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WrestleMania 26
April 2011

Randy Orton(World Heavyweight Champ) Vs. Jeff Hardy Ladder Match for the Gold.

The two guys are clashing at each other on the top of the ladder.Randy Orton throws a right punch that sends Jeff Hardy falling off the ladder.Randy Orton reaches for the gold,but suddently Jeff Hardy gets up and knocks the ladder down sending Randy Orton crashing down to the ground.The crowd is electrified with cheer.Jeff Hardy is at the top reaching for the gold,but Randy Orton knocks the ladder down sending Jeff Hardy falling.While Jeff is falling Randy Orton delivers a stunning RKO,with Jeff Hardy landing face first on the chair.Randy Orton climbs up the ladder and reaches to the top of the ladder.The crowd was hoping that Jeff Hardy can get,but there was nothing he can do.Randy Orton grabs the belt hanging in the air.Randy Orton retains the title.Suddently somebody enters the ring and knocks Randy Orton off the ladder.It was the Money In The Bank winner John Morrison.Randy tries to get up,but hit with the Moonlight Drive.The crowd knew what's next,the Dancing Leg Drop.John Morrison climb to the top of the ladder and hit the Starship Pain on Randy Orton.1!..2!..3!.The whole stadium roared as John Morrison became the new World Heavyweight Champion.John Morrison may be the champ,but will superstars accept it.To Be Contiuned.

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Nice. I liked it.

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i wish morrsion was champ for real.

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I do too.

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id just like to say out of opinion john cena sucks

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I'll add a another chapter in a little while.

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Ok. So far it's great.

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id just like to say out of opinion john cena sucks

he does abit now but orton is boring aswell.

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After WM26

*Randy Orton's music plays*Boos roared the crowd.They were happy that Morrison is the new champ,but what about Jeff the crowed wondered.Is he okay? "At WrestleMania 26 I was cheated out of my title",Randy said."I deserve to still be champ.I won a hard fought battle that I deserve a break after,but Morrison had to cash in the title.John Morrison,you need to be a man to step,and face me one on one.I bet you were afraid to stand up to me because I would end your carrer with that one devastaing punt.The truth is John Morrison is a weak coward."*John Morrison's music plays*The crowd cheered as John Morrison came into the ring to stand up to Orton."The truth is Randy,that i'm the World Heavyweight Champion.You're just mad that you lost your title.Grow up,you've lost,"Morrison said. "No you cheated",Orton yelled."The Money In The Bank is just a chance to give losers like you a title shot." "Well Randy,you're gonna have to wait untill you get you're title shot at Backlash.As John Morrison was getting ready to leave the ring,Randy Orton attacked Morrison from behind,stomping and kicking on him.The crowd was booing loud as the can.A few seconds later Ted DiBaise and Cody Rhodes came out to beat down John Morrison as well.Orton got in his stance for the RKO.When Morrison got up,Randy Orton RKO'd Morrison down to the mat.Randy Orton was about to get in his position for his devastating punt until Jeff Hardy came out.Jeff Hardy tackled down Orton,and started punching on him.Legacy tried to pulled Hardy off of Orton,but both of them got Twist of Fated by Jeff Hardy.Randy Orton quickly escaped from the ring."How about you face against me tonight",Hardy said.Orton stared at Hardy.Hardy made sure Morrison was ok.To be contuined.

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Ok guys chapter two is out.

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Awesome chapter! I can actually imagine this happening.

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awsome do more.

Vatanui AKA Pride
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Sweet story.

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yeah great job.

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morrisons awesome i <3 him