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i dont know if i should put the story up but mabye i will its kinda interesting.......here are what the characters(some of them) look like

1st Darrin Light--http://fc00.deviantart.com/fs47/i/2009/227/9/5/darrin_light_by_sasukeuchihalova.png

2nd-Lotis Light-http://fc07.deviantart.com/fs46/i/2009/227/4/b/Lotis_light_of_the_t_E_village_by_sasukeuchihalova .png

chapter one-----settling down
"come on we have to go quickly.....just grab it"whispered Lotis in a quick and worried voice "shhh i cant go any faster with out wakeing someone up..."Darrin said in a low quiet voice. they made there way to the front gate then slipped out the village. while they closed the gate they heard someone say"please dont leave"they didnt stop to see who it was because in that second an alarm went off. they ran as fast as they could.

"come one we have to find somewhere to settle...at least for the night."darrin said exhausted. as he put the bags down on the ground lotis kissed him on the cheek."thank you honey..i love you" they set up a camp and then lotis noticed"this is a perfect place to make a village...i mean look it would be protected by the mountains and its nice and dark..."she looked at him"what do you think?"darrin stood up and looked around..."yea acctually your right...we could make a village here...but what would we call it?"
Lotis looked at the sky..."the village hidden in total eclipse"
the next day they called upon their summoning animals to pass out fliers that they need people in their village....lotis's summon animals are Swans...5 popped up"give these to who ever you find..remember 1 per person"she gave the papers to the swans and then sent them away. darrin's summoning animal is a fox."give these to who ever you find"he gave the rest of the papers to the 6 foxes sitting in front of him."go"he said then in an instint they were across the 3 football feild long clearing in between the mountains.

over the next couple weeks more and more people showed up and more and more buildings went up. Lotis and Darrin helped the new comers find where to build their house. they helped put up the houses and in their spaer time they worked on their palace.they put the palace on the mountain to the right of the village.

when everyting was done Lotis and Darrin hung the village symbol on the palace...."THIS IS THE VILLAGE OF TOTAL ECLIPSE IF ANYONE WISHES TO LEAVE THEY MAY...."she remembered the rules at her birth place..

"but mommy why cant we leave this village?" a young lotis asked her mother. she said nothing but looked at the sky..."i dont know baby...its just the rules" lotis looked at the bright white palace in the middle of the village.."can i go ask the Brikage.and Lighkage"
her mother picked her up and started walking away from the palace.."no you cant...no one ever sees them anymore...i think their dead"she whispered to lotis..near by a village anbu heard her say that...that night lotis woke up to screaming"no my baby will be all alone please don-" lotis jumped out of bed and ran to her door. she opened it a crack just in time to see an anbu drag her out of the house"mommy"she whispered. she opened the door wider."MOMMY"she screamed---------

"kalani i think i'm pregnant"lotis said so ecited she was jumping up and down."whoa really yayayayayayayay!"Kalani was hopping up and down to."this is soo not like you...do you know what you are doing" lotis stopped jumping."i have to find Darrin and tell him.she ran out of the room."Darrin,Darrin...where are you."she was smilling...she looked in almost every room."darrin?"she stopped smilling.she opened the door to a guest bedroom. she was shocked to the point where she was in tears. on the bed was darrin...with another woman.they were sleeping. lotis was furius she ran to the kitchen yelling"GET OUT!!"to anyone who she saw."GET OUT GET OUT!!!!"she yelled at everyone.then she grabbed a knife from the kitchen.Kalani ran to the door."wha-what are you doing lotis" lotis pushed kalani out of her way then took a couple of steps. she turned her head half way around."get out kalani...get out of here"she said im a calm voice.kalani shook her head"...you...your going to...kill someone...you cant!"she ran to lotis and grabbed her arm"dont your the sliukage you cant!!!"lotis stabbed kalanis arm...not to dep but just enough for her to let go.
"ow!"kalani yelled and then started backing away..."who are you...YOU ARE NOT LOTIS WHO ARE YOU!!!" lotis turned around fully and said"GET OUT OF MY HOUSE KALANI OR I'LL KILL YOU TO" kalani ran to the front door and ran as fast as she could down the mountain. lotis turned around and headed to the room where darrin had waken up and was at the door way"honey whats with all the yelling"he was rubbing his eyes. "you lieing,cheating peice of $hit I HATE YOU!!!!!!"she slashed the knife at him he jumped back."what are you doing."lotis looked at the bed. she walked over to the woman who just woke up. lotis did not look at her she just scowled at darrin while she plunged the knife into the womans chest. the girl gave a small jerk then was still. Darrin stared in horror.then he ran for the door he was running down the hall they she walked out in the hall.she dropped the knife and did her hand signs for her calling jutsu-"COME"she yelled as she hit the floor with her fits.just then Darrin stopped and then vanished in a puff of smoke. he reappeared in front of her then she picked up the knife and darrin stared at her"i'm sorry.."he said to her..she looked at him"dont be sorry...i'm just going to have more time with the baby..."darrins eyes widened then she stabed him.as he started to bend over she whispered in his ear"you dont deserve a child anyway.later that night she took the womans body to the left mountain.and then took Darrins body up the right mountain. Lotis was crying the whole time....being origanaly from the land of lasting light her tears were bright white almost neon in the dark.
(9 months later)
"almost there come on......here we go"kalani said with a smile. she gave the little bundle she was carrying to lotis."she has her fathers eyes...."the second she said that she wished she took it back. Lotis gave her a evil scowl. she took the bundle and said"she dosent have anything from her father...her father was a ********<fill in the blank by yourself)kalani noded her head a little and then said"i'm sorry about that...what are you going to name her?"lotis looked at the baby and said"lilly"kalani was confused"but isnt that Da- i mean you-know-whos-sister?" lotis looked at kalani"yea but just because he did something horrable dosnet mean his sister did....and i made a promise to her....."
she tried not to remember...but she couldnt help it
---20 years ago---
Lilly walked up to lotis and darrin"i'm soo happy for you two congrats...now all you need is a kid and a big house heeheehee" lotis hugged back"since you made all this happen...if we ever have a kid...and if its a girl i promise i will name her after you" she loooked at darrin and kissed him."what do you mean if we have a kid?i thought you wanted a kid"darrin said with a smile-----

lotis held out the bundle so kalani could take it"...take it...take it away from me"...kalani took the baby and then walked out of the room.

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u made them?

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I think Lotis looks better, at least the close up picture

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u made them?

yepp i made them im soo happy that they turned out good