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This was a dialog for Adopt a Naruto Character! (http://naruto.viz.com/forum/showthread.php?t=20394) but I really wanted to punish this for everyone to read so hopefully you enjoy it. Please tell me if I should continue on with this story. Also tell me if it's any good.

Other story of mine A creepy story I created - Untitled (http://naruto.viz.com/forum/showthread.php?t=15140)

Yellow colour = mind talk.
regular forum colour = Talking to the person.

Click spoiler to read. Enjoy :D

Part 1

ベーゼル: Why are you crying Naruto?
うずまき ナルト: I want peace! I want Sasuke!
ベーゼル: Oh O.o Well Naruto, we all know that would never happen.
うずまき ナルト: Yes it will!
ベーゼル: Okay, suit yourself.
うずまき ナルト: :D
ベーゼル: hmm.... Well I wonder if that made him any happier. :/
うずまき ナルト: So... :roll:
ベーゼル: What?
うずまき ナルト: uumm, nothing.
ベーゼル: Then why did you ask?
うずまき ナルト: :shock:
ベーゼル: Oh, forget it.
うずまき ナルト: Okay?
ベーゼル: You feel any better.
うずまき ナルト: Any better?
ベーゼル: Turn away from him and whisper: Great! He's acting stupid as always.
うずまき ナルト: I hear that!
ベーゼル: Hear what? OMG, he read my mind.
うずまき ナルト: Yup.
ベーゼル: He's on to me! :shock::???:
うずまき ナルト: You wanted to learn kage bunshin no jutsu, right? >_>
ベーゼル: What? I don't speak foreign language. That was close.
うずまき ナルト: What was close?
ベーゼル: Oh, nothing! Oh my god, I almost blown my over.
うずまき ナルト: Any how let start.
ベーゼル: Okay :/
うずまき ナルト: Wow, you really suck at this! :D
ベーゼル: WHAT!!! :twisted:
うずまき ナルト: uumm, I.. I.. I didn't.. mean you. :lol: lol, what an idiot.
ベーゼル: How did you do that.
うずまき ナルト: It's call talent. Something you'll never have.
ベーゼル: Your back stabbing me aren't you!
うずまき ナルト: What do you mean?
ベーゼル: What do I mean! I mean your look strange.
うずまき ナルト: This is how I usually look, now deal with it. Is he trying to negotiate weather I'm better looking them him?
ベーゼル: Woo..., what with the attitude? Is it because I'm always going to be better looking.
うずまき ナルト: Dam bastard, I'm better looking that why you choice me as your adoption.
ベーゼル: Your point?
うずまき ナルト: My point is I'll always be better looking. :D
ベーゼル: Okay, what ever. You don't need to get all selfish over that.
うずまき ナルト: Selfish?
ベーゼル: Yes selfish!
うずまき ナルト: Selfish over what!
ベーゼル: Your mom!
うずまき ナルト: :cry:
ベーゼル: I'm sorry Naruto, I didn't mean it that way.
うずまき ナルト: Then why did you bother saying it from the first place.
ベーゼル: Sorry Naruto :(
うずまき ナルト: Serves him right to show some respect. :lol:
ベーゼル: *sigh* He's such a cry baby! I wish I could tell him but he'll end up losing his self esteem. Well I adopted him so It's kind of my fault too.
うずまき ナルト: hehe, I could make him treat me to some ramen.
ベーゼル: Are you okay Naruto. Can I do something to help.
うずまき ナルト: Why would you care.
ベーゼル: aaahhh, he still hate me. I only met him today. What could he possibly be interest in doing. Naruto!
うずまき ナルト: What is it this time?
ベーゼル: What are your interested in?
うずまき ナルト: Like if you care.
ベーゼル: I do, well if you don't want to speak up I'll make you.
うずまき ナルト: Haha, really funny. Try me.
ベーゼル: Oh, he is pushing his luck. Just tell me please!
うずまき ナルト: That how you make other speak up. Wow he's lame.
ベーゼル: Yeah, you got a problem?
うずまき ナルト: In fact I do.
ベーゼル: Oh, really now.
うずまき ナルト: Let see your skills. Oops, I forgot you got none.
ベーゼル: Yes I do! :twisted:
うずまき ナルト: Why don't be make a deal. If I win you'll have to treat me to ramen. I win and you don't treat me to ramen, serious consequences will be reflected toward you. Understood!
ベーゼル: uumm... Na.. Naruto Oh my god, why do I have to be the one in this situation at this moment.
うずまき ナルト: Speak up!!!
ベーゼル: Ca.. Can we talk this out. :oops:
うずまき ナルト: Wow, what a wimp. Can't even stand up for himself. Pathetic.
ベーゼル: hmm... maybe I should treat him to ramen and thing will be solved. :D How about I treat you to ramen any time you want. How about we go now? I hope he'll fall for it. I really don't want a hideous beat up body from that amazing kage bunshino jutsu. Whatever you call it.
うずまき ナルト: That's works too, I guess if he starts to act up again. I'll just do this and I'll be sure to get anything I wish. :twisted: Okay let go then. :D
ベーゼル: How annoying. :( *Yawn*
うずまき ナルト: I'm done, ベーゼル。 Now I'll just stand over here.
Ramen Manager: It'll be $5000 yens. How will you be paying cash, debit or credit cards.
ベーゼル: WHAT! You serious. It's $5000 yens. Holy crap, how many did he eat.
うずまき ナルト: Well that probably enough pranks for one day. :lol: At least I can help myself to some ramen for another year.
ベーゼル: You little bastard. When I'm done with them, your next.
うずまき ナルト: Did I hear something, it must of been the wind. :D
ベーゼル: You, get over here now! For exchange of what you just did, teach me the kage bunshuno jutsu or how ever it's called.
うずまき ナルト: Why bother teaching it to you if you got no talent. :D
ベーゼル: Then I'll promise you, I'll learn it in less then a week.
うずまき ナルト: dought that, Kakashi said I'm the only one who learn the fastest around these village. Fine, I'll teach you then.
ベーゼル: Heray!!! Time to learn this, and I can get him back :p, can't wait.
うずまき ナルト: Kage bunshin no jutsu!
ベーゼル: Amazing! :shock: Teach me now!
うずまき ナルト: Just say the words and do it.
ベーゼル: What is he talking about, that impossible there always a way into doing it.
うずまき ナルト: Come on now say kage bunshin no jutsu!
ベーゼル: kage bunshino jutsu! *eehh, :roll: wa.. was that good?... :???:
うずまき ナルト: What in earth is that. An your totally saying it wrong, pronounces it correctly. ka-ge bu-n-shi-n-no-ju-tsu.
ベーゼル: ka-ge bu-n-shi-no-jutsu
うずまき ナルト: Oh, for god sakes. How hard could this be.
ベーゼル: It's easy I.. I just need some time.
うずまき ナルト: Well since you know what to do I'm out. I'll check back in a week.
ベーゼル: I can do it. I will make clones. Kage bunshin no jutsu! I did it! Naruto, Naruto! Ahh dam it where did he go. Follow me clone. Let find Naruto so I can show him I did it. Why does this always happens to me, when I got something done no one is there to see proof.
うずまき ナルト: hmm... I wonder if he actually got that jutsu done. I should probably go check. Then again I could get another bowl of ramen before I go.
ベーゼル: Where in earth is he. Wait what if I made more clone to search for him. Yeah that'll be an excellent idea. Kage bunshin no jutsu. What the heck!:???:
うずまき ナルト: Well I can't wait to see him struggle pull that kage bunshun no jutsu.
ベーゼル: hmm.. I should probably check the ramen shop. That boy sure eat a lot.
うずまき ナルト: Oh so you finally given up training. Also you don't mind to pay for my bowl of ramen again, right?
ベーゼル: In fact I do mind. prepare to see my kage bunshin no jutsu.
うずまき ナルト: Is this some joke, you expect you could learn kage bunshin no jutsu in a less then one hour.
ベーゼル: So what you think. :D
うずまき ナルト: aaahhh, how is that possible. I really must of underestimated him.
ベーゼル: hehe! :p After all he teach me kage bunshin no jutsu. The least I could do is say thanks. Wait a minutes, what am I talking about he just made me pay $5,000 yens for his meals and now he asking me to pay for another one. *sigh* He could possibly know more. Yeah maybe I should just thanks him. Hey, Naruto. Sorry.
うずまき ナルト: Huh, why are you saying sorry? Did I really make him that upset.
ベーゼル: I got carried away and acted all rule toward you. a.. a.. thanks for teaching me the kage bunshin no jutsu too.
うずまき ナルト: Is this some emotion trick he's trying to pull me in? Then again I did go pretty harsh on the kid. Hey, I'm sorry too. You know the ramen bill from earlier. You had to pay for, it wasn't how much I ate. I only wanted you to give more cash so that. I could eat there about a year before that $5000 yens go away.
ベーゼル: WHAT! :twisted: YOU LITTLE BASTARD!
うずまき ナルト: Hey I already said sorry, besides we'll have more ramen to eat and we can go there anytime.
ベーゼル: You mean, I can.
うずまき ナルト: Well literally, I told them to keep it a secret between me and him by giving him $500 yens. The rest of the $5000 are mine to eat up. :D
ベーゼル: Dam it. :mad: We could of use with that money for other stuff, you fatty.
うずまき ナルト: Hey! I already said sorry now chill out jeez.
ベーゼル: If you teach me more jutsu I will.
うずまき ナルト: Fine. Since you learn that fast. Let try a extreme jutsu. rasengan.
ベーゼル: rasengan?
うずまき ナルト: That's right, it's called rasengan. I'll show you. Kage bunshin no jutsu! rasengan!
ベーゼル: What you need kage bunshin no jutsu before you can do rasengan. I didn't expect this would be harder then I thought
うずまき ナルト: I don't want to tell him but if he can make rasengan with no clone. That.. would be so embarrassing for me. :oops: Well uum, you don't need kage bunshin no jutsu. I just to do it to show off. :D hehe.
ベーゼル: Huh? Isn't it better to do it with out kage bunshin no jutsu then?
うずまき ナルト: Uumm well... you see... Yeah!
ベーゼル: Well can you show me?
うずまき ナルト: NO!. Why does he have to ask that.
ベーゼル: So will you?
うずまき ナルト: Not today okay. Besides we uses enough chakra today. We should go get some rest and train tomorrow.
ベーゼル: but... I..
うずまき ナルト: No but's, now lets head home.
ベーゼル: Fine. :( Seem like I chosen the incorrect character to adopt. He may be annoying but I must be responsible for take care of him now. Hey Naruto let go to the ramen shop before we head home.
うずまき ナルト: but.. I'm stuffed.
ベーゼル: Well I haven't ate. Come on now, it's not the same with out you there.
うずまき ナルト: Fine, we'll go get some ramen.
ベーゼル: :)

Part 2

Naruto: No fair Jiraiya always say that, and you'll end up not doing it!
ベーゼル: Just give it a rest, if he doesn't want to teach you then don't force him.
Naruto: Stop creeping around my business.
ベーゼル: *Sigh* Still acting annoying as always. Well you haven't forgot you need to teach me that what ever you call jutsu.
Naruto: Ya.. ya.. ya don't be so hasty.
ベーゼル: I though you might forget.
Naruto: uumm.. Do I really look like someone who would have down syndrome here.
ベーゼル: lol, we all know how clumsy you are.
Naruto: Ya.. ya..what ever, now would you stop bugging me.
ベーゼル: okay then.

Part 3

Naruto: I miss ベーゼル。:cry: When will he be back. :(
kushina: I have no idea, sweetie.
Naruto: I know that voice. Mom, it's you right.
Kushina: Yes, son.
Naruto: :cry: Mother, I miss you too.
ベーゼル: uumm, what in earth are you talking about?
Naruto: No mom don't leave. :cry: I don't want to become lonely again. Mom!!! :cry:
ベーゼル: Was this all just a dream?
Naruto: *Yawn* aaww *Yawn* Good morning ベーゼル I had such a bizarre dream.
ベーゼル: What could it be? What was it about?
Naruto: Something stupid. Long story, well any how. Why don't we go get ramen.
ベーゼル: That's weird. Did we dream about the same thing? I guess I'll talk more about this when were at the ramen shop. Okay lets head out for some ramen. :D
Naruto: Yeah!!! Ramen :D I'll make him pay like the dream I had. hehe :lol:
ベーゼル: Naruto, are you okay? You seem quite strange today.
Naruto: Don't worry about me. I'm fine. Let head out for ramen! :p
ベーゼル: Okay, but don't think I'm going to treat you to it.
Naruto: Is that so. He'll be forced hehe :lol:
ベーゼル: What with your silence turn back laugh on me?
Naruto: It's nothing. Some dream I had that was hilarious. Any how lets head out and we can talk on our way.
ベーゼル: Fine, wear more clothes before you go. It's below -10 today.
Naruto: I'm a ninja do you expect ninja's get cold. "sneeze"
ベーゼル: See what I mean.
Naruto: That was just once. sneeze, or should I say one to many.
ベーゼル: Enough with the game now wear more and let go. Like you said Let head out and we can continue talking there.
Naruto: Okay, coming. Let me get this on.
ベーゼル: He tell me to go and now he kept me waiting here starving to death for 10 minutes. I probably shouldn't have even been nice and told him to wear more. Done yet?
Naruto: Almost.
ベーゼル: Does it really take that long to put on some clothings
Naruto: Okay ready.
ベーゼル: Are you ridiculous it's not like a blizzard is going to happen.
Naruto: Well you told me to put more so I did. Well if you didn't wanted me too. I'll take some off now.
ベーゼル: No! Please don't! I've been waiting for you for almost an hour to go to the ramen shop but he haven't move yet thanks to you taking forever.
Naruto: Fine let go then. I'll take it off on my way.
ベーゼル: About time were heading out to the ramen shop.
Naruto: Lets head out! :D
ベーゼル: Ramen...need ramen now.

Part 4

Naruto: I could understand that. Pervy sage. Well I want to join in with this as well. If you don't mind. Beside ベーゼル isn't here. So this could be my only opportunity for research with jiraiya. Oh shot he's coming.
ベーゼル: What going on here?
Naruto: Nothing, why so curious.
ベーゼル: Can't a guy be concern toward another guy.
Naruto: Did he just say what I didn't think he said. uum okay whatever.
ベーゼル:So how are you, Naruto.
Naruto: Good now can you leave, I'm kind of busy.
ベーゼル: Fine.
Naruto: Any how Jiraiya back to our conversation. So can I come along. :roll:

Part 5

Naruto: I want a hug. :cry:
ベーゼル: Whisper silently: Not now Naruto, in front of everyone in the forum. :oops: They may think were ga ga.. gay.
Kushina: My sons is gay? :shock:
Naruto: Why not ベーゼル。 I really love you.
ベーゼル: What! Naruto lets keep it down a bit. Your quite loud. Worried. Did he really mean it as in... Nah I'm just over thinking it.
Naruto: Am I really! Well didn't you told me early I must speak up.
ベーゼル: Forget that, let talk somewhere else.
Naruto: Why? Also give me a hug now.
ベーゼル: Fine if I give you a hug will you shut it.
Naruto: Yes! :D
ベーゼル: *Hug* :oops:
Naruto: *Hug* :D
kushina: What the heck! I'm over thinking it am I. My boy isn't like that. Why did he get so dirty. Why are you two hugging each other.
ベーゼル: :oops:
Naruto: Because were lover. :D
ベーゼル: Naruto has feelings toward me? Naruto you know what your saying right?
Naruto: Of course :D
ベーゼル: Naruto, I have something to say. When you meant by love do you mean it as a friend way?
Naruto: Nope! :D I mean to say yes! :oops:
ベーゼル: Well I'm glad we were friends. :oops: :)
Naruto: Me too. :oops: :)
kushina: Look at those two so cutie as friends or are they actually what I think they were. No I shouldn't think that way. My son has standards. I'm glad :)

Part 6

Me: So what is going on around here.
Naruto: Who knows.
Me: Well you spend your time here more then me?
Naruto: No I don't I'm mostly off on mission.
Me: Oh, I see. What type of mission was it.
Naruto: A B rank mission.
Me: So what are all these rank? Was a B rank mission hard.
Naruto: I'll make this easy for you. It's like you humans go to school, having letter grade.
Me: So you ninja's go by A, B, C, C+, C-, F, I
Naruto: eehh *sigh* Didn't expect this would be harder then I thought.
Me: Wow seriously!!! I didn't know that.
Naruto: Ya, well any how it was easy.
Me: It was? What did you have to do.
Naruto: Needed to bring a frozen crystal. That was below -366 degree for koori kamisama (Ice God).
Me: That must be extremely cold
Naruto: Yeah it was I could hold it either. The one risky thing was I was scared I'll drop it.
Me: What would happen if you dropped it.
Naruto: koori kamisama would have die.
Me: Oh. :(
Naruto: You can use kage bunshin no jutsu well, right?
Me: hehe, He praising me. Well am I that good. I find that your much better than me.
Naruto: Is that so. Well why don't I give you a mission.
Me: What is it? I'll do it. I'll make him proud.
Naruto: Make a clone that looks like me.
Me: I can only make clone look like myself, how am I suppose to make a clone of you.
Naruto: You will be able to.
Me: Okay. :D
Naruto: Then go to Tsunade office. He wants to talk with me but it's about something stupid. So I rather not get acknowledge in that.
Me: Okay? Why doesn't he make a clone of himself and go to Tsunade office?
Naruto: Okay then let see that clone of yours.
Me: Kage bunshin no jutsu.
Naruto: twitch
Me: twitch
Naruto: Do it again.
Me: Kage bunshino no jutsu.
Naruto: Finally. You should go now, if you do successful I'll treat you to some sushi.
Me: Okay! :D I'm going there now.
Tsunade: Naruto you know what you have done.
Me (clone of Naruto): Huh? What have I done?
Tsunade: You almost killed koori kamisama
Me (clone of Naruto): Dam bastard call me for this! I'll show him something then. How?
Tsunade: Your asking me how, when you should know already. You were late on the delivery and she almost die.
Me (clone of Naruto): Why do I always fall into Naruto tricks. I am the one who adopted him so I guess these issue will tend to happen unless I keep being nice to him he will become even nicer too me. Sorry forgive me for that I won't do it next time.
Tsunade: Just go out I have no patient in talking with you at the moment.
Naruto: Maybe I went way to far with this. I should probably go into there and tell Tsunade myself but then she'll kill me! :(
Me (clone of Naruto): Okay, but I'm very sorry Tsunade.
Naruto: No! I must go.
Me (clone of Naruto): Tsunade can I say one more thing.
Tsunade: What is it!
Me (clone of Naruto): O.o Oh my, she very angry. Glad she did hit me or I would be dead by now. Can I hate myself as much as you hate me.
Tsunade: What do you mean?
Me (clone of Naruto): Oh never. I'll just be heading out. Frighten.
Tsunade: No you get back here. *PUNCH*
Naruto: Tsunade stop!
Tsunade: Huh? What the heck?
Me (clone of Naruto): :cry:
Naruto: I'm the real Naruto!
Tsunade: So you told one of your friend to make a clone of you and come in here.
Me (clone of Naruto): He came to tell the truth. He sure grown up fast. Whip tiers
Naruto: Yeah, sorry beezeru.
Me: :cry: as Tsunade hasn't drop me.
Tsunade: :twisted: Your in for a many S rank chores I have been planing for you
Naruto: eehh I knew I should have been nice.
Me (clone of Naruto): Tsunade could you put me down.
Tsunade: Oh sorry ya I will. Let begin your heavy chores you'll be doing for a very long time.
Me (clone of Naruto): Tsunade you should take it all against him. He didn't mean it. Beside many people make accident.
Naruto: Hmm. he's being nice to me though I treated him poor. :???:
Me (clone of Naruto): Tsunade? :???:
Tsunade: Either way he will be assign to those task for the time.
Naruto :( Speechless
Tsunade: Now just get out my room I have many other things to do.
Me: ok
Naruto: Walk out
Me: Naruto want to go get some ramen.
Naruto: No, well I'm sorry.
Me: Don't be. Hey, Naruto.
Naruto: :???:
Me: I'll help you with the chores tomorrow.
Naruto: Don't bother. I mess up and I Deserve it.
Me: Everyone makes mistake and I don't mind helping you.
Naruto: :cry:
Me: Naruto, it's not your fault.
Naruto: Yes, it was total all my fault. If I was any later. koori kamisama would have die. All thanks to me fool around improving my kage bunshin no jutsu.
Me: What your saying is, your jealous of me?
Naruto: nod.
Me: To tell you the truth. You know much more then me. Why would you be jealous.
Naruto: Because you learn so fast. I don't feel like training you anymore.
Me: Me! Train fast. If you think I train fast. Then I wont learn at all.
Naruto: Sorry. No, I will still train you when you want.
Me: If you don't want me too, I don't mind. All I truly want is you to tell the truth.
Naruto: I will train you. Sorry about today.
Me: Don't worry about it. ;) I'm glad to help, well want to go for ramen now.
Naruto: Thanks. Well I did say I will treat you to sushi.
Me: Oh yeah. If you don't want to eat sushi. I'll eat ramen instead. Since I know you like ramen more.
Naruto: No, I'm fine. I can handle a day with out ramen. I think.
Me: Okay. :D One more thing, I would like to say.
Naruto: What is it?
Me: Don't think to much about tomorrow. I'll help out too. Just look forward to your meal today.
Naruto: Okay.
Me: Well let head out. :)
Naruto: Yeah :p