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nine tailed fox
08-16-2009, 07:01 AM
This is the story of a half human/half fox demon.

Chapter 1 the scared boy
It was a normal day in the hidden moonlight village as young boy at the age of 9 named nine tailed fox walked out his house and walked over to the pond to stare at the fish.When his mother Mitsuki walked out and called him in for breakfast his faverite , toast and rice.He saw his father Takashi getting ready for his mission he says father what's this mission you have to do and his father replys the usaul patrol the outside of the village.Oh father one day I will become a ninja just like you he says and his father laughs then he heads off for his daily patrol.The proceeds with no problems when the the village is attacked by a band of rouge ninja.As his parents and his kind go off to fight the rouge ninja the boy secretly follows as many ninja perished he suffered a great loss he saw the rouge ninja slaughter his family and freinds.MOTHER!!!!!! FATHER!!!!!!!! NOO!!!!!! as the band of ninja killed every one he knew before him They proceded to kill him he was so scared that a mysterious power came out of him the demon of the 46 tails.

soon to come chapter 2

nine tailed fox
08-16-2009, 08:32 AM
chapter 2 rage
As the rouge advanced towards the young boy nine he was scared yelling in fear when a mysterious power came out he bacame full demon the 46 tailed demon state.
As his opponents all chrged at him they threw kunai multiplyed by the shadow clone jutsu and strapped with paper bombs they flew at him in anger and fear.The he was hit by the kunai but it had no effect then with a rageand fury nine made a huge burst of chakra causing the kunai to fly back at them killing six of thei men.Suddenly three ninja came flying at him from above in anger nine used three of his tails to impail these ninja then he threw them at the other ninja.In fear relising that they couldn't beat him they ran being chased by anbu of the moonlight.Then nine returned to normal but passed out from the effects of the demon he turned into he said "I caint feel my.... body.Then medical ninja took him to the hospital for treatment,the next day he woke up in the hospital bed being treated by a nurse she told him what happened to his family but he already knew what happened he began to cry.

soon to come chapter 3