View Full Version : Fall of the Asyko clan

Sasori Hatori
08-15-2009, 10:20 AM
It was a cold rainy day, Sasori has just returned from his last day at the academy. Sasori was only 13, and he graduated at the top of his class. The streets were really quiet. Sasori ran to his home which was also quiet. No sign of his parents. then he heard the screams of his parent's, he ran upstairs, full of fear. when he reached the room of his parents he saw his father on the floor, lying in a pool of blood, then he saw his mother looking at him, her eye's filled with tears, She said under her breathe "run.", But Sasori did not move, starring at a black figure behind his mother. She said it again but screamed it out "Run Sasori, Run!", at that instant the figure drew his sword and struck his mother, than there was one last cry, "Sasori!". Then silence. The figure looked up at Sasori and seathed his blade, and began walking toward him. Sasori finally moved, and began running down the stairs out the door. Sasori was beggining to fill up with fear and anger, but he kept running. When he looked back the figure was not fallowing him, so he paused and turned around. Then there was a sharp pain in his left shoulder, Sasori looked over and it was a blade the same blade that belong to the man. Thoughts filled up sasori's mind, this is it im done for. Then there was a voice, very familiar, it was the kage of the lightning village with the ninja of elite force. "Halt" He said with a stern voice. the blade was removed and Sasori collapsed. the man turned to the kage. Then Sasori was able to see the man's face, it was Inyo, his best freind. He had no expression on his face, not of regret, not of sadness, nothing. then a grin reached across his face. Sasori began to feel something wet touch his face, it was the blood from his shoulder. Sasori felt a pressure on his arms and leg, as he was picked up and placed on a cot. Sasori looked back up and Inyo was gone. the elite ninja were next to Sasori, some wounded, other's badly hurt. How could Inyo cause all this? Sasori felt real tired as if stayed up for an entire month. as he sliped into a state of deep sleep. Sasori awoke in the Villages hospital. There was a beautiful girl next to him, "Oh, your finally awake"Said the girl. "How long have i been asleep?" Sasori replied reaching for his shoulder, there was no scar, no cut, nothing. "3 months" The girl replied, reaching for a needle. "You are lucky, The only survivor of the Asyko clan!" "What!" Sasori replied, in a state of shock. "The entire Asyko clan was murdered by Inyo Asyko, to think about it, you two were the best of freinds, weren"t you?" The girl replied. There was a knock ate the door. it was the lightning villages kage. The kage told Sasori about what happened that day, that he was of few survivors of the asyko clan, and that Inyo was still at large. He also instructed that sasori must go into hiding until Inyo is takin down. As the years past Sasori trained under the kage of the lightning village. after 3 years Sasori is givin an oppurtunity to join the Elite Ninja. Sasori accepted, and now is on top of the ranks, of the Elite Ninja. And now lives in the Lightning village, prepared for the worst.