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08-08-2009, 01:26 PM
Ok .. I was bored so this is an ex my Nruto character

Name- Mizuki Uchiha
Age- 11
Rank - Chuunin
Animal partner - Minko ( dog Husky 5 months )
Elements- Fire ,Lightning, wind ..

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Name: Rimato Keano
Age: 12
B day: 21 July
Village: Sand
Rank: Kazecage
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Red
Family: Orphan but has 1 older brother
Strong point: Enchanted sand

garra dude
03-28-2010, 03:34 AM
Name: Phantom
Age: 27
B day: 6 June
Village: Unknown
Rank: Join
Eye color: Black
Hair color: White
Family: 2 younger bros he is the strongest
Good Or Evil: Evil
Strong Points: Genjustu Tijustu


03-28-2010, 05:46 PM
Nice characters! `:))

07-07-2010, 01:58 AM
Well i got a chara i think you'd like :3
Name: Kamanari
hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Can't tell she is blind
Crush: she doesn't know if he likes her but, she likes sasuke
Fave color: black
:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=:=: Kamanari's story
Kamanari was a young happy child untill her older sister threw her in a garbage barrel and, left her to die.:( Soon a caring woman named Kira took Kamanari to her home. Kira named her Kaminari because it means thunder.`:) Kira tought her how to be a excellent ninja. Se lived in the hidden mist untill er sister slayed Kira. Kamanarileft to the hidded leaf village to start her life over. But, she had the spirit of the ten winged dragon`!:) and, no body understanded her....She felt so alone but, she always saw this one boy that she fell in love with `<3 so she uses the training methods Kira taught her to get more strength and, get revenge on her sister. :mad:

07-07-2010, 02:51 AM
Nice job in reviving a dead thread.

http://naruto.viz.com/forum/showthread.php?t=40101 Just click on that for my character.

01-06-2011, 03:43 PM
NAme: Kai
Rank: Chunin
Weapons: sword and kunai
Goal wants to learn every juitsu and to be an elite jonin
Jutsus known: 50
Age 11

07-24-2011, 12:51 AM
Name:Hikaru Uchiha Village:Konoha Age:18 Clan:Uchiha Gender:Male Elements:Wind,Water,Ice Sensei:Shikamaru Birthday:June 15 b:shock: bo.o" b|(

08-21-2011, 04:33 AM
Name:Raiton Uchicha
Favourite colour:He Doesnt know the meaning of colour
Clan:Uchicha clan
Bloodline:Mangekyou Shairingan,Blaze release,All shairingans
Siblings:Uchicha Sasuke And Uchicha Itachi
Ninja Rank: Escaped S Rank Criminal(Of course Rogue Ninja)
Jutsu styles known: Lightning,Wind,Fire,Rock
Most powerful Ninjutsu:Chidori
Most powerful Taijutsu:Shinokyofu
Most powerful Genjutsu:Shinoiryu
Sensei: Has no sensei Learned from sasuke uchicha
Weapons:Giant Shuriken, Blade Of Kyōki
Goal:To Be The Only person alive in the ninja world with his brother sasuke
Companion: Suki(A Giant Snake That can create lightning waves to attack its opponet

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Just in case if you wan't to post on mne it is called characters.

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The Second Pornkage
08-27-2011, 08:18 AM
The Second Pornkage

Age: 17

Student of the Apprentice of the First Pornkage, a revolutionary who searched for a new means of peace, using Porn as a medium and forming the OGP (Order of the Grand Porn) before dying when ambushed by the entire AGP (anti-grand porn) and being struck by lightning in a freak storm. His student, the White Flash, helped the new P.k. lead the OGP and defeat the AGP. He escaped with his organization to his new base in the stars, living far away from the troubles of the world.

Elements: pervy spins on Water, Sand (not really an element but he has it), Wind.
Possesses the energy of the great manifestation of destruction and perviness, Penina.
Wields the legendary sword capable of suppressing Penina, the ForeHada.

Rank: well, derp. Pornkage

09-12-2011, 06:50 AM
Name: Ai Yuki
Clan: Yuki Clan
Rank: ANBU
Age: 15
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Family: Haku (brother)
Elements: Wind, fire, water, ice
Gender: female
Kekkei Genkai: Ice release
Summon: Dragons
Weapons: 2 long bladed Japanese swords
Animal Partner: Suzuki (black wolf)

I could add more, but i won't

katsu uchiha
09-12-2011, 10:45 AM
Name: Katsu
Clan: Uchiha/Kitora
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Rank: Sage
Village: Konoha
Kekkei Genkai: Sharingan and Regeneration
Family: deceased except for one brother (MU)
Eye Colour: Black
Hair Colour: Brown
Elements: Lighting, Fire, Thunder
Summon: Tigers
Weapon: Katana, kunai, shuriken, senbon
Specialty: Medical Ninjutsu and Tiger Style

12-06-2011, 01:42 AM
Name: Dante Futa

Age: 16

Village: Konoha

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde

Rank: Sage

Elements: Lightning, Wind, Fire

Occular Jutsu: thanks to Orochimaru's experiments the Mangekyo Sharingan and he wont become blind

Companion: Ninja Jaguar named Jade

Quick Bio: found by jirayia in one of Orochimaru's hideouts and brought to konoha. when he got older ppl mistook him for naruto beacue they looked the same in alot of ways except the hair and when the sharingan popped up. became naruto and sasuke's homie and rival early on. became naruto's "brother" when the fourth hokage came to naruto while he was fighting pain and told him that Dante was technically a clone of naruto but should be treated like a brother. Dante swore to help naruto bring sasuke home but will kill him if sasuke hurts Ino or Naruto again. Lost his companion Jade in the pain battle she turned into Dante to protect Ino and scare Pain but failed and was struck down. Dante when he arrived gave the Pain that killed Shizune a very brutal ass whooping.

Girlfriend: Ino Yamanaka her dad isnt to happy about that till Dante saved his butt from the pain that killed lady shizune

Jutsu: Chidori, Rasengan, Fire Style: Swirling Fire Blast, Lightning Style: Electric Current, Wind Style: Omega Whirlwind, Taijutsu, Genjutsu, and Amaterasu

Weapons: Sasuke's snake sword's twin and blades like Asuma's

Master: Jiraiya, Asuma, and Kakashi while Naruto was with Jiraiya

Goal: Beat Naruto and Konohamaru at becoming Hokage. If that doesnt happen hes gonna found the Village Hidden in the Winds and become its first Onikage

Specialty: tied between Ninjutsu and Taijutsu

please tell comment on this and tell me if i should change or add anything`#(`;)

12-17-2011, 03:06 PM
Sorry about that that post. I used to be an idiot of forum stuff.

Name: Surura Tamuku
Age: 13
rank: elite Jonin
chakra type: Lightning
secondary chakra type: Ice
Alighnment: neutral
KG: Dragons speed. When this ability is used he goes three times faster. During a five minute priod.
Bio: He is the youngest Jonin ever. None of the lower or the higer ranks exept the Kage respect him as one of the strongest or highest rank in the village. (besids the Kage) The kage is only 10 years older than him. He has no parents. They were captured by Orochimaru and he wasn't sent on the rescue mission because of who they were. He is the villages best Dragon speed user. He is very happy and optomistic.

12-21-2011, 03:21 PM
Name: Hanadara Genso

Age: *Part 2* 16

Elements: Lighting and Shadows

Rank: "Kage" Level

Family: Tsunade (Mother)

Weapons: A flute and a katana

Bio: Grew up with no family, since her mother was taken away. Her father died when she was 5 years old and had no family since they died way before that. Was raised by Orochimaru when her mother was taken away, the left him to go live on her own in Konoha with the Hokage. Grew up with Sasuke and the others but still was a bit lonely

Crush: Sasuke (Not the fangirl way though...) `:oops:

Well.... Um yah that's my character ^_^

12-22-2011, 03:13 AM
Name: Emperor Borek
Age: 28
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown
Elements: Ice and Steel
Master: unknown most likely previous ruler of the land of ice
Rank: Emperor or Kage
Enemy: Dante
Goal: Rule the entire world like every other power hungry ruler haha`:P
Jutsu: Ice Style: Ice Surge, Ice Dragon, Ice Style: Icicle Rain, Ice Prison, Ice Style: Glacier Bomb Steel Style: Steel Wall Defender, Steel Inprisonment, Steel Barrage
Quick Bio: Borek was born in the land of ogres but when he was 10 his parents were killed and he was forced to leave his home and go to the land of ice ( when Borek becomes Emperor the Land of Ice becomes known as the Land of Misery). When Borek took power at 18 he started his war planning. By age 28 half the world was his. Konha took action and sent Dante, Ino, and an Anbu agent to assassinate him. They were ambushed in the Land of Ice the Anbu agent was killed by Boreks highly trained Shinobi bodygaurds. They made the mistake of not killing Dante before they hurt and kidnapped Ino as a bargaining chip for Konoha to surrender. Dante however found them and Borek and took them on 10 on 1 when it was over Dante was completely exhausted and bloodied while every other person in the room except Ino was dead. Boreks reign ended with a Chidori to the stomach`:P

02-28-2012, 01:53 PM
Name:Lupus Yurachi
Height: 1.7m
Appearance:Mask covering mouth, black hooded jumper, black trousers, white hair and amber eyes.
Weapons: Has large double sided scythe strapped to back.
Genjutsu: 5
Taijutsu: 10
Chakra nature: Fire and earth
Description: Lupus is from the Yurachi clan. They are amazing swordsmiths. (They made the ninja swordsmen of the mist's swords) Because of this they are experts at swordfighting and are rarely beaten. They use the volcanic style (Fire, Earth) to not only destroy their opponents but also melt steel to form into swords. Lupus can summon wolves. The Yurachi clan use chakra gems in their weapons.

03-01-2012, 02:27 PM
It would be cool if we fought with them...

Name: Kuno Kaguya

Age: Part 1-13, Part 2- 17/18

Village: Kirigakure, then Konoha, then the Sand

Rank: Part 1- Chunin, Part 2- Anbu

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Elements: Main: Fire, Secondary: Earth

Kekkei Genkai: Bones, Kimimaro's Kekkei Genkai

Family: Kimimaro- Cousin.

Bio: Kuno was also kept in a cage like Kimimaro. Their cages were right next to each other, they talked and bonded. Until their dad told them to leave. They left together and went on a journey. They practiced their Kekkei Genkai and Kuno practiced his elements also. He learned that when fire is combined with earth, it makes mud.

Later, Kuno and Kimimaro encountered an S-rank ninja. (They were like 12-13 at the time.) Their only compromise was reasoning, luckily the ninja was reluctant to kill young kids so he left them go. He talked to them about how their dad had set a bounty on their head.

Kuno and Kimimaro decided it was best to separate. Kimimaro eventually join Orochimaru, which Kuno isn't proud of. Kuno became a ninja. He often jumped from village to village.

04-21-2012, 11:20 AM
I've done this before quite often with roleplaying, and I would love to do it, again! Here are some characters that I made up: http://forum.leafninja.com/single/?p=8139648&t=7924835 Note that my characters are the ones that say that they are made by Diamonddeath. Uchiha Haku was another member who I was playing with. I eventually made a picture of my character, Arashi Koga, here: http://drewmaru.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=48#/d3epbez and his transformation here: http://drewmaru.deviantart.com/gallery/23527627#/d3f1w9r

Tashi Uchiha
05-18-2012, 08:20 PM
The character is my profile name, and well...ive made this character along with my other friends characters since sixth grade
Name- Tashi Uchiha
Age- 16
Eye color- brown
hair color- black
story- tashi uchiha had a pair or loving parents (yet secretive) and a brother. once tensions began to tighten between the leaf and the uchiha, they moved...far...far away into a remote iceland where they lived in an igloo for several years. one day Tashi awoke on his bedside with his parents and brother missing, and only a note remained with a special set of coordinates, which tashi followed...once he reached a more woodsy area, he met a tribe of thugs who captured him and interrigated him. then a girl vouched for him named kyko, so they let him live with them for awhile. kyko and tashi's relationship grew with every day and they later became mates, and tashi promised to meet her often and the next week he left...the coordinates where found, it was the leaf village...after being cleared by the gaurds and hokage, he was told by tzunade herself to keep his sharingan a secret or civil unrest would occur so he did. at first tashi had no friends untill he met up with the main character himself, naruto who later introduced tashi to his friends untill he fit right in with them. (theres alot more to it srry, this is only the shortened story)

06-14-2012, 09:02 PM
Name:水の心 (mind of water)
Village:mist(the best)
Rank: special jounin
eye color: light brown
hair color: dark brown
Family: one younger brother
strong point: water style, swords

kimari uzumaki
12-04-2013, 05:34 AM
Name:Kimari Uzumaki
Village:Leaf vilage
Eye colour:Ice Blue
Hair colour: Dark Red
Family:One older brother

kimari uzumaki
12-04-2013, 05:39 AM
My life story will be posted soon `:P

Thunder hawk
09-24-2014, 07:06 PM
My characters name is roo uzumaki.
He is from Konoha.
He is the grandson of naruto and his mother is sasukes granddaughter.
Elements : wind,lightning,fire,water,earth.wood.
Ninjutsu: rasengan,chidori,fire style move sets,water style move sets,lightning advanced move sets., wind move set,wood style move set moves. Earth style move set.inferno style.

Space time ninjutsu: he knows the flying thunder god technique. Kumi (both eyes).He can use every other space time move.

Weapons:sword, special Kunai ( like the 4th hokages).Admintine staff.He has 5 wepon scrolls.

Physical advancements.he has hashiramas shoulder in wood .
Clan:he has uzumaki clan blood.he is a descendent of Senjutsu clan.He has Namikaze clan blood to.He has some sarutobi. His last clan he has blood from is the jiku clan.

Genjustu:He is ok at genjustu
Tai jutsu:He is Great at tai jutsu
Dojutsu , sharningan, he can use the eternal mongeyko sharningan. he has a golden sasuno. He can use the amaratsu.He can use kumi (both eyes.).He can u Izanami and izanigi.

Masters: Naruto , sasuke, .
Rank: kage
Summoning: toad and he made additional contract with the monkey kings as personal summon.

Fun jutsu:as a uzumaki he is very capable in funjutsu(also known as sealing ).

Physical abilities:Being a namikaze he he is very fast. People call him the fastest Ninja in the world.He is also called this because of his use of the flying thunder god technique so much.He is very powerful being a Senju clan member.He can use the sage markings.having sarutobi blood helps him because he can use many more nature transformations.He is a jiku clan member so he has amazing abilities in space time ninjutsu and has masterd all space time techniques and has created countless others.

Intellect: He knows lots of ninjutsu and tai jutsu and genjutsu.He has created many ninjutsu,tai jutsu, gen jutsu techniques.He is known as the space time master because he can use all known space time techniques and has created many space time techniques.

Jinjuricki: 9 tales jinjiuricki.perfect.he has all the beasts is chakra like narutoo gained through fighting all jinjiuricki and taking some of there power.

Senjutsu: He learned sage mode from the toads.He has Senju sage mode.
Bio:he is 15 years old.As a child his mom died so he only learned about his sharningan when he was ten.His dad was hokage so every day after the academy he would go to naruto's house.

Hair color. Yellow
Brothers.one younger brother died in battle. Roo took his sharningan eyes so he could use eternal mongeyko sharningan.

Live time :He is alive durring the 6th shinobi war Konoha vs sungakure And after. He is still alive .

Pleas tell me if u like it.

02-23-2015, 09:35 PM
Name- Enenra Nekura


Hair Color- Black and White (mixed not spotted)

Eye color- Black and White ( the color part goes black then white until it's a full circle , his pupils are filled with smoke so also black and white , the rest of the eye goes from reg white to multi black/silver).

Elements -Lightning and Wind plus natural smoke (which he can use to suffocate as well as mist or blind or lift him , teleport him or heat up and burn opponents among other uses )and shadows .

Weapon - He carries a black and silver short scythe and a rope dagger .

Appearance:Black and silver clothes mostly black , B&S mask like Kakashi , Wears metal over his shoes so they're more like shoes and protective plus add damage and weight training, Hoodie and pants .
Wears a Ying/Yang symbol headband .

His eyes also look like gaaras due to insomnia .

His eye and hair color would resemble one of those 6 points 1 top 2 bottom are silver and vice versa . (Basically one spot is black next is silver next is black ) .

-He is the first and Last of his kind/Clan as his clan was all shadow and smoke monsters/demons in their realm , a human came in to make a deal to summon them but found out he could take the smoke power for himself and killed everyone but Enenra who was hidden as his father had a lover in narutos realm who was human and thus why Enenra is half human half demonic smoke/shadow .

Attitude/personality- He's calm at all times but seems very dark and hard to read , he can go into fits of rage like a Berzerker but it takes a lot . He jokes around too and trusts no one .

Trained by -He credits - Madara , Itachi , Minato,Jiraiya ,Yamato , Zabuza , Oorochimaru ,Kabuto , Danzo and many more but no one recalls meeting him and he only confesses that when he gets trapped and his memories invaded ("confesses") . He actually just watched them train others and has no master . He is able to create an actual cloud or mimic your shadow and everything you do he can learn.
Itachi almost caught him once .

His origin of birth/where abouts even age are relatively unknown(he's from a different realm like said above but no one knows that and his clan gave him their powers and used the rest to send him to our realm) .

He is even called the yin-yang ninja due to his attitude , looks , personality and well how sometimes when he fights he will kill sometimes he won't out of how he feels not the situation .

Intelligence and strategy up there with Shikamaru , Chakra he's up there with the best same with speed and stamina .

Summons- himself (there's a reason) (where you'd summon his kind from they all were slaughtered but their essence can appear for him ) .

Goal-To survive by any means necessary and learn as much as he can (not just fighting/Jutsus). (He doesn't hate those who whipped out his clan but he seeks to understand everything).

Taijutsu- 6.5/10 -he has tons of speed and solid defense but he doesn't have great power .
Genjutsu-10/10 -(he has his own )

His eyes are unknown to others and could be the first of their kind some believe he's connected to a family who one member was an Uchiha or Otsutsuki or Hyuga clan members but no one knows (he's not related yet his eyes have skills similar to the rennigan/sharinggan/Byakugan ) .

Also has immense amounts of chakra and stamina

-He knows and can use to great effect like -
-the Chidori.
Odama Rasengun,
shadow clones style of his own When hit shock opponent
Body Flicker
Kokuangyo no jutsu
also his own jutsu that brings your shadow over you then while stuck throws smoke with lightening almost like little thunder clouds around you while he charges in with his lightning amplifying his weapon or he stays out and throws his role dagger into you and shocks you threw it (think scorpions spear more with electricity) .

The truth is his eyes can slow time enough for him to strategize , copy and use genjutsu enough to drive people insane/deranged or bring them to his realm but also he can possess others .

-He can change form from human to smoke like or shadow even covering others shadow as his own but in smoke form he can't do anything but rest and can be killed or captured while shadow form you can use light to force him into human form and he'd be stunned momentarily so he has to be careful .

He did learn to use his natural smoke and shadows while staying human thus why he can use them in battle .

Smoke is to him what sand is to Gaara but he can create smoke with ease and even use it to evaporate him similar to teleportation except he didn't have a tailed beast in him.

His Past-Always wanted money and power ,had no family, he watched fights and his powers allowed him to stand near anyone and train without being seen thus why he claims he's been trained by so many people . Former assassin who even the Akatsuki didn't trust or want to deal with (not out of fear but lack of trust he wouldn't just ruin there plans for fun) .Clan was slaughtered bc they weren't human .

He's a good guy after meeting Naruto later on in Narutos life which like others changed him then he talked with Gaara and Kakashi and decided to be a protector as it sounds like more fun .

03-05-2015, 11:34 AM
Seeing some of these kills me that there's not a system Naruto rpg game lol

Kaziko Zakune
06-14-2015, 08:49 AM
Name: Kaziko Zakune (11)

Companion: Kuroda (2)

Abillities: Fire and Wind style jutsu, Senjutsu, Taijutsu master, Thunderbird summon, immense speed
and strenght, enormous Chakra reserves, amazing reflexes

Speciality: Ninjutsu: "Scorch style: 5 000 Flames Wolf-Nado"

Kekkei Geankai: Scorch release, Sukōchigan (Scorch eye (Kaziko has his Fire eye uncovered (detects anything at
any speed) and his Wind eye covered (when uncovered it enables much stronger Wind style
jutsu, obtainment of greater speed and strenght, is needed to activate Scorch style jutsu,
releases the other half of Kaziko's chakra)

Status: ANBU Captain

Team: Sensei: Boruto Uzumaki
Team-mates: Kara Ushura (Chunine)
Saki Negoro (Jonine)

Family: Father:Akimoto Zakune (Deceased)
Mother:Yumi Hatake (Deceased)

Personality: Friendly, lazy and very smart

Village: The Village Hidden in the Leaves (Land of Fire)


Kaziko was born with the strongest Kekkei Geankai in the entire history of The Zakune clan hence Kaziko was feared
throughout The Zakune clan. He graduated at the age of 6, made Chunine at 7 and Jonine at 9. At the status of Jonine
every Zakune clan Shinobi gains the privilege of choosing his animal companion which will, when tamed, be processed
with The Zakune clan's Secret jutsu: "Scorch eye inplant". Zakune chose the hardest one to get to and the hardest one to
tame; "The 5 000 Mountain Wolf" As the name said, Kaziko chose a mountain wolf on 5 000 meter mountain "Hatchiko",
with that the wolf had the abillity to summon more of his kind (like Shadow clones) , up to 5 000 of them. After the beast
has been processed Kaziko and his companion Kuroda never left each other's eye sight.
2 months later Kaziko's entire clan was killed by a person named "Madara Uchiha" who was a member of a group
called "The Akatsuki". Kaziko vowed to slay every living Uchiha and destroy The Akatsuki!

Picture: Coming soon!

08-20-2015, 01:07 AM
Name: Yumiko Kaguya
Clan: Kaguya clan
Age: 19
Rank: None
Village: None (He's a rouge)
Kekkai Genkkai: Rinnegan, That bone controll thingie.
Family: Well ya know, all deceased.
Eye color: Ummm.... Rinnegan, so...
Hair color: White.
Elements: Rinnegan bro.
Summon: That dog multiplier guy.
Weapons: Bones, that black thing, kunai, shuriken.
Specialty: Fighting, fighting, and badass fighting.
Appearence note: He has those red dots.

Born to the vicious Kaguya clan 7 years before they were slaughtered (Umm... Spoilers, I guess? Does that count?), Yumiko was outcasted for his Rinnegan. He swore revenge on his clan at 5, but then... They were killed without him. With a talent for fighting and killing, Yumiko began studying the Rinnegan. After learning it's secret, he started wandering the land in search of strong opponents.

10-10-2015, 01:35 PM
Name: Foye Mukuremoa

Appearance: Brown eyes,Black hair,Blue undershirt,and Blue pants


Rank: Chunin

Squad: Team Konahamaru

Signature Weapon: Tachi

Chakra Nature's: Wind,Lighting,Fire

Signiture Juitsu: Electron release rips electrons of of atoms and attaches them to oxygen molecules surrounding the enemy then adds excessive amounts of lighting chakra to them and extremely electrocutes the enemy.

Secondary Juitsu: Shadow clone juitsu

Tertiary Juitsu: Lighting dragon juitsu

Clan Ability: Able to absorb chakra from air.

Village: Hidden Leaf

Story: His clan was made long after the events of shippuden. He is extremely skilled for his rank and already has 3 chakra natures.But because of his clan a war was created between several hidden leaf clans. He watched family after family die from this and after all of it ended. He made an oath to heal his clans sins and rebuild his clan better than before.

03-09-2016, 07:39 AM
Woo i'm finally able to do this, my ideas may be bad but we're going to have to deal with it.

Name:Aku Hagosha
Age: 34
Backstory:After being banished from his village for killing several fellow anbu who tried restrain him when he went berserk when his daughter died from a curable disease, which the cure was denied to him. After banishment, Aku created a devastating thunder storm which reeked havoc on the village. After that he felt a he had a meaningless existence, until the group 'Kuronosu' takes interest to him and offers him work no questions asked. Hoping to find some sort of meaning, he accepts. Accompanied by Haidora, he was sent to raid villages with his thunderstorms.Then one eventful day, in the debris of a village he recently raided, he found a girl, blind and deaf. A meaningless existence. Aku couldn't help but see his daughter, he felt guilt and regret. So he took her to his hideaway. He learnt to communicate with her through telepathy, or more so through electric pulses by touching her forehead. He finds that she has incredible chakra potential. He taught her how to see by sensing the chakra flowing around her. The other Kuronosu didn't care that she was there, as long as Aku was doing his job, he can do what he wants. Aku trains her to be able to use many jutsu that don't require her to see or hear, but sense. He finds that now his only meaning is to protect her.
Personality: Relatively calm, quiet and cool, but becomes uncharacteristically berserk when people he cares about come to harm.

This is probably not the best first character to introduce, but I'm planning on writing more, which each link with each other.

03-11-2016, 06:46 PM
Name: Yuri Hyuga
Age: twelve or thirteen
element: water, earth
clan: Hyuga
siblings: Hinata Hyugab:)

03-13-2016, 04:11 AM
Name: Takira Uchiha
Gender: Male
Rank: Chunin
Chakra natures: Lightning Release and Water Release
Kekkai Genkai: Sharingan


Growing up Takira was a very happy and friendly child, always quick to make new friends and loved to talk. As time passed he experienced many hardships when his mother fell very ill and was told she did not have long to live. The impact this would have on him became evident very quickly, he began to speak little, spend most of his time alone and avoid forming bonds with others. The days spent around the home were the worst for Takira, the sadness and grief of his parents affected him in irreversible ways to the point he wasn't sure himself if life was entirely worth living knowing first hand the suffering that accompanied it.

The only escape from the pain he endured was to regularly spend long periods of time away from the horrors of home life. In the time he adventured and studied the history of the village he became friends with another Uchiha who also understood the short comings of the world they lived in. After that day Takira would eventually begin to spend a lot of time with this fellow Uchiha and formed a strong connection with him. The name of this Uchiha was later revealed to be Itachi, whom first introduced Takira to ninjutsu and what it meant to be a shinobi. As time passed and his mother got worse Takira became frustrated with feeling so helpless in his current situation and desired an outlet where he could feel more in control of himself and the world. Around this time Itachi began to teach him ninjutsu, believing this would be a good way to distract him from his home life. Originally Takira wasn't interested in the shinobi world but in time training with Itachi he became quite fond of him and sought to help him achieve his goals in finding a peaceful solution to the fighting.

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06-11-2016, 11:45 AM
Name: Phillip Uchiha
Village: unknown (his own village called the nightmare village)
Clan: uchiha
Rank: nightkage (the hokage of the nightmare village)
Age:14 (he got experimented on so he can't age so he'll stay 14 forever)
Elements:nightmare, lightning and evil jutsu's
bio: he used to be in the leaf village but he got kicked out for being to evil so when he left he made the nightmare village and swore to get revenge on the leaf village and save his family at the same time.