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Village Hidden in the Forest (Morikagure):
Dendo is the Kuzikage of the Villlage. It is a very prosperous village due to the many trees there. It won’t start a war. Unless a village attacked it on purpose.

Kuzikage: Dendo Aroyumi
Age: 33
Description: He was chosen to be Kuzikage at the age of 19. He was chosen to be Kuzikage by a landslide because of his intelligence, bravery, and reasonable. Though he doesn’t make a good ninja he is very powerful. He controls all elements including making himself disappear instantly. He is very assertive plus, very hard to befriend. Only a few have ever became friends with him, though most died in battle trying to protect him.

Team Takeshi
Name: Kobayashi Kazuki (Koba)
Age: 14
Description: Koba is a very powerful ninja with the chakra nature of Earth. He was put on Team Takeshi with Saka, Ryo, and because of his power and determination. Born of the Kazuki Clan he can form Earth into very powerful swords, lances, blades, sabers, and katanas. He is very fast acting, hotheaded, and can be the trustworthiest person in the world. He won’t back down from a fight, or give up hope. His Kekki Genkai is the Sontou. Which can turn the Earth around him into a giant fissure and traps the enemy forever.

Name: Sakamato Miharu (Saka)
Age: 13
Description: Saka is a very intellectual ninja with Water chakra nature. She was put on Team Takeshi with Koba, Ryo, and Mari because of her intelligence and kindness. Born of the Miharu clan she can control water currents and turn them into protective weapons. She will never leave a friend behind and can analyze any situation in a mater of seconds. She can turn a Doomed for Failure fight to a No Sweat Victory. Her Kekki Genkai the Fytanse, she can make water out of thin air.

Name: Mariyura Chiaki (Mari)
Age: 13
Description: Mari is a very social ninja with the Lightning Chakra nature. She was put on Team Takeshi with Koba, Saka, and Rio because of her socialism. She is not a very talented ninja. The only reason she was put on Team Takeshi was because, she could gather Intel better than her team. Born of the Chiaki Clan she can make bolts of lightning and send them towards enemies. She is best when she is partnered with Saka. Even though he doesn’t know it Mari has a huge crush on Cetuon.

Name: Ishimaru Ryou (Rio)
Age: 30
Description: Rio is the leader of Team Takeshi with Koba, Saka and Mari. He is a Special Jonin with the chakra power of Fire and Wind. He was special selected for this team because of his intelligence, strength, and will. Born of the Ryou Clan, he can use his Kekki Genkai the Trensu. Which allows the user to lock-on any target and attack without miss. He is the only friend left of Dendo.

Team Tasreta
Name: Aisata Taserta
Age: 30
Description: The leader of Team Taserta. He is self-absorbed, ignorant, and brave. He is the prodigy of the Taserta Clan because of his is the only ninja in his family. He has control over Fire, Water, and Wind chakra elements. He proclaims to be the best ninja in the Village; his team backs up on that statement. Yet, all the other teams disagree with them, especially Team Takeshi.

Name: Fujii Kazuki
Age: 13
Description: He is Koba’s younger cousin and is the exact opposite of him. He doesn’t care for anyone but himself, and Aisata. He is extremely levelheaded and dark. He has control over Earth. Born of the Kazuki Clan he can form Earth into very powerful swords, lances, blades, sabers, and katanas. He doesn’t get any special treatment being born after Koba and being less successful.

Name: Yuki Kumiko
Age: 13
Description: She is extremely powerful and she is only afraid of one thing. She has control of Fire chakra nature. Since she is a Kumiko she can use Fire to do just bout anything. She can cool to make a bridge or heat it to make a powerful attack. She has a huge crush on Fujii and he is completely clueless about it.

Name: Kojima Kureno
Age: 13
Description: He is a perfect assassin. He hardly ever talks and can never make a mistake. He is very dark and mysterious. He has control over Fire, and Shadows. Born of the Kureno Clan he has the power to make shadows burn at 1000 degrees. He will never give up a chance to see someone die in his hands, even his own teammates.

Zantu, Age 30:he is a rogue from the Hidden Forest Village. He has mastered all the elements. He has a mysterious past. The only thing the village knows about him is that he harbors a grudge against Ishimaru and Hidden Forest.

Cetuon, Age 19:he has been hired by Zantu to destroy Team Takeshi at all costs. He is loyal to Zantu and will do anything to protect him. He is from the Village Hidden in the Sky.

Wetuon, Age 16:he is the younger brother of Cetuon and is also loyal to Zantu. His mission is to destroy Team Taserta at all costs.
He also hails from the Hidden Sky.

Hidden Sky Village (Sorakgure):
Is the mortal enemy of the Forest. They are a poor Village and wish to destroy the Hidden Sky. When the learned that one of the Forests Ninja became Rogue. They asked him is he wished to join them on their quest to destroy the Hidden Forest. He only agreed with them on a certain price. That he would get control of the Hidden Forest and give them half the profits he makes.

The Story Chapters 1-10

Chapter 1: The Gathering!
It was a peaceful day in Morikagure. “ Okay, class before we get started on our assignment will, Kobayashi Kazuki, Sakamato Miharu, and Mariyura Chiaki please go to the Kuzikage’s Office in Town Square.” Said the teacher of Koba and Saka’s class. “Where is Koba?” said Dendo, the Kuzikage. “He should have been here by now” said Mari. “I’ll go look for him.” Saka replied.
5 minutes of searching had passed when finally. “Ha, there you are Koba!” Saka said exhaustingly. “I knew I didn’t know where to find you.”. “Hmmf, You’d would have never thought to look for me in my favorite place? Anyway, What do you want, Saka?” said Koba rudely. “Dendo wants to see us right away. Didn’t you here the teacher?” Saka replied. “Do you think I care what the teacher says? Anyway lets get going.” Koba said.
“Now since your all here I can finally tell you that. All 3 of your are going to form a 4-man cell with Ishimaru Ryou!” Dendo finally announced. “No way am I working with a Ryou!” Koba said arrogantly. “Yes you will and you will follow my orders, exactly. Understand.” Ryo said as he punched Koba lightly on the head. “Now, lets go to the training field and learn more about each other, Okay. Now Move it!” Ishimaru said demandingly.

Chapter 2: Get to Know One Another
“Okay, I’ll begin. I am Ishimaru Ryou, but you can call me Ryo. The Leader of this cell. I have control over Wind and I was special selected for this team because of my intelligence, strength, and will. Fire chakra nature” Said Ryo informatively.
“Hello, my name is Mariyura Chiaki of the Chiaki Clan but please call me Mari. I’m a well suited for a medical ninja and my chakra nature is lightning.” Mari said excitedly. “Okay you will be partnered with me.” Ryo said.
“My name is Sakamato Miharu, call me Saka for short. I am very smart and I have a very annalistic brain. My chakra nature is water
“My name is Kobayashi Kazuki, I don’t care what you call me. I am the first-born male out of my clan so I was raised with love and care. I may not look like it but, I won’t back down or let anyone get hurt. I like nature and my chakra nature is Earth.” Said Koba like some sort of hero. “Okay Koba you will be partnered with Saka in battle.” Ryo said.
“Get with your partner and start working on combos, strategies, or tactics. Now!” Ryo announced to the group.

Chapter 3: Training For the First Mission!
“Okay since you all have worked out your stuff. There are 2 things I would like to announce. One, our team name is Team Takeshi or Team Victory. Two, I would now like to present you with your summoning animal contracts!” Ryo announced. “What?” Koba, Saka, and Mari said simultaneously. “We are only Genin we aren’t supposed to get those yet until we are specially selected!” Saka replied informatively. “ You have been. Why else do you think you passed the Academy before any of your classmates?” Ryo replied questionably.
“Sweet, what’s mine” Koba said. “Koba here is your contract. Yours is with the Wolves.” Ryo replied. “Saka yours is with the Dragons.” Ryo said as he gave Saka her contract. “And Mari yours is with the Birds.” Ryo said. “Cool ,wolves rock.” Koba replied. “Yay, I got dragons. I hope they’re cute.” Saka replied excitingly. “Birds, I get the lamest of the 3. Whoopie.” Mari said sarcastically.
“Ok, lets get to work on summoning the animals.” Ryo told the rest of the team. “Summoning Jutsu!” all 3 said. “Awesome, what’s your name big guy?” Koba said. “Trentosu is my name, master.” The wolf said. Saka asked “What’s your name little guy?” “First of all, I’m a girl. Second, I’m not little. Third, its Amberyu.” The dragon spoke. “Haha, yours is mean. What’s your name, Hawk?” Mari said laughingly. “Actually it is and I don’t find it very funny human.” The bird said after being insulted. “ Okay, before your animals hate you, our mission is to travel and gather Intel on the Hidden Sky Village’s next attack on us is!” Ryo announce. “You have until tomorrow at noon to get ready.” Ryo yelled as the 3 walked towards their houses.

Chapter 4: The Reconnaissance Mission
Team Takeshi prepared themselves to leave on their first mission. “Okay, since everyone’s here lets get moving.” Ryo announced. “So which way do we go?” Mari asked. “Through the trees, duh.” Replied Saka. The group moved swiftly through the trees, keeping a close eye on their surroundings.
They reached the half waypoint when they notice another 4-man cell. The group hears something, they turn toward the sound and they see Koba jumping out off the branch with his kunai ready. “Hey, watch where you through those kunai, Koba.” Said one of group members. “Wait I know that voice. Fujii?” Koba said unsurely. “Aww, you remember you little cousin. Good for you.” Fujii said. “Wha-what are you doing here? You’re supposed to be in the Academy.” Koba asked. “I got specially selected, too. Let me introduce my teammates. My sensei is Aisata Taserta, the girl is Yuki Kumiko, and the shady one is Kojima Kureno.” Fujii said informatly. Hello there kids.” Aisata said. “Hi.” Yuki said. “…Sup…” Kojima said unenthusiastically.
“Well, let me introduce my teammates Team Taserta. My sensei is Ishimaru Ryou. The blue haired girl is Sakamato Miharu. The Purple haired girl is Mariyura Chiaki.” Koba announced. “Aisata your headed to the Sky Village to aren’t you.” Ryo asked. “Yeah, are you?” Aisata replied. “I think we should team up. Since we are headed the same way.” Yumi asked. “That’s not a bad idea Yumi. What do you say cuz?” Fujii asked Koba. “Okay we team up until the mission is done.” Ryo proclaimed. The two teams made their way through the trees to reach the Sky Village.

Chapter 5: Trouble! Cetuon and Wetuon Appear!
As Teams Takeshi and Taserta were gliding through the trees they heard an explosion in the North. They change direction to go and see what happened. Near the explosion two figures emerge. “Hmm, think that should lure them here, brother.” One of the figures asked. “If it doesn’t they must be def, brother.” The other figure replied.
The teams arrive at the explosion site and see no one was harmed. “I wonder who set off that explosion?” Koba wondered. “Well I see that you finally arrived.” The mysterious people said. “Who are you two?” Fujii asked. “Well we are ninja of course, from the Sky Village. I am Cetuon and my younger brother here is Wetuon.” Centuon announced. “Hahahahahaha, What kinda names are those?” Koba laughed. “Seems that you’re the cocky one and I hate cocky people. Lets see if you’ll laugh at this. Ninja Art: Suffocation.” Cetuon snorted. “C-c-c-can’t b-b-b-bre----.” Koba tried to say before he passed out. Ryo swoops in a release him from the Genjutsu. He lays Koba down and sees that Team Taserta is running away. “Cowards. Saka watch over Koba and Mari you come with me lets take these guys out.

Chapter 6: Teamwork
As Ryo and Mari chase after Cetuon and Wetuon, Saka quietly watches over Koba while he is unconscious. "S-saka?" Koba says in a short breath. "Koba, are you alright?!" Saka shouts worriedly. "What happened? Where are Ryo and Mari?" Koba asks. "Oh, they're going after Cetuon and Wetuon! Ryo saved your life, Koba..."
"Mari, we need to split up. Will you be alright by yourself?!" Ryo asks Mari hurriedly. "Of course I will, don't be silly!!" Mari replies smiling. Ryo looks at her, as if trying to see just how strong she is. "Very well. You go West, I'll go east. If you find them, make a lightning bolt, and I'll head towards it." "Got it." Mari replies, seriously.

Chapter 7: The Fight Begins
"Koba! You need to lie down!!" Saka says while trying to hold Koba down. "Let me go! I'm going to find Ryo and Mari! They can't fight them by themselves!!" Koba exclaims while pulling away from Saka's grip. "Koba, you're so stubborn! Why can't you put your trust into others?! I'm sure they can do this! If you even try to go, you're going to get yourself hurt again." Saka tells the frustrated Koba reprovingly. "Never... try to tell me what to do." Koba mutters before dashing North-wards.
"CETUON! WETUON!" Ryo shouts toward their direction. "You can't run anymore!!"
"You're TRAPPED!" Mari's voice comes out of nowhere. Ryo looks and sees her right behind them. So much for a sneak attack... Ryo thinks to himself. "You hurt our teammate, so you're gonna pay!" Mari says with a mean glare. "Lightning Style: Quick Shot Bolts!" Mari screams as two lightning bolts form in her hands. "AAAAUUGGH!!" She screams while running toward Cetuon. "Mari! You get Cetuon, I'll get Wetuon!" Mari dashes toward Cetuon with her bolts, but Cetuon dodges her failed attack, with no sweat. "You should probably train more, little girl!!" Cetuon laughs.
"Fire style: Dragon's Breath!!" Ryo says while dashing towards Wetuon. He lets out a huge flame from his mouth. Wetuon jumps, but a little too late. The fire catches his feet. Feeling the burn, he tumbles to the ground, shouting in pain. "WETUON!!" Cetuon says while running toward Wetuon. "Never again!" Cetuon screams at Mari and Ryo while picking up Wetuon and dashing on ahead.

Chapter 8: Information/Friends
"They... got away again!!" Ryo said, frustrated. "Ryo, come on. At least no one got KILLED, right??!" Mari said, as if the right affected her in no way.
"What was that?" said a voice coming from nowhere. "WE could have done that ten times faster, with no one getting hurt!" said Team Taserta while coming from behind a tree. "Where did you come from?" Ryo asks. "We were watching the fight from afar. Hmph." says Yuki. "Oh, and Ryo... that fire attack was kinda... well..." says Yuki again. "Whatever. Let's go check on Koba and Saka, alright?" said Ryo, changing the subject.
"KOBA! GET BACK HERE!!" said Saka while chasing Koba through the trees. "Saka, can ya leave me alone?" said Koba, surprisingly calm. "Koba... I won't leave you alone until you come back with me and re-" The arrival of Team Taserta and Mari and Ryo cut Saka off. "Oh, hey Mari." said Koba. "...Ryo." "...Koba." Ryo and Koba say awkwardly to each other. "Well, I guess I have to be the bigger man then. Koba, can we be friends?" Ryo says while not looking at Koba directly. "Uuh, yea, sure. Whatever. You did save me. We can be friends..." Koba said hesitantly.

Chapter 9: Power
"None of you were injured. Or even scratched." Saka said randomly. "How do you know?" Mari replies swiftly. "It's obvious. You all look the same from when you left. Except, you must have fought a little. Your running was a little slower, you must be tired." said Saka again. Everyone surprised, Saka asks "So, did you defeat them?" "Oh, no. They got away again. But, we did fight with them." Ryo replies.
"Which way did they go? We can chase after them, yea!!" Koba says excitedly. "They just went North-ward..." says Ryo after sighing. "Well, what are we waiting for?! LET'S GO!!" shouts Koba. "How much energy does this kid HAVE?" mutters Saka.

Chapter 10: The Conversation
"Lord Zantu, we're back." said Cetuon. "Unfortunately, we didn't kill them..." says Wetuon cautiously. "Ah, Cetuon, Wetuon... you're back, I see." a dark figure said from across the empty room, in which Cetuon and Wetuon just arrived. "Why didn't you succeed? Hmm?" "Well, you see, sir... Wetuon-" Cetuon started to say. "Enough!!" Zantu said, cutting off Cetuon completely. "But, Zantu, you don't understand! Wetuon was injured, we had to come back. If we didn't we both could've been injured!" argues Cetuon. "Well, I hope you're happy. You missed your chance to KILL Team Takeshi and Taserta. You better succeed, and soon."
"...Very well then. We're sorry."

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