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08-17-2009, 06:34 PM
Part 1. A Chance Meeting.

I am having the same Dream over and over again.

My Father telling me to run away with Ran.

The sound of the slashes that my parents had to take.

And that...Sinister Dirty Laugh and voice during the whole time.
"Hehe-He-HAHAHA hehe.Come out Kid's wherever you are..hehe~."

I was at Ran's side.Hiding under my bed holding her hand and closing her mouth with my other.

"It doesn't matter where you's are hihi.I can smell your fear and hear even the slightest of breaths...he-HAHAHA."

Yes I wanted to cry..however I knew if I gave even the slightest sound of me..I'd die.While I was hiding with Ran..all I thought were my parents and that I had to protect Ran.
As my thoughts went on I heard something walking into my room.
Heavy steps.Ran passed out completely.It was all me and.."it" now.

"I know your here...hihi."

My eye's turned into a waterfall...but I couldnt scream even if I wanted to.

The steps got closer and closer..and before I knew it the piece of Blanked hanging down from the bed was moved aside.


That was the moment I screamed my lungs out.His..no its face wasnt human.It was more like a Animal.

But..after that its all black.Ran and myself are alive for some reason..our parents arent though...
Why?Why are we still alive?
It doesnt make....

"Why do you always have to wake me up like this!!"
"Actually..ah I should be grateful Ran."
"Forget it" *smiles*

Today is the day our parents died...best not to say anything about my dream.It all happened 4 years ago..and always at the sime day this year she acts even more cheerful than usual.

"Anyhow Kai.Better get dressed up for school.I made Breakfast already so be sure to eat something."

*starts to take off shirt*

Look's into Ran's direction.

"Something wrong Kai?"

"Slam's door after kicking Ran out"

"She is such a drag sometimes..." *sigh*

Anyhow let me introduce myself.
My name is Kai Hayabusa.18 years old and Student.
The brat you saw is my sister Ran.16 and is 2 school-years below.
Eventhough she is a Brat she is the most important person in my life after our parents death.

10 Minutes later at the breakfast table.

"Kai...you know today..."
"I know.Just dont say anything"
"Still..after school.."
"Ran I know.The Graveyard...but like I said lets not talk about it"

...the bodies were encarved with weird toothmarks...

"Hey..mind turning up the TV?

The Victims were beyond recognition but according to their passes they are 20 and 23.Witnesses claimed to have heard a very awkward laugh resembling something like a Hyena and the fa....

Both me and Ran had an immediate flashback of 4 years ago.

My sister immediately began crying.
I gave her a hug and let herself cry out on my shoulder til she stopped.

"You ok now?"
"...Yeah...we uhm..need to go or we're late for school."

As soon as went out we met Kojiro and Tora.

"Hey Kai and hey...Ran?You dont look good at all"
"Kojiro we rather not talk about it ok?Oh and Tora your werent in school yesterday.Mr. Kagura was furious at you.T'was the deadline for our Art Project."
"Let the geezer say what he wants."

"Rebellious as always" I thought myself.

The 4 of us made our way then.Ran was still frowning much to Kojiro's disconcern since he always had a liking for her.


"Ok what the heck was that?Tora...your attracting the pervs again.Told ya not to wear such a short skirt"
"Oh shut yor mouth Kojiro."

"Ran...dont cry again.ok?"
"Dont worry Bro"
"But Imma take a look...it came from up ahead.Stay close to the 2 ok?"
*Runs ahead*


"I'm getting closer."

Back to the 3.

"Is my skirt really that short?"

Ran & Kojiro: *Nod heads*
Tora: O.O

Back to Kai.

"Long time no see....havent we hihihihi"
"Is that how you greet and old friend?hehe."
"Oh??Yes..your parents.Quite the feast HAHA.However I got nothing to do with that couple."
"By the way...watch your where you stand..."

As soon as he said that I noticed I'm in the middle of the road and to my right was a car coming straight towards.Too late to dodge....

I found myself again..in a odd place full of light.And a tall figure came towards me...this had to be a dream.
This figure said:
"Don't worry.Your not injured Kid."
"Who...are you?"
His face began to show and it was a boy..around my age it seemed.
"My name?You can call me Rafael.Rafael Jaeger."
"ok...Rafael...WHERE THE HELL AM I??"
"This is what you people call..Heaven."
"I'm dead....."
"Use your head Kid.I said your not injured."
"Ok then wha~ KID??I'm probably older than you!"
"Doubtful.I am 261.Your just a boy."
"Yeah..right.261 my butt!!Get me back to where I came from"
"I can't."
"And why is that....Gramps."
"Firstly...I strongly advise that you won't call me Gramps.I have a rather short temper so dont unless ya wanna get hurt.Secondly if I return you normally.You'd die.Your only not injured due to my Boss' wish."
"This keeps on getting more redicilous....send me back.ALIVE!!"

as soon as I said that..some sorta door opened.

"BOSS!! We cant just let him go!!"
If he wishes it.
"You bet I "wish""
However Kai...if you want to avenge your parents from this monster,I advise you to stay the choice is yours.

"avenge.....my parents?"

End of P1
I know it's not good...but it's the first story I practically ever wrote :lol::lol:

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nice story, hope you continue:)

Vatanui AKA Pride
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Looks good.

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yeah very good

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Wow V. you did a lot of work on it, its really good. Yeah I liked that sinister laugh part in the beg. :lol: Very good! Waiting for part 2 already

Nick Tasogare
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Velveeta, you didn't tell me about this, it's really good!

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It's very good.

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OMG ! I luved it ! I wish you could here some of my stories maybe i'll pm them to you some time but I cant post .. Keep up the good work !

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wow that story is really really good!!!!:D Can't wait till you get more wrote!

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eh not bad.

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eh not bad.

I think its great but i guess you can have your own thoughts, as long as they dont disagree with mine. jk lol