mansion, Raiko explained everything. "Hmmm..." Muttered the Hokage. "This may have been caused by your telling of your Byakugan transplan-" "How did you know about that?" Demanded Raiko. "It was in your letter. Anyways, we cant afford to have you killing people while you're in training, especially after this... Affair. I am slowly releasing parts of the letter to you, so be patient." Explained Lady Hokage. "Now go home, and get some rest."

At home, Raiko went into his room. He almost forgot about his journal that he kept with him, and he wrote in it when he felt like it. He knew Kai was in his favorite part of the house; a blank room with a crystal clear fountain in the middle. Raiko had to admit he liked Kai's taste in rooms. He took out his journal, and opened to page 15; this much pages throughout his whole lifetime. The paper was the best paper in the world, and the greatest part is that it was recycled. He hated paper, but paper recycled made him happy.

Dear Journal,

I have caused a death today, which wasn't what I was aiming for. I had told a kid named Ryouboku the secret of my eyes, and then in a flash he died with this unknown Jutsu. I told Lady Hokage and she told me she was giving out slight information every time I went there; I feel I shouldn't bother her any more. Anyways, I have yet to tell Kai about this affair, and there's no way I will be better than him. I need to surpass him at all costs, only then I will make him proud.

Raiko finished writing in his journal. It's not right for a 16 year old Chunin to be writing in a journal.... Thought Raiko. He needed to make some real friends, ones the he wouldn't kill.

Sensei : Riku Arashi
06-02-2009, 02:44 PM
Kai ran into Raiko’s room. It was a nice cool and calm room. It would make anyone fell they belonged. I said, “ Guess what we should do to make some new friends?” Raiko said, “ I don’t know, what should we do?” Raiko’s face was very questioning. Both Kai and Raiko wanted to make friends.

“Ok Raiko my idea is that we have a party,” Kai said. I mean who doesn’t like parties,” said Kai. Kai was very excited about his idea he was just awaiting Raiko answer. That would be the final decision over the party idea.

Chidori Shuriken
06-02-2009, 03:10 PM
Raiko put away the journal. He liked Kai's idea, and after the party he would tell Kai about Ryouboku's death. "I like the idea, Kai. You get people to come tomorrow night, and I'll set the rooms up. We'll discuss which rooms or anything else later," said Raiko in one breath.

Sensei : Riku Arashi
06-02-2009, 04:12 PM
"Ok Raiko," said Kai. I will go post some papers around town. Kai was so excited he was gonna meet some new people. " Wait Raiko I will get party supplies," he said.

Kai ran aroung town posting posters on whatever he could except for people. The poster read come all ninja of the Hidden Leaf to Kai and Raiko party. we are new in town and want to meet new people.

Then Kai ran down the beautiful pathed path of the Leaf's streets until he reached the grocey store. The stores name was Hokage's Best. Kai walked in and ran to the noodle section. He bought plenty of ramen packs enough for a feast for a king. Then he bought 10 packs of choclate which he loved. He also bought plenty of sodas and riceballs then he payed the money to the store clerk and Kai ran home with the supplies.

Nick Tasogare
06-02-2009, 05:47 PM
Chinsei received a messenger hawk from Lady Hokage, asking him to go to the mansion immediately. He quickly replaced his new weapon in the scroll that he had taken it from, and dashed to the Hokage's Mansion. When he arrived, she called him into the office. "I'm sure by now, you have heard of the death that took place a short time ago. We know who did it, and their are........unusual circumstances concerning the young man involved. I need you to meet with him, but don't let him know what your visit is concerning. I want you to observe him using your Ryouchigan, pay special attention to his eyes and chakra network, specifically the area around the eyes, and how the chakra coming and going to and from there is molded." He nodded, and left the office.

He went back to training, and quickly re-summoned the large, specially made shuriken from his scroll. It was 5 feet high, and the same across. In the middle was a hole where it could be held, and from there, it extended out into the four blades of the shuriken, curving inward at the middle portion of the blade and when it reached the tip, back out, so that the ends looked like they were spades drawn on playing cards. On each end, where the end points of the shuriken were, was another hole, where it could be held in a position to be used in close combat. It could also be thrown, and Chinsei had it made from a special metal that took on the characteristics of the users chakra, so that he would be able use his Gravity Style on the shuriken to control it, and also use other techniques from his arsenal if needed. He went deep into the forest, with the shuriken on his back, so he could perfect his use of it. He couldn't help but wonder what Lady Hokage wanted to find out about the mysterious young man, and his eyes.

Chidori Shuriken
06-02-2009, 06:39 PM
Raiko decided to wander into the forest, and needed some time alone. What caused Ryouboku's death? Thought Raiko. He wondered what Lady Hokage was going to do about it. The forest was green and lush, and he decided to run up a tree for fun. Raiko ran up the tree and then flipped off it, landing on his feet silently.

Suddenly, his eyes started hurting. It hurt so much, Raiko thought he could just lay down and die. Now it was not only in his eyes, but in his head too. He saw a monkey swing down from a tree, and when Raiko blinked, the monkey was dead. He shuddered. What was happening to him? "Ahhhhg!!! AHHHG!!!" He screamed. His head was exploding with pain, with eyes in particular. Did this have something to do with my Byakugan transplant? Raiko thought. Now, it even hurt to think, and the pain was too much for him to handle. He fell down and passed out.

A short while later, his eyes only hurt a little, but not his head. Was the monkey's death linked to the way Ryouboku died? Raiko thought. It was only a matter of time until another death had struck, and Raiko didn't want to be the one committing it. He walked through the Leaf Forest, and his eyes didn't hurt at all now. What did he have in store next time?

Sensei : Riku Arashi
06-02-2009, 10:17 PM
Kai decided he needed to start working on his new style he was developing. He wasn't sure where he should train though maybe the forest with its lush green trees, or by the river with its smooth calm water, or even the training field which the area was meant for training. Kai hated internal conflict he was always feeling he couldn't make a decision on his own.

After a deep discussion he decided to go to the river. Weather is alot stronger over water. The technique he was trying to develope was what he called Storm Style. It was a mixture of his wind and lightning chakra to create jutsu using the power and force of a storm.

He ran to the water of the river and began to stand on it. The water started to swirl around his feet as he concentrated deeply.

Sensei : Riku Arashi
06-02-2009, 10:26 PM
The power of the moisture around him began to flourish, the static in the air surrounded Kai. He attempted to do his new jutsu. He made a few handsigns then he said Storm style: storm revolution. A dark ball of spiraling chakra spun in Kai's hand but then it faded away. He concentrated even harder. Kai had electricity pulsating off of his body. He attempted his jutsu one more time. He made his hand signs then the dark ball of chakra began to revolve. Lightning began to revolve inside the chakra and then the wind spun on the outside of the dark ball of chakra. Kai charged a nearby rock and slammed the dark spiraling chakra into it. The rock blew apart.

Then Kai relized the party would be soon he rushed home and helped Raiko set up the house.

06-03-2009, 06:07 AM
Kisa stood before the Hokage as the older woman read the message. "Kusabana," she said sharply while slapping the letter on the desk. "Are you telling me that the boy wants to involve this many ninja in a plan and didn't even come to present it himself?" The Hokage demanded, the pink haired defendant flinch internally. "Yes, but he has his motives. He felt it better that someone like me deliever the suggestion because of my status. You can't blame him for not feeling secure in his position."

The elder ninja took a moment to think about it. "I'll give him no more then five genjustu users to work with, that will have to do... I can't spare more then that at this time. I'll also tell him that myself." She waved a hand to dismiss the jonin. "Oh, and you're not to help him with this little task. I'll be giving command of it to someone better skilled in mental manipulation then yourself. Rest assured I will be giving him top genjustu users even if I only grant a handful." The Hokage said before the other woman left.

Kisa sighed as she left the tower. That could have gone so much better... Still she had her orders, of sorts. She quickly returned to her home, she found the majority of the students dismissed, or having retired for the evening. Following suit the woman took to her bed, hoping that the Hokage's strict responce wouldn't cause Bo too much trouble.

06-03-2009, 12:50 PM
Rajon scanned the village from a top an electrical pole. His hazel eyes squinted and searched. "There", he whispered and leapt down from his vantage point. He jumped to his target in large strides before grabbing Bo's shoulders and twirling him around on the heels of his feet. "What do you think you're doing?" Rajon asked impatiently. "About to get take out. Want some?" "No I want you to explain why someone wants you dead." "Well there's alot of reasons. Some people want me dead because I'm a bounty and-" "A bounty?! Does the Hokage know about this?" "Of course. Why do you think I never go alone on missions?" "You can't be serious." Bo smiled at him. The flustered man continued, "I don't believe this. How could you possibly be a bounty? You're barely 20 years old." "You would be surprised." Rajon just shook his head, "Well, you obviously don't remember what happened last night do you?" "Not at all." "You have a squad of Ronin warriors coming for you tomorrow." Bo blinked slowly then began laughing. "What's so funny you're in danger." "Oh please give me a break. Don't even worry about it. Just come have some take out with me and I'll show you my plans for finding out what the Order is up to."

They sat in a small room with a large scroll opened on a wooden table. "Now I'll speak slowly since you're not that fast." Rajon looked up with contempt but continued to listen. "This right here is going to be where we set up the jutsu. Its real simple, all the team has to do is set up a perimeter that traps anyone into a genjutsu. When the task force arrives they pass the perimeter and a village appears on the horizon. They setup their jutsu on the fake village and we watch from a safe distance to see what it does. After that we know what kind of attack we're dealing with and we prepare a counter attack that will trap them from fleeing and interrogate the survivors."

Rajon stroked his chin meditatively, "I like it." "Sure you did. I know you didn't understand a word I just said." "You keep on teasing me Kobe and you'll find your plans are finished." Bo looked up at him strangely. "Why did you call me that?" "Because it's your real name isn't it?" Rajon grinned knowing he had finally got the upper hand mentally. "Yes...yes it is." It had been along time before anyone had called him by that name. Kobe shook his head waking himself from his nostalgic moment, "Well I better get some rest. Tomorrow I have to go see Kisa and find out how well the Hokage took my message."

Nick Tasogare
06-04-2009, 09:14 PM
As Chinsei finished training, he re-sealed his shuriken into the sealing scroll, and went towards the exit of the forest. As he left, he noticed a mysterious looking ninja, who he had seen around the village a few times. He wondered if this was the ninja that The Hokage had told him about. "Ryouchigan!" He followed the ninja through the forest, observing his chakra flow, and his eyes. He learned that the boy had Lightning and Wind chakra, but he hadn't seen anything out of the ordinary, nothing his Ryouchigan could see, anyway.

He decided to tail the ninja back to his home, thinking that this boy had a connection to the one he was to observe. On their way through the Village, the ninja stopped and straightened a sign. When he left the sign, Chinsei went and looked at it. It was a sign for a party, at a home several yards away. The ninja he had been following entered the house, and Chinsei decided that he would go to the party in a few days, disguised as a young Chunin. This was the perfect oppurtunity to gather information on the two new ninja in town.

Chidori Shuriken
06-05-2009, 05:38 AM
Raiko decided to go home. The party was almost set up, and he didn't want to miss it, no matter how much his eyes hurt. He went home and Kai was back, awaiting Raiko.

Nick Tasogare
06-06-2009, 09:00 PM
Chinsei began to think about what appearance he would take when he went to the party to spy. He ran through options, and quickly realized he would need to use the appearance of a young ninja who he knew well enough to be able to pass as them. He thought of his students, but decided not to, because they might go to the party. There was only one person he knew very well, but that he knew wouldn't be going to the party. This person's appearance would be an advantage as well, because nobody knew he was connected to Chinsei. He would go as his little brother.

Sensei : Riku Arashi
06-06-2009, 10:43 PM
Kai was fatigued from all the hard work of getting the house ready. Then Raiko walked. " finally Raiko its your turn to work on the house."

Kai left the room with Raiko working hard at putting up snacks and putting in the lights. Kai walked into his room and began to look through his closet to see what to wear. " Hmmm I could wre the blue collar shirt and the white shorts," he said. " Or maybe i should wear my navy blue suit with the goldon tie." It was internal conflict again knocking on Kai's door. " I so hate internal conflict i guess i will go with the.... uhhh... blue suit with the gold tie.

Sensei : Riku Arashi
06-07-2009, 05:04 PM
Kai set out his clothes that he was gonna wear to the party then he took a brief shower. Even though the water was warm and relaxing he had to make sure Raiko had done his job. First he had to put on his clothes for the party. He slipped on his pants then his white long sleeve collar shirt. He tied his yellow tie around his neck. It was a little hard becuase he didn't wear a tie that much. Then he slipped on his blue jacket. He walked into the middle room nd saw Raiko working.

" Raiko you need to go get ready for the party," said Kai.

Chidori Shuriken
06-07-2009, 06:13 PM
Raiko had nothing to get ready for. He changed clothes and took of his Chunin vest, and he was looking regular; white shirt. Kai got out of the shower, and it was Raiko's turn. He took a shower in the warm water, unaware of the spy who was going to come to the party.

Sensei : Riku Arashi
06-07-2009, 08:02 PM
Kai always felt he had to dress nicely when he met new people. Raiko was different he usually wore what he felt like. Kai checked the house to make sure everything was perfect. It was gonna be a fun party.

Kai just hoped alot of people would show up , so he could make some new friends.

06-07-2009, 08:39 PM
"Nice long life line," Akemi noted. She and Haruna had been having a fortune-telling day together. "I have your father to thank for teaching me this skill. How is he, by the way?"

"He's fine," the turquoise-haired girl responded in monotone. "Continue."

"Hmmm...Your love line...It's very irregular...I can't make anything out." The lavendar-haired woman started at the sound of the beep. "Oh! Well, I have to go. Tell your father I said 'Hi'."

"Will do ma'am."

Haruna stood and began walking to the market. She was going to pick up a few things for her and Kyou to eat for dinner. The chunin stopped at the sound of footsteps. Someone was running straight towards her. The emerald-eyed girl stepped out of the way, just in time to avoid being tackled by Aiko.

"Ow...Dammit, woman!" the Light Village kunoichi snapped.

Hikaru paced up after her, arms crossed tightly over his chest. Suteneko ran forward shortly after with a red-haired girl on her back.

"What are you guys doing here? And who's the chick?"

"As uncaring as ever, I see..." The onyx-haired male sighed. "We're here because Aiko said her 'party sense' was tingling, and the redhead is Neko's girlfriend."

"Myaaa~I love her so much," Suteneko purred. She pecked her girlfriend on the cheek. The girl's face went as red as her hair.

"Where's the bloody party!?" the pink-haired girl half screeched, leaping to her feet.

"This way," Isamu said.

"Where'd you come from?" Haruna queried.

"My mom. Now let's go."

"Not yet!" Itsuki shouted, pouncing out of the shadows.

"Run before he tries to give you a makeover!" the younger brunet warned.

Everyone sprinted away from the designer.

((A whole bunch of crack, I know XD))

Sensei : Riku Arashi
06-07-2009, 08:50 PM
Kai heard knocking on the door. Kai called out" Raiko some party guests are here. Kai opened the door to see three ninja from the Light Village and two from the Leaf V.llage

"hi nice to meet you i am Kai and my brother Raiko should be out here in a few minutes, who are you?"

Kai was glad he had his first party guests come.

06-08-2009, 01:32 PM
"I'm Isamu," the brunet said, extending a hand. He pointed to each person as he said their name. "This is Hikaru, that's Suteneko, she's Aiko, and this is...Kyou!?" He leapt up in surprise. "K-Kyou, where did Haruna go?"

"Kyou saw her when you all were running away from Itsuki," the crossdresser chirped. "Kyou was on Kyou's way to the party when Haru-chan sprinted past. Kyou convinced Haru-chan to go change and get ready for the party. Haru-chan said Haru-chan would be here soon."

Kai stared at the purple-haired ninja. Kyou looked like a girl, but his voice was too low to be a female's and too high to be a male's. He shook the thoughts away and welcomed the guests into his home.

Sure enough, within a few minutes, Haruna returned, wearing a dark blue minidress. The straps crossed across the front and tied behind her neck. Her pontails were now up in twin buns, with the exception of the ends, which drooped to her shoulders.

Suteneko's red-haired girlfriend was close behind. Her hair was up in a ponytail. She wore a silver tank top and short gold skirt. Gold sandals were on her feet.

"Who are you two?"

"My name is Haruna," the kunoichi said, shaking his hand. She blushed slightly. As soon as she realized this, the strategist shook her head violently and scowled.

"You've got competition," Aiko sang quietly to Hikaru.

The redhead smiled softly. "I'm Emi. It's very nice to meet you, er..."


Haruna and Emi entered the house.

Sensei : Riku Arashi
06-08-2009, 03:39 PM
"Its nice to meet you all" said Kai. Kai couldn't help but realize that Haruna blushed when she shook Kai's hand. "I'm glad you all have come to the party."

Kai ran over to the stereo. He turned it on, then he turned about as high as it could go. The party had begun. " " I will be back I have to go get my brother."

Kai ran to the bathroom door. He knocked as hard as he could. " Raiko get out here we have guests."

Nick Tasogare
06-08-2009, 03:49 PM
Chinsei was knocking on his brothers door. When he had waited ten minutes, he broke in, and yelled his brothers name. "Shinishizumu, why didn't you open the door?!" His brother darted from around the door, angry that his brother had used his full name. Chinsei appeared behind him, and grabbed him by the shirt. "Calm down. There's a party tonight, are you going?" He scoffed at Chinsei. "Yea, 'cause I have nothing better to do then go to some party being thrown by some kid who's desperate for friends." "Good, I expected aan answer like that." He quickly transformed into his brother. "I want you to stay here, Shin, and don't open the door for anyone but me. I need to spy on the house, but I can't go as myself. Understood?" "Yea, I'll just stay here, doing nothing. It's not like I have training do do or anything." Chinsei rubbed his brothers head, messing his hair up, and proceeded to the party.

He arrived, and knocked on the door. "Hi, welcome to the party. What is your name?" "I'm Shin nice to meet you." He entered the house, and saw a few familiar faces. He said hello to them, and asked to use the bathroom.

Chidori Shuriken
06-08-2009, 05:12 PM
Raiko got out of the bathroom when he heard Kai calling him. "Hello, I'm Raiko." Introduced Raiko. "I'm Shin," said a Leaf Village ninja. Shin went into the bathroom, and Raiko wandered around the party, greeting people. "Hello! I'm Kishina." Said a pretty looking female, and Raiko blushed when he shook hands. Do boys blush? Raiko asked himself. He got some food to eat; chips and salsa. Raiko looked around for Kai; and Shin came out of the bathroom. Raiko noticed something weird about Shin's eyes, though he couldn't put his finger on it.

Suddenly, his eyes started to ache. He started to see flashbacks of his old village; but soon they stopped. All he saw was a big man who bashed into their house...

Raiko didn't want to think about it. He started eating, and he couldn't wait to meet some REAL friends.

Sensei : Riku Arashi
06-08-2009, 07:57 PM
Kai startd looking for Raiko but he didn't see him. Kai saw a ninja from the Light Village he decided he would go to talk to him.

" Hi i'm Kai i think we met when i opened the door, but what is you r name again?"

" The names Hikaru."

" What is your village like."

" Its ok i guess."

" Well its nice meeting you."

Kai could sense anger in Hikaru ,but he had no idea what he was mad about. Just then Kai spotted Raiko, and he walked over to him.

06-08-2009, 08:52 PM
"Who wants to play spin the bottle?" Aiko asked, a big grin on her face. She held an empty beer bottle in her hand.

Hikaru groaned. "Didn't you learn your lesson the last time? You complained for THE longest time about having to give Gigen your first kiss."

"What? F***wad isn't here, and I obviously can't give anyone here my FIRST kiss...So I don't see what the bloody problem is."

The shadow user stared out into the crowd.

The pink-haired girl rolled her eyes. "Oh, I see...You're going to let that ruin your whole bloody night." She stepped closer to the steel-eyed male. "Look, she's obviously not interested. Besides, I thought when you kissed me after the chunin exams, it meant that you'd finally come around and we were going to be together."

Hikaru's face curled into a snarl. "Just because you can see who likes who, it doesn't mean everyone can! Besides, it wasn't me who kissed you that time."

Aiko mouth dropped open and the bottle slipped from her hand. It smashed on the floor, sending shards of glass in every direction.

"I don't go around locking lips with everyone," the onyx-haired male continued in a hiss. "If you remember that last party clearly, I kept messing with the spins so I'd be the first to kiss Haruna."


Zen smirked and let out a small laugh.

"Hm? What is it?" Sasoku queried.

"Oh nothing...I just had the sudden feeling that someone just admitted that I was right and that they were lying..."


"Wait, wait..." the genjutsu user muttered shaking her head. "How can you say that wasn't you? I saw your face! I heard your voice!"

"Transformation jutsu. Maybe you've heard of it?"

"If it wasn't you, who was it?"

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you. Really, for someone who can sense love energy, you're really blind." Hikaru huffed and stormed off.

Aiko blinked in surprise. "...Wow...And I thought kitten could throw a big hissy fit..."

Meanwhile, Haruna kept flicking herself on the nose.

"What are you, a dog?" Isamu asked, plopping down next to her.

The green-eyed girl spared him a quick, bored glance. "Woof."

The brunet rolled his eyes. "Whatever. Dude, not many people here know Kyou's not a chick. It's hillarious...until they tell me I really ought to ask 'her' to dance. Though honestly, he's not too bad at it."


The strategist glanced around. She noticed a man she didn't recognize at first. But then she looked in his eyes and it clicked immediately. Haruna reasoned that it would be very unwise to talk to Chinsei if he had used a transformation jutsu. The psychic's daughter assumed that he had a very good reason, and kept the fact that she knew him to herself.

What Isamu is refering to here is the fact that when a dog misbehaves, they're usually supposed to recieve a flick to the nose. Isamu seems to be associated with dogs. He and his brother have been described as looking like Inuzuka clan members (except that they don't have the facial markings). The siblings gained their looks from their mother, whom the younger of the two has never known and the older wishes not to talk about, so for all anyone knows they could very well be related to the Inuzukas in some way.

Sensei : Riku Arashi
06-08-2009, 10:13 PM
" Hey Raiko what do you think of the party," said Kai.

" I like it I get to meet some new people."

" Yeah, but a few people here I'm no so sure of." Kai stared at Shin , then he stared at Hikaru.

Kai saw Raiko holding his eye " Whats wrong," said Kai. Then Kai's eye turned bright yellow and a figure that looked like a shuriken appeared in his eye. " Wait how come i can see your chakra points."

"Could this be one of our clan's abilities." Wait I sense alot of chakra in your implanted eye," whispered Kai. Then his eye turned back to normal. Kai would sooon realize this was only the beginning of his clan's kekkei genkai emerging.

Nick Tasogare
06-08-2009, 10:53 PM
Chinsei, still in transformation, quietly went from the main room to the back, where no one had been permitted to go, for good reason, he thought. He activated his Ryouchigan, and began looking to sense out his surroundings. He felt a strange feeling from a room that was a few feet from him, and up a floor. He found a set of stairs, and climbed them, and found his way to the mysterious room.

The Ryouchigan is a remarkable doujutsu, however, not much is known about it, even Chinsei has yet to unlock its full potential. Currently, he is able to use it to give him spot on accuracy, heightened senses of Chakra, and other types of energy, see the general flow of chakra, as well as the chakra pathways, and determine what type of element the person can use by viewing their chakra. There is still more to learn about the Ryouchigan.

Sensei : Riku Arashi
06-08-2009, 11:40 PM
Kai looked around for Shin he hadn'y got to talk to him yet. He didn't see him anywhere , Kai thought he must be using the bathroom. " Oh well I'll talk to Shin later."

" Okay guys who wants to have a dance contest."

Hikaru got up and said, " If i dance you will dance , if you dance i will dance."

" Wait what did you say," siad Kai. " I guess you want to dance." Kai showed a bright smile ." I'm so good at dancing I should be called the dancing ninja."

Kai had no idea what he was saying he just wantted to have some fun.

Kai began to dance, he twirled around a couple of times, then he did 2 backflips then a front flip. Then Kai ran up a wall then he jumped off of it. " Now beat that!"

Nick Tasogare
06-08-2009, 11:44 PM
Chinsei tried to open the door, but it was locked. He spread his chakra through the lock, and it clicked. He entered the room, and the room was black, with gold trim on the walls, furniture, pretty much everything. He had no idea what was going on, and he didn't even have time to think when he suddenly heard foot steps outside the door. He quickly transformed into a small stool, and sat there, fearing he would be caught.

Sensei : Riku Arashi
06-08-2009, 11:58 PM
"I'll be back guys we are missing a guest." Kai walked up stairs to see a door open. " Ok who is in here." " I didn't say people could come in my room." Kai was steaming angr for someone coming in his room.

Kai scanned the area for someone hiding. " I don't see anyone here."

"What is this stool doing here its probaly where Raiko put it to clean the place up."

"Oh well i guess no one is here." His eyes turned yellow again and the shuriken shaped figure appeared in his eye. " I can sorta sense some chakra around here." " You better come out."

Kai used transformation jutsu to turn him into a vase outside the door.

Nick Tasogare
06-09-2009, 12:11 AM
After thinking to himself, Chinsei changed back, and was surprised to still sense the other ninja outside the door. 'How'd he know someone was here? I hid myself flawlessly.' He decided that it would be risky to cast a genjutsu on the kid, seeing as he sensed him in the first place. He decided to leave through the window, and re-enter through the back.

He jumped out of the window, and was surprised to find the one called Kai looking out the window. "So it was you? You better run before I come down there and beat you to a pulp!" Chinsei quickly performed several handsigns, and a force pushed Kai back into his room, and closed the window. He took this chance to run, knowing he would have to find another way to gather information on the other ninja. At least he had been able to learn about the other, and get a tour of the house. He had been able to look through a few other rooms before entering Kai's room, and found a few things that he had bagged.

Sensei : Riku Arashi
06-09-2009, 09:07 AM
Kai decided to cool down even though he said no one could go in his room. He would probaly look for Shin tomorrow. Right now he was intrested in his eyes. He had to go back to the party even though it was almost over.

" Ok guys it was nice meeting you all I hope we can hangout sometime , but the party is over."

Raiko thanked everybody as they walked out the door. Raiko and Kai had a mission that had to be done and that was clean up.

06-09-2009, 09:20 AM
"You guys want a dance contest?" Kyou asked, eyes sparkling in an almost mischeivous way.

"Kyou! Kyou! Kyou!" Isamu cheered. Several people joined in.

He put a faux contemplative look on his face. "Well, Kyou supposes Kyou could give it a shot...Of course, Kyou won't do all the flipping Kai did, but..."

The crossdresser stood and leapt gracefully into the circle. He began by crossing his hands high above his head and twirling around. After a bit, the genin continued spinning, but moved his arms down and around in a weaving pattern. He was using some jewelry he'd been wearing and his control of wind to make a beautiful show around himself.

Smiling sweetly, Kyou stopped and caught the gems from his broken jewelry. But his dance hadn't ended yet. The feminine male skipped and twirled around the area that had been cleared for the dancers, making shapes in the air with the many gems.

When he finally finished, the crossdresser handed the pieces of his broken jewelry to Itsuki to fix them. Hikaru took his place next and started break dancing.

"That was great, Kyou!" Isamu told his teammate when he came back to sit with him. "Wasn't it, Haruna?"

The girl was staring in a completely different direction. "Hm? Yeah, whatever. Look, I think I should go check on Kai and 'Shin', alright?"

Just as the strategist began to stand up, the hosts returned and announced that the party was over.

Sensei : Riku Arashi
06-09-2009, 10:09 AM
"So Raiko is their something you need to tell me." Kai knew something ws bothering Raiko.

"Its about my byakugan transplant, sometimes when I stare at something living then I eye, and they die. I killed a some kid I beleive my Byakugan transplant used some kid of jutsu on him, Kai I'm scared."

" Don't worry Raiko we will settle this. just let me try something." Kai focused and his eyes turned yellow and the shuriken figure appeared. " Do you see my eyes I believe they are part of our clan's kekkei genkai." I can see chakra buildup in your eye." " It might be some sort of chakra clog."

" We should take you to the hospital."

" You can see all that with your eyes." " If you think I need to go to the hospital I will," said Raiko.

Chidori Shuriken
06-09-2009, 02:07 PM
Raiko truly didn't want to go to the hospital. Just then, his eyes weren't a Byakugan anymore, and the words of the new eye came to his mind. Quatribugan. "Kai, my eyes... It's a Quatribugan... Don't ask me how I got it..." "I know," said Kai "I got new eyes too."

At the Leaf Hospital, the medical ninja asked Raiko to lay down and stay still, and so he did. He activated his Quatribugan, but he didn't do it on purpose. He looked at the ninja's eyes, and then... Scream.

The medic was dead. Dead. "My eyes! They're so ****ing bad! THEY KILL! THEY KILL!" Raiko screamed. He started to pass out... Kai caught him. He didn't remember anything afterward.

Sensei : Riku Arashi
06-09-2009, 02:16 PM
" So this is Quatribugan, I'm guessing it effects each person differently." " Raiko I know what to do. We have to cross your Byakugan with your Quatribugan."

"Kai how do we do that."

"I'm not sure Raiko I'm not sure."

" Maybe we should ask some great medical ninja," said Kai.

Raiko looked very discouraged that he had to go to a medical ninja.

Chidori Shuriken
06-09-2009, 02:20 PM
Raiko wondered if he might kill the medic like the last one. "No," he answered. "I'm not going to a medical ninja. Never." "Your loss..." Said Kai.

Sensei : Riku Arashi
06-09-2009, 02:28 PM
"Fine Raiko , but you can't expect me to find out the answer I will try though."

Kai didn't know what to do, should he look for a medical ninja in secret or try to solve it himself. Kai couldn't think of any solution. " What should I do , what should I do he kept asking himself.

" I guess I should go and look for Shin, I still need to talk to him."

06-09-2009, 02:34 PM
Haruna left the party with Kyou. After telling her roommate to head home without her, she began sneaking around back towards the house, searching for "Shin". The water user kept quiet and hid her chakra so he-and anyone else around-would not sense her coming.

Finding the man, the kunoichi slipped behind him. "Did you enjoy the party, Chinsei?"

Sensei : Riku Arashi
06-09-2009, 03:25 PM
" Raiko the best thing we can do now is go to sleep."

" Ok Kai but I will not see a medical ninja."

"Fine ok Raiko I'm not gonna take you to a medical ninja just get some rest."

Kai figured he wouldn't go look for Shin just yet ,but he would meditate.Kai left Raiko in the living room, he walked up the stairs and then he went into the completely white room. " I need to meditate." While Kai was meditating he heard a voice inside his head. The voice said, " The Quatribugan is the key." Kai thought that his Qautribugan is the way to cross Raiko's eye to make a new eye technique that wouldn't cause him to kill people.

Then Kai meditated on who Shin was. " I know he lives in the Leaf but who is he." " I'm done meditating for now I should go tell Raiko what I have learned.

Nick Tasogare
06-09-2009, 03:44 PM
Too bad Haruna had only found a clone. The clone quickly disappeared, as Chinsei had been long gone. Haruna sighed, she had known he wouldn't be caught so easily.

Chinsei made it to the Hokage Mansion, with the items in hand, and he went up to the office, and was told to enter. "Lady Hokage, I spied on a party that the two of them had. I wasn't able to get a look at the one you wanted me to, but i did look around the house, and i bagged a few items, I thought maybe you could have them inspected. There was something weird, they were able to sense my chakra, while I had my Ryouchigan activated. I'm afraid that they might be holders of...." He trailed off, and The Hokage watched him anxiously. "The Shibushigan." Th Hokage froze in place, hoping that Chinsei was wrong. The two stood there, looking at each other.

You see, although the two brothers think it is called the Quatribugan, it is just a name that is placed into their head by The Shibushigan, as a stealth technique. Subconciouly, Kai and Raiko know more than they think they do. The Shibushigan is an eye that hides itself, almost like it has a mind of its own. This eye is known throughout the world as being extremely powerful, and dangerous.

Chidori Shuriken
06-09-2009, 03:47 PM
Kai went upstairs to meditate, then came down again to see Raiko. Raiko wasn't surprised at this. "Alright, Kai, you have learned something. Out with it." And then, Kai started explaining.

Sensei : Riku Arashi
06-09-2009, 03:56 PM
" Ok Raiko while I was meditating I heard a voice inside my head that said the Quatribugan is key. I think it means its the key to stop your eyes from killing people it will mix the chakra in your byakugan eye and your quatribugan to allow each of them to work seperately or completely together."

Kai's eye turned yellow and the shuriken like figure appeared in his eyes." Raiko stare into my eyes with you byakugan eye and your Quatribugan eye." Raiko did what kai told him. " I feel pain around my eyes," said Raiko. " I think its temporary. Then Raiko's both of Raiko's eyes turned yellow then the shuriken appeared but his was shaped like a shuriken in an X position. Then Raiko's pupil turned white.

" I think its done."

"Its hurts a little but not much."

" Raiko try it o me, stare at me then blink."

" I can't I won't let you die."

" Do it."

"Ok" Raiko blinked then looked back up Kai wasn't dead. Raiko had been healed.

06-09-2009, 04:23 PM
Haruna knocked on Akemi's door. The jounin answered it quickly.

"To what do I owe this visit?" the lavender-haired kunoichi inquired.

"I want to know where Chinsei lives. I have to talk to him."



Akemi sighed. "Okay, I'll show you there."

The two sprinted to the village. When they got to their destination, the chunin sat against the wall of the house and the psychic returned to her own home. Haruna waited in silence. It took only moments for her thoughts to drift to the day of her parent's death.


Eight-year-old Haruna sat at the edge of a small pond, drawing swirls on the water's surface with her finger. The academy student smiled at the water lillies about a foot from where she sat. She giggled as her mother leapt up behind her and started tickling her. The girl tackled her mom to the ground and the two rolled around, laughing.

After a few minutes of this, the two sat up and filled their lungs with fresh air. The elder of the two smiled and picked a flower on her right. She brushed her daughters hair behind her left ear and tucked the flower behind it.

"You're such a beautiful girl," the blue-haired kunoichi hummed.

"I get most of it from my mother," young Haruna giggled.

The woman's smiled faded as her husband headed their way, a worried expression on his face.

"The future is changing," he warned. "They brought the dragons out of their normal migration pattern."


"Uh, Haruna?"

The psychic's daughter blinked out of her memory and looked up.

Haruna has amazing observation skills. She can tell when she knows someone just by looking in their eyes. Like many advanced ninja, she feels and recognises chakra patterns easily. Haruna knows when she's in a genjutsu, whether she can break it or not. She's only fooled by a clone of a talented ninja, like Chinsei. She had this skill from a young age, and will desplay it as we learn more about her past.

Chidori Shuriken
06-09-2009, 04:41 PM
" There, I did it." Said Raiko. " But while I was laying here... It's not called the Quatribugan... It's something else, but I don't know what it is..." "We can look into it later," said Kai. It was always nice to have a brother who's a little bit older to reassure you.

Sensei : Riku Arashi
06-09-2009, 04:46 PM
" Yeah well i'm gonna go hit the hay."

"Goodnight,"said Raiko

" Goodnight," said Kai as he left Raiko's room.

Kai walked upstairs to his room. He kept thinking of (when Shin was up here.) What was he looking for and why.

Kai got his bed and fell asleep with a relaxing look on his face.

Superwes Reborn
06-09-2009, 04:50 PM
My name is Wes, I'm a rouge ninja, formerly of the Village Hidden in the Gray. My village was destroyed. But I was away on a mission when this happened, now I wander the land, finding out info about my village's destruction.

Superwes Reborn
06-09-2009, 04:50 PM
OOC: That was just him thinking, don't make someone talk to him

Chidori Shuriken
06-09-2009, 04:52 PM
Ummm... We're not accepting anyone to join right now... Maybe in the next part.

Sensei : Riku Arashi
06-09-2009, 05:01 PM
It was around 6 i the morning when Kai woke up. He put on his clothes then he ran to Raiko's room.

"Hey Raiko do you want to go get some ramen then do some training."

Kai wanted to make today a great day for Raiko today since he has to get use to his eyes.

Sensei : Riku Arashi
06-09-2009, 05:57 PM
Raiko didn't want to wake up so Kai went alone. As he was walking he ran into some jonin.

" Sorry I wasn't looking where I was going ," Said Kai

"Its ok I'm Chensei."

" Its nice to meet you, I'm Kai I'm new here."

" Do you want to get some ramen," Said Kai.

Kai was glad he had met someone new.

06-09-2009, 06:04 PM
"Chinsei, just the person I was hoping to see," Haruna said. "I want to know what you're up to. What is so important that you have to disguise yourself, sneak off during a party, and use a clone to avoid me?"

The jounin sighed as he helped her up. "I can't tell you that."

The chunin stared at him straight in the eye. He froze. There was something intimidating in the look she gave him. Even so, the brunet was not about to tell her anything.

"Look, glare at me all you want, but it's none of your buisness."

The kunoichi didn't move or avert her eyes. She just stood there, staring at him. "Someone has died, haven't they?" The turquoise-haired gaze became less striking and more searching. "Yes. I can see it. Your eyes are the same as his were that day."


"What!?" Haruna's mother leapt up. "What do you mean?"

The academy student's father closed his eyes. "They somehow got the dragons out of their normal migration path. They're heading this way. They will be here any minute."

"Papa, what's wrong?"

The turquoise-haired male opened his eyelids and looked at his daughter. "It's nothing. Everything is going to be okay."

"You're lying," the girl half whispered. "You're going to die, aren't you?"

Her father didn't answer her. Instead, he turned to a cloaked man who had followed him out of the house. "Tenshi, go warn Lady Hokage. Danger is on its way."


"I can't tell you anything," Chinsei said again. He stepped around her and headed off somewhere else.

Haruna sighed and headed for her own house.

Nick Tasogare
06-09-2009, 06:04 PM
My name is Wes, I'm a rouge ninja, formerly of the Village Hidden in the Gray. My village was destroyed. But I was away on a mission when this happened, now I wander the land, finding out info about my village's destruction.

sorry, this isnt a regular rolepla, were making an actual story, if your looking for a free role play are, check the role play started by zeek uchiha :)

Sensei : Riku Arashi
06-09-2009, 07:47 PM
" Sure I will go get some ramen with you." Chinsei send said yes so he could learn more about the two brothers and to just meet him.

"Two bowls of ramen please. Chinsei I will pay."

"You don't have to do that."

" Its fine I like being generous."

Chinsei was very appreciative of Kai paying for him.

"So how is your brother. I heard he had to go to the hospital."

"He's fine he just had something wrong with his eye, but he's ok now."

"What do you know about your past."

"Umm I can't remember much." Kai felt like he was in an interrogating room.So many questiond at once.

"See you later," said Chinsei. Chinsei began walking to the hokage's mansion

06-09-2009, 08:19 PM
Aiko, Suteneko, Emi and Hikaru headed to the Hokage's office. Their visit to the Leaf was sudden and unplanned, so they didn't have an appartment to stay in. When they reached the place they were looking for, the redhead rapped on the door. The three genin and the non-ninja were let into the office only a moment later.

"Can I help you?" Lady Hokage asked.

The cat nin stepped forward. "We need a place to stay for the night."

"Just go to the one you stayed in the last time." She handed them a key.

As the Light villagers started to leave, the Hokage stopped them.

"Wait, Aiko...Aren't you a genjutsu user?"

The pink-haired girl turned around. "Yeah, why?"

"I have a favor to ask you..."

Nick Tasogare
06-09-2009, 08:42 PM
As Chinsei arrived at the Hokage's office, the door opened, and Aiko, Suteneko, Hikaru, and a red head on Sutenekos back came out. "Oh, hi guys." "Hi Chinsei sensei. We were at a party. These two guys named Raiko and Kai threw it." Chinsei nodded at the red head. "Myaaa, this is Emi, she is my girlfriend." "Oh, that's nice, I hope you liked the party, but if you'll excuse me..." The four moved aside and Chinsei went into the office. "Oh, Chinsei, I had a favor to ask you. You are skilled in genjutsu, right?" "Well, I'm probably not as good as Kisa, or Haruna, but my brother is probably better than me at genjutsu." She explained the plan that Bo had come up with, and it sounded interesting.

"I can definitly tell Shin about that, who else is going on the mission?" "Well, I have Aiko, Kisa, and Bo going, plus Shin, if he accepts, but we need a few more." "I'll try and think of a few reliable people to go on the mission, but I came here because I just had ramen with Kai, he seemed nice, and I couldn't sense anything off with his chakra, but at that party, he was......different." "How so?" He began explaining the differences between the two times. After he was done, he left to go tell Shin about the mission.

06-09-2009, 08:56 PM
Hikaru stepped forward. "If you are looking for genjutsu users, Haruna is smart. Genjutsu isn't normally her thing, but she has the mind for it and may be you can persuade her."

Lady Hokage laced her fingers together. "As you said, genjutsu isn't normally her thing, and she isn't persuaded easilly."

"Just find some way to let her know-or atleast think-Kai is going without actually telling her straight forward and she'd probably vollunteer," Aiko suggested.

The shadow user glared at his teammate. "I'd also reccomend Gigen from our village. He's very tallented with genjutsu."

"Not F***wad!" the magenta-eyed kunoichi hissed.

"It would be healthy for you to learn to work with him," the onyx-haired male snapped.

"I'll give it all due consideration," the Hokage told them. "In the meantime, go to your appartment."

Sensei : Riku Arashi
06-09-2009, 09:33 PM
Kai got home and saw Raiko awake in the living room. "Hey Raiko do you want to go train."

"Sure lets go train."

Kai and Raiko walked to the training fields where they found no one. No one was at the training fields that weird.

Raiko made a few hand signs then he did the jutsu Kai had taught him.

"Wind style: Wing blade, you better prepare."

Kai dodged then he made a few hand signs.

" lightning style:Lightning stream, now its your turn to prepare."

A shot of lightning went straight at Raiko. Raiko attempted to dodge ,but Kai had mastered this move so he made it follow Raiko. It finally hit Raiko is his leg.

" Ouch that kinda hurt," said Raiko.

Then Kai's eye turned yellow then the shuriken appeared. Kai stared straight at Raiko.

"Kai your eyes."

Then Raiko was stuck in a genjutsu created by Kai's eyes.

In the genjutsu Raiko was stuck in a circular cage. Thousands of needles were being shot at him.

"What is this ..... its genjutsu."

Then suddenly it stopped.

"Wait I can create and control genjutsu," said Kai.

"Whoa that was weird."

"Raiko let me try and make another genjutsu."

Kai was extremely happy that he could make genjutsu.

"Fine go ahead."

Kai focussed on Raiko ,then Raiko was surrounded by living talking stuffed animals.

"I have you now Raiko its one of your worst fears."

Raiko was freaking out ."Stay back you evil animals."

Kai brought Raiko out of the genjutsu.Raiko nearly fainted.

"So Raiko how did you like the genjutsu."

"Kai never put me in that genjutsu again."

Then they went home to figure out what they would have for lunch.

Nick Tasogare
06-09-2009, 09:52 PM
Chinsei went over to Shin's place to tell him about the mission. As he arrived, Shin was getting back from a day of training in the forest. He looked like he had been shaken up, and he was about to fall when Chinsei caught him. "What's the matter? What happened?" "That student of yours beat me to a pulp, that's what happened." During their last training session, Hijou seeemed amateur at best. Definitly not capable of taking on a ninja like Shin. He brought his brother into the house, and put him down on his bed. He returned several minutes later with a glass of water, and several food pills.

"Here, take these. I would've never asked you to take him on if I knew he was capable of this. I'm gonna go get Gin, I'll be right back." Shin grabbed Chinsei, and pulled him back to the bed. "Chinsei, there's something up with that kid, I don't trust him." He drank the water and ate the pills, and then fell asleep. Chinsei went to the hospital to get Gin, so she could tell him what the full extent of Shin's injuries were.

Sensei : Riku Arashi
06-09-2009, 10:46 PM
"Raiko I'm going to the forest."

"Ok KaiI'll be here."

Kai ran to the forest where he saw some kid standing there looking proud.

"Hey I'm Kai who are you."

"I'm Hijou nice to meet you i guess."

"I heard you beat up some kid, I'm here to avenge him."

"Your talking about Shin, well come on I can handle you."

"ok then."

Hijou used some gravitational jutsu to bring Kai to him.

Kaim made a few hand signs then he storm revolution.

Hijou couldn't stop him from coming so he attempted to dodge it , but Kai got his arm.

"Ouch you got one pretty strong jutsu there."

"Yeah I know."

Hijou used another gravitational jutsu to weigh Kai done.

"I can't move and I feel so pressured I can't breathe well. This is some kind of pain."

"So I win,"said Hijou.

"Not quite." Kai's eye turned into the Quatribugan , then he focused his eyes Hijou.

In the genjutsu hijou was restrained by chains to the ground.

"Prepare for th most dangerous lightning strike of your life becuase this is my realm."

Lightning came from all directions and struck Hijou. It happened again and again then Kai let Hijou out of the genjutsu. Hijou fainted.

Kai whispered in his ears," I win."

Sensei : Riku Arashi
06-09-2009, 10:48 PM
Kai took Hijou to Shin's house. There Kai left a note.

dear Shin,

I fought Hijou in a battle to avenge you for what he did to you. You don't know me but I heard he beat you up so I was just returning the favor. Well hope this helps


06-10-2009, 12:36 AM
sup riku

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06-10-2009, 07:55 AM
When Haruna woke up that morning, she was summoned to the Hokage's office. She sighed. Then the chunin got up, ate breakfast, and got dressed. It wasn't like the kunoichi could get out of it. The green-eyed girl headed for the Hokage's mansion and made it to the office.

"You asked for me, Lady Hokage?"

The woman shuffled some papers around before turning her attention to the girl. "Yes. I may have a mission for you."

Haruna nodded as if to say "Go on."

"We have a team who will soon travel to an old village. They need genjutsu users--"

"Having one genjutsu makes me a genjutsu user when I have much more invested in ninjutsu?"

The Hokage rubbed her forehead. "Yes, technically. Besides, people who use genjutsu have to be extremely smart, like you."

"Why not get Gin? She is as smart as me--or atleast almost--and genjutsu seems to be more her bag of chips."

The strategist kept her normal stoic demeanor through this whole interaction...Until Lady Hokage's next move.

The woman sighed and leaned back. "Okay, I'll just have to tell Chinsei that you declined."

Curiosity flickered over the kunoichi's eyes. "Chinsei is going?" 'Maybe I can use this to find out what he was doing at that party,' she told herself.

At that moment, the mentioned jounin came in through the window. "My student, Hijou, was just defeated by Kai. He's learning to use his--" He noticed Haruna staring at him before finished his sentence.

"His what?" the chunin asked, giving him the same intimidating stare as before.

"The technique I was discussing with you before, Lady Hokage."

The Hokage locked her fingers together and rested her elbows on her desk. "Well...You may have to bring him and Raiko on the mission I was just telling Haruna about."

"Kai is going?" The kunoichi felt a blush crossing her cheeks and scowled at herself.

"Maybe. So, what are you going to do?"


The girl's mother rushed forward and grabbed her husband's arm. "What are you going to do, koibito?"

He stayed quiet for a moment as he turned to face her. "I have to fight." He stroked her cheek. "We have to fight. Go get into your ninja gear and grab as many weapons as you can."

The woman ran into their house. Her daughter ran to the turquoise-haired male's arms.

"Papa!" the academy student cried.

"It's going to be okay," the psychic told her, petting her hair.

"You're lying," she mumbled into his shirt. "Don't fight, Papa."

"I have to. Get yourself to safety" He released his child and went into the house to help his wife.

Young Haruna just stood there, watching her parents get ready for the oncoming dragon attack.


"I will...I will..." The chunin bit her lip as she tried to make up her mind.

((I'm leaving this open to let Nick decide whether Haruna says she will go on the mission or says she will not.))

Many characters are missing atleast one parent, and for a couple, one of their parents is a very bad one. Sabra's father is dead. Both of Haruna's parents are dead. Isamu's mom is dead. Kyou's father is dead, and before she was arrested, his mother was abusive. Suteneko was abandoned by her parents. Aiko's mom is a prostitute and her father is a bad gambler. Hikaru's mother died in a ninja prison and his dad is a prison guard (oh, the irony). No one knows who Chou's parents are/were. Both of Akemi's parents are dead. Before he died, her father was abusive and lead an attack on the Leaf and Light villages.

06-10-2009, 10:12 AM
"Come in."
The door opened slowly and Bo peeked his head inside. The Hokage sighed, "Bo, don't you know that I'm not the one you should be afraid. Its the elders that want you gone.Now get in here I have somethings to talk to you about." Bo slid in quietly then looked around. On seeing no one he ran up to her desk and stared intently at the small list in front of her. "So these are the people, huh." "Yes, so far you have Aiko. But there are still others pending. Shin is Chensei's brother. Haruno is a psychic but she has very good potential. And I'm sending the two brothers who arrived a few months ago.Its entirely their choice to be part of your team." Bo nodded then turned for the door, "How could they resist such an exciting mission." "And what about these Ronin warriors Rajon was telling me about." Lady Hokage continued.The confident man just waved a disregarding hand in the air,"They're a non-issue m'lady."

Sensei : Riku Arashi
06-10-2009, 11:45 AM
Kai decided to walk home after he dropped off Hijou and the note he walked home. We he spotted his house he saw the guy with the bandaged arm at his door.Kai walked behing the guy the guy.

"Whats up sir."

"The Hokage needs you in her office."

"Raiko did you here that."


In the back of their minds the brothers were thinking what have we done this time.

06-10-2009, 12:03 PM
"Bye! I'll see you guys later!"

Aiko waved to her teammates and Emi as they headed out of the village gate to return to the Light. Hikaru had borrowed Makoto from Kyou to send a message to Gigen and his team. They would be informed that the joker had been nominated as possible help on a mission apon their arrival. Since the pink-haired kunoichi had already agreed to help, she would be staying in the Leaf.

Chidori Shuriken
06-10-2009, 04:30 PM
Raiko and Kai went into the Hokage's office. "You two are assigned a mission," said the Hokage. "Ask Chinsei for details. Now."

Raiko and Kai went and found Chinsei at the hospital, and Raiko didn't know how he knew Chinsei was at the hospital, but he just knew. His eyes started to hurt even more...

They saw Chinsei and Chinsei started explaining the mission.

Nick Tasogare
06-10-2009, 07:16 PM
"Well, while Haruna decides what she will do, I am going to go see how Shin is doing." The Hokage nodded, and Chinsei left.

When he arrived at Shin's room, he found Gin waiting for him. "Shin seems to be fine, he just took a nasty beating. Do you know who did it to him?" "Well, yes, but I can't tell you about it, sorry. Is he ready to be taken home, I'm going to be staying with him for some time. He will be at my house." She nodded, and with that, he placed Shin into a wheelchair, and wheeled him out of the hospital, and back to his home.

When he got back, he opened the door, and placed Shin on the bed. "Sleep well, kiddo." He left Shiro to watch Shin, and went off to try and find Hijou. After an hour, he couldn't find him, so decided to go back to The Hokage's Mansion. When he arrived, he went into the office, and began telling her about Hijou's training.

"When I am training with him, he seems to hold back, like he is an amateur, but he completely demolished Shin in a sparing match, and you know how skilled Shin is. I had to take him to Gin, and now he is gonna stay with me until I feel he is ok. He told me that he doesn't trust Hijou, that there is something off about him, which is what I was afraid of." "Well, we will play this by ear, and I don't want you to change your attitude towards Hijou, he might get alerted. Maybe joke around about what he did to your brother, but other than that, keep this low-key." He nodded, and left the office.

Sensei : Riku Arashi
06-10-2009, 10:10 PM
Kai was excited that he had been requested for a mission. His first mission in the Leaf Village he was just so happy.

Kai decided the best thing he could do now was meditate over everything that has happened around him.

"Hey Raiko I'm going into the meditation room see you later."

"Alright Kai I will be training in the backyard."

Kai walked intot he meditation and he concentrated.

06-11-2009, 09:59 AM
Gigen and his squad had been on a mission not too far from the Leaf village, so it only took the chuunin a day to get from where they finished the assignment to the Hokage's office. He was allowed in as soon as he got there.

"Someone suggested you for a mission one of our special jounin was planning," Lady Hokage told him. "Genjutsu users and intelligent people like yourself are needed. I am leaving the details of the assignment to the jounin to explain himself."

The joker smiled. "And why should I help you?"

"Because your village is an ally of ours, and this is an important mission. Aiko has already accepted and is staying in the Leaf until the mission begins."



Haruna stroked the cresent moon on the collar she had been wearing since she was five years old. Her grandmother had given it to her. She was thinking about how Chinsei also wore a cresent moon necklace.

'Could this mean anything?'

The strategist shook her head. Her cresent moon was a light yellow, and she had it on a thick leather strap, while the brunet's was made of silver and hung loosely around his neck.

'Besides, Akemi has one too.'

This did nothing to reassure the kunoichi. All it did was make her more curious.

Sabra Kusabana
06-11-2009, 01:34 PM
Finally... I'd been unable to do anything for a while on the forum, and it still says something about needing to have posted so many times before I can answer private messages, but I'll get that fixed. I think you can guess by the name that this is Sabra's new user. I can't seem to get into my other account, but I'm trying for the sake of answering messages I'm sure I have stacked up there.

It looks like we're getting down to business with the mission finally coming around. Did you guys finalize the plan while I was away?

Kisa and Tanshi walked slowly to the hospital. They'd left the students to their own devises today, there was something more personally pressing for the two to do this morning. The rose haired woman gripped her lover's hand as she looked up at the building. "You're sure Gin is here today?" The man asked as he glanced at the look on the other jonin's face. "Yes..."

They passed thru the doors and Tanshi went to ask the receptionist if they could see Gin. It wasn't long before the chunin meet them in the lobby and escorted them to an open room. The blond laid a questioning gaze on her current sensei as she closed the door and put down a chart she had taken from the front desk.

"Kisa... You've never been to this hospital unless you were hurt in a mission. Why are you here, you look uninjured?" The darkness in the girl's eyes as she stared at Tanshi was an accusation. Her silver gaze returned to her best friend's mother with concern.

Kisa looked down at the floor with was could only be called shame. "You're the only mednin I know, even when I had Sabra I wanted a normal midwife to attend me... I don't like being in a hospital." She paused and looked up at the girl. "I need you to run a test for me..." The woman's voice told the girl all she really needed to know as her companion shyly looked away from the two women, guilt was always easy to spot in man in his position.


Sabra's hand passed over his head catching as few strands of his hair as the boy ducked under her strike. His palm cought the pink haired woman in the stomach as he retaliated. He watched her fall back holding herself tight. "I tried to warn you that my style's lightest touch would hurt you." Gaki said as he moved to help the other teen sit up. He laid a light hand on her abdomen as he held her. The boy didn't notice the blush that scarletted her cheeks while he drew the chakra from his attack out of her muscles. The hit had hurt like nothing she'd even felt before.

"I guess I underestimated your family's art..." Sabra said as she pulled away from the Hyuuga boy and sat with her face turned away so he wouldn't see her embarrassment. "I've never felt something like that... Why didn't you fight me before using the Gentle Fist?" Gaki stretched out his legs as he seated himself next to he on the porch looking out at the sparing square. "I didn't want to hurt you. You insisted this time that I use it or I wouldn't have." He glanced to the room behind them to see the pile of furry ferrets sleeping on a pallet there.

"If you had, you'd of won most of our matches over the past four years now..." Her words turned the white eyed young man's attention back to his rival. "Winning isn't always that important." He told her as he rubbed at his head. He undid the black band that hid beneath his raven wing colored hair. The strip of cloth fell to his lap as he rubbed the remaining sweat from his brow and looked the girl again. "Besides if I had won with it I'd of felt like it was cheating, you never use your fire of me. So I call it fair."

His words cut off as the girl had turned to him as one of her hands raised to his forehead. The soft green mark there usually hidden by either his bangs or a headband had drawn her attention. It felt strange under her fingertips as she touched it, and a cold chill ran down the boy's back as he grabbed her wrist and forced her hand away. His eyes held an unspoken fear as he meet her gaze. "What does it do?" Sabra questioned in a hushed voice as he released her hand.

"I can't explain that to you..." Gaki murmured as he started to replace his band, but she grabbed it out of his hands. "Why do you cover it up? You've done it sense the first time I saw you." Her words held more demand then normal from her voice. "I've asked the twins before why they don't have the mark. They said it was something only pure bloods got. Why? What does it do that your family has to keep so secret?"

Gaki faced her for a moment, considering what he could do. He couldn't explain, that was against the code of his clan. He knew if she was really despert for answers that she could look it up in some of the old village record, but even those had been sterilized to keep most of the knowledge from being open to the public. Really all they said, and that he was allowed to reveil was that it was the mark of the lower branch. He knew that wouldn't be enough for her to leave him alone, and he wasn't going to leave her house without that headband.

Gaki looked away from her. "That's not for you to know," he insisted. "You know I'm not going to take that as an answer." The girl didn't need to tell him that, he knew. It just a split second after the words left her mouth she found herself on her back on the porch with the boy pinning her. He'd grabbed her hands in an instant and pulled them up above her head, leaving her without leverage as he stradled her waist. "You're so stubborn," he whispered as he looked down at her startled face. "Gaki..." Her tone was somewhere between warning and panic as he stared at her.

"You realize we're alone." The threat hung in the air only a moment. "You realize I'm an animal user." The girl countered and the sound of several very angry ferrets could be heard from the side as her pets had woken from their nap. "A few bites isn't something that would get me off of you." Her eyes had turned cold, and her voice hard. "No, but they wouldn't be the only thing making you move." The male ninja meet her tone with a dark playful sound in his, "Oh really?"

The animals lunged at the boy and caused him to go off the porch and into the sparing area. He rolled with the blow and took the cloth from Sabra's hands as he pulled away from her. He replaced the band as the two faced off, a true duel in the making as they clashed. He didn't have anything to say to her right now, he'd done the only thing he could to make her drop his family topic. Besides that she was so beautiful when she was mad at him.


The test was back and Kisa sat nerviously as Gin read over the results. "It's positive... You're too early in it for me to tell how many." The blond looked to her friend's parent and her speech had turned bleak. "You know she won't like this." The rose haired jonin nodded as she looked to her younger friend. "Please let me be the one to tell her." The plea was soft, like the woman may have been about to cry.

"Tanshi leave..." Gin's command took the other jonin by surprise as he had come from his seat to hold Kisa's shoulders. "Why?" The blond's eyes threatened him with the wrath of a nurse who would make him suffer the next time she tended him if he didn't do as told. The man held fast though as he gripped the other jonin's body as she shook. "Anything you have to say to her, I can hear." He continued, but turned to Kisa as she pushed at his side. "Go... I need to talk to her alone." The man ground his teeth as he excused himself from the room.

Kisa looked up at Gin as the chunin stood by the bedside. "What do you want to do sensei?" The blond waited patiently as the other woman withdrew into her thoughts. "I could have a proceedure set within the day if you want?" She offered the older ninja. "No... No I... I don't know... I can't begin to think how I'd raise another child without Hami." Kisa looked into the girl's face with confusion written throughout her eyes. "I just don't know."

Gin wrapped a gentle hand around Kisa's shoulder as she took on a tender look. "I know we're all a little hard on him, but I do know Tanshi's a good man, a good ninja... He'd make a good father too." She admitted as she glanced at the door. "He's a bit short on confidence, but I say the look on his face a moment ago. He'd stand by you, he'd be a good husband, Kisa." Gin added as she returned her gaze to the woman.

"I know that... But I'm not... I'm not sure I'm ready for that. I'm not sure I can let go. I don't know what to do." The despiration, and the fear held in the jonin's words didn't shake the chunin's feelings, it was the tears running down her face that made the medic bite her lip to keep from saying more. Gin handed her a cloth from the counter and wrote a few things on the older woman's cart.

"Let me know what you've had time to think it over Kisa-chan. I have to report your condition to the Hokage, it's proceedure." The blond said as she stepped to the door. "Do you want me to let him back in?" she asked. Kisa shook her head, and the chunin stepped out without any more questions. Tanshi eyed the girl as she passed. He touched the door, but saw her deadly glare and desided to continue to wait outside. He hadn't heard what the women had said, but he could guess.

The man paced the hallway. He didn't know what Kisa would do, hell, he didn't know what he would do. He raked a hand thru his red hair as he tried to gather his thoughts. This was the last thing he wanted, but at the same time he'd always hoped for such an event. This was too confusing for everyone involved. He felt nervious, excited, scared, and above all concerned... Concerned for the woman he loved.


Gin traveled the streets quickly, coming to the Hokage's office. She knocked on the door of the room, and was allowed entry. Haruna was there, and a window sat open on the side of the room. The psychic's daughter stood aside as the blond presented the Hokage with a folder. "It's about Kusabana, Kisa. Ma'am I'm afraid that she will have to be pulled from her missions for a few days." Gin explained as the Hokage opened the folder to read over the state of her jonin. "Mental and emotional distress, due to..." The Hokage meet the chunin's eyes. "You mean they were that careless..." She hissed in anger over the report.

"Ma'am, even among ninja these things happen. Reguardless of what she chooses to do, you need to pull the woman from her current assignments... I can offer myself in her place." Gin said, unmoved by the older woman's anger. The Hokage sat back in her chair and leveled and evaluating gaze on the medic. "I am actually in need of a Genjustu user... You're more skilled then Kusabana at the craft anyway... But what about the hospital, you're scheduled to do your round in surgery in two days. The mission will take longer then that, and I cannot leave them shorthanded." The genjustu specialist looked down at the medical record as the Hokage eyed her.

"I can ask my mother to take my place at the hospital. I will fill Kisa's spot if you want me to." Gin faced the Hokage with resolve. "You're as forceful as ever," the higher ranking nin accused. "If that's how you want it, report to Chinsei about your mission. You will be working with another med nin, Bo. You might wish to talk to him about what role you will play in the group." The girl turned presuming the elder finished, but was stopped as the Hokage continued.

"Don't think I'll forget this Gin. You're doing this out of emotion, not duty, it's unlike you. What do you have to get from volunteering?" The blond looked over her shoulder at the Hokage, her gaze passing over Haruna when she did. "Whatever could you mean?" She asked, the Hokage glared at her back. "Don't play coy child, I know you're more aware of what goes on in your facility then that." Gin smiled a fake innocence in her features. "Maybe, I just want answers just like you do, and know how to take advantage of oppertunity when I see it." She said with a singsong tone. The medic was out the door and down the hall before the other women in the room could think to question her.

Haruna followed her out after a quick word to the Hokage and cought the other stratigist at the exit to the building. "What do you know about what's been happening?" She questioned flattly as she fell in step with the other chunin. "I know that there's been a short string of strange deaths in the village, and that the new ninja in town have something to do with it." That was all Gin admitted as she turned to face the other girl. "I keep tabs on alot of the higher ranking ninja we have, and I can't tell you everything that I know, or don't," she stated while evaluating the other nin. "Just tell me one thing then." Gin raised a brow at Haruna's words.

"What is this mission all about, why does it need so many Genjustu users?" The blond cocked her head to the side as she thought how to answer that. "It's a trap... We're staging a trap for someone, that's all I know. I've been watching Bo ever sense the first morning he came to Kisa about it. No one was supposed to be listening, but that was just a childish thought with so many of us there. He couldn't of really expected seven people to wait quietly only a room away while he talked to her." The girl was flippant about the answer, but she'd said enough.

The two young women went their seperate ways as Gin went to return to the hospital and give notice of her situation, which Haruna went elsewhere. The silver eyed girl wasn't sure where, but she assume the psychic's daughter was off to find Chinsei for one thing or another. This mission was going to be a large exercise of their skills, and the blond looked forward to having her questions answered. Her thoughts wondered to her twin for a second, she knew the girl couldn't be pulled from her teaching position to help her, and this would give the medic and oppertunity to expand on her skills without her sister's feelings in the way.

So there we go. Got to get myself back into this, might as well go for a big reentry while I'm at it. A week without writing left me pent up.

The Kusabana family has trained many types of animals over the generations, but never have they found one quite as adept at reading their master's emotions as the ferrets that they train for all manner of tasks. From spying and restrival of important items, to delivering of deadly payloads of poison and springing of traps, these tiny wonders of animal kind have severed many ninja in the past. They will continue to be trained and used by the family for many years to come, they are both great companions and versitile assets to the ninja way of life.

06-11-2009, 02:16 PM
What happened after Gin had left the Hokage's office and Haruna remained was this:

The strategist stepped forward. "Ma'am, I have decided that I will in fact be going on the mission. I have some questions for Chinsei about..." She placed a hand on her choker. "About my grandmother's clan."

The woman cocked a brow. "What exactly do you want to know?"

"I am hoping he can fill in some gaps, like what clan exactly my dear grandma belonged to. What I know is this...

"Centuries ago, when the ANBU were either just forming or the members weren't as adequate, her clan had belonged to an unstable village. When the village fell apart, half of the clan went to one village and the other came here to the Leaf.

"The half that went elsewhere kept the clan's kekkei genkai virtually the same, except that rumor has it that it has improved greatly over the years. How so, I do not know. I don't even know what the kekkei genkai is, other than it is related to why everyone on my father's side of the family has excellent observation skills and that it is an eye technique.

"The half that came here, however, found a dead member of Ameki's mother's clan and used the corpse to figure out how precognition works. They then linked that clan's jutsu to their kekkei genkai to eliminate the pain that Ameki and her ancestors felt during foresight.

"I did not gain foresight, but I'm still very curious about my heritage. That is why I must speak with Chinsei, any chance I get."

Lady Hokage sighed. "Very well. I hope you realize how long winded that was..." She added the second sentence under her breath.

Sabra Kusabana
06-11-2009, 02:35 PM
Kisa finally left the small exam room and meet Tanshi. They returned to her house without a word being spoken between the two. The silence was killing the man as he watched the woman disappear into the house. He didn't want to press her right now. He couldn't possibly know what she was thinking, or wanting. He stood at the door not knowing if he should follow her or not, head down in thought.

"Sensei?" The voice caused the red head to turn to see Zen and Sasoku coming up the walk. "What's the matter?" Zen questioned as he came closer to the older man. Tanshi waved him off. "Nothing important, I supposed the other's are already here?" He said offhandly as he glanced past his students toward the rest of the village. "I guess... We just meet Kin at the school, she's having to stay late to help the other teachers, and Gaki left for here early this morning." Sasoku explained before heading for the back of the house where the training area was.

Zen eyed his teacher one more time before moving to follow his friend. The boy made Tanshi feel like he was being watched by an all too wise snake as he stepped out of sight. The teen had always made the man feel like he knew more then he ever let on. It was no wonder the archer and Gin got along so well. Between the two they likely knew more of what happened in the village then most jonin.

Gaki blocked a strike as Sabra countered his last attack. The two didn't take notice of the boy's teammates as they came around the side to watch the fight. Ruby and Onyx rounded on the teens, looking for a moment to jump in, and chittering to their two young kits as they did. The smaller animals would chitter back to their parents and copy their movements as they interacted with the ninja, this was training for more then just the boy and girl, the kits were learning alot about their future by watching the teens spar.

Okay so I did this mostly to get another post toward my requirement to send and reply to private messages then anything, but at least it's short.

06-11-2009, 02:40 PM
nice story well ill be looking around the forums

06-11-2009, 04:26 PM
Isamu was on his way back home when he noticed Kin outside the ninja academy, trying to wrench something out of the ground.

"Need any help?" he called to the blonde.

She looked up at him and smiled. "No, I can take care of it myself." The chunin stomped on the terra firma. The item she was retrieving popped up into the air. The kunoichi caught it in midair. "See?"

The brunet grinned and stepped closer. "Not bad."

"I didn't make chunin for nothing, you know."

The genin looked at her heels. "Who's this little fella."

Kin glanced down at the wolf cub. "Oh her? She's Ritoru."

Isamu knelt down and tried to pat the pet's head. "Hey there, Ritoru."

The cub backed away from him. The male's smile didn't falter for a second. He just lowered his hand and allowed Ritoru to sniff it. The pup licked his hand to show she was okay with him. Isamu scratched her behind the ear.

"I really love dogs and their relatives."

The blonde stared at him. "Haruna's right. You really do look like an Inuzuka."

The brunet stood. "Well, I better get going. Sorry to hold you up." He started to leave, but turned back. "Oh! Could you tell your sister I said 'hi'? It's been a while since I've seen her."


((I'm so bored I'm just posting something random.)))

Sensei : Riku Arashi
06-11-2009, 04:42 PM
Kai was walking past the ninja academy when he saw a girl petting a wolf cub.

"Hey I'm Kai nice pet you have there."

"Hello I'm Kin nice to meet you. Her name is Ritoru."

"Cool where did you get a wolf cub I would like to have one."

(I'm really bored to.)

Chidori Shuriken
06-11-2009, 05:46 PM
Attention everyone! I will be taking a vacation from writing until the Friday after tomorrow. Until then, I entrust sensei: riku memrai to my character. I may post here and there, but this is farewell until then.

Sensei: Riku Memrai! In addition to Kai, please use my character, Raiko, please.

Sensei : Riku Arashi
06-11-2009, 05:48 PM
Attention everyone! I will be taking a vacation from writing until the Friday after tomorrow. Until then, I entrust sensei: riku memrai to my character. I may post here and there, but this is farewell until then.

Sensei: Riku Memrai! In addition to Kai, please use my character, Raiko, please.

ok i will use your character thanks for letting us know

Sabra Kusabana
06-11-2009, 06:41 PM
A second cub came around the corner before the girl could respond, and barked at the boy. "Deki," the young woman snapped at the cub, but it only looked at her. "I'm sorry that's my sister's and she hasn't been introducing her to many people." Ritoru rubbed on his littermate's side and the two moved to stand around the blond's ankles. "Our sensei gave them to us when we became chunin." Kin said as she scooped the two up. They were still quite small, but they wouldn't stay that way long, so she figured she'd carry them while she still could.

"Miss Kin! Miss Kin!" A tiny girl and two boys ran up to the blond as she turned from the other ninja. "We need you to come show us again how to seal the kunai in a scroll!" One of the boys shouted with a high pitched yell. The blond flinched just a little at his voice. Her golden eyes closed as she smiled down at them. "Alright, but no need to be so loud Tory." She said a she shrugged at the other ninja, and allowed herself and the cubs to be dragged away by the academy students.

Sparing a glance behind her she wondered why she didn't recognise that Kai person, she knew most of the chunin now, and alot of people in the village overall because of her family's various skills. As the young man walked away she turned back to the children, dismissing the thoughts, she'd entertain them some other time, like when there wasn't a dozen of more kids all asking for her attention. Where were the other teachers when she needed them? The meeting couldn't be taking that long, right...


Gin found herself wondering the streets of Konoha, she had no idea where Chinsei might be at this hour, and she'd finished her shift at the hospital. She needed to find him as get the final details of the mission they would be starting soon. She metalic eyes scanned the crowds of people as she stepped thru the market district. Vendors shouting about the same sales they had everyday didn't warrent her attention, but they did annoy her. She cut one of them a steely look as they tried to call her over for a special deal on rice and curry powder. The man withered under her gaze and quickly changed his target to another young woman.

The medic sighed and growled to herself. It wasn't that man who should be recieveing the heat of her stare. Her last patient of the day should have been glade he was under the Hokage's protection while he remained in the hospital, or she swore he'd be in worse condition then when he first came in. The man was completely infuriating, and the blond swore if he ever bothered her on the street she'd be willing to spend a night locked up for fighting as long as she got to pound him just once.

Lost in her thoughts the kunoichi bumped someone in her path. She looked up to the young nin and appologized quickly. He stared at her in confusion. "How did you get from over there to here so quickly?" He said as he pointed over his shoulder, vagely in the direction of the academy. Gin blinked a moment, then smiled softly. "You've mistaken me for my twin, sir." She said lightly as she stepped to the side of him. "It happens alot," she assured as she waved the chunin off and vaulted to a rooftop. "Gotta run," Gin told him as she vanished in a poof of smoke.

She watched the confused teen walk on down the street from her spot on the roof. God she loved how easy Genjutsu was. She had poofed away from where she'd been, but only far enough to be out of sight from the street, that didn't mean that she couldn't see those below though. The boy filtered into the crowd without a backward glance, her technique having made him suddenly crave food more then wanting to question her. It was embarrasing for a nin to be so distracted she'd run into someone, and Gin was not beyond making someone forget she'd been so careless.

Some ninja are far more willing then others to stoop to trickery to save face. Better that they be known as a liar or even a prankster then as a dimwit or inobservent. A ninja trying to climb the ranks can not afford to have many incidents of humiliation if they hope to get anywhere as a leader. Even something mildly embarassing can be taken in all seriousness to someone who cares alot about their reputation.

Sensei : Riku Arashi
06-11-2009, 07:23 PM
"Wait I feel hungry I guess I will go to the Ramen shop." Kai kept thinking (so those two girls are twins.)

"One bowl of ramen please."

After five minutes the man behind the counter said, "Ok here you go."

"Thanks this looks great ,"said Kai.

"Sir do you know a good place where I could get a ninja pet."

"Well you could go to the Kusabana Clan ."

Where is that."

The man gave Kai a few descriptive directions on how to get to the Kusabana's clan place.

"Thank you Sir and heres your tip."Kai said to himself," I will go there tomorrow.

Kai was planing on getting Raiko a pet for everything that has been going on and maybe he would get himself a pet to.

Raiko was at home sleeping. He had a dream of the guy busting into his house when he was younger. Kai and Raiko's dad jumped infront of them to protect them. Suddenly 3 more ninja followed the the first man. Then Raiko awoke.

Pant pant "Whoa is that what happened in the past. My memory is returning slowly." "I think I will go back to sleep after I get some water.

Raiko got a glass of water from the newly built kitchen.He walked back to his room and fell asleep.

Nick Tasogare
06-11-2009, 08:27 PM
Shin had woken up, but all he saw was Shiro. He decided to get up, and take a walk. He decided to run across the roof tops, so that nobody would see his condition. As he ran over head, he saw people he knew. Gin was on a building a few blocks from him, Kin was several blocks in another direction, being dragged by some academy. He did not possess a Ryouchigan, and he was unsure if he ever would, but he was still able to sense things extremely well, even from a distance. He could tell she was in desperate need of some help, and decided to go and put the students in awe, which might cause them to forget what they needed.

He was sitting at the academy, waiting for the students to turn the corner. When they did, Kin saw him, and thought for a moment that he was Chinsei. "Summoning Jutsu!" He bit his thumb, and placed his hand on the ground. When the smoke cleared, there was a large falcon shaking its large feathers. "Who wants a ride?"

Nick Tasogare
06-11-2009, 10:38 PM
The name of the falcon Shin had summoned was Takahime, she was the daughter of the Head Falcon. The two had a close bond, but she was not above being stubborn with him. "Takahime, what's say we give these students a little ride around the village." She turned her head and looked at him. "Well........I don't know, I'm kinda tired." He looked at her, jaw dropped. "Come on, you're my summon, you should do things for me when I call you, we have a contract." "The contract only allows you to summon me, and other falcons, it doesn't bind me to you." "What do you mean you don't have to do things for me!" "Just what I said." The two continued bickering, and while this was happening, Kin was dragged off, into the Academy.

If it wasn't apparent, Shin and Takahime have a brother-sister relationship. The two of them are very close, but they still have enough room to argue over the smallest of things. Takahime's father helped train Shin, and basically made him the Ninja he is today.

Sabra Kusabana
06-12-2009, 12:06 AM
Kin grinned down at the students as they took her to the room where there were many other children practicing their throwing skills. "Raise you fingers a bit more and throw from the wrist Takame." Kin instructed as the kids gathered scrolls they wanted to use. She glanced back outside a moment wondering about the bird and Shin, she barely knew him, but thought it sweet he tried to distract her capturs.

The young woman began explaining in detail how to prep the scrolls as the young ones gathered around her, all marking down what she told them. "Miss Kin!" "Yes Mayie?" She said to a girl with a cat in her lap. "Can we see some of your scrolls?" The ninja nodded and pulled a light green edged roll of parchment from her pouch and opened it for them. "This is one I have sinbon needles in. I have over fifty in this scroll. Remember earlier how I was showing you to control how many came out at once?" She said as she rolled a hand over the scroll while holding it with the other. Her palm came away with several of the long needles held delicately.

The children awed at the sight. "We want to do that!" Several shouted together, making the girl grin at them, even as her cheek twitched at the sound. "Well first you have to get them into the scroll." She reminded as severl of the students started copying the symbols on her sheet.


Zen and Sasoku sat on a soft hill of grass near the training area as they watched Sabra and Gaki continue to trade blows. "Gaw, man how much stamina do those two have?" The red head exclaimed as he threw up his hands at watching the two lock arms for a moment and essentially used their partner's momentum to eachother's advantage. Gaki pressed on the woman's back suddenly as he twisted at a painfully looking angle.

The turn of his hips and the motion from his hand brought the woman near to the floor as he leaned over her in what for a moment looked more like a dance then a sparing match before he dropped her on her arse, and turned in a low kick that caused her to have to throw her body back flat to have it pass over.

Zen huffed as he looked to the side. "With moves like that I swear one of these days he's going to end up screwing her after a match." he scoffed. His teammate smacked him on the shoulder. "Hey don't be so uppidy about it. You know how he feels, have some respect." Sasoku scolded him, causing the archer to shrug and lay back, rolling to his side to stare away from the fight, "Whatever."

The former sand nin smirked to himself as he looked at his companion's back. "And just how would you like it if Gaki talked about what you do with Gin like that?" He questioned with a catish tone. "What are you saying?" Zen hissed as he turned his head to glare at the other teen. Sasoku grinned farther and showed him his profile as he rolled his hand for infasis. "Oh just this and that about what I've seen you doing with her."

The boy looked at his nails with a cocky tilt to his head as Zen's cheek flared, causing him to press on with his teasing. "I'm sure they're more lovely up close and perso---" He was cut off as Zen rolled from his position and in the space of a heartbeat had him pinned by the throat, and had hit him across the face before he could finish. "You will not speak of her in a such a way..." The hiss from the white haired teen's mouth was cold and threatening. It spoke volumes about the level of protectiveness he had over the chunin he was involved with.

"Zen!" It was Gaki's voice, and the Hyuuga had already grabbed his elbow in such a way that he couldn't strike Sasoku again. The other boy had also shot enough chakra into his other arm to leave his hand completely numb as it went limp around the ginger's neck. Sabra pulled Sasoku out from under him as his team leader lifted him up and back away from the other young man.

Sasoku looked to his 'friend' with a touch of fear as he brushed his fingers over his throat. Zen was very possesive of what he considered his, but he didn't think some light teasing would get such a level of violence. His cheek strung where he'd been punched too, and he could already tell it would bruise as he brushed Sabra's concerned hands aside while he turned to face the white haired member of his group again.

Zen's eyes were colder then ice as they stared at eachother. "I don't know what you two are aguring over, but drop it right now!" They all turned to see Sheu standing in the doorway to the house. The older woman's look said she ment business, and even at her age the way she was holding the frying pan in her hand told the teens she wouldn't hesitate to turn them over and treat them like the children she surely thought they were acting like.

Sheu waited as the two boys looked away from eachother and Gaki let go of Zen so he could move freely. The archer covered his tingling arm with his other hand and walked away. "She's not that kind of kunoichi..." He murmured as he stalked out of sight, appearently not wanting to stay with the others for questioning. Satified the older woman vanished into the house again, leaving Sabra to bothering Sasoku about the injuries he'd suffered. The boy batted her hands asside again. "I'm fine," he insisted.

"What did you do to him?" Gaki asked as he watched the spot where Zen had last been. "I was riling him about Gin because he was making fun of the two of you." Sasoku told them flatly, and smirked a little as he cought the girl blush for a moment before stilling herself. "What do you mean about us?" She said softly. The red head rolled his shoulders in a loosening motion. "Just the two of you," was all he said as his eyes lit up at the sight of someone coming around the side of the house.

Blond hair was all he could make out for a second, then a few steps later he saw her eyes and his face dropped slightly. "Speak of the devil..." The silver gaze that meet him didn't hold long as she stepped up her pace and he found finger's around his neck once again, but this time soft and warm as chakra poored into his throat, while a delicate palm cradled his cheek.

Gin didn't ask why he was hurt, and she didn't expect to be told. Turned her gaze from her patient as she dropped her hands, her eyes rested on Sabra. "Taking out flustration on someone like him?" She asked while dismissing the boy. Sabra shook her head, "No... Wait, flustration, why would I be upset over something?" The mint eyes girl stared at her friend in confusion, but the medic made no sign that she'd misspoke.

"Oh, you know about how we're having to get so close to the boys." She continued as she looked to Gaki, and how he was within just a few inches of the pink haired kunoichi. Sabra noted the line of her sight and immediately stepped away. She didn't pick up on Gin's other meaning, which confirmed for the girl that Sabra hadn't been informed of her mother's condition yet.

Sheu appeared at the door to the house again as the four started to talk about less serious things. "Sabra," she called to draw the girl's attention. "Your mother is asking for you..." The young woman excused herself from the gathering. Gin watched her go and then turned to the men she stood with. "I suggest we make ourselves scarse." She said before starting to hurry away. Gaki cought her hand as it swung back. "Why?"

Gin turned to him and sighed. "You probly don't want to be on the recieveing end of the firestorm that our flower's about to turn into. If this conversation she's about to have goes anything like what I expect, we want to be gone by the time she comes out that door again." She wenched her hand from his and started to leave again, faster this time. Sasoku close on her heels, he didn't need to know anything more then that Sabra was about to be very mad.

A sound that could only be described as an animal's roar coming from a human's mouth came out of the house, just loud enough even outside, that Gaki could hear it. "YOU'RE WHAT!" He stood there stunned for a moment as he saw several small animals fleeing the interior of the building. It was only a moment later when he say the fuming Sabra emerge, Tanshi and Kisa both trying to talk to her was she stalked away from them.

Gaki stood frozen as the girl's heated eyes bore down on him as the target for her sudden anger. She was right there in his face before he thought to move. She voice was a low and deadly sound. "I'm going to your house tonight." The words took him complete off guard as the girl grabbed him by his collar and lead him away from her home, leaving her parent and his sensei staring after them.

Kisa looked down with tearful eyes as her daughter left the home. She knew this would be the reaction she should expect, but it shook her confidence more then she expected. Her daughter had sat there for a moment and made her hope she would understand before erupting in shock. As she'd dragged the Hyuuga away all she could do was watch.

In a way she pittied the boy, her daughter was like her after all, that rage would turn physical before she let it get to her and broke down. The young man had already been drained from fighting all day, now he would be put thru the ringer by the girl likely till she passed out. This was not going to be a pleasent evening for him, or anyone near whereever the teen finally desided to let her feeling out.

The rose haired woman let Tanshi lead her inside. Sheu was waiting for them, tea in hand. "I'm sorry dear... You'll just have to let her come back in her own time." The old woman explained as Kisa sat down and took the offered drink. "Now tell me what you two are going to do about where this new little one will be staying." The elder said as she sat down with them while holding a pleased look in her face.

The way she smiled at them made Tanshi think that maybe the old housekeeper had been hoping for this to happen. He didn't put it past the woman to have already set plans in motion for such an event, and as she chatted to Kisa about it he became more and more sure that she had.

06-12-2009, 07:36 AM
Aiko woke up one morning feeling wonderful. She stretched and went about her normal morning routine. The kunoichi was perfectly happy...until she stepped outside and saw who was staying in the appartment across the hall from hers.

"No freaking way! I thought I told them not to ask F***wad to be in the mission!"

Gigen held up his hands defensively "Hey, don't blame me if I have talent in the area they're looking for. I did make chunin on my first try."

He was pinned to the wall a moment later. The genin had one hand twisted in his shirt collar and the other hand pressed a kunai to his throat.

"Don't think that is some big deal, d***head. I was--"

Before she could finish her sentence, both Light nin were pulled away from each other.

"Fighting in the appartment building? You guys must want to get kicked out of here," Haruna told them. She let go of the two shinobi. "I just came to remind Gigen that Lady Hokage needs an answer today on whether he is going on the mission or not. It starts tomorrow, after all."

"Tomorrow!?!" The joker sprinted out of sight.

"Stupid gambler," Aiko growled after him. Then she started muttering under her breath about "clowns" and "could've beaten him".

"Walk with me," the female chunin comanded. As the pink-haired kunoichi followed her, Haruna asked, "Why are you afraid of clowns?"

"Well, F***wad should have known that without searching my mind." She cast a dark look backward. "He was there, after all."

The turquoise-haired girl nodded to show she was listening.

The genin sighed. "My father had come home a drunken mess one day when I was five years old. Rather than let me be around an unstable man, my mom had decided to take me to the circus." She laughed bitterly. "My dearest mother brought Gigen along because--and here's the kicker--she didn't want us to grow up hating each other. Well, we got to the circus, and I was loving it...until the clowns showed up. No, not the clowns. I was enjoying the clowns. It was just the arrival of one specific clown that ruined it for me forever."

Haruna continued nodding.

"This man...I swear when he enters an area, all the joy gets sucked out of it. He was a tall, rotund man with a five o' clock shadow and a cigar in his mouth. He smelled of alcohol--almost as though he'd been bathing in it and beer was the only thing he'd ever had to drink in his life. This man couldn't juggle in his state and bungled most of the acts he was in. But the worst part came at the finally. He tripped, and it knocked down several things...including the tent. My legs were trapped under a large pile of wood and the tent was suffocating me slowly. If my mom hadn't seen me struggling, I would have died that day." She gritted her teeth. "And do you know what F***wad did? He laughed! That's all he did. He just kept laughing, all the way back home."

The strategist put all of this in the back of her head for future reference. She decided it may come in handy during the next day's mission or the next time someone she knew had to go up against the genin.

"Thanks for listening, Haruna. It feels so good to get that all off of my chest," Aiko said.

06-12-2009, 08:50 AM
As he closed the door to his apartment, something caught Bo's eye. He took the note off the door an began scanning it. "An eviction notice?!" he gimaced. It didn't really surprise him. He wasn't making enough money to pay his rent. This mission was crucial for yet another reason, the leader got paid the most. It was time to finalize the plans and get everyone in the loop.

After dropping by the Hokage mansion and picking up the list of people he headed for the nearest messenger pidgeon. Instead of scouring the village for everyone he decided to send everyone a summons. It simply said:

Dear Cellmates,
Meet me at West Gate Barbeque at 6 today for briefing.


With that he sent the pidgeon off to Aiko, Gigen, Gin, Kai, Haruno, and Raiko. 5 Chunin and one Genin he thought, this is going to be fun.

06-12-2009, 09:04 AM
Haruna was at her normal training ground, but she hadn't started excercising yet. The chunin had hidden herself in a tree and started thinking, again, about the day her parents died.


The young girl finally unfroze from her spot and ran. She had no idea where she was going to go, but she was going to get there as fast as her feet would carry her.

The academy student skidded to a halt as a dragon landed right in front of her. The kunoichi sqeaked in fright and sprinted of in the other direction, tears leaking from the corners of her eyes.

She didn't stop again until she was too tired to continue. Haruna bent forward and tried to catch her breath. Before she had recovered, however, another dragon appeared.


The psychic's daughter stared fearfully up at the beast. She shielded her face with her arms, expecting the giant lizard's fiery breath to hit her with great intensity, but it didn't come.

Instead, the academy heard the dragon cry in pain. She looked up. A turquoise and purple blur was battling the sky fiend. The blur stopped long enough for her to recognize it as her father. He continued to fight the giant lizard at fast pace. The dragon's head was whipping about, trying to follow his actions.

Finally giving up on the larger human, the beast went after Haruna. It turned it's scaly snout towards her and opened it's monstrous mouth. The kunoichi could feel the heat from the fire that was about to come. More salty wet droplets of pure terror escaped her green orbs.

Her father panicked and threw himself in between the blazing shot and the girl. He threw one last kunai. It managed to hit the sky fiend's soft under belly. Haruna watched in shock as her dad and the dragon fell to the ground.



The chunin was shooken from her thoughts as she sensed two chakra signatures headed her way. She recognized them both, but that didn't stop her from getting a little confuzed. This was supposed to be her secret training grounds. Few people knew about this place other than her, and those few had promised not to come unless she allowed them to or if there was an emergency.

The strategist leapt down to a lower branch and swung herself towards the intuders. She hit them both in the chest, knocking them to the ground.

"Kai!? Raiko!? How did you guys find this place?"

"Kyou got a note that was meant for you. He sent us to tell you," Raiko explained.

Haruna got off of them and helped the other chunin up.

"Alright. But never come here again unless it's really important, okay?"

"Yeah, Kyou already told us that," Kai said.

Sensei : Riku Arashi
06-12-2009, 11:04 AM
"We are sorry we came into your secret training ground. We have a note for you."

"Ok but remember never comeback here unless its important."

"We won't heres the note,"Said Kai.

Kai pulled a note out of his pocket."

"Here you go."


The boys walked back to the way they came in.

"Bye," the boys shouted.

Nick Tasogare
06-12-2009, 12:47 PM
As Shin continued bickering with Takahime, he noticed that there was a messenger bird flying over head. He whistled, and it flew down to him. It was from The Hokage.

"Shin, I am sure that Chinsei told you about the mission taking place tomorrow, and although you were not requested by Bo, the Chunin leading the mission, I believe that you would be an asset to them, and am requesting that you meet with Bo along with the others, and show him this message."

Thank you,
Lady Hokage

After he read this message, he told Takahime that he had a mission, and he needed her to fly him to the meeting place. He jumped on her back, and a rush of air blew open the academy doors, causing all the students to rush out, just in time to see the falcon take off into the sky.

06-12-2009, 01:40 PM
Haruna read over the note. When she was done, she realized that she was--once again--blushing. The kunoichi growled at her self and started training.

'Don't get close to people. It only brings you pain.'


The psychic's daughter rushed forward. "PAPA!!!" Tears streamed down her face.

Lady Hokage arrived minutes later. She looked over the man and bit her lip. "I came too late. There's nothing that can be done."

The woman placed a hand on the academy sudent's head and stroked her hair until she stopped crying. Then she stood.

"I have to go. There are others who need my help."

Haruna reached up and grabbed the bottom of her shirt. "Wait, can you do me a favor?"

The woman turned back to the kunoichi. Tear streaks still stained the young girl's cheeks, but an odd seriousness shone on her face.

"What is it?"

"Don't tell anyone what happened to my father. Considering his role in this village, if people knew he died, there would be mass hysteria."

The Hokage blinked at the academy student. This was odd coming from a girl she had known to be joyful and bubbly.


Haruna watched her mom dash down a nearby road and try to put out a fire on a roof top.


'Maybe some training will distract me...'

The turquoise-haired girl made a few clones and sent them into the surrounding woods. Then she sat on the ground to listen.

The strategist heard a twig snap and threw a kunai in the direction of the sound.


Haruna was at the rendez-vous point at the given time. 'Bo' was already there. Aiko and Gigen arrived shortly after the female chuunin, the joker slightly in front with the genin chasing him with a perturbed look on her face. Gin was next, then Kai and Raiko. Shin was last.

'Bo' clapped his hands together once. "Alright, since we're all here--"

"Chinsei's not coming?" the green-eyed kunoichi asked.

"No. He was offered a chance, but he declined for the time being." Kobe turned back to the whole group. "Now, here's what we're going to do..."

06-12-2009, 03:16 PM
We have three objectives: inspect the destroyed village, setup the genjutsu trap, and bring the The Order's task force back to the village. Your heiness told us not to confront them if our genjutsu fails to trap them. The village, once we find it will be our meeting point. From there we will split into teams of two and search the area. When someone finds the task force we move into position to intercept them. As soon as they finish their attack we will knock them out in the genjutsu and take them back to the village. In theory, its a good plan. But like every good ninja knows nothing ever goes according to plan. Questions?"

Gigen raised his hand eagerly but Kobe, realizing his motive went on with instructions, "Good. Now I'm going give all of you a jutsu manual. Since you wouldn't have been chosen if you were idiots I expect all of you to learn the move tonight." Everyone grabbed a scroll and turned to leave. "Wait a second peoples. We're about o put our lives in eachothers hands and we don't even know one another. Now the reason I brought you all to a barbeque resturaunt is so that we could have dinner and get to know eachother." They all looked at Kobe indecisively so the dark male coersd them further. "I'll pay." Everyone walked into the resturaunt quickly after that and Kobe murmured under his breath, "What have I done?" It would take the rest of his money to do it but he figured it was worth it and followed the group in.

Nick Tasogare
06-12-2009, 03:34 PM
"So, I haven't seen you around the village, what is your name?" "Oh, I'm Shin, nice to meet you all." They looked at him as he began swallowing the meat that had been grilling. With a full mouth, he quickly asked what they were looking at. "Well..." began Bo, "We know Kai and Raiko better than we know you, and you're a Ninja in this village." "Oh, well I'm Chinsei's brother, but we don't really tell many people about it."

Everyone at the table sat in awe, with their jaws dropped. "We had no idea." "Even when Chinsei brought you to the Hospital, he didn't mention you were related. Why don't you tell people?" "It never really comes up, I guess." He continued eating, but everyone else was not so quick to resume eating. After about 5 minutes of thinking, they resumed eating, and Bo asked everyone to explain their abilities, asking Shin to go first.

"Well, I can summon falcons, I am an ok Taijutsu user, not the best, and I'm fair with Genjutsu, probably not to the point of those guys." He was pointing at Aiko, Gigen and Gin. "I am pretty skilled at Ninjutsu, especially Fire Style, and Earth Style, as well as other techniques, such as Combination Jutsu with the falcons that I summon. My true talent is the Falcon based Jutsu. They trained me when I was younger.

When he was a young Genin, Shin signed a contract with the falcons, and they trained him in their Hidden Sky Temple. They taught him some of their most sacred techniques, which will be seen later in the story.

Sensei : Riku Arashi
06-12-2009, 03:54 PM
Kai thought he would go next. "Hi I'm Kai most of you have met me already, I just came into the village like a week ago." "Ok my skills I'm so so when it comes to taijutsu, as a genjutsu user I'm pretty good I can create my own genjutsu and learn other genjutsu quicky, and ninjutsu I am best with lightning ,wind style and I have developed my own style, I call it storm style its lightning and wind style mixed together. My kekkei genkai allows me to know when someone is close to me by sensing their chakra and it allows me to create genjutsu. It also allows my sight to increase greatly." Kai looked at Raiko as if to say go next.

" Hi I'm Raiko and I am Kai's younger brother.I'm pretty average at taijutsu, I am a so so genjutsu and with ninjutsu I am pretty good with wind and fire style chakra.I can see the main chakra points with my kekkei genkai. Idont know much more about it."

The other ninja looked slightly confused becuase about the two brothers kekkei genkai because they were different.

The boy kekkei genkai the Quatribugan differs from the member of their clan. Many members of the clan earn different skills for their quatribugan. It is known to be both stealthy and powerful kekkei genkai.

06-12-2009, 04:39 PM
Aiko went next. "The name's Aiko. I am a genjutsu expert with some skill invested in ninjutsu and taijutsu. Most of my talent lies with love and affection related techniques, but I can learn a few other tricks as well."

Eyes turned to Haruna. She looked around and sighed. "My name is Haruna. I have only one genjutsu in my arsenal and poor defense. I have, however, great taijutsu overall and excellent ninjutsu. As far as intelligence goes, the only person of my age and rank who even comes close to matching me is Gin.

"I have some of the best observation skills as well. Like many rogues and higher-ups, I can feel and recognize chakra signatures and I can hide my own.

"It is not in my nature to get close to people, so I suggest that during any battles we may encounter, you BACK OFF and let me fight for myself."

There was an awkward sillence.

"So! Who's next?" Shin smiled.

Sabra Kusabana
06-12-2009, 04:59 PM
I only have a couple so I'll make this short, and play catch up with my post later this everning.

Gin smirked as she nodded to Haruna's introduction. "You may call me Gin, or if you prefer silver sense people seem to have trouble telling me apart from my twin. I think a couple of you have met her." She paused to look to the newest nins in town. "I've the ability to use a special doujutsu that my sister and I inherited from the Hyuuga clan. It's not quite like the Bayukagan, but it allows me a vast perception in chakra that I could not otherwise achieve. This is why I have the skill level in Genjustu and Ninjutsu that I do. Unfortunately my Taijutsu is lacking."

The blond looked to Haruna for a moment before turning to Bo. "I have also been trained in medical jutsu, I'm quite effective at healing lacerations and broken bones, but more delicate injuries are still beyond my level. I'll likely need someone paired with me to run interference while I use my mental attacks and help heal the injured sense I prefer not to get up close and personal in combat."

She played with her food a moment as if distracted. "My elements are water and wind," she said like an after thought. Then staring at Bo again, "And what about you? I have been told you're also a med nin, I've heard some about you from Sabra, but that's not enough information for this situation." Her eyes flicked to the brothers while she waited for her answer. She'd seen a strange look cross their faces when she'd mentioned her bloodline's gift, that made her interested. She could tell one of them had some intregeing surgical scars near his eyes and wondered...

06-12-2009, 09:20 PM
((Mainly posting so this thread doesn't slip to the second page))

Haruna looked around at the other members of the group as Kobe thought. The man seemed to be trying to phrase his next sentence carefully. Aiko was clenching and relaxing her right fist as though she were trying hard not to punch someone right now. Gigen was shuffling his deck of cards and chuckling softly. Shin was just to the side of the duo and appeared to be very busy with his food, but he would occasionally spare a glance towards the Light nin.

The strategist turned to her other side. Gin was focused on Raiko's scars, Raiko was staring at 'Bo', and Kai was focused on nothing in particular. The turquoise-haired chunin scratched her head and wondered how long they were going to be there.

She sighed and continued to eat her small portion of food, occasionally looking at the scroll she had been given.

06-12-2009, 11:30 PM
"I'm not sure what she told you but I became a med nin out of necesity. I was constantly fighting so I needed something to keep me going. Since I've been in the village it's become more of a hobby. In fact, I'm planning on a little project that will take food pills to the next level, but thats for another day. Its obvious you're all getting antsy so I won't hold anyone up. Just remember to read up on the scroll for tomorrow... we ride."

Nick Tasogare
06-12-2009, 11:50 PM
"Well gee, Bo, thanks for wondering what my skills are...." Gigen sat there, pretending to sulk. "Oh, I almost forgot, go ahead Gigen." He sat there, and spread out his cards on the table, doing complicated tricks. "Well, I'm obviously a Genjutsu expert, and probably one of the best, since I beat love bird here in the Exams." He looked at Aiko out of the corner of his eye, and saw her fuming.

"I use these cards here to perform some of my secret techniques, and I can serve as defense and offense at the same time, because I can infuse my cards wih chakra to make barriers, as well as summon my King, Queen, Jack, and of course, Joker. The Joker is my last resort however. Many of my Genjutsu tricks involve have been unseen, as I only used a small set of my arsenal in the Exams. I can "create" Genjutsu on the spot, by this I mean that whatever is i my head, by using Chakra, I can turn it into a Genjutsu. If I figure out what my opponents fear is, I can create a Genjutsu focusing on it. And that is pretty much what I'm gona say."

He noticed Shin and Bo holding Aiko from jumping across the table at him, and he looked away from her, smiling. "Ok, that's everyone? Ok, well now I guess we can all go and learn that Genjutsu, and we will leave tomorrow at around noon. Remember to stalk up on weapons, as well as any other items you are skilled in the use of, such as scrolls, bomb tags, seal tags, anything, we might need them." They all nodded, and got up to leave, leaving Bo with the check. "WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?"

Shin, along with his other skills, has a great amount of Sealing Knowledge. It was a main course of his training, actually, it was the first thing the faalcns ever taught him. He would need it to be able to accomplish use of the other techniques they would teach him.

06-13-2009, 09:48 AM
When Haruna got up the next morning, she went through her normal routine...with the exception of adding a few extra steps. She put on a green FLAK vest over her normal outfit. Then the kunoichi strapped a weapons case to her right leg. Finally, the twelve-year-old pulled a sword and leather sheath from the wall.


The young girl removed her father's sword from its sheath without touching the weapon and poured water over it to cool it down. Steam rose from the hot metal.

"I hope I won't need to use this for a long time," she said, putting the leather strap on and returning the sword to its carrier. "I'm going to help Mama put out the fires."

Lady Hokage watched the girl go.


The chunin sighed and headed for the gate wear she would meet the others. 'Bo' and Shin were already there. The jounin was resting against the village wall and the special jounin was pushing small figures around into various formations on a map.

"What are you doing?"

Kobe looked up at the psychic's daughter. "I'm trying to figure out how we should be positioned when we leave in case of an attack."

The strategist sat next to him. "We should probably only have four people traveling on the main road. Eight people in one spot are likely to attract a lot of attention."

"In that case, Gigen, Aiko, Raiko, and Kai can travel on the main road. Based on their abilities, the order should be Raiko in front, then Gigen, then Aiko, and Kai last." The man pushed the figures into place as he spoke. "Then that leaves Shin, Gin, you and I in the forest."

"Makes sense. I'm pretty sure Gin can hide her chakra by now, even if she didn't last we saw her. She advances pretty quickly, and it isn't as hard to do as most people think."

"Plus, it means we have the two highest ranked people of our group--" he indicated himself and Shin on the map-- "defending a medic."

Haruna nodded. She stood and dusted herself off as the others started to arrive.

Nick Tasogare
06-13-2009, 10:23 AM
Shin examined the plan. "I can scout ahead in the sky when we get close, so I can determine if there are any enemies, or traps that we need to worry about. I have Takahime to take me in the sky, so that might be a good idea as well." "Yes, perhaps, what do you think, Haruna?" She thougt on the idea, and responded. "It might be smart, if we get caught in a trap, we are screwed, because we would lose the element of surprise."

She glanced at Shin. He wore a necklace similiar to Chinsei's, only instead of the crescent moon, it had a silver feather, and he had his headband, which was tied with black cloth. He had the same hair as his brother, only it was brown. He wore white sneakers, and white, loose fitting khaki pants, with two weapon pouches in the back, and 2 item holders on each leg. He wore a red short sleeve shirt, and a white flak jacket, with a brown feather on the back.

As she watched him a few times, Gigen arrived, with Aiko behind him. 'Bo' filled them in on the plan, and they seemed to think it a good one. The rest of the team arrived shortly, and they all went over the plan several times to make sure that everyone got it, and then made sure that everyone had learned the jutsu. It was only 11:30 a.m. so they had another half hour before they would leave.

Sensei : Riku Arashi
06-13-2009, 01:18 PM
Kai and Raiko's morning was the similar routine, but it was slightly different. First Kai grabbed his weapons pouch then he attached it to his right leg. Kai also grabbed his scrool that held his sacred katana inside of it and it also held other weapons.He looked over the jutsu a couple of time until he learned then he waited for Raiko.

Raiko attached one of his weapon pouches to his right leg then he strapped his other weapons pouch to his left hip. He looked over the jutsu for about 30 minutes. Then the older one suggested they go to the ramen shop for some ramen.

They ate their ramen like it was just a regular day, then they headed off for the departing area. It took them 15 minutes to get there , one reason was because they stopped to look around and smelt the village. They felt they had something to return to.

They reached the meeting place they were suprised they weren't the last ones. Bo told them the plan and they waited for the rest of the group.

Chidori Shuriken
06-13-2009, 01:42 PM
I MUST thank Sensei: Riku Memrai. I might be gone for longer, just so you guys know. :|

This was it; the meeting place for the mission. Raiko's eyes weren't fixed, so he knew he might be a burden to the mission. On the other hand, instant killing when need be may come in handy.

Raiko waited for the rest of the group, and wondered if he should tell them about his eyes. No, he thought. I shall not tell them about my eyes, nor my summoning weapons ability, nor of my new Jutsu. Raiko wanted to meet up with his past, and those thoughts were led to his dream the other night... He started having visions about when his village was attacked....

- - - - - -

It was 7:24 PM. A burly man knocked down the door, and was about to crush Kai with a sword. Raiko's dad got into the way, and yelled "Sacrificial Jutsu!" He dissappeared, along with the man. They weren't safe yet, three more ninja following into the home attacked Raiko.... And the ninja... were dead.

- - - - - -

That was all Raiko could remember. How could've these ninja have died? He thought. Who killed them?

If there were any other thoughts on Raiko's past it would be on the plaque in his old room, the only thing that wasn't included in the new house. It said:

The _______ Clan, home of the ______ Eyes.

Raiko couldn't remember what the two blanks had said, but he knew it would help rebuild his past. "Earth to Raiko," said Kai, snapping his fingers in front of Raiko's face.

06-13-2009, 04:08 PM
I can't read page six so I'm trying to force it.

06-13-2009, 04:17 PM
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Nick Tasogare
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if ur having trouble with the forum try this link http://naruto.vfatality.viz.com/forum its another forum like the other one that has problems the mods set up this link for us while they fix the other one

yea, it is working great for me

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im bored so ive been browsing the forum well i just figure id help him out oh yeah do this story faster u guys make me wait for the next part

Nick Tasogare
06-13-2009, 04:51 PM
Bo stood up in front of the 7 other members of the team. "Let's go over this one more time. Gigen, Raiko, Aiko and Kai will travel on the main road, in that order. The rest of us," he looked at Gin, Shin and Haruna, "Will travel in the trees to stay hidden. That way, the two medics will be guarded by versatile Chunin, while the others will be, in essence, the focal point. When we arrive near the village, Shin will fly over head looking for enemies and traps, because as Haruna stated, 'If we get caught in a trap, we are screwed.' Now, for the jutsu."

He pulled out the scroll. "When we begin the jutsu, you will need to be equidistant from the middle point, as well as equally distant from each other. For chakra control, make it nice and steady, because while being a Genjutsu, it also acts as a seal, so we will need one of us to go into the middle point of the jutsu, to set up the focal point of the seal. I will do that, as I am the highest ranking ninja here. The rest of you will set up a perimeter, inside of which everything will be caught in the jutsu."

"I assume that your jutsu will place a type of barrier over you, so that you are not affected by the Genjutsu." Shin interjected. "Yes, that's correct. Is everyone clear on the specifics?" Everyone nodded, placed their scrolls in their backpacks, and set off out of the Village.

Chidori Shuriken
06-13-2009, 06:13 PM
Gigen, Raiko, Aiko, and Kai started traveling the main road. "Our first mission, Kai..." Raiko started. "Yes, I know. It makes me feel warm inside that we can actually be useful for once." Said Kai.

Even though Raiko wanted to catch up with his past, there was no time. He was sure that Kai wanted to figure some information out too, but he didn't know if he knew anything, but Raiko wouldn't be surprised if he did, with a smart guy like Kai and all.

The main road turned into the forest, and there was already a trap. Huh, thought Raiko. I thought this other guy was supposed to look out for these things... But the trap was nothing really, just a tripwire that activated some Kunai which Raiko ducked from them, then added them to his weapon pouch.

Sensei : Riku Arashi
06-13-2009, 08:25 PM
" Watch where you are walking Raiko."

"Sorry I wasn't paying attention."

"So are we going straight to the village or are we gonna set up camp."


"Ok what was that."

A couple of seconds after Kai said that, a couple of paper bombs went off.


Two tree enormous tree limbs just gave out, Kai hoped everybody made it through.

"You guys ok,"shouted Kai!

Nick Tasogare
06-13-2009, 08:30 PM
'Damn,' thought Shin, 'I didn't expect traps this soon. Whoever is responsible is pretty paranoid.' "Guys, stay here, I'm gonna scout ahead for traps. Summoning Jutsu!" Takahime appeared, and Shin got on to her back, and took off to look for traps, and any enemies the traps had alerted.

06-13-2009, 08:41 PM
im bored so ive been browsing the forum well i just figure id help him out oh yeah do this story faster u guys make me wait for the next part

((Don't tell us how to write our story. Besides, you have to give us a writing sample and be approved before you can join the story.))

Aiko growled and stared at the fallen limbs. "Great; just great. I'm stuck with F***wad. Where the hell are Raiko and Kai?"

Before Gigen could reply, Kai shouted. "Are you guys okay?"

"Hell no I'm not!" the kunoichi yelled back. "I've got F***wad over here!"

"Where are the other four?" Raiko answered. "Why aren't they helping us?"

As it was, Kobe, Shin, Gin and Haruna were busy fighting four rogues in the forest.

"Why didn't we sense them coming!?" the blonde called to her teammates.

"They can hide their chakra too, of course!"

The turquoise-haired kunoichi swung towards one of her attackers and threw shuriken at them.

Back with the other group, Aiko finally got fed up with waiting around. She made several handsigns and her wings grew larger. The genin flew a few feet into the air and beat her wings until the debris separating their team blew away. Before she could land, however, more rogues came at them.

"Damn it!" She made more handsigns and a pink fog surrounded the two attackers. "Guys, go into the bushes!"

They did as she said. Then the magenta-eyed girl made more handsigns. A bow appeared on her back and a quiver full of arrows appeared on her back. She strung an arrow and shot it into the fog.

The kunoichi landed on the ground and began panting. Those jutsu had taken a lot out of her.

"Guys, go. *pant* You should only *pant* have to take *pant* care of one of them *pant* to beat them both."

Nick Tasogare
06-13-2009, 09:17 PM
Several flaming weapons came at Takahime while they were flying. "I guess that's a yes on the 'alerting the enemies' question. Go Takahime, I can handle this." She disappeared, and he fell to the ground. He threw several kunai at his attacker, who blocked them, and threw a larger knife at him. Shin responded with several handsigns. "Earth Stye: Mountain Shield!" A large wall came up in front of him, and he prepared one of his several falcon techniques.

06-13-2009, 09:48 PM
Haruna's opponent blocked the weapons she threw with a katana. The chunin grabbed the hilt of her own sword as she continued to fall forward.

'I guess I have to use this afterall...'

The combatants went into a dance-like fight. Their weapons clashed, filling the forest with noise. Any time the psychic's daughter attacked, the rogue blocked with ease. But when the rogue attacked, the Leaf nin twirled out of the blade's way.

"What's the matter? Can't block?"

The young kunoichi growled and slashed at the woman's head. She blocked. Haruna applied more pressure, but it didn't seem to affect her enemy. But then the rogue looked in the girl's eyes.

She gasped. "Hitomi?"

The strategist looked at her opponent's headband. It belonged to the mist. The chunin swung her blade around and cut off the woman's head. "No. Her daughter."


The academy student ran to where her mother was putting out fires. The girl filled the alleyway with enough water to reach halfway to her mom's knees. She began directing the water to wherever needed it.

"You learned that jutsu?" Hitomi asked.

"Not quite, mama. This is my maximum depth I can summon."

The woman nodded as she continued her work. "It's okay. You'll improve." She smiled back at her daughter, but froze when she noticed the house Haruna was standing in front of. "Haru, look out!"

The eight-year-old turned just in time to see the building start to collapse. Her eyes went wide. Hitomi ran and pushed her out of the way. Unfortunately, it meant that the older kunoichi was crushed under the debris.


The girl rose from where she had landed and rushed forward. She threw the wood away until she found her mother's face.

"Mama, I'll go get a medic!"

"There's no time, Haru," she wheezed. "By the time you get back, it will be too late." The woman coughed. "Be strong. For me. And tell your father I said goodbye." Her eyes fell shut, never to open again.

Tears rolled off of Haruna's cheeks. "I can't tell him, mama. Papa is gone, too."

Lady Hokage eventually found her and placed a hand on her head, just as before. "Do you want me to tell the village about this one?"

The girl sighed. "No. They wouldn't care about the death of a former rogue. And I don't need people feeling sorry for me." She rubbed her face and gave Leaf leader a bold stare, right in the eyes. "Mama told me to be strong, and that's what I'm going to do."

Nick Tasogare
06-13-2009, 10:10 PM
"Heaven Trance!!" Suddenly, as Shin said this, a white chakra came upon him. "Witness my Sacred Falcon Technique!" He instantly charged at the enemy, and was so fast, that nobody saw his body move. When he hit the rogue, he kept on going, and after he had passed, the rogue fell to the ground, motionless. After looking from the rogue to Shin, everyone within range noticed he was floating. They stood in awe, watching the white flowing chakra receed, as he fell gently to the ground. The rogue was dead, as were the other ones. "Is everyone ok?!" He looked around, and everyone was still just watching him, stunned.

This was one of the things the falcons had taught him. By channeling his connection to the Hidden Sky Temple, he was able to call on the energy of the Temple, which he was taught to feel at all times, and enter this special trance that only people deemed worthy by the falcons could use. The only downfall was that if he was hit while he did this, it would cancel out, and he would lose his connection until he could re-establish it at the Temple.

Sabra Kusabana
06-14-2009, 07:36 AM
The ninja had attacked and Gin had been seperated from the group for a few seconds. Rolling with an incoming blow to whirl to the side and grab the enemy's arm from a safe position she had twisted on her heel and thrown him to the ground, knee coming to land on their spine with full force as she spread her senses to take in the battle near her. Her opponet's bones made an audiable crack as she finished assessing the scenerio and choose to disable the man instead of kill him. His scream drew attention to her position, and Bo landed next to her. His staff had blood on it from his enemy, which she knew was dispatched already.

"I thought you said your taijutsu was weak..." He said as he looked at the mist nin withering in pain under her grasp. "That's a relative assessment. My taijutsu is weak compared to the rest of my skills." Gin rose off the nin and made a quick couple of handsigns. He stilled as she kicked him onto his back. His eyes were wide like he was witnessing a great horror, and his mouth kept opening and closing like he was trying to yell and couldn't get enough air, or maybe he was drowning... Bo stared at the girl, he wasn't sure what had become on her sense he first meet her as an academy student, but it was obvious she'd grown very cold in that time.

Gin only waited till her target passed out before the two moved to assist the others. As they came about within sight they saw Shin landing. Sharp silver eyes rushed around the scene. "Mist..." her voice was raspy as she kneel next to one of the dead and removed his headband. It was real, that was a problem. Gin let her eyes fall shut as she felt for the second team. She took the headband with her as she rushed to where Aiko was. Chakra filled her hands as she assessed the other kunoichi. The winged woman was short on chakra but seemed unhurt.

Gin's mind let pieces fall into place quickly as she restored the woman's energy, careful not to leave herself short. She remembered earlier that morning before she meet the others. As she slid on her shoes and adjusted the straping of her vest. Checking her pouches with their many weapons and medical supplies. As she'd opened the down to her home she was greeted by two ANBU opprotives.


In the Hokage's offiice she waited as the woman signed a special form and handed it off to one of the ANBU. The lady's fingers crossed as she cought Gin's eyes. "I have a special assignment for you while you are on this mission... Your travel path will take you dangeriously close to the Mist border. I need you to be esspecially aware at that time. There's been reports of strange activities near a cave that your group will pass within just a few hundred feet of. There is an ANBU squad being dispatched there this morning, but you're scheduled to leave first." The older woman turned her chair away to not look at the girl.

"I'm afraid that there's the threat of war... Dependant of course on what we discover there. I need you to be sure to hurry the group past that area before the ANBU get there. You could be mistaken for the enemy in disquise. I've warned the opperatives to be sure before attacking, but there's the chance your own group might attack them on accident..." She turned back around. "The last thing I need is my ninja killing eachother."

Gin nodded as she looked at the woman's desk. "Why am I being told?" The Hokage sighed into her hands. "You are one of only two people on the mission originally from this village, Haruna has been so unpredictable in her behavior of late that I'm not sure she'd be able to steer the group away from the area. You have the force of will and the improtance within the mission structure to push your own agenda." The younger girl understood.

This wasn't just about the possiblity of accidental conflict, this was about trust. The Hokage didn't trust most of the ninja on this mission, and she was the one being burdened with keeping things in line. "I will do my best." Gin said at last. The Hokage drew a scroll from her desk and passed it to the girl. "This contains a special summon that I've arranged. It will allow you to send a messenger animal back here, or to the ANBU as appropriate. There's several seals in it marked with what they will summon, pick the unit appropriate to the need." The chunin examined the contents in only a handful on moments, then she was dismissed and joined the other group.


Gin pulled away from the woman she tended, and looked around quickly. Aiko was still mostly out of it. She stood slowly and stepped to a tree where she knelt and withdrew the scroll she'd been given by the Hokage. Opening it to the third seal she released the stored energy. A great black dog appeared before her with a Konoha bandana around it's neck. She presented it with the headband she'd taken off the enemy. "Find the ANBU and deliver this, then bring them here for the bodies and captives." The animal took the object and took off into the woods after sniffing the air.

The blond returned to Aiko's side as she sat up and looked around. "How do you feel?" Gin asked as she touched the girl's forehead and checked her chakra level with her eyes. The silver pools skimmered as the magenta eyed kunoichi studied the medic questioningly. "Why are you wasting time with me?" she asked sharply. Gin blinked at her slowly, "I can sense the others they seem to still be fine, you I felt were in the most need at the time." The blond stood and marched toward where the brothers were from what she could sense. She would go to assist them as nessisary, she could still feel the enemy there.

The girl approached with her chakra masked, she didn't want to scare the brothers, but she needed to observe them. She spotted them, and watched as an enemy nin crumble at Kia's feet, a bloodied sword in his hand as he fell back like he was about to pass out. Raiko appeared at his side and cought the other man. Gin could feel the last enemy's chakra fading and presumed they'd both handled their targets. She waited and listened as she heard them start to talk.

"They hurt again..." She heard one say, the other brother raised a hand to his face. "I figured that..." They turned and started toward her position. The chunin slowly stepped out of her hiding spot. "Are either of you hurt?" She asked as she started toward them. The boys glanced at eachother and shook their heads, waving her off with the insistance that she go check on the others. Gin followed thier insentive, returning to where the others were regrouping. Bo was examining a body there.

"We should move..." Gin said as she laid a hand on his shoulder. "We can't do that." The man said as he looked up at her in near confusion. "These aren't rogues, they're all from the Mist. We have to return and report this." The girl ground her teeth and then thought quickly. She slapped him suddenly, "Are you crazy? If not for the trees we would be able to see the border. For all that we know they thought we had stepped over the line and acted as any ninja would defending their country." Her voice rose as she turned to the rest of the group.

"If we leave here now we have the chance to make this look like rogues did it, for all we know our being where we are could start a war. We need to move, and we need to move now!" The blond looked around the group, the less questioning members all nodded to her logic and followed as she turned and began to quickly sprint away thru the forrest cover. Haruna cought up with her quickly, and gave her a questioning look. The other kunoichi said nother as they moved on, but it was obvious that she was certian thinking something, just not saying it.

Of all the ninja alliances the one between the Leaf and Mist is the most in flux, the two have been dancing around conflict for over a generation. The slightest incident could trigger a catastrophic clash of powers. Only the most bloodthirsty of ninja would welcome sure a thing. A battle between the two would result in hundreds of deaths, much less the blood that a war would spill. Coverups and appeasments abound because of this shakey situation, fleeing the scene of a fight is the least a nin can do to avoid the deaths of many. The special forces of both groups are often called upon for such dispicable work.

06-14-2009, 09:33 AM
Haruna kept her voice low enough that only Gin could hear her. "But...My mother didn't become a rogue; she was born one. The only people who should be able to recognize her are Leaf ninja and any rogues she traveled with before she settled in the Leaf."

The blonde furrowed her eyebrows, but said nothing. The groups traveled on in silence. Gigen would occasionally glance at Aiko with a worried expression on his face.


The psychic's daughter passed by where her parents' graves were hidden on her way to school. She had long since stopped visiting. Hitomi told her to be strong, and that's what she thought she was doing. The girl gave up on friends and making bonds. The academy student didn't feel anything emotionally anymore.

She just stopped caring about anything but staying atleast as strong as her biggest threat. The kunoichi trained as much as possible. Despite being incredibly smart, the eight-year-old couldn't figure out why her deffense was lacking.

She didn't care. The academy student wasn't going to let anyone protect her ever again. It only brought death, the girl thought. So Haruna trained her offensive skills and her mind to make up for it.

Hitomi came from generations and generations of rogues. Former Mist ninjas are most common on her side of the family (which is why she uses water based techniques), though she does have a little bit of other villages in her blood. The woman sometimes traveled with other rogues, but they usually went their separate ways after a while. Hitomi was the first rogue in her family to settle into a village.

Sensei : Riku Arashi
06-14-2009, 09:56 AM
The group on the main road continued there journey. Knowing that they would most likely meet up with more ninja and traps

"Ok guys be on high alert."Kai was wondering how the others were doing , he hoped they were ok.Kai was also still worried about Raiko.

(Ok I edited it so it doesn't talk about the tree limbs.)

06-14-2009, 12:10 PM
((Um, we're kinda already past the point of the tree limbs being moved. Aiko took care of it.))

Sensei : Riku Arashi
06-14-2009, 12:43 PM
((sorry I didn't see that must have missed it i will edit and delete the part of them moving the tree limbs))

06-14-2009, 01:45 PM
Haruna narrowed her eyes. "You may want to check on Aiko. Her panting is starting to get on my nerves. I should have told you about my suspicions when I saw the hairline cracks on her shirt the day before we left. Last time the heart on her shirt was broken, Hikaru and Suteneko came running to me for help. It has gotten much worse since then."

Gin looked at the genin. Sure enough, the heart on her shirt was split in two and the halves had spread apart. "Guys, stop for a moment."

The shinobi paused. The medic approached the pink-haired kunoichi and started a closer inspection. A few of the girl's hairs had turned gray.

"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," the Light nin panted. "Or atleast I should be." She lowered her voice. "Hikaru broke my heart, but because I know that there is a guy out there looking out for me, it has slowed down the illness. It will take progressively longer and longer for me to regain full chakra, but it shouldn't turn lethal for atleast another two weeks. Don't worry."

The blonde gave her a stern look.

"I'm serious, don't worry. This mission is more important than my well-being. Besides, my secret admirer will come through for me when I really need it. I know. He's not an @$$hole, unlike Gigen."

Nick Tasogare
06-14-2009, 02:05 PM
Gigen looked down, and Shin thought he had seen a tear fall from his face. As they began to move forward again, Shin slowed his pace to stay with Gigen. "Were you just crying, Gigen?" "What, are you stupid or something? Why would I cry, what reason do I have?" "Other than the fact that you're her secret admirer, and she hates you? Well, I guess other than that, nothing really."

He looked at Shin with his eyes wide, and his jaw dropped. "How.....how did you know?" "Color me intuitive I guess. Why don't you just talk to her?" "Umm, have you seen how much she hates me?" "Well, that could just be a cover up for secret feelings she has been harboring. Because, if I recall correctly, during the Chunin Exams, when you beat her, her heart also broke. Everyone thought it was Hikaru, and it could have been, but how do you know there weren't two people that caused that?"

"And look at right now, her heart is breaking again, and it started when she started having those bad feelings towards you. She might feel horrble that she can't admit her own feelings in the same way that she admits everyone elses. It also seems that when she is near you, her heart cracks, even the slightest bit. Think of it this way: If you don't admit how you feel, she could die slowly and painfully."

Sensei : Riku Arashi
06-14-2009, 02:44 PM
Kai began to scratch his head.He thought to himself(what is this talk about Aiko's heart being broken why is it deadly to her.)

Kai stared at Raiko and ,then Kai touched his eye as if to say how does your eye feel.

Raiko whispered,"It kinda hurts ,but I should be ok."

Kai asked," Don't you guys think its getting late, shouldn't we set up camp."

Chidori Shuriken
06-14-2009, 06:21 PM
"Shouldn't we set up camp?" Asked Kai. "I, at least, recommend it." Said Raiko. Sleeping was one way to piece together his past, but another thing he worried about was the traps. "Kai, there are... traps this early in the mission? They must be fresh, because people always come and go in the village... so how do they know if their traps hit us? They must've left a tiny bit before we did. Are they that paranoid? I just don't get it..." said Raiko who was wondering about this, obviously. "Raiko, maybe we should do this tomorrow morning... I need some sleep." Said Kai.

- - - - -

"Raiko... Your village is the sound village..." said a voice in Raiko's sleep. "Prove it!" Said Raiko. "Liar! My parents would've never sent me to the Leaf when I'm from the Sound! They're arch-enemies!" "Think what you must.... Just trying to tell the truth and, help you out..."

- - - - -

Do you guys think Raiko is from the Sound? Take your picks!

Nick Tasogare
06-14-2009, 06:26 PM
Do you guys think Raiko is from the Sound? Take your picks!


Sensei : Riku Arashi
06-14-2009, 06:28 PM
Do you guys think Raiko is from the Sound? Take your picks!

no because I thought kai and Raiko's village was in a war maybe its the abandoned village

Nick Tasogare
06-14-2009, 06:30 PM
no because I thought kai and Raiko's village was in a war maybe its the abandoned village

((their in war with the leaf, i think it wouls make a good twist))

Sensei : Riku Arashi
06-14-2009, 06:31 PM
((their in war with the leaf, i think it wouls make a good twist))

oh yeah it would make a good twist still not decided yet

06-14-2009, 07:41 PM
Do you guys think Raiko is from the Sound? Take your picks!

((Well, I always imagined that our story took place long after the events in the Naruto series. Like...Naruto had brought peace, but after he died, it slowly started to fall apart. I think that if my idea was the case, they could technically be from the sound village and an abandoned village. Like, the sound village was abandoned when more serious wars started up again.))

Sensei : Riku Arashi
06-14-2009, 07:55 PM
((Well, I always imagined that our story took place long after the events in the Naruto series. Like...Naruto had brought peace, but after he died, it slowly started to fall apart. I think that if my idea was the case, they could technically be from the sound village and an abandoned village. Like, the sound village was abandoned when more serious wars started up again.))

really like that idea I have decided to support this idea

Nick Tasogare
06-14-2009, 07:58 PM
well, we cant even think about the naruto storyline, its infringement, so in our "universe" naruto never existed really

Sensei : Riku Arashi
06-14-2009, 08:00 PM
well, we cant even think about the naruto storyline, its infringement, so in our "universe" naruto never existed really

oh ok i forgot about that

06-14-2009, 08:13 PM
well, we cant even think about the naruto storyline, its infringement, so in our "universe" naruto never existed really

((...Well, still...In our "universe" the wars could have pushed people out of the sound village and made it an abandoned village.))

06-14-2009, 08:40 PM
Before Raiko had fallen asleep and had that dream, the group had set up two four-man tents. The sixteen-year-old and his twin had been put in a tent with Haruna and Gin. Shin and Kobe were with Gigen and Aiko.

The pink-haired girl's condition was being watched carefully. If her health became too bad, she was to be sent back the Leaf until someone could figure out what to do. Gigen was up half the night worrying about the kunoichi. At a certain point, the trickster became unable to bear it. He rose quietly and snuck out of his tent. The joker made his way swiftly to the other tent and woke Haruna.

The girl groaned. She had been having a nice dream involving herself and a certain teen when Gigen prodded her awake. "What is it?"

"I need you to help me woo Aiko," he whispered.

"Who says 'woo' anymore?"

"I do, obviously, now get up."

The strategist growled softly and got up. She retrieved her collar from under her sleeping bag. The cresent moon was glowing. The two chunin exited the tent before they disturbed their sleeping comrades.

"I think I saw a rose bush on our way here," the kunoichi told him as she put on the necklace. She pulled a kunai out of the weapons pouch on her leg.

The Light nin gave her a questioning look.

"I keep it with me in case of emergencies. Now, stay here. I'll be back." The psychic's daughter was only gone for a few minutes. She returned with a single red rose. "This should be enough. Just speak to her from your heart and all should be good, okay? I'm going back to sleep."

Gigen took a deep breath and re-entered his tent. He shook Aiko's shoulder gently until her eyes fluttered open. The genin sat up. Her pink baggy sleep shirt fell over one shoulder, revealing the strap of a darker pink tank top. The female genjutsu user had put her hair in cornrows.

She rubbed her eyes. "What the bloody hell is it, f***wad?" she grumbled.

The chunin gulped and held out the flower. "I--I wanted to talk...to you."

Aiko looked up at him with confusion in her magenta eyes.

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i dont get this thread

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i like u guys story

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06-14-2009, 09:15 PM
Hey guys, can I join in on your stories?

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I guess I didn't see that. Should I pm you?

06-14-2009, 09:38 PM
I guess I didn't see that. Should I pm you?

((Yes. If you're going to give us a writing sample, please send it in a pm to me, Viceroy, Chidori Shuriken, Nick Tasogare, sensei:riku memrai, and Sabra Kusabana.))

Rogue Priestess
06-14-2009, 09:41 PM
((Yes. If you're going to give us a writing sample, please send it in a pm to me, Viceroy, Chidori Shuriken, Nick Tasogare, sensei:riku memrai, and Sabra Kusabana.))

:shock: All of you guys? Well, what should I write down?

06-14-2009, 09:44 PM
:shock: All of you guys? Well, what should I write down?

((Yes, all of us. Just a short example of your writing style. A short story of some sort involving your character. Look at Sabra's work as an example. She's very detailed and tells exactly what's going on without getting too repetitive.))

Sensei : Riku Arashi
06-14-2009, 11:03 PM
i dont get this thread

whats not to get its a story

Nick Tasogare
06-15-2009, 05:23 AM
Aiko stared at him for a few seconds. "Can we talk? Outside?" She slowly got up, suspecting a prank, but saw the beautiful rose, and took it. They went outside, and he lead her away from the camp. "What is this about, F***wad?" He looked down, then looked back up, with an expression that she had never seen on his face. A serious one. "Please, don't call me that, when you say that, I......." He trailed off, and looked away from her.

"What!? You what!?!?" "It makes me feel horrible, and I know I make you feel horrible when I laugh at unfunny things that happen to you. I'm sorry that I do that, but I have good reason. Maybe when I tell you this, you will understand.

"When you were sick after the Exams, and you thought Hikaru had kissed you, it was me using a transformation jutsu. I did it to try and make you feel better. I got you that flower for the same reason; hoping it would make you get better."

She watched him, eyes wide, jaw dropped. "I can't handle this right now!" She disappeared in a puff of smoke, and looked for a place to hide. Gigen was about to go after her, but Haruna stopped him. "You need to give her some time to think. That must be the biggest bombshell she has ever had dropped on her. Besides, I'm sure you didn't notice, but that heart looked a lot better than it did earlier."

06-15-2009, 08:08 AM
Aiko sobbed into her arms. She had never felt more confuzed in her life, and she was supposed to be the smart one on her team!

"Do you Light village members have something against me sleeping or what?"

The genin looked up and saw Haruna walking her way.

"Geez, I trained my observation skills so much I can still here you crying from inside my tent!"

The strategists eyes flew wide open as the other kunoichi glomped her.

"It's just so weird! I tried being nice to Gigen once--once--that time we went to the circus, and he laughed at me almost dying. And then he made fun of the fact that my dad is always gambling--and poorly--during the Chunin Exams. And now he tells me he loves me!?"

Haruna pulled her fingers out of her ears and pushed the pink-haired girl off of her. "First of all, don't talk like that. The high pitch was hurting my ears. Second, I don't know much about love, but I'll give this a shot..." She sighed. "Okay, look, how do you know he was actually laughing at you that time? Maybe he was laughing at the bad clown who had knocked everything down just by tripping."

"Well, I..." Aiko thought. She couldn't think of anything she saw or any proof really that the joker had been laughing at her.

"See? Now, in the Chunin Exams, don't a lot of people try whatever they can to win?"

The genjutsu user nodded, remembering Suteneko was actually the one to start the torment that time.

"Lastly, did it look like he was joking when he told you he loved you?"

The pink-haired girl shook her head.

"Good. Now, for the good of the mission, let's go back to sleep." Then the chunin added in a grumble, "Light ninjas, interupting my lovely dream for this?"

"About Kai?"

"...Shut up." The green-eyed kunoichi blushed.

"What? Everybody needs someone--or something--to love. Trust me." Aiko put a hand on her shirt's heart. "That's something I know better than anyone."


The next morning, they work early and were on their way quickly. Gigen stayed close to Aiko. For once, she didn't snap at him even once.

Sabra Kusabana
06-15-2009, 03:43 PM
((Yes, all of us. Just a short example of your writing style. A short story of some sort involving your character. Look at Sabra's work as an example. She's very detailed and tells exactly what's going on without getting too repetitive.))

Ah come, on you'll make me blush. :lol: Seriously though we do make an attempt at a standard of writing, sometimes it faulters for a bit, but usually we shoot pretty high. We want something not overly complicated. but detailed enough to be interesting to read. ;)

Gin tossed and turned in her sleep, finally waking in a cold sweat as she sat up quickly and held her head. She looked around to find light already filtering in thru the tent walls. Haruna opened the flap of the structure and stepped in. "You're finally up," she said a she rolled up her sleeping bag. The blond nodded as she swollowed and looked at the other girl. "Something wrong?" Haruna questioned, noticing the other teen's stress.

The blond waved her off. "Nothing, just a bad dream." The psychic's daughter nodded and started to leave the tent. "Hurry, we're setting out in a couple of minutes." Gin sighed as the other woman left. She shook herself to clear her head. She couldn't explain to anyone else how much being a medic had started to mess with her.

She'd been dreaming of horrible injuries she'd been made to treat, and operations gone bad. The images in her head were more tormenting then most genjutsu she'd experienced. She knew now why they'd given a mental evaluation to her before letting the girl join the medical field.

Gin gathered her things and put herself in order. Joining the others outside the tent they broke camp. They'd reach their destination by afternoon, there was no time to baby her. The silver eyed girl would have to talk to her mother about her nightmares after the mission was over. She couldn't have them interferring with her like this when danger was so close.

As a medical ninja you have to undergo a psychological evaluation every year to be sure that you're not being strained by the terrors that some of the things you handle can do to a person. It's not too different then having to be watched as an ANBU oppertive to be sure you're not going to suddenly snap. Too many images staining the brain can cause any good ninja to suddenly loose it, and no one wants that during an emergency.

Chidori Shuriken
06-15-2009, 05:09 PM
Raiko was in a bad mood this morning. His first thought was, I'm not in the Sound Village, and my own brain lied to me... His next thought was, No one ever appreciates what work I have secretly been doing for this village.... No one. Someday, I'll make sure they do.

"Raiko, why look glum?" Said Kai, trotting up next to him. "Leave me alone, Kai." Raiko glared at him. "Seriously, Raiko, come on! I'm your brother, I should be able to help-" "Uh huh, yet I'm the one helping the whole village, and no one recognizes me. Reason? I'm the new guy. You've got more 'friends' than I do. I want to surpass you, but when I try, I can't. I try to help, I haven't even shown off my skills yet, all it's all because of my stupid eyes. I can't even blink without killing someone. Think about it, I also had a dream that I was from the Sound village. I'm meant for something, yet no one realizes it." Raiko grunted. "Raiko, I know how you fe-" "Shut up, Kai! Shut your mouth! Leave me alone! You can't help me! This is not all of my problems! Don't you realize it?"

Kai did not try Raiko anymore.

Nick Tasogare
06-15-2009, 05:42 PM
The group stopped when Raiko screamed at Kai. "What's the matter?" "Nothng, Bo. Lets just keep going. Sorry Kai." Everyone could tell he didn't mean a word he had just said. As they got closer to the ruined village, Shin stopped everyone. "Wait here everyone. I'm going to look for traps and enemies from the sky. Summoning Jutsu!" He bit his thumb, and touched the ground, and Takahime instantly appeared. "Lets go, Hime." He got on her back, and she took to the sky.

As they soared over head, Shin kept his eyes on not only the ground, but the small lake that was nearby. He was not only looking for traps and enemies, but also mapping out the terrain incase they needed to set up a strategy against an enemy. "Shin, do you see that?" They had both noticed a small camp, and were unsure of whether they were friend or foe. "Can you get closer without being detected?" "I will try, but don't count on us flying much lower than we are right now."

She was good at flying un-detected, but a bird that is 6'7 and 280 lbs. is still easily identifiable. They soared down slightly, and were able to make out women and children, unarmed and seemingly weak. "They must be survivors, lets go back to the others." She changed course, and they flew back to where they had taken off from.

Sabra Kusabana
06-15-2009, 07:04 PM
Gin listened carefully to the report of the survivor camp. "Well the mission file did say that was the case. We'll need to pick who goes there, while the rest of us scout the area that was destroyed and where we'll set the genjustu from." She looked to Bo to split the team up after she was done talking. The man closed his eyes as he consider the situation. He took a while desiding then finally raised his head and looked at them all again.

"Gin and Aiko will go to the camp to investigate what they have to say, and treat survivors. The rest of us will fan out in groups of two to explore the ruins and lay out for the trap. Gigen, Haruna you'll work together, Kai you're with me, Raiko you go with Shin." The dark skinned man waited for them all to acknowledge his pairing. The brothers didn't seem too confident about the choices, but they weren't getting along great so being seperate might be a good thing.

The younger medic nodded to Aiko. "You good to sprint with me?" she asked in a whisper. The light nin glanced at Gigen before answering, "Yeah." The two were off barely a moment later, dashing full speed for where they'd been explained to that the encampment was. They darted around space sof debrie as they ran. Suddenly when they were in sight of the tents the ground gave way from underfoot.

Gin barely grabbed the edge of the pit and snatched Aiko's arm with her other hand. She heaved as she looked up at the ground crumbling around her fingers. "Fly, quick!" The blond didn't have to tell her twice as the other woman's wings enlarged and gave one mighty flap to lift pull out of the drop. The pink clothed girl landed, and leaned over the edge to pull her ally out on of the hole.

As Gin came up and rolled away from the edge of the drop her eyes shot to the sides, they'd been surrounded. She looked over the group of villagers. Most of them were armed only with tools or their bare hands. The girl's silver eyes turned to Aiko who had reduced her wings and was breathing hard, she was still recovering her strength. The medic stood slowly so as not to spook the gathering.

The blond raised her hands, showing they were empty. "We come from the Village Hidden in the Leaves, we are your allies, stand down." She words carried as she raised her voice above the murmuring of the peasents. They looked at eachother around the closing circle as they took a handful of steps toward the girls. "You're not with them weird armored guys?" Asked one man as he came out of the group with his rake held defencively in front of himself.

Gin shook her head as Aiko stood and came to her side. The man lowered his 'weapon' and breathed a sigh of relief. "Come with us to Kea's tent." He commanded, the women had no choice but to follow was a close pack of survivors stepped in near them to be sure they couldn't try anything. They lead the two into the camp, past many tents and shelters, finally coming to a tan colored on that was roofed with large yellowed leaves from the forest.

Gin pulled back the cloth flap that acted as a door to the small make-shift building. A red haired woman turned to the two. She looked them up and down and stopped her gaze on the headband attached to Gin's vest. "Thank the Gods they got my message." The woman's crystaline blue eyes were just a step darker then ice and she looked like she hadn't slept or gotten to change in several days.

The medic ignored the woman's poor state of dress, with it tears and dirt marks, most of the survivors had been in the same state. "We need to know what happened here Miss Kea." Gin said as the villagers that had 'escorted' them made their way back to their own tasks. The red headed woman nodded and pointed to a three legged table where she had several papers gathered. "I've been collecting information, and trying to esstablish where they might be making camp. The enemy has been assulting us with small groups everynight sense the innitial attack."

The woman cleared her throat, she sounded very patched, and weak. "Only groups of three or four at a time, I think they're just stalling us, I'm not sure why." The ninjas nodded as they examined the startlingly well made map that looked to have been drawn by hand. Kea pointed to a platue area near the river to their northeast. "I'm not sure, but I believe they're stationed there." She then moved her hand down the map to the south. "This is the second most likely area," she explained.

Gin pulled out a map the Hokage had given her. She marked the two locations on it quickly. Drawing the scroll from before out of her pouch she stepped to the side and summoned a bird from the fourth seal in it. She commanded the bird to deliver the scroll to Shin, and then returned to Kea and Aiko to see what else the woman might know about the enemy.

06-15-2009, 07:56 PM
Gigen and Haruna walked in silence as they surveyed the area.

"Thanks for helping me with Aiko," the duel-color haired boy eventually said.

"It was for the good of the mission. She won't be able to perform her part if she can't use her full chakra."

"I think there's more too it than that. You have feelings, more than you're willing to show."

"No. I really don't. I'll admit that in the past few months, I've expressed more emotion than I'm accustomed to, but I'll get over it with more training."

The joker grinned. "If I'm not right, then why do you keep getting mad at yourself everytime you blush?"

The strategist shrugged it off, keeping her normal bored expression. "What do you know?"

He chuckled. "Haru, I'm a genjutsu user. It's my job to get inside people's heads. I read others easilly. I know you like Kai. But what I don't understand is why after what Aiko and I just went through, you still won't admit it."

"Because maybe a liked things better when I didn't feel anything!" the kunoichi shouted.

The male stared at the girl. Tears started leaking from the corners of the water jutsu user's eyes.

"Maybe I liked things better when only Lady Hokage and I knew my parents were dead. Maybe I liked it better when I could just not give a damn. When I could just live my life, raising myself, and maybe one day make ANBU. Before I met Kai, before I met Isamu, before I met any of you!" She continued to cry in anger. "Life was simpler then, when I didn't make connections--when I didn't react emotionally ever. But you all had to come in and ruin the simplicity for me, didn't you? Especially Kai, with his warm chakra that makes me feel safe, and who isn't a raving lunatic like his brother." The chunin breathed calming breaths. "I just want to be able to disconnect from all of you and protect my own damn self. But I can't." She glared at her teammate. "Are you happy now!?!"

Both shinobi heard a twig snap and drew their weapons.

"It's okay, guys; it's Bo," called a familiar voice.

"No you aren't," Haruna replied. "Your chakra is too cold to be Bo's."

Nick Tasogare
06-15-2009, 08:01 PM
(( i cried a little during this :cry:))

06-15-2009, 08:08 PM
(( i cried a little during this :cry:))

((I'll take that as a compliment...Thank you!))

Rogue Priestess
06-15-2009, 09:25 PM
This story is starting to get interesting.

Sensei : Riku Arashi
06-15-2009, 09:35 PM
kai and raiko arent together riku

oh i read what happened i didn't see how they got split up I'm just tired i guess.

Sensei : Riku Arashi
06-15-2009, 09:37 PM
oh i read what happened i didn't see how they got split up I'm just tired i guess.

ok i just saw it i might have skipped that paragraph on accident my bad

i deleted what i posted it never happened

Nick Tasogare
06-15-2009, 09:48 PM
Shin felt weird having been paired up with Raiko, and figured Bo must have had an alterior motive for pairing them up. As they were inspecting the ruins, a bird came flying down towards Shin, and delivered a map. It was marked at two different locations. As he turned to Raiko, he was hit in the face, and kicked to the ground. He quickly jumped up and took a fighting stance. "What the hell Raiko!? This is not the time to be playing around!" "You think I'm playing? You and all the other ninja are fools. You actually think we came here to help?" He threw a kunai at Shin, and he instantly jumped and threw several back. This was the beginning of a big showdown.

Elsewhere, while Bo and Kai were on the other side of the ruins, about 2 miles from where the others were, Kai made his move. He sent a shock through Bo's body with his Lightning Style, but Bo had known not to be too trusting of him and his brother, and had been ready for something like this. He jumped away and into a tree, and healed the portion of his arm that had been shocked. He realized that he couldn't heal it completely, because the shock had shorted his chakra netowork out, so that he would only be able to use limited amounts of chakra. "I knew we couldn't trust you Kai. I knew there was something off about you since you came to the village." Kai simply sat there and laughed. "With your past, I'm not surprised that you found me out." Bo was unsure what he meant by this, but he had an idea.

06-15-2009, 09:59 PM
nice twist to the story i wouldve prefered if Kai and Raiko were good guys but its not my story plus now thats ppl know Raiko and Kai r evil i think its gonna be a whole lot easier for Haruna to sever her connections with Kai

Sensei : Riku Arashi
06-15-2009, 10:02 PM
nice twist to the story i wouldve prefered if Kai and Raiko were good guys but its not my story plus now thats ppl know Raiko and Kai r evil i think its gonna be a whole lot easier for Haruna to sever her connections with Kai

yeah you are right

06-15-2009, 10:03 PM
nice twist to the story i wouldve prefered if Kai and Raiko were good guys but its not my story plus now thats ppl know Raiko and Kai r evil i think its gonna be a whole lot easier for Haruna to sever her connections with Kai

((Maybe, maybe not. I'm not even sure myself, and Haruna is my character! :) That's the fun thing about this story. You never know how someone is going to act; especially if it's Itsuki, Chou, or someone you don't know much of anything about.))

Nick Tasogare
06-15-2009, 10:05 PM
((And besides, for all you know, they could be pretending to be evil, or be under a genjutsu, you never know.))

06-15-2009, 10:06 PM
i wonder what u guys r gonna do next i mean r Raiko and Kai really evil or have they been captured by enemy ninja with a kekkai that automatically copies there jutsu and were impersonated i never know what u guys got up ur sleeves

06-15-2009, 10:07 PM
((Maybe, maybe not. I'm not even sure myself, and Haruna is my character! :) That's the fun thing about this story. You never know how someone is going to act; especially if it's Itsuki, Chou, or someone you don't know much of anything about.))
ur right maybe Haruna's into the bad boys:lol::cool:

Sensei : Riku Arashi
06-15-2009, 10:10 PM
i don't even know whats going to happen and Kai is my character , but this story is fun that way

Rogue Priestess
06-15-2009, 10:11 PM
Man, this is as fun as reading Naruto, except there aren't any pretty pictures.

06-15-2009, 10:12 PM
yellow ur mellow my brotha idk y but i just felt like saying that:)

06-15-2009, 10:13 PM
Man, this is as fun as reading Naruto, except there aren't any pretty pictures.
yep if this was really on naruto i would be holding a protest outside of viz media's office demanding them to put it back on the air plus i wonder what everyone would look like and for some reason i picture Kai looking like sasuke but acting kinda like naruto

Rogue Priestess
06-15-2009, 10:15 PM
yep if this was really on naruto i would be holding a protest outside of viz media's office demanding them to put it back on the air plus i wonder what everyone would look like and for some reason i picture Kai looking like sasuke but acting kinda like naruto

I barely started reading this thing since the last page lol, I don't know much about their personalities yet.

Nick Tasogare
06-15-2009, 10:16 PM
I barely started reading this thing since the last page lol, I don't know much about their personalities yet.

you should read the first half of the story too then, this is part two

Rogue Priestess
06-15-2009, 10:16 PM
you should read the first half of the story too then, this is part two

I'll see what I can do.

06-15-2009, 10:18 PM
it the first half just called the shinobi saga and while im reading it dont add too much to this part i dont wanna do a lot of reading XD jk

06-15-2009, 10:23 PM
Haruna dropped her sword as the imposter came out from behind a ruin and she saw his eyes.

"Kai!? What happened to your chakra signature!?"

"And what have you done with Bo?"

"That's not important. Now prepare to fight!" the teen replied.

"I--I can't," the strategist half whispered. She dropped her fighting stance. "You're right, Gigen. I like him. I can't fight; I'm putty in his presence." She stepped to the attackers side. "You might as well hook a leash to my collar and call me his dog." The kunoichi looked at her beloved with tears in her eyes. "If you have to kill me, make it quick. I've felt enough pain today."

Rogue Priestess
06-15-2009, 10:28 PM
Haruna dropped her sword as the imposter came out from behind a ruin and she saw his eyes.

"Kai!? What happened to your chakra signature!?"

"And what have you done with Bo?"

"That's not important. Now prepare to fight!" the teen replied.

"I--I can't," the strategist half whispered. She dropped her fighting stance. "You're right, Gigen. I like him. I can't fight; I'm putty in his presence." She stepped to the attackers side. "You might as well hook a leash to my collar and call me his dog." The kunoichi looked at her beloved with tears in her eyes. "If you have to kill me, make it quick. I've felt enough pain today."

:shock: Nooooo! She was like Sai, I want her to stay.

Nick Tasogare
06-15-2009, 10:34 PM
Gigen saw this unfold before his eyes, and he grabbed her and pushed her out of the way. The attack Kai was aiming for her instead hit Gigen in the side of his stomach. "Ahhhhhh!!!" "Gigen.......why did........why did you do that!!" "You helped me earlier, I'm just.." He went into a fit of coughing, and began coughing up blood. "I'm just repaying the favor." Kai watched as Haruna went to his side. 'What do I do, if I don't do anything, Gigen will die, and So will I. Mother, I wish you were here.'

"You really are a pathetic little girl. Pretending to be cold and emotionless, you are just a sponge." As Gigen was fading in and out of conciousness, he found the strength to cast a jutsu. "Ninja Art: 52 Card Barrier!" He threw his cards to the ground, and they stood and began to swirl in rows. They enlarged, and took on an incredible hardness. They connected end to end, and formed a large shell around Gigen and Haruna. "This should keep us safe while we figure out what to do next." The cards took on the appearance of a large, red and black dome, and Kai was unable to break through it. From inside they could hear the constant banging of Kai's blows against the dome.

06-15-2009, 10:40 PM
impostor,so that means Kai and Raiko were captured or something

06-15-2009, 10:45 PM
impostor,so that means Kai and Raiko were captured or something

((Not what I meant. Kai was pretending to be Bo, thus making him an imposter.))

06-15-2009, 10:49 PM
oh sorry i wonder how this is gonna end its got me all hyped about it*eats popcorn then begins to choke on it and drinks some sprite to wash it down*this is like a movie and its free

Nick Tasogare
06-15-2009, 10:50 PM
oh sorry i wonder how this is gonna end its got me all hyped about it*eats popcorn then begins to choke on it and drinks some sprite to wash it down*this is like a movie and its free

You didn't pay at the gate like everyone else? *rolls up sleeve*

Rogue Priestess
06-15-2009, 11:04 PM
I'm extremely bored and I feel like typing this:

Yoshiro watched from a distance, He was prepared to help out these strangers, hoping to recover his memories. He started to run towards the dome of cards that Kai was trying to destroy. "You there, I suggest you leave that dome or else". He tried to look intimidating to Kai, but seeing Kai just looking confused he started to use his jutsu.

I got bored and I decided to write that little stub, I'm sorry if it isn't that good, but he's a character I made up and this really isn't one of my best writing styles.

Nick Tasogare
06-15-2009, 11:08 PM
I'm extremely bored and I feel like typing this:

Yoshiro watched from a distance, He was prepared to help out these strangers, hoping to recover his memories. He started to run towards the dome of cards that Kai was trying to destroy. "You there, I suggest you leave that dome or else". He tried to look intimidating to Kai, but seeing Kai just looking confused he started to use his jutsu.

I got bored and I decided to write that little stub, I'm sorry if it isn't that good, but he's a character I made up and this really isn't one of my best writing styles.

Actually, that's better than some I have seen, but when saying "He started to run towards the dome of cards Kai was trying to destroy." Your character doesn't know Kai, so you would say "The dome of cards that the mysterious looking ninja was attacking" or something to that affect.

06-15-2009, 11:09 PM
'I hate to admit it, even to myself, but Gigen is my friend.' A tear rolled down Haruna's cheek. 'I don't care if I die, but I want him to live.' The psychic's daughter placed a hand on her choker. 'Somebody, please, help.'

To her surprise, the cresent moon began glowing. The chunin listened to her plea echo around her as her hair began whipping around.


In the tent where Gin and Aiko sat, a bracelet with several cresent moon charms began to glow.

"Somebody, please, help. I don't want Gigen to die!"

"That sounds like Haruna," they whispered in unison.


"Hey, Chinsei," Akemi said with a smile.

"Hey," the brunet replied.

The gasped as their cresent moon necklaces both began to glow.

"Somebody...please...help! Please help! Gigen is going to die if somebody doesn't come soon!"

The psychic gasped. "Haruna!?"

"That does not sound good."

"Where are they!? What's going on!?"

"They went on a mission with Shin, Bo, and a few others. We need to talk to Lady Hokage ASAP. It does not sound like things are going well."

The two jounin rushed to the Hokage's office as Haruna's pleas continued to echo from their necklaces.

Rogue Priestess
06-15-2009, 11:12 PM
Actually, that's better than some I have seen, but when saying "He started to run towards the dome of cards Kai was trying to destroy." Your character doesn't know Kai, so you would say "The dome of cards that the mysterious looking ninja was attacking" or something to that affect.

LOL Thanks for the compliment, I guess I should be more careful and try not to do that if I ever get in.

Just out of curiosity, when's the next saga going to come out? So that I know if I should send my pm or not. I'm going somewhere and I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to use internet.

06-15-2009, 11:13 PM
nick u rolling up ur sleeves dont scare me and what gate theres a sign this is a free movie right there*punches nick out*i dont like ppl trying to threaten me:lol:

06-15-2009, 11:17 PM
hey i already sent u guys a sample of my work i wanna get in the next part mainly cuz this seems like fun and its very interesting seriously summit this to viz and have them make naruto about this id watch it:cool:

Rogue Priestess
06-15-2009, 11:23 PM
hey i already sent u guys a sample of my work i wanna get in the next part mainly cuz this seems like fun and its very interesting seriously summit this to viz and have them make naruto about this id watch it:cool:

If Naruto ends when Naruto defeats Sasuke or whatever, then you might be able to submit this whole story line and they'll make a fan based Naruto on it kinda like what they did with Dragon Ball Gx or whatever is out right now.

06-15-2009, 11:25 PM
that would be cool

Nick Tasogare
06-15-2009, 11:28 PM
As Gigen lay gasping for air, Haruna continued to plea for help. "Haruna.......Haruna...look....look at me...If......I don't make it.....tell Aiko I......truly love her.....and.....I always will." As he said this, he continued coughing up blood. She smacked Gigen. "Shut up, I won't let you die! You can't, you're my friend!" He smiled, and started to laugh. "I knew I could get you to say it."


Chinsei and Akemi sprinted as fast as they could for The Hokage Mansion, their necklaces glowing the whole way. They entered through the window instead of going inside and up the stairs to the office. "Lady Hokage, where did you send Bo for the misson?!" "I don't see how it..." "We need to know, it's important! Gigen could die, and he and Haruna are under attack!"

She looked at him, and instantly pulled a map from her desk. "This should lead you to the vicinity of where they should be. This mark here is where Gin and Aiko are currently." The two jumped out of the window, and she yelled after them, "Bring a team!"

"How the hell are we supposed to form a team, we need to leave now. Is there anyone you can think of that we could bring, Akemi?" She pondered the question. "Well, I know you retired Shiro, but we will need her tracking abilities. And perhaps a medic, incase we can't get Gin to Gigen." "You're right, I will summon Shiro once we have assembled a team." "We need a medic we can count on. Any ideas?"

"Konomashii, he is the only medic right now that we can trust enough to bring to Gigen. We should bring one more person, any ideas?" She began to think, knowing they would need someone they could trust. She couldn't think of anyone else. "No, I can't, and we need to leave as soon as we can. The hospital is on the way to the Village Gate, when I run in to get Konomashii, you can summon Shiro." "How do you know he is at the hospital?" "I saw him hitting on nurses, and bragging about his skills earlier." They laughed a little, and headed for the hospital.

06-15-2009, 11:34 PM
If Naruto ends when Naruto defeats Sasuke or whatever, then you might be able to submit this whole story line and they'll make a fan based Naruto on it kinda like what they did with Dragon Ball Gx or whatever is out right now.

((Well, I think that if that did happen{which it probably won't}, we'd probably have to include the lesser-known dragon arc, too.))

Nick Tasogare
06-15-2009, 11:37 PM
((Well, I think that if that did happen{which it probably won't}, we'd probably have to include the lesser-known dragon arc, too.))

((Oh yea, we would need to sift threw that whole thread, but I think Sabra already did that, when we faced the possible deletion of the story, remember that? She had gone through everything and saved it to a file.))

Rogue Priestess
06-15-2009, 11:50 PM
Hey, I think I sent nick a message. Check your inbox and tell me what you think.

Rogue Priestess
06-15-2009, 11:52 PM
Sorry if it isn't that good, I'm sleepy right now and I had to do this from memory.

06-15-2009, 11:54 PM
((Oh yea, we would need to sift threw that whole thread, but I think Sabra already did that, when we faced the possible deletion of the story, remember that? She had gone through everything and saved it to a file.))

((Plus I have it on my computer+devArt))

06-15-2009, 11:57 PM
speaking of messages have u guys got the one i sent u riku had me edit it he tried to help me out have u read the edited version

Nick Tasogare
06-15-2009, 11:57 PM
((Plus I have it on my computer+devArt))

((Oh thats right, I'm the only one who doesn't have it saved :lol:))

06-16-2009, 12:00 AM
speaking of messages have u guys got the one i sent u riku had me edit it he tried to help me out have u read the edited version

((Yes. We have. I think it was pretty much a uninamous decision to not include you as one of our writers, but rather to allow you to start your own roleplay in another thread.))

Rogue Priestess
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Am I in?

06-16-2009, 12:02 AM
Am I in?

((We're still waiting for the others to respond.))

Rogue Priestess
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((We're still waiting for the others to respond.))

Okay. Sorry for the grammar errors though, it's pretty late here so I ain't as sharp as I can be.

06-16-2009, 12:06 AM
well im disappointed but ok ill just read u guys role play:(

Nick Tasogare
06-16-2009, 12:08 AM
Okay. Sorry for the grammar errors though, it's pretty late here so I ain't as sharp as I can be.

Dont worry about it, it's late here too, 2 am, and I have finals tomorrow :lol: Cya!

06-16-2009, 12:10 AM
bye nick

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Dont worry about it, it's late here too, 2 am, and I have finals tomorrow :lol: Cya!

Good luck.

Rogue Priestess
06-16-2009, 12:25 AM
Well, I hope I'm let in.

Sabra Kusabana
06-16-2009, 07:39 AM
Gaki looked up from where he lay on the ground, her eyes burned down at him. The young woman he cared so dearly for had spent days now at his home in a guest room because she'd refused to go home. He wasn't sure how many more days of the endless beating, and nights of her crying herself to sleep he could take. He didn't understand, he couldn't, he had both parents. He had no way to conviece of what kind of betrail she was feeling over her mother's pregnancy.

Sabra drew him up with a shacky hand, her chakra was beginning to fall. He cought her as she stumbled. The pink haired woman let him all but carry her to the nearest porch. He started to say something to her, then froze with his mouth open. "Somebody, please, help. I don't want Gigen to die!" The words echoed in his head and the boy shook himself.

He blinked at the girl in front of him. They had talked to Kin earlier that morning, he knew the woman who's voice he heard was miles away. He touched his chest like he was checking something, and that was when Sabra turned questioning eyes up to him. "Stay here," was all he said.


Kin was at the gates in full gear as her sensei and old friends arrived. Chinsei studied her with a curious look. "I got it too..." The girl pointed to the symbol half hidden behind her combat vest. "My sister's out there, no one in this town has the balls to make me stay." The jonin had the most shooked expression she'd seen on his face ever, the woman was not usually so gruff with her tongue.

Gaki was there before they could set out. He stood there looking as weak as he felt. He offered a scroll to Kin without a word being exchanged, then passed her a large silver charm. "If my father finds it gone there'll be hell to pay..." Was all he said as he passed the ornamental object off. It was the size of her palm, round with waves carved into it, and a pair of clasp hands on the opposite side. The chunin rolled it over and nodded.

The young man watched them go then dropped to his knees and heaved. It had felt like he couldn't breath while he'd carried the item. He didn't know must about the old tales, but he knew it was a woman's gift. If the fact that Kin hadn't reacted to it's touch said anything about it, he would never question old lore again.


Chinsei looked to the chunin as they took off, he could feel her power, she was using her special ability to guide her steps as she read the scroll while running. She stuffed it in her collar then made a sign with the relic clasp between her hands like the symbol that had been on it's back.

Miles away Haruna's head shot up as she heard words in her head. Kin's voice was as clear to her as it was to Akemi and the others right next to the blond. "Haruna, we hear you. We're coming as fast as we can, but at full speed it will take the reinforcements till dark to reach you. You have to hold till then. My twin has heard you as well, I promise you that..." The golden eyed girl stopped and swollowed.

"I don't know how else to explain this... You just called everyone that is even remotely connected to your bloodline, and anyone wearing an object of a certian rare metal... It's an old gift of the Hyuuga clan, it's been passed down in their legends, the only name they have for it is Prayer." The girl stopped to meet her teacher's gaze as he stopped dead in his tracks and they shared a moment's stare before continuing.

"It originated before the actual Hyuuga clan became what it is now, but they have ties to alot of other clans from long ago. I don't know who all may be coming to your rescue... It might be just us four, or an army. Please just hold on." Kin let her hands drop and took a steadying breath.

Akemi had the presence of mind to question her. "Who else just heard that?" The younger woman licked her lips as they ran. "Haruna, and anyone with one of this type of charm within a hundred yards, if the scroll is accurate." The jonin nodded to her and they pushed their run as hard as they dared.


Sabra watched him as he walked thru the gate, head down, looking ready to drop. The household had been abuzz with commotion sense the boy had left her side. Gaki raised a hand in a wave and faked a smile. She ran to him and grabbed him by the waist. He let out a breath of shock as she hugged him. "Run, your father is after your hide..."

The teen let a moment of fear rush over him as he held her in the hug so that it would look normal. He squeezed her and then they ran. "What was it you took?" Sabra questioned as they heard fast steps behind them, more then one, and angry. "A priceless family heirloom."

The pink haired woman looked at him strangely. "It may save lives, and I knew they wouldn't give it to the person who needed it." The answer was enough for Kusabana as she turned toward the running steps behind them. "Go, they have a limit of what they can do to someone not of their clan." Gaki twirled in his step, and saw the three members of his family that were gaining on them. "There is no way I would leave you to fight them." He said a he squared his stance.

Sabra looked at him like he was an idiot but adjusted herself to more accomdate his moves when this started. The adults were almost on them and one had started to make a swing at Sabra. Suddenly there was a wall of grey body armor between the girl and the strike.

Three ANBU infront of them and two behind the teens were walled in by bodies. The older Hyuugas stood down. "You two are to see the Hokage." One ANBU explained as the two behind took hold of the couple. Well a serious lecture had to be better then an outright beating, right?


Gin lunged over a fallen tree as she rushed to where she could sense Haruna. Her sister's words fresh in her mind. The girl slid to a stop as Raiko came to block her veiw just before she could spot his brother. The man had a sword in his hand and he looked ready for a real fight, like he'd been denied one he'd looked forward to. The silver eyed girl didn't waste time.

"Aiko, fly if you can! Go to Gigen!" The pinkie didn't have to be told twice. Gin backflipped sparing a glance behind her as she did. Her eyes came back to meet Raiko as he swiped with the blade. It hit a log as she vanished before his eyes. He looked past the wood decoy as it feel to see several copied of the woman before him. He couldn't be sure if it genjustu. clones, or both.

The man's eyes were alight with chakra and the woman was actually afraid of the energy tickling her senses. She looked to the encampment again. Kea and several dozen men were running her way. She had to make this fast she didn't want casualties, perticularly civilian ones. Gin netted her fingers as Raiko cut down her clones, he then looked around confused for a second. He closed his eyes a second and when he opened them it was clear he was focused on her.

He charged, not thinking first like she'd hoped her would. As he did the ground under him covered in a thin sheet of ice and darts of crystalized water shot up at him from it. He skid on the ice and was forced to roll to the side off of it, and farther from her. The darts followed him he realized as they whirled in the air and changed course. "Just what kind of ninja are you?" He hissed as he blocked the projectiles with his weapon.

"The inventive kind." Gin shot back as he lower his blade again and stared around for her once more, he could break her genjutsu, but she was good enough to ensnare him for a few seconds at a time, it was enough for an edge. He found her again, but when he focused on her he also realized the chains he'd felt around his ankles were real and not him his head.

Raiko glared down at the icy shackles that the woman had conjured. He growled like an animal as he actually looked at her and roared. He pulled himself free with enough force to shatter the heavy ice. Gin though stood calm before him still. He lept into the air and started to dive on her with the sword. "Carelss," she whispered as she pushed herself out of his strike area. His sword dug into the ground and a look worthly of cursing passed his eyes as he watched the layer of explosive tags he'd peirced roll up around him.

The man questioned in a heartbeat space how she'd managed to lay at least twenty of their things in the space of less then two seconds, but as they cought on his cloths and weapon he howled in rage at her. The explosion was loud and it was incredibly bright. Gin wasn't sure if it had worked as she watched the smoke rise. There'd been time if he was smart to do something before the bombs had gone off, but she wasn't sure if he'd thought of anything.

Her heart skipped a beat as the surviving villages came over the last bit of debrie. Kea looked at her and it was clear she knew something the chunin didn't. The other woman raised her hand and pointed the girl toward her trapped comrades and where Aiko was in combat with Kia. "I was a ninja once, leave him to me..." The words left Gin blinking at her questioningly, the woman didn't want to waste this time so the red head did the only think she could. She lifted her pant's leg and showed a violent scar around the cafe. It was answer enough, she'd been taken out of duty for injury, that was all Gin need to know.

Kea turned her eyes to the clearing smoke as the chunin ran for her friends. The airy eyed woman raised her arm and spoke in a clear voice. "Take aim, and throw!" The command was answered by three young men, one with a sling, two with actual shuriken. The weapons flew at the mass that was becoming visible thru the cover, and they heard cussing in responce. He was alive, how was not improtant. Kea repeated her motion and the men repeated the action. The others with her had started to form defencive and combat groups and move into position.

Sabra Kusabana
06-16-2009, 07:56 AM
Somehow that was both longer, and short then I expected it to be when I was done... Yes I know there's at least a dozen spelling/grammer mistakes in it, but I'm too lazy to go fix them. None of them are bad enough to confuse a reader.

I hope you don't mind Raiko coming off kind of like an animal, but his rage has got me thinking he should be like that for now. If you want him more refined by all means go for it, maybe being blown up was just the thing to bring him back down to earth!

06-16-2009, 08:52 AM
Aiko swooped low over Kai. "Can't catch me!"

He shot lightening at the kunoichi. She dodged.

"I'm freaking flying, ya dumb@$$ (dumb@$$). You can't get me when I fly!"

"Then I'll just have to make you ground bound!"

The chunin shot lightening at her again and managed to hit the girl's left wing. The Light nin screamed in pain and her wings shrunk back to normal size. When she landed, she was able to roll out of the way of another attack. Still kneeling, the genin made several handsigns.

"Let's see who's jutsu is faster!"

She placed her hands on the ground. A pink light started to travel along the earth as Kai shot his next attack at her. Aiko's light disappeared a foot before where the 16-year-old stood. He assumed that meant the jutsu failed, but quite the opposite.

It meant the genin's jutsu had been faster.


Kai saw Aiko get hit by his attack. The girl fell forward, catching herself before her nose hit the terra firma. The pinkie looked up at him with teary eyes.

"You have beaten me," she cried in a childish voice. "Now I see what Haruna sees in you. I am your dog."

Haruna came out of the card dome and sat next to the genin. "We are your dogs. Woof."

Several girls popped out from behind the ruins. "OMG, we were watching the whole thing. We love you, Kai!" They ran forward and wrapped their arms around the male.


The real Aiko rose and knocked on the card dome. "Open the freak up, it's me."

"She's telling the truth; I can sense her chakra," Haruna told Gigen as she continued trying to stop the bleeding.

The joker flicked a finger and the dome opened long enough for the kunoichi to come in. Apon noticing the boy, she rushed to his side, tears streaming down her face.

"F***wad, who did this to you!?"

Gigen grimaced. "I thought we were past that nickname."

"I don't think I can call you anything else," the genin laughed. "I've gotten too used to calling you that." Her face got serious again. "Who did this to you?"

"It was Kai," Haruna muttered. "I can't fight him because I like him too much, and Gigen can't because he's in no condition to."

Aiko growled. "I've got that b@$t@rd (b@$t@rd) in a genjutsu right now. He would only be able to break it if he got help." The female noticed the strategist's abandoned sword. "I'll take this and finish him off!"

The psychic's daughter grabbed the Light nin's wrist. "Stop! Do you even know how to fight with a sword?"

"I know the only thing I need to know. I know how to stab!"

06-16-2009, 09:51 AM
Kobe leaned up slowly and sighed. "Son of a-" he grumbled as he saw three armoured nin surrounding him. "Can we get a break please." he continued getting to his feet. "He got you pretty good didn't he?" one of the tall men chuckled. It was all making sense now. But Kobe had to get everyone away from this area and let the reinforcements know what was about to happen.
((I'll finish later on today. I've got to go now))

Nick Tasogare
06-16-2009, 01:42 PM
As Shin woke up, he heard voices, some yelling, some calm. "What the hell?" He was answered by Chinsei. "Shin, thank God you're ok, we need your help. Come and find us, we are about to be in a huge fight." "Yea, Kai and Raiko are traitors, I know...... Raiko kinda took me out." "Well, the important thing is that you're ok, just come find us." "Right!" He took a moment to sense out his surroundings, and felt bursts of chakra coming from the east. As he went for the place he was feeling chakra come from, he noticed a new chakra, one that he knew had just shown up.

"Hijou, I can't say I'm surprised you're here. You were a part of this the whole time, weren't you?" "Well, I guess you aren't as weak and stupid as I originally thought." They were still running, because Shin knew that if he were to take on Hijou alone, he would die. They finally reached the area where everyone else was fighting Kai and Raiko. Shin went and stood over by Chinsei and Akemi; by this point, he had sent Shiro back by breaking the summoning. "I told you I didn't trust him." Shin looked at Chinsei with an eyebrow raised. "Yea, and I'll buy you a cookie later, but we need to handle this right now."

Hijou broke the Genjutsu that Kai was under, and had Kai and Raiko get behind him. He began performing handsigns, and everybody started to lift off of the ground. Chinsei tried to disrupt it, but he was unable to. "You didn't think I would forget about you, did you sensei? I performed a jutsu during one of our training sessions so that you wouldn't be able to affect my jutsu with yours." He rose with everyone else, to about 1000 feet in the air. "Now, I'm sure you know this, but I am going to drop you now. I hope you have fun with this. Remember, it's not the fall that kills you, but the sudden stop!" He floated down so he would be able to enjoy this unfold, and released the jutsu, while still making sureChinsei couldn't do anything about it.

Chinsei and Akemi didn't know what they could do, neither did anyone else who had been lifted up, the only ones who hadn't been were Aiko, Gigen, and Haruna. Shin thought fast, and began stringing handsigns together. "Shin, what are you..." "Quiet, Chinsei, I need to concentrate." He continued with the handsigns, and finally finished. He bit his thumb, and put it towards the ground. "Summoning Jutsu!!" Instantly, a puff of smoke appeared, and when it was gone, there was a massive falcon, and everybody had safely landed on him. "Thank God, it worked." "What's going on, Shin?" "We needed a rescue, that's all, Takarashi. Thanks." Everyone was amazed by this incredible summon. The falcon was as big as The Hokage Mansion, maybe bigger. They just sat on the bird, as they soared around. Shin knew that they had the upper hand now that Takarashi, Head Falcon, was here.

Chidori Shuriken
06-16-2009, 02:55 PM
Raiko and Kai started running toward the Leaf Village. "Teleportation Jutsu!!!" Yelled Raiko and Kai, teleporting to the Leaf Village.

"Everybody, get out, or die!" Yelled Kai. People started screaming. "Into the Hokage's office," ordered Raiko to Kai. They went into the Mansion, killing the two guards that guarded the place. They weren't even paying attention! The brothers ran into the office, and faced Lady Hokage. "All we want," said Raiko, panting. "Is the letter our parents gave you. We won't hurt you, now give us the letter or die." "I knew it would come to this," said the Hokage. "I-" "Shut up! Give us the letter!" Screamed Kai. "Mind Bomb!" Yelled Kai and Raiko in unison. Suddenly, Lady Hokage clutched her head, screaming, and then was out cold.

"Get the letter," said Kai. "This place is... surprisingly easy to take out. How long do you think our 'friends' are gonna realize that we're here?" Asked Raiko. "They're too dumb to notice, like they were to think we'd help them in The Order. We are The Order, and they haven't even figured that out yet. This Quatribugan... comes in handy. Mind Bomb? Let's see your pwnage moves. First, let's just get the letter, we can test those against the stupid losers later." Raiko found the letter easily with the Quatribugan. "I'll read it aloud," said Raiko.

" 'Dear Hokage of the Leaf Village,

Our sons, Kai and Raiko and our family were attacked. The people who attacked were people of the Mind Village, a religious village who kill all those who seem evil. We are afraid that our sons are evil, and they have an unknown eye that they will call the Quatribugan. As babies, they have killed everyone in the hospital when they were born, except for us. We were scared of our own sons, and Raiko might have visions that he's from the sound village. He's not, we are actually from the Lava Village. Kai has the Mind Bomb, in which he will teach Raiko. Raiko will cause unknown death's. How we know this is a simple reason; we have the real eye name, and that foresee's the future. Most of it, anyways.' "

Raiko stopped reading aloud there. "I will read the rest of it later. I think the Hokage gaining conciousness now," "What will we do now, Raiko? We can only use Teleportation once every other day, so I guess we'll just have to cope and kill anyone who get's in our way." Suggested Kai. "I don't know. Let's get out of here." Said Raiko.

The brothers went out of the Mansion, only to see reinforcements arriving. Raiko's eyes hurt, so he knew it was the time for Instant Death. Two of them were knocked out, one went behind Raiko with a kunai and tried to slice his neck, but Raiko ducked and sweeped him down with his leg, the guy hit his head, and Raiko looked at his work. Kai also killed a tiny bit of ninja, but Raiko didn't pay attention to those scenes. "Our next mission," said Kai. "Meet up with The Order." "This... this was hard..." said Raiko, panting. "I feel like I'm gonna fall down and di-" "There's no time for that!" Said Kai, who had lots of scratches.

06-16-2009, 03:02 PM
dang this is getting interesting

Sabra Kusabana
06-16-2009, 03:05 PM
At the village Sabra and Gaki stood before the Hokage. She dismissed the ANBU and stared at the teens before rotating her chair away from them. "I'm both upset and pleased with you Hyuuga..." The boy let out a deep sigh. "You may be what saves some lives today, but you know I can't spare you your clan's punishment if things go bad." Her voice was solid, but held a note of regret.

The pink haired kunoichi looked at her friend and rival then to the back of the chair. "I give him a beating regularly, he's used to it by now." She said, a touch of confusion and question in the words as she spoke. The Hokage turned back around and looked at Gaki pointedly. "Would you rather I explain?" she asked. The ninja shook his head then turned his full body to Sabra as his head inclinded slightly.

His voice was low, like a child's confessing some dark secret. "I stole a relic of our clan's history in hopes it would help Kin seek her sister and the others faster. They're in deep enough trouble that Haruna awakened a power that is legend to our family, and many others." Sabra tilted her body more toward his as she listened intently. "So that's what you took... But if it's something to that could save lives, then why the problem?"

The Hokage answered this time. "It's not that it's being used so much as that it was him, and without permission... Kusabana the Hyuuga family is very caste system in style, Gaki shouldn't have even known where to get such a prized object from. He is a special case, somewhere between lower and upper because his father is a branch member and his mother a main... Even were he an heir to the higher family he'd have had promission."

Gaki looked up at Sabra as her eyes turned to him again. "If Kin and Gin do not return with the object untouched I face capital offence." His words were said in a voice like he dared not speak louder for fear of it cracking. The young woman blinked at him in surprise. "You can't be serious! Surely they wouldn't do that over some old piece of junk!" The way her face showed her emotions as she spoke made the boy smile despite his situation. He loved her, esspecially this part of her. The part that saw everything as it was in life, not clouded by silly poliitics.

He touched her shoulder before he cought himself doing it, and let the hand drop. "I'm worthless to them, they'd rather portray a strong mettle to the village then let a scamp like me get away with such misbehavior." Sabra shook her head then remembered a night not so long ago in the hospital with Gaki's father reacting to burns on her hands. He was quick to blame his son and was ready to disapline him then and there.

The woman's minty eyes went wide as she realized the implications if the rest of the family where so harsh. "They would kill you..." The words hung in the air, even in the hush she'd said them with. The Hokage broke their train of thought. "They won't as long as the girls bring it back safely... Till then both of you are confined to a safe house with two ANBU I've assigned to you. I can't risk the Hyuuga's being hasty with two of my most promissing young ninja." The woman called toward the door in the guards they had before came for the two.

Sabra looked up at the emotionless masks they wore, one with a hawk, the other with a bear. Neither of the men that were to protect them seemed welcoming, but she supposed that they weren't ment to be. The black ops were the boogy men of the ninja world, only they weren't just to scare children into behaving. These boogy men lived and breathed, they were real, and they were supposed to be protecting her. It made the girl shiver subconsciously, and she found a warm but tired arm around her. Gaki smiled to her and they followed the black ops out.

Sabra Kusabana
06-16-2009, 03:11 PM
Raiko and Kai started running toward the Leaf Village. "Teleportation Jutsu!!!" Yelled Raiko and Kai, teleporting to the Leaf Village.

"Everybody, get out, or die!" Yelled Kai. People started screaming. "Into the Hokage's office," ordered Raiko to Kai. They went into the Mansion, killing the two guards that guarded the place. They ran into the office, and faced Lady Hokage. "All we want," said Raiko, panting. "Is the letter our parents gave you. We won't hurt you, now give us the letter or die." "I knew it would come to this," said the Hokage. "I-" "Shut the hell up! Give us the letter!" Screamed Kai. "Mind Bomb!" Yelled Kai and Raiko in unison. Suddenly, Lady Hokage clutched her head, screaming, and then was out cold.

"Get the letter," said Kai. "This place is... surprisingly easy to take out. How long do you think our 'friends' are gonna realize that we're here?" Asked Raiko. "They're too dumb to notice, like they were to think we'd help them in The Order. We are The Order, and they haven't even figured that out yet. This Quatribugan... comes in handy. Mind Bomb? Let's see your pwnage moves. First, let's just get the letter, we can test those against the damned losers later." Raiko found the letter easily with the Quatribugan. "I'll read it aloud," said Raiko.

" 'Dear Hokage of the Leaf Village,

Our sons, Kai and Raiko and our family were attacked. The people who attacked were people of the Mind Village, a religious village who kill all those who seem evil. We are afraid that our sons are evil, and they have an unknown eye that they will call the Quatribugan. As babies, they have killed everyone in the hospital when they were born, except for us. We were scared of our own sons, and Raiko might have visions that he's from the sound village. He's not, we are actually from the Lava Village. Kai has the Mind Bomb, in which he will teach Raiko. Raiko will cause unknown death's. How we know this is a simple reason; we have the real eye name, and that foresee's the future. Most of it, anyways.' "

Raiko stopped reading aloud there. "I will read the rest of it later. I think the Hokage gaining conciousness now," "What will we do now, Raiko? We can only use Teleportation once every other day, so I guess we'll just have to cope and kill anyone who get's in our way." Suggested Kai. "I don't know. Let's get out of here." Said Raiko.

The brothers went out of the Mansion, only to see reinforcements arriving. Raiko's eyes hurt, so he knew it was the time for Instant Death. Two of them died, one went behind Raiko with a kunai and tried to slice his neck, but Raiko ducked and sweeped him down with his leg, took the kunai, and stabbed the ninja. Kai also killed a bunch of ninja, but Raiko didn't pay attention to those scenes. "Our next mission," said Kai. "Meet up with The Order."

Hmm, I took too long writing I suppose... I think I know how to fix this and what I did. Gimme a minute.

Chidori Shuriken
06-16-2009, 03:13 PM
I'm very sorry... Did I mess something up?

Sabra Kusabana
06-16-2009, 03:36 PM
Well there were several ways I could have choose to handle this, but I'm calling you down on that level of powergaming as it would be termed. We're supposed to be handling characters that do have weaknesses, and keeping it realistic within context. That said I present this as explaination.

Shin had made a plan before their enemy could react and had immediately set it into action. He'd used his companion animal, the giant bird to sweep down toward the ground close enough to make the enemy dive for cover. That was when the other ninja pounched on them. They took them while they couldn't defend themselves.

Gin held the brother's a hand on each as she suppressed them in a genjutsu of their own design. She'd let them see and do whatever they wanted there. As long as she kept in contact she was sure she could hold them. Akemi and Chinsei were helping her. Chinsei held Kia and Akemi held Raiko. The three had them secure, it was Chinsei's personal student that would be the problem.

Gin couldn't help the laughter bubbling up her throat as she watched the same things the men were seeing in her mind's eye. They were insane, she was sure now. She poored more of her chakra into the suppression. Kin was helping the startled villagers while the king bird and Shin were stalking the gravity user. Bo was with him, but the other man had been injured, so she wasn't sure how things were going.

Aiko had emerged from the sheild of cards, sword in hand. "Why are you wasting energy, she said sharply. "Just kill them!" She matched toward the group that was controling the genjustu. Gin looked to Chinsei, he was the highest ranking ninja here, if he said kill them, she would in a heartbeat.

Sabra Kusabana
06-16-2009, 03:48 PM
I sense responces in the works here, maybe not pleased ones... I just feel we can't let our characters get away with stuff that the big bads in the series had more trouble with. Orochimaru, Itachi, and Pain all had a hell of a lot harder time even moving around in Konoha. If none of those three could pull of a stunt like waltzing up to the Hokage's office so easy, none of us should either.

I'm a reality kind of person, I stopped watching DBZ cause of that completely over the top stuff when I was still in junior high, now it's just fireworks, pretty but fleating. Story is where it's at not all the fancy battle scenes.

And yes I'm aware of how harsh I may come off as.

For those catching up there was a string of posts after this that were just talk, to help unclutter the thread I'm going to delete all of those that were mine, and I will restrain myself from such offtopic writing in the future. I appologize if the next couple of posts before the story starts up again make no sense what so ever.

06-16-2009, 03:52 PM
i didnt understand anything she just said:lol:i think i like shuriken's version better

Sensei : Riku Arashi
06-16-2009, 04:04 PM
i didnt understand anything she just said:lol:i think i like shuriken's version better

(What Sabra is saying is that a story shouldn't just be about the fighting and the characters should not be invincible, basically.)

Kai and Raiko had no idea they were in a genjutsu. "Raiko we are at the hideout." "We should be able to take out the The Order just like we did with the Leaf Village." Raiko and Kai both grew melovelent smiles."Especially with our new powers ,"said Raiko.

"Ok I will take out the hideout." With a blink of Kai's eye the cave was struck with a massive sized lightning bolt."Now Raiko your turn to make sure they are all dead." Raiko blinked as well ,creating great flames all over the debri of the the destroyed cave. The brothers scanned the area but they did not see any survivors.

In the genjutsu Kai and Raiko took over both contries of Fire and Wind. Of course they didn't realize it was a genjutsu.

Sensei : Riku Arashi
06-16-2009, 04:13 PM
"Kai! This is a Genjutsu!" Said Raiko, alarmed. "Let's get out of it!" So they did, and they were in the forest, laid down, with scratches and bruises. They also still had the letter. "Kai, what do we do now?"

chidori Sabra just talked about being to powerful and Gin said she could keep the two brothers suppressed.

Sabra Kusabana
06-16-2009, 04:18 PM
Thank you Sensei:riku memrai! Nice post btw, glad to see details. :p Don't worry about the brothers being out too long. Genjustu takes alot out of a person. They'll only be under as long as the ninja holding them can keep up with their dreams.

Gin heaved as she steadied herself. They were about to step into a part of the world in the genjustu that she had little experience with, it would become harder to keep them under control the farther out of her realm of knowledge they went, already she was having trouble pulling from their memories and dreams enough to keep them under.

Akemi noted the medic's breath change. She looked to Chinsei, but his eyes were on the battle with his student and his brother. Kin appeared behind him and pressed one hand to his captive, and the other to her twin. "I have him sensei, go." That was all that had to be said for the jonin to leave the kunoichi to their work.

Kea had sent villagers back for shackles and to try to find something to cage the men in so that the ninja wouldn't have to keep this up. She stood next to the card shell as Aiko growled at Chinsei's retreat without saying if she could end this. She was pissed that Gigen was hurt and she couldn't revenge him.

The pink clothed girl moved to the other women and changed spots with Akemi. "I can help hold him, you back your lover up." The crystal user blushed, "He's not my..." Aiko just looked at her and the jonin didn't finish her sentence, just went to join the battle.

Gin looked at Aiko, "They're headed to the Light in their dream, I need you to feed them the images I can't, just enough so that they fill in the other blanks. Don't let them know." The woman nodded as she pressed her remaining chakra into the sleeping men. All three kunoichi hoped that the villagers would hurry with those restraints.

Kea tapped on the card barrier. "I was trained in field medicine, let me in." Gigen was weak he let her in without question. The red head blinking into the darkness as she eyes adjusted. She knelt by the fallen boy. "I'm ganna pass out soon, can I let the cards go?" He asked softly, Kea nodded and the wall fell. The sudden light made Haruna flinch.

Her breath cought in her throat as the pyschic's daughter saw Kia on the ground. "Don't worry, we're letting him see what he wants to see." Aiko told her, then added. "And we could use some more support." Haruna glanced at Gigen as Kea started tending his injury, she swallowed as she went toward the other girls, she could feel the energy they were using. They did need her, they couldn't keep the genjutsu going much longer if she didn't help. Still she stood there conflicted, this was the worst damn time to be confused.

06-16-2009, 04:19 PM
i was jokin about not understanding her i get that the boys r all the sudden invincible its like a naruto when he couldnt even make a clone defeating orochimaru or tsunade

06-16-2009, 04:29 PM
its cool but writing does seem like ur subject so plz continue this story(so i can sell the copyrights to viz and get paid:lol:)that was a joke if u couldnt tell sorry if i sound snarky with that remark

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cool well then continue

Sabra Kusabana
06-16-2009, 05:06 PM
Just picking the flow back up.

Sabra paced in the small house. They were told safe house, they were not told it was only a two room building. The bathroom was seperated by a thin wall and door, the rest of the house was all right there. A single cheap bed in a corner, only a two drawer dresser next to it. The kitchen area was within spitting distance on the door to the outside, an empty circular table sat with just two wirey chairs.

Gaki had flopped onto the bed without considering the implications. She however had realized if the Hokage thought they needed to be at a safe house that this could take days. The kunoichi rubbed her arms subconciously. She'd been staying at his house for a couple of days already, but being in a guest room and being in the same bed was different... Maybe she'd just sleep in a chair or something.

Sabra looked over at the boy as he rested, eyes closed, and knew he'd never let her do something like that. He'd offer to sleep on the floor if she wanted the bed, but there was no way she'd ask that of him. He was risking his life on a gamble for her friends. The young woman whipped toward the door if she thought to leave, but remembered they we being guarded. Normally she'd of gotten to stay out of Hyuuga business, but in this she was being considered an assesory to the fact, which ment if Gaki was punished she would be too. Just she'd be disaplined, he'd be dead.

The pink haired woman cursed. She didn't know what to do. Worse yet she felt guilty. Guilty over getting into such a mess and leaving her mother to worry over it. As mad as she still was she didn't want that. Her mother didn't deserve to be worried over such a hot-heated child. The girl finally collapsed onto the bed with Gaki. What was the worst he could do, drool on her? She could take him in a fair fight still, and she knew he wasn't stupid enough to put moves on her right now. She let her eyes close, a nap would do them both some good.

06-16-2009, 06:22 PM
Haruna sighed. She hoped that everything would go back to normal after this mission. The kunoichi hated emotion. It always seemed to lead to pain, and always her own.

The strategist didn't know it, but her call had been heard by even some of her dead relatives, as far back as the Akasunas, Uchihas, and Hoshigakis that had died out centuries ago. Tasogares, Hyuugas, anyone related to her (however distantly) were all there watching, cheering her and the others on. And in the very front were Hitomi, her father, Ayumu, and her grandma, Miku.

Kin had been right when she said it was possible that an army would come to Haruna's side. What nobody probally knew was that it was an army of spirits, praying for their descendent to be strong. The ability wasn't called Prayer for nothing.

"What do you need me to do?" the chunin asked.

Sensei : Riku Arashi
06-16-2009, 06:30 PM
Kai felt a sharp pain in himself. "This must be my guilt.I knew this would happen." Kai was started to feel anger against himself."Why why did I join the The Order ,it has only brought me trouble."Kai started to remember why he joined. Kai joined The Order to protect his brother, Raiko joined so Kai did. "As soon as I made friends I betrayed them, just to protect Raiko.

Kai knew he had lost everything, he lost his friends, the girl he liked, and a place where he thought he belonged. Kai thought to himself(if only I could go back in time and tell Haruna how I feel, and say sorry to everybody.)

Kai screamed to the sky," I'm sorry I really am sorry." Kai started to weep in place he had all the power he wanted but he couldn't get his friends back. The ground below Kai became as moist as if it had just rained. Kai ran to his room so no one would find out that he was crying. Kai said one last thing to himself,"Raiko will never understand he's to obsessed with power if, if only I could change the past." Kai still hadn't figured out he was in a genjutsu and that he was also being observed by the genjutsu users.

Nick Tasogare
06-16-2009, 11:39 PM
Chinsei and Akemi took off after Takarashi and Shin, who were trying to get close to Hijou. "Damn, I should never have trained him, and I can't even use my techniques against him. Is there anyway your foresight can help us out here?" She was not sure. They had been training it, trying to control it, and bring it to the point that she would be able to slightly read movements. "I can try, but I'll need to get up to Shin."

He nodded, and made a handsign. Akemi flew towards the speeding falcon, and landed on him, grabbing hold close to where Shin was. "Akemi, what's up?" "I'm here to help, I'm gonna try to read his movements." She made a handsign, and focused her chakra. She sat down, and got into a meditation pose. Chinsei was following Takarashi, and he finally was able to touch down, and now he was keeping Akemi in place.

She reflected on the training that Chinsei had helped her with, and how she was sometimes able to read his movements. She began with an image of the flying Hijou, and thought she was actually getting an actual picture of his movements. "Is he turning right?" "No, he's...." As Chinsei said this, Hijou turned right. "Akemi, keep it up, I think you are doing it!" "He is going to go up and then left in about 3 seconds." Shin nodded and took off in the direction, and almost caught him, but Akemi had been slightly off on the timing.

"Sorry, I guess I'm not exact just yet, this is the first time I have done anything like this. He is going to swoop down towards everyone and attack the woman healing Gigen, go, go, go!!!!!!" "Takarashi, hurry!" "Ok, kid, ok." He flew as fast as he could, an was able to beat Hijou to the spot. Chinsei was able to jump at Hijou, and take him out with a clothsline-like move. Hijou spun out of control, and slammed into the ground. "Thanks, Takarashi, I appreciate it." "Anything for my favorite student." With these words, he disappeared, and the three started over towards Hijou, ready for a final fight.

Chidori Shuriken
06-17-2009, 05:31 AM
"Kai, I get it." Said Raiko. "I can hear thoughts. Anyways, I feel guilt too." Tears trickled down Raiko's eyes. "I'm sorry." Be strong Raiko, for your brother.