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98 Tailed Dragon
08-09-2009, 06:15 PM
A rather interesting and new addition to the rubiks family. Defiantly an intriguing puzzle.


what Rubiks 360 is a puzzle that has 6 balls of the original 6 rubiks colors, and it also has 6 little domes of the same colors. There is 2 black knobs that allow you lock the balls into place after you get them there. The structure is basically 3 spheres one sphere inside another, inside another the 2 inner spheres have holes which allow the balls to pass though, also there are weights on the opposite of the holes

The object is to get each of the balls to their corresponding dome and then lock them into place, plain and simple........or is it.

I recommend this puzzle to anyone who is in for a nice game that will boggle the mind and frustrate the senses

Here is a picture of the puzzle unsolved

ENJOY MWAHAHAHAHAHA:twisted::evil::geek::evil::twisted: