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09-01-2009, 05:29 PM
Just to let every one know my friend wrote this story. She has not given me the whole thing but this is part of it. Please tell me if you want to give the rest of the story when I get it and if you like it.

It was your typical morning, your roommates still sleeping across the hall leaving you to, once again, make breakfast.
You quickly dress and go downstairs. In the middle of flipping a pancake, a voice from the doorway startles you, causing you to drop the pancake on the floor.
Erie(one of your roommates)steps into the kitchen.
"Good Morning!" he says cheerfully,as if he hadn't caused you to drop his breakfast.
"What's for breakfast? I'm starved!"
You sigh. Then Tyrak comes in. "mmmm I smell pancakes.G'mornin'" You serve him first.
As you continue to cook you hear the mail slot squeaking down the hall.
"Erie,could you please get the mail so I don't burn your breakfast?"
"Yeah sure." He gets the mail and reads the envelopes.
"Let's see,Museum of Natural History,New York. Geology Club Newsletter,Archeology Advanced,Technology the Latest and Greatest, and Everest Climbing Club(ECC) Kathmandu,Nepal.Cool."
That's when It all started. The letter from the ECC asked us if we wanted to do some archeology on Mt.Everest.
Of course we said yes.Who wouldn't? Besides,It's our job. The next day,we were at the airport,and just like always, our plane was late.
4 1/2 hours to be exact. If it were on time I would be worried. Whenever we're going somewhere important our flights are late.
We finally took off on our 6 hour flight,6 1/2 hours later we were waiting for our connecting flight witch was (surprisingly enough) not lateI haven't counted the chapters. I wrote them in a composition notebook and have 10 1/2pages,If that helps.
Soon we were on our connecting flight which would take us to Nepal,then we would rendezvous at the base of Mt.Everest.
Everything was going fine which should have worried me because there was supposed to be a storm somewhere along our flight.I looked at the forecast before we left.
All of a sudden the seat belt sign turned on.1minute 5seconds later we heard the pilot saying,"We have lost control of the plane and are going down,please brace for impact"
It was the scariest thing in my whole life.


When you finally look up your first thought s of Tyrak and Erie. If they had died you would never forgive myself. Just then Erie sat up from the rubble. He looked down,"Sorry Ty."
He moved over and Tyrak sat up where Erie just was.
Now that you knew your friends were safe you thought you might start looking for survivors.
Unfortunately, you weren't the only person who thought that. Three HUGE with long curved swords (that looked like they'd been gnawed on)were standing in the doorway. They were wareing badges that said PPP(pirate police patrol). One had a long nose one had earrings,eyebrow rings,rings,toe rings and about every other kind of ring you could thing of, and the last guy had a big gut.
Just then Mr.Gutguy points right at you, his gut jiggled with every move,"hey you there,Get Up!". you turn around to see a young man kneeling on the seets behind you.It looked like he was concentrating hard on somthing. You shake his shoulder to try to get his attention. He Jerked his arm away and it flew to his belt. You jump back hitting Tyrak, who backed into Erie who fell into Mr.Longnose, who crashed into Mr.Ring,who flew into Mr.Gutguy,Who bounced into the cabin door,knocking it down to reveal a sinister looking man.
Instantly,all the pirates stood up at attention. The tall pirate looked darkly down at them.
He had dark eyes and his face was shaddowed by his captians hat. He had a long scar across his face and towered over all the other pirates. He had a long black curving cutlass straped to his left hip.
You hear a voice behind you whisper"oh no,Cutlass." The captain Cutlass guy looked over his prisoners. His gaze stopped on the guy behind you. He sneered."I was wondering where you'd run off to Trent."His voice was as cold as ice.
Suddenly there was a really loud clap of thunder. The pirates looked around nervously.
Mr.Ring looked up at their captain."What should we do Captain Cutlass?" His voice was high and winy. The captain looked down on them again."Bring them."He said shortly. He started to turn."If they try anything,Kill them."