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Nick Tasogare
05-03-2009, 04:14 PM
I figured this would be a good way to pass the time while all the rules were being figured out.

Name: Chinsei Tasogare
Age: 15
Rank: Jonin
Chakra Type: Water
Ability: Water and Gravity Manipulation (is able to control water and affect gravity)

Best Jutsu: Combination Ninjutsu: Blizzard Pulse (He and his wolf Shiro mix there water and wind chakra together to create a blizzard)

Signature Jutsu: Ninja Art: Crescent Slashes (Uses his wolf blade to project his silver chakra in the shape of crescents)

Jutsu: Water Style: Water Wolf, Water Style: Rising Water Pillar, Water Style: Water Wall Jutsu, Water Style: Great Vortex Jutsu, Water Style: Tsunami, Genjutsu: Ripple Effect, Genjutsu: Demonic Wolves, Genjutsu: Raining Fangs, Genjutsu: Blue Moon, Genjutsu: Dark Abyss, Gravity Style: Black Hole, Gravity Style: Pressure, Gravity Style: Field of Distortion, Gravity Style: Dark Matter Blast, Gravity Style: Dimmensional Rip, Sealing Technique: Four Point Barrier, Sealing Technique: Absorbtion (requires scroll) Scroll Summoning: Wolf Fang Shuriken, Summoning Jutsu (Wolves), Twilight Clone Jutsu, Combination Transformation: Giant White Wolf

Background: Chinsei was born into the Tasogare Clan. He was the most promising ninja in the clan, until he showed the ability to manipulate gravity, which frightened the clan. They almost killed him but he was able to use his Field of Distortion jutsu to distract the clan and escape. After a few weeks alone he happened upon an injured wolf cub. He fixed the white cub up and the cub had grown attached to him and stayed with him. He named the cub Shiro because of her incredible white fur. He trained her to be a ninja wolf and together thay continue to travel the ninja world making friends all over the world and learning about the cultures of each village they visit.

Appearance: Black hair, brown eyes, a white shirt and black jacket that he wears unzipped with a crescent moon on the back, white baggy pants and black shoes. His headband has a crescent moon on it with white fabric to tie the headband with. He carries three weapon pouches on his back and has two shuriken holsters on each leg. He carries his Wolf Blade sideways above the weapon pouches.

05-03-2009, 04:21 PM
I figured this would be a good way to pass the time while all the rules were being figured out.


I'm working on it. Its taken more time than I thought because I have to get administrator approval for every change I make to the final idea.

Nick Tasogare
05-03-2009, 04:22 PM
im not saying its taking too long :) i just thought that maybe it would keep people occupied so that they might leave you alone while you are workingon them. :) i didnt mean to say you;re being slow. sorry :)

05-03-2009, 04:23 PM
This is my role play character:

Name: Akemi Hamasaki
Age: 15
Rank: unknown
Chakra Type: Fire
Abilities: Plasma blasts and random foresight (she can see into the future randomly. She doesn't know when it's going to happen and she can't control it)

Background: Akemi was the child that her father never wanted. Her mom loved and protected her, but when she died, there was no one there to keep Akemi's dad from abusing her. Akemi refers to herself in third person. She was born with foresight, but due to her father's actions, it has gone haywire and only works randomly. Akemi doesn't socialize, and her fighting talent is unknown.

05-03-2009, 04:26 PM
im not saying its taking too long :) i just thought that maybe it would keep people occupied so that they might leave you alone while you are workingon them. :) i didnt mean to say you;re being slow. sorry :)

Haha I was just messing with you anyway.

I can't give away my secrets though. Wouldnt be much of a mysterious rogue ninja if I did. But you'll find out in my first battle, wont you? :twisted:

Nick Tasogare
05-03-2009, 04:32 PM
im not saying its taking too long :) i just thought that maybe it would keep people occupied so that they might leave you alone while you are workingon them. :) i didnt mean to say you;re being slow. sorry :)

Haha I was just messing with you anyway.

I can't give away my secrets though. Wouldnt be much of a mysterious rogue ninja if I did. But you'll find out in my first battle, wont you? :twisted:

aww hat was mean.... lol just kidding

Chidori Shuriken
05-03-2009, 04:35 PM
I would post mine but I'm too lazy...

Nick Tasogare
05-03-2009, 04:36 PM
well just give thename and jutsu doesnt have to have a background its just for fun :)

05-03-2009, 04:40 PM
Okay wait...Characters for the villagewars and stuff? I haven't thought of that yet...

Nick Tasogare
05-04-2009, 03:01 PM
no just your ideas for a character and stuff doesnt have to be official :)

06-22-2009, 10:58 AM
Name: Akira Hamasaki
Gender: Female
Weapons: Senbons
Chakra element: Water
Speacial skills: Can talk to animals-when on missions, there are animals in the forest. The animals can see the people pass by. With this skill, Akira can ask for directions from the animals.
Can smell enemies in a 10 mile radius.

1st season:
She is wearing a light steel blue colored halter in the first season. Since she uses water jutsus, the feeling of the halter is a bathing suit feeling. When her halter touches water, pictures of bubbles will appear on her shirt. Her hair is a short shadowy black with dark blue highlights in her hair. Her hair comes to her shoulder length. The headband would be around her neck. The pants would be a light steel blue skort (a skirt with a shorts underneath the skirt). The skort will be thigh length.
Age: 12
2nd season:
Her shirt color is a light purple. A tube top this time. Her hair will go all the way down to her stomach. Same color and same highlights. When the tube top goes in the water, pictures of tiny dolphins would pop up on the shirt. The pants would be a light purple color. It is a skirt with pants underneath.
Age: 15
Companion: Mo Mo
Mo Mo is a small tiger that can get large and small again. She is a bengal tiger. Her teeth can cut through everything. In the first and second season, she stays the same. No change. Her headband is around her neck too.

2hyper4u AKA Sloth
06-22-2009, 05:55 PM
Name: Ai Mizuko
Age: 16
Hair Color: blood red
Eye color: changes
relatives: Ren (little sister), Nobu (oldest brother, deceased), Kei (older brother, deceased)

I ish too lazy to put backgrounds so here is her family's info:

Name: Ren Mizuko
Age: 13
Hair color: jet black
eye color: changes

Name: Nobu Mizuko
Age: 21
Hair Color: blueish black
eye color: dark red, changes to black constantly

Name: Kei Mizuko
Age: 18
Hair Color: Black.... just black
eye color: green

Vatanui AKA Pride
06-22-2009, 05:57 PM
My character is classified..

2hyper4u AKA Sloth
06-22-2009, 06:30 PM
OMFG Vat! *hugs Vat* I missed you! sorry I was gone for so long *guilty look*

Nick Tasogare
06-22-2009, 07:27 PM
Name: Akira Hamasaki
Gender: Female
Weapons: Senbons
Chakra element: Water
Speacial skills: Can talk to animals-when on missions, there are animals in the forest. The animals can see the people pass by. With this skill, Akira can ask for directions from the animals.
Can smell enemies in a 10 mile radius.

1st season:
She is wearing a light steel blue colored halter in the first season. Since she uses water jutsus, the feeling of the halter is a bathing suit feeling. When her halter touches water, pictures of bubbles will appear on her shirt. Her hair is a short shadowy black with dark blue highlights in her hair. Her hair comes to her shoulder length. The headband would be around her neck. The pants would be a light steel blue skort (a skirt with a shorts underneath the skirt). The skort will be thigh length.
Age: 12
2nd season:
Her shirt color is a light purple. A tube top this time. Her hair will go all the way down to her stomach. Same color and same highlights. When the tube top goes in the water, pictures of tiny dolphins would pop up on the shirt. The pants would be a light purple color. It is a skirt with pants underneath.
Age: 15
Companion: Mo Mo
Mo Mo is a small tiger that can get large and small again. She is a bengal tiger. Her teeth can cut through everything. In the first and second season, she stays the same. No change. Her headband is around her neck too.

:lol: You copied TheViolletteHeart's character's last name! :lol:

06-22-2009, 08:24 PM
Okay! Here I go!

Character Name: Ayami Matsuro
Gender: Female
Chakra Type: Wind (That is a chakra type right....?)
Appearance: Ayami has long blonde hair and eyes that are all different shades of blue. She's kinda short, but super fast. She has bangs that lie on her forehead. She has her headband around her waist like Ino did in Part 1.
Weapon(s):She carries around a fan, kinda like Temari's but smaller (I hope mentioning characters names is okay...) and all the basic weapons, Kunai, Shuriken, paper bombs etc,.etc.
Her ninja Rank is unknown.
She travels around a lot with her cute (Yes, cute) little ninja cat (Yes, cat) named Kiki.

Kiki: A cute little black and white ninja cat that sevres the same purpose as ninja hounds.
She has a good sense of smell and is very loyal to Ayami. (Except when there's a fight because than she goes and hides because she has no fighting ability, oh, I mean she has "faith" in Ayami's abilities.)

And that's all I got so far.... I'm worken on it...

06-22-2009, 09:38 PM
Name: Haru Tsukiya
Gender: Female
Chakra Type: Lightning
Appearance: Short, white hair that comes down to about her shoulders. She wears a plain black cloak with straw sandals and black leggings because she admires the Akatsuki. Haru has purple eyes.
Weapons: Just the regulars.. Kunai, shurikens...and an oversized chain-scythe with a double edged blade. :3 (tee hee)
She is a rogue.

06-22-2009, 10:25 PM
Name: Tsukiko Kumi
Gender: Female
Chakra type: Earth
Weapons: shurikens, kunais, senbons,
Rank: Medical Chunin
Age: 16
Appearance: Long black hair that reaches to her waist. Black tube top. Black skort. Black boots. ( yes, i like black) Headband on head just like Sakura's.

Yajyuu Mikazuki
06-28-2009, 02:58 AM
Mmmmm won't do a full thing but will post picture I drew

Name: Yajyuu Mikazuki
Chakra Type: Lightning and Fire
Idol: Sasuke Uchiha

I will post picture later because my inty is whack

06-28-2009, 06:35 AM
Itaske Rank:Chunin personality:Awesome!!!

06-28-2009, 07:46 AM
:lol: You copied TheViolletteHeart's character's last name! :lol:

I noticed they did. It amuzed me greatly.:lol:

sasuke uchiha gal
07-04-2009, 12:15 AM
me and my friend made a person:

name: sumi uchiha
age: 15
justu: same as itachi uchiha and sasuke uchiha (sharigan and curse mark as well)
siblings: itachi uchiha (older brother) and sasuke uchiha (twin brother)

07-07-2009, 09:51 PM
name: Victor Shinosuke
age: 17
appearance: short black spiky hair, red eyes, white robe with hood.
gender: male
rank: Dragon Sage
weapon: Dragon Sword
Village: Dragon Village
Jutsu: Dragon style (this allows him to use any jutsu attribute in existence and because it is dragon style the power of the jutsus is more fierce)
jinchuuriki of Dragoon.
Jutsu list: (just add dragon style to beginning of each one) dragon wave, dragon meteor, sacred fire, sacred blizzard, sacred thunder, ice cavern, lava pit, thunder field
summon list: firon dragon of fire, frostine dragon of ice, boldo dragon of earth, sparn dragon of thunder, aqua dragon of water, bri dragon of light, dar dragon of darkness, tor dragon of air, and many other dragon summons of lesser status.

07-08-2009, 09:29 PM
I have quite a few Characters, but since I posted a bio in another thread like this of my main one here's the other.^^'

Name: Kinja Asakura
Nicknames: Kinja, Kinja Ninja, Kiki.
Gender: Female.
Age: 15
Date of Birth: October 10th
Height: 5 foot 1
Weight: 120 lbs.
Demon: None
Jutsu Element: Earth
Black Rose Dagger~ a black rose with a stem tip as sharp as a sword.Usually poisoned at the tip.

Eyes: a lovely hazel: mainly green with a tint of amber and blue.
Hair: light purple hair that falls to her mid back.Parted in the middle; one part of her bangs pinned up on her right side and down on the other. In the back are two pieces of hair pulled into the center and clipped together with an Asakura Clan hairclip, which is a sun over a half moon..
~teal collar with leaf village symbol as a tag
~A deep, deep green jacket with silver clips as buttons.After the third button the jacket comes down like a vest.
~Teal shirt underneath jacket with short fishnet sleeves
~Long teal arm warmers tied to the end of the fishnets and go down to the wrist.
~Headband the same color as her jacket as a belt
~plum colored skirt cut on both sides of the hip
~ navy blue cuffed capris
~ Navy Blue Ninja Sandals
~Holster on right thigh

Personality: Kinja is the type of person to be found in an isolated area early in the morning, reading about her village and other information.She doesn't talk much unless around her friends, which is when her bubbly, annoying personality starts to come out.When she's tired or facing someone in battle she'll have a more sarcastic tone.She tries to avoid fighting as much as possible which is one of her main weaknesses.When she is sad or upset she will start talking very formal.She blames herself for everything and says sorry too much.

Past: Kinja was born as the daughter of Minami and Chihiro Asakura, around the end of the war.She was always looked down on by her father, due to the fact that she, according to him 'stopped him from stopping the war'.He refused to have any part of her as the years passed, making her think that her older brother by eight years, Kaoru, was her father.She only saw Minami a few times, yet only when she was sneaking around the house.Only when she was old enough to start to train at age six did Minami even consider her to be a part of the Asakura clan, let alone his daughter.Kinja still didn't realize that Minami was her father, just as another member of the clan, and soon her sensei.

Two years passed and Kinja was still a fragile, weak child, perhaps one of the weakest in the Asakura clan. Minami kept putting Kinja down, telling her that she was weak, not an Asakura..Kinja took this hard, and decided that as soon as she found a chance to impress her sensei she'd take it.That chance came soon when talk of the formation of a new mysterious organization, the Akatsuki, came about. She got as much information as she could of it by listening to her mother and sensei talk about it, as well as her brother Kaoru, and then left without a trace one morning in search of said Organization.It was only a few days later that she came across a suspicious white haired man in a black and red cloak, as well as another strange man in the same cloak with red hair.To her, they both barely looked human.She tried to be brave and fight against them, more so the pale one,yet she was only eight years old.Compared to the S Rank criminal she was nothing.

Her brother was the first to notice her absence, and immediately asked around as to where she could be.Remembering how much she used to talk about pleasing their father and how she'd ask him about the Akatsuki he grabbed a few jounin from the leaf village and ran in search of her.They had found her, bloody and just about dead in a forest with no one else in sight. It was a miracle for her to live after that, yet she could not remember anything- her name, her family, the strange man who almost killed her..Her brother told her everything except her losing her memory thanks to two Akatsuki members, and she went on as a normal child.She no longer believed that Kaoru was her father or that Minami was nothing more than a sensei, yet even so her connection with them stayed the same. No one mentioned the mistake she had made by going off on her own at such a young age to her or anyone else.

After she returned to Konoha and lived once again with her family, she started to train again and graduated the academy after her third try.Her father still looked down on her and still denied hr as a daughter and Asakura, which in a way only made her weaker. However she kept trying to please him, to prove she would be a great shinobi.She took the chuunin exams at age fourteen, yet didn't make it through the preliminaries.She graduated as a chuunin the fallowing year and joined a squad with Narushi and Yuki, with their sensei Anko.She considers them to be her true family.


Fire style: venom blaze Jutsu~ A simple fire technique in which the user first uses a poison bomb, then putting said poison on fire. Barely used due to the fact that she could inhale the poison.

Fire Style: Blazing storm Jutsu: the user spits out continuous sparks of lightning and fire at the target.

Flight of the Phoenix Jutsu- while jumping in the air she surrounds herself with fire, then kicking the target to the ground.

Earth Clone Jutsu~ Makes clones out of mud and other substances.

Earth style: Coyote Leaf Claw~ Using leaves and the earth around her, she forms a giant coyote paw around her arm while jumping in the air; as she does this she makes two earth clones to attack from below the targets feet, also with earth claws.

Quicksand trap jutsu: Simply turns a certain area of ground to quick sand, to either bury or trap the target to attack. Can control up to ten feet of ground as far as twenty feet away.


Friends: Yukiko, Narushi.
Crush: None
Parents:Minami Asakura- alive, a somewhat controlling father who only wants the best from Kinja.Does not think of her as a daughter or true member of the Asakura clan.
Mother~ Chihiro Asakura- alive, kind mother who treats all of the kids in the clan/ Kinja's friends like her own kids.
Kaoru Asakura- Kinja's older brother by eight years and Kinja's best friend.He is a jounin and a sensei at the Ninja Academy.

Fav. Colors: Deep deep green and teal.
Fav. food: Yakitori
Fav. hobbys: Learning about the village, drawing.
Fav. Animals: Ferrets,cayotes.
Random Fact: Terrified of chickens and snakes.
Weaknesses:Short attention span, somewhat weak for a shinobi(never drinks milk).
Important Fact: Ever since she returned to Konoha she had a strange phobia of snakes.

Voice:Ruby's from Ruby Gloom
Seiyuu: Mimi from Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch
Quote: "It's all my fault.. I'm too weak." Kinja

(If you look at Akane's prof and then hers you'll see some of the same fire jutsus because I used these two on seperate roleplay sites)

07-23-2009, 04:35 AM
here she is

Character Name:Soren puf Hyai
chakra type:wind and fire
bloodline trait:near super speed
Appearance:Soren is a young woman with flawless white skin.She has golden eye that glow
in the darkness and long silky black with silver bangs that tied in a ponytail .She is very short [about 5ft 1] and very light only weighting about 98 ld She looks sick and weak for she is very skinny and no muscle all on any part of her body.[This is what soren looks like around everyone but really she can change the shape of her body to any form she wishs but she can not make her body bigger the it really is,also her weight change to so her real weight is 150lb because og her muscles] Many time over her life soren has been told she is very pretty but she dosed think so.She see herself to be normale looking humen being that is no diffrent then any other ninja.Her ninja gear is A black shirt that stops right befor her belly button with a long purple short sleve jacket with a broken heart on the back of it. For her pants she wheres a pair of tan shorts that go half way down her upper leg.She is almost never seen smiling only frowning slightly or no expression at all but when she is seen smiling the whole village is surprised and when she is seen laughing people almost fall right out of there chairs.

Personality: To most soren is cold and sarcastic but to the a few she's kinder .[all of this is really a shell for she is a very selfless person that will do anything for a small child or the one she loves]She detest anyone who get in her way and if she dos not like u you will most likely get hurt.Soren intlligent is quite high for someone at her age but she lacks compassion.she hate people knowing what she thinking so She hide her own emotions and sees others emotions to be a weakness.dispit all of these things she is a very postive person for if she was not she would not be alive today.There are a few who think she could change side so she is not trusted by elders.She alway been respectful to her elder but has alway been rude and mean to peers.She dos not trust anyone besides herself which made it quite hard when she she started to work with her ninja teams.when she was young befor her family where killed she was a very kind sweet and adoorable to no end all though she was know for haveing the temper that she has today.Once her family died she became a shy timed silent person that did not raise her head nor her voice.She stayed that way untill she arrived at the leaf village at this point she was very independant and she gained a strong sence of justice and confidents.In school she was quite,she listen and she only raised her hand when no one else did.She want no one to pay any attion to her but every boy within the class would not leave her alone.Being sick and tired of all the boy she became loud yelling at them to leave her alone [that only made them come back].Once her team was formed she really detested shuyin and zell stating both of them are not going to last as a ninja for more then five mintues.but as time went on she became very friendly and they are became very close.Soren belives her time with shuyin and zell where the happiest time of her life.To them she was nothing but loving and affectionet offten see giving them kisses on the cheeks and gloping them from behind.But all this change when they did and she became sad and bitter but on rare event she has been quite playful. Over all soren not a bad person she is just a little misunderstood but once you get over the fear you had you fine a person that was harded from her past that over come in the only way she could.

History:Soren history is unknown to most but the how know are very sorry for her.When she was five her father was given a toxin that made him go Berserk [it unknow why this happened and who did this but most think it had to do something with the talent of her family.Each member had there own skills.] When he was in this state he kill his wife and soren older brother. The only reason soren was not kill was that she had hid herself in the a small crawl space where her father could not reach .When her father regain his normal state of mine he look around to see his family laying there dead on the ground .He thought that he had kill soren also so he tock his own life saying he had no reason to live.After that horried event soren had no where to go beside to her hated uncles. Her uncle treated her like dirt making her clean and cook for his drunked Friends and if she mess up the smallest bit he would beat her and pull her long hair.she had no enjoyment beside the ninja arts you see her uncle had many scrolls about ninjas.When every her uncle was not around she would read and train from what she read.you could say shes kind of self tought herself to be a ninja. She live with the monster until the day she trued 9 when she could finally leave the horried man and head to the hidden leaf so she could follow in her father foot steps and become a great ninja .when she first got to the village she had no one only herself she did not mind that but what she did mind is that every one looking at her like a outsider.She got over that fairly quickly and found herself a job at a ramen shop where sheworked as a dish washer untill one day when the hokage found her and asked her what she was doing she explained herself to him and they made a deal as long as soren lived in the leaf there would a place for her to live and roof over her head.After that she enrolled in ninja school.At first she was behind a bit but with in two weeks she was one of the top students. About nine mounths at the academy the chunin exams came around.Even though she was still just a student she was aloud particapted and she passed [she beat up guys twice her size and age] .After that countued her work as a student becauses the hokage thought that she was not ready for alone work and should team of her peers.Even though she had no trouble in school and really wanted to start doing missions soren was unhappy.you see soren dislike her team saying once that she would rather work with a monkey with a nail and bored then them with them.But Her team and her did get close but not for very long.you see her team had to go a mission to find and catch a man who had murder many.[The reason her team was chosen for this mission was because the village was under staffed and that at the time her team was the best of the best]]When they found him they say he was not alone and tried to retreat but they where to strong and injured her team mated and soren to near death and got away.soren was the only one who was still awake but she could not move.She try and try to get up.She forced all she had for saving her friends but it fail and she feel asleep.When she awoke she was in a bed back in the leaf village.She tryed to sit up but she was to weak.she looked over at the nurse and said ''where are shuyin and zell?are they alive''.the nurse looked away and told soren ''a young boy found you three laying on the ground and reported it to us.when we got there it was..to late''.Soren looked away from the nurse not wanting her to see her cry but the tears did not come.All soren felt was mad at herself for leting them die.Then to make matters worst her teams leader had hung herself in shame over the lost of her student a few weeks later.from that point on she never show anyone of her true feeling. About half a year later soren had passed the test of becoming a jonin but once again the title was only in name and soren was getting treated as a lower class men but it alright she only does her jod is see the smiles on people face when she helps them.

-Most see her to be weak because of here small size but they are false she is very fast and skillful and has even most strangth then lee with out useing chakra..
-when in battle she prefer hand to hand combat.
-She is very talented in swordmanship
-The only person she alouds to make her swords is Landyn [he alway seen to be a tad scared of soren when ever she goes and get her swords in which soren does not understand]
-Soren loved her team mate so much she even used to sleep over at there houses.
Birthday:10/13 [Friday]
Love:no one that she will admit [has crush itachi]
person she can stand:Landyn [she has no idea why]yume[dont ask]
Fav color:silver
Fav food:Raman,carrots and black berrys [not together]
Fav animal:wolf,has grown to love weasels
Fav flower:black rose
Likes:Raman,missions,flowers,sleeping,reading,lear ning new way to hurt bad people and hitting things [mostly people],small children,sparing,sad paino music
Detests:stupid people, unnecessary death of Innocent people,party [mostly her birthday],guy hitting on her http://s4.images.proboards.com/cool.gif people getting in her way,her own feelings and her middle name.

07-23-2009, 09:10 AM
Character Profile Info:
Name: Hana Fujiwara
Alias: Naraku no Hana (Flower from Hell)
Age: Part 1: 14-15
Part 2: 17-18
Birthday: January 29
Height: 5"1'
Weight: 101
Gender: Female
Rank: Tokubetsu Jounin (special Jonin)
Blood Type: AB
Eye Color: Very light blue, sort of smoky looking
Hair Color: Medium purple, not lavender, but it's also not really dark
Affiliation: Konohagakure
Element(s): Fire, Wind, and Lightning (Fire being her strongest since she also has the wind element.)
Profession: Shinobi
Personality: nice, sweet, and caring towards her friends she can also be pretty loud sometimes, though she knows when to be serious and can also be quite cold sometimes and when she's around people she's not good friends with she tends to be quiet and observant which makes it quite hard for her to make friends
Body type: petite, pretty curvy, somewhat busty, but not too big
family:Daisuke Fujikawa (father-deceased), Kohana Fujiwara (mother-deceased), Akina Hirose (aunt)
Likes: Ramen, Onigiri, Reading, Training, Her friends
Dislikes: Arrogant people, people that try to harm her friends or village
Unique Traits: She is able to use three elements opposed to how most Jounin can only use one or two.
Personality: She's kind, and playful around friends, but she knows when to be serious and composed.
Quote: "Heh, just kidding."
(Post Time Skip)
-black elbow length loose (pretty poofy) short sleeved kimono that goes up to her mid thigh (it's also low cut
-red sash that doubles around her waist and ties in the front this hold's her sword
-1 big kunai pouch like Sakura in shippuden
-sleeveless fishnet shirt under kimono
-black fishnet shorts that go's a bit above her knee
-black forehead protector on her neck
-black ninja sandals that go up to her thigh
-a red ribbon that holds up her pony tail
-she's very pale
-long hair that go's to just above her butt with bangs that frame her face and choppy
(After Time Skip)
-dark greyish blue dress with deep v-neck, slits up each side that goes up to her knees, and has long lose sleeves with slits on her upper arms
-black shorts that go a bit above her knees
-kunai pouches on each leg mid thigh with a fan beside them
-medium blue sash like in first outfit except it ties on the side she uses this to keep her sword on her back as well as a weapon pouch
-black headband around neck
-black fingerless gloves
-she has typical black ninja sandals and thin black straps that go from her ankle to her knee on the her left leg
-her haircut is the same except it's just a little bit longer and she's really pale
Hana the daughter and only child of Daisuke and Kohana. From a young age she showed great potential; joining the academy at age six and graduating only a year after at age 7. Even before joining the ninja academy she trained with Itachi Uchiha who was three years older than her. Since her parents who were good friends with Fugaku and Mikoto Uchiha, Itachi's parents Hana was with Itachi became good friends, seeing as they where already together as it was with training. When Hana was only nine she had already became a chunin and by the time she was twelve she was a Jonin. After the Uchiha masscre she was deeply affected. Especially because her parents had died when she was only eight and the Uchihas had basically became her family. Also the fact that she had "feelings" for Itachi. When she was thirteen she was already a member of the ANBU and by the time she was fiftenn she was chief of the ANBU BLACK OPS, and had acquired the nickname Naraku no Hana (Flower of Hell).Though when she was sixteen she resigned and became a tutor/special Jonin much like Ebisu. However in Konoha she's known being able to use three elements and for being a prodigy. Her fire jutsu are especially strong because she also has wind natured chakra. In addition to fire techniques she's also reasonably good at wind and lightning techniques. Also though her ninjutsu and taijutsu are remarkable she's horrible at genjutsu and has never been able to learn any genjutsu techniques, but she's very good at seeing through genjutsu.

Genin: 7
Chunin: 9
Jonin: 12

Weapons of Choice: Her weapons of choice are her two hand fans, one of which is white with a black circle on it and the other is black with a white circle on it as well as her double edged katana.

(Own Ninjutsus)
Kageyose Kakureru no Jutsu- Shadow Concealing no Jutsu
Type: D-rank, supplementary, short range
This jutsu enables Hana to hide in the shadow of someone or somethings shadow.

Cho Bunshin no Jutsu (Butterfly Clone Technique)
Type: C-rank, offensive, defensive, short range
This jutsu is a variant of the kage bunshin. When these clones are struck, wounded, ect. they turn into butterflies which then explode.

Kuchiyose: Ookami Dippu no Jutsu (Summoning: Wolf Pack Technique)
Type:C-rank, offensive, defensive, supplementary
Hanna summons a wolf pack that have poisonous claws and there howls can distort the opponents senses allowing her to
attack easily.

Katon: Gouka no Justu (Fire Release: Hellfire Technique)
Type: B-rank, offensive, long or short range
This jutsu engulfs the opponent with fire, but Hana has to keep her eyes on the opponent or it wont work.

Katon: Fushichou Hi no Justu (Fire Release: Pheonix Fire Technique)
Type: B-rank, offensive, long range
Fire thats blown out of her mouth in the shape of a pheonix

Katon: Ryuuko Kokyuu no Jutsu (Fire Release: Dragons Breath Technique)
Type: B-rank, offensive, defensive, long range
This technique allows Hana to breathe fire at her opponents to a limit.

Katon: Rekka Hisaka no Jutsu (Fire Release: Raging Flames Technique)
Type: B-rank, offensive, defensive, long range
This jutsu makes a wave of flames that she directs with her fans towards her opponent.

Raiton: Raitingu Suru no Jutsu- (Lightning Release: Lightning Strike Technique)
Type: B-rank, offensive, long range
This jutsu strikes lightning at opponent, but much like the Gouku no Jutsu she has to keep her eyes on the opponent or they wont be struck.

Fuuton: Kaze no Yaiba (Wind Release: Blades Of Wind)
Type: A-rank, offensive, long range
Blades of wind that she directs at opponent with her fan.

Fuuton: Tsuin Tatsumaki no Jutsu (Wind Release: Twin Tornado's Technique)
Type: A-rank, offensive, defensive, long range
This jutsu allows Hana to direct two tornados towards her opponent with her fans.

Raiton: Raitingu Tatsumaki no Jutsu- Lightning Release Lightning Tornado no Jutsu
Type: A-rank, long range
This jutsu makes a tornado that can either engulf the opponent or she can fling it at them as a distraction.

Raiton: Ryuuki Raitingu no Jutsu (Lightning release: Rising Lightning Technique)
Type: A-rank, offensive, defensive, long range
Lightning rises from the ground and forms a wave towards opponent.

Kuchiyose: Arufarudo Ookami no Jutsu (Summoning: Alpha Wolf Technique)
Type:A-rank offesive, defensive, supplementary
Hana summons the giant alpha wolf of her wolf. The wolves name is Tsuki like the pack here claws have poison in them and her howls mess up the opponents senses.

Katon: Naraku Fuchi no Jutsu (Fire Release: Hells Abyss Technique)
Type: S-rank, offensive, long or short range
This is an advanced form of Gouka no Jutsu. Also flames in this technique are black.


Tora Ashi no Jutsu (Tiger Paw Technique)
Type: B-rank, offensive, short range
This jutsu enables Hana to release chakra into vital pints of her opponents body when she hits them. When using this technique she holds hands up palm out with her fingers curled over.

Kyoudoukumiai Irigomi No Jutsu (Collaboration Morphing Technique)
Type: A-rank, defensive, supplementary, short range
After summoning the alpha wolf Hana can use this jutsu to morph herself with Tsuki (alpha wolf). While in this form, which she calls Kyuukyokubekkei (ultimate form) Hana becomes extremely strong. Her reflexes are better, and her senses become heightened. When in Kyuukyokubekkai she also acquires some traits these traits include wolf ears and tail as well as claws her pupils also change.

(Naruto based Ninjutsus/Taijutsu/Genjutsu)
-Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Shadow Clone Technique)
-Shunshin no Jutsu (Body Flicker Technique)
-Kai (Cancel)
-Kage Shuriken no Jutsu (Shadow Shuriken Technique)
-Katon: Goakyu no Jutsu (Fire Release: Great fireball Technique)
-Kanashibari no Jutsu (Temporary Paralysis Technique)
-Jigyaku no Jutsu (Time Reversal Technique)

That's aboout it and here's a link to pictures of her.
- http://i564.photobucket.com/albums/ss85/ohemmgee/Anime%20OCs/pic.png
- http://i564.photobucket.com/albums/ss85/ohemmgee/Anime%20OCs/naruto-OC.jpg

08-22-2009, 03:21 PM
I'm still editing, so this isn't offical. >.<
Name: Aurora Tasogare
Age: 13-14
Village: Moonlight
Clan: Tasogare
Gender: F
Height: About 5'5
Rank: Chunin
Element: Water
Specail Jutsus: Phantom Mirrage Enchanced Speed: Increases the users speed to the point where the user leaves after-images in battle.
Chakra Manipulation (limitied): Allows the user to manipulate anothers chakra flow, controlling them.
Gravity Manipulation
Chakra sensing: Allows the user to sense chakra from a long distance, read their emotions, and see their actions as if they were close by.

Aurora is a strong girl. Refusing to show her weaknessess in front of people, and espcailly during battle. She is also brave and competitve. She's willing to sacrifice herself for the people that are close to her, in order to protect them and their dreams. She is also shown to be very easily irritated and short tempered.
Aurora has a soft side, being very postitve, spreading her happiness to those around her, and is also kind and gentle.

Weapons: Swords, Kunai, giant shuriken & basic shuriken

Background: Not much is known of Auroras background, because she suffers from Animesa. She does not think about it, because it reminds her of how lonely she is.

She looks like Piscilla from Claymore, and she wears something similar to what Lightning wears in Final Fantasy xiii. :D

Also, do you think the jutus I came up with would work? :roll: I took them from Claymore and kinda formed them into justus. xD *Sweatdrops* -_-'

(un)Godly Hiroku
08-22-2009, 03:33 PM
there have been so many threads like this
i made one a few days ago

08-22-2009, 03:34 PM
Name:Miyuki Michiko(Silence of deep snow)(beautiful)
Likes:Cold Weather,Ice,Snow,Hot weather,heat,being alone,Fighting,Killing people,Sakura Village,Ice cream,Snow Cones,Training,Traveling,Reading,Looking at the Moon at Night(alone)
Dislikes:Very afraid of letting people get close to her,Laughter,Happiness(I will explain why she hate these things when i make her story)
Birthday:December 21st
Personality:Is very very calm,At times it seem like see has no emotions When she is sent out to battle she will show show no mercy and will kill anyone who is endangering her village
Village: Sakura Village
Abilites: She is skilled in Ice Style Jutsus she uses multiple number of ninjutsu but many ice style,Is very skilled in genjutsu and creates illusions of freezing to death or ice spears being thrown at them,Her strength is increadible but rarely uses it .Some people say that she can Freeze a person to death by just touching them useing no genjutsu at all but those are just rumors
Element:Ice(Wind and Water)
Hair Color:Her hair is black and very long but she rarely wears it down mostly puts it up in a ponytale her hair looks spikey when it is up has white highlights
Eye color:Her eye color is Bright Purple with black eyeliner around them but at night they turn a blackish purple color at times they glow when she is alone the source of this or why it happens is unknown .When she is angry and loses control of herself (which rarely happens) they turn a snow white color)
Clothes-(her entire offit is made of black colors)She wears a crystal pendant around her neck her name is inscripted in it if you look deep into it you can see a blizzard inside it which gives her jutsus more strength for some strange reason.She wears her Black Sakura village headband around her waist.She wears black ninja gloves.Her shoes are long boots that reach her knees,She wears a short black skirt,and her shirt is very very short above her waist color of it is white but u cant see it because a black ninja vest covers it her legs and arms are coverd by fishnets
Background:She was found alone in snow covered in blood Sakura village ninja found her .when she awoke in The village hidden in the Sakura she could remember nothing the only clue to who she was was the neclace she wore around her neck with her name .she raised herself no one told her the truth of what happened to her clan or who she really was.When she finds out who she is and what happened that fatefull day will she be able to stand it(i will think of it in the story i will write)
Rival:Mika-Is a girl who once attacked Miyuki and reavealed to her a big life changing secret she attacks with a giant scyth

(un)Godly Hiroku
08-22-2009, 03:39 PM
Zyngzxue, Hiroku
Age:11; been age 11 since before the universe was created.
This young looking boy is actually darkness itself. He works in harmony with his brother Light, his name is Zoridoni, hikato. Their real bodies are made from their energy and are located in the center of the universe which seperates the positive world from the negative world which support eachother. They are located in a yang yang in the circles of their specific energy (Hiroku is located in the black circle in the light portion of the Ying Yang, Zoridoni, Hikato is in the light circle in the darkness half of the Ying Yang.
In th circle of darkness he lives in he sits croos legged, hands together in his lap maintaining the darkness so it moves in harmony with light creating power for the universe positive and negative.
To comunnicate with earth being at the tip of the universe, he uses a special kind of clone, a realistic clone. He controls it using his Xinozitogan which has the ability to do anything he chooses.
he has a very happy-go-lucky personality, except when he gets mad. Then he turns emotionless and fill his body with darkness, ready to kill.
He wears black under armor boxer shorts, and a black robe that hangs down to the floor. it opens at the top and goes to his nose rimmed with white and a long white line down the middle, to the bottom. The cuffs of his sleeves, longer then his arms, are rimmed white as well. He wears a black mask covering his nose to the bottom of his neck.He also had a Black head band that does not tie, it has no end or beggining His mask is made from the same material as kakashi's, as well as his head band. His robe is made of the same material as the akatsuki robe.
He has a pet dragon named Sharrok. It had white eyes and black...everything else.
He also has a pet tiger named Bubbles. It is black and white striped.
He creates Daggers from darkness, the daggers are bordered black centered white with two pointed curves. The Handle is his dragon open mouthed with the dagger coming out. The blades lengths are about the size of his arm.
He has grayish white hair styled like kakashi's and leaning to the left.
He began a rogue ninja but began to live in konoha, loved by good, hated by evil.
He is Zyngzxue Hiroku, darkness itself.

08-22-2009, 04:26 PM
I see alot of good characters here...

Sage Of Six Paths
08-22-2009, 06:44 PM
Name: N/A
Alias: -Sage-

Rank: Jonin
Village: Rogue

Age: 18
Height: 6 feet, 2 inches.

Descrption: Broad shoulders and a strongly built yet slender body. A large amount of elbow-length black hair, spiked up everywhere. High cheek bones and bid, bright eyes. Alternating eye colors including: black, orange, gray, blue. Lines going down from bottom of eyes to bottom sides of jaws. unknown weather this is a kind of marking, or simply the skin. In battle, wears a whit mask with only the indents or colors besides whit being the eye holes, and darker, longer black lines going down from the eyes to the jaw. Similar pattern to the ones on the actual face. Long legs and dark-medium toned skin.


Battle: Wears a robe, the front being black crossing over the bottom part being white. The front starts from the right shoulder and then loops around to the left hip. The bottom layer crosses over from the left should, but is concealed. The belt is a combination of black and dark gray and loops around from the sash around the front. Below that, it is purely white. Each sleeve is a different color. The left sleeve being black, and the right sleeve being white.

Leisure: A regular whit robe going down to about knee-length. Robe doesn't have sleeves. But over that, a luscious dark red cape is often worn over, revealing only a small sliver of the robe. The cape has long, red sleeves and goes down to about ankle-level.

Jutsu & Chakra

Chakra Nature: All six of em'.

Known Jutsus: (No description given)

Metallic Vortex Jutsu, Gravity Manipulation (Light, Medium, Intense), Magnetic Wave (Light, Medium, Intense), Iron Injection, Electro Magnetic Pulse, Centrifugal Blast, Solar Ray Jutsu, Mystic Mist, Crystallized Darkness, Ice Shards, Forest Creation, Vine Animation (Regular, Dark), Immobilization, Tsuki Summoning, Limb Weapon, Elemental Burst

Background: Unknown

That took 30 minutes just to type! :mrgreen:

Ren Kurosaki
08-22-2009, 07:03 PM
Name: Ren Kurosaki
Age: 16
Gender: Female
DOB: April 19


Type of Chakra: Unknown(Sacred)

I will come up with more later, but for the time being, this is all I have.

08-22-2009, 07:04 PM
My character is classified..
and u still post a thread about him........

08-22-2009, 07:05 PM
all theses char 's are s cool

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My Bio is in my siggy.
Please check that out.

09-09-2011, 07:27 AM
hi this is one of my characters my other one is his brother.

Name: Logan ace
Clan: Ace clan (unnaficial)
Apperance: short black hair and bright blue eyes.
Bio: most of the Ace clan can use star jutsu but Logan was never good at it. When he was 3 his parents were killed by a rouge ninja. His brother lived his brother was a good brother since I never really had a dad he became my dad. But it was hard to try to live up to his brother the protegy of the Ace clan. Logan was deserted by everyone but his brother almost everyone in his village hated him. He was beet up by everyone in the village. When these occurences became often he decided to become a ninja. Even without natural talent Logan was determined. After five years he finaly became a genin. He had learned to love his team. His first mission was to find a scrool hidden in a Ace clan outpost. When they got there they were anbushed by Akutsuki members. Then his team was murderd. He was taken to work for the Akatsuki. About then is when he learned his talent medical jutsu he could hel or injure his enemys. after a long time of sevice to the Akatsuki he found out that his brother was a rouge ninja. Logan felt betrayed. In the Akatsuki Logan and his brother worked together to find the rouge ninja who killed the brothers parents. They caught up to the ninja and accedently killed him. Before he died he said that Logans parents were alive. But being severly injured from the battle his brother just left him there to die. He was betayed by everyone. Konoha knew that he helped the akatsuki and without any struggle was taken as a prisoner of war. After a while they sort of adopted him. Logan finnaly has a home called Konoha. But not a passing day goes by without him thinking about his parents. To be continued.....