View Full Version : jewels book one:a leged true, speed and brains clash

08-21-2009, 05:53 PM
height:6f 5inch
red messy[in a real sense]hair
wearing blue jeans and a red t shirt
slightly on the tan side in skin

white, long hair
wearing a dress suit
auper pale skin

chapter one: the man who controlls glass

it was the time of sunset in the desert and my target was locked.
there he was the famous controller of glass staring me down with hate.
he had what i wanted, and i intended to aquire it.
today i start my journey into the land of danger after my vicous training.
he knows my intentions and makes the first move.
i rub my fist to get friction going as his nails grow to glassy talons.
he starts with a vicous swing downwartd that i counter with my heat fist shattering the glass to peices as fine as sand.
he follows it up with a swing to the side, i duck then exucute a uppercut sending him flying back to the start.
"give up now you can't beat me" i yell as running top speed, a punch to the side of the head comes next...
a mirror!
my fist goes in then pops right back out going towards me.

damn, i punced myself!
next i jump over the mirror rub my foot against my leg and kick dead center of the head"kick of heat" i yelled
"hmm wasn't even that hard"
"you basterd, you better be ready to take some pain yourself"
a fragment of jewel with the word 'do' appears and is absorbed by his cheeck.
light flashes in a brilliant green shade then he pulls a black square of black glass, about 12 by 12
"maze of mirrors:green blur"
all around me a giant maze of mirrors apear along with, fully healed, the glass man

so do you think i should continue to answer...
what are they fighting about?
what was with that jewel 'do'?
what was with the 'getting the friction going'
and 'heat kick'?
why is this chapter so short?