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Draco Uchiha
08-18-2009, 02:26 PM
Name: Draco Uchiha
Village:The Village Hidden in the mountains
Apperance:Blonde spikey hair,with a black hidden mountain village head band tide around forhead, a black t-shirt with the right arm sleave ripped off showing a black dragon tatoo wrapping around right arm. Black jeans with a white scabbord on the side with a steel chain connecting it to the belt.A huge blade on back,that looks like it was ripped out of a mountain with pieces of rock on the blade covering almost half of it with a seal wrapped around it with all of the elements on it.. A black DogTag necklace on neck with a Uchiha Sign ingraved into it.
Abilities:able to use Fire,wind,and ice style of Jutsu. onlyone able to use Golden style jutsu.
Likes:Eating Ramen and listening to music.
dislikes:Fighting,killing,and war.
History:Born into the uchiha clan he was born a elite at the age of 13 he'd already awaked his sharingan and made it to becoming genin and almost passed the chunin exams. His brother,DC, was killed on the battle field but before he died he gave draco his eyes giving him eternal magekyo shringan.the several years that passed he went up to the mountain and train with his sensie. once complete with his training he set out to seek revenge on the man who killed his brother, Joko Migato.After finding out that Joko was in the akatsuki he went after the juchuriki of the sea. The same jinchuriki that Joko was hunting. He is said to had killed joko but was trapped in a cavern under the sea.

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add more info

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but its good so far