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Startup music is the players choice from any NARUTO opening (not Shippuden)
The player begins the game as a newcomer to the hidden leaf. Ninja training at the ninja academy teaches him/her about gameplay controls and ninja know-how. After completing certain tasks, the player will gain rank and be entitled to more responsibilities (or higher ranked missions). The player will also work in a squad they pick and name (they cannot pick their instructor, Izumo)

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The player’s gameplay starts to weave more into the NARUTO series after the chunin exams when the village of sand attacks the hidden leaf. The player takes more of naruto’s role and plays to find SAUSKE by finding clues and going on various missions using Naruto as an aid character who follows them and gives them hints.
Shippuden begins when the gameplay time exceeds 35 hours and they have found certain clues about Sauske and finish the NARUTO vs. SAUSKE battle by playing as Naruto. The game automatically shows the first episode of NARUTO Shippuden at the games next startup. (You may skip) After that point, you may choose the opening songs once again to play at startup using NARUTO and NARUTO SHIPPUDEN openings

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The player then has a choice weather to pick NARUTO or SAUSKE squad to play in. Each has an alternate storyline that does not intermingle. For example, you can’t battle Tobi with Naruto and kill Itachi with Sauske. One or the other. When playing in this mode, each main character becomes a sub character to aid you. This means that Sauake’s your aid if you pick his side. You fight all of his battles, but he supports you by attacking the enemy and/or defending you.
The end probably should follow the conclusion of the NARUTO series end, which means this shouldn’t come out until NARUTO’s over.

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Players will be able to walk, run, jump, converse with characters, attack (using selected weapon or move), and jump through trees (requires ninja training).
The player may free roam at any time except if there trapped in a cave or on a mission. They can travel to various places they unlock and go into certain buildings like the RAMEN SHOP to stock up on health.

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Sounds like an awesome game !!:D Too bad they'll never make it ..:(

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It sounds cool, and I hope they do make it, but if they don't, well... It's a good idea, anyway :)

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