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this is a story about the future of naruto story that i wrote in other websites it got alot of fans .. so enjoy and tell me what do you think of it plzz .. hee it is :

chapter 1
to konoha !

in a village called Garaiam, there was a boy that have never seen outside the huge wall that surrounded the village. He was always hidden inside that village, never to go out of it not just because he is the kiuri's child,but also because there is a secret in his eye.(kiuri is the leader of the Garaiam Village) A secret that built that village, and a secret that always protected that village from any enemy, the secret is the Jarachi Pearl .

In the core of the Garaiam Village was the kiuri's mansion, the kiuri is always there, leading the village. In the main office we find Siko, standing before the kiuri of the village.

" But i got to do this mission. It's the only way to prove my powers. I mean am the only one that could do it ! " argued Siko.

Then the kiuri stand up and said in a loud voice " No, your request is NOT acceptable. I am sending Team Dark. "

" But - "

" No buts. I said my word and this meeting is over ! "

Then the kiuri walked along leaving Siko alone in the office.

(( How could he! My rank of power could beat anyone! I trained so much for a mission like that! )) Siko thought, walking to his house.

Then a crazy thought jumped to his mind. (( What if I go on my own to Konoha and do it without permission?! ))

" Don't you dare !" screamed a girl from nowhere.

" What the ?! Luna ?! " said Siko, looking at the girl who screamed at him.

Luna jumped toward him, " You have no permission to go out! You know how stupid it is to let you out. Its like you want the village to be destroyed!"

" But I can't stay here! I am sick of it and I can protect myself! I tell you, I am going there after I get myself ready," Siko told Luna.

(( Is he mad?! I-I can't let him go like that! But he must see the world too. After all, he is the next kiuri.)) thought Luna, then she said "Okay, you can go, but not alone. "

" What do you mean not alone, " asked Siko, raising his eyebrows, " who could be crazy enough to come with me? "

" I-I am, " stammered Luna " and now, I will go make myself ready while you also get yourself ready, okay? "

" Okay. We will meet at the village gate in an hour from now. " Siko told Luna, who disappeared in a hurry, leaving Siko running to his home .

After a little while, Luna went to the gate with a tiny bag. She waited for Siko for about an hour.

" Hey, Siko! You're late!" yelled Luna.

" Lower your voice. We don't want anyone to hear us," hissed Siko .

" Hey Luna, it's time to go," Siko said, walking through the village gate .

" Right, but if we walked through the protection ring the guards will track us down. What do you think we should do? " asked Luna

" The range ring is a chakra ball that surrounds the village and the borders of the village which is invisible to the normal eye. But to my eye, I can see everything, even chakra. After all, I can control other peoples' chakra, " said Siko

" But that is impossible, Siko, seeing chakra is a bloodline thing and it's just in Konoha. Do you really think you can do that?! And controlling chakra?! That's also impossible!" said Luna, surprised.

" No, nothing is impossible with my eye. I can see everything around me. I see the barrier now," said Siko.

After that he ran very fast, stopped suddenly, and touched something invisible. Then he began to concentrate chakra into the ring.

" Pearl, help me. I gotta go through this barrier," Siko thought, talking to his pearl, while a great pink light went through his hair. A portal then opened in the ring.

" Luna! Fast! Jump through it! " screamed siko.

" Okay," said Luna, then she jumped through it.
Siko quickly followed her and the portal closed, leaving them in the free world .

How did you do that?!" asked Luna, wide-eyed, " I mean, I know the pearl is a mysterious power but its more than anyone would have suspected! "

" But not me. We gotta get there, fast," said Siko, then he made some seals and said, "Summoning Jutsu! "

Then, the wind combined to form a dragon that looked like a moving storm .

" Cool," said Luna .

" Jump in, " said Siko, after jumping to the dragon which swallowed him .

" Alright, but are you sure? I mean it's a jutsu for attacking, " asked Luna, worried.

" Luna! Just jump! I made this one to transport us to Konoha faster," said Siko as Luna jumped in the dragon.

They flew through the clouds and the desert can be seen by now .

" Siko, I've been wondering, do you have enough chakra to do all these? I mean, you have opened a portal at the powerful ring range, and then you summoned a wind dragon. All these needed a tremendous amount of chakra. Judging by your appearance, you have lost as much chakra that took you half day of walking to return to Konoha. Weird, " said Luna.

" I don't really know all the things that the pearl can do, but I feel like I can summon dozens of wind dragons and let them go in the same journey to Konoha, but I am charging it to the mission. Destroy the nine-tailed fox! " Siko announced.

coming up ..

chapter 2

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hey didnt u like it ?!

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i dont think you could say kohnaha in the story because of leagal issues

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and you cant add uzamaki jiraya if it is

a) a desendant of naruto or jiraya
b) naruto and jiraya

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and no ninetailed fox either