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Nick Tasogare
05-15-2009, 08:45 PM
hey devs this thread here lets talk about our story here we can tell sabra when she gets on

Nick Tasogare
05-15-2009, 08:48 PM
we'll obviously change the name....once we think of one..... *scratches head*

05-15-2009, 08:48 PM
Okay... Ummm...How should it start?

Nick Tasogare
05-15-2009, 08:50 PM
well maybe with chinsei being informed that akemi became a jonin, maybe not....im not sure, i changed my name to chinsei though, it will be less confusing for me anyway

Nick Tasogare
05-15-2009, 08:51 PM
maybe we could just call it "Shinobi" that sounds kinda cool...and its all i git :) hahaha

05-15-2009, 08:52 PM
Okay...so maybe it starts with Akemi running up to him and telling him the good news and then they have a short conversation. Then the students show up right in the middle and interupt it.

Nick Tasogare
05-15-2009, 08:53 PM
ok but do you want a squad or a single student? i changed the name what do you think?

05-15-2009, 09:02 PM
can i be an anbu member

Nick Tasogare
05-15-2009, 09:04 PM
this is just continuing the other story like 3 and a half years ago, we should make it easy to understand it even if you didnt read the other part huh.....

05-15-2009, 09:05 PM
this is just continuing the other story like 3 and a half years ago, we should make it easy to understand it even if you didnt read the other part huh.....
i read alot i pick up on details quickly so dont worry

05-15-2009, 09:06 PM
ok but do you want a squad or a single student? i changed the name what do you think?

A squad, but I like the idea of one of them being kinda like Akemi ^^

Nick Tasogare
05-15-2009, 09:07 PM
u were parrt of the story moon, i changed my name this is nickito

i meant we should make it easy to read for people who didnt read the previous story line so they dont have to go back and read it all, unless they want to

05-15-2009, 09:10 PM
u were parrt of the story moon, i changed my name this is nickito

i meant we should make it easy to read for people who didnt read the previous story line so they dont have to go back and read it all, unless they want to

Nick Tasogare
05-15-2009, 09:12 PM
It's been 3 and a half years since the Dragon attack and the threat of conspiracies. The village has been quiet, but every shinobi knows that that doesn't last for long. Chinsei was at the training field waiting for his students, when Akemi appeared from the gate.She had matured a lot in 3 and a half years, becoming a Jonin, and getting her own squad of students.

"Hey Akemi, I heard you were assigned a squad. My squad is Sabra, Kin and Gin. They've really matured, and I think they might be ready for the coming Chunin Exams. What about your squad?" "Well they should be here soon, I told them to meet me here. Since none of our students are here though---" She hugged him tightly. "I've missed you. I was just so busy lately with misions and my squad and all." "Tell me about it. When our students get here, we should let them spar. We can....talk." "That would be nice." They waited for their newly graduated students to arrive, and in the meantime, sat and talked.

05-15-2009, 09:34 PM
Akemi stood and marched boldly over to her students when they arrived. There were two boys and one girl, although it was hard to recognize one of the boys as male at first.

He had bright purple hair, lime green eyes, dark skin, and was wearing a purple knee-length dress. The boy's name was Kyou.

The girl, Haruna, had turquoise knee-length hair tied up in ponytails, dark green eyes, pale skin, and was wearing a light blue shirt with a darker blue miniskirt.

Her last student, Isamu, was a brown-haired, onyx-eyed boy with lightly-tanned skin. He wore a red shirt with black shorts.

Nick Tasogare
05-15-2009, 09:41 PM
Kin, Gin and Sabra hadn't changed much. Sabra had grown her hair out, it fell down to the middle of her back, and Gin and Kin had panda ponytails so that it looked like there hair was wrapped around golfballs at the top.

"Ok guys. The six of you are gonna spar, ready? Sabra, you will fight Kyou, Kin, you will fight Haruna, and that leaves Gin and Isamu. Begin!" The students disappeared, and they began to clash with each other fighting. Gin and Kin had developed their visual jutsu, they were almost equal to the Hyuga, not as powerful, however. Sabra had improved the most, with her mastery of fire.

Nick Tasogare
05-15-2009, 09:43 PM
I'll let Sabra decide hoe their abilities for gin kin and sabra improved, since their her characters

05-15-2009, 09:45 PM
Makes sense...I bet you can tell what elements atleast two of Akemi's students use based on their appearence.

Nick Tasogare
05-15-2009, 09:46 PM
hmmmm would that be....water and earth?

05-15-2009, 09:49 PM
Yeah! Haruna is water. Isamu is earth. Kyou is wind, by the way.

Nick Tasogare
05-15-2009, 09:51 PM
cool, ok e should wait for sabra to get on and get a chance to post until we do again, or at least wait a day or so

05-15-2009, 11:15 PM
I had to look up what that Panda Ponytail style you described was, after looking at a couple of pictures it actually fits the twins quite well. I'm ganna be looking for and editing a picture to show what they look like and what colors they like to wear. I was thinking of getting the one shot where lil' Sakura and Ino are standing together in front of the other kids from academy.

Sabra lead the group, a brightly colored furry length around her neck like a scarf. The object suddenly raised up revieling sharp red eyes as Ruby stared up at her master's sensei as they neared the spot where Akemi and Chinsei waited with the other young genin. The girl had started to get height and stood taller then her comrades.

Gin and Kin walked side by side. They were like mirrors of eachother, up till you came to those silver and gold eyes. They wore matching thick kimonos, that in no way appeared as if they were fit to fight in, what with the black and white yin/yang patterning on the bands that lined the dresses and the untouched grey of the main piece. You could see as they walked flashes of bright shimmering gold from the leggings of the outfit hidden below the kimonos as they walked. It was distracting, catching the eyes in it's sharp contrast to their otherwise dule appearance, no doubt they used that as part of their tactics.

Sabra however was far more striking. Her almost luminetsent hair made the watcher want to follow it as it swished behind her held back only by a loose band at collar level. It looked like a hot pink tail flicking back and forth as she moved. Her outfit was also far more ornate then the twins'. Her overlaying kimono styled top was teal and green, on her bottom tight white shorts with black edging and thread came to meet her mid thigh. Netting covered her bare skin up to a set of violet arm guards and the same shade of kneehigh heeled boots.

The heel of the boots was wide and short, but lord knew it hurt when she put it in your face if you messed with her. The girl had developed a flash fire temper, which given her elemental alignment was fitting, and also dangerious to anyone backtalking her. Chinsei had been trying to get the girl to cool her temper, but it seemed the twins were better at keeping their 'leader' in check then their sensei.

Okay I'll make a break for a moment now, and then move to the first part of the sparing. I wanted to have a detailed image of the girls. I need to find or make pictures for their older models, the one I linked for Sabra in the previous thread still stands but for the twins well I need something. Btw the outfit hidden under their plainer kimonos is a sparring set of gold and silver, very flashy and distracting. They use the glimpses of the underneath material to keep a opponet from every quite knowing if it was a glint of the metalic cloth or the shine off a weapon that they just saw beneath the robe of either girl.[/color]

05-16-2009, 12:04 AM
"Ok guys. The six of you are gonna spar, ready? Sabra, you will fight Kyou, Kin, you will fight Haruna, and that leaves Gin and Isamu. Begin!"

Sabra faced down her opponet in a split moment assessing his physical traits. Focusing on his vivid green eyes, he showed no sign of where he would be attacking. "Kyou, good luck to you. Now get ready to lean why they call me a real animal when I fight."

Kin sighed as she turned to her female adversary, she hated fighting without her sister sense she prefer ranged combat. The girl shook her head as she threw her arm to her side and a kunai on a line shot into her hand. "Ready for a real shock?" She questioned as she began spinning the weapon at high speed in preparation to strike.

Gin smiled sweetly at her chosen target. "Don't let my beauty distract you sweety, I'm as sharp as I am delicate." She warned as she slid down to a low stance and brought her hands together palms touching in front of her.

The girls had worked long and hard on their tactics as a team, and together the three had completed some challenging missions, but it was when they were seperated that Chinsei had the oppertunity to see every flaw they each had. Of course it also gave them time to shine at their specialties.

Sabra was fast vanishing before Kyou's sight, leaving Ruby in her spot, the animal lunged at the boy, catching him off guard as he seemed to have not realized the furry thing had actually been alive and not decorative. As he took a step back to avoid the pet he felt a strong hand grab his shoulder and twirl him on one foot toward a second oncoming hand.

Palm open with fingers curled in like claws Sabra swiped at the boy's exposed face and chest, a flicker of fire dancing on her nails. He actually let himself fall to the ground instead of trying to keep his balance, causing her attack to pass over him. His eyes flew wide as he followed the flame on her clawlike nails.

Taijutsu and Flame Manipulation in one move, this was going to be dangerious. He yelled as Ruby jumped onto his chest digging her own claws into his clothing. Yes, this was going to be a fight that would keep him on his toes.

Kin watched the girl before her. Neither of them seemed prepared to move. The ninja's golden eyes shimmered as she started channeling energy into the wire of her weapon. The sound was frieghting, as was the imagery as the girl whirled the weapon back and forth before her hiding her own movements behind the whirling curtian of lightening and swishing metal. Suddenly a second blade flew out from behind her cover.

The kunai landed at Haruna's feet, a sizzling explosive tag was attached to it. The girl had only a moment to guard as the explosive went off. As the smoke cleared she coughed and then her body was wrapped in sharp wire. An electric shock went thru her system as she stared up the line at the strange golden eyed girl she faced.

Kin was fishing into her robe for something. If Haruna didn't do something very fast this duel as going to be over before it could really begin. She saw her opponet draw a handful of thin needles and throw them at her, it was now of never if she wanted to win.

Gin fluttered her eyes at the boy she knelt before. "How do you expect to beat me standing still like that?" She questioned as her eyes dialated. The male started to move, but felt frozen in place. He paniced as he looked to his ankles, heavy chains had appeared out of nowhere, they were weighting him down.

He jerked to see what the girl was doing next and ground his teeth as there was no one in her space. He twisted his body to look for her in desperation. That was when he realized that everything around him was getting dark, and a threatening shadow was creeping toward him at a terrorifying speed.

Gin stood with a flurrish as she watched the boy before her whip his head around in panic. Her eyes were cloudy and filled with a cold expression as she examined him while he was trapped in her Genjutsu. Her hands flickered with chakra for a second then two almost perfectly clear blades of ice rested atop her hands as she paced toward him slowly so as not to come to close before being sure he was properly indesposed in her technique to fight back when she was in attacking range.

Akemi stared at Chinsei as she watched the first few seconds of each combat. "You didn't tell me that those three had become so vicious." She said as she stared at him in a strange mix of shock and accusation. "I'm not the only one training them, blame their parents for some of it at least." The fellow jonin shot back as he watched his team carefully. It was mostly Sabra he stared at though.

She could get carried away, the twins usually only went far enough to capture or subdue someone they fought. Chinsei though remembered having to pry Sabra off of another young genin he only knew as Gaki just the pervious week. He hadn't known why they were fighting, all he'd known when he came on the scene was that his student was almost ready to leave the young nin with permanent scars if he hadn't shown up when he did. He had later learned that the two had been having such fights sense academy, shich worried him deeply.

05-16-2009, 02:54 AM
Moving right along I see. Nice first half Sabra. Although I'm not really sure where to fit myself in.

Bo hadn't changed much. His unkempt afro still bobbed haphazardly as ran. The scarf around around his neck was more than just a fashion statement and his white vest was padded with light armour. Under the vest was a black kimono shirt that fell into black sweats. He stopped and closed his eyes imagining possible scenarios. He always looked at things through his opponent's eyes. He threw three shuriken at a nearby tree. The wire revealed itself as it fell into the water under his feet. Suddenly two flaming windmill shuriken came hurtling towards him.

At the last second he fell into the water and let the danger pass by over him. His opponent appeared 100 meters down the river. Time to try out my new attack. Chakra flowed around his body as he prepared. On top of the water the man stood poised as the rivers current began to pick up. "Not good." He began fleeing for land but was too late as water piranhas latched onto him and held him down. He turned his slightly to see a black and white blur coming at him from beneath the water. The man gasped for air and Bo shot out of the water a good 15 feet before flipping downwards and landing in front of his captor.

"Grr... This wasn't a fair fight sensei!" the man yelled as the piranhas loosed him. "Don't get mad because you got beat by a subordinate." Bo teased. A tall man with a white beard popped up from the ground smiling. "Sensei you know this fight was unfair. His main element is water and you let him fight at the river." The old man's smile was replaced with a stern look. "Not every battle will be fair Rajon. You will have to fight opponents that always have the upper hand." Rajon opened his mouth but had nothing to say. "As for you Bo I need not tell you that every battle will not be as easy as that when you become special jonin." He looked at his two students with wise intuition. "You are both dismissed." With that he was gone.

"So Raj wanna go grab some ramen." "No. I have training to do." Bo rested his arms on his staff. "You train too much. A ninja has too learn balance." "Oh are you sage now. What other wisdom do you have for me." "Stop trying to beat me. I don't want to hurt you." "Why you little." Rajon swung at Bo but was too late. "Seeya tomorrow firepit." "Thats right keep running." Bo jumped off through the branches toward the village. Tomorrow he would be 18 and almost 4 years in this village. he couldn't believe it had been so long since he escaped The Order's grasp. It was all to good to be true...a little too good. Just then something caught his eye.

As he approached the scene he saw 6 young kids fighting and none other than Chensei and Akemi observing. Chensei kept a stern eye on one particular student, Sabra. He looked at the sun. He had time to watch a little sparring match.

05-16-2009, 03:36 AM
Regarding the deviant art thing, whats going on with that? I kind of got lost on that.

05-16-2009, 03:54 AM
Regarding the deviant art thing, whats going on with that? I kind of got lost on that.

She's wanting to condence the story a little and put it up on deviantart for people to read and comment on. Other then that I don't know much about it either.

I am ready to put on a good show with my trio of characters though, glad your's will get to watch, Sabra would probly get a kick out of that. You also worked yourself in nicely, see it's not as hard as you think.

I do appreciate the compliment too. I push myself as a writer, and I enjoy designing fight scenes in perticular, because you can do so much visually with them.

05-16-2009, 06:01 AM
Haruna made several handsigns and locked her green eyes on the gold of her opponent. Kin saw water rush in and flood the area until it was up to both girls' knees. Then, the turquoise-haired girl melted to water--or at least that's what Kin saw--making a splash as she slipped through the wires into the lake below.

She next appeared behind the blonde. "Guess who?"

Kin hit her, and she splashed back into water.

"Come now; who is honestly stupid enough to announce their location?"

The same thing happened with the same result. Haruna began laughing like a lunatic.

Meanwhile, Isamu was panicking. 'No way is a girl this strong. She can't beat me! Sure I'm trapped, but I can move enough to do this!' He squatted down and placed his hands on the ground. Rocks began merging with the boys skin, making in harder and tougher. 'Now I'm ready for anything she can throw at me!

Kyou litterally pulled Ruby off of himself and threw him at Sabra. He started running as far away from her as he could. "No! Don't burn Kyou! Kyou is a very good boy..."

((Okay, the way I see it...Isamu should lose because he hates to lose, and it would be great for him to hold a grudge. Kyou can either lose or his fight can be a tie. The way I see it, his fear of being burned can either be a strength or a weakeness, but either way he's too timid to actually win. But Haruna should deffinitely win. It would be sad if none of Akemi's students won!))

05-16-2009, 06:05 AM
Regarding the deviant art thing, whats going on with that? I kind of got lost on that.

She's wanting to condence the story a little and put it up on deviantart for people to read and comment on. Other then that I don't know much about it either.

I am ready to put on a good show with my trio of characters though, glad your's will get to watch, Sabra would probly get a kick out of that. You also worked yourself in nicely, see it's not as hard as you think.

I do appreciate the compliment too. I push myself as a writer, and I enjoy designing fight scenes in perticular, because you can do so much visually with them.

What I'm doing is finding all of the posts that relate to the dragon plot and putting them together. As I go along, I'm correcting all the spelling mistakes (so far no one, not even me or Sabra, have gone one post without atleast one spelling mistake). Then, I'm going to split it up into parts of eight or nine pages and upload it on deviantArt so more people can read it, and so we can have the whole story in a format that is easier to follow (without the nonsense and non story-telling posts in between).

05-16-2009, 07:18 AM
Sabra cought Ruby and stared at the retreating form of the boy. She blinked at him confused then she remembered the sheer terror in his eyes as he watched the flicking flames across her nails. This boy was completely out of his head with fear of fire. An almost sadistic smile creepy up her face as she saw him turn. He halfheartedly threw a pair of needles at her before almost twirling to run again to keep her at range.

The pink haired girl dropped to her hands and knees depositing Ruby on the ground as the needles flew harmlessly over her. She sprinted toward the other genin who had turned to try to fire another attack. She substituted as grass dummy in her place which made him immediately look up and throw another needle. It passed thru what he realized was a clone. He looked to his sides to see one on either flank, left and right.

Throwing his hands toward them he forced a powerful air current toward the two only to see them poof out of existance as well. A strong hand knotted in his shirt as the attached arm went around his neck. Sabra lifted him up and back causing his back to bo and actually bringing him off the ground as her other hand came in front of his face from behind, flames dancing across her palm.

The boy screamed a high pitched yell that was one of complete horror but strangely stayed completely still as if condemning himself as he shut his eyes tight. "Oh for the Love of Kami..." The young ninja hit the ground lightly as Sabra almost gentally threw him away from her. He eyed her in confusion as she turned her back on him.

Ruby sniffed at his hand as he stared dumbfounded at the young woman's ponytail. "You could at least actually hit me you know." She hissed trying to sound as mean as she could, and failing miserably as her pet licked at the boy's hand where he'd cut them on a stone from falling earlier in the duel.

Gin had to restrain her laughter as the body created a kind of shield of earth around himself. "Are you joking?" she asked aloud. Inside the genjutsu it sounded like she was yelling inside a bell that was around his head. He jerked his hands up and tried to muffle the sound. "Seriously, what kind of fool are you?" He threw his head back at the pain of her ringing voice in his ears. "I haven't laid a finger on you yet, and you think armor is going to help?" "Yes, dammit stand and fight you pathetic trickster!" He yelled at the top of his lungs.

"Not the way to impress a girl." Gin hissed as she raised her hand toward him. If only he'd been able to see her he'd of known her fingertips where inches from his face. A cold spray of water erupted from her palm and covered his mouth and nose. "Three seconds to appologize," she warned in a deadly tone as the water began to crystalize into ice. "Never, wench, show yourself." The female ground her teeth and let the ice flow across his face.

The boy clawed at himself and flailed. Akemi started to move to stop the match but Chinsei held her back. "She'll only hold it till he's unconsious, she's got great restraint, even when she's really mad. You should watch your other student, that match is getting interesting."

Kin looked nervious as she shot her eyes in every direction. In her head she knew she couldn't use her electric shocks or it'd hurt her too, and she couldn't go underground that would only get her drowned faster. She did the only thing she could do until she could think of something else. She raised a wired kunai above her and let the line out wide. She threw it in a careful circle around herself letting it come as close to her body as she could. It would cover her from all attacks incoming except from below...

Kin closed her eyes as she continued the spin and despertly searched for her enemies Chakra, but it was so hard to sense without using her own, just like if someone blindfolded her sister, sure you could try but your success rate was shot to less then half. Still she could hear as the other girl tried attacking her testing the level of defence her moves were giving her. Kin shifted in her stance, this water was heavy, strangely so.

It felt like when Gin would use her techniques on her in sparing at home. "That's it," she realized as her eyes shot open. "The water's real, but you disappearing all the time isn't. The woman let her line and kunai fall loose as she brought her hands down in the symbol for release and used her own chakra to break that part of the combination justu.

"You left yourself exposed," she heard whispered in her ear as a strong kick sent the blond into the muddy water. She splashed violently as she threw her head back to get a breath. Her ponytail got captured in a sturdy hand as her opponet pressed a knee to the small of her back, effectively minimizing struggle.

A kunai at her throat Kin held her breath. She cursed herself internally as across from her she could see her sister's enemy crumble to his knees nearing blackout. Sabra was angrily scolding the other kid for being to scared to even defend himself, she could hear the words flying behind her. The girl hung her head, careful of the blade she was so close to. "I give," she murmured in defeat. Her eyes closed tight as she thanked the water for hiding just how much losing so badly hurt her this time.

"Seems your Haruna and my Gin fight very similarly." Chinsei said as he smiled at Akemi and they started to move to talk to their genin.

Okay I let that get a little away from me, you can tie up the last bit. I'd honestly ment to leave more of the fight for you to finish. Tell me if I took anyone out of character or was too harsh with their behavior. I want to keep them in the image you have, btw I hope Kyou using needles instead of kunai is alright. From what you told me about him before he's very delicate and wouldn't likely use something as threating and heavy as a kunai often.

05-16-2009, 07:20 AM
nice job im too lazy to role play...

05-16-2009, 07:30 AM
nice job im too lazy to role play...

Thank you, role playing isn't hard at all if you really want to do it though. Course coming from me that might be bias. I've been playing in RPGs and writing for almost a decade now. I've been told I'm one of very few people who rarely suffers writers block according to people I've been in courses with. So maybe it just comes naturally.

Even if you don't role play though a well done game can be a good read.

05-16-2009, 08:10 AM
Kyou shook in fear, eyes rising to the face of his attacker. "Leave Kyou alone! Don't burn Kyou; Kyou did nothing wrong, mother!"

Sabra started. "Mother? Just who do you think I am, boy?"

Realizing his mistake, Kyou leapt up. He used his air to knock his opponent back against a tree. Then he ran behind the jounin, tears streaming down his face.

"Kyou doesn't want to fight the scary lady anymore."

Haruna lended a hand to Kin to help her off the ground and the duo walked back to their teachers. Gin slung one of Isamu's arms around her neck and half-dragged him over. Sabra follwed soon after, Ruby cradled in her arms.

05-16-2009, 10:17 AM
When everyone was gathered around, Gin let Isamu drop on the ground. He was there for only a few seconds when he groaned.

"Dammit, woman...Why'd you have to cover a nice pair of legs like that with something so ugly!?"

The blonde kicked him. "How the heck can you be awake already?"

"He may be an idiot, but his lung compasity and breath control are startlingly good. I should know; I've tried drowning him before," Haruna said. "However, he does have a weakness...certain sights and sounds are to him as rollercoasters are to most people."

"Ahhh...So he choked on his own--"

"Yeah, pretty much."

Nick Tasogare
05-16-2009, 10:28 AM
"Alright guys, good match. Get home and rest up, ok." The genin left, but Akemi and Chinsei stayed. "Why didn't you let me stop the match! They were outmatched ad you know it!" "They need to learn that they can't take people for granted." She sighed. "I guess so, I just wish you hadn't paired up Sabraa with Kyou, that was the worst match up I've ever seen." Chinsei sighed, knowing she was right. "Let's go for ramen, my treat." He smiled at her. Somehow, whenever he smiled like that at her, everything faded away.

P.S (im thinking of adding a new cchar, i just dont know how, i want t give him an ability and mak him close to chinsei, becayse im tired of only writing about chinsei :)

05-16-2009, 10:35 AM
P.S (im thinking of adding a new cchar, i just dont know how, i want t give him an ability and mak him close to chinsei, becayse im tired of only writing about chinsei :)

That's probably a good idea.

Nick Tasogare
05-16-2009, 10:48 AM
or i can make it that kin will be my main student im not sure, if not we would take gin out by getting her to become a medic, or kin whichever, and add the new one, or we have the hokage assign a new sensei to the squad to take over for chinsei, so that he can help another young ninja who is troubled (personally i like the assigning a new ensei one better, we could have Shisui assigned as the sensei, because he stays in the leaf village as an ambassador, and wears the leaf headband now)

Nick Tasogare
05-16-2009, 11:16 AM
which idea do you like better? i honestly like cchinsei to have a squad of his opwn chars, and maybe sabra could create a new sensei? or kisa or somebody could lead them, like shisui

05-16-2009, 11:23 AM
which idea do you like better? i honestly like cchinsei to have a squad of his opwn chars, and maybe sabra could create a new sensei? or kisa or somebody could lead them, like shisui

I don't know...I guess the new squad idea is okay...

05-16-2009, 11:24 AM
which idea do you like better? i honestly like cchinsei to have a squad of his opwn chars, and maybe sabra could create a new sensei? or kisa or somebody could lead them, like shisui

I don't know...I guess the new squad idea is okay...

Nick Tasogare
05-16-2009, 11:27 AM
which idea do you like better? i honestly like cchinsei to have a squad of his opwn chars, and maybe sabra could create a new sensei? or kisa or somebody could lead them, like shisui

I don't know...I guess the new squad idea is okay...

well you dont seem happy about it though im good with anything, just think he needs a student of his own, other than sabra, like an orphen mayb

05-16-2009, 12:17 PM
As Tenshi ran though the village to his squad he noticed he was few hours late.
When Tenshi arived at the weapon shop where they agreed to meet he was chewed out.
"why are you late sensei" said a black haired girl " Well you see I uh.. woke up late" "that isn't an excuse"said a blonde haired boy "Well to change the subject what are your names"

" I'm Nila" said the black haired girl. " I am Jinjo" said the blonde haired boy, "annd that is Denco he doesn't talk much" "Ok good now I want you to fight me so i can see you abillities"
Tenshi said.
here is wat my squad looks like
Nila-black hair, orange skirt with white shorts under it, and an orange shirt that has a circle on it, she has piercing blue eyes, and fire chakra nature

Jinjo-blonde hair, and a zebra patterned shirt and pants, he has dull green eyes ,and water chakura nature

Denco-wears black pants and a black jacket that covers half his face,chakura nature unknown

05-16-2009, 03:33 PM
About your squad hopping Nick, I'd gladly take your squad. I mean I was going to go for Special Jonin but I could just make that Jonin. But if not let me know. And as far as a plot tell me if guys like this or not. If you had something else in mind I'll just delete this or change it.

Chensei and Akemi walked after there students together. Bo appeared before them holding a scroll and looking gleeful. "Bo, I haven't seen you in a long time." Chensei proclaimed as the shook hands roman style. "I know I've been very busy." "Well do you want to join us for ramen a little while?" "Oh well just for a bit." The three walked on to the ramen shop catching up on lost time. When they arrived Bo's demeanor began to change. As the waited for their orders Chensei looked at Bo discerningly. "What's on your mind Bo?" Bo looked looking very worried. "There's something wrong. Very wrong." "How do you mean?" Akemi chimed in "Yeah I've felt something a little off too but I haven't had any strange visions lately." Bo nodded and continued "There was only one other time I felt this way...


Bo stopped his training to look up at the sky. It was dismal and depressing but the clouds were like none he had ever seen. He decided to call it quits since Chian didn't like him coming home wet. As started home he felt a knot in his stomach. It wasn't a hunger pain, it felt deeper. His breathing quickened and he began to feel anxious. Soon chakra was beginning to flow out him for no reason. Then he saw a figure in a tall tree staring at him. From the blue cloak he new exactly who they were. He started to run but his uneven chakra flow stumbled him. Rain began falling as he fell to the ground unable the stabilize himself. The man soon stood above him looking down with wild eyes. "Traitor" was all the man said before preparing to hack him apart with a scythe. Bo felt power leak out his body which was replaced by fear. He could do nothing but watch. The scythe fell inches from his face.

When he looked he saw Goy standing above him with his staff blocking the attack. The cloaked man jumped back surprised. "You will pay for protecting a criminal old man." They commenced in close combat with staff countering blade. Goy could not keep up with a spry younger ninja. He lost more and more ground until he was backed up against a tree. The ninja quickly disarmed Goy by swatting his staff out of his hands. As the staff fell to the ground next to Bo, Goy was mercilessly slaughtered. His limp body slumped down the tree. With that the man turned his attention to the fallen boy. Tears welled up into his eyes as he saw his mentor grab the ninjas foot and with his last strength consumed the unaware man with lightening. His body went stiff and he began bleeding out his ears. "Sensei!? Please sensei...please get up." Bo cried as grabbed the staff next to him....


"Only later did I learn why I was paralyzed. You see I use to be part of a militant organization called the order. I was apprentice to one of the 7 Axes or leaders. When my overseer died I inherited his responsibility. Only then did I realize that The Order planned to destroy all the villages in the Mountain Country. They had a special jutsu that required all 7 Axes to take part. When I went AWOL they had to kill me since I was a liability. When I was training that day they had tested the jutsu on a smaller village where I was near. I suspect they may have found a replacement for me and are continuing their plans. As of lately I've been feeling the same affects just not as bad. I fear they may moving this way."

Chensei furrowed his brow. "You won't have to worry about that our village could take those freaks." "Yes I know but thats not all. They an army of about 30,000 well trained soldiers along with admirals and mercenaries. Even at our best the odds are greatly against us." "Well you have to tell Lady Hokage what you think immediatly." Chensei urged.
"Thats why I'm telling you. The hokage trusts you more and she swore to the village council that if the order came anywhere near the village she would kick me out. But that won't solve the problem you need me I have advanced knowledge of The Order. Please try to reason with her." There was a long pause. "I will try." "Thank you." Bo looked at them then walked out.

Any ways I thought I would post this now but when I thought about it I figured I should post it later and let some time pass before we jump into another full blown war. If you like this let me know then we can slowly move in this direction. But I would really rather hear your ideas.

Nick Tasogare
05-16-2009, 04:10 PM
i really like the plot :)

Nick Tasogare
05-16-2009, 04:17 PM
Bo finished his ramen, and left Chinsei and Akemi, knowing they were together, he wanted to give them some time. "Akemi, you go check on your students, I'm going to go talk to The Hokage." "Ok, good luck." They hugged and said good-bye.

He arrived at the mansion, and hurried up to Lady Hokage's office. "Lady Hokage, I have some news. You probably won't like it. You see, this group called--" "The Order? Yea I know, Chinsei. We need to talk about your friend 'Bo', and what his actual name is."

Nick Tasogare
05-16-2009, 04:33 PM
"Let me cut you off, My Lady. He has knowledge of them, andbelieves that they are heading here. He could be very valuable." "Chinsei, I know. That's not what I want to talk to you about. "Oh? What then?" "There is a young ninja i would like you to look after." "But I already have a squad." "I know, I'm assigning you a new setup." He looked at her surprised and confused.

"You will still be the sensei of that squad, you will just take on a new student after the Chunin Exams." "If you think that is a good idea, but on one condition. Bo will take care of my current squad while I'm away. If you can't deal with that, then I refuse." She sighed. For several minutes, the room was quiet. "Fine, but don't mention this until after the Chunin Exams. Understood?" He nodded, and left. He couldn't help but wonder who this new student would be.

05-16-2009, 07:43 PM
Haruna smiled at the sky. "I can't wait until we're chunin! Won't it be great?"

"Sorry to break it to you, but girls aren't meant to be fighters," Isamu snorted, stepping ahead of her. "Why don't you just protect that pretty little face of yours and go into the medical field?"

"Oh, I'm not meant to be a fighter? You're one to talk, rocks-for-brains!"

"Kyou thinks Isa-san and Haru-chan will both do really well in the chunin exams... Kyou is the one who isn't fit to fight."

The kunoichi stopped walking. "Who told you that?"

"Kyou's mother told Kyou that."

The girl rolled her eyes. "You can't believe everything your parents tell you. Father tells me all the time that major details of the future can't be changed. He told sensei almost four years ago that the dragons wouldn't return for a year, but they returned only a few days after that! I think that counts as a major change."

Isamu cocked his head to the side. "Say, when can we meet your pops anyway?"

Panic overtook the turquoise-haired ninja's face. "You can't!"

Her teammates stared at her. She cleared her throat.

"I mean...Not for a while...He's terribly ill...I think I might be catching it." She fake coughed a couple times.

05-16-2009, 07:59 PM
Nila said"but why you know we will lose" "Yea, you would defeat us quilkly" said Jinjo."Well you never know till you try so come at me" Tenshi said.

The three youths scattered. First was Nila with great speed came at Tenshi.Tenshi blocked all moves and jabbed one finger in her waist. Nila fell and Jinjo came at him. Jinjo hit tenshi in the face but Tenshi didn't move. Then Tenshi threw Jinjo in a bush. Denco's attack affected Tenshi. Denco roundhoused kicked Tenshi in the head.
Tenshi got up and attacked Denco in the back. Nila, Denco ,and Jinjo were down.

Then Tenshi was hit in three spots.The three squad members hit Tenshi.Nila hit Tenshi in the right side,Jinjo on the left, and Denco on the back. Then Tenshi fell and said "Well down all of you are excellant" Tenshi fell asleep.

"i hope he isn't like this on missions" Nila said.

Nick Tasogare
05-16-2009, 08:14 PM
When Chinsei found his students, he knew he couldn't tell them yet. "I want you to train 2 on 1. Gin and Sabra will fight Kin." "What, you know that the two of them will destroy me, I'm nothing without Gin." "That is what this training is for. What would you do as a Shinobi if your sister was unconcious, or worse? Would simply give up and die." He had raised his voice, not to be mean, but to get it through her head that she could act on her own. "We will start as soon as Akemi and her team get here. I want them to see your abilities." The 3 young genin got into different positions around the training field, and waited for Akemi, Haruna, Kyou and Isamu.

05-16-2009, 08:25 PM
As i am walking to the ramen shop after a long day I see Chinsei "hey Chinsei whats up?"

05-16-2009, 08:42 PM
Haruna was the first to enter the area, sprinting. Isamu was right behind her.

"Come on, I swear I'm not going to grab your @$$ again!" the boy shouted after her.

Akemi came in shortly after, eyes turned to the heavens. Kyou clung to the jounin's skirt.

"Kyou doesn't wanna see the scary lady! Kyou is afraid the scary lady is gonna hurt Kyou!"

"Don't be afraid of Sabra. She's really a nice girl."

Isamu stopped chasing his teammate the moment he saw Gin. He swaggered over to the blonde. "Hey there, hottie."

She got into a fighting stance. "Did you not learn your leason the last time?"

"You can kick him in the nuts if he gets outta hand," the turquoise-haired girl suggested.

The brunet ignored Haruma and scoffed. "You never would have beaten me if you didn't cheat and get me sick first. Besides, I was going easy on you."

"Last I checked, I had no idea how to make you sick when we fought and the sights and sounds were just part of my jutsu. Therefore, it was fair."

Nick Tasogare
05-16-2009, 09:18 PM
"Alright, you're here now. Guys, start when you're ready." "Akemi-sensei, what are we doing here? Why does Kyou have to be here?" "You need to be more confident, Kyou, and Chinsei thought that if you saw that one of his students also wasn't a fighter, you would feel better." She had completely made that up. She knew Kin wasn't one to fight, but this was just to motivate her own students to get better. Kyou looked out on the battlefield curiously.

Kin hid in the trees. She was afraid to do this, she didn't think she had any chance to win. The only reason she had made it through the academy was Gin. Now that she had to fight her, she had no idea what to do. Even if she did get the upperhand, could she strike down her sister? Just then, a shuriken grazed her head, and cut off several strands of hair. She immediately went into battle mode.

05-17-2009, 03:56 AM
Kin hide in a 'safe' spot in the ground near a tree she'd used to hide a moment before. Sabra was keeping her moving almost constantly. She was becoming tired, and knew it would only be a few more seconds before Ruby would find her with her tracking skills. She shook herself from her worries. Gin had been going easy on her, and she knew it.

She remembered earlier that week after her sister had trapped her in a genjutsu when they spared at home. The other girl had made her think everything was normal until the last moment to take advantage of her senses. It had been a day that made her realize how much crueler her twin was then she could ever be. She knew why, she'd always known...

The ground above her shook the young woman from her memory as it was slammed and the dirt began to crumble in her tiny space. Kin used the subsitution jutsu to vacate the spot before it collapsed. Sabra saw the rocks break and give way. Her weight carried them down to where she'd been told her target lay. It was moment of realization as she saw the substituted paper wrapped box.

The symbols made her cuss as she brought her arms up to guard. The box exploded as it's surface was torn by the stones. White light, a howling sound, and stinging pain inflicted the pink haired girl with torment as she was thrown against the edge of the pit she'd created. Thin pins had penetrated much of her front. They stabbed thru her clothing and light armor like it wasn't there. Thankfully they were short and wouldn't kill, but she could fell the toxin they were coated in making her dizzy.

The girl wavered as she breathed and stared at the remains of the trap. She'd forgotten that her teammate was making her own ninja supplies. The other genin may not have been adept at most things, but her used of certian materials and tools was both inventive and powerful. She didn't settle for just good enough anymore, she had to make it herself now, so that it would be better she would always claim.

Kin stood above the hole, right on the rim, Ruby was struggling in her hands. The animal was bound in sealing papers that had a special glue on the back of them. They would only come off by either being broken, ripped, or treated with a perticular soulvent. They weren't great for combat, but they had their uses for capturing a subject. The creature was deposited on the grass where it rocked back and forth unable to really move anything but it's mouth. The blond drew a kunai with an explosive tag attached.

"Sorry, can't take you both at once, so I had to get you away from her." She explained as she threw the tag and it caused the hole to collapse farther in. Sabra fell to her knees and was covered in rocks and dirt up to her waist. The poison in the needles that glinted across her arms and torso was taking effect as she looked up at her friend dazed and gave a weak smile as she let her head roll forward and the sleep take her.

"Impressive... However, you're the one cought now sissy." The cold voice ran a chill down Kin's spine. The second blond was behind her as she turned almost in slow motion. "I don't want to do this again Gin." The other genin didn't move, but her twin got the message that she wouldn't be backing down.

"Fine then," Kin sighed out, before throwing a handful of sinbon at the other ninja. As they flew thru the air she slid to the ground, slaming her hand to it. A quake under Gin's feet made her loose balance as the deadly needles sliced thru the air. A soft pop was heard as the clone disappeared. "Getting better at that Gin." "Same to you with that rumble you make." The origin of the voice was hard to determine there in the trees that she'd retreated to when she'd wanted to gain advantage with Sabra.

"Yeah I've been working on it," Kin replied as she dashed from the cover into the clearing of the main traing field. She knew she stood a better chance here. She kept a kunai in her offhand as she waited for her sister's approach. The second she suspected a Genjutsu she planed to slice a finger on the weapon, she'd found that pain was more effective for handling her sister's skills then the normal release jutsu. To use the release you had to have some concept of what was wrong, and Gin was adept at not making that easy if even possible.

The girl coughed as an attack hit her in the back, the one place she wasn't looking... The heavy smack from the blast of water had knocked the air from her and caused her to hack violently as she whirled to face the stream running quietly a few feet from her. Her twin stood on the surface of the water, her silver eyes clouded as she analysised Kin's Chakra carefully. It was like being stared at by someone without a soul, it was unnerving.

Kin took no time in flinging a kunai at the running water and sending lightning infused energy do the line. Her sister had jumped off the surface through just as the kunai broke the tension. Gin landed on the other side of the charged liquid and smiled. "I know better, after all I was the one that came up with that trick." The golden eyes of the two of them bit at the inside of her mouth as she drew her kunai back with a quick flick. She let the line hang relatively loose below her hand as she began to spin the weapon.

"I remember, trust me I do. I remember you coming up with alot of attacks that we use, both of us. I remember you designing some for me, and several for you. I know where I stand sister." Kin said as strongly as she could. Gin cocked her head to the side as if surprised. She has become so much more dominate in their relationship with each year that seeing her sibling like this was intreging. Kin used the moment of distraction in the other girl to stomp the ground hard. "But do you know where you stand?" She said as the earth below her opponet sucked the other blond in.

The look of panic in Gin's eyes was satisfying to the woman as she held her arm back ready to throw the kunai. As her limb came back she felt a hand grab it around the wrist and twist sharply. Another arm came around her waist and nested a slender hand in the center of her chest. "Yes, I do." Gin forced the breath from her twin's lungs with a forceful technique that made the other woman double forward.

As Kin was forced to reel in on herself she felt the genjutsu break and realized the hole she'd seen her sibling sink into was actually empty, not even a dummy, just an empty pit. Her arm was twisted behind her, her fingers having let the weapon she'd held fall as her pressure points where pushed. Her other arm was pinned to her body, the kunai in it also fell as she was brought to her knees gasping.

Gin held her still like that. "If their were a real fight I'd be covering her in ice at certian joints to hold her still and finish the capture." She said which looking in the direction of her sensei who nodded in approval. She noticed that Akemi had retrieved Sabra from her twin's trap and was carefully removing the pins from her. Ruby lay still taped up, and hissing in intense anger about it. Gin released her sibling and helped her to stand.

The two exchanged an unreadable look, then they turned from one another. Gin walking toward the audiance, while Kin closed her eyes and began trying to figure out when she'd been cought up in the illusion. It was always so fast, so subtle when they fought. It wasn't till all other moves were exploited that Gin would ever let enough strangeness into the imagery for someone to know it, at least that's what she did to her sister.

The two knew eachother so well. She was sure that Gin could predict her every breath much less jutsu, which ment a flawless mimic of what was supposed to happen could be made. That ment that her sister's attacks on her were perticularly well thought out and powerful compared to anyone else. Gin's skill with the type of power that the mind was affected by was good anyway, but having been essentually side by side for nearly every moment of their lives left Kin at just too much a disadvantage.

Tears rolled down the blond's face as she heard footsteps behind her. "I don't want to heard it sensei! I know. Sweet lord how I know..." Kin didn't wait for words as she ran off away from the training ground. She knew the exams were starting in a week. She knew that she couldn't fight well on her own. Having gotten Sabra had been just a matter of baiting someone who she knew more about then most. If the other girl had used something other then fists to break into her hiding spot she wouldn't of even pulled that off.

Gin watched her sister's retreating form as she knelt by Sabra and helped to remove the last pins, before applying a grey liquid from a small vial to the seaing paper around Ruby. She didn't say a word during either task. "You must excuse me now." She finally spoke, not to anyone in perticular, but as the ninja pet shook it's fur out the blond vanished from sight.

Sabra took a few more minutes to awaken, when she did she could hear the other genin talking around her, their teachers as well. She sat up and held her head as her eyes focused. She looked over to Akemi, who was first to acknowledge her consious state. "Who won?" She questioned as she rubbed her temples. "Gin did, but they both ran off." The pink haired girl nodded and looked the remaining people over.

The boy who she'd fought seemed to lean out of veiw as much as he could, as if hiding from her. "What?" Sabra demanded from him sharply as he had stared at her. "Kyou sorry, Kyou will be good." He said hastily before ducking behind Akemi. Sabra's minty colored eyes rolled slowly as she looked up at her friend's face. "You have to tell me later, what is wrong with him... Beyond that, did the twins say where they were going?"

Chinsei was looking her over with scrutiny, but answered, "No." Sabra nodded, then grabbed her head at the motion. "Oh she makes some strong stuff..." she murmured as she made a note to have her teammate show her how to make the drug that had been on those needles. "Sensei, I think she'll be okay in the exam..." she said suddenly. "I think we all will be. Kin just needs a push. She's been the weakest of use three for a while now. She needs someone to show her how she really is special." Sabra stared meaningfully at her teacher then. She'd already tried making the other girl understand her own potential, but she honestly didn't think that Kin would listen to anyone about just how good she could be.

05-17-2009, 06:08 AM
Haruna got up and started to get into position in the training ground. "Let me guess...It's Kyou's turn to fight me and rocks-for-brains."

Akemi thought it over for a minute. "You know, that's actually not a bad idea. Kyou, you need to learn to stand up for yourself. Haruna and Isamu, you two need to learn to work together."

"So what are you slow pokes waiting for? Let's fight!"

The two male genin made their way over to the kunoichi. Kyou stood ten feet back. Isamu took a place right by the green-eyed girl's side, making her inch away.

"Ready?" The female jounin glanced around. "Fight!"

Isamu and Haruna started their handsigns in unison. The boy finished his set first and knelt to the ground to begin making his armor. Seconds later, the turquoise-haired girl was bringing water into the area, this time allowing it to fill to the combatants' waists. Then she melted to water, the same way as when she fought Kin.

Knowing the technique well, Kyou spun around and threw needles in every direction. The purple-haired genin stopped twirling and released the genjutsu. Isamu blocked the needles with a smirk. Haruna...was no where to be seen.

He felt the kick before he heard the splash. The timid boy fell face-first into the water. He flipped over and threw a fist full of needles at the girl. She was replaced by a rock dummie. And by that, I mean Isamu.

The brunet sputtered. "How dare you use me in a substitution!"

"It made sense," his teammate shot back. "We're supposed to be working together, and you have better defense than I do."

Kyou looked up to see the kunoichi sitting on what looked like a geiser. She pulled out a few throwing stars, took aim carefully, and tossed them in the green-eyed boy. He used wind to redirect the attack. Haruna slid down the collumn of water in time for the weapons to miss her. When she reached the ground again, the geiser splashed back into the lake quickly, making a wave big enough to push Kyou back. Isamu's rocks weighed him down enough that the wave didn't move him.

The turquoise-haired girl rushed to her ally. "Come on! Use your rock powers and give me some flint. I'll start a fire, and while he's trying to keep me away, you can hit him when he's not looking."

The onyx-eyed boy rolled his eyes and placed a hard hand on the ground bellow the water. He brought up a dark gray stone. Haruna took it from him and dried it off. Then she used a kunai to cut off a few inches of her hair. She brought one knee up to use as a table and placed the haire on an exposed piece of skin. The psychic's daughter struck the flint and the kunai together until the hair caught fire. Then, she picked up the flaming ball.

"Hey Kyou, look what I've got!"

The wind chakra user looked toward the girl. The moment he noticed the fire, he began to panic. "Keep it away from Kyou!"

"It's only a tiny fire," the kunoichi prodded, stepping towards her opponent.

"Kyou said, KEEP IT AWAY FROM KYOU!!!"

He sent a large current of air in Haruna's direction, knocking her back into a tree. The green-eyed girl hit her head on a branch and went unconscious. Isamu noticed his opening and snuck behind the crossdresser. Then the earth chakra user whacked him hard on the head, knocking him out.

Nick Tasogare
05-17-2009, 11:21 AM
Akemi rushed over to Haruna, making sure she was ok. As she came to, she looked at Kyou, with shock in her face. She had no idea that in the year since they became genin, that he had so much power in that shell of his.

"Good, that's enough for today, you guys were good, and surprisingly have good teamwork." "Absolutely. Why didn't you guys use that on our missions?" Akemi chimed in when she had reached Kyou. they smiled and looked toward the ground. "Ok, I'm going to take Sabra home. All of you rest. You have just a few short days until the Chunin Exams." With that, he vanished, carrying Sabra in his arms.

As he carried her home, she said something. "Sensei. I think you should work with Kin alone before the Exams. She could use some confidence." He looked down at his student. She may seem like a total animal at times, but inside, she was still the sweet little girl he had met several years ago. "I think you're right. I'll search for her after I get you home." She smiled, and passed out from fatigue.

05-17-2009, 01:37 PM
Pretty good...One problem I have is that I don't think Haruna would be surprised. She thinks everything out, and knows the full extent of her teammates. She knew perfectly well that Kyou might hurt her, but if it gave Isamu an opening, she didn't think it was that big of a deal.

Nick Tasogare
05-17-2009, 01:38 PM
But because it came from Kyou, the "weak" one ya know. It adds to him and her

05-17-2009, 01:42 PM
Well, she knows he's weak internally, but she also knows he's stronger than he looks on the outside. After all, she was the one trying to convince him he'd do well in the chunin exams. She wasn't just trying to comfort him.

Nick Tasogare
05-17-2009, 01:53 PM
Chinsei searched for Kin. He finally found her training. This surprised him, but also made him happy. She had decided to go on. "Kin, come here, I want to show you something. I know you think that you are nothing without your sister, but I'm gong to help you develop your ability so that you don't need to rely on your sister. I want to show you an ability of mine. Ryouchigan!" Chinsei's eyes changed. They became green, and Kin was amazed by them. "Wow!"


05-17-2009, 02:27 PM
As Tenshi walked though the village he saw Denco. "Hey Denco" Tenshi said. Denco looked up but didn't say a word. "How about me and you have a quik spar no holding back" Then Denco said " fine"

Nick Tasogare
05-17-2009, 02:29 PM
no nobody knows about ryouchigan and im training kin alone moon k? sorry

05-17-2009, 02:30 PM
no nobody knows about ryouchigan and im training kin alone moon k? sorry
ok i got bored and typed somethin

Nick Tasogare
05-17-2009, 02:57 PM
"What is that?" "This is my Ryouchigan, it is very similiar to your ability. I can see through clones, genjutsu, I can also see the flow of chakra, only to a degree, and and some body functions. That's how I defeat powerful enemies; by seeing their weak points, and exploiting them. Shall we start training your eyes, and we should work on your earth chakra as well." "Right!" She activated her eyes, and took a fighting stance.

05-17-2009, 03:04 PM
Kin watched him carefully as he moved around her. She was channeling Chakra into the earth below her to keep her eyes working. She furrowed her brows as she looked up at her sensei. "I haven't tried using earth with my ability before." She looked down at the ground then knelt to put her hand on it as she used a bit more chakra. "I can feel alot further away then when I use my lightening chakra with it." The girl looked to her sensei as if he could explain to her. She was still clumsy with her earth use so she didn't understand why she would feel something different using it.

Nick Tasogare
05-17-2009, 03:10 PM
The truth was, Chinsei couldn't give any of the answers that his student wanted. He knew that the genjutsu that seemed to be her downfall wasn't able to affect the earth, and that if she used the earth to see through it, she could beat it. "Sensei, I'm tired, I can't keep this up." "You have to, Kin. The Chunin Exams are only 3 days away." With those few words, she began to push herself, which was exactly what Chinsei wanted. He was monitoring the flow of her chakra throughout her body and into the earth with his Ryouchigan. He was surprised at her ability to funnel the chakra into the earth. It wasn't an easy feat.

05-17-2009, 03:24 PM
Kin heaved as she drew herself up to her full height and faced her sensei. They'd been at this for three days, and she only had that much time left. She had learned that with her earth chakra she could expand the range of her sensitivity, though she still wasn't sure quite why. She had been using that in their sparing to keep a better track on Chinsei. It was tiring though, constantly having to channel a touch of her energy into the ground she stood on was far harder then when she would use metal to compliment her electric powers.

She wished she had some way to better conduct the technique, but it would have to do. She whipped around as she heard a voice she hadn't in three days now. Gin stood about twenty feet from her, or at least she thought it was Gin. "I've been watching, you seem to have improved alot, I'm so proud of you." The girl smiled then her eyes went wide as she watched a figure behind her sister's spot grab the other blond.

Kin immediately started to draw a weapon then realized as she was channeling that her sensei didn't seem to be seeing what she was, he wasn't moving, and then she realized what she should have moments before. Bringing her hands up and making the sign for release the fake image dispursed.

The real Gin stood next to her sensei when she turned around. "I thought that may be the case." The twin said with a grin. "I guess this means I'll have to be smarter when next we duel." With a way of a hand the other genin walked off, leaving her sister feeling proud of herself. She'd broken one of her siblings illusions before it even got into full swing. It made her feel good, no better then good, it gave her a sense of achievement.

Nick Tasogare
05-17-2009, 03:35 PM
Chinsei could tell that she was running low on chakra, that she had become tired. "Go home and rest, you earned it. You finally broke a genjutsu." "No, I want to train more." He looked at her, surprised. "Are you sure?" She nodded, intensly at that. She resumed training, trying to figure out a way to be able to keep her chakra channeled into the ground during a battle. Chinsei resumed watching her chakra flow, and allowed her to keep training. He also noticed that Gin had not gone, but had hidden herself, to watch her sister train.

05-17-2009, 04:00 PM
Kin pushed herself, she could feel her head getting light as the sun was starting to go down on them. She threw a kunai at her sensei as he was trying to get in close. She was using her wired kunai to help fend off his ranged moves as he closed she would throw past the defence to make him have to keep moving.

She waved as she tried to find him with her senses after her had used a substitute on her. She closed her eyes and focused, then whirled toward where he was. The motion with how weak she'd let herself become took her off balance and dizziness overcame her. From no where at all a blond ponytail appeared in her line of vision as she felt herself being held up.

"I'm taking you home now." Gin told her as she looked to their sensei and he nodded. The twin had been watching for over an hour now, just waiting for when her sister would push it that last step. "You did well," she complimented as her best friend and companion let her guide her steps, it was a short walk to their home, so Chinsei let them go alone.


Elsewhere Sabra watched from a tree as Akemi's team finished their training. The young jonin had been called away for something a while before. Haruna and Isamu had started to leave the grounds. Kyou was still there picking up after the group, collecting fallen weapons, and pushing stones back into the ground where they'd been moved.

The pink haired approached the crossdressing boy. He didn't notice her till she was within reaching distance. Ruby chittered at her master, causing the boy to look up from where he was kneeling. He jerked back, dropping the objects he'd been picking up. He covered his face with his arms in a defencive gesture. "Kyou is a good boy!" He told her quickly.

"I know that." The tenderness in her tone made him lower his arms just enough to look into those minty eyes of her's. She raised a hand and he jerked again. "It's alright. I have something for you, if you choose to accept it." Kyou stared up at her again, keeping his arms up, but not where they covered his face.

He looked her up and down slowly. He noticed she was carrying a cage at her side, covered in a pastel purple cloth. The boy turned his head up to her face confused. "I know you're alone alot." She said as she went down on her knees to his level. "I've been taking care of this one for a while, and he's kind of lonely too. You would help eachother.

She sat the cage before him and pulled away. The boy very slowly leaned forward to pull the cloth back. Inside slept a bird. It had pale yellow feathers with stripes of green and a couple of red down it's back and wings. The bird felt the light and opened a pair of small black eyes to look at the boy who was holding the blanket.

"He doesn't have a name yet. He's been being trained to find traps, and look for people. He's quite good at retrieveing small objects. The bird was about the size of a small hawk, but it looked more like a breed of parakeet. It turned it's head and chirped up at the boy in a strange tone, it wasn't high pitched, it was more like the sound when a man chuckles.

Kyou looked up to where Sabra had been sitting across from him to see a small bag of feed and a book. He looked around him. He could see her walking off, if he wanted to he could catch her easy. She was going slow. The furry ferret around her neck was watching him, and chittering at her as she retreated from him. He looked at the bird again, wondering what he should do. Was Kyou even allowed an animal? He wasn't sure. He called after Sabra.

The girl turned and waited for him to move or say something.

Nick Tasogare
05-17-2009, 04:17 PM
Just like Akemi was called away, Chinsei had been as well. The message read:

"To all Jonin sensei's. I need to have a word with you immediately. It is a matter concerning the upcoming Chunin Exams."

Lady Hokage.

He set off for The Hokage at once, seeing as for today, Kin's training was finished.

When he arrived, he met with Akemi, Shisui and Chou. "What are you guys doing here?" "It seems that our genin will be facing off against each other."

05-17-2009, 05:05 PM
"Kyou--Kyou wants to say...Thank you."

Sabra smiled. "It was nothing." She turned back around and continued on her way.

The feminine boy picked up the weapons and threw them hastily into the holder on his leg. He bent down to scoop up the feed, book, and caged bird. He rushed home and manged to get back before his mom. He placed the bird's cage on his desk by the window and shoved the other items under his bed.

Moments later, he heard the front door slam. "KYOU!!! Where the hell are you, brat!?"

"Coming mother," he whimpered.


"Come on, one touch?"

"Isamu, ask again and I WILL cut your hands off."

Haruna tapped her foot impatiently. She had sent out word to the other genin to meet her to go to dinner, but so far, only the pervert had shown up. She had hoped atleast Gin would have come. The blonde had earned the water chakra user's respect by defeating Isamu.

A few minutes later, Sabra arrived.

"Sorry I'm late..."

"It's okay," the stategist muttered. "You aren't the only one. I just wish the others would show up already!"

Gin and Kin were next to show up. Kin looked worn out but happy. They each gave breif apologies for their tardiness and leaned against the wall of the nearest building.

Kyou finally arrived thirty minutes later, face twisted in pain. As he got closer to the other genin, he made an effort to smile.

"What's wrong?" Haruna and Sabra asked in unison.

The crossdresser's fake smile faultered breifly. He hadn't expected them to notice his discomfort. "Kyou will tell you later...But now, let us go eat, yes?"

"Where in the hell are we going, anyway?" the brunet asked, looking around at the group.

"The tea shop was finally rebuilt after the attack three and a half years ago." Haruna shrugged. "I thought eating a simple meal there would be a good way for us to unwind and get to know each other a little better."

No one had any objections, so the six of them headed off.

"You know, this isn't much of a dinner," Isamu complained.

"It's better than what Kyou normally gets for dinner." Before anyone could ask about this statement, the purple-haired boy began occupying himself with the dango he ordered.

"Hey, Haru-chan, what's taken your mind to another dimension?"

The psychic's daughter hushed the group and pointed to some figures outside.

"Myaaa~I just can't wait to sink my claws into the pretty little faces of the other competitors..."

"Just go back to your ball of yarn, kitty."

"Oh come nyooow~Aiko...I'm just sayin'...The chunin exams ought to be a snap this year, myaaaa~" The speaker chuckled. "With our powers, everything should go purrrfectly, myaaa~"

The second scoffed. "Laying that cat-talk on a little thick...Don't you agree, sunshine?"

A deaper voice than the other two stepped in. "Don't call me that! It's Hikaru. Besides, I don't want to be dragged in to this annoying cat fight of yours."

Haruna looked back at Isamu with an evil grin. She drew imaginary lines on his face with her finger. "I think we have a leg up on one of the genin teams. Well, two. Good friends and an Inuzuka."

"Wait, who here is a--?" He didn't finish his sentence. The onyx-eyed boy saw a malicious glint in his teammate's eyes. "Oh no. I am not wearing makeup. Besides, I don't have a dog!"

"I could lend you one," Sabra offered.

Nick Tasogare
05-17-2009, 06:46 PM
"Good, you are all here, I have something I want to discuss with you. This years Chunin Exams will include the Leaf and Light genin." "Ok, why is it important that we know this?" "Let me finish, Chinsei! You need to know this, because it is not merely an Exam, but a motion of peace and alliance. I wanted to let you know that there will be the normal 3 sections of the Exam, but because I expect so much from this years genin, we are adding a fourth."

"What kind of fourth test?" "It will focus around teamwork, but it will have a twist, you see, before they can go on to the finals, right after they arrive in the middle tower in the forest, they will be divided into random squads, mixing all the Light genin and Leaf genin into 3 man squads. As I understand, there will be Chou's squad, Shisui's squad, Akemi's squad, Chinsei's squad, and possibly one or two others. I just wanted to give you a warning; make sure your teams are ready for everything this exam will bring!"

"Right!" They all said in unison. She dismissed them, and they went out for some food and to catch up, when they ran into their squads, minus Shisui's.

05-17-2009, 07:31 PM
The jounin came and gathered up their students. Isamu, who had red marking drawn on his face and a temporary dog illusion next to him, began sizing up Chou's genin.

The first girl was hissing at him. She had short black hair with cat ears poking from the top of her head. Her eyes were a bright yellow and a tail was sticking out behind her. She dressed in slim, black clothes and had a silver cat perched on her shoulder. Her headband was tied securely around her throat like a collar. Chou introduced the girl as Suteneko.

A boy stood next to her. He too had jet black hair, but his eyes were steel grey and giving everyone a fearsome glare. His garb consisted of a black shirt with an irritated-looking skull that looked as though it were staring straight through you and gray shorts with a chain hanging on one side. His headband was tied onto his weapons case. His name, their sensei said, was Hikaru.

The third genin was a sharp contrast. She had pink hair and magenta eyes. Her hair was tied into a thick ponytail at the back of her head. She wore a pink shirt with a big magenta heart on the front and a matching magenta skirt. Her headband was around her waist and small, pure white wings were on her back.

"Let me guess," Haruna said, tapping her cheek in mock concentration. "Your name is Aiko." She grinned. It was great to pay attention.

"HA!!! I'll dominate the exams. So many girls to beat!"

Every girl in the area turned an angry eye to him.

"Myaaa~Excuse me!?" Suteneko hissed.

"Awww...He thinks he's strong," Aiko mocked.

"Simmer down now, children," Chou scolded.

Nick Tasogare
05-17-2009, 07:51 PM
Shisui's squad had finall arrived. There were three young boys, who seemed to differ drastically.

There was Gigen, a short boy who had pink and yellow hair, he wore a red shirt with black shorts, and carried playing cards with him in a pocket on his shirt. He was a big time joker and the genjutsu user of the group. Then there was Hidoi. He was the serious one of the group, not taking anything for granted, and always being analytical. He had red hair, and he wore a white shirt with a yin-yang sign on it's front and back, with black and white pants. He specialized in speed attacks, and jutsu that require great speed. He had a red and black hawk on his arm. And the last member of the squad was Konomashii. He had a sparkling personality, and anybody who met him instantly liked him. He was the best looking of the squad, and specialized as a medic, with great ability to dodge attacks. He had blonde hair and wore a purple shirt and blue shorts.

"So, this is your team, Shisui? They look impressive." "What else did you expect from me?"

05-17-2009, 08:00 PM
Aiko strutted over to Konomashii, exagerating the swing of her hips as she went along. Whe she reached him, she wrapped her arms around his arm.

"Hey there, cutie," she said, batting her long eyelashes. "Come closer, I want to tell you a secret."

Konomashii flashed his teammates a grin that spoke without him saying a word. It told them, "I've got these chicks eating out of the palm of my hand before the games have even started. He bent down so his ear was level with the pink-haired kunoichi's lips.

She cupped a hand around his ear and whispered, "Your techniques won't work on me. Good looks are nice, but I play the same games as you. If we face each other, we'll have to fight hand-to-hand. Our talents are so similar, we won't be able to use them effectively on one another."

She smirked and returned to her group.

Nick Tasogare
05-17-2009, 08:02 PM

05-17-2009, 08:25 PM
Sabra was chatting with Gin and Kin about their week as they waited for other genin to arrive. She suddenly heard a voice that made her bit her tongue in midsentence. "Oh Sabra-chan, I wasn't told you had entered. Kisa must be very proud of you."

The man that stood before her in generic jonin garb had brilliant blue eyes, and red hair that was tied back in a tight ponytail. He smiled down on her like he was trying hard to seem polite. "Yes she is, good to see you here Tansei. I'll be sure to tell mother you wished me the best." The pink haired girl's words were ground out, and it took little thought to realize she didn't like this perticular jonin.

Behind him stood someone familiar who made a rude gesture to Gin and Kin as his sensei's back was turned. Gaki, of course he would have to be here. He hadn't changed much. Black hair still cut short, Hyuuga eyes staring superiority at the three girls. His clothing was plain, a sleeveless grey shirt, long blue pants that cupped and held tight to the ankle. He had his two cronies with him. The boys were in almost identical outfits to their leader, but they were in red shirts and black pants.

The one on the left was Sasoku, he was always running his mouth, and trying to get under everyone's skin. The one on the right was zen, he was idly fiddling with the string on the bow he carried, and with the other hand seemed to be counting the arrows in his quiver. Sabra knew he was always focused on what came next, and was the least likely to back Gaki in a fight. Zen was also the only one on the team who resisted talking crap to others.

Gin and Kin stood behind Sabra looking at the two boys. "Sasoku, I didn't think they'd let you in just for having a fast insult for everyone." Gin taunted the sandy haired, azule eyed boy. "Yeah, and Zen too. What did you have to do prove you could hit the apple on someone's head?" Kin said with a grin to the white haired, teal eyed boy.

"Oh and did they put you here just to be eye candy then, cause surely you don't think you can fight?" Sasoku hissed back at the two, Zen only glared at them. Gaki was eyeing Sabra up and down, Ruby hissed at him and he looked away. "Good luck to your team Tansei, they're ganna need it." Sabra said flatly to the Jonin as she lead her group away.

A speaker qued up in the room. "Would all qualifying Genin please report to room number 402. You're squad must have their registration slips, and stamped approval before you enter. Jonin would you please at this time report to the Hokage tower while exams are carried out. You have ten minutes to have your affairs in order, move out!"

Sabra's team all took a deep breath at once. "This is it." "Yes, we're ganna beat this." "I think we'll all be chunin by the end of this month." They all said in encouragement and confirmation to eachother that they were ready. "I'll go in front to spot any Genjutsu on the way up, father warned up that there's likely to be some, or people trying to pick fights to thin competition." Gin said as she took the lead. Sabra fell into place behind her, and Kin at the end of the string of three.

Gaki watched them go, then his group bowed to their sensei and followed the trio out. He watched Sabra's hair swing back and forth, and glared at the creature on her shoulder that kept hissing at him when he'd get a touch too close. He'd been trying to best the pink haired girl for years, now was his chance. He would prove the Hyuuga superior, he swore it to himself..

Nick Tasogare
05-17-2009, 08:34 PM
"Alright, I guess we Jonin should get to the Hokage tower and await the results." "Right." said Akemi, who walked beside him, Shisui and Chou right behind them, with Tansei walking far behind them. "Akemi, is it me, or are you worried about Sabra and that boy Gaki?" "Oh, there is definitly some tension there." "Gee, ya think?" Chou retorted. "After what she went through several years ago, I think she and the other two can handle some punks." Chinsei smiled. Shisui was right, Sabra, Gin, and Kin would definitly make it through this.

05-17-2009, 08:47 PM
Isamu huffed as he plunked down in a seat. "You @$$holes could've atleast waited for me!"

"You were taking too long, and we thought you might make us late," Haruna called from her seat across the room.

"Myaaa~How cute! A lovers' quarrel, myaaa~!"

The green-eyed kunoichi and her teammate looked from each other to Suteneko.

"Seriously? Us? Lovers? HA!!!" Isamu leaned back in his chair and put his feet on the table. "That b**** may be nice to look at, but she ain't the girl for me."

Aiko looked in the direction Isamu was staring. "Oh, I see..."

"What do you see, myaaa~?"

"Pipe down, litter breath. I'll tell you later."

05-17-2009, 08:58 PM
The exam givers at the door to the room where giving each Genin a number as they entered, each was told to sit where their number was. Sabra found herself two rows back dead smack in the middle. Two people she'd never met say beside her. One from Suna, the other from the Land Hidden in the Mist. "Great," she murmured to herself as Ruby sat up tall on her haunched on her shoulder. The animal looked around evaluating the room for her. It cittered into her ear every now and then.

Gin was almost as far from her teammates was was possible, she was in the upper west back corner of the room, she cussed under her breath as she could barely even make out the back of Sabra's head. Kin was in the middle row far side of the east wall. They looked across the room to eachother. They knew how this was going to go down, they'd done a servalience mission as their second round out of Konoha.

Gaki was one seat behind Sabra, he watched Ruby as the creature would now and then glare at him. Sasoku was in the very front row on the east side between a pair of girls that were already getting ready to beat him as he chatted at them tauntingly. Zen was silent as death in the west middle isle right next to an observing Chunin.

All the students turned as a man entered the room. He was the Jonin carrying out the test. He looked intimidating on a level of someone who had been thru hell and lived. He looked as worn and old as the desk that the genin where waiting at. As he approached the board at the front of the room all the students waited with baited breath for him to speak.

Nick Tasogare
05-17-2009, 09:04 PM
"Lady Hokage, who is proctoring the first exam?" "Menmitsu Yotugi." "Oh, that will be a pretty tough exam then." Menmitsu was a young Jonin who looked 30 years older than he actually was. He had been tortured, and questioned by many enemy ninja, but had never given in. "I guess that would make sense then, wouldn't it." Akemi chimed in. "Yes, we need to weed out the weaklings early on, as well as find out the best information gatherers."

05-17-2009, 09:06 PM
Kyou clutched his pencil tightly. He was really nervous. He didn't think he could make it through the exams. And the proctor only made him even more nervous.

Makoto, the bird Sabra had given him, nuzzled the crossdresser affectionately. Kyou felt instantly calm.

Meanwhile, Suteneko's cat, Yuu, watched the boy's pet from across the room with trained eyes.

Nick Tasogare
05-17-2009, 09:15 PM
"How long do you suppose the Exam will go on for, My Lady?" "Probably around an hour and a half, not many of them seem that great, but Chinsei, Akemi, Chou and Shisui, you seem to have trained your students well." Tansei waited for a moment, thinking that she would give a higher compliment to his team. It never came. The other four smiled, thinking about their Genin students.

05-17-2009, 09:46 PM
Mister Menmitsu Yotugi explained the rules very simply, not trying to make them intimidating at first. He spoke with a shaking voice and a scratchy throat like he'd had his vocal cords torn at some point in life. He let the assisting chunin distribute the papers for the exam. He cleared his throat harshly and turned on the Genin in a sharp movement.

"I will also tell you before you begin that anyone who leaves during this will be forced to go back to the academy, and/or stripped of their rights as a ninja. Forced to live a normal life as a member of this village. Of course which it is depends on why you have to leave..." A sinister grin spread across his face, causing a chill down all the genin's backs. He'd mentioned in the rules that they would be getting the last question in fourty minutes, till then they had to settle for the overly difficult questions on the paper before them.

Sabra stared at the test dumbfounded. There was only one question on her that she even remotely knew. She bit the inside of her mouth and petted Ruby's head. As she touched the animal she lightly pressed on her ears with her nails. The ferret nuzzled her in acknowledgement and immediately sat up as high as it could and started looking for people writing on the papers. It found one within sight and watched carefully before nuzzling her master's ear and making strange but soft noises at her.

Kin sat back in the seat. She could see all the people around her. She noticed that the person next to her had begun writing. The boy was older then her, she sized him up. She could feel as she emitted a bit of chakra into the floor that the other people nearby were quite busy with their own work. Th girl waited till she saw the boy finishing up, he had worked quite fast at what he was doing. She reached up behind him soundlessly and pressed her finger tips in behind his head, a tiny short of electricity took him to unconsciousness. She then slid the paper from under his hand as she carefully rested his head on his desk and copied it quickly before putting it back under him.

Gin waited, and watched, she could see the chakra that some of them were using. She could also see Zen before her. She knew he had great eyes. He could see for alot farther then most people. He had simply leaned to the side of his desk and been able to see all the way down clearly to the front of the room. He'd finished the test already and was now playing with a kunai in his hand. He was as good a target as anyone else she desided. The girl made a set of signs under the cover of the desk and was suddenly in his mind. She didn't make it obvious. She just made him think he'd felt something graze the hand that was on the paper. A quick look was all she needed, she released the jutsu and finished her test.

Gaki had activated his Kekkei Genkei at the very start and sat bored now. He would hiss at Ruby when ever the animal would look at him. Sasoku was surprizingly quiet as he did the test. He would look up at the ceiling now and then like he was lost, then he would go to the next question. A careful observer could follow his eyes to where a set of mirrors rested, they were move now and then. Sasoku finally leaned back and thanked the fact he'd sent his academy days in Suna before his family moved here.

Near the end Ruby jumped off Sabra's shoulder and took something she was given by the pink haired girl. The furry animal decended onto the floor. She sccuried swiftly until she found the feet of the crossdressing boy. Kyou made a little sound as the animal tickled his ankle with her whiskers. The boy looked down and took the tiny scroll she had. He opened it as the ferret hugged the ground and returned to her master. He opened the scroll to find very small handwriting. "I couldn't fit many on here Kyou, but these are the answers for two and five if you still need them. Be confident, you can do this."

Sabra risked a glance over her shoulder to the boy as her pet returned to her side. Gaki followed her quick look, he glared at Kyou. He was suddenly jelious, misinterperting the look on the female's face he suddenly considered the weak boy a rival.

Nick Tasogare
05-17-2009, 10:09 PM
"Alright! It's time for your last question!" All the Genin in the room perked up, and awaited the question. "Your final question is........" They all awaited the question, which seemed like it took a thousand years to be given. "What is off in this room?" They all looked around, trying to figure out the meaning of the question. Kin channeled chakra into the floor, Sabra had Ruby look and snif around, Gin had a pretty good idea already. Gaki used his Byakugan to find something, his teammates, however, failed miserably. Isamu also looked around, trying to see what they wanted him to see, as did Kyou. Haruna already knew. Gigen, being a genjutsu specialist, had detected the change earlier on, as had Konomashii, and they both stopped writing, but Haido couldn't identify any change. Aiko and Suteneko had known as well, but their teammate, Hikaru, hadn't noticed the change in time. "That's it, time is up. Write your answer on the back sheet of your page!" They noticed the change finally, but the others failed miserably.

05-17-2009, 10:27 PM
Gin watched her sister as the question rolled around the heads of the competeing Genin. She saw her sister nod at her and she made the sign to enter her twin's mind. "It's the floor. I didn't notice it before, but I can channel into it, which means it's not wood like the rest of the building." The words made Gin nod as she left her sister's head and aimed for Sabra. She delivered the message and the girl nodded. They all wrote it down as the examiner commanded them to end it. Ruby laid down on her master's neck for a nap knowing the excitement was over now.

Gaki had noticed when he'd been bored earlier, Sasoku had used his earlier methods to find the answer of Gaki's sheet as soon as he could. Zen had also noticed the flooring. He was sure that half the people in the room had searched for a genjutsu, but that was too obvious. He grinned as he watched some people panicing to find what was wrong, so even resorting to cutting themselves with kunai to try and break whatever enchantment was on them The chunin moved thru the isles picking up the papers then the room was silent.

Viollette I'm ganna leave it like this so you can do a piece with your students if you want to.

05-18-2009, 04:03 AM
((I'm going to start from the beginning of the first exam and then write down to where you were))

As the test began, Haruna was off like a rocket. Kyou wasn't going as fast, but he seemed a lot more confident in his abilities with his pet on his shoulder. Across the room, Isamu was going very slow.

The girl of the group finished in no time at all and glanced around at her teammates. The crossdresser seemed to be doing well. However, she noticed the brunet struggling. She bit her lip. 'How can I help him?'

Something in the corner of her eye caught her attention. She didn't turn to the sight, fearing it might look suspisious if she did.

Aiko was stroking Yuu's fur gently. The turquoise-haired kunoichi thought she saw the magenta-eyed girl slip something into the cat's shiny coat. The pet then returned to her master's side. Suteneko too stroked the cat's fur, until she found a small piece of paper. She unfurled the slip with a grin and began writing feverishly. Then she rolled back up the paper, hid it in Yuu's coat, and set the cat on the floor.

Yuu headed for Hikaru next. The male got out the note and began copying down whatever Aiko wrote on it. Unfortunately, Hikaru was sitting next to Kyou. Yuu hissed at Makoto. The bird squacked back. The cat leapt and the green-eyed boy's pet took to the air. Several genin screamed as bird swooped low and the silver ball of fur and claws pursued its prey.


Seeing her chance, Haruna jumped and pretended to grab at the bird. Hidden in this action, however, was her slipping a piece of paper each for Isamu and Kyou into the feathered pet's talons. It dropped the notes to their coresponding recipients, flying in a pattern to make it seem like it was random.

Finally, two chunin managed to catch the pets. "We're sorry, but we'll have to hold on to these two for the remainder of this exam. You can pick them up when you finish."

Kyou gaped at them until he noticed a note on his desk. It read, "Remember: stay focused and confident. You can do this." Moments later, Ruby arrived with another note for him. The crossdresser looked backwards at Isamu, who was copying something from his own piece of paper. He smiled. "I'll try my best to get these without help, first."

When the earth chakra user was done with his own note, he secretly slipped it to the dog Sabra had lent him to eat.

Time passed and the genin were given their last question. Haruna, being a great observer, noticed the difference before the question was asked. Her teammates stared towards her for an answer. She simply bowed her head. Kyou caught on quickly and began examining the floor. Isamu eventually took his teammate's example and did the same.

Two chunin came down the rows and collected the sheets. They glanced at the papers.

"You! In the green shirt! This answer is worded exactly the same as your partners. You and your team FAIL!!!"

This continued for a while. Kyou held his breath as they made it to Isamu's table. When they didn't call him out, he breathed a sigh of relief. 'Haruna must have thought to word it differently on the sheet. Thank goodness for her brains.'

About four fifths of the class failed out. Aiko smirked as she noticed that, not including herself, she knew fourteen of the remaining fifty genin.

"Congradulations, the remainder of you have passed the first test."

"Can we see our scores?" one shy genin at the front of the room asked.

"We don't check if you got any right. Just if you completed them all and don't have your answers completely identical to any one person."

"WHAT!?!" most of the class shouted.

"This test is--and in the past has been--about testing your ability to cheat without getting caught; your stealth. We added in the last rule because finding plagarism in your work counts as catching you cheating." Menmitsu Yotugi cleared his throat. "So, your proctor for the next exam will be here...eventually. Good luck, and I hope to see many of your faces next year."

Many students shivered at the last comment.

Nick Tasogare
05-18-2009, 01:17 PM
They were told to immediatley meet with their sensei's, and follow them. The group of genin met with their sensei's, and even though they asked what came next, the Jonin didn't answer. They eventually found them selves in the Forest of Death. "This is the 2nd Exam!?!?!?" Kyou yelled out, scared. "If iot's too much for you little ones, just run on home to your mommy's." This came from the womans mouth before they even saw her. She suddenly appeared.

"I am Seika Takai, I will be proctoring this exam." Seika was legendary around the village for being an expert tracker and assasin Jonin. Chinsei hadn't been surprised that she was the proctor. "All Jonin sensei's, please report to your assigned gates, and wait for your students. All Genin taking the exam, please go behind the curtain and recieve either a heaven or earth scroll. You are to acquire the opposite scroll you are given from another squad of genin, and proceed to the middle of the Forest where the tower is. Once you have accomplished this, or should I say if you accomplish this, you will have passed the second part of the exams." The Jonin sensei's disappeared, and wated for their students to arrive at the assigned gates. It was almost time for the 5 day Exam to begin.

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we already have the main chars in the exams though, maybe you can add him later

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i feel bad, but ill try to think of how we can add you back in if you still want in

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i feel bad, but ill try to think of how we can add you back in if you still want in
do what you can i guess

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Chinsei's squad arrived before him. "Any advise, Sensei?" "Sorry Gin, I can't, but after the training your sister went through, she'll be quite skilled in this type of area." Kin smiled, and she looked into the Forest. She emitted chakra into the ground to scout out the Forest a short distance before hand. "When we go in, follow me, ok guys." Sabra and Gin nodded, and with that, the gates opened. "Good luck, and remember, trust each other, you only have 5 days after all." They sprinted through the gate, Kin in the lead, with Sabra in the middle, and Gin in the back.

05-18-2009, 04:34 PM
It took me a while but I caught up with the story. I would like to make 5 different tests in the 2nd part of the exam while their in the Forest of Death. I feel left out since I don't have in genin characters yet. I'll use random characters for the tests. One test each day and Bo will be at the last test.

05-18-2009, 08:28 PM
On their way to their gate, Akemi's group caught sight of Chinsei's. They all stopped. Isamu was the first to unfreeze.

He cupped his hands around his mouth. "HEY!!! GIN!!! You better make it out so I can kick your @$$!"

Haruna was next, cupping her own hands around her mouth. "HEY!!! GIN!!! You better make it out so you can help me kick his @$$!"

The blonde flashed them a grin and turned back to her group. The other genin went to their own gate and sat. The green-eyed girl clapped her hands together once.

"Oh, Athena, Greek goddess of wisdom...Lend me the intelligence to keep my brown-haired idiot of a teammate out of trouble..."


((lol...I just had to do a project on the Odyssey...My mind is kinda stuck on Greek Mythology))

05-18-2009, 09:33 PM
Ruby was alert as they moved. Kin's ponytail bobbed in front of her master, and Gin was close behind. Her silver eyes were smoky as she held her hands in the same position as they moved. The animal didn't like the sounds here, this was more intimidating then she was used to. Sabra's hand lightly rubbed her back to sooth the creature.

The group moved for several minutes before Kin hauled sharply. She tilted her head to the right and ahead of them. She nodded six times then looked back at her allies. "They're fighting already. What should we do?" Gin looked in the direction of it. "Let's have a look and see if maybe we can take advantage of oppertunity." Sabra didn't look as eager to do that.

"There's a chance that they might turn on us as a group, then finish eachother off." The pink haired girl cautioned. Kin started to move again, then stopped. "We can get just in range for Gin to be able to sense and maybe see them, or we could stay in my range, wait to move in till the fighting is already mostly done." She waited for the other two girls to consider it.

"That sounds like a better plan," Sabra agreed and they moved into the underbrush quietly. They were still out of sight of the fighting, but Gin could make out the chakra patterns as she knelt in the grass with her hands together. "One of them has fallen, I don't know who, but they're alive, just unconscious," she informed. "Yeah I can feel them. I think they have a broken leg, it's twisted weird." Kin added as she focused her energy into the ground.

Sabra was in the tree above and could just barely see the group thru a break in branchs ahead of her. She could only see a few feet of the combat field. She knew that it was Gaki's group and another she didn't know. Her heart skipped a beat as she saw him appear before her veiw of the fight. He turned and looked directly at her for a moment with his Byakugan active she knew he could see her. She didn't know if that had been a warning look or one to ask why she was there.

Ruby was out on a farther branch and watching from there. The animal could see the whole of the fight. One of the teams from the water country had assulted Gaki's group. The enemy were all equiped with various kinds of swords and using shinbon needles in massive amounts. They were using them in increasing numbers trying to pin down Zen who along with Sasoku had taken out their shortest member.

The ferret could tell that the team despite their weapons were not prepared for the Hyuuga boy or his team. Sasoku had a visious whip that he had drawn, from where the pet couldn't be sure, likely down the back of his shirt. He was using it to disarm the sword users so that Gaki could close, while Zen assisted with support fire. It was effective, dangeriously effective. The boys were quite adept in teamwork with Gaki calling the shots.

Ruby came back to her master and relayed as best she could what was going on. Sabra scooped her up and dropped down to the ground below. "I don't think we want to mess with them. Gaki's out there, once his group is done there won't be enough left of the other team to bother. Let's keep moving before he desides to pick a second fight." The twins agreed to it and set out again. They had several days, there was no need to be hasty.

They went for a bit without encounter, but the forest got dark fast. "We need to find a good spot to bunker down, we don't want to continue all night, that would only leave us weak." Gin said as they moved across the forect floor. Kin stopped to feel around her, "There's a trench, overgrown with bushes about 300 yrds to the west." Sabra considered it, "Let's check it out, if it's defendable we'll go there for the night."

They came to the location. Blood was on the leaves above the holed area. "I can plant traps around this easy." Kin said as she examined it. "Yes and anyone getting close one of the two of us will sense quickly, they might even pass over without noticing it." Gin added as she pushed back a fern. Sabra dropped straight down into it. She landed quiet and aware, after a few seconds she called up. "About seven feet deep, the run is a good eleven, not very wide, only about two. It'll be decent, no one's been here specifically. Well... No one alive at any rate."

The twins came down into the hole to find what she ment. "Gods... Is that supposed to look like that?" Gin said as she backed away from the corpse. "I think it's a tiger or something... Those are kunai in the ribs, it must be from last season, it's too old otherwise." Sabra explained as she knelt beside it. "This was probly it's den or someting..." Kin said as she looked around the place.

"No time to ponder that. Kin I'll help you set a wire trap. Gin watch our backs with your sight from above. I'll have Ruby sniff around for other animals that might be using this." The pink haired leader rose and they all moved to their work. Ruby returned to her as the traps were finished and the group gathered inside the cover enclosure. "I'll take first, then I'll wake Kin, you can be last sense you don't have any way to see in the dark and by then we should have first light." Gin said as she pointed at Sabra.

Kin smiled to her sister and laid down on a soft patch. "I'll see you in a few hours then." She was out very quickly, she'd always been like that. Gin envied her sister's ability to go straight to sleep. Sabra and Ruby curled in a corner leaving her sitting in the center, head leaned back and eyes flared. This was going to be a lonely and stressful watch, just wonderful...

05-19-2009, 04:03 AM
Akemi's group leapt from tree branch to tree branch in silence. Eventually, Isamu decided to make his voice heard.

"So...What's the plan, oh brilliant leader?" the brunet asked sarcastically.

"Go in, find someone with an earth scroll, beat them up. I didn't think that was something too hard for even you to figure out," came Haruna's reply.

"Yeah, but don't you have anything more complicated than that?"

"Not yet. I don't have enough information. Each team went their own way, and everybody got one scroll. We don't know who has the scroll we need or where they are. All we can hope is that we find them, fast." The turquoise-haired girl stopped suddenly.

"What is--"

She hushed her teammates and pointed into a clearing a few feet away. They peered through the leaves and saw Chou's team.

"Myaaa~Well maybe if you had big ears on the top of your head, you'd hear things better! I swear to you, there's somebody out there, myaaa~"

The cat-girl leapt up into the trees. She saw the three ninja and started to say something, but before she could Haruna threw a kunai in her shoulder. Suteneko fell back into the glade. The psychic's daughter made several handsigns.

"Go! Try to avoid fighting with them. I'll be there in a second."

The boys nodded. They took off in the direction of the other team.

Aiko jumped at them. "B******!!! Get ready to die!"

"Wait, we just want to talk--"

"RAH!!!" The pink-haired girl's wings grew twice as large. She flew forward and was about to punch Kyou when a booming voice came over the area.

"DON'T. Touch. Them."

A tall woman with fair skin and red hair walked in. She wore golden armour, held a matching shield in front of herself and had an owl perched on her shoulder. Aiko shook in fear, Hikaru stared at the woman with a speculative glare, Yuu swatted the borrowed dog's nose and Suteneko just kept hissing at Isamu.

"Wh-Who are you?" Aiko queried.

"I am the goddess Athena. Tell me, mortal, what scroll have thee?"

"Th-The heaven scroll, oh great Athena!" The magenta-eyed girl took out the scroll a proof.

Hikaru took aim and threw a kunai. It hit right on its target: "Athena"'s arm. There was a puff of smoke and Haruna was back to herself. The weapon embedded itself in her arm. The onyx-haired male prepared to attack again, but the turquoise-haired kunoichi stopped him.

"Hold on! There is no use attacking me when we have the same scroll!" She reached into her bag and pulled it out to show them she was telling the truth. "How did you know I wasn't Athena?"

Hikari sighed. "I too am a fan of greek mythology. The gods and goddesses are more likely to just watch games like these, and not disturb them by becoming involved."

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05-19-2009, 05:09 AM
Chinsei knew that the Forest became very dark, very fast. He had never had his own students, but had proctored the exams before. He knew his genin would be finding a place to sleep by now, so that left just four days for them to find the opposite scroll. Suddenly, Tansei spoke up. "I hope your teams don't run into mine, they wouldn't stand a chance." "We'll see." Akemi said softly, seeming doubtful of his team.

The group of Jonin had awoken the next day to hear that that one of the groups had reached the tower already, a group from the Village Hidden in the Mist. "It's only been a day! Do they know which team was defeated?" "Not yet, Chinsei, but all I was told was that a group has already made it." The other Jonin sat amazed at the feat of making it in under a day. It was incredible. Chinsei remembered that it had taken his group 3 days to find the opposite scroll, and that they reached the tower on the fourth day.

'I hope you three are doing ok. I know you can do this. Kin, it's your time to shine. Show them what you've got!' He had grown fond of Kin. She reminded him of how he was as a child. He hadn't had any special abilities, and his Ryouchigan hadn't been developed at all. He slowed his team down, and caused them to barely get to the finals. He had been the only one who hadn't made Chunin that year. He spent that whole six months until the next Exam training. He had even found out he had the mysterious ability to manipulate gravity, which he used to his advantage, and passed the Exams with flying colors. He felt a sort of kin-ship (no pun intended seriously) with her. Like looking in a mirror.

Nick Tasogare
05-19-2009, 12:07 PM
P.S. anybody who reads this, feel free to tell us what you think by pming or short posts :) thanks

Nick Tasogare
05-19-2009, 12:09 PM
P.S.S. the story started in the role play thread strted by draco uchiha who i think is now 4th hokage not sure though (of his name but it did start there) :)

05-19-2009, 01:53 PM
As Tenshi and his students walk through town to see the hokage a fight started between Nila and Jinji. " Well if you didnt want to stay in the forest on the mission we would be in the chunnin exams by now" Nila said. "You were the one skared of the animals not me" Jinji said. " If you two dont hush i will make you kiss each other Both Jinji and Nila hushed*

As they got to the hokages mansion Denco asked "Why does the hokage need us sensei"
Then Tenshi said " We are to make sure nothing gets out of conrol during the exams"
I got bored

Nick Tasogare
05-19-2009, 01:59 PM
just try to stay on topic though, i like your idea of keeping an eye on the exams though, but just work on he grammar let me show you what i mean

As Tenshi and his students walk through town to see the hokage a fight started between Nila and Jinji. " Well if you didnt want to stay in the forest on the mission we would be in the chunnin exams by now" Nila said. "You were the one skared of the animals not me" Jinji said. " If you two dont hush i will make you kiss each other Both Jinji and Nila hushed*

As they got to the hokages mansion Denco asked "Why does the hokage need us sensei"
Then Tenshi said " We are to make sure nothing gets out of conrol during the exams"
I got bored
As Tenshi and his students walked through town to see the Hokage a fight started between Nila and Jinji. " Well if you didn't want to stay in the forest on the mission we would be in the chunnin exams right now." Nila said. "You were the one who was scared of the animals not me." Jinji said. " If you two don't hush i will make you kiss each other." Both Jinji and Nila hushed.

As they got to the Hokages mansion Denco asked, "Why does the hokage need us sensei?"
Then Tenshi said " We are to make sure nothing gets out of conrol during the exams."
I got bored

notice how i just slightly changed the letters and some capitalization and punctuatuions? and try to make the punishments more realistic and serious because of tenshis char background. :) just some constructive criticism ;)

05-19-2009, 02:01 PM
just try to stay on topic though, i like your idea of keeping an eye on the exams though, but just work on he grammar let me show you what i mean

As Tenshi and his students walk through town to see the hokage a fight started between Nila and Jinji. " Well if you didnt want to stay in the forest on the mission we would be in the chunnin exams by now" Nila said. "You were the one skared of the animals not me" Jinji said. " If you two dont hush i will make you kiss each other Both Jinji and Nila hushed*

As they got to the hokages mansion Denco asked "Why does the hokage need us sensei"
Then Tenshi said " We are to make sure nothing gets out of conrol during the exams"
I got bored
As Tenshi and his students walked through town to see the Hokage a fight started between Nila and Jinji. " Well if you didn't want to stay in the forest on the mission we would be in the chunnin exams right now." Nila said. "You were the one who was scared of the animals not me." Jinji said. " If you two don't hush i will make you kiss each other." Both Jinji and Nila hushed.

As they got to the Hokages mansion Denco asked, "Why does the hokage need us sensei?"
Then Tenshi said " We are to make sure nothing gets out of conrol during the exams."
I got bored

notice how i just slightly changed the letters and some capitalization and punctuatuions? and try to make the punishments more realistic and serious because of tenshis char background. :) just some constructive criticism ;)
sorry my brain is plop today

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lol its fine if you want pm me before you post and ill do the grammar and stuff :)

05-19-2009, 02:04 PM
lol its fine if you want pm me before you post and ill do the grammar and stuff :)

Nick Tasogare
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cool, but if you dont want its fine really but im happy to help, i was like that b4

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As they continued waiting for news of their teams, Chinsei, Akemi, Chou and Shisui heard a knock on the door. Chou got up and opened it. Tenshi and his students were standing at the door, looking quite dirty from their previous mission.

"Tenshi, what are you doing here?" "Oh, hi Chinsei. Lady Hokage assigned us the task of standing guard incase there is any trouble with the Exams." "You mean if there were to be an attack? That is actually a good idea. The Chunin Exams are an incredibly delicate and vulnerable time. The Village is probably at it's weakest right now. You didn't enter your team in the Exams?"

"Tenshi sensei didn't let us enter because we were in the forest on a mission and we missed the deadline!" "Actually Nila, I didn't enter you because you and your teammates still need to work on teamwork." She stood there, stunned, and stormed off after a minute. So did the other two. Tenshi said his goodbyes and chased after his students.

05-19-2009, 02:46 PM
"We should stay here for the night," Haruna suggested. "We should be fine right here, mainly because there are six of us together. In the morning, Kyou can send Makoto out to look for two teams with earth scrolls. You guys can go after one; we can go after the other. Saavy?"

"Alright," came the voices of the other genin.

"Okay...Isamu and Aiko, take the first watch. Suteneko and I will take the late night, and Kyou and Hikaru can have the last watch."

05-19-2009, 02:50 PM
Doesn't colors discribe happiness, also kinda discribes feeling towards another person.

05-19-2009, 03:03 PM
Doesn't colors discribe happiness, also kinda discribes feeling towards another person.

I just always use red. It's my thing.

Nick Tasogare
05-19-2009, 03:35 PM
and i always use green its just a color...

Nick Tasogare
05-19-2009, 03:49 PM
"That Tenshi needs to work harder with his students." This coming from Tansei, who didn't even know Tenshi angered the four. "Guys, I'm gonna go to another room and wait for news." The others agreed with Chinsei, and followed him out. Tansei tried to follow, but Chou looked at him, and licked her lips. "What blood type are you, I haven't had O positive in awhile." "I think I'll wait here, you guys go ahead." "Are you sure?" Chou asked, watching his neck with her head cocked. Tansei nodded, and closed the door behind them. They decided to wait in a room several doors down.

05-19-2009, 04:25 PM
"What?" Isamu snapped.

Aiko had been shooting him these strange looks occassionally. She was currently giving him a cocky grin.

"I know something that I think even your friend's observation skills missed. Then again, romance is my forte..."

"What are you talking about?"

The winged kunoichi chuckled. "I saw the way you were looking at that blonde girl during the first exam."

"You mean the look I give almost every female?" the brunet asked.

The pink-haired girl hummed. "No...There was something else in your eyes..."

"Yeah. Disdain."

"Deny it all you want." Aiko looked around. "It's about time to wake up lunar necklace and furball now, don't you think?"

The womanizer nodded and they shook Suteneko and Haruna up for their watch.

((lol...I ended up writing more for these two teams in the Forrest of Death than I intended))

05-19-2009, 07:33 PM
Sabra had Ruby scouting above as the girl's prepared for their day in search of a fight and an Earth scroll. "We should split up, just for a little while. Alot of teams are probly still getting themselves prepared, and there's those that went on thru the night who may be vulnerable from being tired." The twins looked at her like she'd gone crazy.

"Do you know how dangerious that is?" "What are you thinking?" They said one after the other. "No I actually thought it thru. You two can sense people before they can usually pick you up, and I have Ruby with me. I'm also the fastest out of use, so I'm most likely to escape a bad situation." They looked at eachother then sighed, "Okay." "But don't be stupid!"

As they split up Kin moved swiftly, emitting chakra with each foot fall on the forest floor. She could feel those around her. Picking up at team to north east of her she veered off that way and started moving more quietly, as well as much slower to get a clearer vision of what was out before her. As she came where she could see them thru the brush she saw them handing off their scroll. No scrolls... Her eyes went wide as she realized that this team had aquired three scrolls, each was carrying one.

The red head of the group was putting his into a pocket on the leg of his pants, it was the only Earth they had. The other two had set to work putting together their team breakfast. The red head headed into the tree cover almost directly across from where Kin hid.

The blond moved swiftly, following him with her senses as she stayed out of range of his team. The ginger was standing with his back to her as she found him. She dug in her pouch for something. She wasn't against attacking someone who left themself exposed, literally or otherwise. The boy looked down to his side as he heard a light rolling sound. An orb with paper seals on it came out and tapped his foot.

Before he could move it exploded with a soft pop like a branch breaking and then there was smoke and a flash of light that took him by surprise. As he paniced in the screen he felt a hand came across his mouth. He felt himself bent backward over the person, and a second hand around his leg. As the smoke cleared a bit and he flaired he was released and thrown by a kick. He never saw her, but cussed loudly as he found his scroll missing.

Kin ran quickly back toward where her team was to meet back up. The girl had a grin of triumph on her face. Gin was not so lucky. She had found a group, but they were in combat. Not willing to try her hand at a sneak attack she had returned to the site first. Seeing her sister coming back with such vigor she welcomed the other blonde. "Wow, Kin, I'm impressed." The second girl took the scroll and checked it with the one she had, just to be absolutely sure. "Perfect, let's find Sabra, and get out of this place."

Meanwhile, the pink haired girl waited in the trees as her pet scouted and would chitter back what she found. Sabra was very quiet and almost ready to sleep again, this was so boring, but she was thankful for her animal. If it wasn't for Ruby she'd have failed this test already.

The young woman had been looking below her when she felt something touch her head. Jerking up to see what had grazed her she let out a very girlish shriek. Dropping from the branch she had forgotten in shock that she was in a tree. She looked down, but couldn't right herself before the hit. She closed her eyes and waited to land, and for the pain.

Suddenly she was grabbed hold of by one arm. She wrenched and yelled as it was almost popped out of socket. She looked up her arm to see who had caught her. "Gaki?" She murmured his name in confusion. "Never mention it to anyone..." He hissed to her as he hauled her to his branch of the tree.

Sabra stared at him a second looking at his strange Hyuuga eyes for answers. "You hate me. Why didn't you let me?" Before she could finish he'd started to jump away from her. "Wait!" She called after the boy. He looked over his shoulder at her. "I don't hate you." That was all he said as he hopped away from her.

Ruby came down to the stunned girl as a call came from below. "Sabra, we got it!" Kin and Gin stood below her looking proud. She braced herself, shaking off the earlier moments. "Great, let's head to the tower then." The trio took off at top speed to their goal. They reached it by nightfall, not meeting anyone else inbetween.

Sabra came into the room where they turned the scroll him. They meet a sensei they didn't know who explained the ritual test and sent them on into the main room of the tower. Gaki's group was there along with two others one from Sand, one from Mist. "Slow pokes." The boys taunted as the girls walked past.

Gin and Kin exchanged insults with them, but Sabra was watching watching Gaki almost like she'd never seen him before. He looked away from her face to hiss something at the twins. When he looked to the pink haired one again his eyes were cold, they clearly told her he still ment business. Sabra guided her team away, still not sure about the boy.

Nick Tasogare
05-19-2009, 07:49 PM
Another Chunin burst into their room. "Chinsei, your team has made it through at the end of the 2nd day. They made it with three days to spare." "I'll be damned. Did anyone else make it?" He nodded. "Who? Spit it out." "That wretch, Tansei. His team made it." "That's gonna tick my team off, the don't get along well with his team, or even Tansei himself."

The Chunin walked out. "That's so great, Chinsei!" Akemi hugged him, then backed off quickly. The others didn't know about their situation. Or so they thought. "It's ok. What, you thought we didn't know about you two? As if." Chou scoffed at them. Shisui winked at Chinsei as if to say, 'Nice going, you lucky bastard.' The two smiled, and hugged closely. She was happy that Chinsei's team had made it safely, but what of her own team?

05-19-2009, 08:47 PM
"Okay, according to Makoto, there is one group to the east--" he pointed to the east "--that has an earth scroll. Ai-chan's team can go that way. There is another one to the west we can take. These people seem to have weak defenses; we should be able to beat them easily."

"You heard him. Let's go!" Haruna waved to Chou's team.

"I bet we'll beat you there," Isamu said.

The two teams separated and headed in the directions Kyou had given them.

Akemi's genin found who they were looking for first. The strategist studied the other group.

"This shouldn't be too hard. They seem unskilled. Look at how they fumble with their packs...Kyou, knock them down with your wind."

The crossdresser complied. The team's kunoichi threw kunai and shurikan into the steam of air. The unexpecting victims cried as the weapons hit them.

"Isamu, weigh yourself down with rocks so you won't be blown down by Kyou's attack and knock them out."

"With pleasure."


"Shadow pulse!"

The enemy ninja screamed in pain as the black thorn in their shoulder grew and began squirming. "Please, no more! You can take it!"

"Aw...You're no fun!"

Another shreik peirced the air.

"Oh fine, you big baby," Aiko said, eyes narrowing. "Down, sunshine."

Hikaru stopped his jutsu and stepped forward to accept the earth scroll from their opponents.


Akemi's team made it to the center of the forest before Chou's. The went through the proccess of opening their scrolls and talking to a random sensei. Then they were sent to a room with other genin.

"Nice to see you guys made it out," Sabra greeted.

"We would have been here sooner if Isamu hadn't kept falling asleep on is feet."

"Hey, it's not my fault I only had one hot girl around to keep me awake. It would've atleast been better if the hot bod wasn't attached to your annoying lips!"

Haruna began to argue when three more ninja walked in. Judging from their headbands, they were from the mist village. A few more hours past and Chou's group finally arrived.

"It's your fault we took so long!"

"Myaaa~I'm not the one who wanted to stay and torture the other ninja, myaaa~"

"No, your just the one who wanted to chase birds and squirrels and to find some fish to eat!"

"Myaaa~But I'm so hungry. I need to eat and take a cat nap, myaaa~"

"Oh, shut up already, both of you!" Hikaru glared sternly at them both.

Nick Tasogare
05-19-2009, 09:09 PM
The Chunin ran in one more time. "Akemi, Chou, both of your teams made it." The two Jonin high-fived each other. "I knew they could do it." Akemi exclaimed. "However, Chou, your team was beaten out by Akemi's because they stayed and tortured the team they defeated, and it was reported that they were chasing birds and squirrels. "Hikaru wanted to play, and Suteneko got bored." she smiled. as if remembering aomething, and the others looked at her, repulsed. "What? It's not completely my fault that they are how they are!" They turned away.


On the fourth day, when it was nearing night, Hidoi, Konomashii, and Gigen had yet to find the Heaven scroll they needed. They imagined that most of the other teams had made it to the tower, and weren't sure if there would be anymore Heaven scrolls to claim.

"Come on, Konomashii, you're slowing us down!" "Shut up, Gigen, you don't have my good looks to be careful of." They continued jumping through trees when they came upon a group of Hidden Leaf ninja. "They look weak, but most Leaf ninja do." said Hidoi. "Gigen, prepare to trap them in a genjutsu, Konomashii, stay back, seeing as you're the medic. I'll go in after the genjutsu is setup." Gigen cast a genjutsu on the ninja, who didn't even notice it. Hidoi moved in for the attack, Gigen behind him incase he needed backup.

The battle only lasted several seconds, and the Leaf ninja were out. "Pathetic, they didn't even put up a fight, and they look to be 5 or 6 years older than we are." "Oh well, let's just get to the tower already, I wanna scout out what chicks made it through." Gigen looked at Konomashii, disdainfully.


When they reached the tower, it had been morning for several hours. Like the others, they were met and talked to by a random sensei, and were guided to a room where there were several other groups of genin. Hidoi and Gigen moved towards Chinsei's group, but Konomashii moved towards Haruna. Gigen looked back at him and pretend gagged.


At the end of the 5th day, Shisui had been pacing back and forth, because there had been no word on his team. "Don't worry Shisui, I'm sure that they are----" The Chunin came in when there had been only several minutes left until the end of the Exam. "Shisui, your team arrived at the tower early this morning." He looked relieved, and shook Chinsei's hand. "Thank God." The Exam was over, and there were a total of 8 teams; 24 genin, to compete in the 3rd round. This was going to be exciting.

05-20-2009, 04:30 AM
The teams were called into a new building that wasn't used often. Their sensei's stood around the above walkways. "I welcome you all here to take part in the last two tests of this season's Chunin exams." It was the Hokage speaking before them as they all filed in standing straight and politely in their team groups.

"I have a surprise for you all. With the turn out that we had on entrance to the exam we were prepared to have many of you get to this point. That said we have added a test we do not usually require to the list to narrow the selection before the finals. The details will be explained now by your new proctor." The lady stepped back and allowed a second woman to take her place in the center of the room.

Stage set for you, whichever one of you wants to explain the test.

05-20-2009, 08:46 AM
The Chunin ran in one more time. "Akemi, Chou, both of your teams made it." The two Jonin high-fived each other. "I knew they could do it." Akemi exclaimed. "However, Chou, your team was beaten out by Akemi's because they stayed and tortured the team they defeated, and it was reported that they were chasing birds and squirrels. "Hikaru wanted to play, and Suteneko got bored." she smiled. as if remembering aomething, and the others looked at her, repulsed. "What? It's not completely my fault that they are how they are!" They turned away.


On the fourth day, when it was nearing night, Hidoi, Konomashii, and Gigen had yet to find the Heaven scroll they needed. They imagined that most of the other teams had made it to the tower, and weren't sure if there would be anymore Heaven scrolls to claim.

"Come on, Konomashii, you're slowing us down!" "Shut up, Gigen, you don't have my good looks to be careful of." They continued jumping through trees when they came upon a group of Hidden Leaf ninja. "They look weak, but most Leaf ninja do." said Hidoi. "Gigen, prepare to trap them in a genjutsu, Konomashii, stay back, seeing as you're the medic. I'll go in after the genjutsu is setup." Gigen cast a genjutsu on the ninja, who didn't even notice it. Hidoi moved in for the attack, Gigen behind him incase he needed backup.

The battle only lasted several seconds, and the Leaf ninja were out. "Pathetic, they didn't even put up a fight, and they look to be 5 or 6 years older than we are." "Oh well, let's just get to the tower already, I wanna scout out what chicks made it through." Gigen looked at Konomashii, disdainfully.


When they reached the tower, it had been morning for several hours. Like the others, they were met and talked to by a random sensei, and were guided to a room where there were several other groups of genin. Hidoi and Gigen moved towards Chinsei's group, but Konomashii moved towards Haruna. Gigen looked back at him and pretend gagged.


At the end of the 5th day, Shisui had been pacing back and forth, because there had been no word on his team. "Don't worry Shisui, I'm sure that they are----" The Chunin came in when there had been only several minutes left until the end of the Exam. "Shisui, your team arrived at the tower early this morning." He looked relieved, and shook Chinsei's hand. "Thank God." The Exam was over, and there were a total of 8 teams; 24 genin, to compete in the 3rd round. This was going to be exciting.

You talk way too much, or just get way too much info.

Nick Tasogare
05-20-2009, 12:32 PM
um its a story, not just random posting guy, dont just randomly come on a thread and say something its an actual story with meaning, like a novel....

05-20-2009, 12:33 PM
Izuna was the younger brother of Uchiha Madara. He helped lead the Uchiha clan alongside his brother around 70 years before the series start.

Click For Quick-Spoilers:
When they were young, Madara and his younger brother Izuna competed against each other. Both possessed the Sharingan and attained Mangekyou through their rivalry. With their newfound power, they increased their clan's power and standing. Unfortunately, usage of Mangekyou leads one to blindness and Madara was the first to fall to this side effect. With his eyesight gone, Madara took Izuna's eyes in desperation. These new eyes allowed him to see once again and granted him "Eternal" Mangekyou.

Nick Tasogare
05-20-2009, 12:39 PM
The proctor inrtoduced herself and Fukai Kyougaku. "In this Exam, you will all be taken and randomly put unto groups with each other. Added to this, there are traps all around the arena, so this will not only test your teamwork and coordination, but will also test your ability to detect things, to see if your ability to sense is at Chunin level."

The Genin were extremely surprised by this unforseen test. "Please, if you will all direct your attention to the large screen above the statue, the teams will be displayed at random. Your name will be next to a number, which will be the team you are assigned to. When your teams are displayed, find your teammates and await your team fight match-ups." The screen began flashing quick pictures of the Genin faces, and soon, stopped, displaying each name with a number.

Nick Tasogare
05-20-2009, 12:40 PM
Izuna was the younger brother of Uchiha Madara. He helped lead the Uchiha clan alongside his brother around 70 years before the series start.

Click For Quick-Spoilers:
When they were young, Madara and his younger brother Izuna competed against each other. Both possessed the Sharingan and attained Mangekyou through their rivalry. With their newfound power, they increased their clan's power and standing. Unfortunately, usage of Mangekyou leads one to blindness and Madara was the first to fall to this side effect. With his eyesight gone, Madara took Izuna's eyes in desperation. These new eyes allowed him to see once again and granted him "Eternal" Mangekyou.

umm thats nice.....why did you post it here though?

05-20-2009, 12:41 PM
I wrote it, my hands hurt.

Nick Tasogare
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yea but that would be better fit into the roleplay becauuse here its like a story line, with specific characters and then your not actually supposed to use actual chars

05-20-2009, 12:44 PM
Well, other people in here use the chracters, so why not me?

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we dont use actual chars we make them up.......

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Well, I've seen the actual Naruto and Kisame in here, why not me?

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we never said anything about naruto and kisame, nor any other characters............

05-20-2009, 12:48 PM
Well, other people in here use the chracters, so why not me?
Look a bit harder and you'll find we don't use any characters from the show. 100% made up.

Well, I've seen the actual Naruto and Kisame in here, why not me?

Are you looking at the right thread? Neither of those characters are even mentioned here.

05-20-2009, 12:50 PM
I've seen Kisame in a akatsuki forum.

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exactly each char in here is made of our own creation, maybe bot places and stuff, but no owned chars....

I've seen Kisame in a akatsuki forum.
wth are you talking about??!!??!!??!!??!!??!! we havent even used the akatsuki in the thread!

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AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Nevermind, you two don't seem to get what I'm talking about.

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we really dont, in the story we have never mentioned any naruto characters, groups, or enemies, except some villages!

05-20-2009, 12:54 PM

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whatever you dont make sense anyway when you make accusations, you should EXPLAIN them

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You keep thinking I'm trying to explain something to you, I just said mind your own bussiness, that means I don't want to nor explain anything to you without it being your bussiness.

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Good you're playing nice again. Izuna you can go read this from the begining or even go to the Original Role Play thread for a good read, but we're honestly pretty full on writers. If you like the story and feel you could keep up the flow of it you can come try to join when we start another thread.

Till then though I ask that you respect what we're trying to do here and don't just spout off with useless info or criticize us just because you don't want to read such long posts. I'm being very serious, we're actually trying to do something special here. Now I believe we'll be getting back on topic and to the story again later today.

05-20-2009, 03:21 PM
Uhh, sure dude, what ever makes you happy.

05-20-2009, 04:26 PM

At the front gate another exam was taking place. A uniform squad of Special Jonin students stood poised ready for a fight. The old sensei paced in front of them looking more serious than ever. "You all have your mission briefs. Remember this is your last test, but this isn't a test. These are real missions. It's not passing that counts but the way you pass. I know all of you are prepared for this. Dismiss!"

The 20 ninjas scattered in all directions. Bo flew threw the trees with amazing speed. He knew exactly what he was dealing with so he went ful throttle. He had memorized the location and the enemy. He was dealing with a Jonin and three Chunin who were missing nin. The Jonin had been misusing forbidden jutsu and teaching them to his students. Forbidden jutsu users were dangerous but nothing he couldn't handle. He pulled a mask over his mouth its time.

The four missing nin sat around a fire in a semi-circle, silent. Bo fell to the ground in front of them and pulled out a scroll and without reading it declared, "I have a warrant for your return. If you do not comply-" The scroll burned in his hand. "We don't comply." Bo coched his neck to either side. "I was hoping you'd say that."

The hothead of the group was the first to attack. He burst up and came spinning at him with fire circling around him. Bo flipped under the flaming teen. He went to action making handsigns. Immediately the ground began shaking violently. The teen landed and fell off balance. Bo planted his feet and began sliding along the ground toward him with his staff drawn. Bo's swing was stopped in mid-air by the Jonin leader. "Bad idea." Posoined spikes stabbed into the leaders hand.

The Jonin winced and pulled back clutching his hand. The three students surrounded their sensei as he made a handsign venting a purple mist from his pores. The female medic tended to her injured sensei. The other two faced Bo and began conjuring a strange jutsu. "Forbidden Jutsu: Soul Reaper." they roared in unison. Before Bo had a chance to blink a hooded figure attacked with a scythe slicing through his torso. The figure disappeared and Bo stood somewhat surprised. The two teens who had summoned the beast were even more startled. Bo looked at them with one raised eyebrow. "Did anyone feel a breeze." "Y-you should be dead. What's wrong with you?!" Bo smiled and took off his scarf. "Not sure but I like it." His grin could of killed a man.

As he tied the last knot on the Jonin sensei he thought about what had just happened. He knew for a fact that the attack hit him but why did nothing happen. Maybe he didn't have a...no that's not possible. He finished his mission and passed the exam with out a hitch but he kept thinking about why the attack didn't affect him. He decided to go watch the Chunin exam to get the event off his mind.

05-20-2009, 04:27 PM
Wow dude, nice long sentence.

Nick Tasogare
05-20-2009, 08:33 PM
The Teams appeared up on the screen. They were as shown;

Team 1 Suteneko, Gigen, Isamu
Team 2 Kyou, Sand ninja, Mist ninja
Team 3 Sand ninja, Mist ninja, and Mist ninja
Team 4 Konomashii, Aiko, Zen
Team 5 Sasoku, Hidoi, Mist Ninja
Team 6 Gaki, Sabra, Haruna
Team 7 Hikaru, Gin, Mist ninja
Team 8 Kin, Mist ninja, Sand ninja

Now all that was left was to sit back and watch the sscreen determine who fights who.

05-20-2009, 08:53 PM
"First fight: Team 1 versus Team 4!"

Suteneko, Gigen, Isamu, Konomashii, Aiko, and Zen hopped into the fighting area.


"Myaaa~We can't start yet! We have to get them mad first. Aiko is easy, myaaa~"

"Try telling that to her," Gigen suggested.


"Myaaa~Aiko is really sensitive about her mother's profession." The cat-girl turned to the pink-haired girl who was previously on her team. "Myaaa~So how is your precious mother doing? Is her buisness getting around, or are guys loosing interest, myaaa~? Does your mom still get attention, or is she losing all her 'clients', myaaa~?"

"Shut up about her, litter-breath," the kunoichi hissed.

"Myaaa~I'm just making conversation." The black-haired girl jumped out of the way of a large blade, one of the obstacles. "You look so much like her...Gonna take over the family buisness when you're old enough, myaaa~?"

"I said, SHUT UP." Aiko ducked as several kunai flew over her head.

"Oh, be nice," Gigen cooed, pulling out his deck of cards. He began shuffling them. "It's not her fault her dad worked up such a large gambling debt. I'm sure he'll get out of it...eventually." He paused his hand motion long enough to dodge a flame shooting from the side of the field. "In the meantime, I'm going to enjoy my father winning every cent of Aiko's dad's money."

"SHUT UP!!!" The girl growled angrily and made several quick hand signs.

Gigen smirked and made his own hand signs. "Let's see who's genjutsu is faster..."

Nick Tasogare
05-20-2009, 08:59 PM
"Jack in the Box!" Gigen was faster, and when his jutsu was cast, it was an obvious genjutsu, but almost impossible to break. While she was stuck, Gigen molded chakra into a card. He threw it at Aiko, and it stuck to her face. She cried out in pain, and collapsed. Gigen's team looked at him, amazed. "What was that?" He looked back at them and said, "My specialty."

05-21-2009, 02:42 AM
Zen knocked an arrow and aimed for the feline mimicing girl. He closed his eyes, blocking out the perception of the Genjustu from his mind and inclining his head slightly. Usually Sasoku and Gaki would be running interference and he could ignore their moments as they knew how his jutsu worked. His hand on the bow string twisted into three signs as did the one on the handhold, as if the weapon were acting as a medium for the chakra.

The chakra in the bow was visable as he pulled the string back and felt within his head for those around him. It was a kind of selfinduced genjustu. He turned them all into images in his head, and moved them according to what his senses picked up. It took alot of practice, but he'd been personally trained by his grandfather to follow his family art. This was over seven generations worth of skill in every shot.

As he raised the bow the string turned a bright neon blue and the arrow head flickered with whirling chakra. The cat girl was engaged in combat with his other teammate. Konomashii, he believed the name was. He waited and then fired, the arrow flew between the two as they parted after exchanging blow.

It grazed the girl across the chest. For a moment she thought it just a near miss as the bolt buried a few inches in the ground beside her, then she felt the chakra backlash. He grabbed at her chest. It felt like claws had ripped a line across her flesh at every point where the whirl of energy had brushed her.

Zen knocked another round and fired while she was recovering. It landed in one foot, pinning her in place as his teammate closed in on her. The pain ran up her lower leg and it felt something like she'd been smacked with a whip all across the area. The archer then turned his head slightly and fired on Gigen. The shot didn't hit him, but speared thru a card he was holding up while he was taunting Aiko about something as their genjustu's went back and forth. The young man strung the weapon again and took aim.

He was waiting to find which one of his team needed him move when he felt a strike hit him in the back. Isamu smashed him hard in the spine, bringing him to the ground as his hands flew apart and the chakra in the bow he clenched dispelled. Zen turned his head to the side to stare up at the other ninja coldly. He then rolled and threw the arrow he still held at the boy's face while coming to his own feet all in one fluid motion. He then almost instantly drew another bolt which he leveled on his opponant as he started slowly stepping backward.

Isamu slapped the arrow that had been thrown away. "What is that all you got?" Zen shook his head. "Far from... You can stop a shot I throw by hand, but will you be able to hold off one fired at this range from my bow?" The other teen shrugged. "If you can break thru my rocks then by all means, go for it." He replied in challenge as he went into a stance.

Zen channeled his energy into the bow, making signs swiftly as he circled around his target. "It's fair to warn you, I have lightning chakra." He said as the arrowhead lit up with sparks or electric power. "Oh is that supposed to scare me?" Zen smirked, "It should, because I'm water too." The implication sunk in as the shaft of the arrow began dripping, no almost pooring liquid. "If the shock doesn't jolt your heart hard enough the water will weaken your armor enough that the next shot will do the trick. Do you really want to risk your life just for a title." Zen asked as he pulled back.

"Who, cares about the title? I just want to fight someone worth it." Isamu answered then lunged suddenly. Zen loosed the bolt and it struck him in the shoulder. The impact sent him wheeling backward. The archer had hit him again before he could right himself, stabbing thru his thigh. "I'm telling you now, stop so I can help my team, and I won't have to cripple you." Zen warned as he perpared another shot.

05-21-2009, 03:48 AM
Gigen stepped towards Aiko's motionless form. When he was only a few paces away, the body suddenly began changing into a large magenta mist. It blew at the male and hovered there like a strange cloud.

Gigen saw the winged kunoichi step into the cloud. She walked up to him. When she was about three inches away, she leaned forward and kissed him. Gigen shivered. There was something odd about the girl's lips. They didn't feel human.

He made the sign for release, but nothing happened.

"Oh silly," the fake Aiko giggled, voice echoing around the area, "if you trap me in an unbreakable genjutsu, of course I'll trap you in one! You might as well enjoy it while it lasts..."

"But I can't enjoy it." He dodged the girl as she tried to press her lips to his again. "If you're using this genjutsu, there has to be something else to it. Either you're powering an attack, or there's something else in those kisses."

She chuckled. "I guess all you can do is wait and see."

Meanwhile, outside the genjutsu, the real Aiko was making fast hand signs. "Cupid's Arrow!"

A bow appeared in her hands and a quiver of pink arrows materialized on her back. The magenta-eyed girl picked an arrow and strung it. She pulled the arrow back gently and took aim. The kunoichi fired, and it hit Gigen's left shoulder.

Now it was her turn to smirk. She didn't notice which kunoichi he saw first once she lifted the genjutsu, but she did know that whenever they got hurt, he was going to feel the pain, too.

While that fight went on, Zen stepped back. His heart skipped a beat as the tile he put his foot on sunk into the ground. A large hole grew beneath both him and Isamu. Zen was closer to the edge of the hole, and was able to grab hold of the side. Isamu was not so lucky and had begun to fall. But Suteneko leapt over, grabbed his arm, and pulled him back onto the playing field.

"You won't find me that easy to beat!" His handsigns were a flash as his palms and fingers zipped around. "I'm not just fighting for myself. I'm dedicating this match to the girl on my heart."

Aiko's grin broadened. "So he's finally admitting it? Well, atleast that he loves someone."

She leapt up to avoid a giant saw moving along the floor. When she returned to the ground, she was only standing for half a second. The pink-haired girl had landed on very quaky floor, caused by Isamu puching the ground.

"Ow," she and Gigen said at the same time.

Aiko looked at her opponent. He was rubbing the same ankle as she was. A look of complete horror spread across her face as she realized that her Cupid's Arrow technique had bonded Gigen to her for the next thirty minutes. Any pain she felt, he felt, but she really didn't want to have to hurt herself just to beat her opponent.

"Oh sh**..."

05-21-2009, 04:50 PM
Too much info, brain's hurting thanks for the people who wrote that amazing sentences.

Nick Tasogare
05-21-2009, 05:16 PM
its a story, like a book,how is it too much?

05-21-2009, 05:17 PM
I thought it was info, that's all, sorry.

Nick Tasogare
05-21-2009, 05:19 PM
dude its ok just clarifying :)

05-21-2009, 05:49 PM
Ok, sorry for thinking it differently.

Nick Tasogare
05-21-2009, 05:50 PM
just please nobody but writers post in this thread please, it messes with the continuity

05-21-2009, 06:01 PM
just please nobody but writers post in this thread please, it messes with the continuity

Yes it does do that. It's a distraction that breaks the flow of the story, like when someone interrupts you while reading a good book.

Zen steadied himself as he pulled his body from the hole that had appeared. The ground shook as his opponet used a jutsu he wasn't familiar with. The feline girl had helped keep him from falling, she deserved a bit of Zen's respect for that. They didn't even know eachother yet she'd darted over to save him.

The archer looked around quickly assessing what was going on now. Konomashii was not in his range of vision, but the genjustu using girl was. "Miss Aiko," he ran to help her as he saw her on the ground with a look of horror on her face as she watched the boy known as Gigen. Zen helped her up as he watched the other team pull back. They were talking in low voices but at a very fast rate. They were seeing to eachother's injuries and evaluating the extent of them.

Aiko pulled away looking around to find their third. She saw a set of pillars that had raised from the ground around the area he'd last been spoted in. That ment they'd been seperated, that couldn't be good she realized as the two turned to see their enemy approaching as a group. "Zen fire on their leader." Aiko commanded, and the boy obeyed as he raised his bow and aimed at the other genjustu specialist.

Gigen was giving orders as well. "Rocky shack them up, take him off his feet. Neko you and your kitty move around to flank that girl with me while the arrow flinger is kept busy." The teams were ready to move when a loud buzzed shook them from their thoughts and actions. "Time is up, you've demonstrated what kind of team players you are, now return to the stands so that the other teams can take their places for the next round."

Nick Tasogare
05-21-2009, 06:26 PM
"What do you mean, over?!" yelled Gigen. "Didn't I mention it would be timed? Oops, I guess I didn't, sorry!" She flashed a playful smile. "Anyway, it's time for the next team matchup." The screen began flashing with the names of the remaining teams.

05-21-2009, 10:20 PM
The Team coordinator for the challenge called the next two down. "Team 5 and Team 8 report to the center of the ring." As the woman waited the two groups assimbled. Team 5 Sasoku, Hidoi, and an unrecognized Mist Ninja. Team 8 Kin, with another Mist ninja, and a Sand ninja. The two were about ten feet apart staring eachother down as they prepared for faceoff. "Begin!" The proctor commanded.

Immediately the floor shook as the teams jumped back from on another. "Surround them," Hidoi commanded his group as they moved to close in on the second team. Hidoi and the Mist Ninja pulled out kunai and where about to throw. "Stay behind me," Kin ordered as she began spinning her wired weaponry. They were close enough that she could use her electric chakra and concerve energy as she spun the bladed tool to protect her teammates.

A whip snapped forward and the line of her kunai encircled it. As the attacks combined and she weapon looped up around the second one Kin could see thru the protective curtian of energy as it fell. "Sasoku?" she murmured. He was holding the whip and the two weapons were completely entangled. "Come on pretty lady, you didn't think I was all bark and no bite did you?" He said with a smirk as he janked on the line to pull her forward.

Kin braced herself with earth as her feet dug into it to keep her from coming forward. She felt the energy as her teammates clashed with the other side of the fight. She spared a glance behind her. The two MIst Nins were in combat with one another, their faces spoke better then words would of that there was a personal grudge about to be played out in the arena floor. Hidoi was fighting with the Sand Genin who was using alot of kunai and trying to stay at range. The Suna trainee suddenly threw an explosive tag that embeded into the floor, but that wasn't all, a pressure plate was inpacked as the blast went off.

Kin felt herself begin to slide as the floor upheaved below all the combatents. Her eyes turned to Sasoku again and she jerked the line on her kunai, he released his whip and backfliped to a part of the floor that wasn't churning like somesort of stone ocean. He grins visiously at her as she pulled her weapon free and threw his to the side. "Don't be so hasty," he warned as she threw the kunai toward the red head.

The blond used her earth chakra training to keep her feet on the moving floor as the fighters behind her moved away and Sasoku stayed in her field of vision. The boy whirled out of the way of her kunai and grabbed at the line before she could pull it back in. He wrapped it around one hand and held tight. "You can't use your shocks while trying to stay in that mess." He told her as they tugged on the rope equally. "No, but if you stay there you can't attack with your primary skill, which means I'm safe and you're exposed." Kin countered.

The boy shrugged and looked to where his whip was being tossed about by the movement of the stone tiles. "Maybe, maybe not." He raised his freehand and Kin turned her head to see the whip begin to move off the ground. "No... How are you doing that?" The young woman demanded as she watched the weapon start to flail as it had in his hand earlier.

"I'm not from here originally. I had different training in my home land. They wanted me for their special puppet squad, but I don't have the chakra for it... However, it is the perfect skill to handle someone like you. As long as you stay there Kin-chan I'll be attacking you from both side." Sasoku drew three kunai from his belt pouch and threw them as he twisted the same hand to pull the whip forward to slash at the woman.

Kin had only a moment to react. She released the line of wire and jumped off the floor, propeling up for just a second before the whip had cought her ankle and janked her from the air. It smacked her down, and the kunai embedded into her komono at the bottom and sleeves. The floor was still being moved on the pistons below and rocked up and down a the boy readied another round and the whip slapped at her back while she was down.

From the stands Gin was being held back by Sabra as she was almost ready to jump the railing. "No, you can't go down there." She was being told over and over in different words by those around her. The silver eyed girl finally yelled out over the arena to her twin. "I swear if you go down now, I'll never let you fight with me again! You'll never get the chance to win against me! You've got to do this now!" The golden eyes of her twin looked up at her for a moment before being shut in pain as the whip slapped her again.

Kin ground her teeth and thought thru the pain as the boy manipulate the whip. He'd said he didn't have the chakra to have the full training, that ment he couldn't keep this up long. She did notice each chack of the whip seemed slightly weaker, he would faulter in a moment. The girl felt another hit then a pause and that was all she needed as she pushed herself out of her up upper robe and used chakra to propel out from under the stirke of the next blow.

She rolled across the floor as it began to settle and ended up in the startled genin's face. All blond hair and golden eyes with a strikingly gold and silver monk's styled outfit on. He was too cought up in the sudden change of visual appearence to realize that she'd wrapped him in wire almost instantly. As she jumped back and pulled he was brought to his knees by the tighting of the line and the jerk forward that followed.

"Sorry, but can't have you awake anymore." She told him as she sent a jolt up the wire that make him wence and yell, then he slumped. She came toward him cauiously and checked his breathing with a light hand. She nodded to herself then pulled a new kunai and wire from her bright tunic. She ran to assist the Sand ninja that was on her team with the Hidoi boy that she'd seen before. Kin spared a glance up to her twin as she flashed her a smile.

Nick Tasogare
05-21-2009, 10:53 PM
With Sasoku down, Kin felt that the immediate threat was over. She rushed towards her Suna teammate to assist in the fight against Hidoi. While the Sand ninja had been destracting him, she sent a kunai line at Hidoi. It pierced his arm, and she began to pull on it, when Hidoi cut the line, and charged at her from the air.

Kin spun out of the way of the attack and hit back with a punch to the stomach, which sent him flying backward into the air. Chinsei had been watching the match with his Ryouchigan active, and noticed her chakra pattern, and saw what her next move was. She began to run at him, and when she had gotten in range, she jumped and spun, pulling two kunai, one in each hand, and she spun and sliced Hidoi like a whirling fan.

He was down for the count, and she noticed that while she had been fighting Hidoi, her teammates had finished the last one off. Suddenly, the buzzer rang. "You have defeated your opponents in the allowed time, return to your sensei's." The conscious team 8 returned to their respective sensei's, and the medics that were standing by put the members of team 5 on stretchers and rushed them out.

05-22-2009, 03:46 AM
"Team 6 and Team 7."

Gaki glanced at Sabra and they both leapt over the railing to the ground below. Haruna finished studying the faces of their opponents and followed after. Hikaru, Gin, and a Mist ninja each jumped down one by one.


"Can you guys walk on water?" Haruna recieved nods in reply from both of her teammates. "Great. Get on the wall while I set up my stage. I'm going to trap them in my genjutsu for as long as I can; you guys attack them. I will join you in exactly one minute, if they don't break my jutsu first."

The three focused their chakra to their feet and ran up the wall. The turquoise-haired kunoichi made several handsigns. They arena filled halfway with water. Then she made a triangle with her pointer fingers and thumbs. She moved the triangle from in front of her eyes to the center of Gin's vision, to Hikaru's, to the Mist ninja.

To the three, it appeared that the psychic's daughter had melted into part of the water bellow them.

"Peekaboo," she whispered, reappearing right behind Hikaru.

05-22-2009, 08:06 AM
Says that he will be back for some more.
Ether says that he won't be waiting for
Signal says that he will wait for
MalFurion says to shut up all of them, and they all will wait for

05-22-2009, 02:42 PM
Gin shook her head. Haruna was using the same technique AGAIN. She made the sign for release. Gaki had been about to hit Hikaru, but automatically changed directions when he saw the blonde break the genjutsu.

Sabra continued on a course for the mist ninja, whose head was twisting from side to side as she tried to follow the movements of the fake Haruna. The fire chakra user and her faithful ferret attacked at once. As soon as they did so, the mist ninja was released from the illusion. She pulled Ruby of of her chest and threw the pet at its owner's face. Then she dashed over to her teammate and forced him out of the trap.

The mist kunoichi was about to return to her fight with Sabra when a giant geizer sprung up from beneath her. The mass of water shot her up and made her hit her head on the ceiling. The girl was knocked unconcious instantly. The geizer stopped and the water from it went back into the larger H2O mass. As the mist ninja fell, Hikaru sent his shadow to catch her. He set her down safely on a dry area.

Something caught the shadow user's attention from the corner of his eye. Gaki had somehow managed to knock Gin to her knees. Remembering that this challenge was about team work, he made a few handsigns.

"Shadow art: Deffend," he growled, black beam shooting from his hands and forming a wall between the kunoichi and her attacker. "You take one of them," Hikaru told Gin, motioning towards the other kunoichi with his head. "I'll get him, and then we can finish the last one together."

Gin nodded and headed towards Sabra. Her onyx-haired teammate closed his wall of darkness around Gaki and threw him. The Hyuuga rolled on the water surface, just barely missing a large shuriken sent his way by the wall. He got back on his feet and sprinted at his steel eyed opponent.

Hikaru covered his hand in a shadow beam and began trying to jab or punch the male he was fighting. Gaki simply dodged until he managed to get behind the shadow user and hit him in the back. The onyx-haired male snarled. He sauntered off for a few steps, then whipped back around, taking off his shirt as he did so.

Aiko wolf-whistled and Suteneko rolled her eyes.

Ignoring his old team, Hikaru focused his energy and made several handsigns. He paused and a pitch black orb of energy grew from his chest. "Shadow blade!"

Gaki tried to run, but the dark energy line just stretched and followed him.


Gaki closed his eyes, awaiting the sharp pain. He didn't expect to feel two hands pushing him out of the way or the wetness of water. But when he resurfaced, Sabra was standing where he was moments before. Haruna was hanging upside down with her hands in the water and Hikaru's shadow blade through one leg.

He blinked twice. "Why did you guys do that?"

"We're a team," Sabra stated simply.

"It is much more logical to sacrifice a leg that can be healed later for the sake of a mission than it does to lose a life that can never be brought back," Haruna replied.

The steel-eyed genin, still shocked from the kunoichi's reactions, made his shadow blade retreat. The turquoise haired girl fell softly onto the top of the water and sat up. Her blood flowed slowly out of her leg, mixing with water and turning it pink.

"Shoot...I don't think I'll be able to walk for a little bit...Sabra, do whatever you need to do to beat Gin. Gaki, I think I have a plan for you to win against Hikaru..."

05-22-2009, 06:30 PM
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Nick Tasogare
05-22-2009, 06:50 PM
"Sabra, you go handle Gin, and I'll tell Gaki how to beat Hikaru." Sabra set off, and she continued speaking to Gaki. "You're able to see the flow of chakra, use that to watch the shadow, and find the weakness in it, then, when he recalls it, strike him down!" Gaki nodded. He set of after Hikaru, while Sabra ran towards Gin.

Gin froze a patch of ice under Sabra's feet, making her slide. She took the moment to throw a kunai, but went it was inches from Sabra's face, a pillar of water rose up, blocking it. While Gin was shocked, Sabra righted herself and gave a roundhouse kick to Gin's face. She went flying, but hit the wall feet first, jumped back at Sabra, and smashed her chest.

Gaki went after Hikaru, shadows spiking up all over the place. He was watching the flow of Chakra, and noticed that each time a shadow came up, that some of the chakra left the shadow, and took from the users chakra supply. When the shadow retreated, Gaki jumped up and spun towards Hikaru, palms pushed outward. Hikaru saw the spin, not knowing where he would be hit, and when the hit landed, his chest felt crushed, and he went flying.

Sabra and Gin continued their match, Gin in the clear lead. Sabra and Ruby, knowing they were behind, decided to do something unforeseen. She flew at Gin with her hands glowing, and Gin knew what was about to happen. Just as she was about to be hit, the buzzer rang.

"This match is finished, medics, tend to anyone who needs it. All able bodied contestants return to your sensei's. The next match will begin in several minutes."

05-22-2009, 09:33 PM
"Lastly, Team 2 vs Team 3."

Kyou quaked in fear as he made his way into the fighting area. The water Haruna had brought in had already been drained out, but the floor was still slippery. He was joined shortly by a Sand ninja and a Mist ninja, his teammates for this challenge. Another sand ninja and two more Mist ninja, their opponents, entered the arena after them.

The crossdresser gulped. He didn't work well with strangers. Makoto nuzzled him gently to try to cheer him up. The boy stroked the bird's feathers gently.


The purple-haired boy tried to keep up, but his teammates and the ninja they were fighting moved too quickly. The sand ninja kicked him the back. Kyou shreiked in pain.

Akemi gripped the railing as she watched her student. She knew that noise well. It was the kind of sound one makes when an area that was already injured is hit. Kyou had a sensitive back, too, it appeared. Chinsei noticed the pain in her eyes and took her hand in his.

"He'll be okay. Don't worry."

"Come on Kyou! Fight back!" Kin called.

"Kyou can't!" he shouted as soon as he regained his voice.

His opponents grinned. They found a weakness in one of the other team's members. One mist ninja pinned the opposing mist ninja to the wall with several kunai so they could not help their teammate.

The sand ninja and mist ninja against Kyou's group began advancing on the short genin. He backed away. As the crossdresser turned to run, the mist ninja slashed a kunai at him. It sliced through the back of the top of his dress. It fell around his elbows.

Several people gasped. "That's a boy!?"

Aiko rolled her eyes. "What was your first clue? His chest is flat and his voice is deeper than kitten's."

"Besides, I would be more worried about what else that last attack reveiled." Sabra pointed to Kyou's back.

Everyone, including the fighters stared. His back had several burns, mostly second degree burns with a few first degree on his shoulders. But there was one awful third degree burn that started at his left shoulder. It came diagonally across his spine to the base of his dress' skirt. Some of the bone was visable.

Kyou's facial expression held nothing but complete and utter terror for a moment as everyone remained silent. Then the purple-haired boy rose his hand.

"Kyou forfeits!" And with that, he ran out of the room before anyone could say anything.

Nick Tasogare
05-22-2009, 11:06 PM
Akemi looked at Chinsei, with pain in her eyes. She ran after Kyou, and as she ran out after him, the proctor ruled Kyou's team disqualified."The genin that will be moving on will be announced in half an hour, and you will be allowed to return back to the village." With these words, she disappeared in a puff of smoke. Chinsei sighed. He felt horrible for Kyou, but knew he had his own students to worry about.

"You three were incredible, I'm proud to call you my students." The three genin beamed at him. They looked at one another, and jumped on him, hugging him. The four fell to the ground, laughing, while Chou and her team looked at them, almost disgusted. "Ugh, gag me, will you?" Hikaru said. "Seconded, Hikaru." Zen responded. "Yup." Both Chou and Suteneko agreed.

Akemi chased after Kyou, worried about not only his self-esteem, but those nasty burns on his back. She finally found him, hiding in a crate. "Kyou, come on out of there." "No, Kyou can't, he can't come out." "I need you to let me know who caused those burns. We are all just worried about you. Believe me, I know how you feel. My father hurt me my whole life." Kyou looked up at her, and felt connected to her suddenly, more than he had ever felt connected to anyone. He began to cry, and Akemi picked him up and held him tightly.

05-23-2009, 05:35 AM
Tanshi's team watched as Sabra's team hugged eachother. The boys looked up to their teacher. "We're sorry sensei, we made a poor showing of ourselves." Zen said as he turned away. "No Zen, it just might of been a bit too soon, but we still don't know the results. One of you may have made it." The tall sensei comforted his most complicated student.

Gaki stared as he saw Sabra break away from her group and head in the direction that the boy from before went. She seemed concerned even if the others didn't see it, the emotion was playing hell with her chakra flow. He had to know if earlier had been because she was returning his favor from the forest or not. He followed her out of the arena and down the hall.

"Sabra," the girl looked over her shoulder and made a motion to wave him off. "I've got something important to do Gaki," she told him as if dismissing the fellow genin. His hand cought her shoulder and spun her to face him. "I said I have something to do." Sabra insisted but he walked her back to the near walk with a quick step.

"What was that back there?" Gaki demanded in a quiet voice. The konichi tilted her head to the side as if confused. "I pushed you out of the way, what about it? Haruna did it to. You should be talking to her, she got injured for you." The boy's hands came up on the wall either side of her head. "She's not you..."

The pink haired young woman blinked at him as if confused. "If it's about the forest then call it even if you must." She told him while nerviously licking her lips. The boy shook his head at her, looking down at his feet as he did so. "I swear you're insane..." "What do you mean by that?" He looked up at her and grinned.

"I've seen you fight hand to hand with dogs so tall then come to your shoulder on all fours, and yet you jumped out of a tree to get away from a spider." The boy told her while looking into her big green eyes with an amused expression. A light slap resounded in the hallway and the boy took a quick step back. "Don't you ever say that outloud again!" Sabra snapped at him. Ruby hissed from her ankles.

The boy smiled at her as he rubbed his cheek. "You're so strange." "Same to you Hyuuga..." She stormed away from him as few feet, then looked over her shoulder to him. "And next time you push me up against a wall I won't wait for you to tell me what you want, I'll just beat you to a pulp." She whipped her head around and walked away quickly turning down a corner, a light blush was covering her cheeks.

"Ruby, find him, find Kyou." Sabra commanded and the white furred pet scryed off after sniffing a bit. Before she could move to follow the animal a hand layed on her shoulder again. "I told you Gaki, I'll beat you to a pulp." she warned. The boy twirled her and scooped a hand around her waist as he did. The thin girl went with his motion, about to counter whatever he planned to do when his hand from her shoulder flew up to the back of her head.

She had a moment to stare into those white emotionless eyes that his family held before he had bent into her and kissed her. Shock ran thru her like an electric jolt. She blinked trying to understand. It was only couple of seconds later that she felt him sit her lightly on the floor and straighten above her.

Her cheeks were flaming an almost darker shade of pink then her hair as she watched him. He turned away from her and started to go around the corner. "Not much of a beating Cactus Flower." He called to her before stepped on out of site. Sabra twisted in her spot on the floor to look after where he'd just been. "What the hell was that all about?" She wondered to herself outloud.

"What the hell was what?" The genin looked back where Ruby had skittered off to and saw Akemi and Kyou walking her way. "Nothing Akemi-sensei, nothing." The girl said quickly as she regained her feet. "Kyou, are you alright?" She asked quickly as she came to him, he was holding Ruby who chittered at him quietly, and his bird rubbed him as well.

"Kyou, is a good boy. Kyou will be alright. Kyou has a friend now thanks to you." The soft featured boy said slowly as he raised his eyes to Sabra slowly while patting his new pet with his free hand. "He keeps Kyou company." The boy added as he rubbed the bird's bright feathers. "Good," Sabra told him as Ruby jumped into her hands.

"We're heading to the medical facility Sabra, you best get back for the announcement of the winners." Akemi cautioned, knowing another not present when the announcement was made would be disqualified. The younger woman nodded and touched Kyou shoulder very lightly before she went. She leaned in close to the boy's ear and whispered to him.

"If you need someone to talk to, or even to defend you, I can be there for you anytime." With that and a quick smile to the timid boy she dashed down the halls to the arena area again. As she came in and up the side she looked across the way to where Gaki was. He was chatting with Sasoku like nothing had happened. What was up with him lately?

Nick Tasogare
05-23-2009, 04:17 PM
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05-23-2009, 08:44 PM
"Where did Kyou get those scars, Akemi?" Tanshi gave the purple-haired kunoichi an accusing look as she returned to her spot by Chinsei's side.

Her eyes narrowed. "What are you suggesting? That I was the one to put them there?"

"They are burns, and you do use fire techniques. Besides, studies have shown that bullies normally are people who have been bullied, and we know your father tortured you. Maybe you wanted to share the pain."

"Your own argument works against your point! I know the pain of being seriously injured like that. Why would I want anyone to feel something so awful?" She placed a hand on her hip. "Besides, there are a lot of fire chakra users here. We do live in the land of fire! My father used fire chakra, the kind lady at the teashop uses fire chakra, Sabra uses fire chakra, Kyou's mom--"

Akemi and Sabra gasped at once. They face palmed at the same time.

"Kyou is so much like me...With the exception of the crossdressing," the psychic said with a sigh. "I used to be that nervous, refer to myself in third person, and avoid socializing. My mom died when I was six. His dad died when he was six. It makes perfect sense."

The pink-haired girl looked up. "He called me 'mother' when we were sparring before." She closed her eyes and thought back. "He said...'Don't burn Kyou; Kyou did nothing wrong, mother.'"

"You're suggesting that Kyou's mom did this to him?" Tanshi asked.

"It's a strong possibility," the Hokage reasoned. "Akemi, I'd like you to keep an eye on him. If someone tries to hurt your student again, intervene. Quickly."

"Yes ma'am."

Nick Tasogare
05-23-2009, 08:58 PM
The proctor reappeared, ready to announce the results.

"There will be 8 Genin advancing to the next round. Those 8 are........." The crowd waited anxiously. "Gaki, Sabra, Gigen, Aiko, Haruna, Hikaru, Gin, and.......Kin." Chinsei 'woohoo'd in excitement, and everyone looked at him. He cleared his throat. "I mean, good job, team." His team jumped on him, happy with the news. Chou was also pleased, 2 of her students had advanced. Shisui, Akemi, and Tansei were not so happy, as only one from their respective teams had moved on.

"The Genin will have a month to recuperate and train, seeing as their abilities have been seen during this round. You may return to the village." She disappeared, and the others stood around, giving congratulations to those who had advanced, and then proceeded to head back to the village.

05-23-2009, 09:40 PM
"So I'm the only one that made it from my team...No surprise there."

Akemi turned her attention to Haruna. "What do you mean?"

The turquoise-haired kunoichi gave her teacher an emotionless stare. "Isamu has never been a team player and attacked without thinking about how his actions would affect his teammates. Kyou gave up when things barely even got started. And it isn't just our team that was no surprise." She glanced at each genin in turn. "Sabra, Gaki and I worked together like--to use a bad cliche here--a well oiled machine. Hikaru could have let that mist ninja fall into my water and drown, but he didn't. Then he protected Gin when Gaki went after her, and the two of them came up with a plan--a somewhat vague plan, but a plan none-the-less--to defeat us. The only thing resembling teamwork Suteneko did was pulling Isamu out of the hole. Aiko and Gigen were atleast doing the sensible thing and trying to take out the genjutsu user first so their team couldn't be trapped in an illusion. Kin helped her team to victory. The rest of them didn't show much of anything at all, except maybe Zen, but the eight slots were already filled up with other more deserving genin." She blinked twice and looked back at her sensei. "If you will excuse me, I must use the lavatory."

Chinsei and Akemi watched the green-eyed girl limp off.

"What's up with her?" the brunet queried.

"She's actually like this most of the time, believe it or not. Fighting and Isamu are the only things that I've seen her react to much." The female jounin rubbed her eyes. "I used to hang around the academy on my off days. She was like this even back then. When the kids were given time to play, she could be seen hanging from a tree doing crunches while reading a book."


"Hey! Haruna, was it?"

The turquoise-haired girl looked up from her copy of "Blades and Hooks: Choosing the right weapon" and gave the two smaller girls a blank look. "Yes. What is it?"

"Would you like to come play a game with us?"

The psychic's daughter returned her attention to the book and began doing crunches. "No. It makes more sense to use this time to train. We are meant to use up as much energy as possible, but it is less logical to run around like some idiot than it is to work towards improvement."

"Are you calling us idiots!?"

"My, my..." she replied with a monotone voice. "You two catch on quickly, don't you? Run along now, little dumb ones. Enjoy your foolish play time."

The two girls huffed and stormed off.


"So who's going to train her?" Chinsei asked.

Akemi shook her head. "I don't really know. Lady Hokage told me to watch Kyou, so I can't do it... I know it should be someone who uses water chakra, but Chou has her own students to train and Kisa will probably want to train Sabra...With Haruna's attitude, I'm not really sure who would want to."

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Nick Tasogare
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05-23-2009, 10:19 PM
Sabra stepped to Akemi's side as her student headed off slowly. "My I ask who Kyou's mother is?" She looked up at the older woman as she spoke. The jonin studied her a moment. "You can ask, but I won't answer. You're too quick to jump to action Sabra. I don't want to hear about you getting yourself in a fight because of something I tell you."

From a few feet away Gaki seemed shocked as he blinked at the reveiling of who would proceed forward. He grinned back at his comrades. Sasoku congradulated him wholeheartedly, but Zen did not seem as pleased with the results as he gave a single word responce and sauntered away with a cold look in his eyes.

The boy was gone from the arena before anyone else that was gathered. Tanshi started to move after him, but his other two students stopped him with questions of what Gaki's new training would entail. It would be a very interesting conversation when next the archer and his sensei meet.

Gin and Kin stood with Chinsei. The man looked down at them. "I'm very proud of you, and Sabra too." His gaze turned to the silver eyed of the two. "Do you have someone who can train you aside from me? I need to continue Kin's training, and I'm afraid I can't handle you both." The blond nodded to him with a confident grin. "Yes sensei, don't worry over it." She turned and hugged her sister tightly.

As she pulled back she patted her twin and then darted off in the direction Haruna had gone. She found the other girl just a couple feet from their destination. "Let me have a look at that leg or yours." She insisted as she moved to help the other girl along. "I know the basics of medicine and medical jutsu. My mother has the intent to have me join her work at the Hospital if I make Chunin." She said as they moved forward.

05-23-2009, 10:42 PM
Aiko smirked. "I see you didn't make it, litter-breath."

"I see you did, Calypso," Suteneko hissed.

"I don't see how that's an insult. You're calling me a sexy, seductive--"

"Manipulative w****," the black-haired girl finished. "You don't deserve that slot."

The magenta eyed girl slapped her teammate. Chou grabbed her hand.

"That's enough of that."

Isamu leaned on the railing and stared out into space. 'Atleast she made it...' He clinched his fists. 'Damn those teammates of mine...We should've won that!'

"We should throw a party," Aiko suggested. "For those of us who are moving on." She gave Suteneko an overly cocky grin.

Nick Tasogare
05-23-2009, 10:47 PM
"I can't believe they passed up my good looks!" "Konomashii, being a Chunin requires skill in battle, not skill in make-up." Gigen retorted. "How the hell did they choose you, Gigen? I'm the one who works the hardest." Hidoi seemed angry that he hadn't made it through. "Can't you two be happy for Gigen?" Their sensei asked. They both gazed coldly at him. "NO!!" 'This is the team I was given?' he thought to himself. The three continued to argue with each other, while Shisui looked over at Chinsei, happy for him and his team.

05-23-2009, 11:09 PM
Kin watched the other genin and the clean up squads as they moved thru the arena area. Her heart was fluttering like she'd been running a long time. She was practically shacking as she tried to piece together what she should do next. It wasn't something she'd been truely perpared for, she'd hoped yes, but didn't expect to actually make it into the final round.

"Sensei," she turned to him, "Thank you." Chinsei looked at her like she'd grown a second head, "What for?" The girl giggled and hugged him for a second time that day then ran over to Sabra. The girl was staring at the ground with concern in her face. "What's the matter Sab? We all get to move to the last test." The blond said as she studied her friend's features. "It's not about the test Kin." That was all the girl said as she suddenly strided toward where Tanshi and his team were.

Kin looked to Akemi for answers, but the jonin just shrugged. "I don't know what she's thinking Kin, best to just wait and find out. I have to leave for the Medical ward, Kyou should be almost ready to be taken home." The older woman said as she waved the genin off and turned to the remaining member of her squad for a quick word.

"Tanshi," Sabra addressed the tall man as she approached, he turned to her immediately and smiled warmly down at her. "Congradulations Sabra-chan, excellent work." He chimed at her while Sasoku made a comment behind his hand to Gaki that Sabra couldn't quite hear. "What was that a minute ago with Akemi." The pink haired genin demanded.

Tanshi sighed, "I presumed Sabra. I know little about the woman or her students. She's the closest person to the child that I know of with fire chakra, it was automatic." He knelted before her and laid hands on her shoulders. "You don't know how strict some sensei's can be. Most genin are lucky, but some aren't. I know it offended you both, but I had to see her reaction." He told her with a very hard stare into her eyes.

The girl looked down at his wrists as he held her there. "Is that why you always have bandages on under your uniform?" She questioned sharply." The man closed his eyes and refused answer as he stood and shook his head at her. "Such questions are not for one so young. Now would you like me to accompany you home so your mother can learn the good news?" He asked very careful of his wording with the tempermental girl.

"No, I'll go home after my team has made it's plans." Sabra turned from him, sparing a glance to Gaki who grinned at her as if in some kind of challenge. The girl spun on her heel and strided away from the males. Kin followed her as she passed and they returned to Chinsei. "Sensei I ask to be allowed to train alone for this. My mother is quite busy at this time, and I don't want to burden either of you with my own needs." She said abruptly as she stood before her jonin, and awaited his responce.

Nick Tasogare
05-23-2009, 11:25 PM
"Well, I suppose, if that's what you want, Sabra. I can talk to your mother, she'd probably be happy t----" "No, I wish to train on my own." She turned and walked away. 'She sure is a strange one.' he thought to himself.

"Kin, we will start training in 3 days, you need time to rest, and regain your strength." He smiled at her, and glanced at Sabra as she walked away. Kin had already been watching her as she walked away, feeling odd about the situation. "O-ok, sensei." "Let's get back to the village, ok?" She nodded, and they, along with Gin, followed the other groups out of the arena.

05-23-2009, 11:28 PM
"Hey! Wait!" Aiko stopped Sabra. "Come on, let's have a party! We need a little time to relax before training picks back up. Just one night of us genin, some music, and food. What do you say?"

Sabra looked behind the other kunoichi. Most of the other genin besides the mist and sand ninja were standing behind her. Isamu was blushing slightly as he glanced at Gin and looked away.

"Come on, it'll be fun!"

"It's going to be at my house so the finalists and ninja from other villages don't have to stress as much," Isamu stated.


((I left it open in case you want Sabra to decline))

05-23-2009, 11:38 PM
Haruna blinked at Gin as the blonde healed her leg. "Thank you for this. Although I must say, your actions are illogical. Why not save your energy for something more important? My leg would have been fine."

"Logical, shmogical...Somethings and life don't go how you would think logically. Take for example Isamu...He's a sexist, egotistical womanizer. And yet, he's blushing and keeps giving me these weird looks." Gin pulled her hands away and leaned back. "Why don't you take a chance and go to this...party thing those guys are planning. Enjoy yourself for once."

05-23-2009, 11:45 PM
Gin finished with the other girl's leg then excused herself from the room to leave the other genin to her own thoughts. Gin had returned to her team before the Aiko had approached them, her eyes held questions and her twin wondered if her conversations with Haruna hadn't gone as expected when the other blond had dashed off. The siblings looked to their leader as they waited for her to respond to the other genins. Gin spared a glance at Isamu as she waited on Sabra's answer and he looked away with a blush.

"Well..." Sabra considered it a moment. "If you two want to go you can, I think I'll," she was cut off as someone grabbed her hand. "She'll have to take a raincheck on that. I need to borrow her a second." Gaki said as he appeared at the pink haired girl's side. Sabra blinked at him in surprise. She could practically feel the death glares she knew her team were giving the boy as he held her fingers lightly.

Before the two could object Sabra waved them off and let the black haired boy lead her away. Chinsei watched it happen and glared at Tanshi as if the other man had something to do with it. The other jonin raised his hands in a defencive gesture as if to ward off the gravity user's wrath. He turned and hurried Sasoku on out of the arena to avoid a confrontation that he knew would come if the other man suspected he had any control over the Hyuuga boy.

Gin and Kin watched their friend vanish down the hallway and around a corner to who knows where with one of their most hated people. The two looked practically ready to pounce, but spoke. "A party would be a nice change." "Yeah we can go somewhere fun and congradulate ourselves on good work." They said as they faked smiles at the other group.

05-24-2009, 12:40 AM
Gaki lead the kunichi away down a couple of turns before facing her. "About earlier," he started to as and recieved a quick slap before he could get more out. The boy went with the motion automatically to reduce the damage. "Hey, what was that for?" He demanded as he meet her eyes.

The mint green orbs burned at him as Sabra set her shoulders like she was ready for a fight. "What has gotten into you?" She glared at him with a searing look. "First you save me from a hidious fall, then you work with me like nothing's happened in the arena, then you corner me and kiss me, and now you drag me away infront of everyone to have a 'talk'! Are you trying to confuse me?" Her voice was deep with anger at the boy so blinked at her.

"Confuse you?" He raised a brow at her as if she'd truely lost it. "Why in the world would I be trying to confuse you? What would I have to gain from that?" He straightened and rubbed his cheek for the second time that day. "I don't know you'd have to tell me," Sabra hissed to him darkly as she took a couple of steps back.

"Can't I try to do anything nice to you?" Gaki questioned her. That threw the girl off guard. "What do you mean nice?" The boy shook his head. "You can't be that blind..." He murmured under his breath. "Sabra I saved you from a fall that might had killed you. I thought that might had changed something, that's why I cornered you before. You ended up doing this same thing to me, you snapped and slapped me. What was I supposed to do ignore you? Let you storm off mad at me again? I'm trying to put our differences aside."

The pink haired girl stared at him dumbfounded. "Change things?" She whispered out as she let her hands relax at her sides. She looked away a second as if considering what he'd said. Ruby was starring up at her master from the girl's shirt. The animal didn't seem to know how to behave for once. It wasn't often that happened, the pet could sense Sabra's emotions, which ment that the girl was lost as to what action to take as well.

Finally the kunichi meet Gaki's eyes. "Maybe you don't understand just how much it would take to change things... Ever sense I ment you you've behavied like nothing but a spoiled selfish brat who's only out for his own gain. Why would I even give you the time of day to try to change things. Everytime my team sees yours you have to trade insults back and forth with us. You've been harassing my only real friend's sense before I even meet you all. Why would one short day be enough to put that aside, much less all the things that have happened between use before now? How can you even begin to talk like that?" The girl spoke swiftly as if wanting to say it all before she changed her mind.

Gaki took a halfstep away at the heat in her words as the young woman moved toward him subconsciously while she talked. She didn't realize she was moving forward until after she stopped and was practically standing on him. The two were facing meer inches apart and Sabra, was mad at him again. This couldn't be good for what he was trying to do.

"Is that it? Is that what I have to do?" He asked as he moved back enough to be able to breath easy. "You want me to be nice to the twins? Is that what you're asking me to do?" Gaki said as he watched her like a man watches a tiger, ready to move if it pounces, but not willing to do anything until it does.

The girl gapped at him, she started to speak then stopped. Sabra shook her head making her pink ponytail whip back and forth, drawing his gaze to it instead of her face. "No, I mean yes. Dammit, Gaki I don't know what I want you to do. I don't know what is up with you anymore. You're being strange, and I just want you to stay away from me until you know what you're thinking so that I don't have to try and figure it out." Her voice was firm, but it didn't match her body language as she started to step away and turn around.

The boy reached for her as she started to leave. "I don't want to do that." He said as he touched her shoulder. The kunichi reacted this time like she should have earlier. She spun on her heel and grabbed his arm as she used her other foot to strike his ankles and cause him to fall forward. The girl was on top of him with her knee on his back one of his arms pinned at the wrist under it a hand on his head and the other holding his other arm up behind him where it would difficult to struggle free.

"Sabra!" She heard someone shout and looked down the hall to see Kyou, Akemi and Chinsei staring at her as she held the pin on the Hyuuga boy. Kyou looked worried and ducked behind Akemi as if she would protect him. Akemi seemed shocked and Chinsei was staring at her with an unreadable gaze. The girl cursed under her breath and sighed.

Nick Tasogare
05-24-2009, 12:54 AM
Chinsei looked from Gaki, who seemed dazed and confused, to Sabra, who had an uncomfortable smile on her face. "Sabra.....? What's goin' on?" he said with a quirky tone. "Oh, I was just showing Gaki how i subdue my opponents when they get too close." "Riiight..... Well, go on, I guess." He led Akemi and Kyou in the opposite direction. Akemi's face still showed complete shock, while Kyou was staring at them, like he was scared of what they were really doing.

"Chinsei, I thought they hated each other." "They do, Akemi, trust me." "So what the hell was---" "Please....don't ask me. I'll tell you when I figure it out for myself." They continued walking until they ran into their squads. "Chinsei-sensei, what's wrong?" They didn't even need to activate their visual abilities to see something was up. "Oh, nothing, don't worry. I do, however, have presents for both of you." They looked up at him, curious and excited at the same time.

"When do we get them?!" They shouted at him simultaneously. "You can have them tomorrow morning, once you've rested after the party you guys are going to. I think you'll like them." He smiled teasingly at them. He saw the gleam in their eyes as they looked at each other.

05-24-2009, 01:19 AM
"How you handle opponets that get too close..." Gaki mumbled into the floor as the girl leanded down over him, digging her knee into his arm and back. "I don't want to see you again anytime soon." She hissed into his ear before rising off of him in one smooth motion and turning her back on the boy.

Gaki rose to his knees and stretched the parts she'd been so creul to. His arm throbed where she'd put her whole weight on top of it for a moment there. Looking up her back at the girl he saw Ruby on her shoulder watching him. The pet made a single hissing sound at him then vanished toward the girl's front. "Can't I at least try?" The boy asked quietly.

Sabra hadn't moved, and didn't respond for some time. Letting the silence hang in the air for a while. "You can try, that doesn't mean it will get you anywhere." She waltzed away from him without looking back, he followed her slowly after standing. He watched her ponytail waving back and forth as she headed for where she'd last seen the other genin.

As they rounded a bend and spotted the others Sabra stopped abruptly. "You're not coming with me to the party." She stated without looking back. "But you said I could try," Gaki reminded her. "Yeah, sometimes other then today. It wouldn't be good for your health to push me right now... And tell your sensei that if he even thinks about having us train together he'll be in a very sore spot with me before it's over." The girl spared him a glance before striding off after the group.

Gaki watched her go and leaned against the wall of the building. "Now I know how he feels..." He murmured to no one in perticular as he thought of the trouble his sensei had been having with the girl and her mother. The Hyuuga brought his hand up to his cheek and then pulled back sharply. Leaning over a fountian nearby he could see his reflection in the metal and heaved a sigh. She'd left him with a bruise some time in the course of events. He hadn't seriously thought the kunichi had struck him that hard.

Sabra joined the group of genin, without drawing much attention to herself. She saw the two people who seemed to worry too much about their looks glance at her, and Gaki before he was out of their side. She quirked an eyebrow at them as they turned and laughed a silent joke to eachother, but didn't ask. She just followed the others, not really wanting to talk to anyone at the moment. They went as a group on into town and had to stop and deside where they would all go, which quickly resulted in some differing opinions over food.

05-24-2009, 07:05 AM
After they walked for a little bit, Isamu stopped suddenly and faced the other genin.

"What's up?" Aiko asked.

He started rubbing the back of his head. "Er...I just remembered that my brother is home..."

The group gave him a puzzled look. "So?"

"He's a big fashion buff and goes even crazier about appearances than everyone here combined. If any of you don't want him to bathe you and give you new clothes after throwing your old ones in the trash, you may want to stop by your house and clean up."

Almost everyone immediately ran off. Only Kyou remained with the boy.

"Meet me back here in an hour!" the brunet called after them. "Come on, Kyou...Just remember we were by the old playground when everyone separated, okay?"

The two of them went to Isamu's house and knocked on the door. There was a pause, and then the door slid open to reveal a man almost identical to Isamu. He was about seven inches taller and dressed in a black formal suit.

The male looked them up and down. "Ew. You two looked like you haven't bathed in days and were in a forest for atleast one of them."

Isamu rubbed his face. "That's because we just came from the chunin exams."

"Oh. Did you pass?"

"No, but some friends of ours are going to the finals and we wanted to congradulate them with a party."

"Great!" He pulled Kyou into the house by the wrist. "Come on, little one. I'll make you look FABULOUS~!!!"

Chidori Shuriken
05-24-2009, 07:36 AM
How can I join?

05-24-2009, 07:57 AM
Sabra returned home quietly entering the sitting room with her sandels off. Kisa looked up at her from the small table. "Welcome home. I see you're not hurt so does that mean things went well with the test?" The woman waited as her daughter closed the door. "Well the twins made it." She said softly, then started toward the next room.

"Wait, what about you?" Kisa said starting to get up. "Nah, but that's okay. I'll be helping them train for the next month or so. It's okay don't worry about it." The girl disappeared into the hall that lead to her bedroom.

Tanshi stepped from the kitchen into the sitting room as Kisa looked toward him. "Why did she lie?" The young man asked as he looked down at Kisa from where he stood. "I don't know... You're sure her name was called?" "Yes, her's and everyone else on her team." The rose haired woman looked into her tea cup as if the stone might answer her question.

"Best not to question it with young ones dears." Sheu told the couple as she entered the room from a side door. "The girl has alot on her mind, she probly just wants to be left alone and so didn't want you fussing over her training." The old woman said comfortingly.


Gin and Kin were in their room changing. "How's your back sis?" Gin asked as she slid on a lavender sleeveless tank top, it matched her tan pants well. "Sore, but fine. The medic's said the injuries weren't anything to worry over, mostly bruises." Kin wenched despite her words as she pulled on a white blouse that went nicely with her black bell cut slacks.

Gin grabbed a green clip and pulled her hair to the side before snatching up a small yellow wallet and waiting at the door. Kin pulled her hair up into a tall ponytail with a violet scruncy, and then grabbed her purple purse off the dresser. They left the house again without a word to their parents, they pretty much had free reign of their lives.


Sabra stood before her mirror in the house. Her hair was down, falling in loose damp waves down past her shoulders and almost to the small of her back. Her nice skirt was a deep chocolate color and flared out at her hips before ending above the knee. The halter top that she had on was a deep minty green that brought out her eyes. She had a light creamy white shawl pulled around her neck and Ruby peeked out from under it to stare at the reflect in the mirror as her master found her peach colored handbag.


As the three girls meet up part way to the playground they chattered about nonesense like what they were hoping to eat along the way. It was when the trio approached the waiting group of guys and girls that they realize how different they must of looked. Isamu kept looking between the two blonds till they got close enough for him to make out eye color. The other boys at least seemed to take notice. That was good sign right?

They supposed clean and changed they really must of been a sight. It wasn't often you even saw the twins in different clothes, usually they tried to be as identical as possible. It was part of their tactic system, but not tonight. Even the trio's shoes weren't their norm, black high heels on Gin, grey flats on Kin, and soft brown leather sandles on Sabra.

"What you lot thought we didn't have any sense of style or what?" Gin asked as they joined the gathering. "We did play dress up when we were little like normal people." Kin added. Sabra kept quiet as she looked at Kyou and smiled. Ruby stared across the group from her hiding place, this was just weird to the creature.

Chidori Shuriken
05-24-2009, 08:12 AM

05-24-2009, 08:41 AM
First you really need to have read all the way thru, preferably. Then you can try sending us a sample of your writing, it's mainly just three of us that do the primary story. We're pretty serious about it so if you're thinking you want to join bursh up on your writing first.

I don't think we were planing on anyone joining during this round of the story, but we've already completed one thread, I imagine this one will move equally fast. We'll be welcoming new people when we get to starting the next one.

Sensei : Riku Arashi
05-24-2009, 08:47 AM
First you really need to have read all the way thru, preferably. Then you can try sending us a sample of your writing, it's mainly just three of us that do the primary story. We're pretty serious about it so if you're thinking you want to join bursh up on your writing first.

I don't think we were planing on anyone joining during this round of the story, but we've already completed one thread, I imagine this one will move equally fast. We'll be welcoming new people when we get to starting the next one.

well i would like 2 join and nick tasogare told me whem u guys start another story i could join

oh and i have read all the way thru aand i enjoy writing stories

05-24-2009, 08:58 AM
I don't actually know when the next one will start, but it's only been about ten days sense this one did and we're this far already, so it shouldn't be too long.

Sensei : Riku Arashi
05-24-2009, 08:59 AM
I don't actually know when the next one will start, but it's only been about ten days sense this one did and we're this far already, so it shouldn't be too long.

ok thanks nick told me he would pm me when the next one started but thanks for the info

Nick Tasogare
05-24-2009, 12:14 PM
The three girls noticed Shisui's team instantly, because of how Konomashii was dressed. He had greased his bleached hair back with gel, and put some subtle make-up on to bring out his blue eyes. He wore a white dress shirt underneath a blue cotton vest, and he had deep black shorts that went to an inch below his knees. He also had dazzlingly bright white sneakers. He flashed a smile at the girls, trying to decide which one he would escort into the party.

Hidoi was nothing special tonight. He hadn't done anything special with his hair, and he was wearing just a plain yellow shirt with 3 buttons at the neck and tan colored pants. He began to think what he had done wrong in the Exams.

Gigen was so flashy, being the joker of the group. He had put his half pink and half blonde hair in an incredible fashion. He had used gel to spike it up, twirling each hair as it went up, creating a pink and blonde spiral. He was wearing a dressy button up white shirt with a joker card on the front, and a red shirt underneath, He wore sparkling white pants that seemed to outshine Konomashii's teeth, which nobody thought was possible. He had on his signature rainbow shoes, even though they clashed with his outfit. They stood waiting to go into the party with the others.

05-24-2009, 02:02 PM
Isamu tugged once on the black jacket he wore over a clean red shirt, similar to the one he wore before. He wore black slacks and dress shoes. For once, he did not wear bandages over his arms and legs.

Kyou was in a fresh lavendar dress that covered his feet. It scrunched at the bust and poofed out ever so slightly at the waist to make him look more curvy and feminine than before. His long purple hair was tied up.

Their teammate turned up a few minutes later in a blue dress that ended halfway below her knees and split up to her hip. She wore black leggings that went just below her knees underneath. The sleeves of her dress went to her elbows. Her hands were covered with her normal gloves and her necklace was around her neck as usual. Some of the kunoichi's turquoise hair was in a loose bun; the rest hung down down limply.

When he showed up, Hikaru looked more like a vampire than his teacher. He wore a white, long-sleeved dress shirt with a black vest and a pair of onyx slacks. His feet were covered in black dress shoes. There was a cape as dark as his hair around his shoulders to complete the look.

Aiko and Suteneko came next. The cat-girl was in a slender black dress and high-heels. She looked bathed, but other wise the same. There wasn't much she could do with such short hair. Her pink-haired teammate was in a magenta, low-cut minidress. She put her hair in dreads and pulled them back into a ponytail. Her feet were bare, but she wore an anklet with brown beads.

05-24-2009, 03:11 PM
Sabra waited to see where they were going before infultrating the pack of genin as they began to move. She walked next to Kyou, looking him over with a hint of amuzement in her face. "A pretty little princess tonight?" She questioned softly. The boy nodded and his beautiful yellow bird cooed at the girl in responce.

Gin walked with the group like she was a leader, even if she wasn't. It made it obvious that she knew just how well she cleaned up. Kin was not as confident but she wasn't exactly hiding in back either. She strolled along just behind the first few members of the gathering.

A careful eye watched them from a street shop as they passed. The boy moved to follow them all. His white hair was let to be loose and his teal eyes were set in a mode of questioning as to why they were all together. His training cloths had been discarded and replaced with a light blue button up and plain grey pants. His bow and quiver where nowhere to be found, but there was still as pair of daggers at his hips held by a black leather belt. Zen rarely looked so casual, and ignored the glances of girls that noticed him. He wasn't interested in such things at this time. He followed a few yards behind the group.

Chidori Shuriken
05-24-2009, 03:14 PM
I guess I'll join the next one. PM me when it starts.

Nick Tasogare
05-24-2009, 03:14 PM
gee, thanks for inviting yourself to join....lol

Chidori Shuriken
05-24-2009, 03:18 PM
Actually I talked to Sabra.

Nick Tasogare
05-24-2009, 03:26 PM
As the Genin walked towards Isamu's house, they were all talking about the party. "I wonder which one of these chicks is gonna ask me to be their date first." Konomashii glanced at all the girls there, and flashed a smile at Gigen. "Whatever, Konomashii. You might be a little off-putting to them, seeing how you use a little more make-up than they do." "Its all part of the process, naive little Gigen." Gigen scoffed at him, and looked forward. Hidoi was walking behind his team, sulking, and everyone kept looking at him, amazed that all he cared about was the Exams.

The others stayed with their respective groups, except for Konomashii, who walked over to all the attractive girls, to see if they wanted a date. He had been turned down so much that he decided to take it that he was just too good for them, and would act as eye candy at the party.

Nick Tasogare
05-24-2009, 03:36 PM
Actually I talked to Sabra.

well she did tell you we need a sample of writing, correct? so we need that before say whether you can join it or not.

Chidori Shuriken
05-24-2009, 03:37 PM
[quote="Chidori Shuriken":2iancnc6]Actually I talked to Sabra.

well she did tell you we need a sample of writing, correct? so we need that before say whether you can join it or not.[/quote:2iancnc6]
So what do I need to write about?

Nick Tasogare
05-24-2009, 03:39 PM
just pm th three of us a post about a character you have in mind or sumthing

05-24-2009, 03:39 PM
Isamu's brother, Itsuki, answered the door. The tall brunet looked over the group of genin.

"Oh. My. Gosh. You all look fabulous." The he caught eye of Hidoi. "Well, I supose you're okay. But the rest of you are fabulous. Especially, Kyou. But that's a no brainer because I dressed him!" He beamed. "Okay, come in!"

The genin filed into the darkened house. There were balloons on the walls and dance lights everywhere. Rave music was playing in the corner of the room and the furniture was arranged in an open square.

"Nii-san did this all himself," Isamu commented. "He's not such a great ninja, but he's pretty awesome when it comes to many other things."

Aiko jumped to the seating square immediately. "Let's play spin the bottle!" she said, pointing to the table in the center.

"I'll go get a bottle!" Itsuki sang.

05-24-2009, 03:40 PM
[quote="Nick Tasogare":3q69lq37][quote="Chidori Shuriken":3q69lq37]Actually I talked to Sabra.

well she did tell you we need a sample of writing, correct? so we need that before say whether you can join it or not.[/quote:3q69lq37]
So what do I need to write about?[/quote:3q69lq37]

Write about what character you might want to play and PM it to one of or all of us to reveiw. Have some background and make sure to know what they will look like.

If you check my first post in the older roleplay thread you'll see an example of how you might want to do it. Just a couple paragraphs of them doing some everyday activity could be good.

Chidori Shuriken
05-24-2009, 03:42 PM
Hey, this sounds fun. Could you give me a link to the other roleplay thread?

Nick Tasogare
05-24-2009, 03:45 PM
it started here, just my, sabra, viollette, and viceroys post

Chidori Shuriken
05-24-2009, 03:48 PM
So, I'll look through, create a character, and send it to you guys. But what do you guys want the subject to be? I can't just send a character story blank, you know. PM me a topic to start up and I'll finish it with my writing skills.

Nick Tasogare
05-24-2009, 03:49 PM
well thats the point, come up with a good topic as well, and show us your character

Chidori Shuriken
05-24-2009, 03:50 PM
Okay, but should I be a Jonin, Genin, Chunin?

05-24-2009, 03:51 PM
Sabra bowed out of the spin the bottle idea even as the twins tried to pulled her down to the forming circle. She backstepped and felt a strong chest as she did. The startled girl looked behind her to find Zen there, his hands on her shoulders to steady her. He felt warm, and looked more different then she'd ever seen him.

"May I come in?" He asked softly, still in the dorrway. Aiko waved him on in before Sabra could respond. The archer set the kunichi to steady footing without another word and moved into the house to observe what was happening. As Itsuki returned the genin politely introduced himself and was quickly hurried into the bottle circle.

Gaki and Sasoku stood outside. They'd seen the group, and even their teammate while they passed thru town. "What in the world are they doing?" Gaki asked as they heard the music. "I think it's called having fun you dimwit." The red head said as he lightly smacked the other boy in the shoulder. The Hyuuga glared at him and approached the house.

Itsuki was about to close the door when you spotted the two boys. He ran out of the building and up to them. "Oh my gosh, this just won't do at all. You two are coming with me, you don't get to join the other's till I'm done." Gaki blinked his strange white eyes at the man like he was insane. The ginger raised a brow and his azule eyes stared at the man before them.

Before they could really respond the older male had grabbed them by the shoulders and steered them around the side of the house to an alternative door. He pushed them into a room and told them to strip down for a bath, which resulted in the two looking to eachother and asking what they'd just gotten into.

Nick Tasogare
05-24-2009, 03:53 PM
Okay, but should I be a Jonin, Genin, Chunin?

it doesnt matter, sabra is a genin, me and viollette are jonin senseis; so it would ift for you to be a ghunin i guess

05-24-2009, 03:55 PM
Get creative. I turn out characters faster then a waterwheel spins so I guess it's easier for me, but just go and think about it for a bit, I'll go find that thread post from the roleplay one, and add it to this post for you to go to.

It's about three post in on this page. viewtopic.php?f=15&t=3050&start=20 (http://naruto.viz.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=3050&start=20) Just a quick one paragraph intro, but it should give you the general idea of what we mean. Try to do about 3 times that length for your submission.

Chidori Shuriken
05-24-2009, 03:56 PM
Okay, my guy'll be a Chunin.

So I read the last few paragraphs that Sabra did, and my guy'll be the older male's son. A Chunin named Rakoi.

So can I play this guy or what? I'll send you guys a PM if you agree to my character.

Nick Tasogare
05-24-2009, 03:57 PM
what older guy? the older guy is one of the genins bros isamus bro

Chidori Shuriken
05-24-2009, 04:00 PM
Okay then, I'll be Rakoi not the guys son or whatever...

I just don't know where to join in or how I should...

Nick Tasogare
05-24-2009, 04:00 PM
just pm us sumthin about raiko

05-24-2009, 04:00 PM
what older guy? the older guy is one of the genins bros isamus bro

I think he means Tanshi. It's ganna have to be more thought out then that. PM any one of us with a couple of paragraphs, maybe something about how they went to the shop to pick up a new set of weapons of something, maybe a short on their last mission. Heck even about them having dinner will do. Be creative and inventive.

Ninja Kitten
05-24-2009, 04:01 PM
meow...hey nick can i be tenshi to take moon's place

Chidori Shuriken
05-24-2009, 04:02 PM
Okay, I'll get started on that PM... If I do bad, feel free to give a little advice.

Nick Tasogare
05-24-2009, 04:02 PM
meow...hey nick can i be tenshi to take moon's place

tenshi kinda got written outta the story i think oops lol

05-24-2009, 04:02 PM
Okay then, I'll be Rakoi not the guys son or whatever...

I just don't know where to join in or how I should...

That's kind of why we've been turning people down so fast, as quickly as our story is developing it's almost impossible to inject someone new into the mix and have it make sense. Really you'll probly have to wait till our next round, even if your writing is really good that will still probly be how things will have to go.

Ninja Kitten
05-24-2009, 04:03 PM
[quote="Ninja Kitten":2xpscpbl]meow...hey nick can i be tenshi to take moon's place

tenshi kinda got written outta the story i think oops lol[/quote:2xpscpbl]
Meow...doesn't bother me but can i take moon's place any way

05-24-2009, 04:04 PM
[quote="Ninja Kitten":i9hjpebl]meow...hey nick can i be tenshi to take moon's place

tenshi kinda got written outta the story i think oops lol[/quote:i9hjpebl]

Yeah he kinda did. Complete accidental I assure you, but that happens sometimes. We move really fast and those that fall behind have a tendency to get left in the dust so to speak. It's what happens sometimes.

Chidori Shuriken
05-24-2009, 04:04 PM
I know I'd have to join the next round from the start. Well, I'm going to make the PM now.

Ninja Kitten
05-24-2009, 04:05 PM
[quote="Ninja Kitten":24ep3u5h]meow...hey nick can i be tenshi to take moon's place

tenshi kinda got written outta the story i think oops lol

Yeah he kinda did. Complete accidental I assure you, but that happens sometimes. We move really fast and those that fall behind have a tendency to get left in the dust so to speak. It's what happens sometimes.[/quote:24ep3u5h]
Meow..as previously stated it doesn't bother me

05-24-2009, 04:07 PM
Great now that that's all cleared up let the plot march on!

Nick Tasogare
05-24-2009, 04:23 PM
tanks god, we just have to wait for V to come back :P

05-24-2009, 04:25 PM
Yes and her plans for us should be quite entertaining, in the mean time youtube is win.

Nick Tasogare
05-24-2009, 04:25 PM
lol, ive been goin on facebook

Chidori Shuriken
05-24-2009, 04:28 PM
I sent my thing, somehow it got deleted so I had to wip up another but the first one was better... For now, just give me some tips on the one I sent you.

05-24-2009, 04:36 PM
I'll send you what I think in PM to keep the thread cleaner.

05-24-2009, 05:12 PM
"Hmmm...I'm thinking for you, a white t-shirt, black leather jacket, and jean shorts. Something simple and comfrotable. Not as formal as the others, maybe, but it will still be good."

Itsuki shoved the mentioned clothing into Gaki's hands and shooed him off to go dress. Sasoku stood beside the designer in nothing but a towel. The redhead shivered.

"For you, a blue collared shirt that will bring out your eyes and some khaki shorts." The brunet pulled the items down and handed them to the other male.

Back in the party room, the genin were laughing.

"Kyou again!" Aiko cackled as Konomashii leaned forward. There was a pained expression on the male's face as the crossdresser pressed his lips to the other boy's.

Kyou reached forward and grabbed the bottle. A flick of his wrist sent it spinning. It began slowing down and looked like it was about to point to Haruna when it suddenly sped up again. This time, it stopped on Zen.

"I sense cheating at this table," he grumbled, glaring at the other genin around.

"Suck it up, arrow-head," Hikaru replied with a smirk.

Zen and Kyou kissed, and then the bottle was in motion once again. It slowed to a stop on Isamu. The two boys got it over with and then Isamu took his turn. The bottle stopped on Gin. The brunet did a little victory dance inside his head as he bent forward. Gin broke the kiss quickly and took her spin. The bottle pointed to Kin. The twins shrugged and pecked each other on the cheek.

"Wait...You mean all this time it didn't have to be on the lips!?" Konomashii wore a look of complete and utter horror.

"Myaaa~Yep. You guys are just dips***s, myaaa~" Suteneko giggled.

Kin's turn landed on Hikaru. The male kissed her on the forehead and the blonde kissed his chin. The brunet spun the bottle hard. After ten full turns, it stopped suddenly on Haruna.

"Now I know there's cheating at this table," Zen muttered.

Hikaru gave him an innocent look before placing his hands on either side of the turquoise-haired girl's face and locking lips with her. They stayed like that for almost twenty seconds when Konomashii informed them that it was time to move on.

The psychic's daughter blushed and spun the bottle. It pointed to the pale-haired genin. She pecked him quickly on the nose and leaned back. The male took his turn next. The game continued on for a bit, and then the excitement really started. Aiko's spin stopped on Gigen. All went quiet.

"Hell no," the pink-haired girl growled.

"Myaaa~You have to do it," Suteneko said, smirking.

"I won't."

"Myaaa~If you don't do it, we'll pin you to the ground and write 'W****' on your forehead with permanent marker, myaaa~"


Aiko leaned across the table and pressed her lips to Gigen's. The joker noticed the difference between the real girl and her genjutsu automatically. The illusion's lips had felt rough and cold as ice. The real deal's felt soft, smooth, and warm. He was surprised to find the kunoichi wasn't very skilled at kissing. He had expected someone to use so many techniques involving affection to have had lots of practice.

The two genjutsu users broke apart and slumped into their seats.

"...Just so you know...That was my first kiss, and you just made me give it up to my worst enemy," Aiko growled.

05-24-2009, 05:28 PM
Before Gaki was allowed to leave the room the older man threw him a chain to do around his waist and gave him a thumbs up before tending to Sasoku, who appearently couldn't get his collar as straight as the designer demanding it to be.

The black haired boy stood in the doorway to the room, unnoticed just yet. Sabra's back was to him, but that allowed him a good stare at her lovely hair. He'd been fasinated by that hair for a long time. He looked over the other people there to see Zen standing up from the circle. He was saying something about that he wasn't going to let cheating get the best of him when there were other things just as interesting to do.

Gaki watched the white haired member of his team approach Sabra with a charming smile. He took her hand and bowed at the waist as he asked the girl to dance. The Hyuuga felt something well up in him that could only be jeliousy as he watched the young woman move onto a clear space in the floor with his fellow genin. The other boy shot him a quick look and an arrogant smirk. This was revenge? No it couldn't be, could it? It burned Gaki's pride as he watched the other boy draw his pink haired objective into a closer dance.

Sasoku joined his companion at the door, but was almost immediately pulled away by Neko who said they needed one more in the circle to continue. The ginger grined at the twins on either side of him. "Hey I didn't know you two could look so delicate." They laughed at him. "We didn't think you could look so human." "Yeah or give compliments, even if they are backhanded." They replied as the bottle spun.

Gaki felt a twitch starting in his cheek as he watched his teammate with Sabra, spin her around and then dip her over like he'd done it a thousand times. The boy raked an angre hand thru his hair and turned from the scene heading into the house in search of something to drink. Maybe by the time he returned he wouldn't have to watch his 'friend' with the girl that Zen knew he liked. It was infuriating.

05-24-2009, 05:48 PM
Gigen's spin landed on Suteneko. The next turn stopped on Sasoku. Everything was perfectly fine until the redhead's spin. As the bottle began slowing to a stop, Itsuki entered the circle and sat down.

"How is everyone?"


The brunet looked at the ginger with a puzzled expression. Then he looked at the table and noticed the bottle stopped on him.

Itsuki shrugged. "Well...That's life." He leaned forward.

Sasoku leapt up. "NO WAY!!! NO!!! I AM NOT KISSING A MAN!!!"

"Dude, if I had to kiss that--that--thing," Aiko shouted, shaking a finger at Gigen, "then you most certainly have to kiss a man!"

"Myaaa~Anyone who opts out of a kiss gets pinned down and has 'W****' written on their face," Suteneko stated.

"I'd like to see you try!"


All the kunoichi at the table pounced on the ginger at once.

Nick Tasogare
05-24-2009, 05:53 PM
Konomashii kept being turned down when he requested a dance. He then caught site of Sabra's flowing hair. He walked over, and asked if he could cut in. "I don't think so, kiddo. She's dancin' with me." "No, I'll dance with you, Konomashii." She switched partners.

Gaki witnessed this and flew into a rage. he struck at Zen first, and turned towards Konomashii. "What the Hell, Gaki!?!" "Do you really want to know?" She nodded at him, her eyes wide with curiosity. "I like you, dammit, I like you!! Can't you get it through your head that the reason I tease you is so that you won't be suspicious until I'm ready to tell you." She looked at him, aand quickly dragged him outside. The other Genin looked on in astonishment. Itsuki began to cry, and Aiko handed him a tissue. He had never seen any child act so in love.