View Full Version : Other: My Thoughts for the irasengan and ichidori apps

02-22-2010, 09:07 PM
I honestly thought that the irasengan and ichidori apps were pretty good except then I started thinking about details and figured that what would happen if someone wanted to do Kyuubi Rasengan or Black Chidori? so then I came to the point where I thought that the person who made irasengan and ichidori should put a little option button on the bottom of the app that let's you swith between which type you want because in my opinion that would be a great idea and also I think that the chidori should not be oval shape but square and also the rasengan is fine but the sound wasn't like in the show and sorry if I'm being picky here but figures if your going to do something do it good and no I know that this took him a long time to work on but honestly if I could do it myself I would do it and put my maximum effort in it so yea just post any comments about my idea here.