View Full Version : Lafes story 2 (perqual)

09-10-2009, 04:44 PM
Before I met Xaldyn and after i left the Vampire Clan I found My Brother Tyro. Me and him discovered a clan of werewolves that wanted to finish off the Tocka family. I met him when i was almost killed by a Werewolf .....

*I semi tall boy walks out into a field with his black and blue chained jeans drag on the ground his right hand on his sword ready to attack. He hears a rustle in the bushes lafe turns and throws a kunai into the bush and then hears a high pitched yelp then a werewolf charges out of the bush. Lafe then draws his swords (Oblivion and Lone-Wolf) the wolven creature tries to tackle lafe lafe moves to the left and swings one of his swords down swords the wolfs back and hits it but lafes blades didn't cut into the wolfs flesh. the wolf moves out from under the blades and claws lafes back. Lafe quickly thinks and turns into a log and apears behind the wolf and stabs a Kunai paper bomb into it's back. the wolf thries to rip the bomb out and then trows it and explodes in mid air. The werewolf then turns and charges lafe. Lafe sheaths his swords, the wolven creature is coming close lafe draws his two handed sword (Dark Abyss) and waits for the impact. The wolf stops right in front of lafe and stands and stares at him and barks out two words "your dead". at that time lafe swings his sword at the wolf and the wolf catches the sword and it cuts into his hand. lafe pulls on the sword and it cuts the wolfs hand even more. As lafe's sword is on back swing the wolf claws his chest...lafe drops the sword and tries to run further away but the werewolf grabs lafe's leg and pulls him to the ground and the werewolf jumps onto lafe left and right claws in each of his shoulder and cries out in pain. Lafe tries to push the wolf off him but it is to strong. with the strength that lafe has he holds the wolf back but it keeps coming. Lafe just lays there with fear on his face and blood and drool. The wolfs teeth are right near lafes neck and then the wolf gets knocked off. A 12year old boy hit the wolf with a sword and it's stomach is split open, the boy then throws 2 kunai paper bombs into the werewolf and a few seconds later the wolf explodes, blood and guts go every were. Lafe is laying on ground holding his innards in the boy comes over and wraps lafes stomach up. Lafe looks up at the boy and says "thank y-" and pass out. lafe wakes up in a beg moves and the cries out, lifts up his shirt he was sewn up lafe spit into his hand and rubed it over the wound and quite sizzling sound happened and a scar appeared and the stitching falls off. The young boy walks in to the room and says "hey you lower intestine is really nasty looking" lafe then says softly "i know that voice" then looks closer at the boy and exclaims "Tyro"!.