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08-07-2009, 11:36 PM
Hello there! Deanurai, the Samurai of Fire here to ask you if you have an awesome story of the jutsu-usin', chakra-burnin', rogue nin killin' ninja world. Consider this a competition! :twisted:

Here are my requirements to make the competition a little trickier! Heeheeheeheee! :p

1. Characters must be exclusive to the story with japanese names. There are websites where you can translate english to japanese. There is a maximum of three premade characters in the Naruto Series.
2. Must have at least 5 jutsu used in it. At least 3 of these jutsu must be exclusive. At least 4 jutsu must be used in a battle.:eek:
3. Has to have main character in a final one-on-one battle with a main antagonist. This battle must hold some type of sacrifice of something vital to the main character. At least 5 jutsu used in the final battle. That's right! The same amount needed for the entire story! :twisted:
4. There must be at least 3 battles in the story. Each must contain 2 jutsu except for the final which needs 5 as stated in Rule #3. It must have at least 1 team battle, and at ,least 1 one-on-one battle besides the final battle, which will be one-on-one. :lol: vs. :oops:

On August 29, 2009, I will pick the best of them and post it on my subsequent "Great Ninja Stories...!!, Part 2" Now, begin with your posts!!!