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Trust and betrayal
Written by: Ryaque, Narusakufluff4ever, and Cherryflower

We hope you like the story! ^^

Scarlet: A Kunichi with dark blue hair tied up in a ponytail with a black ribbon, she leaves two strands that hand in her face and are a greyish color. She has bueatiful red eyes, And wears a black robe with fishnet underneath it. She is a fourteen year-old Genin along with Mai and Kikani.
Mai: A kunichi who lives in the ancient Wakahisa clan. She has long dark purple hair and bangs that she keeps to the sides of her face. Her eyes are a light grey. She wears a blue Kinomo shirt with a purple butterfly on the back. The shirt is tied with a black obi. She wears a black pair of pants and a hidden streams headband tied around her neck.She is a 14 year-old Genin along with Kikani and Scarlet.
kikani: A Kunichi with short strawberry blond hair. Emerald green eyes. And fair skin. She wears a white hoodie, black bermuda shorts, brown ninja shoes, A feather hidden in her hair, fingerless gloves, and a hidden streams headband wrapped around her arm. She is a 14 year old Genin along with Scarlet and Mai.
Lady Natsuki: (minor character) She is the Kage of the village hidden in the streams, the girl is only twenty though. To put it simply she is bueatiful. She has long light blue hair that flows at every movement. Her eyes are a watery blue and she has clear, soft, skin. She also has a high pitched and soothing voice. Lady Natsuki uses her beauty and innocence to her advantage.

Uragirimono: He is Kikani, Scarlet, and Mai's sensei. He is a village hidden in the stream jonin. His hair is brown and goes to his shoulders and his eyes are a bright silver. He wears his hidden stream head band on his forehead, and wears a regular jonin outfit.

Ren: A boy with pale turquoise/light blue silvery hair. He also blue eyes. He is a bit older than Scarlet, Mai and Kikani. But little is known about him right now.

The girl who is escorting kikani: A girl who is very quiet and talks in monotone (except for when she shouts). Little is known about her right now.

08-17-2009, 09:47 AM
Scarlet woke up to clawing at her apartment door. She slowely got up out of bed and opened it to see a dog in her doorway. It was a ninja dog; it gave her a message then dissapeared in a puff of smoke. She opened it and started reading
Scarlet, round up your friends and report to the Kage's office. She closed it and started getting dressed. She tied a black ribbon in her dark blue hair to keep in a pony tail and put on her black robe with fish net underneath and her head band and shoes. "I wonder what the Kage wants. Oh well I better go and find the others." She set out towards the village gate.

08-17-2009, 10:54 AM
A dark purple haired girl was asleep in bed even though it was alredy nine, but what could she say? She needed her beauty sleep. "knock knock." The nosie awoke the sleeping girl. She opend her eyes wich where the color light grey. The purple haired girl pushed her bangs out of her eyes and to the sides of her face then looked around. She then saw a girl knocking on her window. It was Scarlet.

The girl with the grey eyes walked over to the window and opened it. "Hey Mai! I'm sorry I couldn't use the front door, they wouldn't let me in. Your clan the Wakahisa is too strict." Said Scarelete. The girl who had just woke up name was Mai. She lived in the anceint Wakahisa clan that was one of the oldest clans in the village hidden in the streams and was famous for their wind justus and control of it.

"It's okay Scarlet why are you here?" Asked the girl in a sleepy voice. "We are assinged a mission, I also need to get the last member of our squad." She replied. Mai nodded and started getting dressed. All she had to do was put on a blue kinomo that when a couple inches past her waist it had a purple butterfly on the back and was tied with a black obi, a pair of long black pants, and her head band that was tied around her neck and brushed against her long purple hair as she walked.

The Kunichi grabed her weapons and hid them quickly. Her two faveroite were: 1. A tessen. It was a blue and light purple fan that she could use to cut, because one side was sharp, and on the other side it was hard so she could use it it hit a person with and easily break bones. 2. Shobo. they where easy to hide under her long sleeves and were good for taijustu. Her tessen where like senbon connected to rings worn on her fingers. She had them so she could hit preasure points while useing close-range fighting and she wouldn't accidently drop them.

Mai then climbed out the window and followed Scarelet to the last peron's house.

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really cool story nicely done

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Thank-you it's a group effort ^^ (I mean that the three of us work as a team to write it.)

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Really cool story congratulations!

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Mai was about to knock on the last person's door when somebody dropped in front of them.

"Kikani, why the did you drop down from your roof?" Scarlet asked, slightly agitated. Kikani stuck her tongue out at her. She had short strawberry blond hair, emerald green eyes, and fair skin. The ninja wore a baggy white hoodie, black bermuda shorts, and brown ninja shoes. She also wore black fingerless gloves, a black feather hidden in her hair, and her village headband wrapped around her arm. The pouches on her belt looked like they didn't have a thing in it, but you could hear the tiny ring of weapons against weapons in there.

"Come on Kikani, no time for a fight now. We have a mission." The purple haired girl said.

"Yes! I knew I had to pack extra weapons today!" The strawberry blond said excitedly. The emerald eyed teen started to run off, but came back. "Where are we going?" The confused kunoichi asked. The blue haired ninja rolled her eyes, and the gray eyed ninja sighed.

"We're going to the kage's office to get our mission." The red eyed teen explained.

"Oh!" The genin grabbed their hands and ran towards the kage mansion.

I believe they are genins.

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wow i really like it keep going

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wow its awesome! i like it!

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The threesome hurried to the kage's office, Scarlet and Mai being dragged part of the way by Kikani. When they got there Scarlet knocked on the light blue door. There was a high pitched voice from inside saying "Come in sweeties." They walked through the door and saw Lady Natsuki sitting on the table with a white haired man next to her, supposedly her boyfriend.

Lady Natsuki was veary young, she was only twenty years old. To put it blankly she was beautiful and used that and her innocence to her advantage. The kage had light blue hair that was veary long and flowed at every movement. Her eyes were a light watery blue, and her skin was clear and smooth. "Why hello my sweets. Your here for your mission right? Scarlet I put you incharge of bring everyone here, I see you have accomplished that. You are the most smartest and reasonable person in your squad after all." She said smoothly almost putting you into a trance.

08-17-2009, 04:15 PM
Kikani was about to say something but her mouth was covered by Mai.

"No need to get the kage upset!" She whispered. The strawberry blond stuck her tongue out at her once she pulled her hand away.

"Stop being a suck up Mai!" The emerald eyed teen said, taunting her.

"Why you little--" The purple haired genin started.

"Girls! This is why I put Scarlet in charge, she is the most sensible. Now stop fighting, and wait for your sensei like nice girls." Lady Natsuki said.

"Eh, stop trying to charm us, it won't work, and I'M NOT A GIRL IM A TEENAGER!" The hyperactive ninja yelled. The kunoichi looked at her teammates and they were like obedient little puppies. Kikani sighed and started to wait for their sensei, although not in the trace they were in.

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I'm going to wait for Ryaue to post, Okay Saku?

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Scarlet rolled her eyes at her hyper companion. "Kikani, maybe you are still a little girl." She teased and giggled alittle. Kikani pretended not to listen. "Why does sensei always have to be late? I hate waiting for him..." Kikani complained but no one really payed attention to her. The Kage whispered something to her boyfriend and Scarlet pretended not to notice but it appeared they weren't the only ones with their patience running thin.

Finally the door behind them opened and in walked their sensei. "Sorry I'm late." He appologized then started talking to the Kage....Mai whispered to Kikani "He's a kissup ain't he?" They all laughed at that.

08-18-2009, 07:38 AM
My characters name is KIKANI!!! not kakani.
that is all.

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Mai looked at Uragirimono Sensei. His hair was long and brown it went to his shoulders. He had bright silver eyes and he wore his headband aroud his forehead hideing some scars, it was funny when Kikani pulled it off when she was angry at him. And you should of seen his face when everyone saw the bad scars. He then wore a regular jonin outfit. "Hey yo! Urag. Stop kissin up to the kage. It's mission time if ya forgot." Said Kikani.

The kage smiled and moved over to the person supposedly her boyfriend. "Sorry sweetie, but I'm taken. Now go along on the mission like a good little boy now. 'Kay?" She said to Uragirimono sensei. He looked as if he was in a trance and bent down and kissed the kages hand. "Ye-" He was cut off by Lady Natsuki punching him into the wall. "Never do that." She said dropping the sweet talk. "y...you guys go on your mission. I'm going to wash my hand off." Said the long, light bule haired girl. "Okay." Said Mai. "Scarlet, lead your squad to the gates and wait for your sensei. kay sweets?" "Yes ma'am." Said the red eyed girl.

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hahahah cool

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Kikani rolled her eyes. She found it a bit odd she wasn't affected by the kage like everyone else was, but she dismissed it as because she was hyperactive. "Come on Ura, we've got to go! No time to sleep now!" The strawberry blond said, dragging her teacher out the door. Once they got to the gates, he was pretty much normal, although he suffered most likely from a broken bone.

"You okay Ura sensei? It looks like she got ya good!" The emerald eyed teen asked.

"Yea, I'm fine, just need to get a check up when we get back." The brown haired jonin said. "Well, let's get going, no need to get farther behind than we already are." Mai and Scarlet nodded, and the other genin waited impatiently.

"Are we going to start already or not?!" She asked impatiently.

"Yes, now we are." The silver eyed sensei told them. The kunoichi jumped on to the nearest tree eagerly and started off, with the others close behind.

I know it is short, just wait.

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"Wait up Kikani, your too far ahead." Said Mai chaseing after her. She then channled some wind chakra to move easier and caught up to kikani. "We are only supposed to find a kitten that has ran away. Shouldn't we set a trap?" She asked. "Nah, just frighten it." Said Kikani. Scarlet hurried up to them, "Sensei says we can search for it by ourselves if we stay n the area." Said the red eyed girl. "OH yea! BINGO!" Sad the strawberry blond haired girl while pumuping one fist in the air. The threesome stopped and looked back, they could see their sensei sitting down his arm hurting.

"Okay I'll look from the tops of the trees. Kikani up look in the bushes and Scarlet look in the rocks, streams and open areas." Said Mai. The others nodded and did what they were told. Mai concentrated her chakra and started to climb the trees with the soles if her feet while combinding some wind so she could run a bit easier. She got to the top and scanned for the kitten, it wasn't anywhere to be seen but she kept trying.

08-18-2009, 10:39 AM
Kikani jumped into every bush she could find. "Here kitty kitty kitty! Come out! I mi- WOA!" The strawberry blond yelled as she was suddenly lifted into the air. "Gah, stupid trap!" The emerald eyed teen reached up to her foot to undo the knot. The kunoichi heard someone behind her, twisted her head around, saw a club coming toward her, and blacked out.

08-18-2009, 11:24 AM
Mai looked at the ground Where was Kikani? Oh well she will be fine she thought while jumping tree top to tree top. "Oh I love heights." Mai said spaceing off from the origanal goal of finding the kitten. She closed her eyes and fellt the breeze ruffle her long dark purple hair. The Genin used some wind chakra and spun herself around in the air. "Weeee!" Said Mai wile spinning.

The girl from the Wakahisa clan kept jumping from tree top to tree top sorta spaceing out. The girl then misssed her footing and started falling to the ground. She was just about to use some chakra to stop her fall when she fell into something and passed out from a strange but sweet smell.

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wow, the title is whats in my life right noe.

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good job.

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Thank you everyone who likes the story.

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what cherry said :mrgreen:

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great keep it going

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Scarlet searched the rocks and streams trying to find the cat put had no luck. She was walking to meet back up with her comrades and sensei when she fell through a hole. She looked around and something hard hits her face and she fell to the ground, knocked out cold.

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Woot im a special jonin candidate!!!

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sorry for the gap in posts.... we are planning!! *costume falls and u see a giant blue and green alien then i come in and kick it, knocking it out cold* sorry about him, forgot to cage him... sorry for the gap in posts, we are planning some things out, brainstorming, etc.

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Mai had a pain in the head......And her wrists burned along with her ankles. She weakly opend her eyes. There was a person in front of her sitting by a tree reading a book. It was hard to tell if the person was a boy or a girl. It was wearing a cloak that was hideing the clothing underneath. The cloak was solid black with a hood covering the person's head. The purple haired girl couldn't see the person's face though.The Genin then rembered something important why was her hands and ankles tied up....And why was she in the middle of no where with this person...She was too scared to speak....

The Wakahisa girl then found her voice and mumbled out."W...were am I ....W who..are ..y..you?" The person turned around. The person's face was covered by a dark blue mask with a black flame on it. "You don't need to know. But I am Ren I will be your uh.....'Travel guide/ assistant." Said the person. Mai could tell that the person was a boy because of the tone of his voice. "Okay. Where am I going?" Asked The purple haired girl. The boy paused. "Um.....Too many questions that can't be awnsered." He said while shoving a cloth over the Genin's nose. The cloth smelled sweet but made her dizzy, after a few seconds she then blacked out again.

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that works cherry! im going to do the same thing!!

"Nuuuuuuuuh..." Kikani groaned. Once the kunoichi's vision cleared she saw a person with a black mask and blue flames on it, a long black cloak concealing the person's clothing, and an enclosed space. To make it worse, she had her hands and arms bound to her sides. The strawberry blond also found that her legs and feet were bound together, leading to absolutely no mobility.

"What am I doing here? What's going on? Have you seen a lost cat? Do I sound like a have you seen a lost cat poster to you?" The emerald eyed teen asked, words flowing out like a river. No response. "HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-"

"Shut up." A monotone voice said.

"Huh, no feeling? What a drab voice, were you born like that? Or are you trying to keep your identity secret, like some kind of superhero!! Do you have a cool name? WHAT IF YOU ARE A SUPERHERO?! I'm meeting a superhero~ Oh oh oh!! Are you a supervillian? Why are you so quiet? Huh huh huh? Come on-" The female ninja said.

"I said shut up." The monotone voice said again.

"Gah, you are just like Scarlet, except quieter and more annoying! Well, she is pretty annoying at the start because she thinks she is so awesome, and whenever we are assigned missions she's like under a spell when the kage talks. Speaking of the kage, she's pretty annoying herself! What does she think I am, some sort kid?! Always adressing us as 'sweeties', or 'kiddies'. I don't mean to be rude, or maybe I do, but I am not impressed with her treatment with us! And sometimes she punches our sensei, which is annoying before missions-" The fair skinned teenager went on again.

"CAN YOU BE QUIET?!" A clearly angry female voice said.

"You aren't like Mai, that's for sure! She's always spacing out, which is really annoying as well, and sometimes she follows Scarlet like some puppy, which is even MORE annoying! I guess you can call me annoying, because I've pulled off my sensei's headband before, and everybody gasped cause there were so many scars there! Don't get me started on sensei! He is always going soooooo slow, and he is always late to our mission, plus he sucks up to the kage every single time, and this time he got punched good, which was amusing because I had to drag him ALL THE WAY to the village gates! Let's see, I've done Mai, Scarlet, Me, the kage, Uragirimono sensei... Oh yea! You're outfit is a bit weird, what's under that cloak? Why are you wearing that mask? Are you a rogue ninja? WHY HAVE YOU KIDNAPPED ME? When sensei finds you-" The annoying ninja said.

"HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I TOLD YOU TO SHUT UP?" The annoyed kidnapper said.

"Hmm, this makes around 3-5, and you are pretty annoying yourself ya know! Keeping the monotone until you're angry, yelling at me, telling me to shut up everytime, keeping your identity hidden, ummm, what else..." Kikani drifted into her thoughts to find something else annoying about her. The other ninja took the time to walk over, take out a club, and clout her on the head, knocking her out cold.

"Finally, some peace and quiet.." The mysterious kunoichi said in monotone again.

08-19-2009, 04:39 PM
She was asleep...right? She couldn't tell. She tried to open her eyes but failed. They were heavier than a ...well something veary heavy......"My teammates are going to hate me for getting myself kidnapped... Now if I wasn't so spacey, then maby I could be a better help to myself and others...." She said half asleep. "huh?" Said a voice. The voice suprized the purple haired girl and she opend her eyes to see the person in a black cloak named Ren his back turned to her and he was flipping his hood over his head and putting the mask on. "I like your hair color, it's cool how it's silvery pale turquoise almost a silvery light blue." Said the Genin.

The boy stood up and turned around faceing her. At full height he looked a bit older than herself. "Please you are not supposed to know what I look like incase you escape so please, forget my hair color." Said the silvery pale turquoise haired boy. Mai rolled her eyes. "You can always bleach it." She said then realized that she had just help this guy who could be kidnapping her. "True, we will be going to the main building now. I'm tired of waiting for the others." Said the boy in the black cloak while putting a cloth over her nose. It was the same sweet smell that knocked her out the last two times. After a couple seconds it worked and Mai was knocked out cold.

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was mine funny?

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was mine funny?

Yea, sure was funny, I'll get to writeing about Mai once Ryaque posts.

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*nods but nods so much my head gets light headed* who replaced my brain with feathers?

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*nods but nods so much my head gets light headed* who replaced my brain with feathers?

Lol I guess being funny comes naturally to you.

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*grins but falls because feathers were suddenly replaced by brain and head became too heavy* *gets up* im good!

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Mai woke up to a creaking sound. She slowly opened her eyes. I hate blacking out. She thought then looked up. The strange person named Ren was looking at an old bridge that looked a bit unsturdy. The purple haired girl stood up and walked over to him. It was quite funny, she looked like a penguin walking over there with her feet and arms tied. "I'm ready to go she said while standing on the bridge ready to pass it. The person in the blue and black mask turned around and tried to stop her but it was to late she had alredy cut her legs apart with her fan the she had hidden in her wide sleeves, and began running along. "Wait!" Ren said and ran after her. "Then he stopped the bridge is alredy unstable and it could brake if-" He stopped mai had lost her footing and got her foot stuck between the planks.

"Oww.." She complained trying too free herself. "Wait you could destroy the surounding planks if-" He stopped again. Mai had gotten her foot free but had accidenly removed some of the pannels in the process and was now stuck tangled in the thick rope connecting the bridge

"Ahh." She quietly screamed surprized and scared. Ren sighed, Why does this always happen He said and easily got Mai freed from the rope. The duo then crossed the bridge and they walked to a rock wall wich Ren put chakra into and it opened showing a small passage way, Ren lead her through it and opend another door with chakra. They where now in a dark hallway. They went throught it. It twisted and turned so much that the Wakahisa girl couldn't find her way out if she tried. Finally the duo came to a giant blue door with a black flame on it. Ren knocked on the door and said something and was allowed in.

They stepped inside and the boy took off his mask. His hair was long but only chin leanghth at the longest. Ren also had bule eyes. So that's what he looks like... Mai thought. "Sir, I have the girl. I got message from the 'docter' he will give this one the medicine." He said.

"My name is Mai Wakahisa, thank you very much...also did you know that the door is creaky oh no I sound like Kika-" She was stopped by getting her mouth roughly covered by the silvery haired boy.

"Shut up if you want to live." He whispered. Mai nodded now scared by what he had said. she looked up at the person he was talking to. It was a person with a dark blue cloack and a black mask with a dark blue flame.

"Go, put her in a testing room." Said the boy in the blue cloack. Ren nodded and went out of the room dragging Mai with him. They walked down many twisting hallways and came to a room that was bare and desolate with only one table in it and a bunch of weird surgical tools.

"Don't worry, you probably aren't going to get hurt." Ren whisperd then left her in the room. Mai sat on the table and looked around there was a strange smoke filling the room and a person in a weird cloack was comeing in with a weird knife and......The smoke is makeing me sleeply....thought Mai zoneing out......

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Scarlet finally awakened and felt throbbing on her head. She tried to rub it but her hands wouldn't move and neither would her legs. She finally felt the coarse rope and sighed. She looked up and saw someone with a black cloak, and a black mask with blue flames on it. She was wise to stay quiet; the person turned as she could tell that he or she was looking at her. "So, you're finally awake? With as hard you were hit on the head I was afraid you'd be dead." The voice sounded like a man...he laughed alittle then grabbed Scarlet's tied hands and started dragging her. "Where are you talking me?" She demanded and fought back against the man. "Now sit still, I don't want to knock you out again...we are heading somewhere secret....." She rolled her eyes "You don't know where you're going do you?" She teased him and suddenly a cloth was over her nose and mouth that smelled like something sweet. "I know...but you don't need to." Scarlet felt herself slipping and closed her eyes as the man continued to drag her to some 'secret place.'

08-21-2009, 09:39 AM
Mai awoke on a futon on the cold stone floor. "Ocuchie, my back." Mai moaned. She looked around. She appeared to be in some sort of cell, there wasn't any windows, but there probably wasn't any windows in the whole building, the walls where also stone. There was a futon wich she was sitting on in a coner and that was pretty much it. She then turned around behind her was a wall covered in bars, but they would be impossible to fit through. The Genin reached for her fan. It's sure stuffy in here She thought. She was suprized to find that it wasn't there and neither was any of her other weapons.

"Looking for these? Catch." Said a voice while throwing a bag through the bars. Mai looked through the bag. Every thing was there. Her Fan her, knives, shuriken pouch and the shuriken inside, and her senbon. "Mai, You need to leave soon. These guys are going to do something bad. But don't worry all they did in the hostopal room was give you medicine that would make you drowsy so your chance of escapeing would be low. I don't know what it is myself but I know it's bad. The other three are comeing soon also...." Mai looked at the person talking. It was Ren!

"Why do you want me to leave? You brought me here." She said.

"Because I'm escapeing too. And I don't like this place any more than you do. Your friends should also be arriveing today." Said Ren and walked away.

"Hmm... This is soo weird." quietely said the purple haired girl.

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love it

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Thank you everyone who likes it.

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"Die Scarlet die! Take this, and that, and-" Kikani said.

"Oh god you still talk even in your sleep." A monotone voice said. The kunoichi woke up and groaned.

"NOT YOU AGAIN!" The strawberry blond yelled. No answer. "Gah, this is why you're annoying! You don't talk and when you do you hide your emotions!"

"That's why you'll never be a good ninja." The strange person said, clouting her on the head again.

"Owwww..." The emerald eyed teenager said before blacking out.

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it going great guy, keep it up