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(un)Godly Hiroku
08-18-2009, 08:00 PM
Hey everyone, this is my fanfic character. Please comment and rate my fanfic. tell me what you think:)
please and thatnk you:)
Zyngzxue, Hiroku
Age:11; been age 11 since before the universe was created.
This young looking boy is actually darkness itself. He works in harmony with his brother Light, his name is Zoridoni, hikato. Their real bodies are made from their energy and are located in the center of the universe which seperates the positive world from the negative world which support eachother. They are located in a yang yang in the circles of their specific energy (Hiroku is located in the black circle in the light portion of the Ying Yang, Zoridoni, Hikato is in the light circle in the darkness half of the Ying Yang.
In th circle of darkness he lives in he sits croos legged, hands together in his lap maintaining the darkness so it moves in harmony with light creating power for the universe positive and negative.
To comunnicate with earth being at the tip of the universe, he uses a special kind of clone, a realistic clone. He controls it using his Xinozitogan which has the ability to do anything he chooses.
he has a very happy-go-lucky personality, except when he gets mad. Then he turns emotionless and fill his body with darkness, ready to kill.
He wears black under armor boxer shorts, and a black robe that hangs down to the floor. it opens at the top and goes to his nose rimmed with white and a long white line down the middle, to the bottom. The cuffs of his sleeves, longer then his arms, are rimmed white as well. He wears a black mask covering his nose to the bottom of his neck.He also had a Black head band that does not tie, it has no end or beggining His mask is made from the same material as kakashi's, as well as his head band. His robe is made of the same material as the akatsuki robe.
He has a pet dragon named Sharrok. It had white eyes and black...everything else.
He also has a pet tiger named Bubbles. It is black and white striped.
He creates Daggers from darkness, the daggers are bordered black centered white with two pointed curves. The Handle is his dragon open mouthed with the dagger coming out. The blades lengths are about the size of his arm.
He has grayish white hair styled like kakashi's and leaning to the left.
He began a rogue ninja but began to live in konoha, loved by good, hated by evil.
He is Zyngzxue Hiroku, darkness itself.

(un)Godly Hiroku
08-19-2009, 01:10 PM
:( y do people view this but only one person rated it
and noone is leavin comments:(
i wanna no if its good or not

Amai Shikome
08-19-2009, 01:16 PM
I will leave you a comment darling. I guess it is just hard to follow. "Out of this world" if you wanna say. I think people look for something more solid or somewhat believable to follow. Good luck. I have been working on a char for a few days and it isn't easy. Took me hours just to come up with a name.

(un)Godly Hiroku
08-19-2009, 01:50 PM
well they will obviously be out of this world
there our original ninjas