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♥Mira Blossom♥
02-26-2010, 03:07 PM
This is NOT a fanclub for Naruto and Tsunade in a romantic relationship. This is for Naruto and Tsunade as a parental bond sort of way.

Naruto often has referred to Tsunade as "Grandma" because of her age. But, I also think that he thinks of her as someone he could also look up too, who he trusts. They care for each other as shown when they fought agaisnt Orochimaru. Because of Naruto, Tsunade overcame her fear of blood and protected him.
Another sign of their bond is when Tsunade kissed him on the forehead as a sign of affection, which can be compared to they way a parent would kiss their child.
Tsunade also sees her little brothers and ex-lovers image in Naruto and trusts him the same way he trusts her.

Please tell me if I wrote any information wrong here and I will correct it.

The Rules:
1. Try to stay on topic
2. You can talk about favorite fics between them but links can only be shared in PM.
3. Follow the forum rules.

Topics: These are just for starters. Feel free to bring up different ones anytime you'd like.

Why do you like this bond?
What is you're favorite Naruto + Tsunade moment?

Manga Chapter Tsunade and Naruto met: 157 (?)
Episode: 90 (?)

We wouldnt want this bond to end: The Wishlist~Only read if you are caught up to the Manga.
Tsunade is now incapacitated. And it seems Naruto is very worried, but he was reassured by Sakura that she would be ok.
Do you think she will live?

Founder: MiraBlossom
Co-leader: SakuraKaulitz221
Our wonderful members: (7)
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Essays: Why do we like this bond?
Please note: Your essays cant be one liners and must be at least 4 sentences long. Any essays you want to submit please post them here or PM me.

Front Page still under construction. I need, if the manga and episode numbers are not correct the correction. I also need the chapter and episode number when Tsunade kissed Naruto on the forehead. And more moments between them xD

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